Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PTPTN: Anwar, Kit and Guan Eng supported Bill in 97

You can fool some people some of the time. But as this story by The Mole tells us, the truth will prevail. And the truth lies in the Hansard. The Mole did a simple check with the Hansard and guess what?! 

1. Anwar Ibrahim was the man responsible for the PTPTN. He was the Acting Prime Minister of Malaysia when the Bill on the PTPTN was tabled in 1997

2. Lim Kit Siang supported the Bill. In fact he the RM100 million startup allocation for the PTPTN as contained in the bill was insufficient and it should be increased to RM500 million. 

3. Son Lim Guan Eng, who is now Penang Chief Minister, was even better. He said RM500 million was not enough, it should be increased to RM1 billion!!

And today they all say that the PTPTN is not good and that  if we vote them in as the Government of Malaysia, they will do away with the PTPTN.

We should do away with lies and hypocrisy. Read The Mole's revelation H E R E.


  1. Anonymous10:47 pm

    'You (Rocky) can fool some people some of the time'.....ya lah Rocky, jangan ingat semua orang bloody fool !!

    UMNO dah nak bankrap Malaysia, Rocky masih nak buat 'fool' sama rakyat !!

  2. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Explain RM1.5m payout to actress

  3. Anonymous12:51 am

    The key point in contention here is the abuse of the system.

  4. Anonymous2:36 am

    Rocky or atan...I'm considering a career change. Does it pay well to be umno's puppy?

  5. Rocky old man, the link at the end of the post (in big friendly red letters) ain't working.

  6. Anonymous8:12 am

    All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Need I say more.

  7. Anonymous8:55 am

    I got the feeling some DAPster going to divert the issues, by saying NFC, corruption, bersih,UMNOputra, Perkasa,.. bla bla...


    ho-yeah! :D

  8. Anonymous9:20 am


    "Best Part is when you say we should do away with Lies and Hypocrisy"

    Heh Heh Looks like if that is what you wish then we will have to "Do Away" with Rocky Bru Laa. Cause Rocky is Synonymous with Hypocricy and more often than not Lies.....

    Kam Cheng

  9. Anonymous11:34 am

    1. Why is this a revelation if its publicly available information?

    2. Why should politicians never be allowed to change positions? It wasn't like they said or did those things just yesterday then reversed gear.

    What seemed like a good idea 15 years ago simply isn't anymore. Where's the hypocrisy in admitting to that?

  10. Anonymous12:25 pm


    just look at ai and lks' eyes - shifty

    and their smiles - scary

    lks appear ready to pounce on unsuspecting rakyat

  11. Anonymous12:30 pm

    I think lks and lge thought that only the chinese study hard in the past, so this policy will benefit the chinese

    but now the Malays are also excelling in exams, so papa and boy boy want this reversed so that the Malays will not have a leg up

  12. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Yes, it was the right thing to do since PTPTN is only avenue for students who cant afford to enter Uni. However when the corrupt government encourages their cronies to rob raayat's money. There are too many to illustrate, from failed Bank Bumi in Hong Kong, Maminco debacle , cowgate and Sabah Timber contracts and Taib's misadventure, and MAS boss can be written off. Well all this do not match paltry sum that is required to educate our sons and daughters, that too our own money.They have a legit point, when the BN cronies rip and rob the nations wealth, why cant the PTPTN be abolished for poor students. There are many rich who must pay, similar to Tajuddin must also pay Dana Harta's money.

  13. Anonymous12:42 pm

    ANONYMOUS 11.34,



  14. The Auditor General reported in 2009 that if the current rate of PTPTN loans disbursements (about $3 billion a year) continue and repayments are NOT met, then the outstanding amount will balloon to RM46 billion BY 2020!

    So, PTPTN has become an administrative nightmare because many loan agreements have yet to be signed although loans have been disbursed, and many are not servicing their loans. At present, I understand that outstanding loans are about $25 billion, of which $16 billion was financed by EPF!

    So, while PTPTN started off as a laudable scheme to enable many to secure tertiary education, now it may like the $12 billion PKFZ fraud, become a millstone around the taxpayers' neck!.

    The fault must clearly be laid at the door of UMNO/BN Govt for poor administration, and for allowing the situation to deteriorate further. It's not like DSAI, DAP, PAS and PKR have had anything to do with unserviced loans.

    Under these circumstances, all those who approved the scheme in 1997, are entitled to change their minds.

    In any event, I disagree with Rafizi that the loans should be written off. You borrow legitimately, you pay. It's as simple as that. Of course, the students have every right to ask why their loans cannot be written off if TR's $589 million can, and possibly NFC's $250 million cowgate loan.

