Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.

I've always associated 14 Feb with love. I don't really care who or what Valentine was but if this day promotes love, caring, romance and peace worldwide, then it is a good day. Of course some people will always think differently. No disrespect. As long as they don't turn love into hate, I don't really care about what they do.


  1. well said Datuk!~

  2. Anonymous7:00 am

    I could not agree more with you, Datuk :) Love is not limited to (perhaps, not inclusive of) lust.


  3. Yes! Happy v.Day to u Datuk..

  4. Anonymous8:07 am

    Insyallah, everyday is LOVE DAY for me

  5. J Dean8:18 am

    What wrong to renew our loves and be affectionate to our love ones. Happy Valentine day to all .... Happy living together.

  6. Anonymous9:40 am

    Thats the way to go man!At least you are not blinded by all those love haters around!

  7. Anonymous9:46 am

    If all Malaysian think like you, there'll be great hope for this beloved country that has split into moderate and radical group of thought.

  8. Happy St Valentine's day.

  9. Salam Datuk,

    All we need is love. All we need is love. All we need is love, love. Love, is all we need.

    Warm wishes.

  10. Anonymous10:44 am

    That is why the Paradise (Jannah) have different levels; and that is why it is called Beliefs.

    Different people have differing level of sentitivities. But be reimded of what the Prophet said: Each one of you will be geting closer and closer (sejengkal demi sejengkal) to the practise of Yahudi and Nasara until you do not even realise that you go insid elubang dhab.

    Check out the full phrophesy by the none other the Rasul itself.
    So, where is the Belief?

    Mat Bonk
    (UWIST/Cardiff 1980 - 1983)

  11. Anonymous11:08 am

    oh yeah.. that's the way all of us should think about valentine's day.

  12. I do agree with you with regard to what Valentine's Day is about.Love in fact is wider than sexual love !
    Commercialization has imperceptively
    distort love to mean love between individuals of the opposite sex and a small number of individuals have taken advantage of the celebration to actualize their fantasy.Their abuse of the day has galvanized certain self-righteous individuals to speak out against Valentine's Day!

  13. If I am going to hell for spreading love so be it!

  14. Rocky, you may like these set of guidelines issued by JAKRIM : Garispanduan - Tatacara Menyambut Hari Valentine

  15. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Ditto. Sadly this fatwa on Valentine's Day only highlights the immaturity and the insecurity of some of the muslims in this country.

  16. Yes...why should we deny something that promotes positivity in life?

    As it is, this world needs all the love it can get.

    Happy Va-Day Rocky! xoxo

  17. 'This Love is beyond the study of theology, that old trickery and hypocrisy. If you want to improve your mind that way, sleep on...'


  18. Skilgannon10662:18 pm

    Mat Bonk 10:44 AM

    I suppose that you are anti-bonking too?


    Or to paraphrase Monsieur Sirajudin's letter in The Star today, Valentine's Day = lust = plentiful bonking = unwanted babies.

    What a load of bullsfeathers!

    As if there isn't enough lust, adultery, pedophilia and incest going around without Valentine's Day!

  19. Bravo! You could not have said it better.

    A universal of LOVE can never go wrong!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race


    When any couple are truly in love
    Every single day is like Valentine's Day
    With their mutual love to prove
    That you can't put Valentine's Day away

    (c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Mon.14th Feb. 2011.

  21. Bravo! You could not have said it better.

    A universal celebration of LOVE can never go wrong!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  22. q0l0p3:12 pm

    Allah SWT berfirman bermaksud lebihkurang Sesungguhnya kaum Kristian dan Nasrani tidak akan aman sehinggalah kamu menuruti mereka.

    Just do my part. up to u all to digest.

    Wonder what issue u will post here in 9++ months from now.. ;-)

  23. Bunnies3:12 pm

    Happy Valentine's Day Rocky!

    Yes, if I am going to hell for spreading some love, so be it la! Love is all around us...

  24. Dato' Rocky,
    I have nothing against love but as a muslim, 'st.valentine' sounds too unislamic to me.

    But for the sake of love, i still love u Dato'..

  25. Your Secret Admirer4:12 pm

    Happy Valentine Day Darling

  26. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Hi ROCKY (sorry, I mean Datuk),

    ***History & how VALENTINE's DAY was created***

    VALENTINE day was created by a WOMAN name VALENTINE. Her father is a ROSE FARMER & during every month of February, the sales for ROSES was always BAD.

    Thus, this lady by the name of VALENTINE created 'VALENTINE's DAY'. She was the one who made the rules to buy ROSES as an appreciation for their loved ones on February 14th every year.

