Saturday, July 06, 2013

A road trip to Queen Street

Melayu riders
On this lovely Saturday morning, rain or shine, I shall have the pleasure of riding with Utusan Malaysia's Newsmen on Wheels in a kembara to Queen Street in Singapore, where it all began for the newspaper company 75 years ago. 
Today, as you all know but may or may not admit, Utusan is a paper most feared by politicians, which is why (coupled with a judiciary that's either partial to or fearful of these politicians) it is probably the most-sued newspaper in the world. Only last week, the paper was ordered to pay yet another RM250k for a reporting error the courts ruled as malicious and defamatory towards a politician known for great malice himself, so much for press freedom and justice!  
In Singapore, the 50-plus participants (only three, including myself, are not members of the fiercely proud Utusan family) will be welcomed by their HOGs (Harley-Davidson Owners' Group) and are scheduled to visit the memorial of Yusuf Ishak, the republic's first President who was also a founding member of Utusan, have a chit-chat with Othman Wok, a former Cabinet minister and an Utusan alumni, and explore Queen Street, the newspaper's birthplace. The late Pak Samad, who founded PAP with Lee Kuan Yew, started his journalism career with Utusan Melayu, in 1940.


  1. Lee Kuan Yew used Pak Samad to gain Malay supports for PAP then sacked him to Indonesia than Malaya then LKY asked his powerful Malay friends(they are all dead now) in Malaysia to jail this poor man on a trumped up charges....ini lah dia perangai China chauvinis, orang Melayu pulak bodoh dengar chakap orang China ni!

  2. Anonymous9:01 am

    Dear Bru
    Hope you guys had a good and safe bike run, plse be careful whilst on the road, too many biker crash we heard nowadays.
    Since Spore,are you all not going to Cecil Street?..Utusan had an office there too.
    May I also suggest since you guys would be in Spore trace the road that the Late Pak Samad cycled/walked to Cecil Street in 1939 when he first started work. He once lived in Kg Lorong Hj Aman, Kg Melayu Kaki Bukit. He walked/cycled all the way through Geylang Serai, Kallang with 30cts in his pocket. Kajai later gave him something like 9dollars as his pay.
    BTW the best mutton murtabak can be found at the two mamak restaurant(Victory and/or Jubilee restaurant) opposite Masjid Sultan.Plse don't miss this if you in Spore

  3. Hey, Bru...your comment on the judiciary. That sounds perilously close to sedition, yes?

    Btw, I thought that Singapore was the bete noire for all right-thinking Utusan journos?

    So, are you all going to take a peek at what makes the Lion City tick? Including, say, HDB estates, the Singapore MRT, Changi Airport, the Marina Bay Financial Centre, Jurong Island.....?

    Or, maybe, schedule some dialogues with the journos at the Singapore Straits Times and Berita Harian?

    Or some interviews with the Lions XII football team that just won the Malaysian Super League championship? It should be an eye opener why they play out their guts, match after match, in the MSL.

    Heck, I might even run into you guys at Arab Street or Geylang Serai!

  4. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Utusan is unlike any newspapers in Malaysia. Among the oldest in the country and the most sued broadsheet. It's the paper the politicians loved to hate.
    Unlike other news outlets which quickly retreat its statements at the prospect of being sued or reaching for out of court settlements, Utusan carried on the fight till the end though they lost the majority of them. That's journalistic freedom in it truest form. You practice what you preach. It's not really about the outcome in every struggle but the journey. Win or lose but the spirit remains the same. Utusan will keep on saying what need to be said.

  5. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Disagree on the suing bro. It is quite embarrassing that Utusan prints stuff without due checking. Somethings they say were highly inaccurate. That is why they get sued and then lose in Court. They also end up paying tons of money in damages. Dont forget that recently Zam Maidin had to apologise to Air Asia in his Blog for accusing Air Asia of serving pork on their flights. It was malicious. And Zam was defending Utusan against the Air Asia CEO. It looks silly - they write and then they lose in Court, issue apologies etc. Once in a few years ok. But every other month?

  6. Iceotop10:18 pm

    No wonder Utusan perangai by LKY rupanya...

  7. Anonymous11:12 am

    so rich ah these utusan idiots to own harleys and not kapcais instead.

  8. Anonymous1:25 pm


    Oi! Apa ni?? What, there are still newsmen on foot nowadays - like the late A.S. Ismail was in 1939?

    Of course all newsman are on wheels! What, bicycles, cars, vans, buses, trains and the like don't have wheels???

    Wait, are there newsmen on 'personal watercrafts' and sleds??? Maybe in Venice, Nunavut, Palau, Micronesia, Pacific Islands and such.

    Any Editor would NOT approve of this tagline-of-sorts... and this is a group of journalists we're talking about here...

    - Azlan.

  9. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Pasquale, my man! Are you hitting out at your own boss the Pee-yem mate? If any idiot had been listening to the Chinese, it's that Bugis! Sekarang baru kesal, nasik dah jadi bubor!!