Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ah, their mind games on Hudud

Karpal's Conviction: Over my dead body!

Blogger Bujai has a once-and-for-all solution to the DAP vs PAS heaven and hell war/jihad over hudud: Nik Aziz, Hadi, Husam and all should walk out of Pakatan Rakyat. Because they are not going to get past Karpal Singh with this hudud idea. Ever. And if you can't even get your own little pact to agree on hudud, how do you sell the dream to an entire nation?

If PAS decides to stay put in PR, then they should accept that they are not going anywhere with hudud. Don't mess up with our heads with statements like this.

So, I agree totally with Bujai: Either PAS drops it or leave PR!


  1. Rocky a smart man like you should know a change of government is good for the country and people.
    Why do you keep promoting how good UMNO b if no one can do a better job.
    Why don't you support changes when your life changes all the time?
    Why are you supporting racism?

  2. Serious Shepherd2:49 pm

    But wait, was it DAP who left Barisan Alternatif first in 2001 ( a few weeks after 9/11) while Keadilan remains a faithful partner. Even in 2006, DAP actually joined MCA in condemning the Kelantan govt's etika berpakaian (they both were silenced by Dr Dzul's letter entitled "With friends like Lim Guan Eng,..."). Subsequent events especially after the 2008 political tsunami and formation of Pakatan Rakyat, can be described based on Tuckman's stages of group
    develepment i.e. forming, storming, norming and performing.

  3. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    It looks like another drama unfolding...the cast and script is almost similar albeit minor changes being made in order to make it more dramatic.

    They all need each other badly in pursuit of their dream / objective of forming the next government. So do not get easily carried away by such sitcom......

    This is akin to the drama whereby DSAI indicated that if PR does not win the next GE and that he does not become PM thus he would like to teach / lecture.....

    It's the same story line.....

  4. Pukimak punya PAS3:56 pm

    Damn!!! "NO" to Hudud!!!

    I'm a CHINESE & I can eat pork, gamble & booze as I like. I DON'T need to live my CHINESE LIFE ruled by senseless Islamic Law called "HUDUD". Such law can only be implemented in countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman & so on but NOT & NEVER in Malaysia when we have BUDDHIST, CHRISTIANS, HINDUS, SIKHS living here.

    Who the HELL PAS think they are??? Talibans or Lost Islamic Souls??? If they believe in extreme Islamic teachings then it's fine with me BUT I ain't gonna wear like Osama bin Laden walking around town, I ain't gonna allow my wife to walk around shopping malls like ninjas, I want to freely grab beers in any 7-Eleven stores, I wan't to go on buying 4D & Toto to strike jackpot, I wan't to frequent succulent Bak Kut Teh stalls enjoying my favourite chinese tea & I wan't to continue going up Genting to play Roulette....understand!!!???

  5. Dear Monsterball,

    2008, we changed. For the better. We effectively replaced one PM with another. You helped in that change, too. Certainly I did.

    Najib has worked hard for all Malaysians. Not perfect, but fewer defects. If someone else can do better than him, why not? But Anwar and the Lims are too busy politicking and making sure that their Empayar and Dynasty thrive while Karpal and Nik Aziz and sect are busy fighting over things like Hudud, with Karpal trying to save you from having your hand chopped for stealing!

    If the change you're asking for is from BN to Pakatan, don't you think Pakatan should clean up their shit first?

  6. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Rockybru : "Najib has worked hard for all Malaysians. Not perfect, but fewer defects"



  7. tebing tinggi6:54 pm

    I think heare ,both Kapral and those in the PAS are trying or thinking taht thier voters to be are stupid ,cant at all see what they are playing . There had been fo years now this issue had been played ,the game is one,s will throw stone ,the the other party will throw back on and on.
    They just think the voters as stupid as they are.

  8. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Ahhh Rocky as expected after spinning the Race Card now you are back playing the RELIGION CARD!!!

    BN Bloggers have only Race Religion Race Religion Race Reigion...

    Until UMNO Tumpas!!!!

  9. Jerry Chin7:18 pm

    If PR really wins the next G.E., then, many can be assured PAS will call the shots of the term.

    PKR won't be calling the shots despite ANWAR IBRAHIM being there as I forecast PKR to have the least winning seats. As for DAP, it seems unlikely as this party is seen as more or less a CINA TULEN" party. The country will go on riot if DAP calls the shot. Thus then, who would call the shot??? PAS??? "YES", you had just answered it.

    Should PAS be in control, you can be sure they will disregard whatever opposing view that comes from DAP or PKR. Signs of snubbing are already quite obvious now & I can't imagine what would happen should PAS really comes into power.

    Chinese & Indians can be considered DOOMED if PR wins the G.E. If we are saddened by the flocks of Chinese fleeing the country to seek better life, then, we're bound to see MEGA EXODUS of Chinese fleeing Malaysia once PR wins. Those ignorant Chinese who are supporting PR certainly can't see this coming & when it hits them, then, it will be all TOO LATE.

  10. It will be another WE AGREE to DISAGREE drama once again~

  11. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Congratulations 'Pukimak punya PAS'. You possess the perfect traits and characters of a person who's going to end up in the hellfire!!!

