Friday, August 10, 2012

Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa ... SeMalaysia

1Malaysia lah tu ...! A poll by The Malay Mail earlier this week found a whopping 98% of "rakyat Malaysia" preferred Pakatan Rakyat's "Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa" theme for the nation's 55th Merdeka to Rais Yatim's "Janti ditepati". Read h e r e. The problem I have with these instant left-or-right/black-or-white online polls - lazy bloggers conduct this kind of polls all the time - is that anyone with a login can respond, often repeatedly.

In the case of the Malay Mail's survey, the findings may also suggest any or all of the following:
1 that 98% of the newspaper's readers are supporters of Pakatan Rakyat:
2 163 Malaysians are actually fond of Rais Yatim
3 the editors at the Malay Mail had nothing better to do
Rais Yatim's masterpiece

What remains intriguing, though, is the theme of the Pakatan Rakyat's 55th Merdeka that's touted as better than Rais Yatim's own masterpiece. If you ask me, I say Samad Said's Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa is the dumbest gimmick that Pakatan Rakyat has manufactured since March 2008 (with apologies to M. Manoharan).

In trying to make Rais Yatim look dumb, they have succeeded in becoming dumber!

Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa ... SeMalaysia!
SeSamad SeSaid's Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa
 Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara, Satu Jiwa = Satu Malaysia!
For a party that said it would not accept Najib Razak's unifying 1Malaysia concept, Pakatan Rakyat has come up with a Merdeka theme that in essence embraces, emulates, plagiarizes, copulates, immortalizes  that very concept! they despise. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

In other words, PR has finally, after all these years, admitted that they believe in 1Malaysia!

p.s. Pakatan said it hopes the Federal Government will adopt the Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa theme. Why not, eh? I would hereby like to Copyright:1Bangsa! 1Negara! 1Jiwa! ... 1Malaysia! 

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  1. Anonymous2:35 pm


    1. Anonymous8:00 am

      The symbol of Christianity is the Cross and nothing else. The Plus sign, so don't do mathematics. Cant do addition just subtraction, multiplication, division!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:38 pm

    They forgot to include one more -



  3. Actually the clowns have no choice but to accept 1Malaysia because that is what we are in Malaysia.

  4. The issue is not about 1Malaysia. Rais is adamant with his own theme, "Janji Ditepati". To me that sounds dumb and Malaysians have said it well.
    Najib could have used his "1Malaysia" which I truly agree with in a more emphasizing manner.
    I believe anyone as smart as you would not accept a nonsensical theme like Rais Yatim's. It's all about politcis in the end.

  5. Anonymous3:13 pm

    How can there be 1 bangsa? The chinese want their own school.

    1. Anonymous6:34 pm

      That is not what they only want

  6. Anonymous3:21 pm

    A perfect copy of 1 Malaysia.

    Pakatan running out of ideas.

  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I bet NIK AZIZ is wearing a CROSS around his neck now, while, reading the BIBLE instead of the AL-QURAN. He now longer go to MOSQUE but CHURCH instead.


  8. KY Ong3:45 pm


    "Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa" is indeed 1MALAYSIA.

    It's just like saying "FUCK YOU" but to make this word a little longer....we say

    "Screw you, Bang you, Drill you"

  9. Anonymous3:50 pm

    RAIS YATIM should be kicked out from the Cabinet. This bugger have PIG's BRAINS. Why can't he just stick to the slogan of 1MALAYSIA????

    This slogan is PERFECT!!!

    Even PAKATAN RAKYAT had a hard time trying to come-up with a better slogan & in the end they have no choice but to 'cetak rompak' Najib's slogan by making the entire word longer.

  10. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Rocky... lu makin lama makin bodoh dah !!!

    Helen tu girlfriend Redzuan Tee tau !!! mereka ni siang malam asyik bantai kristian saje...poor kristian of Malaysia !!