    Then on, her father experiences SUPERB BUSINESS on every February. This way this lady by the name of VALENTINE managed to KILL 3 birds with 1 stone.

    BIRD #1: Help improve her dad's business.
    BIRD #2: Created a day where she can have her name on it.
    BIRD #3: Create a LOVE day.

    The end.

  27. Anonymous5:59 pm

    senang la datuk cam tu. atas nama cinta / love maka halal la valentine's day.
    valentine yang di bahaskan bukan pasal cinta masa valentine tu, tp pada nama valentine tu adalah nama santo org kristian.
    cuma tak pernah pulak terdengar pada 14feb org cakap, selamat hari cinta atau selamat aman dunia sejagat (world peace day aka world love day memang dah ada). nape tak celeberate world peace yg itu. lebih bagus lebih luas pengertian daripada santo valentine.

  28. All you need is love.....

    Happy Valentine's Day, babe!

  29. Dato, in 1942 today . Leftenan Adnan Saidi, The Real Tiger of Malaya bravely foughtthe Jap Army till his last drop of blood @ bukit Candu.

  30. Dato, in 1942 today . Leftenan Adnan Saidi, The Real Tiger of Malaya bravely foughtthe Jap Army till his last drop of blood @ bukit Candu.

  31. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Dato apa nak ambil 14 Feb sebagai ingatan mengapa tak harix why nak ikut kalo you tau hari tu ingatan kpd paderi St. Valentine tak lojik lah


  32. Anonymous7:40 pm

    As long as us Muslim remember the date of birth & Death of Prophet of Muhammad S.A.W... its OK..

    ...apart from the knowledge of knowing the death date of St. Valentine.

    By the way... its 12 Rabiul'awal in case many of us don't know.

  33. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Under the name of Love: husbands go extra-maritals.

    Under the name of Love: the wife too.

    Under the name of Love: your teenage daughter blow-jobs his boyfriend in the car. (And oh yes, he is older than you.)

    Under the name of Love: hotel operators' new found business pool: short 1-2 hours lunchtime blitzkriegs between bosses and secretaries.

    Under the name of Love: wham, bam and thank-you, ma'am.

    Now which category of Love is it that Pasquale is ready to go to Hell for? Which category of Love is it that someone is "promoting positivity" for.

    Well if it is Love between a man and a wife, which Jakim in the world is against it? It is only when a magnanimous concept called "Love" is blanketed to mean what-I-think-you-and-I-understand-it-to-mean and via the process of association to include even those actos reus and contra bonus mores when the problem starts.

    Alexander Pippa

  34. Taikotai8:42 pm

    Latuk Blu,

    Wa manyak helan apa pasat olang Melayu cakap ini VDay selupa hali kasi olang lamai bikin anak..apa lu olang cakap..itu bejina? Wa ingat aa..melayu ka cina ka india ka tak payah tunggu hali VDay balu bikin anak..hali-hali boleh bikin maa. Lagi teluk..wa ale lengar blapa lamai olang melayu bejina time bulan posa? Wa ingat olang mising-mising talak guna. Kalo lu olang tak buleh join..itu lu olang punya pasat..wa mau laya ini VDay sama wa punya bini..ala salah ka? Happy VDay Latuk!

  35. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Too many Malay liberals these days. Sebagai org Islam, kena ikut cakap ulamak mengenai sambutan V day.


  36. Now I wonder to greet you with 'salam..'or...But I do believe with the usual greet,

    Salam Bro :

    1.Apa-apa pun'happy memorable christmas eve and happy valentine's day' to you,your friends and my siber fellow believers appear in your column.

    2.No disrespect indeed.No hate too. Everybody has his/her own beliefs and as long as life is full of pleasant memories and love.

    3.Me? AKIDAH comes first and the said memorable day,not recorded in the islamic believe except :

    to spread love and ummah unity - by wishing all Saudara/i Se Islam -

    "Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul 1432H /2011" - Semoga Allah Subhanawataala mengampuni dosa-dosa kita semua apabila mengenang Insan Robbul Alamin - Membawa Rahmat Ke Seluruh Alam.


  37. Charles F Moreira1:28 am

    Valentine's Day is not a Christian celebration but a western secular celebration which the people decided to associate with St. Valentine, a Christian Martyr.

    While people in the west back then were mostly Christian, that still does not make Valentine's Day any more Christian than New Years Day.

    While one could argue that it's an aspect of western culture one cannot accuse Christianity of anything based upon it, since it's not Christian.

    It might be of interest to some that that there even are some Christians who say that Christians should not celebrate what has pagan origins or is even satanic.

    Do a Google search on "Valentine's Day and satanic" and see for yourself.

