Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ramli Yusof vs Musa Hassan:

When a well-off ex-police officer is given free rein to demonize a former Inspector General of Police, you get that sinking feeling. Some of you probably still remember the feeling, despite our mudah lupa nature, when just months after Tun Mahathir stepped down as PM, his successor's "men" started to systematically demonize the statesman. Are the rogues taking over?

In a way, the source of the Musa Hassan's predicament is quite similar with Mahathir's: both find that their respective successors to be a pain in the butt! Or, rather, the people who surrounded their successors.

Ramli Yusof is a cop who's done well for himself but there's no love lost between him and Tan Sri Musa. How well has he done for himself? Big Dog has the details in his latest posting Taxman Cometh.   I hope The Malaysian Insider will verify those information, seeing that the portal is very keen to promote free speech against our ex-IGP.

As for Musa Hassan, I was told that he remains frugal and simple, half his pensions gone to mortgage on the house he lives in. Apparently he lacks the financial acumen.

Updated: Bujai, otherwise a strong critic of Hishammuddin Hussein, is of the opinion that Hisham has the right as Home Minister to "meddle" with police affairs. But, erm, Bujai's quoting Rais Yatim ...


  1. the toothless fella12:14 pm

    I think that it is fair to say that the majority of Malaysians,know that this ex IGP Musa is not an angel.Except maybe Rocky and the blind and deaf.

  2. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Rocky,do you know who is behind Deepak and Musa going public against PM Najib?If you want the answer,ask your paymaster.But please do not ask Anwar.He knows nothing.

  3. the insider12:33 pm

    Do not bullshit about big dog saying this and that.If bigdog knows so much,he would not be called bigdog by the boss.He will be called "TINY".Bigdoy is like Tunku Aziz.A barking dog.

  4. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Apparently you bro! lack facts annd figures...... totaling his gratuity after retirement, his EPF, his houses bought long before becoming IGP, his wife inheirted assests lands and house these Bro easily come down to more than 10 millions get it? NO you dont get it cause you failed to read all these?so you bro can memfintahkan orang berdossssssa besar baik you makan bangkai baik minta maaf sebelum you atau musa mati.

  5. Anonymous1:28 pm

    You mean Mahathir got the means to bring down Abdullah but Musa dont have the means?


  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    12:14 PM says "majority of Malaysians,know that this ex IGP Musa is not an angel"

    hahahahaha this anon must be speaking from anwar's anus

  7. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Anon 1;15,

    Where is the fact?.. dont slender lies that yourself dont believe.

    Anon 12.14,

    i'm one of the majority Malaysia that felt safe durig Tans Sri Musa reign. Who are you trying to fool? stop putting words in our mouth. its annoying.


  8. Anonymous2:45 pm

    SPRM has not closed Ramli' case - his assets are beyond means and many properties under declared . Ramli shitting in his pants thus Robert Phang unleashed again. Ramli's men have embedded themselves in powerful positions, deceiving even the poor minister. rocky, please verify my comment.- Rahim Noor

  9. Anonymous2:52 pm

    pakatan fools believe in anwar altho he's been proven a moral bankrupt and a despicable homo sapien

    but demonise worthy and morally upright Malaysians

    proof that pakatan has been feeding s**t to its followers who swallowed toxins unquestionably

  10. Anonymous2:55 pm

    The Mamakthir faction is rubbing their hands in glee at what's going on. Let Najib go down the drain with fat Mama, and let Mukhriz and Co take over UMNO.

    Long live the Mamaks !

  11. Anonymous3:04 pm

    All the worms are coming out of the woodwork....

  12. chihuahua3:56 pm

    big dog?


    big body but little brain!

    he writes too many craps!

  13. PI Lala4:02 pm

    All other comments demonising Rocky and Big Dog should be ignored.

    Mere idiots who like to believe what they like to believe. They have long been duped by the sodomiser.

    Ramli need to explain his wealth.

    For a police men who start from the bottom with salary of a couple of hundreds, he has much to explain.

    Heard he got out because of a lenient judge.

    Hey .... his wife is a judge isnt she? Correct correct correct ...?

  14. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Woi Rocky, can you please tell us how much Mahathir is worth $$$$ after stepping down as PM ??