  11. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    Sbnrnya perkataan 1Bangsa, 1Negara, 1Hati itu sudah ada dalam poster oleh Jabatan Penerangan jika tak silap. PR plagiat jadi SeBangsa, SeNegara, SeJiwa.


  12. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Wah such a profound argument. Most be worth every Ringgit spent.

  13. Anonymous4:03 pm

    cant help me, but sounds so much like a direct English translation...meaning they conjure it up in english and do that translation, so it sounds kind of funny...

  14. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Eh, we are satu Malaysia, but we have to exclude UMNO crooks. Satu Malaysia means can steal RM 250 million on NFC, make FKFZ into a RM 12 billion public liability or award tenders to the highest bidders ?

    The latest is Mamakthir confirming that UMNO gave hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in citizenships to Indons and Filipinos. Is treachery part of 1Malaysia ?

    No, our version of Satu Malaysia is different from yours. Yours is a "apa macam pun boleh" type of Satu Malaysia.


    1. Yap ah loy8:37 pm

      Have to exclude dong zongs, chinks who still dont care to learn bahasa kebangsaan and chink cartels too. Bigger corrupted crap they are. In the name of malaysian malaysia. Get lost so that we finally can clear corrupted umno crooks. Cause these chink cartels are the ones who feed them

  15. Anonymous4:11 pm


    Rocky is getting cheap

    1. Yap ah loy8:39 pm

      Not as cheap as your dad's ass

  16. Anonymous4:13 pm

    1Malaysia Means Bangla,Indon, Myanmar.

    1. Yap ah loy8:40 pm

      Better than chinks who refuse to learn the national lamguage, and only stick to their kind. Control cartels etc

  17. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Sebangsa? SeJiwa? Only when we have one school for all and everyone speaks only Bahasa Melayu and English. Just like in Indonesia where you can't even tell whether a person is a Indonesian Malay or Chinese just from his/her name.

  18. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya, probably an Indon who received his citizenship through Project IC or Project M, has said that supporting DAP is haram. Hence, supporting PAS and PKR is also haram. MCA and MIC are not haram because they accept their "junior" positions within BN, and they acknowledge UMNO as the taikor.

    Is this your definition of Satu Malaysia ?

    1. Yap ah loy8:41 pm

      Very easy for u to accuse of one
      Being an indon, you cheap rated immigrant heir fool. Go back to the mainland asshole. And continue talking in mandarin

  19. Salam Datuk,

    @Anon 3.50 Pakatan Rakyat has a slogan

    BN 1Malaysia for all, PR all for 1AnwarIbrahim

    Best regards

  20. Anonymous4:44 pm

    There's nothing original coming from Pakatan. The're just trying to outdo BN by ripping off other people slogan and make it sounds slightly different; and claim it as the best slogan ever produced.(well it comes from national laurete..)
    Doesn't it feel awkward if you use the word 'se' instead of 'satu'? Doesn't it sounds confusing? Even the kids at school would find it hard to understand. It makes the teachers have to explain every single word..

    'Satu Malaysia la tu!' is so spot on..brilliant!!

  21. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Look at the Lee Chong Wei saga. Everybody jumped on the bandwagon and called him a hero. All the pro-UMNO blogs, including this one, called LCW a hero. Then you read the comments over the past 48 hours, and you will see the words "mata sepet", "pendatang", "balik tongsan".

    Hypocrisy of the highest order is what UMNO stands for. Even MCA and MIC dare not utter anything against these Melayu chauvinists. You call this Satu Malaysia ?

  22. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Rocky.. Najib punya 1Malaysia=1UMNO Melayu, tu Muhiyydin yang kata !!

  23. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Now we know in Rocky and Helen mind, 'burung merpati' religion is kristian !!

    Sekarang Burong pon ada agama ke ?? kah...kah...kah...

    Abis...babi tu agama apa ? Tua Pek Kong or monkey god ??

  24. Anonymous4:55 pm


    Sebantal, setilam, sekatil lagi syok!

