Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anwar's "independent" foreign observers are here to tell us we are not free nor fair

But despite being invited by the office of Parliament's Opposition Leader Anwar, the group's members insisted today on their independence, even claiming that their expenses for the mission are being borne by themselves or their respective governments. 
"We were invited by the leader of the opposition (Anwar), but the invitation could have come from anyone because there are important principles here and we know that these are concerns that have been raised. 
"We will be providing a report, all of us here on the panel, we are fiercely independent and we want to provide a report that is fair, based on facts and balanced... but the whole concept has to be one that we come here as great friends of Malaysia, of Malaysian democracy," said Nicholas Xenophon, an independent Senator for South Australia, during a press conference in Parliament this afternoon. - The Malaysian Insider, read full story

The same Nick Xenophon heading Anwar's "independent" foreign observers
Read more about Anwar Ibrahim's good friend here on supporting civil union of same-sex couples.

A Dec 2010 forum: Nick Xenophon in Msia to support Anwar Ibrahim

Independent? Hahahaha. Bo Lancao (to borrow pro-Bersih chant, here). This Nicholas Xenophon is the same one who's openly supported Anwar Ibrahim in the past (see the screenshots I've independently chosen to show he's a faithful follower of DSAI).

Don't know about the others on the team, but I think Nick Xenophon is here to gaily do what Anwar Ibrahim tells him to. But you, Dear Readers, judge for yourselves lah, OK? 

Dec 10, 2010 report. Nick X is Malaysia's opposition leader based Down Under


  1. Jasper Bloodstone9:03 pm


    I don't see why you are getting so worked up about Nick X.

    After all, isn't he a member in good standing of the Australian Senate?

    What's his support for same-sex unions (aka gay marriages) and LGBTs have to do with his personal integrity and morals?

    Isn't it better to declare his sympathies openly, instead of resorting to innuendos and subterfuges?

    Incidentally, I wonder if Australian PM Julia Gillard would be welcome in Malaysia, seeing as how she travels with her male companion?

    And didn't Asean send observers to monitor the recent elections in Myanmar? What guarantees were there that these observers were independent and unbiased?

  2. Anonymous9:42 pm

    woi Rocky... you see Anwar at every corner....masa you making love ada jerit nama Anuwar ke ??

  3. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Anwar, Ambiga, Samad Janggut the Wanker thought all white men are angel of mercy.....

    Salleh Telegu

  4. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Anwar, Ambiga, Samad Janggut the Wanker thought all white men are angel of mercy.....

    Salleh Telegu

  5. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    More about Mr Nicholas Xenophon and his previous remark on Islam. Hope that you can publish it.

    Yang ikhlas,

    Concerned Ummah

    Excerpt from Andrew Bolt's column Herald Sun Australia (22/2/2011)...

    There is a baying for the blood of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi for saying this:

    “Islam itself is the problem - it’s not Muslims,” he told radio station MTR.

    “Muslims are individuals that practise their faith in their own way, but Islam is a totalitarian, political and religious ideology.

    “It tells people everything about how they need to conduct themselves, who they’re allowed to marry and how they’re allowed to treat other people.”

    Julia Gillad demands the resignation of Bernardi:

    Ms Gillard used Question Time on Monday to call for the heads of Coalition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison and outspoken South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi....

    Ms Gillard says the politics of the past week have raised the “spectre of One Nation”.

    “It is the job of national leadership… to explain to people there is ultimately nothing to be afraid of,...There is another path, and that is seeking to channel that fear and that resentment into political gain… that spectre of that ugly politics. That grubby path is before us again and the principal task of this Parliament this week is to banish that spectre again.”

    But here’s the odd thing. I have not seen a single word of criticism from Gillard, Labor, the Greens, the ABC or the Fairfax media for this even nastier attacks from Independent MP Nick Xenephon - attacks in which just one detail has been altered:

    Xenophon adjournment speech, 17 Nov 2009

    What we are seeing is a worldwide pattern of abuse and criminality. On the body of evidence this is not happening by accident; it is happening by design. Islam is not a religious organisation. It is a criminal organisation that hides behind its so-called religious beliefs. What you believe does not mean you are not accountable for how you behave.

    Xenophon questions whether Islam deserves support:

    I ask my fellow senators: do these things sound like religious activities to you? Does this sound like an organisation that should be receiving support from the Australian taxpayer in the form of tax exemptions because they claim to be a religion? In the past Islam has claimed that those who question their organisation are attacking the group’s religious freedom. It is twisted logic, to say the least. Religious freedom did not mean the Catholic or Anglican Churches were not held accountable for crimes and abuses committed by their priests, nuns and officials—albeit belatedly. Ultimately, this is not about religious freedom. In Australia there are no limits on what you can believe. But there are limits on how you can behave. It is called the law, and no-one is above it.

