Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Malaysia Airlines has arrived!

The MAS-Air Asia deal has officially become a general election issue. 

It means that it has made it into the list of Top Priority issues that MUST be resolved before PM Najib Razak can call for PRU13. 

In other words, the MAS-AA share swap deal is potentially so contentious and scandalous that it may result in a serious drop in the Prime Minister's popularity if not resolved. If not managed in time, it can cost the ruling coalition precious votes in the coming General Election. 

The other issues include the public listing of Felda, the NFC, and Lynas.

Tun Daim Zainuddin says NFC will be more detrimental to Najib than Lynas [Tun Daim: Arrogance cost 2008, NFC more detrimental than Lynas] but Shahrizat Jalil's decision to resign over NFC (her husband has also been charged for CBT) is seen as part of the solution to the NFC problem. Against that backdrop, the growing discontent in Malaysia Airlines over the MAS-AA deal sticks out like a sore thumb.

p.s. Does Pakatan Rakyat have a list of general election issues? 


  1. Dato'

    Yes, it's time to resolved this 'funny' transaction. Since our brader Tony Toni Tone have proudly purchased his 200 of Airbus fleet, more of Air Asia main international routes have been axed. Hopefully he doesn't plan to simpan all his Airbuses in a condo pulak.

    Now, while all of us are putting pressure to government to resolved all this, jangan kita lupa pandang belakang beb. Our brader Tony Toni Tone is said to have interest to take over MasKargo. Remember, MasKargo is the 2nd most profitable cow to MAS.

    And after all this 'kerja-kerja pembersihan' sudah selesai, harapan rakyat seterusnya ialah agar kerajaan membersihkan pula Khazanah Nasional. Benda alah ni dah macam kanser dah. Apa saja yang Khazanah 'sentuh', semuanya akan sakit. This MAS-Air Asia swap punya cerita, siapa dia punya main architect? Heh heh.

  2. Jasper Bloodstone6:07 pm


    I hope that you are not jumping on the Wee Choo Keong bandwagon!

    YB Wee has basically given up on fair and balanced comment on this subject and has used his blog to let fly at Tony Fernandes, AirAsia, AirAsia X etc etc ad nauseam.

    Including allowing his blog to be used to air vile racist epithets and derogatory remarks against Tony Fernandes.

    If you have read the various threads and posts on his blog, both Skilly and yours truly have asked him a number of questions which he has either sidestepped or not answered.

    Is the PM so politically weak that he is potentially liable to "election blackmail" by the worthies at Maseu?

    The same worthies who insist on "iron rice bowls" while MAS racks up losses and goes on "life support"!

    I am no fan of Dr M, but Maseu would never have dared to pull this stunt when he was PM!

  3. Anonymous7:11 pm


    The direct impact is Parliment Sepang , which I heard they (voters who have relationship with MAS staff or MAS staff Voters) will all out to ouster the BN candidate if MAS issue does not solve before PRU 13.

  4. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Fuckatan is so busy finding faults and issues on BN side, that they forgot they have such a tremendous issues at hand
    ranging from bribery in daylight, religious issues, child killer and wife's snatcher to Batu Kawan solar factories ,tian chua 10mill USD and bayan mutiara.
    but as usual, it is all BN's fault. and.yes. even guan eng son's hand on that girl breast's is BN's fault.

  5. Jasper Bloodstone7:32 pm

    "Industry group IATA on Tuesday cut its 2012 profit forecast for the airline sector to US$3.0 billion from.$3.5 billion as tensions in the Gulf push fuel prices higher.

    "If fuel prices were to soar to US$150 a barrel from about $120 at the moment, some airlines could even go bankrupt, warned IATA chief Tony Tyler. Although the industry group cited the European debt crisis as the main risk in December 2011, this threat has now been "taken off the table," it said."

    So, what playbook is Maseu following?

    Is it even living in the same world as IATA?

    It's perspicacity is much in doubt, given it's apparent blithe disregard for the realities in the airline sector!

  6. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Najib can kiss Selamgor goodbye

  7. Anonymous9:44 pm

    The other issue that you forgot to mention is the corruption in Tabung Haji!

  8. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Banyak isu-isu lagi belum selesai. EC rules, ISA, PKFZ, MAS Shares buyback, NFC, Datuk Trio, PPSMI, Kes Murtad, Lynas, Jambatan Bengkok, tak cukup winnable candidates dsbnya.