    Scenic Malaysia

  25. I've been saying it for years - we are all of 1 Race, the Human race!


    1. Ellese3:57 am

      That's funny. You believe in segregating our kids by race and depriving my children of non Malay friends. Hypocrit of the highest order.

  26. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Anon 3:50
    Well said. 1 Malaysia is good enough.

  27. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Anon 3:45

    Say what you want. No need to be rude. It reflects on your upbringing and education. Pity your parents.

  28. Anonymous7:03 pm

    KY Ong.

    No manners.

  29. Anonymous8:04 pm

    hello godfather.

    dont bring shame to god. dont talk rubbish.

  30. Anonymous8:07 pm

    anon 4:48

    The Malays have been called worst things. Be fair. If you are not fair how can others be fair to you?

  31. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Rais yatim has gone bonkers. Maybe should retire and run a rumah anak yatim.

  32. Anonymous8:17 pm

    godfather. dont misuse the name god. look at selangor. for every finger you point at others 3 fingers are pointing at you. you are god so you should know.

    1. Yap ah loy8:43 pm

      Godfather has nothin to do with gOd you retard

  33. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Logonya seperti gambat abstrak prositute sedang menari Ya. Love the love symbol which is also symbolizes a pussy.

  34. Anonymous8:30 pm

    GODFATHER. The govt gave the chinese and indians 1 million citizenship, in case you are ignorant. A form 3 history book will tell you this. So why are jealous when others are given citizenship? If you dont like this give up your citizenship and go elsewhere.

  35. Anonymous8:35 pm

    A bunch of hypocrites who believe in Ketuanan and for the sake of votes call it 1Malaysia. Come out of the woodwork lah, you hypocrites and stop posturing with your Janji ditepati BS.

    1. Yap ah loy8:45 pm

      They have come out of the woodwork, and they want the chinks to do the same, and tell us why the hell you cant speak decent national language, and the double standards YOU guys impose in malays. How to trust mata sepets?

  36. Anonymous8:37 pm

    anon pakatan ckp helen bantai kristian malaysia. habis tu yg pakatan pertikai lagu janji ditepati dgn dakwa lagu tu ada unsur kristian apa cerita? bkn itu pn bantai kristian ke? apa pun 1 malaysia mmg cukup kuat sampai pakatan pn xde tema lain nak pakai.


  38. Anonymous9:49 pm

    iMalaysia song by students fm LKWing

    Kita satu bangsa, Kita satu Negara
    Kita satu matlamat, oooo
    Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara
    Kita satu Malaysia

    Verse 3
    Bermulanya sekarang
    Perjalanan dilaksana
    Seia sekata sehati dan sejiwa

    Copied the 1Malaysia song, satu just changed to 'se"...Good, good....Pakatan must be in love with this 1Malaysia song!


  39. tebing tinggi10:08 pm

    During this festive seson of coming Merdeka celebration is easier guide if you looking for friend's house "a Malay" in a new area becouse a Malay will put up a flag at thier house during this Merdeka celebration.

    Car's on the road also will tell you is driven by a Malay if you see Jalor Gemilang on thier car.


  40. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Errr... what is the 1Malaysia concept?

    Please explain and show how it is applied in govt. policies and decisions.


  41. So much hoo ha about the slogan. And you come up with a theme, the exact replica of I Malaysia.
    Hated so much Janji ditepati. And you come out with a slogan with the word Janji too.
    I don't bother memorizing the slogan.
    Copycat. If you cant be original, don't fake.
    Pakatan is a bunch of jokers.

  42. Anonymous11:58 pm

    This is what the oopsposition is getting at actually:- Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa ... SEJENIS!

    To that Anwar and Ambiga will say, "i Like".


  43. 1.Omak ai...dah bagi"Allah" masih nak pujo roh suci yo! ramai melayu teruja dengan 'bottoms up'...bebas dan bermaruah kata mereka...

