Friday, August 01, 2014

CIQ "bus strike" that wasn't, cops look at sabotage staged by opposition

Our authorities can be amazing. Instead of arresting two bus drivers who blocked traffic at CIQ purportedly to protest the new toll rates this morning, they "negotiated" with the duo and later gave them free Touch n Go cards to calm them down. Those two saboteurs were stupid lah: if they had come with explosives, they'd probably drive away with a couple of Smart Cards as well! Maybe they will come with some TnT tomorrow ...

My point is, why are we entertaining people who are obviously machais of a party or parties opposed to the higher toll rates at the CIQ? 
Thousands of Malaysians working in Singapore had to abandon their factory buses and walk across the Causeway because of these saboteurs. If we had entertained Lim Kit Siang and comrades, we won't have the North-South Expressway or the Penang Bridge today! So, please, if these machais come back tomorrow, deal with them stiffly like authorities are supposed to! 
And make them return those Touch n Go cards. 
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The blogger A Voice who asks, sarcastically, that those who are against the CIQ toll be fair and also protest the recent entry permit charges imposed by Singapore on Malaysian vehicles (read Demonstration at Singapore LTA office too, 1/8/2014).   
It's Sabotage, Apanama 1/8/2014. The blogger has also posted EDL for Dummies ... 


  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    what do you expect?

    all bersih supporter being serve with nasi briyani during rally such as big festival

    and yet government supporter being scold for rise up some issues such as all race in one school


  2. Anonymous5:19 pm

    this incidence most likely than not will recur.

    therefore a proactive measure is the only tools the authority has.

    among them;

    tow trucks shud be on the standby mode at specific location.

    any 'dead' vehicles (intentionally) are to be strictly towed away

    tickets must be served and the penalty is set at the ceiling height.

  3. Anonymous1:56 am

    Bus drivers treated like VIPs ? They're samseng jalanan and our police entertained them ? What are they doing ? Just don't understand police erratic behaviour lately. Just can't read the law properly. Whats wrong and whats right. Police sending mix signals to our youngsters whose watching our action.

    Please Mr. Policeman, do your job fairly and without behaviour. I have great respect to our uniform men but please do your job as what the public expect you to do. Uphold the law. Tow the bloody buses and dump in the sea. See how many busmen will try the same next time.

    Orang kurang ajar tak perlu bagi muka.

  4. Anonymous6:35 am

    Could be macai BN Pulai!

  5. Anonymous12:26 pm

    motherf**ker! what's freebies for tomorrow's sabotage, fried char koayteow with IGP sliced balls?

  6. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Section 268 of Penal Code is specific.

    268. (1) A person is guilty of a public nuisance, who does any act, or is guilty of an illegal omission, which causes any common injury, danger, or annoyance to the public, or to the people in general who dwell or occupy property in the vicinity, or which must necessarily cause injury, obstruction, danger, or annoyance to persons who may have occasion to use any public right. (2) A common nuisance is not excused on the ground that it causes some convenience or advantage.

    Polis, AG Chambers ... tunggu apa lagi? Tak kan nak jamu nasi beriyani dulu?


  7. anonymous7:12 pm


    Ini kira polis tak ada telut brangkali nya...."no balls"..
    Atau dpt arahan dari atas...supaya bertolak ansur...supaya tiada konfrantasi.

    Siapa Menteri yg jaga polis?
    Kita jgn salah polis2 machai3...
    Kita kena tanya ketua atau pun Menteri yg bertanggung jawab....ini kerja dia...

    Kalau takut bertindak...berhenti....jgn masa PAU saja gempar kuat....aaah tak ada telurkah?..

  8. Anonymous4:28 am

    Just screw the bus operators - suspend their license and prosecute their directors

  9. Anonymous12:00 pm

    you sure Michelin man's a bus driver?