    Next year baru election, kut.

  9. Anonymous11:14 pm

    why MASEU dont ask anwar to bail out MAS, since he got strong support from jew and neo con.

  10. Anonymous11:17 pm

    mcmana seorg pekerja engineering mas, boleh buat MAS rugi 300juta...

    tido ka??

  11. Bro/
    Other major issues Daim forgot to mention are Oil royalty ,RCI for sabah and Taib Mahmud dynasty.BN might lose the fixed deposit box.

  12. Anonymous12:10 am

    I wonder why the airline matter has become an issue.

    Perhaps because there was something wrong after all, from the beginning?

    Lets see - that Tajudin fellow wants to be discharged from all claims by the airline, or else he will spill the beans.

    Then, we have all the police reports on that fellow - with solid evidence. Yet no action taken till now.

    (looks like some people cannot read and understand, though in top position to decide on following up on the case).

    And Rocky accepted the Dato status - only to find himself told to shut up on such issues that are so obvious to the general public.

    Poor Rocky - can see the mole in the mountain ranges afar, but still blind about the huge elephant right in front of him!


  13. "p.s. Does Pakatan Rakyat have a list of general election issues?"

    Yes, definitely.

    Its list comprises 1 item only - to make sure UMNO/BN is voted out of office. That's certainly grand enough.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  14. Anonymous9:50 am

    With our present government we can always be sure to have some kind of scandals or mismanagement. Not that other governments dont have but our statistics seem higher then most.Is it time to change? Let others have a chance and show what they can do. Off topic...did you read about our PM asking the foreign press to give unbias reports on his goverment?..Darn..
    Why dont he ask the local MSM to do the same about the opposition here. More like throwing shit up a fan and kena sendiri...Who does his speeches anyway..so lame dey..


  15. IT.Sheiss10:13 am

    Pakatan Rakyat was not responsible for the MAS-AA share swap but neither has it been particularly vocal against it either. Instead, it's been independents such as Sdr. Wee Choo Keong and some UMNO MPs who have spoken up against it.

    Perhaps this could be due to their general perception of MAS being a "big bad GLC" while Air Asia is seen as some kind of "opposition" led by "knight in shining armour" Tony Fernendez.

    There are strong neo-liberal elements within PKR and some within DAP and neo-liberals are generally anti anything governmental and state owned but forget that Air Asia wouldn't have got where it has without political backing from some quarters within the ruling government or party.

  16. Anonymous10:21 am

    Yes ! We have a list of general election issues:

    1. Why no cleaning up of electoral rolls esp on clearly excessive multiple voters in one address ?

    2. Why no RCI on NFCorp especially on the approval process ?

    3. Why gave RM 1 billion profit to Abu Sahid when the government can just pay him RM 400 to take back MEX ?

    4. Show us the evaluation that says Zaki and Hafarizam won the KIDEX on merit.

    5. Why are the recomendations of the RCI on Teoh Beng Hock not implemented ?

    6. Where are the specs and contract details on the APCs and patrol boats to be given to Parliament ?

    7. Where is the promised RCI on Sabah immigration ?

    8. Why the delay in implementing minimum wage ?

    9. What happened to the investigations on Awang Adek's account ?

    10. Give us the latest cost on the new Istana. Original figure was RM 400 million.

    I got a few hundred more issues, but the above will do for the time being.


  17. Badut Nasional10:46 am

    Scandalous PKFZ, MAS, Felda, NFC, and Lynas are PRakyats' issues lah; otherwise BN will make it a ummmmmmmNO issue... hush! hush!

  18. Dr Madhathir10:48 am

    ... and RPK is hoping for a free-dom A380 First-Class flight home!

  19. Salam, dato
    I have my list of issues for nect 13 DE
    but I don't want to make it public at least fo time being.
    ingeneral smething which mwke the PM in dificult position.

  20. Salam, dato
    I have my list of issues for nect 13 DE
    but I don't want to make it public at least fo time being.
    ingeneral smething which mwke the PM in dificult position.

  21. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Hurray, hurray..Najib has to take this as priority issue or else it's detrimental to his election ambition. Not only the present MAS staffs will revolt but count those many who retired as well as ex staffs who still loved the airline they helped built to what it was, thru' good and bad time and to see and hear after all the hard worked done that it will come down to nothing is unforgivable..

