Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Selling Johor off to foreigners

Thanks Dr M for still caring about Johor/PM Najib, please save Johor by Annie
One brave soul at the Johor state assembly by A Voice

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's latest article Jual Tanah ought to wake up the powers that be in Johor. Even someone who's just gotten back from a news hiatus like me can see that the Tun is very concerned with the way some individuals in the southern-most State conduct business and themselves. Land is a state matter so Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin better get ready some convincing answers to the good doctor's queries on behalf of the State Government as well as parties who represent the interest of the Istana Johor.  The parties who represent (or claim to represent) the Sultan of Johor and his business interests, especially, do watch it. Remember, these are no longer those good old days ... 


  1. Anonymous8:42 am

    Too Late...

    Nearly All taken up by China and Singapore based developers..

    A Few more left but UMNO lords are asking for too high a price.

  2. Anonymous9:00 am

    Land sold to foreigners in Johor is turning from bad to worst with palace involvement. Not surprisinglay whwn you enter Johor Bahru is more Shanghai than any Malaysian cities.

    Khaled had turned dumb and dumber when he can do nothing but to see in smile.

  3. Anonymous9:04 am

    hands are tight..
    the super power is controlling every little thing...

    May Allah protect us and bumi Johor..

  4. Anonymous9:11 am

    Yeah,they did it during British Empire Era..they lost a diamond and pearl.Now they did again in modern era..Next few years or maybe now, Johorean can't enter the said land in Johor without special Pass or whatever visa..We can say that the Johorean will reach their last destiny as Lebai Malang and Pak Kaduk .Anyway who cares..except a few.

  5. Anonymous10:59 am

    No need to invite foreign investors to develop prime lands. Malaysians themselves can do it.

    During Tun Mahathir's time, foreign investors only come to invest in manufacturing etc not in property development.

    Only Tun Mahathir can minimise palace interference. All MBs should get the support from their political parties to minimise palace interference.

  6. Anonymous11:37 am

    Blogger Annie has been writing about this all these while. And then Tun and you. Big dog as well. What happen to constitutional monarchy stated in the constitution?

  7. Anonymous4:27 pm

    too late, nasik telah menjadi bubur. Don't be surprised if the the upacara pecah tanah will be officiated by the Sultan himself.

  8. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Yup tanah johor belah iskandar habis dah dibeli china & cina spore

    Cuba check tanah belah kejora pulak .. Ribu ribu ekar milik sapa? Jangan tekejut berok

    Melayu boleh beli?


  9. charleskiwi8:02 am

    Just because he could not come out with such an idea, during his tenure, to bring in the investment. As usual he is criticizing the ideal, which incidentally came from an Umno schmucks.
    Beides the one thing that an investor cannot take away from the country, when the political situation changes , is the land. The land will forever remain in Malaysia, period while all his assets can be taken with him.
    Have you noticed that the 'smart' egregious Mahathir is always full of ideas and criticisms only after an event has come out ? And regret to say, with support from his 'puppies; who cannot come up with any constructive ideas !

  10. Why don't they follow like Indonesia. All lease..no one can buy any land there.

  11. Anonymous9:53 am

    Trojan Horse in the making.Stupid fella..Harapkan pagar,pagar makan padi.They think on profit and maybe enrich among themselves.There is no sense of patriotic among some politicians and people who handle the project

  12. Anonymous10:01 am

    I bet with my 1RM Iskandar corridor will be Crimea of Singapore before 2020....Singapore will anexe it by then...

    Dr Salleh Telegu

  13. Anonymous12:28 am

    just my observations:

    i. Everyone thinks that JB is booming, but Lot 1 is still empty, shops along Jln Ibrahim and Wong Ah Fook and those along Jln Tebrau look like shit and either shut empty or doing very little business; JB is far from being a 'city' even though MBJB is going to change name to DBJB soon;

    ii. The last count saw JB population at around 1 million, scattering everywhere from Pasir Gudang to Gelang Patah to Kulai-Sedenak; it's a miserable town, having no progress since the time of the last MB; until today, there's still terrible jam at Pasir Gudang highway and the government does not know how to solve the problem;

    iii. JB town centre business is not that active, the great Pacific Mall, Kemayan City and Lot 1 are shopping complexes which already have their CFOs issued and tenants occupied, yet could soon turn into abandoned buildings! That happened BEFORE all these land selling spree occur. How great the Johoreans can be?

    iv. Ask: why the KL people (Chinese) and foreigners want to buy into Johor when they cannot expect appreciation for their investment? There must be a reason. May be because the Lebai Malang and Pak Kaduk will really make them feel good about themselves.

    v. So you must ask the Lebai Malang and Pak Kaduk, what the hell have they done to prosper Johor so that your Ringgit does not become so miserable that 'Now every foreigner can buy land in Johor'?

    RM2.61 to SGD1.00 !? no shame government.

  14. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Please don't even mention Allah's name, when:

    i. at every ‘mesyuarat penswastaan’ in any local government in Johor, the discussion is about which non-bumi controlled company gets what;

    ii. most, if not all, of those ‘non-bumi companies’ have ‘orang besar’ from amongst the Melayu to see that they get what they want;

    iii. if there's corruption involved, the ‘non-bumi’ and the ‘orang besar Melayu’ concerned are both involved;

    iv. the Melayu Islam being pious Muslims are very eager to bring down those ‘orang besar Melayu’ for corruptions, to the extent working with people like the DAP, and because UMNO terajui kerajaan so UMNO must go too;

    v. while the non-bumi tak pernah pun condemn their non-dumi ‘datuks’ ‘tan sris’ who terang-terang corrupt their way through in business, they are even praised for working hard to be successful;

    vi. so that’s the difference between the Melayu and the non-bumi.

    vii. so, sama-sama lah jahanamkan UMNO, because kononnya di akhirat nanti engkau tak perlu lagi jawap pasal corruption ni, and through that you produce yummy and many more lagi yummy.

    vii. funny thing is, while banyak lagi dalam Islam yang engkau tak sanggup buat, sedangkan ilmu agama pun tak berapa pandai, you vow to jahanamkan UMNO and through that you think of achieving syurga.

  15. Apa nak heran??? Benda dah dijangka..

    Katanya..org2 melayu kat johor ni patriotik lebih...apa yg lebih????
    suruh angguk dia angguk,suruh geleng dia geleng,suruh berbaris mcm kambing tengah panas kat tepi jalan pun diorang ikut..patriotik ler katakan...

    Jual air ke singapore murah...org johor sendiri bayar mahal..apa yg melayu johor dapat???bukan nak kutuk la..aku harap melayu2 johor pasni buka la mata tu luas2...jgn jadi pak hangguk sangat..

    Jgn taat tahap melulu sampai maruah sendiri tergadai..sejarah dah buktikan..jatuhnya melaka sebab rakyat..dari rakyat datang pemimpin korupnya...xkisah la dari parti mana pun..biar dari istana sekalipun...