    Of course, there's nothing wrong with a celebration of love and affection per se but there are some who will trace a celebration back to its historical roots and form conclusions about it based upon that.

    Whatever, Valentine's Day is not Christian, so I hope people will get the right perspective on it.

  38. Anonymous2:12 am

    First, you start by saying it's okay to celebrate (wish, give flowers, chocolates, etc) to your loved one on Valentine's Day because it's about love, not who Valentine is, or what this day is supposed to commemorate. Convenient.

    (The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs, Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD.)

    What's wrong with anything that promotes love and caring for someone, you say? That merely describes how much this religious celebration has been diluted or commercialised over the years from its original purpose, but does not take away from the fact that it was created as a religious celebration.

    If we follow your logic, when Thanksgiving and Christmas is diluted/commercialised to the point that they become a day for having a meal with the family and give thanks for what we have, or to celebrate love for friends and family by giving presents, does that mean it's okay for Muslims to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as well??

    "Tell the disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship, nor do you worship what I worship. I have not been worshipping what you worship, nor will you worship what I shall worship. You follow your religion and I follow mine." - Surat al-Kafirun

    A Muslim brother

  39. Anonymous7:23 am

    rock... biar aku terjerat namun aku tetap menyintai dia isteri ku....


  40. Anonymous7:52 am

    Who say Vaentie day promote love ... actually no brain!.....Our grand-grand father-mother dulu mana da V-day .. but they love till to kubur .. V-Day is really b***S****!.

  41. Seolferwulf12:20 pm

    Alex Pippa 7:50 PM

    Which type of love accounts for incest, rape, pedophilia, child marriages, genital get the picture?

    Seems to me that all of the above are alive and thriving, with or without Valentine's Day!

    Any more examples of your flawed reasoning?

  42. Anonymous12:27 pm

    q010p 3.12pm : Whick Surah and verse of the holy quran that so called firman by Allah can be found? Care to share it with me 'cos I'm doing my own research on the quran.


  43. Happy Valentine!5:58 pm

    The difference between a Malay UMNO and PAS.

    The Valentine day celebration is a true test of the difference between UMNO and PAS malay men.

    UMNO men buy flowers for their lovers/wives/girlfriend.

    PAS men dont do anything but just spent their time enviously..shouting haram while doing nothing for their love ones.

    So Jamil Baharom should join PAS as all his UMNO colleagues celebrate the day with their wives.

    He just dont get it. You want to recognise if a guy is bent towards UMNO or PAS ask him about valentine day!!

  44. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Malaysia made the headlines again in the international scene. I view this with growing concern as intolerance escalates within our shores. Let me try to put perspective into this whole issue.

    Firstly, to reject any religious view (whether Islam or other religions), or any other worldview, equates that one prefers another view of reality. We always make judgements about almost everything, in contrary with our views. Nobody in this world may dictate, “I don’t know if my views are right but I certainly know that you are wrong.” This is because we believe that other person’s view is wrong and ours is ultimately correct.

    Secondly, no one can claim to provide an end on the explanation of the nature of reality. However, not knowing everything about reality should not be used as an excuse to believe anything we want to. No views in this world provide any comprehensive answer. All of us harbor some biases believing in what we do, but that is not a valid reason to believe it’s truth claims.

    Thirdly and most important of all, all beliefs are not equal. Tensions between differing religious views have existed since the dawn of time. But here the need to exercise tolerance towards others’ beliefs does not mean that one has to champion the illogical idea that all views are equally true. Every religion, like all belief systems, are exclusive in the manner that it asserts its claims are true. There is nothing wrong in believing with what is true and false.

    We should understand by now that real differences exist between all Malaysians and that tolerance is necessary and also a virtue. The definition on tolerance that we belief in is ‘being tolerance of all views’. To me, real tolerance is equated with ‘putting up with errors’. We should also come to terms that all beliefs are not made to be equal.

  45. Anonymous7:32 am


    Bingo. Unrealized by you, you have already provided more facts to SUPPORT my point.

    Say your daughter (or, in the case of paedophilia, you yourself!) does all those things you mentioned and when you admonish her she says she is doing all those under the name of Love. What then.

    Alexander Pippa


  47. Just Happy Valentine's should have been sufficient!!

  48. Skilgannon10662:09 pm

    Alex Pippa 7:32 AM

    Your logic, or what passes for one, is astounding!

    Do you mean that rape, incest, pedophilia, child marriages, female genital mutilations are peculiar to the followers of a particular faith/religion and this has a direct relationship with celebrating Valentine's Day?

    Pray elucidate.

  49. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Pray elucidate?
    Pray hear, pray learn and pray be schooled.

