Sunday, April 03, 2011

MACC moves in on "systemic corruption"


Original article:

PUTRAJAYA: A nationwide swoop on Customs officers has resulted in 62 staff being arrested so far, with 17 of themto be remanded soon. Of the total, 48were fromPort Klang, one of five Customs premises raided over theweek by a high-powered task force led by theMalaysian Anti- Corruption Commission. The other premises were in Kuantan, Penang and the Tanjung Pelepas and Pasir Gudang ports in Johor. Those arrested were rank and file and senior officers, among them nine female staff.
Read more: Customs racket busted

MAKING POWERFUL ENEMIES. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) under the charge of Abu Kassim has dragged to court big fish and small fish, including a Tun and a former Minister. Last week, the conviction of BN Adun for Lenggeng marked another victory, although it was bitter-sweet at best, the dude going down for a RM2.000 bribe. Some crooks have escaped the net because their lawyers are too damn good or the cases against them not strong enough. 
The latest in the string of successes is the sensational bust of 62 customs officers nationwide, including nine female officers. In one swoop, Abu Kassim has established his intention of going after "systemic corruption". This will surely make a lot of people look over their shoulders - me next? 
We all want this beloved country of ours to be free of corruption. Abu Kassim is trying to do that for all of us. In the process, he is making a lot of enemies and the MACC has been subjected to a lot of bad press, an inquest, and an on-going Royal Commission of Inquiry. 
The least we could do now is give him and his men & women our moral support. 


  1. Pemerhati Tabung Haji2:19 pm

    Abu Kassim, jangan lupa untuk terjah Tabung Haji, terutamanya kawan baik awak, Ismee Ismail dan kroni-kroninya yang sedang mengganas makan duit rasuah sewenang-wenangnya. Akibatnya kos operasi melambung dan terpaksa di tanggung oleh bakal-bakal jemaah haji. Pihak pengurusan telah membuat cadangan kepada lembaga pengarah untuk menaikkan kos Muasasah dari RM9900 kepada RM14000 dan pengumuman itu akan di buat oleh Menteri di JPM, Datuk Seri Khir Jamil. Jika isu rasuah di Tabung Haji tidak di bendung segera, jangan terperanjat jika hanya orang kaya sahaja yang mampu untuk mengerjakan haji di masa hadapan. Cuba fikir-fikirkan.

  2. Well said Rocky. Thank You!

  3. Salam Dato',

    Keep up the good job MACC,
    But do it without fear !!!

    This should be done loang ago !!

    But never mind At least you are doing A GOOD JOB .


  4. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Better late than never. How many custom chiefs has come & gone. The same with the immigration chiefs. They did not parachute to the position. They have grown with the system.Question? come this chiefs does not smell the rotten fish. I'll give the answer....bcoz the fish rots from the head!

  5. Yes let's give the MACC what they deserve..REMEMBER, this is what they should be doing all along, and all these would not have happen if not for the pressure the public been giving to them, the TBH issue and the impending election.

    My ONLY worry is this is all just for show and will fizzle out after election. Remember during pak lah's time, before the election there were some big time catches as well? Drama tahun ini??

  6. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Catch and put away the big fish. Till then, Stfu.

  7. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Well, congratulations to the feww good men left.
    Unfortunately, I guess MACC has no prosecutorial powers. Its files has to venture through the AG"S chambers, is it not? Is it not true, the AG has the discretion on these?
    Dato, please write another article, on how many of those were brought to trial, who and how big or how small those fishes are? Also, would kindly have names, and not numbers, and also the conviction rate? Hehe and also how many NFA's?
    We will gloat then?
    But all the same, Congratulations to those few good men and officers.

  8. Anonymous5:27 pm

    the three most profitable government agencies
    1- LHDN
    2- Customs
    3- Imigresen

    two of which under KDN hisapmudin. Last i heard his cronies are giving grants and loans and projects worth 5 mil above by cutting some for him.
    Now Take that to MACC.
    LHDN-if MACC cannot find anything, might as well you close shop.

    p/s JPJ/ SSM is another profitable agency.