    2.Belaja Quran (kata SAA) dah tu tak yah ikut sunnah...ikut pandai dan tafsir sendiri yo! sebut nama nabi pun tak yah!...he..he..(Tak sangkal SAA memang ramai ahli/ulama terdahulu tersesat kerana israilliyat...Tapi kita yang bijak boleh bersama rujukan sunnah dan ijtihad majoriti ulama sekarang..

    3.Itu kenapa "Negara Milik Pembangkang" dalam Malaysia begitu kaget dengan kehebatan kebodohan mereka! Melayu minum 'holy water dan yamseng selalu! Laman Helen Ang menarik juga...

    4.Buat lah sesuatu Bro...mulakan libasan maut...(gambar Bro dan Geng dah di papar dalam akbar,apa tunggu lagi?)

    Selamatkan Melayu Sesat dan Negara Malaysia!Amat besar pahala nya....

  44. Anonymous4:44 am

    cakap melayu pun tak berapa betui nak ngaku sejiwa.



  45. Anonymous6:06 am

    What kind of Sebangsa shit are they talking about when they don't even speak Bahasa?

    - Jack

  46. Anonymous6:08 am

    Lets get it over lah malaysians. Merdeka day comes only once a year.
    "Janji Ditepati" is more applicable in our daily lives, in fact it should be our ultimatum goal to deliver what we promises. Its nothing political or racist to it, the slogan is very apt to all.
    1Malaysia applies to Malaysians of diverse race, culture and religions and that is what we are.

    PR's slogan....sebangsa, senegara and sejiwa? Lol, bangsa means race.....what bangsa? bangsa malaysia kah....mana ada.....warga (citizen) ada lah.
    senegara?......malaysians...definitely from Malaysia lah.....born or birth registered in malaysia...goes without saying lah. from perlis sampai sabah we are already a nation (satu negara since independent).
    sejiwa?.......lagi english means one soul?.....please can somebody help me with this......i am totally lost lah.....body soul kah soul music?

    Wow, if you let PR rules its just like the dumb leading the dumber.

  47. Anonymous7:49 am

    My favourite is still Getaran Jiwa the song popularised by P Ramlee. It is succinct and captures the image of the soul's pulse. Beautiful and inspiring. P Ramlee transcended race and religion and we all loved his films. His initials? PR ! Lol the spinning wheel turns...

  48. Anonymous8:02 am

    One Malaysia is not sebangsa and sejiwa.


  49. Anonymous9:12 am

    Learn Chinese, English and last Malay if we honestly want to progress and live good life. Look at the small 'dot' down south. The world is moving towards such and which country had the advantage. Exclusive only in Malaysia and Singapore but why the vast different. Maybe we have bird brain people still talking about 'Malay' or Chinese. It must be all languages. We are in a border less world except the 'evil politic'.
    Raymond Lim

  50. Anonymous9:27 am

    anon 8.30 pm

    that's all you can say ? if I don't like being a slave to the Tuan, I should give up my citizenship and go elsewhere ? so you agree that Najib's 1Malaysia is pure hogwash, because you rewrite history and claim you are indigenous ? you claim you were so magnanimous in giving non-malays their citizenships ?

    the problem with you goons is that you think you can rewrite history and do whatever you want.

    I repeat - BN's 1Malaysia is nothing more than a gimmick since the predominant party itself doesn't believe in it. and no matter what you say, Mamakthir a/l Iskandar Kutty and Khir Toyo don't have more rights than I do.


  51. Anonymous9:53 am

    We can argue until the cow home but it will never change the fact everyone have already set their mind on their party righteousness. Please stop this nonsense of calling each other names for when the dust settles someone will get hurt. As a kid I have live through the terror of May 1969 and I dont want that to happen again in our beloved country.

  52. Anonymous9:53 am

    One Malaysia = illegal immigrants + Umno


  53. Rocky,
    Let's be honest - it doesn't take much to make Rais Yatim look like a moron who is out of touch with public sentiment.
    As to why the public like the PR slogan better is not because of them being PR supporters but more of a case of anything is better than the Rais version!
    BTW is Helen Ang completely nuts? Does she see a Christian conspiracy everywhere? I bet if she came down to my local Surau she would imagine that any burung Merpati that landed in our grounds was out to convert us....