    The contention was this:

    + Valentine’s day comes. “Lovers” abound.

    + Govt-backed JAKIM makes ruling about unIslamic-parts of its practices and warns MUSLIMS of the especially unIslamic parts of the celebration, just like Yoga.

    + By “unIslamic”, it is quite obvious what was meant: Illicit sexualities between a man and a woman illegal according to the Islamic Syariah. Did JAKIM condemn flower-gifts? No. Was JAKIM against sending Love cards? No. Heck, did JAKIM even BOTHER about NON-MUSLIMS wishing to celebrate said celebration until they get intoxicated with sex and sobered by Love? Heck no. You non-muslims can fuck all your brains out till the cows come home if you so much wish.

    + Malay-Muslim haters, disguised under the banner of Love-champions and always on the lookout for any according-to-their-norm-insensible rulings coming out from the Malay-Muslim authoritative clout, takes opportunity to DEFEND said celebration, pooling all actions of the flesh, irrespective of within or without marital confines, to be under the umbrella called “Love”.

    + Alex Pippa’s qualm was simple enough for the ordinary reader to understand: if your unmarried daughters practise “Love” would you be alright with it? By “Love” Alex Pippa mentioned: she blowing her much-older-than-you-boyfriend, for example. If it is alright with you, you can start broadcasting her phone number to the many vultures abound in the internet here. JAKIM, for one, is for the protection of its muslim girls from such adverse conducts.

    Alright now which part of that argument is too hard to understand. Why the need to bring in “incest, rape, paedophilia” to counteract my argument? Are you trying to make a statement here? Are you trying to finger-point Malays, thereby revealing an otherwise brimming-to-the-edge-and-ready-to-spill bigotry? If incest, rape, paedophilia is what one wants to condemn a whole nation about, why not start reading The Old Testament?

    I know why that Skilgannon and Seawolf guy could not comprehend what the simple essence of my argument was. In their black and white, greyless world of seeing things only within the context of the Malay-Muslim versus the World, their accumulative acrimony and antipathy has robbed them of clear-headed reasonings and argumentative kinaesthesia.

    It’s a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad world.

    Alexander Pippa

  50. Skilgannon10664:11 pm

    Alex Pippa 9:39 PM

    It's indeed amazing how condescending your views are with regard to non-Muslims - as though they are steeped in sins with a proclivity to indulge in sex outside the confines of wedlock.

    It would be gratifying if your sermonising could extend to topics such as rape, incest, child marriage and genital mutilation which are also possibly perverted instances of an aberrant and deviant sexual proclivity.

    Shall we start by comparing the statistics for failed marriages, rape and incest in Malaysia by whichever category you care to nominate?

    And cross-reference these to verboten practices like the celebration of Valentine's Day or the free inter-mingling of the sexes to see if there are any valid correlations.

    Is that of sufficient academic rigour for you?

    Or would you rather take cover under the cloak of hypocrisy?

  51. Seolferwulf6:44 pm

    Alex Pippa 9:39 PM

    Your attempt to "clarify" your views leads to one inescapable conclusion - that's it may be a zero-sum game in the way Muslims and non-Muslims regard the world.

    Such a fundamental incompatibility predicates the us-versus-them syndrome and the perpetual angst of the underachievers against the educated and cosmopolitan elite who are comfortable living and working in a globalised world where talent and hard work are the foundations of success, not an abject reliance on doctrine, privileges and rights.

    Not to mention an overweening view of religious superiority and moral certitude based on flawed interpretations of what it is to sin.

    I don't suppose you'd understand any of this, given the mindset that permeates sections of the blogosphere.

  52. Anonymous7:41 am

    Oh my, oh my, oh my. This is absolutely, incredibly, utterly, fuckingly unbelievable. People, please, please, please can someone highlight to me WHY is it that this skilgannon fella seem soooo hard to understand something that I write soooo simply?

    Look. And I will not use verbiage. I'll make it simple. Islam, JAKIM etc wants to protect its ummah from decadent and illicit sexual practices. Period. The rest? You can do what you want. You can fuck yourselves, each other, or any kind of in-between permutation.

    So where is this “how condescending your views are with regard to non-Muslims - as though they are steeped in sins with a proclivity to indulge in sex outside the confines of wedlock” coming from? Where am I sermonising that non-muslims, by default, are steeped in sins? You can do whatever you want, period. That’s my point. We don’t care and we dont want to know. You can practice debauchery or you can practice Mother-Theresa-sy. We couldn't care less. My only contention is why the need to criticise us muslims and muslim ruling bodies that encircles on the muslim community when we do not even touch you?