    Also, the govt should re-think its policy that everyone is entitled to a degree. You set the entry level requirements low, and you end up with worthless degrees and jobless graduates! It's better to produce another layer of diploma holders and skilled workers than to have degree holders worth only an SPM Grade 3.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  15. If we are going to do away with lies....Rocky needs to tell all the lies said by Najib and Mahathir....much much more that those 3 PR leaders.
    I don't think Rocky is that dumb to think Mahathir and Najib are saints.
    Dirty politics needs dirty means to counter attack win a war.
    Rocky needs to read the famous...
    "Three Kingdom" true China became one.
    The book is compulsory and a must for all America military leaders to read. Do you know that?

  16. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Mahasiswa dan mahasiswi yang sewel... Mahasewel !!! Belajar malas... berlebih-lebih pulak.

  17. drMpower2:35 pm

    this is to show how hypocrite these bunch are. it never has anything to do with ptptn. or petrol price. or toll rates. or whatever

    but for the votes, these guys promise everything, from the sun to the moon, from the sky to the galaxies. nothing is excluded.

    so this posting is solely to show the fence sitters that be careful with what u hear if listen to these guys. vote whoever u want but please do not vote hyprocrites

  18. But then who abuse the scheme?????

  19. Jasper Bloodstone4:45 pm

    Everything also free!

    What a great country!

    I hope that those agitating for free university education will also agitate for Malaysian universities to achieve world-class standards.

    Because then their degrees will mean something real instead of being products of average or mediocre "degree mills".

    Incidentally, why aren't this vociferous lot demonstrating about graduate unemployment rates in Malaysia or the low salaries paid to Malaysian university graduates?

    Isn't this something that the Mole could dig into?

    I believe there's a World Bank report floating around somewhere that could be used as a research starting point.

  20. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Why should politicians never be allowed to change positions? It wasn't like they said or did those things just yesterday then reversed gear.

    BECOS ANON 11.34am idola kamu denied it.

    Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh.

  21. Anonymous5:14 pm

    If Anwhore was placed on prescribed remedial diet, this would be the menu:

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    Alhamdullilah and syukran that Allah azza wa jalla saw through his fake posturing and impeded the scum from surrendering MALAYsia to the Christian/Chingkies which would have had come about by 2001 had it not been for, our one and ONLY statesman's, Tun Dr M, vigilance and timely intervention. Praise be to Allah for His little mercy shown to us, Malaysians.

    Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar!

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone9:53 pm

      Note how the warrior nurses the mother of all inferiority complexes, feeling perennially downtrodden and betrayed because he and his fellow travellers are supposedly receiving the short end of the stick.

      And the illustrious Dr M is no longer in demand by his brethren in the Middle East, Brunei and Indonesia, seeing as how they have succumbed to the influence of the kaffirs, agnostics and infidels.

      Note that his counsel is no longer significantly sought by the emirs and sheikhs, as well as by the emerging leaders of the Arab Spring.

      So, one can understand the warrior's angst that he is caterwauling his frustrations to an uncaring world; the more so as Malaysian politicians seem to have bought into the globalisation neoliberal economic and political agenda.

      Perhaps he views these fellow travellers as deviants from the cause!

      Aided and abetted by all sorts of crusaders.

      It's enough to make a grown man puke....

  22. taikor5:31 pm

    Rocky, being a PEMANGKU PM was just to carry out on-going process while the actual PM was on holidays. There's no evidence that Anwar designed, pitched and implemented the policy.

    Furthermore, why can't anybody reverse a policy which is later found deem unsuitable for the people? That's called being responsible. Is it not? What's happening to you?

  23. Rocky,

    you know that you are right and has hit their nerves when the dapsters trying their best to divert the issue.

    just look at their comments...

    surprisingly, the dapsters or the oppostion supporters (all of them are blind) fail to see the hypocrisy of the opposition leaders.

    The oppositions leaders are known for their stupidity, lies and deception. No one can deny that...but to my surprise, even their supporters are idiots as well.

    How can there be so many idiots in the opposition camps ?

  24. Anonymous9:58 pm

    The real reason for this reverse policy is that the number of Malay graduates with excellent results are on the rise.

    Poverty does not render someone untalented and wealthy families sometimes produce retards, albinos and mongoloids.

  25. Anonymous10:03 pm

    some of the commenters here forgot that they are descendents of coolie kangs who were very poor and illiterate

  26. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Might as well vote BN.
    If they got anything wrong, they can reverse it.
    Better than voting PR who has no experience governing.

  27. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Leaders changing the tune is not exclusive to pakatan. I remember our beloved Tun putting the blame on Tun Hanif for the ops lalang and he honestly thought we would buy it. No amount of Mole waste is going to divert the people.

    Secondly, one should do a study of what the students actually do with the money. They really waste the money on bikes and cars instead of books. With no repayment they could actually become more irresponsible with the loan.

    Thank god I didn't apply for this blood sucking loan back then although it was immensely tempting.

  28. Rocky,

    Many from the other side are following your blog. It means only one thing - your blog got credibility, bro. Keep it up! Keep them coming to read..

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  29. Anonymous5:51 am

    Dapster is always a dapster. They never change skin even their leaders are caught with their pants down (btw, this is not an idion ok, it really happens).

