Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tony Pua a YES man?

Biting the hand that feeds it? The prolific anonymous Life of Annie is convinced that editors at the The Edge are also taking sides in trying to help YTL win the RM11 billion project against 1MDB. Read Manoeuvring for big money on the political front. Some commentors seem taken aback at the suggestion that DAP could be susceptible to the unholy alliance with corporations but not veteran journo the Scribe. "The PR parties, the DAP in particular, have become very close to corporate tycoons since they took over Penang and Selangor," he writes (see my comment box).
Pro-YTL or anti-1MDB?
Original piece 
YB Tony Pua's unabashed support for YTL Corp's bid for a multi-billion ringgit power project hasn't gone unnoticed. Why has the two-term DAP Member of Parliament decided to do his bidding for the Independent Power Producer (IPP) that he and his party had been so vehemently against before the general election?  
The financial blog Benchmark, in it's latest posting People's Hero or Corporate Champion?, questions Pua's real motivation for speaking up for YTL 
 "Maybe we need to refresh Mr Pua's memory a little ... YTL was the first among the blood-sucking first generation IPPs to sign the punishing, lop-sided PPAs with TNB in 1995 that guaranteed its power plants returns of 20% for a period of 21-year." 
Benchmark says Pua's contention that YTL deserved to win the project because its bid was lower than 1MDB doesn't hold water. 
"Let me spell it out for Mr Pua: YTL brings in nominally lower bid for (the project) but with additional cost in hundreds millions ringgits to be borne by Tenaga and the Government, for a plant that will have inferior machinery ... at the expense of the Rakyat."  
Benchmark seems to be in the know. So, why are we REALLY championing YTL, YB Pua? 
p.s. Before anyone accuses me of being anti-YTL, this posting is done on a YES-powered Samsung Chromebook. YTL is the company that owns YES, supposedly the country's first 4-G broadband provider. My home runs on Maxis, though.

The Malaysiakini report quoting Tony Pua: Awarding coal powered plant to 1MDB a burden, says Tony Pua 


  1. Sdr Rocky,

    1. The PR parties, the DAP in particular, have become very close to corporate tycoons since they took over Penang and Selangor.

    2. So what's the surprise if young DAP members are becoming close and taking sides in corporate deals?

    3. Unlike Lim Kit Siang, the last of the DAP ideologue, the younger DAP activists are not ideological. They are practical.

    4. It is an open secret that Chinese and Indian companies and tycoons, even those who were made or rescued by Umno leaders, are well treated by the PR in Penang and Selangor. The Malays are not so lucky. They are branded Umno's Cronies.

    5. In Penang, some of the BN-era Chinese companies and tycoons received better treatment from the DAP-led state government.

    6. Surely it is not a one-way traffic. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. PR in Penang will sooner or later (if not already) be financially stable thanks to political donations from these companies and tycoons.

    7. I am sure it already happened during the 2013 GE. It is for this money/wealth reason that PR was gunning after Johor in 2013. The richer the states, the easier it is for the PR to collect political donations.

    8. So what is so surprising if Tony Pua or/and other PR novices take side in corporate deals and bids? DAP is not a party send down by the heavens.

  2. Anonymous6:59 am

    "Wealth and rank are what people desire, but unless they are obtained in the right way they may not be owned." ~ Confucius

    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Among the most evil of people are the two-faced; those who approach this group with one face and that group with another.
    ~ Prophet Muhammad

  3. Anonymous8:53 am

    Biasa la. Birds of the same feathers stay together.

    YTL employees are famous for its anti BN. Hope the government will not award to them.InShaAllah. They have taken enough.

  4. Racist DAP is all about Power, then MONEY and more MONEY.
    That's what Evangelist do, all over the world.

    In the past DAP’s politicians are somewhat honest when they refused to put on the songkok in Dewan Rakyat or at the Rulers’ ceremonial function. Now after most of them are Evangelist, on their own accord they donned the songkok and baju-kurung to dupe the Malay electorate, just like Lee Kuan Yew once did, to win election. Anyway, that’s the only baju-kurung they have, since we saw them wearing that same dress, every time. These Evangelist sure have something up their sleeves.

