Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CIQ's PAC response: How to undermine your own government's move (This is NOT a manual)

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On government shooting its own foot: Jazlan shows the way
Original article:
Nur Jazlan was circumspect when Singapore raised their toll, a move aimed right at Malaysian individuals and businesses entering the Republic. But when Malaysia reciprocates Singapore on the toll charges, he is decisive! And angry, too. You wonder where this Umno Pulai MP's heart is sometimes (some of us have stopped wondering about his brains!). 
The following comment by a JB man who is an FB critic of the so-called 1 Million motorists say no to unfair charges at JB CIQ was written with Malaysian leaders the likes of Nur Jazlan in mind:

  • Kunathasan Chelliah Aiya, when Singapore puts all kinds of ristrictions on Malaysian cars entering Sg, no one makes noise, cos it seems Singapore has a "clean" government. When Malaysia imposes a levy, all the criticism. Believe me when I say that Singaporeans will still keep coming into Malaysia by the droves. Maybe, 10% less. RM16.50 is peanuts to them. Just filling up their petrol tanks with ROM97 can recover more than enough. What about the grocery shopping by the cart-loads, makan, and car wash? Yes, Malaysians with Sg cars and working in Singapore will have to dig deep,........that also, $S300 per month max la!

Read what Nur Jazlan said h e r e about his own government's move to make those Singapore plate numbers*** pay a little bit more. Bear in mind that he'd said earlier that Malaysia should worry about Singapore viewing us as doing tit-for-tat against them. 
Now you'd notice that Lim Kit Siang, the Johor's Gelang Patah MP, is keeping quiet, probably still on Hari Raya leave or more likely just contented to allow the apologists within Najib Razak's administration throw the spanner into the government's work. 
Rest assured, though, the DAP strongman will soon be jumping the bandwagon to join Jazlan in this own-government-whacking opportunity.  Kit Siang has a long history of opposing privatisation projects that benefit the Rakyat, including the North-South Highway and the Penang bridge but he's Opposition and you'd expect that. 
What's Nur Jazlan's excuse for shooting first and asking questions later? As PAC chairman, Nur Jazlan can get highway authority LLM to come and explain to him the rationale.
Or if he's too lazy to do that, just read Jebat Must Die's explanation and A Voice's reason lah. 
*** Malaysians are allowed to own and drive vehicles that are registered in the Republic, which means they pay road tax, insurance, etc to the Singapore government. Singapore, on the other hand, would not dream of letting its citizens own and drive Malaysian plates on its roads. Obviously we need to grow balls and be more kiasu, too. Follow Jazlan's fellow Johor politician The Patriot's arguments in Better late the never on the VEP for Singaporeans ... 


  1. Sorry Bro Rocky, but I have to say this, Nur Jazlan is just slightly better than nak Khir Johari who is a DAP elite. But both have one thing in common: both mother are probably chauvinist Chinese! One riding on Khir Jihari coatail the other one on Mohamad Rahmat! But deep inside they have no real love for the Malays! There I have said it! When you are raised by a wolf you learn to growl like one, if you are raised by a Chinese mothers...basically you just do not like Melayu!

    1. Anonymous12:08 am

      It's idiots like Pasquale that will bring race into disrepute. What's wrong with having Chinese or Indian parents ? Did you squeal when Ridhuan Tee Chuan Seng proudly proclaimed himself as melayu ?

      Your mother - whichever race she is - would be ashamed of you.


    2. Anonymous3:44 am

      Eh apasal pulak ko cakap pasal emak dia tu Pasquale? Ko Melayu sangat ke? Kalau semangat Melayu, pakai la nama Melayu. Apasal pakai nama Mat Salleh? Nak sindir tu, sindir la dia sorang. Apasal bawak emak dia masuk dlm argument ko tu? Agama apa yg ko anut? Syurga di tapak ibu. Silap hari bulan bila khiamat, ko kena mintak maaf kat emak Nur Jazlan.


    3. Anonymous7:37 pm

      Pasquale name mat saleh ke? Tak tau pulak syurga d bwh tapak kaki ibu yg kafir. Mohom maaf.


    4. Pengundi Sik11:35 pm


      Syurga itu tetap di bawah telapak kaki ibu kita tak kira ibu kita itu Islam atau kafir. Walaupun kita diberi hak memilih Islam tetapi kita tidak diberi hak memilih siapa ibu kita. Kafir atau tidak, dia tetap insan yang mengandung dan melahirkan kita.

  2. Anonymous3:32 pm

    In order for Malaysia to achieve 2020 development status Malaysian MUST follow SINGAPORE example. Malaysia must be more KIASU then Singapore, then only we will achieve the dream. One Malaysia and One Singapore. Singapore = Malaysia and Malaysia >= Singapore!.