    So we live another day to see another of their lie being exposed and their hypocrisy of calling other hypocrite. Calling name and curse are their trademark for response to their leaders hypocrisy.

  30. bourne identity9:22 am

    The government should make everything free including free bontots for people like Arsewar Ibrahim.
    Maybe Pakatan Riuh wants a welfare country where everything is free and free?
    Boleh but someone definitely has to pay very high taxes...
    only someone with a nose meant to smell arses would want everything free!!!

  31. Hantu Gigi Garang, thank you. I am sure they agree with you. :-)

  32. What credibility....Hantu Gigi?
    We are here to expose this blog is a paid UMNO b blog...period.
    And we are here to let BN readers read the other side of the story.
    Soon you will join the group to keep fucking commentators supporting PR .
    That's when they cannot hold a debate or discussion.
    Your nick...."hantu gigi" proves you are a devil's supporter.

  33. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Anon 9.58pm: Bulls-eye, Man. You hit it right on the head.

    And if you want a specimen of

    "......retards, albinos and mongoloids"

    look no further than above you at 9.53pm. Its washing its stumpy-cocked sexual impotence and Christian fueled anti-Malay/Islam hate in the public trough. You know, now the world's is its public confessional as even the chapel at Hougang Mental has virtually given up and Christ himself has gone mental on the cross, waiting for his Never Cumming!!! hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone3:41 pm

      Ahem - where's this 9:58 pm.posting?

      Gone walkabout or MIA?

      Wassamatter, dude - the postings about kaffirs and infidels titillated your picayune intellect?

      They aren't going anywhere, are they - the kaffirs, infidels etc?

      Stuff of nightmares, dude - especially to
      all the right-thinking patriots out there!

      Anders Breivik ring any bells?

      He even played "Modern Warfare" for 17 hours straight on New Year's Eve 2010/2011!

  34. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Kudos to Rocky

    no matter how many bricks they throw at you, they can't help coming back again and again to read your thoughts

    alkesah benci tapi rindu ... heh heh

    P.S. yang ada tu cari kesempatan nak tunjuk bijak pandai macam si jasper darahbatu dan elek skewedmoron

  35. Anonymous5:52 pm

    For record, both jasper bloodasshole & skewedmoron are a schizophrenic split personality character and a permanent resident of Hougang Mental Assylum..

    Fucking freak chingkie.. only Bru can verify the IP similarities..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  36. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Brother anti, welcome back

    1. yep the BABI is still at his olde tricks.

    2. Confirmed BABI dah Gila.

    One sign of delusion is living in a disconnected reality.

    Proof : BABI is unable to see 9.58pm right underneath his shit at 9.53 cos BABI's computer is hooked onto his disconnected reality network at Hougang Mental,hahahahahahahahaa

    and his pitiful rant at 3.14pm is proof enough his MADNESS.

    Regarding Brevik who fits perfectly into BABI's Christian extremism + Chingkie Racist garbage, I have already highlighted that fact here, 5 days ago:

    "Your deluded Christian rants echoes the madcaps of this guy:

    Any relations of yours? or, by chance, any facial resemblance? though I reckon he probably looks slightly better than you, pig face:"

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    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone8:50 pm

      Doesn't prove anything, does it?

      Go caterwaul some more in the faint hopes that others of the cool maruah persuasion pick up on your delusional fantasies.

      And it's "Breivik", not "Brevik".

      If you can't get the basics, like a name, right, then what are we to make the rest of your views?

      And we are talking about religio-racists, aren't we?

      Just to set the record straight.

  37. Anonymous10:11 am

    bro warrior,

    that BABI is gila indeed..

    here is something for entertainment:-

    16.6% in 1998 doubled from the figure in 1990, so how much is it now post US sub-prime crisis & the recent economic recession?? soul-less & worthless materialistic pigs on suicide line..must be very interesting to know.

    "..National figures compiled by the Registry of Births and Deaths show that on average, 1 person takes his/her own life in Singapore every day."

    I'm eagerly waiting for this pigbrain to make his day..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:56 pm

      No worries there, dude.

      Tell you what. When the ringgit is on 1-to-1 par with the Singapore dollar, then you come and talk.

      Seems to me that the "unfortunate" inhabitants of that alleged "mental facility" are doing pretty damn good for

      Go catch up with what Johor MB Ghani Othman said yesterday at the ground-breaking ceremony of the RM1.9 billion Pengerang Independent Deepwater Terminal in Pengerang.

      He noted that Singapore has over 20 years become one of the top three global players in trading, refining and manufacturing oil and gas products, despite having no oil resources.

      "Perhaps we can do that in 10 years in Pengerang, given the availability of new technology and technical know-how," he said.

      Wow, let's run that again. Here's an Umno guy saying openly that

      - Singapore is one of the top three global players in the sectors mentioned

      - and that it achieved this despite having no natural resources.

      Nope, doesn't sound like a loony bin to me!

    2. Anonymous6:38 pm

      jasper bloodyasshole,
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