    So the difference is...?

  6. Uh uh, another superior white gentle man, must be so credible liao.

  7. Anonymous12:42 am

    Dey! We don't need any ass-lovin Gayboy from downunder observing us telling us if theres anything wrong with our systems in the country. Have they ever heard the word 'independant'?? Go back to your country and get prepared for the next Mardi Gras parade!

    Living proof is 5 states were won by the opposition parties last election. There isnt anything more independant than that.

    Seems that Anwar is getting desperate. Kalau ye pun, janganla upah gayboy... so obvious one laaa.. Pro Gay

    Dey Anway, pls chase your dogs back to wherever they come from. Dont be a sore loser even before the election. Bo lancao!!

    Concerned Citizen

  8. Anonymous12:48 am

    Go f&$k yourself Xylaphone!

    You are not welcomed here.

    Pro Gay, Anti Islam... PAS is allowing this in front of their noses??

    I used to have some respect for PAS... theres nothing left.

  9. Thanks Anon 11.25pm,

    Looks like Anwar's Nicholas X is an Xpert on Islam, too.

    White Supremacist, more like, BigCat, although he could be of the gentle kind.


    Xenophon is here on Anwar's invitation, probably all expenses paid for, and still wants us to believe that he is going to be fair to Najib and gang in his report!? Kah kah kah!

    Looks like he's got you, too, mate!

    1. Malcolm X4:26 am

  10. Anonymous1:09 am

    Rocky I think your
    Are so obsessed about sex and your brain is full of sex and nothing else. Maybe you are like other umno crooks. You all do not care about a fairer election but just want to know who your opponent is having sex with.

  11. Malcolm X4:23 am

  12. Grand Marquis4:26 am


    Its not white supremacy, it is yellow inferiority complex or rather power hunger complex.

    This Anwar is the biggest shame of the country. He would rather invite foreigner to undermine his own country and his own people to satisfy his own power hunger. He is a true traitor to our nation. A person with no dignity and self respect and is prepare to sell the country for the price of his personal gain.

  13. The xenophobes are here! We can already predict what they will eventually say. The virtuous Pakistaani, Filipina and Indonesian also to pass judgement on us? Real shit stirrers who can't even see the shit tailing them. Sheeeesh!

  14. Anonymous8:47 am

    Rocky, why are you and your bosses so afraid of free and fair elections?

  15. Olek Skilgannon8:57 am


    What's the difference between this and, say, the government paying lobbyists to promote their cause in other countries?

    Aren't these lobbyists "mercenaries"?

    Therefore, are you calling Nick X a "mercenary"?

    That would be an interesting charge, if you are prepared to go public with it, backed by substantive evidence?

    Incidentally, why did you ignore Jasper's point about foreign observers at the recent elections in Myanmar?

    I didn't see you complaining about these observers' alleged lack of integrity and independence.

    Or maybe you did.

  16. kangaroo court in town

  17. Anonymous9:53 am

    how much you get payed locky dog

  18. Pirate of Lereh9:59 am

    First of all, such a weird name. Maybe gays like that i.e. not to taint their family name. Secondly, why is he so worked up on Malaysia's GE. Go & take care of your own outback you stupid prick!

    Nick X go home! Anwar go join him & have fun in his "outback"!

  19. Anonymous10:01 am

    South Australia is just a little Kampong type village. Surely they should learn from us. Not the other way round.

  20. Anonymous10:03 am

    Last time, i used to read your articles. Even masa kat Mekah pun, i tak mis baca artikel u. But now, nak termuntah bila asyik kutuk anwar. U suka tengok ke rakyat (terutama orang Melayu hidup melarat) kena tipu saja. U tak nak ke anak u dapat education free Apa yang kita nak ialah undi yang bersih supaya kita dapat apa yang dijanjikan PR spertimana kita dapat (telah dibuktikan) kat negeri Penang,Selangor

  21. Anonymous10:05 am

    The stupid Pakatan idiots cannot even call a fair election of their members but demand others to be fair? WTF?

    What about a gag order on the Pakatan pondans?

  22. Serious Shepherd10:15 am

    Australia? Pakistan? Reminds me of those who wrote our Perlembagaan at the first place.

  23. Salam Datuk,

    Best disclosure of the year so far.

    Mr X: Bro Anwar, I have your back.

    Best regards

  24. Freddie, thank you. Wasn't hard. Anwar had to fall back on the same few supporters over and over again so this Mr X of his is no longer a mystery.

    No, I wasn't thinking of Anwar's Mr X as a mercenary, more a hypocrite, a foreigner who thinks the natives will be fooled because he is white.

    Your reference to the paid lobbyists - the mercenaries - is interesting, though. Now I wonder if Mr X wasn't paid by Anwar to be here!