    1. Anonymous12:47 pm

      Why compare with spore la.. i m happy with where i m in msia now. Comparing durian n mangostine?? Not rite maaa.. spore 1 airport only, msia at least 13 airports.. spore is like living in hospital..this cannot, that cannot. Msia semua boleh!

  3. charleskiwi3:56 pm

    But at the end of the day who is the real looser ?

  4. JalanTebrau4:06 pm

    Well, he would be hard-pressed to explain why 1 Sing Dollar is worth 2.5+ Ringgit.

    Come to think of it, the government (of which he is a part, albeit a minute one) is discreetly silent on this issue also.

    So, let's hear it from the PM and BNM: why isn't the Ringgit on 1-to-1 par with the Sing Dollar?

    Seems to me that if this is done, it would solve the problem of the "brain drain" at a stroke.

    Voila - no need for Talent Corp!

  5. drMpower4:53 pm

    when u have this guy on board, who needs kit siang and other PAP-DAP cocksters?

    nur jazlan, i tell you what. if i were the home minister, i would do one better - a jail, special jail for road rules offender, for foreign plate vehicles.

    these speedsters will have to reside there momentarily. until all the fines are paid, in cash. once they got arrested, they will go straight into that special lock ups, with one phone call is allowed. that phone call is for the relatives to come and pay the fines in cash.

    and the fines are in their currency as well. or in ringgit if their values are lower. whichever higher lah easy said. if speeding ticket for a singaporean plated vehicle, then it is 300. singdolar.

    and ah, this fine foreign plated vehicles is an industry for me. a new cash cow.

    1. Anonymous12:29 am

      I agree bro. This definitely beats the stupid static AES pole of getting revenue for the govt.

      Forget why Malaysia's ringgit is not equivalent to the Sing Dollar. The local fine charges must be equivalent to their fines. This is an advantage to us. So utilise it. Its easy money.

  6. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Abang Rocky,

    Now that Singapore has retaliate that they will also increase the toll, do you think we Johoreans can take it?

    RM33 per trip. VEP we will not be affected cause we usually go to Singapore during weekends or after 5pm


  7. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Datuk Bro Bru,
    It's high time for Johor not to factor Singapore in whatever developmental plans it has for the state. Sometimes it saddens me that we are perceived as sort of beholden to the little red dot.

  8. Anonymous8:37 pm

    This MP is a nut...why worry so much about singaporean and malaysian stay in sgp using singapore vehicles....they cannot have best of both world ma...
    As you rightly said this is for the usage of CIQ....why he needs to compare against singapore and malaysia road conditions?

  9. Anonymous1:42 am

    Just came back from JB and Iskandar area for raya.

    The way I look at it is that we have to analyze and look at the impact before making any decision.

    Many people commented based on sentiment, but they have no idea of what all these charges are all about. It is just trying to be more kiasu then the already know kiasu. If you do it, I also want to do it. But in the end, who will actually lose out?

  10. Anonymous2:25 am

    There must be personal reason why someone objects strongly at something. In this case could it be that he also have foreign registered vehicles? It may not be stored in the local garrage but across the cuseway? Who know?

  11. Anonymous2:37 am


    No mother will ever feel ashame of her own son or daughter. No matter what the situation is.

    Have you heard about a female Israelist politician who call for the zionist regime to spill the blood of all palestinian mothers?

    Yes, her mother is proud of her.

  12. Anonymous3:49 am

    Abang Rocky,

    Sebagai anak Johor, I don't care la kalau pasal ni. I lebih worry pasal tanah kita org tu kena jual kat Singapork dan China man oleh org Melayu. Siapa pengkhianat yg sebenarnya? Boleh tolong jelas kan?

  13. Anonymous9:02 am

    if singaporean is to be charged why do i care

    puzzling why dap pkr and nur jazlan so defensive of non tax payers taking advantage of johor

  14. Anonymous11:33 am

    Betul tu anon3:49 am ( bangun sahur puasa 6 ke).
    How much we charge toll at CIQ is insignificant considering that not too long in the future the gateway into Johore Bahru / Malaysia via the causeway will be flanked by 2 high rise soho building owned by Chinese....Welcome to JB , the Shenzen of Malsyia.

  15. Anonymous11:15 pm

    The PAC chairman and MP for Pulai seems to be speaking only on issues that would put him in the headlines of news, mostly in the pro-Opposition news portals.
    Has he said anything on issues relating to his constituency or Johor Bahru or the state? One wonders why.
    It does make me regret that one vote I gave him at the last GE.


  16. Anonymous11:17 pm

    His majority is down to 3k+. He knows next GE he's going to lose. And he didn't get first, the cabinet post which went to Wahid Omar formerly of Maybank who's not even a politian and secondly he didn't get the coveted Chairmanship of Telekom which pissed him badly. So he's been on a slash & burn mission eversince. He doesn't seem to be bothered about the government policy/decision or for the party that he represents. In fact he's showing two fingers at the man in Putra Jay!