Friday, October 19, 2012

Malaysia played no role in Bangsamoro ...

1. The Unspinners suggests in Kepura-puraan Anwar terhadap Bangsa Moro that after beconing the Malaysian DPM, the Pakatan Rakyat de facto leader began to distance himself from the MILF's struggles and may even have tried to sabotage it! 
2. Just Read, an expert on foreign affairs when he was a newspaper journalist, comments on former Philippine President and Anwar's good buddy Joseph Estrada's opposition to the agreement and Malaysia's continued involvement in the peace process. In his latest posting here, he reminds his readers that Estrada had failed to resolve the Mindanao Muslims issue. "He was the one who sent in the army to murder hundreds of them. Has he forgotten about it?"

And that's not the Malaysian PM at the signing?

... if you go by this man's statement! I must reproduce here Anwar Ibrahim's statement of congratulations to Manila and MILF for the recent Framework agreement on Bangsamoro. I must reproduce it in its entirety because there is not a single mention of his own country's positive role in helping make this long-drawn process happens. No mention at all about Malaysia's continued role as an independent third party to oversee the peace process. Not a single credit to his countrymen when credit is due.

Pakatan Rakyat welcomes the recent peace agreement that was signed between the Government of Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).  Our congratulations to President Benigno S Aquino III and MILF led by its Chairman, Al Haj Murad Ebrahim through the efforts of Dean Marvic Leonen, Chairman of the Philippine Negotiation Panel for having worked together to forge a new step toward peace with the signing of the framework agreement.
This framework agreement on the Bangsamoro presents the opportunity for true and lasting peace in Southern Philippines.  As the next step involves the formation of a Transition Commission, we urge that all stakeholders for peace should include MILF, MNLF, political players in Mindanao as well as the indigenous peoples for sustainable peace in Muslim Mindanao.  The Principle of Inclusivity is fundamental to lasting peace and must involve all stakeholders in the Moro issue. 
The ethnic and tribal diversity of the Philippines demands a wider forum for sustainable peace.  Engagement of only one specific party may exclude the interests of other players in the dynamics of Philippine politics.
In this light, Pakatan Rakyat with its own history of political diversity will send a delegation of its senior Parliamentarians to meet long time friends and counterparts in the Philippines to better understand the underlying issues relating to sustainable peace. 
Our approach will be inclusive in nature and will focus on ensuring that there is no marginalisation of population groups so that all affected peoples throughout this region can enjoy dividends from a lasting peace.  We hope that all conflict issues in the region will be addressed in order to find a truly lasting peaceful solution.
The agenda of the official delegation from Pakatan Rakyat will be to meet with government authorities, MILF leaders and other political stakeholders in order to contribute to a peaceful Philippines.

Compare this with the the US' response:

Read Barking Magpie's take h e r e.
And for a little bit of history, read Syed Akbar Ali's Bangsamoro: Congrats to the PM


  1. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Hang on a Minute. The agreement is to stop fighting in 2016......2016 !!! Why does it take 4 years to stop fighting? Why not today? Is this not like saying we sign the agreement to continue fighting for the next 4 years? This is a strange agreement if you ask me.

  2. Anonymous3:54 pm

    This bangsat talking about Bangsamoro as if pakatan played a role in the peace process. These pakatan bangsats have never said a good word about the gomen.

  3. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Pakatan Rakyat?
    the ageing, lunatic devil's advocate nik aziz?
    the screwed anything moves, anuwar?
    and the 13th May riot and staunch supporters of the christian fellowship against muslim, lim kit and lim guan?


  4. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Rocky, "why need compare to US respond"....kan US ni "Evil" according to UMNO !! Georges Soros pon USA punya orang !!!

    USA pon mahu rejim change in Malaysia jugak !!

  5. Anonymous4:42 pm

    I kinda understand of him not mentioning Mr. Najib in that historic peace treaty agreement but to completely forget to mention Malaysia for the role its play during those years of protracting bloodshed in the Philippines is just unbelievable. Malaysia have been involved in those efforts since Mahathir's time.
    Why the need to send Pakatan mission after the peace has been won also hard to fathom. Why not sending it earlier? at least Pakatan could contribute something to end the conflict. With a good deal of publicity comes out of it, everyone seems to jostle to bask in the limelight. We should've felt hard done by with this kind of act.

  6. Anonymous4:50 pm


    Let's face it PR leads by Anwar is just jealous of DS Najib.. remember,JE ( Joseph Estrada) is Anwar's best friend who is the stumbling block in gaining peace with Moro earlier.. and if I'm not mistaken Anwar also when he had the power wasn't too keen on ending the crisis..I wonder why?

