Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Too critical?

The difference between us and them. Some people think some of the pro-Najib bloggers are too critical of the Prime Minister, especially after the general election. Of course, they are. In fact, the likes of Syed Akbar Ali (president of Blog House Malaysia, which has held events involving Najib), A Voice, Big Dog, Apanama, Bujai and The Unspinners have always been critical of Najib and his Administration. But always - or almost always - within reason. 
That's what separate them from other bloggers, especially the pro-Pakatan bloggers. With the exception of Helen Ang and a few others, all pro-Opposition bloggers don't criticize their leaders at all. They are not allowed to. There is no room for dissent in PAS, PKR and DAP, even in cyberspace. Anyone who dares to speak up is quickly crushed. 
And that's something Najib's aides must never try to emulate. If OutSyed The Box comes out with a poll like the one above, which has over 1000 readers voting against Najib being retained as Umno president, they should not jump and try to get someone to get Tuan Syed to pull it down. Calm down and have a chit chat. The poll is not among Umno members. But if you are still worried and need to look good, send in your army of cybertroopers to vote FOR the PM-lah, apa susah? 
Go here to see the poll's closing tally (I was "respondent" no 1415).


  1. Salam Datuk,

    Exactly what I thought reading Tuan Syed's article and the poll. No way, no how, would anyone find opposition bloggers coming out with articles that would have even the slightest hint of being critical of the opposition tripartite party leaders. In many ways, this among all differentiates pro-govt bloggers from the pro-opps.

    Best regards

  2. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Ya right Rocky, tell that to the main stream media

  3. Anonymous5:18 pm

    What a stupid post. Criticism within reason ? By whose definition ? DUMNO's ?

  4. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Boycott - is a way of showing how stupid these pkr mp's are. They will only boycott for a day. They dont want to lose their RM6000 pm, do they? But all the same, they HAVE shown how stupid they are.

  5. Politicalamity97:22 pm

    criticism is a way to reflect on oneself... no harm in it.

  6. Anonymous8:08 pm

    I suspect that a majority of the negative votes came from the opposition supporters.

    1. Anonymous5:02 pm

      Anda silap... Saya pengundi umno dan saya juga mahu najib undur diri!

  7. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Anon 5:18 pm,

    We (BN/UMNO supporters) are free to criticize our leaders if they do not perform to our expectations since we are the ones who have elected them in the first place. This is what we called democracy. The same cannot be said of the opposition parties especially DAP. If you people were caught criticizing the tokong for example, the RBA would start harassing you with threats of murder! And they have the cheek to use the word 'Democratic' in their party's name! Democratic, my foot!

  8. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Patutlah pro pr bloggers dipanggil anjing buruan..x pernah gigit tuan...mereka2 ini anai2 pekerja...better call rentokil fast...

  9. Salam. Saya rasa blog Helen Ang bukanlah pro-pembangkang ...

  10. Salam. Saya rasa blog Helen Ang bukanlah pro-pembangkang ...

  11. Anonymous10:20 am

    It is funny that the chief homo goes round the world telling everyone that our judiciary is hamstrung but now wants an ex judge to be speaker of dewan rakyat. big hipocrite these pkr people.

  12. Mustapha Ong8:28 am

    As a blogger, I agree that bloggers should exercise self censorship when they post articles in the alternative and social media with responsibility and adhere to the journalistic ethics. Criticism should be constructive rather than destructive. I also agree to the proposal that anonymous postings should not be allowed in order to maintain transparency of all those who want to express their views publicly, either way in a more civilized manner.