    You may ask big-dog, he knows everything about Mahathir !!


  15. Datuk,

    Ramli was a director of commercial crime dept.

    He was charged in a criminal court for abusing his powers. Just like Al Juburi. High Court convicted him. However, unlike Al Juburi Court of Appeal overturned Ramli’s case. Al JUburi was jailed for six years for his crimes.

    He is also commercially-savvy but more importantly, commercially-hungry. He managed to earn & accumulate wealth way beyond his official means. The Unspinners wrote about how he never loss money punting at the shares market pit.

    Ramli also actively went into business in a co where he injected 950acres of land, when he was still the CCID boss.

    What was strategic as the CCID boss, he had access to the Lords of the Underworld Vices. Means as a commercially savvy and more importantly hungry man-of-authority, he could optimise this network.

    “I scratch your back, you scratch my back”.

    Hence, the wealth. Be it RM 8 million, 16 million or 27 million.

    Also, it means Musa Hassan who is a known no sense man must be ‘eliminated’, at all cost. Roll out the demonisation.

    Expect more. Expect to see Opposition esp DAP and PKR to make Musa the power-crazy & corrupt devil! Musa is a common enemy of Ramli, Lords of the Underworld Vices and Anwar Al Juburi.

  16. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Sesama POLIS not in GOOD term,,,Bolehkah Rakyat menaroh kepercayaan terhadap MEREKA,,!!!


  17. Anonymous kah kah kah 416,

    You should get your masters to ask the Swiss banking authorities. After all, your masters said Dr M was supposed to have a fortune stashed in those Swiss banks. Kah kah kah

  18. Anon 245pm,

    Robert Phang? I heard the same. Will follow up, insyallah.

  19. Anonymous6:32 pm

    That Ramli chap coming from one of the state in the East Cost. A state known for 'gedebe' and 'tak makan saman' kind of people. The kind of guy you don't want to mess with.

  20. Anonymous7:13 pm

    as for politicians and top cop like musa hassan, i trust musa hassan more. his family background tells all.

  21. Anonymous7:58 pm

    anons 2:34 and 2:40

    hee hee hee.haw haw know what.crybabies and sugar babies you gals are.

  22. Anonymous10:42 pm

    anon 7:58 PM is undoubtedly an ass descended from the donkey tribe


  23. Big Dog's barking and suspicion over Ramli's asset values has no basis. He dismisses those values just based on the impossibility of accumulating such wealth on the income he has. One's lifetime income has little relation to one's wealth, especially when one also indulges in such activities as gambling, business, equity investments and such. I have seen a $100,000 investment explode to $10 million in value in just a few what has the Dog got to say about that?

  24. Anonymous10:44 am

    Lacks financial acumen but one could argue kaya dengan pahala mempertahankan negara.

    I believe the govt makes a practice of rewarding its top officers to ensure comfortable retirement. The problem arises when such retirees have very overreaching idea what 'comfortable' means.

    We know of retired police, military or civil servants who are living a lifestyle disproportionate to their career income.

    The evidence/ whistleblower may not be forthcoming but Allah knows better whether duit halal or haram.

  25. Datuk,

    Thank you for linking our posting.

    All these laid in the piece are extracts from a declaration that Ramli Yusuff signed as Director of CCID on 4 Sept 2007, for a complete list of 52 assets in the form of various properties, accounts and investments held by him in his name.

    The same list was also appended on a statutory declaration signed by Ramli Yusuff dated 17 Sept 2007.

    We are just reporting what is fact.

    If Ramli is just a custodian and who are the real owners and how these assets were accumulated and amassed, should be divulged once thorough investigations be carried out by IRB under Income Tax Act, Bank Negara/Royal Customs under AMLA and MACC under Anti Corruption Act.

  26. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Off course, rais yatim would think so.

    He is fighting to survivve for next cabinet line-up and is trying to appease hishamuddin after he blamed kdn for what was actually his own wicked manouvring to stop the showing of tandaputera and attempt to censor the movie.

    Rais believe minister whould meddle because he himself design and compose the stupid merdeeka logo and slogan janji ditepati slogan.

    To requesition stationaries in information ministry, one has to get rais clearance or buy stationaries on your own money.