  7. Anonymous5:55 pm

    What can we expect from the leader of Bangsat Malaysia.
    Anon 4.15 pm pengikut tegar dia.
    Bodoh piang punya comment.

  8. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Its like this. If BN says minimum wage RM900, the Pakatan mutherf*ckers will add RM200 and say minimum wage should be RM1100.

    If BN says we will build 100km road, the Pakatan mutherf*ckers will say they will build 200km road.

    If BN say we will give students RM250 book voucher, the Pakatan mutherf*ckers will say 'we will give free university education'.

    If BN make peace between Moro and Phillipine, the Pakatan mutherf*ckers will say 'They copied our peace agreement'

    This is what the mutherf*ckers are good at. That is all they can do.

  9. Anonymous6:01 pm

    anon 650pm

    well to answer your question pls read aidc or unspinners

  10. Anonymous6:16 pm

    anon 4:15 - It simply means this fellow is worst than the devil!!

  11. Anonymous6:27 pm


    DS Najib has shown his competency in JANJI DITEPATI who believes in peaceful and productive existence.

    That peliwat tua only knows riots, destructive demonstrations, disturbances and is guilty of JANJI KOSONG.

  12. Trophy6:30 pm

    Of course, the peace agreement didn't just happen overnight. At least our past 2 Prime Ministers were commited to see through the peace deal. What matters most is the everlasting commitment by the Malaysian government to champion the deal.

    Congrats to JPM Research for spearheading the peace agreement, not to mention the backbones of our intelligent outfits and also our diplomatic channel. Many unsung heroes, past and present, our fellow Malaysians were directly involved.

    A peace deal is a peace deal indeed, regardless of what Anwar Ibrahim said.

  13. Anonymous6:47 pm

    You do not know the difference between Party statement and Government statement?

    Bila cakap macam ini, you quickly assume that that leader is my boss.

    For tutorial, look at what UMNo says at its meetings and what the government says to the public.


  14. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Well will this help Najib? He needs all the help what with the bad reputation his govt has with all the corruption and the backstabbing going on in umno Rumours going around you people want to replace him Hope this brings his reputation back

  15. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Anon 4:15

    Rocky nak compare among the bangsat.

    By comparison,crystal clear anwar lagi bangsat daripada USA!!

    Since u a follower of the bangsat, may i wish you "Hail to Bangsat!!"

    Pasai apa lah ada orang piang tahap lagu ni...shezzz

  16. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Orang tidak tahu peranan Malaysia dalam mempengaruhi MILF dan sebelum ini MNLF menyetujui pelan damai dengan kerajaan Filipina kerana agensi kerajaan Malaysia yg memainkan peranan ini sejak hampir 30 tahun dulu (bermula dgn MNLF) tidak pernah diketahui umum kewujudannya hingga ke hari ini. Orang tertanya- tanya siapakan Dato Tengku Ghafar Tg Muhammad fasilator rundingan damai tersebut kerana sebelum ini tidak ramai yg mengenali beliau seolah- olah beliau turun dari langit. Usaha untuk mempengaruhi sebuah pertubuhan bersenjata yg berpengaruh spt MNLF dan MILF memerlukan kegigihan, keberanian dan trade craft yg tersendiri yg mana CIA, MOSSAD atau FSB kadang tidak berjaya melaksakannya. Justeru itu kerajaan Amerika sendiri mengkagumi peranan yg dimainkan oleh pegawai kerajaan Malaysia khususnya pegawai2 Melayu dalam mempengaruhi puak2 bersenjata Islam Filipina untuk berunding sejak lebih 25 tahun dahulu. Kalau kita tahu sejarah kejayaan Malaysia menyelesaikan konfrantasi Indonesia terhadap Malaysia sudah tentu kita akan kagum dengan kegigihan pegawai2 kerajaan Malaysia. Malaysia sesungguhnya bernasib baik kerana mempunyai kakitangannya yang cemerlang. Syabas.

  17. Anonymous2:16 am

    The philiphine Government should be very suspicious if the PR is serious of sending their delegation to meet the relevent bangsa Moro groups in the near future. Since they have never been involve in the negotiation, there is strong likerlihood that they will try to sabotage the whole process, that will be detrimental to the peace agreement. There is no end to what they are capable of since they are so envious of the success of the negotation that was mediated by Malaysian government hence there was no mention of this in their report. They should in fact congratulate the Malaysian government for the success, and refrain from interfering or trying to capatilise on the whole issue. They don't seems to have any sence on integrity, tak bermuka langsong.

  18. Anonymous2:28 am

    good pr thingy...

    but the fatboy is thinking... what de fuck i'm doing here looking at all these hypoctite assholes...