  9. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Thanks for posting this, Rocky. And congratulations to MACC for the great job on bad customs officers. I have nothing but praises for these officers and men.

    Any enforcement responsibility comes with risks. And they have proven that they have the mettle to carry out their duties without fear or favour.


  10. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Everybody need to support MAAC, be it in the government or the opposition. Journey to China begins with the first tiny step

  11. Tuan Editor, Harap dapat link kan ke website kami.
    htpp:// Terima kasih.

  12. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Roc !
    I hope you are not joking man ! Don't you think it's been a bit late since 22 over years ? Catch that Kerala devil and family and cronies then maybe we can support little !
    Anyway this bang and Adek syndrome will set in with bribes second round and all kow Tim lol !
    Forget it ! Settle the submarine commissions first with the peem first then we see if it's justified to keep Macc with our tax money.niakung !!!!

  13. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Hahaha...when elections are near, they start casting their nets for small fish....

    You think the Tun and the Tan Sri are big fishes ? They are charged with misleading the cabinet, for goodness sake. The charge against Kong Choy was more ridiculous - he was supposed to have misled Badawi on renovations totalling 1.9 billion. Renovations ? What the fcuk ? Who are the beneficiaries of the 1.9 billion then ?

    MACC are good at surfing for porn. They can't even confirm if they are investigating Taib. What are they waiting for ? The green light from the political master ?

    MACC was corrupted a long time ago by Mamakthir, and unless it is made to report to a parliamentary select committee, then it is as good as a division of UMNO.


  14. Anonymous9:35 pm

    How much did Teoh Beng Hock lose his life for ? RM 2,000 ? How much did the customs scumbags have in their accounts ? Hundreds of thousands and millions even.

    You prosecuted the Lenggeng rep for RM 2,000 for the past 3 years, and he's on appeal. That's gonna take another 2 years. How much did taxpayers' money go into this prosecution ?

    How not to get the rakyat pissed off ? Hundreds of millions and billions get siphoned off, and all the MACC can do is to go after the ikan bilis.

    Shy lah. No wonder it has ZERO credibility with the rakyat.


  15. Anonymous9:39 pm

    I will support him in this WAR against corruption. Who might be next? He, he..... watch out for those who are fond of putting up roadblocks and those who are fond of asking for "something" in return for doing the work he/she has been handsomely paid for by his/her employer.

    Go Dato, go. Your actions will be remembered long after you are gone.

    (Anti-Corruption UMNO Member)

  16. 20 years ago, my neighbor in Kuching who had just joined the JKDM as a supritendent was able to have 2 houses in a short time. During the Hari Raya, visitors came non- stop with gifts and goodies. He was attached to the LTAB Kuching. Now he is a Deputy Director. SPRM, please check JKDM Sarawak too. Smuggling of sugar is widespread and so are the activities at the various ports. It is better late than never.Bravo SPRM.

  17. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Time for Malaysian Government to go for GST as Taxation Revenue. Looks like Import and Export Excise duty are full of flaws.
    Prof Awe Kecik

  18. Anonymous10:11 pm

    True Datuk,
    But some of his men who choose to take matters into their own hands through forced confession by mental and physical intimidation, mishandling of suspects and witnesses, misuse of power such as making arrest with no warrant shall also be held liable. Nobody is above the law.

  19. Anonymous10:56 pm

    62 custom officers got busted by MACC? Sure or not? Howcome no names were revealed? Could this be just another wayang kulit by the Government to the Rakyat?

  20. Taikotai12:22 am

    Allo Latuk Blu,

    Skali wa ingat silupa mau pichaya sama itu MACC..pasat sulah tangkap itu jaws sama ikan bilit..tapi lua kali wa ingat aa..wa manyak susah mau pichaya sama itu jaws punya kes MACC bule minang. Lu tengok silupa itu TBH punya kes..manyak leteh oo..pusing sana..pusing sini..last skali musti itu Loyal Komisen chakap..itu TBH sendili kasi mati. Tapi olang kampong talak bodo oo..itu TBH mukan kina tangkap punya olang..lia saksi maa..apa pasat lia mau tilujun cali mati? Wa ingat aa..lepas itu Latuk Lat mayin lia punya opela sana IB..apa macham IB kasi chan sama MACC pulak mayin wayang cina sana timpat.. abit mayin musti itu lu punya abang Lait kasi PM salam sama suma pelakon.