    With regards to the international observers in Mynamar elections, they were invited by the government of Myanmar not by an Opposition leader. Mr X was handpicked by Anwar. Yet, our authorities still meet these observers and accomodate them. Nothing to hide, I suppose ..

  25. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Rocky and Freddie and rest of the umno clowns that pretend to blog, whatever will you do post elections?

  26. Anonymous2:22 pm

    They should've called this X dude during the past PKR's elections. They'd be having a field day i tell you!!!

    - Bakkat

  27. Anonymous8:55 pm

    olek and jasper

    go tell the red dot not to redraw the constituency boundaries if they dare

    for a morally fair representation in parliament

  28. bourne identity2:01 am

    Sayangnama sunggug bagus..Anwar. I think kena bagi nama baru...NONOKwar Ibrahim.
    Of all the politicans in the history of Malaysia, this by product of a rear job has managed to hoodwinked a chinese emperor by the name of Lim Kit Sial...sorry..Siang, a punjabi godfather and a tok guru whom Im beginning to suspect has either gone senile or fancies Anwar's rear.
    Anwar @ NONOKwar would the first person to sell Malaysia to foreign powers if ever he takes over PutraJaya.

  29. Anonymous12:45 pm


    The socalled tok guru is nothing but Satan in disguise. A Wahhabi bastard with extremist blood running in his veins, he is now in that twilight zone of life and death, terminal cancer eating into his filthy soul. He trifled with Allah and is now paying the ultimate price. Lets pray he rots to death faster.

    You should not dignify Christian Chingkie arsefucking deluded extremists with your replies. After all, outlining the truth to these kind is akin to trying to teach the proverbial dog in that kid's tale, that the dog and bone in the water is the selfsame mutt staring idiotically at its own reflection. These kind of dogs are better left to reflect on the truth of their own illusionary realities within their walled asylums than deserving of any constructive engagement as you are wont to do. But then again deluded individuals are bound to drown in their own madness anyway, so it is better to leave these cretins safely ensconced in their warped realities and enjoy the reflected glory of their crackpotted minds till they succumb to the lure and plunge through fabric of space and time into eternal hell. Let crazy dogs lie, shall we Bru, in more ways than one, of course ; ).

    Anyway enjoyed your use of "gaily". Yes gaily in more ways than one ; )

    Finally, The moral worth of a man is reflected in the company he keeps. We already have an anti-Islam, white Christian supremacist in the Aussie Nicky. Now, i give you a criminal's pal who will unashamedly hock a family's heirloom of principles at the pawnshop of political expediency

    Well, apart from the gay Aussie, it seems that PKR's psycho sicko is also chummy with criminal sympathisers.
    Makes you wonder why leading global luminaries who are ever eager to get involved in these junkets are giving this one a miss. Obviously, there is nothing to gawk at and they don't wanna be seen with perverts and gangsta wannabes.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:58 pm

      Dunno, leh. Seems to me that the LGBTs will move on, regardless of what Malaysia thinks and does.

      It must be infuriating - that feeling of utter helplessness when confronted with a world that doesn't care two hoots about what Malaysia wants.

      And, maybe, Nick X will be re-elected in the next Aussie elections. If he is, it will prove that the electorate in his constituency couldn't give a flying fig for the views expressed in Malaysia.

      How's that for powerless impotence?

  30. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Reading your article made me think that you are just another adopted child of someone Rocky... Shame on you.

  31. Bru, the Indian panel is Mr Mobashar Jawed Akbar, a muslim from India. He is an author and journalist. Look for photos of Anwar solat at Masjid Jamek during the Bersih 3.0. Me Mobashar is praying next to Anwar. So much for being independent and unbaised, he (and the others) is(are) obviously Anwar's ally(ies).

  32. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Nick Xenophon isn't "anti-islam", he is "anti-scientology". Would somebody go back and read the actual speeches?

  33. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Yay !! Nick Xenophon is going to sue New Straits Times for the lies they printed. Go Anwar ! Go Bersih !

  34. Jasper Bloodstone9:48 am

    Yup, didn't the NST issue a written apology to Nick X for tagging him as anti-Islam?

    That must have been a bitter pill for the NST to swallow.

    It seems that the BBC and Al Jazeera are now going after Astro for alleged censorship.

    I wonder what Astro was thinking, seeing as how the BBC and Al Jazeera video clips quickly went viral.

    Maybe it is being distracted by recent disputes in Malaysia and Indonesia?

  35. Anonymous5:29 pm

    last time xenophon launched food labelling campaign which is tageting to give a very bad image to our palm oil industry. what was his hidden agenda against felda which we all know that felda is a dominant player in palm oil industry in the world. in addition, felda under najib responsibility. i'm pretty sure that he took order from Bro ABI to do so.


  36. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Baca sini.