  19. Anonymous3:11 am


    pls la... we did nothing... for this peace deal to go thru'

    check it out... our contribution on this thing is 0.5%...

    we know u r 1 preferred blogger but don't go around insulting your intelligent for de whole world to see...

  20. this is something malaysia or specifically malay is good at. being a peacemaker. this have always being one of our forte as a race.

  21. Anonymous7:43 am

    Anuar is so jealous of this agreement .He goes to Manila for sex thrilla,women and boys supplied by Estrada.

  22. Anonymous10:04 am

    Najib will Pose for anyone or anything to gain popularity!!!

    He will pose with monyet if the monyet is seen as a celebrity!

    The fact is all the whole world media will anounce it if he has played any role in the deal between the Philippines government and the MILF.

    Malaysia did play a role to provide the venue for their meeting. That's all the credit due to us!


  23. Iskandar11:10 am


    aku betul terhibur dengan kata-kata beberapa para komentar di sini.

    Jelas sekali mereka buta dan tidak malu langsung dengan kebutaan mereka dan ketaksuban mereka.

    Bukan itu sahaja...kebodohan mereka.
    Dan rasa tidak malu menunjuk ketidakmaluan, kebodohan, buta dan taksub mereka...

    Ini-lah pengikut buta dan pekak Anwar Ibrahim.

    Satu dunia iktiraf peranan Malaysia dan sudah tentu Najib sebab beliau PM Malaysia -- mereka yang tolol ini masih mempolitikkan isu ini.


    Anwar pula -- saya hanya dpata menyatakan kesedihan saya melihat beliau begitu dalam decline - dari character beliau yang menggugat kewibawaab beliau.


  24. Bangsa Awan11:12 am

    aqnon3:41: you must be an idiot. you think this is agreement bt PAS, DAP and Keadilan, aah?

    you know or not the Moro problem, the struggle there? you know or not?


  25. anon 4:15PM: oh shut up-lah you.

    the trouble with assholes like you -- you cannot make distinction between anwar's friends in the US and officials of the US government.


  26. durgabhai11:14 am


    as always you don't make any sense.

  27. joshua11:22 am

    anon 3:11am

    i wish you have the balls to put your name.

    but you have no balls, right?

    that or they are shrinking.

    my name is Moira. I am married and working with 5 children.

    i can't give you my number because i am not that stupid to give deranged people like you my number or any personal details about me.

    ok. let's get to the point, coward.

    actually i've got to the point by calling you coward. another thing - stupid. bodoh. bangang.

    for saying malaysia played no role.

    if anwar wsa PM, you know what stupid assholes like you will say;

    "oh malaysia the best..100 per cent involvement..without malaysia no peace deal..."

    as for rocky - at least you are smart for saying that "we know you are the 1 preferred blogger"..hahaha...

    but you said that not becos "at least you are smart"...i think you wnated to insult him but got the wrong words out.

    even that you cannot say it right.

    but you know what i think? you are not that stupid. altho stupid to be a pakatan cyber trooper.

    butb you are a coward. no balls. go see Rocky personally and say that to his face.

    if you don't pee in your pants...

  28. anon 10:04Am Bangsa murut,

    an idiot born every second. and you're one of them.

    if you have no sense of pride, that is your problem.

    but go get an education.

  29. Shuman11:28 am

    anwar ibrhaim can go F*ck himself or whoever he wants to f*ck.

    muka tak malu.

    baru sekarang nak sibuk buat kenyataan..nak berkawan dengan "long time friends" konon..

    muka tak malu.

    i think kalau kita betul kenal anwar ibrahim, kita gerun dengan kemunafikan beliau.

    the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth who can have a set of laws for himslef and his family and his er, loved ones///and another for the rest of mankind.

    God help us if he ever comes to power. God help us.

  30. khadijah ampaso11:34 am

    Brother Ahirudin.

    thank you for this article in reference to anwar ibrahim.
    we, bangsamoro are very aware of anwar's wayward ways.
    we don't believe a word he said. he is not sincere. he abandoned us a long time ago.
    the unspinners story says it all.
    thank you.

  31. Anonymous10:05 pm

    wow...malaysia and the PM did a great job...let's all vote for BN...!

  32. Anonymous1:05 am

    AnuWar is gone case lah.....motherfucker, wife cheater, arsefucker, cinadoll fucker and what have you....he is the grandest fucker of all.

    Person of his insignia has no moral values.......would just blame his enemies......deceit and lying is his game. Why till to this date he dares not summon Nalakurapan or Eskimokay if he is so damn innocent.

    Only pea brainers would buy into his lies and deceits and of course the DAPigs together with PuKiRers and PASers are the holistic followers.

    What does it tells you if even his closest cronies in the past are leaving him one after another. Go check with them while these people are still alive and kicking not till they kicked the bucket for the truth.