  21. Anonymous1:22 am

    Credit where credit's due. Hopefully there will be more coming, big fishes or small fries. GO GO GO!

    Congrats MACC!

    David Chau

  22. Anonymous1:23 am

    yes, u next. i hope so. if u r not guilty, fine.


  23. Anonymous1:36 am


    All Malaysian loves MACC..
    Special thanks to PM and all his man.

    Keep it up...

  24. 1. Biasa ler tu..tindakan MACC bolih dijangkakan , jesteru pejawat awam sasaran yang mudah digeledah dan redah . Kekentalan untuk membuat pembelaan terdapat pelbagai rintangan ..pasti peguam negara tak silu untuk menghadapkan mereka kemuka pengadilan.
    2. Tindakan memang mudah untuk diramalkan jesteru pertanda PRU 13 makin hampir tiba dan tujahan menggugah pandangan awam.
    3. Jika MACC telus dan mempunyai kewibawaan , kenapa siasatan jerung besar kandas ditengah jalan ..inilah persoalan yang sering dilaungkan dan seharusnya keadilan ditegakkan tanpa melihat kepentingan segolongan kepemimpinan .
    4. Indeks ditonjolkan tidak memberikan gambaran sebenar profesionalisme MACC . Badan Kehakiman dijadikan kuda tunggangan , meminggirkan bebayang yang tidak kelihatan terus memonopoli ruang kebejatan.

  25. Anonymous9:37 am


    Despite MACC's apparent vigour, you can't blame the people if their still skeptical.

    It's not my intention to rain on MACC's parade, but it's always been a dime in a dozen, where they parrott their successful blitz against some big entity somewhere.

    However, when it comes to CONVICTIONS, sadly its as common as getting an admission of fault from a "never-been-wrong former PM".

    The enforcement of a law (anti-graft in this case) is only as good as its conviction, for everthing else will be meaningless.

    Until then, you came blame people for looking at MACC "sebelah mata sahaja"


  26. Anonymous10:31 am

    "The least we could do now is give him and his men & women our moral support"... WHILE

    The MACC drags its feet (kalau ada) on the collapsed stadium roof in Terengganu, Sarawak Chief Minister, how murderers in civil service got army 'weapon' to kill a Mongolian etc...


  27. Anonymous10:50 am

    Don't be fooled with the Macc press releases. All those arrests would lead to nothing and nobody will eventually be charged in court. It is only a publicity stunt. That is what they do if they can't get a case for prosecution.

    Would the Macc make press releases of their investigations/operations if they had a case to be developed for eventual prosecution? Answer is no.

    Taib Mahmood and Musa Aman with their billions are still running loose and still making more money out of state's wealth. Where's the Macc. Kassim is too timid, when question by the press, to say whether Taib is or is not being investigated by the Macc after all those many allegations of corruption.

  28. Anonymous1:33 pm

    they must dig for those whose benefit of the 1.9 billion namely the forward agent's clients too..all of 'em!

  29. trifling-jester1:34 pm

    congrats for arresting? for what? congrats due when successfully prosecute!

  30. Anonymous1:37 pm

    MACC moves ever so slowly........50 years on, still reeling in small ikan bilis while the big crocs are sitting with their shades on and sipping champagne.
    No siree, the best anti-dote is actually putting a few more LGEs come next election. Lets hope in Bian, the next LGE emerges from Sawawak. Ngap Sayot!!

    The Ayahtollah

  31. Anonymous1:42 pm

    seen this many times over. damn drama before elections. previously only politicians were slaughtered - now they are after 'corrupt' civil servants. well there is a chinese saying " the fish rots from the head".

    after customs - please go after JPJ and the Police.

  32. Anonymous2:17 pm

    People try to mislead others for a purpose. In the cases of corruption, you mislead others for percuniary gain i.e. you say that work has been done according to specs, but in actual fact, work has not been done. So somebody got paid, which he/she should not be paid, so there are usually multiple parties to the same crime.

