Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim's so involved, Jusof Kalla says

Nudged to grant Anwar that meeting?
Jusuf Kalla and Anwar Ibrahim were buddies in high places once but today Pak Jusuf has certainly burned his bridges. The former Vice President of Indonesia, in his latest attack on Dr Mahathir's former No 2, relates how Anwar allegedly got Washington to put pressure on Indonesian President Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono to grant the Malaysian Opposition leader a meeting. 
Pak Jusuf also exposes Anwar's links to the people in the Philippines behind the Lahad Datu intrusion, including "a large Philippines-based company" and still Anwar's friend Joseph Estrada.
The allegations aer so severe I don't think Anwar can afford to maintain his elegant silence. Being furious alone is not enough when you're dealing with a big shot like Jusuf Kalla. 
On the same subject, I agree with Apanama (Commission of Inquiry into Lahad Datu ... in the Philippines?) that Foreign Minister Anifah Aman should meet his Philippines counterpart to trash out the matter. In fact, in view of JK's revelations, it should be made a tripartite meeting, involving Jakarta as well. or the whole of Asean, for that matter. Countries have gone to war for less. 


  1. Nazri8:43 pm

    If SBY have to meet Anwar because of pressure from Obama,then SBY is a weak President.

    If Anwar have direcrt access to Obama and vary close to him,why Obama was the first head of state to congraluate Najib on his winning GE13,

    Jusoff Kalla is not an Angel.He doesnt know the invisible thing.
    how do he knew that Anwar have received donation from foreign countries.Either Najib had told him or he only did a guess work.

    Jusuff Kalla was involved as a broker in many peace deal,In Myamar,South Thailand and South Philipine.None of them are successful.

    Najib is a Bugis and Jusuff Kalla is a bugis too.Surely lblood is thicker than water.

    Anwar did called him when he make the statement to Merdeka Centre online.He deny making the staement to Merdeka Centre.

    Can you trust him.

  2. Zahid8:52 pm

    When Anwar met Jusuff Kalla in Jakarta,He told Anwar ,Najib want to to have a unity govertment with him.

    When Anar asked why.

    He give 3 reason.
    1- Najib cannot tolerated the inteferance from Tun Mahathir anymore.Only Anwar can handle him.

    2-Najib think,MCA and Gerakan cannot get the support from Chinese again.Therefore he need to make new partner with DAP.

    3- Najib is not healthy.

    Anwar promise to respond to him by 22 june.
    Anwar did not honour his commitment.Therefore he was vary upset.

  3. Jusuf Kalla? Didn't he criticise SBY for having the temerity to apologise to Singapore and Malaysia for the haze?

    And, Bru - what axe are you trying to grind here?

    No doubt the NSA's Prism programme would have eavesdropped on Malaysian communication networks, including official ones.

    Maybe some spook sitting in an office in Langley or Washington D. C. knows what the predilections of Malaysian VVIPs are.

    That would be way more risible than Pak Jusuf's half baked conspiracy theories, which ill-informed journos latch on to like starving piranha.

  4. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Jokowi, the frontrunner to be the next Indonesia President is a close ally of Anwar.

    Unfortunately Jusuf Kalla & the Golkar team is running behind the Presidential race.

    So, no surprise Jusuf Kalla is attacking Anwar, Jokowi's close friend now...

    Jusuf Kalla is fast becoming irrelevent in Indonesia!

    ~ Pemerhati Kostrad

  5. Anonymous11:25 pm

    What kind of idiots the earlier two commenters? Most likely LGBT troop or RBA

  6. Anonymous4:37 am

    The secrets have been broken. Anwar has nowhere to run. Now a 3rd party source and a very prominent person in Indonesia, Mr Jusof Kalla has exposed Mr Anwar secrets links with the Lahad Datu case & foreign entities such as the USA.

    Barisan people, especially UMNO people has know this secrets for long. Anwar has managed to lie to his followers about that he is not involve in the Lahad Datu case.

    Where should Anwar run? Where should Anwar hide? Does his followers still believe in his utter lies? Or his followers now realise that they are being fooled by Anwar?

  7. Anonymous7:08 am

    All these are allegations and guess works. For me, I don't trust even if I had married an Indonesian wife.
    ABI cannot be trusted because he has failed in everything he said in the past.
    Both of the comments are not true too.
    For those who read any article use your brain and think
    Only Allah and the party know who is telling a lie.

  8. Anonymous8:21 am

    Never Trusted Indonesians...And Never Will. Enough experience dealing with them to know better.


  9. Anonymous10:50 am

    Nice fiction up there in those comments...

    Looks like the PKR has their cyber troopers working against this whole Jusof Kalla fiasco.

    Maybe you guys shouldn't have let your Anwar travel overseas asking foreign help so much?

  10. Anonymous10:52 am

    I mean, Zahid? Nazri?

    I thought you oppo cybertroopers only impersonate those internet commenters, this is now a new low.

  11. Yusuf Kala is a rich man.he has diversified business interest in indonesia particularlu in eastern indonesia. Once he went to Mecca with a plane load of supporters. Is he naturing any business opening in malaysia or has he already here..

  12. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Before going to all this trouble can we focus on the crime rate in this good country please.