    If you are a Bumiputera Christian, in East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), please be aware of what Archbishop once said:-

    "When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said; 'Lets us pray'. We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible, they had the land".

    DAP said they are transparent in doing business. No direct nego, CAT and all that bullshit. Now lets see what this blogger said about DAP's doing business in Selangor.

  5. Anonymous10:04 am

    Need to build up war chest mah! Got many fair weather friends who will jump onto the bandwagon now that we have THE POWER. We demand they give. That is called C.A.T..

  6. The game he plays just like his mentor/ketua...

  7. Businesses like YTL play both sides of the fence - at end of day their loyalty is only to their bottom line. YTL has kissed the govt's ass so many time. I get sick of seeing Francis Yeoh going on about each 'beloved PM' from the days of Tun M.
    I hope Tony Pua remembers that.
    As for power stations - forget YTL or the IPPs - they are true blood suckers! Just only let TNB handle power with taxpayer oversight.....

  8. Anonymous10:53 am

    Now the DAPig have accepted the reality . There is no such things as CAT in political world . It is all about Power n Money n filling up yr tommy .
    Talam gate , Lobang Terowong , Ytl and many more to come .
    So , where is the roar if Jelutong ?
    Once Ultra Kiasu , always an Ultra Kiasu !!!

  9. Anonymous11:06 am

    Alaa YTL ni pun dapat projek from none other than.....Ministry of Education...helmed by none other than Tan Sri Mahiaddin Yassin :)

  10. Anonymous1:19 pm

    I agree with Anon 8.53, and it's not only YTL employess are seriously anti-government, they're also chronically anti-Malay. Many of the employees of other companies are too (Maxis, Berjaya etc.) and yet their companies benefited a lot from billion-ringgit projects via direct nego with government. Don't trust me? Just pretend you're a foreigner or PR supporter, especially when you bumped into them abroad. They will not hesitate to show you their TRUE COLOURS. Pengkhianat.

  11. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Power to the people - DAP before general election 2013

    Money from the people -DAP after general election 2014

  12. Arimnestos2:58 pm

    Is YTL proposing "outdated" technology for this particular power project?

    After all, given it's experience running PowerSeraya in Singapore (which uses natural gas), one would think that they have enough industry experience and industry connections to make the Malaysian project a success.

    And why are Malaysia's energy planners still enamoured of coal-fired power stations when the world is moving to natural gas or alternative technologies?

    Is it because Petronas is refusing to sell additional supplies of natural gas (over and above what's currently contracted) in Malaysia because it can get better prices elsewhere?

  13. Scheiss Zeit6:35 pm

    The genuine socialist position on this is to reject ALL independent power producers (IPPs) and improve on the state-owned power producer.

    DAP may have had social democracy as part of its ideology before but now it's just another bourgeois party promoting the vested interests of a faction of Malaysia's capitalist class through politics, against rival factions of the capitalist class.

    Therefore it is not surprising that DAP sucks up to property developers, etc., as is evident in Penang.

    Even up to the late 1980s and early 90s, the DAP stood up for the rights of workers and petty traders and had the support of organised labour (Such as the Late Dr. V. David) but today today it's pretty obvious that it's come under the influence of a white-collar, yuppie, iPAD and smartphone toting, middle class membership and senior members, to which it panders.

    Dr.V. David was a trade union leader who served as Secretary-General of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress from 1976 - 1972 and Sec-Gen of the Transport Workers Union from 1958 till 1995. David was elected member of parliament several times under the Socialist Front, Gerakan and DAP.

    David passed away in 2005. He had suffered a stroke much earlier.

    I see nothing of what people like V. David stood for and fought for in the yuppie-fied DAP of today.