  12. Smallball10:33 pm

    Well said, rocky. The PRs are family dynasties. How can our children forgive us if we vote these people to power?

    I watched Lim Guan Eng's debate and I find no quality in it. He is not answering question at all, and only resort to hate remarks. Is this the type of leader we want? The country will go to the dogs should these people come to power.

  13. Smallball10:33 pm

    Well said, rocky. The PRs are family dynasties. How can our children forgive us if we vote these people to power?

    I watched Lim Guan Eng's debate and I find no quality in it. He is not answering question at all, and only resort to hate remarks. Is this the type of leader we want? The country will go to the dogs should these people come to power.

  14. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Dato' Bru,

    Spot on Bru . Rakayat are now confused not only with Pakatan behaviour but also Barisan.

    I'm from Penang and the said involvement of Musa Sheikh Fadzir in Balik Pulau Land issues will be realy disadvantage to BN .
    Mat Tearng

  15. Ala Hudud, PAS buat gempak aje. Nak tayang depa parti Islam sebab orang dah lupa dia parti masuk syurga punya.
    Takkahn laksana hukum Hudud punya. Ramai daripada tok serban dalam PASpun buat khalwat.
    Mati lor Mat Sabu. Pak Sheikhpun turut kena potong anu le kerana sodomy and main China doll. Hahaha.

  16. -Contra-5:38 am

    Sudahlah Rocky,

    Apa agama kamu? Apa contribution kamu dalam hal ini?

    UMNO memerintah 50+ benda tak jalan. PAS plak xley kayuh sendrik.

    Hang pulak hepey.

    Bagus. Bagus.

  17. Anonymous6:13 am

    Dear Pukumak Punya PAS,

    I am not a PAS supporter at all but i think your thinking reflects the fact that you are educated in the Chinese School system and haven't got a clue about Islam.

    You should go back to your motherland where you can do everything you want.

    Or perhaps the

  18. Bro Rocky.
    Dalam kes Hudud,Kedua kedua Karpal Singh DAP dan Nik Aziz Pas benar.
    Nik Aziz dan PAS benar kerana hudud merupakan hukum islam yang dinyatakan Quran dan Hadith.Dizaman Rasuallah ia memerentah hukom rejam dilaksanakan kaatas Muiz Malik kerana ia berzina dan ia sudah berkawin.Orang orang yang tidak percaya kapada hukum Hudud,ia bukannya Beriman kerana Islam bermana submission dan kita sabagai pengikutnya perlu submit kapada hukum Allah.
    Karpal Singh juga benar sebab dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia tiada ada hukum hudud dan tidak mungkin Perlembagaan Malaysia dapat di pinda kechuali PAS mempunyai 2/3 Kerusi Parliment.

    Jadi ini bukan mind game tapi ini realiti.Setiap kali dalam Pilehan Raya sejak dari zaman Asri sabagai President Pas,ianya menjadi issu yang dibangkitkan oleh UMNO,MCA dan DAP.

    Pengundi Cina dan India yang mengundi calum PAS telah faham dengan issue ini dan mereka todak mudah diperbodohkan.
    Jika MCA dan UMNO mahu menjadikan issue lagi,ianya membuang masa sahaja.Orang ramai marah sangat dengan BN kerana banyak sangat issue salah guna kuasa dan corruption oleh pemimpin UMNO dan BN.

    Najib telah banyak mengumumkan perubahan yang radikal.Syabas.Kenapa tidak diletakkan kuasa MACC dibawah parliment dab bukan dibawah PM dan isu lantikan hakim,kenapa tidak diletakkan dibawah Parliment jika kita serious untok menujudkansatu kerajaan yang berseh.

  19. Anonymous10:29 am

    Datuk Rocky, as long as the gomen focus in doing the right thing eg. Taking care the rakyat & keep on developing the country & at the same time formulating the right policy & stay away from being corrupt, I think the rakyat slowly but surely will still vote them in.Tq

  20. Anonymous10:40 am

    Latuk Locky:

    You think BN is gonna change as promised by your boss ? Open tenders ? Transparent evaluations ? No more cronyism ? No more negotiated deals ?

    All these will happen only when BN is kicked out of power. And I don't care by who, because the alternative doesn't bear thinking as the country will be bankrupt with another 5 years of BN mis-rule. Any bunch of chimpanzees will be better than BN because chimps don't practise cronyism or theft or accumulate goodies that they can't consume.


  21. Anonymous10:40 am

    PAS is right - if Hudud is implemented, there won't be an UMNOputra with arms. Maybe that's what we need.

  22. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Asalkan bukan UMNO jadilah. Cogankata ABU mesti dijadikan prinsip kita. 50 tahun merompak kekayaan negara cukuplah!

  23. greenbottle11:53 pm

    ah yes, when everything else fail..shout HUDUD.. and you think all will come back to BN fold....not this time !

    rocky...grow up. after GE13 i hope you don't come back grovelling at PR's feet.


  24. Anonymous6:38 am

    "It will be another WE AGREE to DISAGREE drama once again~"

    Business as usual for this clownish pack.


  25. Anonymous6:40 am

    To PAS, Hudud is Islam, Islam is Hudud. Hence 'UMNO tak Islam'.

    Outwardly they try to be metosexual, genetically they are Taliban.