Thursday, May 12, 2011

They are journalists, crucify them!

Hehe. So many people want Utusan Malaysia's publishing permit to be suspended because of its front page report on May 7, "Malaysia Negara Kristian". Some jokers, including a deputy minister, are supporting the call that the editors and journalists be sent to jail. If they were the government, they might even burn a couple of bloggers on the stakes.

These are the same jokers who have been shouting at the top of their lungs about human rights and greater freedoms. Every year on World Press Freedom Day they would implore on the Malaysian government to throw out the PPPA and other prohibitive publishing laws. Freedom of the Press, they cry. These are the same people who oppose the OSA and call the ISA oppressive and cruel.

Now they sing a different tune. They want the KDN to punish the editors and journalists. Stop them from publishing.

Bah! Such hypocrites.

There's this DAP Member of Parliament who reminded everyone of the one-day detention of the Chinese journalist not too long ago. Why aren't the Malay editors of Utusan sent to Kamunting? Another Chinese MP, not from DAP, spoke of the time when a Chinese newspaper's permit was suspended for two weeks and questioned why the Malay-owned Utusan Malaysia was getting only a warning letter.

Subtle, eh, the racial undertones?

I can understand the need to appeal to your own race. But I hope the MPs are aware that they have just invited the government to detain journalists under the ISA and use the power of the KDN to stop journalists from publishing. Next time the authorities act on their news portals or party organs, citing Seditions Act or OSA or one of the many laws, I will be there to remind them that they asked for it.

By the way, when the Chinese reporter was sent detained under ISA, Syed Hamid Albar was the Home Minister and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was PM. That was the dark ages. Under Najib Razak, Kamunting and journalists won't meet. I'm sure of it.


  1. tebing tinggi11:56 pm

    Most people know what they are palying,only certain quaters are playing forgetfulor or purpously chose to ignore.
    Who ever make the most noise and capitalise on the issue win the attention, taht the quality of the opposition that we had. So much quality time being wasted.

  2. Anonymous12:00 am

    Hi Rock,

    Given all the circumstances, this is a definite case for ISA (in view this Act still around). Can't afford double standard in dispensing justice -- unIslamic.


  3. Bro,

    You sound so pathetic here. Joseph will certainly be proud of you. You learnt well.

    Just because they write for a daily that has a newspaper license, you call them journalists. Let me tell you this, just in case you don't know. Am not bothered about your readers because they need to be prompted by you before they get a view.

    Utusan Malaysia, by any standards is closer to a propaganda paper than it is a newspaper. It achieves the objectives it has been set out for by pretending to be a newspaper. And that is just too easy.

    So no, they are not journalists just as you have abandoned that call for a while now.

    Crucifying them is just too easy. Even garbage and sewage has better value than these scumbags who shamelessly call themselves journalists. Belonging to Press Club and a journalist Union also does not make them one!

    Your comrades failed miserably in the mission that they set for themselves. Everything that they have been trying to do since before 308 has not worked. Yes, the Chinese bogeyman did not materialise and now the Christian bogeyman too has failed to materialise. You guys want to see Malay unity just go do it yourselves man, why try to achieve it by manufacturing an enemy?

    And you are probably having a drink now celebrating the little slap on your wrists. But you don't fool us. And by us I also include a majority of the Malays, including UMNO Malays, who can clearly see the injustice of that slap. They must be feeling so ashamed thanks to your feeble attempts.

    Let me tell you, if tomorrow at GE13 PR wins and I am made Home Minister, I shall ask UM to prove its newspaper credentials against all I would have to show that it was more a propaganda tool. Guess what, I will then withdraw the license.

    I got to say though, it certainly must be taking quite a bit out of you to write the crap you just did. Because that is what it really is. I guess you went to town protesting all the previous Home Ministry actions against Chinese Newspapers and the reporter, right?

  4. brutus12:17 am

    Rock, you are confused and make yrself a mediocre.

    You dont understand simple language.

  5. Anonymous12:30 am

    Your last para also read as 'The present leaders are well advised'.
    And your closing sentence is so reassuring and confident.
    To you,your blogger friends and your comrades...keep up the good work.
    Bru..wa caya lu...


  6. Rocky BAH! YOU are such a hypocrite! It's your undertone which should be ashamed of. Your biasness and hypocricy is sickening, particularly you claim others are hypocrite when u are the biggest in town!


  7. Anonymous7:09 am

    You are the paper man, why don't you help them remember what they said then and now? eg;

    1.1.08 - Abolish ISA
    1.1.09 - Burn candles (pic) down with ISA
    1.1.10 - demo (pic) DOWN WITH ISA
    12.5.11 - ISA siPolan!

