Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No erection allowed in Dataran Merdeka, according to the law

No kidding! Courtesy of SatD, again:- 

By-Law 4. OffencesNo person shall, unless approved by the Commissioner in writing, in the Dataran Merdeka ...
 (o) erect any tent, booth, shed or other structure; 
(r) lie down or sleep in any part of Dataran Merdeka; or 
(s) allow any animal which is under his control to enter or remain in any part of Dataran Merdeka

You may not want to respect the law, but at least know what the law is. 
To stop being ignorant, refer to the full by-laws in The Setingarden: Evaluating "The Occuption" and the planned "Sit in"(... and leave your comments there, please)


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    kah..kah..kah... sudahlah Rocky...apa tu according to law ?? kalau according to law Najib dah merengkok dalam penjara, begitu jugak dengan ayahanda !!


  2. Anonymous6:57 pm

    So what's the penalty ? Free food and lodging for loitering ?

  3. Anonymous7:22 pm

    no one gives a shit...just like how BN doesn't give a shit

  4. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Hmm you can give these people all the laws in this land but it will be a futile effort.
    These people do not respect the majority. Many will not be happy come this saturday. Do these people care? They do not.
    Aku ingatkan geng sokong gay lesbian freedom of speech ni geng fahaman utilitarianisme. GREATEST HAPPINESS FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER.
    Ramai tak happy ni tapi korang nak jugak memekak.
    stupid la u all.


  5. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Jom la Latuk,,

    28/04/2012 jalan-jalan Di Dataran Merdeka!!!

    Kena amek POLIS PERMIT ke tengok FOUNTAIN,,JAM BESAR,,!!!!

    Nak Golak DEN!!!!


  6. Anonymous9:00 pm

    In my days abroad, I've seen a queer march or gay parade.

    It is revolting.

    With Ambiga's LGBT coming, these LGBT claim to be coming out of the closet, and cumming in broad daylight, how to have erection.

    Better stay home to surf internet and maturbate ...

  7. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Wow! Looks like Ambiga & Co. need to overhaul her grey matter on this lah!! Loyar burok or berok?!

  8. Anonymous12:02 am

    haha...no 'erection' allowed...
    if you know what i mean...

  9. Anonymous12:09 am

    ini rocky jahat......no errection allowed in dataran!

  10. Anonymous5:05 am

    dont tell me ambiga overlooked at this?
    close one eye kah datuk?

    so now it should be enough for the so called smart people like ambiga and samad, to retreat

    the law does accomodate people no matter how stupid, moronic, crazy, they are.

  11. Any by-law say you cannot sit on the grass in Dataran Merdeka?

    The answer is NONE.

  12. Any by-law say a public member cannot sit on the grass at Dataran Merdeka?

  13. Anonymous7:36 am

    Dataran merdeka is for the rakyat. Bersih is very important for a nation towards cleaner election. It is not about politic unless the ruling party is afraid that by making the EC cleaner and less bias, they might lose the election. Judging from the response I think that BN especially UMNO is very afraid about fair election.

  14. Anonymous10:39 am

    Why are you talking about the law here ! You write like a child !
    lol !

  15. No erection. Huhu,love this. Yeah man, it's a hideous and ugly sight to see tents erected in our famed tourism spot.
    And sleeping and having love fests with bald-headed gal smoking on PTPTN money.
    And on Saturday, animals will come to descend there in the name of Bersih (sic).In a rowdy crowd, humans can become animals.
    You can see the ban coming when City Hall disallowed the NGO sponsored LGBGT demo.
    How can they give special treatment to Ambiga and Anwar gang?
    They know this too. And they see this as a good opportunity to fight with the government as usual.
    More capital for them to show the government is pro-demo. Better still if they are tear-gassed or water-sprayed.
    And you can see the repeat of Anwar and Mat Sabu proclaiming to the world that they are beaten and man-handled by the cops.
    If the LGBGT demo can abide vy the law by holding it in a stadium, why not Bersih?
    It's not really Bersih they want. It's tak bersih conduct they want to show.
    Yesterday a demo was held by 30 groups representing traders and taxi-drivers to protest against the demo being held at Dataran Merdeka.
    Bersih pros, you are not that smart lor. The regular folks have done a number on you.
    Let's all go shopping on that day.

  16. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Both Najib and his cousin Hisham get their erection from interpreting the law.

  17. Law...law ..law is all you can conjure ? If you dig deep then you will see the injustice. Razak Baginda was exonerated with just an affidavit,right? So stop bullshitting about law when it doesn't apply to every citizen of this country

  18. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Tan Sri Fuad

    One rural vote worth six urban ballots, favours BN

    we don't expect complete equality

  19. Anonymous10:12 pm

    How about physiological ones?
    I'm sure the law is quite silent on that one. Then again, there are some ( you know who they are 'Tuk ) who get erections anywhere and everywhere, Dataran Merdeka notwithstanding.

  20. When it involving bersih we will talk abt the law when it involved umno and bersih there is no law at all. tq

  21. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Bersih is just another undemocratic way for wannabe politician, yearning to get to Putrajaya, outside the ballot box. This is not a peaceful way of grabbing power. Look at what the Arab Spring has brought down on them. Apart from power/wealth onto its new leaders, does the people feel happy? Democracy in Afganistan, Irak & Libya, brought upon them by the US or EU; Are its people(of the same faith) living in peace among their tribes? With Malaysia’s multi race/religion, do anybody think we can live happily if somebody grab power out of the ballot box?

    I suggest the Bersih team, please find other things to champion the majority rakyat. i.e Abolish the AP system for cars, bring down the interest rates of housing loans, bring down the fees imposed by Puspakom / JPJ, reduce fees for 3rd Party Insurance, No abandon of housing project, etc….

  22. Anonymous7:05 pm

    "According to law" bapak kau. Berapa banyak rasuah ko orang dah tibai?

  23. Anonymous5:00 pm

    There is also No Parking laws. Who cares. People of KL are parking all over the place and Bandaraya has done nothing.

  24. bourne dentity9:09 am

    the only erection is Anwar's erection to jambus like Azmin.. kah kah kah...
    Im wondering where are the old boys of MCKK and why are they keeping quiet eh?

  25. This is just hilarious! I almost about fell off my seat just reading the title. I thought erection caused by generic viagra.