    In the Trengganu stadium case, why single out the poor structural engineer ? Who else had the benefit of the false declaration he signed ?

    In Taib Mahmud's case, all the land acquisitions were done by his relatives and cronies. Who approved the acquisitions, and if you dig deep enough, you will find that they were all done at below market prices. Is this so difficult to prove ?

    You get his family to account for the massive property holdings they have in Canada, the US and the UK. Did they even have foreign exchange control for all these ?

    Jayalitha used to be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for so long, and was so corrupt, but finally the people there got fed up of the excesses, and voted her out of power. This will be the same fate that will befall Taib and Musa Aman, and it will not be the MACC that made the difference.


  33. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Bro Rock,

    Well done MACC.

    To all the detractors, cakap senang aje. They think this is cowboy country, shoot first talk later. Despite their efforts, we still have rule of law, where evidence needs to be gathered, and a man is innocent until proven guilty.

    To MACC, my prayers go with you. Continue the good work.


  34. Skilgannon10664:25 pm fatwas against corruption? Or against money politics, racist politicians, little Napoleons etc?

    Yet the National Fatwa Council seems to have the time to debate whether to issue a fatwa against the "poco poco" dance?

    A case of misplaced priorities?

    Or an unwillingness to bite the bullet and confront realities, while opting to go after the "soft targets"?

    I don't see any ringing denunciations of corruption from the likes of, say, certain religious officials who are fond of pronouncing on piety and morals.

  35. taib? obvious fish no?

  36. Sdra Rocky's Bru,

    I first saw the potential of Abu Kassim as the kind leader the Anti Corruption Commission needed when I sat in the Police Royal Commission in 2004.

    We met several then ACA top officers and Abu Kassin impressed the Royal Commission most for his forthrightness and willingness to share information with us.

    He was then heading the Penang ACA.

    Let's hope that he continues the good job and be allowed a free hand even when it involves top politicians and other big fishes.

    Thank you.

  37. Seolferwulf6:31 pm

    Why doesn't the MACC go after the private bankers who fly in from overseas, meet with their Malaysian clients in posh hotels and restaurants and arrange for their funds to be sent overseas to more hospitable locations, no questions asked?

    Has the MACC thought to invoke the provisions of the double tax treaties that Malaysia has signed with other countries to go after Malaysian tax evaders and those Malaysians who have stashed their ill-gotten funds overseas?

    Or is it just sandiwara-ing and wayang-ing in the hopes of lulling Malaysians into a stupor?

  38. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Is this another diversion going after Ikan Bilis, until Sarawak's Chief Minister Taib is investigated and arrested it looks more like selective raids just to put on a Big show just before nominations for Sarawak State Elections.

  39. Anonymous8:57 pm

    wayang or not. still a good job. at least it will strike fear to yang belum kena lagi.


  40. Anonymous9:28 pm

    See this is what happens when the civil service is 95% orang kita.

  41. But there is someone in MACC who does know a little more about TBH's killing and is not telling. And the rest of MACC too is ensuring this does not come out. MACC can never remove this taint from them.

  42. Anonymous1:30 pm

    "The least we could do now is give him and his men & women our moral support. "

    You gotta be kiding me. What about the people responsible for TBH. What about the pornography watching officers.

  43. Very good one, MACC keep up the good work.

  44. Trang Bulan2:36 am

    MACC kena tanya PM dulu sebelum charge any important person...tanya Abu Kassim dan suruh dia cakap benar...kalau PM tak kasi charge jangan harap la...tanya dia kenapa kes dato Hassan Ariffin bekas Tim MB Pahang tak kena charge...sebab PM tak bagi charge..sebab kena tanya PM dulu boleh charge ke tak , boleh raid ofis ke tak....aku kerja MACC dulu...aku tau la

  45. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Yeah. What about the custom who died after falling from the 3rd floor. Something is definetely wrong in MACC.

  46. Anonymous6:00 pm

    After today's events, you must feel like a complete ass for this piece defending MACC. Rightly that you feel like one.

  47. Seolferwulf6:51 pm

    Aiyah, just sack the whole frigging bunch of them, starting with non-performing Ministers!