    Maybe will jolt their memories.

    And this phobia of wanting to close down Utusan, some of their parents were still bowing their heads to Chairman Moa or walking to the beach with Gandhi to make salt when Utusan was born.

    Who the hell do they think they are?
    Itu Teresa Kok, bila keluarga dia first set foot in Malaya? Before or after Utusan was formed?

    Hoi.... it HAS served us for generations, dari moyang, atok, makayah, me, my kids and now my grandchildren.




  8. Anonymous8:08 am

    Salam dato,bukankah Jeff Ooi rakan baik dato, mungkin dato boleh dapat sedikit info darinya sendiri berkenaan isu "PM Kristian" ini. Bagaimanapun seorang DAP Melayu dah buat pengakuan dan laporan polis di Penang tentang wujudnya perkara tersebut.

  9. Anonymous9:11 am

    It's sad to see that smart brain like you can't even judge independently. It's entirely different case and if it's really reported otherwise, I'm sure immediate stern action would be taken by Najis and Krishamuddin. Vote BN for 2/3 majority will certainly bring back the dark ages and no hope to this country.

  10. Anonymous9:57 am

    absolutely agree with you 100%

  11. Anonymous10:00 am

    Yeap, majority esp. Politikus are hypocrites. Utusan lives !!!!!

  12. Anonymous10:34 am

    You're the kind of person parents will be telling their children in about 20 years, that brought upon the downfall in this once great country. Piss off Rocky.

  13. Anonymous10:57 am

    well Bro! kita satu Malaysia tau mereka banyak cakap......

    hspg p. gudang

  14. Anonymous11:59 am

    Lately, I too buy Utusan. Other paper, I just read through the headlines or front page when buying Utusan. If there is no truth in it, I think they will will not print.


  15. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Kick the whole lot of them into Kamunting.

    I meant the Dap and those sewaktu,sekomplot,sePakatan,sebilik dan sekatil with them

    Not the journalists.
    They, on the other hand, deserves an apology from those hypocrites and the KDN.

  16. You are getting more and more nasty now. Is election around the corner?
    Is this the democdratic partisanship that you so vigoruously fought for 4 years ago? How one sided can one be now Rocky.

    And why don't you publish my comment for your last article? U know the one with BLAHS and BLAHs..? No? I cannot be heard anymore?

  17. Anonymous5:37 pm mean the fellas who writes for Utusan are reporters/journalist? I always thought they were fiction writers. They fantasize about an event and try to con their readers into believing that the garbage they spew out of their mouth is true. And when the beans are spilled, they point fingers at others, claiming that only wrote what they heard (2nd hand, 3rd hand garbage). When blaming others doesn't work....get a sucker ($$$$) to admit he was there, saw and heard it all, and with the assistance of unscrupulous bloggers to blow hotair and try to con the people one more time.
    Aiyah, enough lah...even a five year old won't buy it.

  18. Anonymous4:13 am

    It seems that your inferring racial undertones in the actions of the opposition sidesteps the real issue here. The federal gov't is clearly biased in its actions towards certain people, irregardless of race. There needs to be consistency and fairness in their actions. Otherwise the federal gov't cannot justify the reason behind their actions.

    The opposition is naturally playing up this issue to their advantage, but surely you have to agree that the irresponsible reporting actions practised by Utusan in this instance merits a suspension of their license. I assume that the privilege of a publishing license is accorded to those who practise responsible journalism.

    It's true that Najib is not Badawi. However Najib was his deputy and they were part of the same gov't for a long time. I find it hard to believe that Najib had little influence over Badawi's policies before he became PM, and that he can change his ways overnight.

  19. Anonymous11:43 am

    I just love buying Utusan.
    The more they ask to stop it, the more I buy it!


  20. Skilgannon10669:56 am


    No worries, mate - there's always the social media and the Internet.

    So, no matter the obfuscations of Utusan Malaysia, the truth and the bias cannot be concealed or suppressed.

    Faham, yes?

    And why is the PM pleading for tolerance and moderation at the Oxford Islamic Centre in the UK? Is it a kinder, gentler face to be presented to the West (and the financiers and investors therein) when the goons and pitbulls run unrestricted in Malaysia?

  21. Anonymous12:14 am

    Balaci Utusan ialah journalist?

    Sejak bila tukang lebong boleh jadi wartawan?

    atau standard wartawan mmg dah jatuh di Mesia?