Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The taming of Malaysia's new media

Mkini apologizes but its columnist fires another salvo...
Read Taib protects loggers who raped Penan girls ..
Sorry, Sir. Malaysiakini's apology to Taib Mahmud read out in open court this morning confirms a bad start for the alternative media. It came just days after RPK, the force behind Malaysia Today, the portal that supported Anwar Ibrahim openly during the last general election, had lashed out at Anwar and called him irrelevant. RPK has since been accused of having "sold out" his soul to the BN. Free Malaysia Today's Pendedahan Seorang Ikon Palsu: RPK akan pulang! which was given prominet space in Anwar's blog basically represents the feelings of pro-Opposition supporters towards the man who was once their hero.
In October last year, another major news portal, The Malaysian Insider, admitted to severe wrong-reporting about Tajudin Ramli, the former MAS chief.

The Malaysian Insider is satisfied that the above statement is defamatory, is wholly unfounded and is without any factual basis and therefore desires to express its regret to Tan Sri Dato’ Tajudin bin Ramli and apologize to him for all embarrassment and inconvenience which has been caused to him by the publication of the defamatory allegations.

The TMI escaped having to eat humble pie in open court but the apology-advertisements it had to buy in pro-BN papers NST and Berita Harian on October 7 were unprecedented. 

Both Mkini and TMI, whose editorial views are anti-BN when they are not pro-Pakatan Rakyat, could have faced heavy penalties if found guilty of the charges brought to them. Taib had been wrongly perceived as a potential chink in BN's armor and was the new media's "punching bag" because of this (until he unexpectedly delivered Sarawak in the last state elections) while Tajudin is still linked closely to the ruling coalition through his dealings with Dr Mahathir and former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin.

It's not a good start for bloggers, either. The DAP strongman from Perak, Nga Kor Ming, has filed a lawsuit against a pro-Umno blogger. Read Nga RM10 million suit. I just heard lawsuits will be served this week on a couple more prominent bloggers.
So, portal or blogs, you gotta watch what you write. Stick to the truth.

p.s. January does look like a month to sue. The lawsuit against me was filed in January 2007 by NST and The Four. NST has dropped the suit but Kalimullah, Brenden, Hishmmuddin and Syed Feisal are still after my ass. The case comes up again middle this month in the KL High Court.


  1. Anonymous10:13 pm

    if you are Taib and you bring vote for BN than you are entitle to corrupt, no body can touch you.

  2. Anonymous12:10 am


    The article reproduced in Anwar's blog is from the PKR vehicle M'sia Chronicle (and not FMT). Hope you'll correct in your copy.


  3. Salam Datuk,

    With hope and prayer, best wishes to you in the coming case.

    Warm regards always

  4. Anonymous7:25 am

    may be Taib Mahmood should continue to bring lawsuits to malaysiakini so that Anon 10.13 pm can finally see the TRUTH

    let he eat his words

  5. Anonymous7:27 am

    Taib Mahmood shpuld serve lawsuit to Malaysiakini so Anon 10.13 pm should eat his humble pie for slinging somebody's reputation based on untrie rumours

  6. Anonymous10:59 am

    Taming of alternative media ? Are you serious Latuk ? Did the mainstream media talk of the recent lunch between the Christians and Najib ? Did the mainstream highlight the demands of the Christians not to be persecuted like in Roman times?

    Did the mainstream media talk of NFC the way the alternative media talks of NFC and the need for action ?

    Please lah, blog like Outsyed The Box. At least Syed pays taxes and complains about corruption. You ? You only know how to brown-nose Najib. Shameful lah.


  7. Anonymous11:05 am


    Happy New Year and may your arse burn in 2012

  8. Anonymous11:20 am

    Anon 10:13, u have evidence?

  9. @godfather,

    The problem with out syed the box is he only publish comments that he has answer or comments that favor to him.

    If you challenge him and come out with facts and figures that he has no answer, he will not publish it.

    In this regard, he is coward. He is no different than Mkini,TMI or Malaysia Today that block commentors.

    I've exposed his mistakes several times but he dare not publish my comment.

    I don't know about Rocky, but so far I beleive he will publish all the comments.

    Rocky, could you advice your friend syed akbar ali to be a man and don't block any comments that do not favor him or comments that reveal his mistakes.

  10. Anonymous11:01 am


    Then why did Najib put Syed Akbar on the NEAC ? Or was it another think tank ? I mean if you guys think he is shallow and manipulative, why did Najib offer him an advisory position ?


  11. Skilgannon10663:34 pm

    Godfather 10:59 AM

    You are right in one aspect.

    The Singapore Straits Times did carry a detailed report on the PM's recent meeting with the leaders of the Christian community in Malaysia.

    The report can be accessed on the paper's website (but only if you are a paid-up subscriber!).

    And I note, apparently, that both Perkasa and Himpun have been uncharacteristically silent about that meeting. Were they told to keep it quiet?

  12. @Godfather,

    Tun M did appoint Pak Lah as Prime Minister and then realized he made a mistake.

    But I don't mean that it is a mistake for Najib to appoint Syed as part of any committee or think tank.

    I've been following his blog for quite some time and I like most of his writings and I didn't imagine that he has no gut to publish comments that expose his mistakes. I thought he is better than Mkini and TMI in this regard...but I was wrong.

    Even on his latest article about Proton,I've made comments to show his mistakes...but he never publish it.

    I beleive if you can't counter the argument, you should publish and let other readers to answer it.

    Helen Ang, in her blog never block my comments even when sometimes I was quite harsh on her. She always publish it and let the discussion grow.

    If you want to read all my comments that being blocked by Syed, you can refer to these articles :-

    And here :-

    If you read these two articles, you can see my arguments and hoping you can see why Syed didn't want to publish my comments.