  54. Anonymous12:12 pm

    "The govt gave the Chinese and the Indians 1 million citizenship..."

    Wow, I didn't know the govt in the 50s were so generous. So that's where Mamakthir's grandfather got his citizenship and also Badawi's grandfather got his citizenship from. These migrant ex-PMs owe their positions to who then ? The orang asli or other migrant malays ?

  55. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Mata sepet..dah bertahun duduk malaysia..beranak pinak..cakap bahasa Malaysia pun x reti.....mat bangla baru brp bulan pun dah reti Bahasa Malaysia...filipino kat sabah pun tau cakap bahasa nak jeles kalau mat bangla dan filipino ni bg kerakyatan..rasanya mereka ni lebih tahu berterima kasih drp kaun si mata sepet...yg sifat kiasu dan ego nya amar tinggi...

  56. Anonymous2:54 pm

    apanama, u india kah melayu?

    i know your response will be something like i am 1malaysia but forget that crap....did u jump race?

  57. Anonymous3:31 pm

    No NEP, no NDP, no ketuanan, no BTN, no corruption, no nepotism, no lembu Minister, no hudud, no illegal immigrants, no Chinese/Indian schools, all are bumi except mamak, no Chinese/Indian schools ..... baru 1Malaysia is meaningful. Otherwise it's just cock and bull slogan.

    Kampung man.

  58. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Pas and DAP: se-Tuhan!

  59. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Kalau tema Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa ni bagus kenapa nak sekolah asing2? Remove sekolah jenis kebangsaan ni baru cakap pasal sejiwa atau semalaysia.

  60. Anonymous4:38 pm

    goatfarter says "UMNO gave hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in citizenships to Indons and Filipinos. Is treachery part of 1Malaysia?"

    No this is extending citizenships of fluent Malay speaking people ready and willing to abide by the federal constitution.

    The real treachery was the provision of FOC citizenships to a million stateless impoverished and illiterate communistic peoples whose allegiance REMAINS to PRC china after more than half a century reaping wealth off Tanah Melayu.

    That's treachery. May more citizenships be given to future "Malays".

    goatfarter eat your heart out. UMNO/BN rules together with the Raja Raja.

  61. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Ada Malaysian yg x reti cakap Melayu dari kecik sampai ke tua..
    sebab mereka jenis manusia yang buat buat lupa mereka adalah asalnya 1 juta pendatang yang diberi kerakyatan..
    lebih baik bagi kerakyatan kepada indon, filipina, bangla dan pakistan yang majoritinya Islam..
    kenapa mereka marah sangat.. sebab rata rata mereka ini Islam dan tidak menguntungkan kafir harbi ..

  62. Dibidang politik Malaysia masih lagi mengamalkan budaya politik dunia ketiga, jauh lagi untuk mencapai budaya politik dunia pertama.Disegi ekonomi pun nampaknya pertumbuhan inflasi naik sama rancak dengan pertumbuhan GDP. Rumah dan kereta dalam beberapa tahun lagi tidak akan mempu dimiliki oleh rakyat biasa...

  63. Anonymous9:32 am

    Anon 4:48

    If you dont kacau the bees they wont sting you.

  64. Anonymous9:48 am

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    so beware cheap pirated products

  65. Anonymous10:08 am

    Jom kita sertai BERSIH 3.5 di Dataran pada 30-8-2012. Kita lihat Janti di TEPATI or JANJI ada CAPATI


  66. Anonymous11:57 am

    wow...ur a dumb dude!

  67. Anonymous6:18 pm

    emmm .....then ask the financial institution to delete the bangsa need malay laa...indian laa...chinese laa....others laa...provocation got nowhere to go guys...let life in a peaceful country of ours MALAYSIA hehe


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