    As I said before, the only explanation why people fail to understand simple things is that one’s bigotry has taken over their senses. If one is too steep and too deep in some ethno-centric sectarianism and looking only in black and white and understandable only in languages of conflicts and fracas, then no matter how clear the white explains, the black will just produce its exact anti-thesis. The joke is of course, when in the process of doing so, the black can ADD or STRENGTHEN the white’s argument unbeknownst to them! And that has just happened to that wolf fella.

    “It would be gratifying if your sermonising could extend to topics such as rape, incest, child marriage and genital mutilation which are also possibly perverted instances of an aberrant and deviant sexual proclivity. Shall we start by comparing the statistics for failed marriages, rape and incest in Malaysia by whichever category you care to nominate?”

    See? It boils down to this. It’s race issue. This guy is soooo hard up and sooo brimming to the nose to perform some ethno-degrading that he cannot even conceal it anymore, even though stated in-between-the-line style. It’s the black-and-white, us-against-them kind of thing always. I wonder what kind of traumatic childhood he has suffered that drove him to be like this.

    Now that seaolferwulf is another thing, albeit an interesting study in much-ado-about-nothing. All his long-winded, carefully-constructed, vocab-concocted sentences produce nothing convincing apart from rhetoric. I keep on reading him up and down, top to bottom trying to make sense and weed out some miniscule points that I can at least comprehend and absorb, but I gave up when I finally realize that to him, here is a place to practice some circumlocutory fantasy minus the meat of the matter.

    Hehehe. One is full of verbiage devoid of points and the other full of garbage in terms of points. Tell me, in this setting, what am I REALLY up against here, or should I spend more precious time trying to convey across a simple point? Naaah I don’t think so.

    With this I bid Adieu and sign off my name, and leave you two to come up with further rhetorical tautology:

    Alexander Pippa.

  53. Seolferwulf3:34 pm

    Now what was it that Raja Zarith Sofia was addressing when she wrote a commentary about Christmas that was published in The Star not so long ago?

    Will Alex Pippa also find fault with these views also, in the interests of consistency?

    After all, puritans of any creed or faith find it difficult, if not impossible, to find anything positive to say about other creeds or faiths than their own!

  54. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Begitu banyak hadith Nabi dan ayat Quran menyebut tentang kasih sayang....tapi apa pasal 14 haribulan tu kau ingat...???

  55. Anonymous10:40 am

    Why should it be a zero sum game bro?

    The 'ban' is only for muslims...... are you a muslim? If not, why are so so angry?

  56. Have fun bro..6:10 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Why should it be a zero sum game bro?

    The 'ban' is only for muslims...... are you a muslim? If not, why are so so angry?

    10:40 AM

    Ahaha here is the crux of the matter. Muslims, musulman, Mohamedan means Arabs.

    But the Malays themselves are secular and scientific race that absorb from the best practices of the other races and religions, Hindus, Islam, Japanism and come up with their own unique religous philosophy.

    That is why you find Malays have a casino in Pahang. 4D numbers shops owned by MCA and Vincent Tan and Ananda on every main street beside Islamic banking and pawn shops beside the Chinese kafir coffeshop for the Malays to buy the 4D numbers.

    As long as they dont touch the shit directly it is alright. Vis a vis Hanif Omar and gambling. Or the Noah family and Genting.

    Or Mahathir and his PErdana Foundation and Vincent Tan. Or PakLah and his Halal Centre developed by pork eating Chinese friend.

    So it is with Valentine Day. Any smart man can see that women put very high priority on Valentine Day, whoever he was.

    It is the height of yucky romantic occassion brought by the west but women just love it. And any men who takes the trouble to spend his money and time to order roses thro the internet earns very high kissing or sexual points.

    So who is smarter, the anonymous Muslims who goes on and on about quran and hadiths but never give flowers to his lovers or the Malay guy who gives flowers?

    Both Malay men and women are happy celebrating Valentine. So what s wrong with that? It lets to more healthy sex life. Physically and mentally.

    Leave the quran and hadith to the Talibans and Alqaeda.

    We Malays just want to have fun...hehe.

  57. Seolferwulf6:02 pm

    Heh, heh - A Pippa is forced to resort to circumlocutory logic to justify a zero-sum approach, i.e. it's my way or the highway!

    Taken to it's logical extreme, the PM shouldn't be sending Christmas greetings to Christians in Malaysia, because this is verboten!

    So, what exactly was the PM trying to convey in the recent BBC debate?

    I wish that Ms Bedawi had asked him about Muslims and Valentine's Day.

    And, maybe, people like Zeinab Bedawi, Mishal Husain or Fareed Zakaria are better role models than A Pippa?