Friday, June 13, 2014

It's the Sultan who advises the MB, not the other way round, Khaled!

Only in Johor. Today's headlines in The Star is so telling insofar as who advises who in The Kingdom of Johor ... 
Khaled Nordin the first-term Johor Menteri Besar had said on June 6 that the Sultan of Johor would act ONLY on the MB's advice (Johor MB says only he, not Sultan, holds executive powers). This was pooh-poohed by the PKR Wanita chief in MB powerless to advise Sultan, says Zuraida. Former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, too, doubts Khaled's ability to ensure that  Sultan Ibrahim listens to the MB's advice. Suddenly, it's the Sultan who's advising the MB. I don't think anyone would question or doubt the Johor state government's - and Khaled's - ability to quickly heed to the Sultan's advice! 

Johor Sultan advises state govt to explain Bill to rakyat


Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor.
JOHOR BARU - Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar has advised the state government to carry out a road show to explain the Johor Housing and Real Property Board Enactment to the rakyat.
Palace sources said this was ne­­cessary so that the people would fully understand the Bill, which was passed at the state assembly on Monday.
"The advice to the state government was conveyed to Johor Mentri Besar during a meeting with the Johor Ruler here today (yesterday)," said the official, adding that once the rakyat fully understood the Bill, then the state government could present it for the Sultan's consent.
The palace official also rubbished talk that the Johor Ruler was upset and had refused to sign the Bill, saying that he was willing to sign it anytime.
"The Johor Ruler only wants the best for his people and has consented to the amendments to be made to the draft Bill before it is tabled on Monday."
"Before the Ruler gives his final consent on the Bill, Sultan Ibrahim has advised the state government to explain to all his subjects as there has been a lot of negative comments made by various quarters which has confused the rakyat over the past few days," the official said.
Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, when contacted, rubbished talk that the Johor Ruler had refused to endorse the Bill.
"It will take some time for the document to be ready. We have not presented it to the Johor Ruler yet," he said.
Asked about talk that the Sultan had refused to sign it, Mohamed Khaled said there was "no such thing".


  1. Anonymous6:04 am

    Khaled chest thumping claim that he's the one holding the executive powers in the state and anything happens have got to go through him.
    On the ground, the opposite happened. The bill was rushed like there's no tomorrow and once passed the ruler withhold the assent purportedly the bill needs to be explained to people at large. So who giving advise to whom here? Just be honest, who actually call the shot?

  2. Anonymous7:23 am

    This chief minister has put the cart before the ox hasn't he? Now the cart-driver wants him to explain to the pedestrians why the cart-ox will not endanger their safety on the road. hehehehe

  3. Anonymous8:03 am

    Anoymous 6.04 you are just repeating Rocky's point!!

  4. is Sultan really worse than rakyat ? at least rakyat can complain, give suggestion, attend peaceful demo , give advice/memo, etc, but Sultan can't do all that.

  5. Anonymous9:08 am

    Did Khaled lied or the Sultan lied when the Chairman pengampu of Johor Royal Council claim that the Bill was Khaled's effort.

  6. Anonymous9:31 am

    Of course la. Even a three-year-old knows this.

  7. Anonymous10:31 am

    Our forefathers had fought to gain independence for the people of this country from the clutches of the colonialists and brought about a well laid out arrangement where the royal institution would have a defined role. This was accepted by all at that point in time as a sacrifice we had to make for a smooth transition.
    There is fear on the ground that that arrangement would slowly erode with this being the first step.
    The people of India handled this issue in a different manner.
    We as a nation have to be very careful in what direction we want our nation to go since we must respect the sweat, blood and toil of our forefathers for this nation.

  8. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    As a Johorean, I am totally confuse over the whole thing. The Sultan advise (instruct) Khaled to go on a road show to explain to the rakyat before he give the consent.
    Hey, isn't such enactment being given the aye by the Dewan?
    And how would the government machinery go about explaining to the rakyat? Knock on every door, buy TV time, advertise in the newspapers, taskirah at every mosque and surau?
    The rakyat can listen and nganga only unless it is a referendum.
    Far from being discourteous, I personally feel that consent is immaterial.
    The spokesperson of the Johor Royal Council strongly asserted that the Sultan played no part at all in this matter.
    Perhaps many may beg to differ.

  9. lufang9:27 pm

    Sikalang Wa manyak pening Lea , siapa kasi nasehat siapa , hai..yaa manyak kacau lor r,r .

  10. Are you saying that the people of Malaysia, especially the people of Johore,have been paying the Sultan for what ?283-

  11. Susah lah mcm ni. Jadi MB tapi telur dua dua bijik orang pegang.

  12. Anonymous9:17 am

    there is a pupet show now....
    lets see who is the mastermind..

  13. Anonymous6:17 pm

    tell me where again when your land is acquired you get paid, and then you get another piece of land just next to it to build something similar. Just tell me where you get all the choicest land and nobody dares to object you. Tell me where. Yes we know where..

  14. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Kesian Khaled
    D worst MB in country
    Only got salary, no power
    Goyang telur saja lorr !!

    No wonder Ghani Osman blah mcm tu saja. X frust langsung n melatah mcm kera belacan. X mcm ali rustam. Hahaha
    Mgkn Ghani x mahu jadi pengkhianat bangsa Melayu mcm Khaled
    Poor Khaled !!

  15. Anonymous10:34 pm

    To anon 6.17pm

    The answer is

    a) next to Melaka
    b) next to Pahang
    c) just 5 min from Spork
    d) all above