  22. Anonymous4:02 pm

    dare enough to speak about Maju expressway has been sold to others? This is the only way Umno people's make their money right......can u name one bumi entepreneur that has become successful without the cronies help?Have one?

  23. Anonymous9:42 pm

    rocky. u journalist. bigboss. xkan xleh hire webmaster/gfx designer utk control content blog u ni?

    gambar besar. smpi kena scroll.

    move to wordpress la bro. upah orang buat theme cantik skit.

    baru cun!

  24. tokman9:57 am

    The govt has got to accept the fact that MAS is a big flop and has been very costly to the rakyat's financially as the company has never had a good sincere leader and made worse by regular interference by politicians who tried to play a big role in making big stupid decisions! The best way is for MAS and Air Asia to merge and let Tony Fernandez run the show, a person who has shown his capability as Air Asia's boss! Forget his race and accept him as he is for his capability and a great Malaysian by birth!

  25. Anonymous12:04 pm


    Your boss appeared on radio to say that he will call for elections after he has overcome me outstanding issues. Aside from the list of issues I sent to you pursuant to your question, let me add some more issues for Najib to overcome:

    11. KLIA2 cost
    12. Explain why ambulance fleet given to Azeez Rahim
    13. Explain why Jaring given to Syed Mokhtar
    14. Explain why KTMB land in Malaysia earmarked for Syed Mokhtar
    15. Explain why RTM privatisation earmarked for Syed Mokhtar.

    How come the richest Melayu keep getting handouts and freebies from Najib ?


  26. Jasper Bloodstone6:08 pm


    Why are people, including those who should know better, going after Tony Fernandes, AirAsia and AirAsia X with all types of allegations and vitriol-laced racist jibes?

    It's positively amazing the number of "instant" airline experts that have suddenly sprouted, much like toadstools after a period of rain.

    Why has no one subjected Maseu to the same degree of scrutiny and benchmarked it's members in terms of productivity vis-a-vis MAS's competitors?

    But that would be too simple, demeaning even, for the "cool" maruah intellects out there....


    kah kah kah... lepas kawin nak cerai lagi... kah kah kah

    apa la ni? Mana Ada Sistem? Air Aiseh? Government Losing Cash? kah kah kah

    Ini punya kerajaan mat monggoli lebih flip flop dari mat tidor... kah kah kah

  28. Anonymous9:36 am

    Dont blame TF or Air Asia.! Mas died long time ago ! A small airline with how many plane ? employing too many people thats all! The trouble is that most melayus in MAS thinks like civil service and the government owes them a living...
    Ceo s come and goes like roti sellers but taste a'nt good ! You tell us what is the problem? Union blackmailing the government and dictating terms? Mana ada hope of saving the airline!

  29. Cute-LA11:37 am

    Cute la all these people having delusions of grandeur, thinking their list of grouses and emotional blackmails matter to anyone. Stop the whining and whingeing. Boring la der...

  30. Jasper Bloodstone3:58 pm


    I note that the MAS unions and some of MAS's senior management have now taken their fight to Parliament, trying to get the MAS-AirAsia share swap reversed, if not aborted.

    These are the same "aviation experts" who ran MAS into the ground time and again.

    Yet they now have the effrontery (nope, scratch that - I meant bladdy brazen cheek) to ask the government for yet another bailout!

    I mean - are these "experts" at all familiar with developments in the regional and global aviation markets?

    Put them in an "open skies" negotiation and watch them go all bashful and tongue-tied.

    And just why is a certain MP beating the drum so loudly on this subject? Is he, perchance, another "aviation expert"?

  31. Jasper Bloodstone3:40 pm


    If the illustrious warrior is to be believed, then this whole MAS-AirAsia thingy is just another "non-issue".

    So, why are certain politicians, bloggers and trade unionists playing this up, and playing unashamedly to the gallery?

    Note that in all their posturings on this subject, they have studiously (I hesitate to use the word "deliberately", because that assumes they have some sort of "agenda", perish the thought) refrained from getting the views of independent and unbiased industry experts, of whom there are several).

    It would be interesting to see how the warrior guy reconciles his pro-business, free market and pro-capitalism views with the "demonisation" of Tony Fernandes and AirAsia.

    Maybe, just maybe, "race" and "ethnicity" has everything to do with it, with a corollary that uppity "tall poppies" of certain hues have to be slapped down before their "non-conformist" views and modus operandi infect the general populace!