  14. Anonymous8:31 am

    Are the people aware that YTL is now operating abroad ? Therefore the day will come when he can just hop on the plane and leave this country.
    No more anti Malay or having to kiss the asses of the regime !

  15. Bro,
    Saya setuju dengan Datuk Kadir dan seorang dua pembahas lain - bukan saja DAP, UMNO dan BN pun apa kurangnya support syarikat macam YTL, asalkan dapat habuan.

    Ingat lagi Pavarotti? IPP kontrak dulu siapa yg award kalau tak Tun dan kabinetnya


  16. Anonymous3:40 pm

    I say...rocky, the rakyat dont understand how the chinese doing business in malaysia is it?...once upon a time a chingkies criminal,have blood money in their hand, they convert, then legalized it by investing in business such as banking, construction etc.

    The YTL offering is more or less similar with what maxis telecommunication business deal is offering which is full of bull shit, meaning a lot (in easy definition) a lot of HIDDEN COST that did not being table out.

    Typical chingkies business modus operandi, plus supported by a hardcore cheater, manipulator, chauvisnist , forever commies Dog And Pig (DAP)

    But knowing Najib, which is more or less brainless and lembik like Pak Lah plus supported by billion ringgit foreign consultant and chingkie think tank.....

    He is CLUELESS of what hitting him!

  17. drMpower8:29 pm

    i think we should angle our argument to tony pua

    we should highlight more to how, before winning his elections, tony vehemently opposed awards of tenders to companies. and that every tenders, are to help this help that people

    and now we should highlight how tony pua, with all political power he got now, is changing his skin

    i cant recall any english words for this, neither i could pick any chinese ones but in malay we call this tony pua as

    lidah bercabang

    u see who tony pua really is. he does whatever he wants. who is rakyat to speak against him?

  18. Anonymous1:11 am

    Tony Pua = other DAP racist nature

    Whenever Chinese = innocent

    Theresa Cock Menipu pun Innocent

    "Shit racist bloody" shame to your Jesus Son Of Your God (Not son of Allah)

  19. UnitedMamaksNationalOrganasasi10:34 am

    Jangan kacau Jangan cabar Ketuanan Mamak... Hidup Tun M, Kaya Tan Sri Francis!!!

  20. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Bukan Kah Rocky Pun MR YES man untuk Najib dan UMNO?

    You think you only ke Bolih Jadi YES Man?

  21. Anonymous4:13 pm

    There is one common denominator - Born Again Christians.

    Mat Bonk

  22. SOS

    Bru, do visitors have problem accessing your blog?

    I don't.

    But a lot of people say they can't access mine.

    Wonder if you have any advice for me.

    Thank you.

    1. Tok scribe,

      An ex-Microsoft expert we consulted the other day confirmed that our blogs were "under attack". Terms like DDOS (and a few others, none of which can be found in your extensive vocab, I'm sure, Tok) were used. Long story short, he recommended we migrate tout of Blogspot ... Our friend Apanama has done that and yes it does look like his is easier to access after that. Wallahulam.

  23. 1. TQ Sdr Bru for the info.

    2. Mine cannot be accessed for the past 2 days. Not even in abroad. I have checked with my expatriate children, nephews and nieces.

    3. I will continue posting in the hope that the blog can be assessed somewhere in the world or back to normal at some point of time.

    4. If you don't mind, I will comment via your blog.

    5. Have a good weekend. God bless.

    Thank you.

    A Kadir Jasin

  24. 1. TQ Sdr Bru for the info.

    2. Mine cannot be accessed for the past 2 days. Not even in abroad. I have checked with my expatriate children, nephews and nieces.

    3. I will continue posting in the hope that the blog can be assessed somewhere in the world or back to normal at some point of time.

    4. If you don't mind, I will comment via your blog.

    5. Have a good weekend. God bless.

    Thank you.

    A Kadir Jasin

  25. Anonymous11:30 am