Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rogue on MACC?!


Robert Phang said he doesn't know head or tail about the allegation. In ore words, he said it can't be him laaah. Read H E R E, according to the Paper that Dares.

Original article ...


"CAN I PASS YOU A T-SHIRT, DATUK?" This tweet of mine above is a day old but the posting by A Voice here is fresh. I was giving twitterjaya a heads-up after hearing that A Voice had a scoop and WOW, what a blockbuster! A corrupt anti-corruption adviser?

There will be more police reports, defamation suits, etc in the days and weeks to come, even if I don't name names here. And especially if I name names. But I'm sure you, my dear Readers, want to know who the alleged ROGUE is, so why don't you swing over to Another Brick on the Wall and get to know the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission man who may be under investigation soon, if not already, for allegedly trying to corrupt a respectable Ketua Setiausaha of a ministry with a bribe. There's a picture of him as well.

They said there was a camera where the alleged bribe attempt took place!


  1. Anonymous9:15 am

    The cat's out of the bag. And now, the KSU in question will be the victim of the demonising process, instead of the other way round.


  2. Anonymous10:09 am

    Damn good story. I always say, only crooks become MACC advisors.

  3. Jolobak Jolobu10:11 am

    KSU Rais lagi ko? Hehhehe

  4. Phang should and must resign, after that the MACC should come in and investigate him for attempted bribery.

    If he is innocent he should just keep quiet and join Tunku Aziz in the DAP,he can then lecture around the world like Tunku Aziz about how "corrupted" this country is. Maybe Kit Siang can appoint him as Deputy Chairman of the party after all he has donated some money to the DAP.

    If he is guilty then he should spend some time in the Government's care.

  5. We set up the MACC to police the police which already had powers with the ACA within it's ranks to do the job. Now we need another MACC to MACC the MACC. Where will it end? Dr Mahathir aready gave some clues.

    Asked about corruption once, he said something to the effect that, mortal that he is, he can only see what's happening in front of him. He cannot see what's happening behind him (i.e what's under God's control).

    The inspiration for the MACC came from people who thought they know better.

    Dr Mahathir also knew very well we cannot judge ourselves by Vision 2020 standards well before we reach it substantially in all it's dimensions.

  6. Anonymous10:59 am

    oh crap - the link/lead you gave makes raja Petra look like a kindy kid

    no real substance at all.

    if you have the evidence - go lodge a polic report/macc report - what not

    not whine and whine

    say something credible or say nithing at all

  7. Anonymous11:24 am

    Musuh dalam selimut

    Akhirnya penasihat yang digaji oleh Najib Razak telah mencadangkan satu taktik baru perlu dijalankan di Selangor. Politik dalaman Palestin menyaksikan Abbas dari Al-Fatah dipilih menjadi pemimpin, walhal yang menang dipilih oleh warga Palestin ialah parti Hamas. Taktik pecah dan perintah seperti inilah yang sedang dijalankan oleh Najib Razak terhadap kerajaan Pakatan di Selangor.

    Kerajaan Pakatan secara rasmi telah menemuduga calon-calon baru untuk dijadikan setiausaha kerajaan. Nama calon yang dipilih telah dihantar ke pihak berwajib untuk disahkan. Tiba-tiba Sultan Selangor dikatakan telah membuat pilihan. Ini betul-betul sama seperti apa yang telah berlaku di Palestin. Rejim Zionis tiba-tiba memilih Abbas dan mengenepikan Hamas yang dipilih rakyat.

    Di sini umum wajib disedarkan bahawa Sultan dan Raja di Malaysia ini bukan Sultan dan Raja di zaman Hang Tuah dan Hang Jebat. Itu 600 tahun dahulu. Hari ini mereka hanyalah Raja Perlembagaan. Zaman apa sahaja Sultan dan Raja buat adalah betul telah lama berlangsung.

    Umum juga perlu diingatkan bahawa United Malays National Organisation pada tahun 1993 telah meminda perlembagaan. Pindaan perlembagaan tahun 1993 ini membawa banyak perubahan dalam segi pemikiran orang Melayu terhadap sistem Raja Perlembagaan. Hari ini, 18 tahun selepas pindaan itu, rakyat Malaysia terutama orang Melayu sama seperti warga Selangor tidak mahu lagi di tipu oleh sesiapa pun.

    Rancangan untuk menimbulkan perbalahan antara kerajaan Selangor dan Sultan ini akan berterusan. Kes Khusrin Muwani ini dilihat sedang dijadikan peluru untuk menimbulkan kacau-bilau. Ini adalah penerusan strategi untuk merampas kembali Selangor dan meruntuhkan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.

    Warga Selangor wajib berhati-hati dan berwaspada. Harus dingatkan anasir–anasir yang pernah ditelefon oleh Khir Toyo pada malam 8 Mac 2008 dahulu pasti sedang mencari-cari peluang. Musuh-musuh dalam selimut sedang berkeliaran mencari peluang untuk mendapat pangkat dan kuasa. Gerombolan amat senang dikenali tetapi musuh dalam selimut ini tak tahu bila akan menikam kita.

    Di mana akhirnya krisis ini? Semuanya terpulang kepada warga Selangor sendiri. Jika mereka ingin membawa perubahan maka mereka akan terus menyokong Pakatan. Jika mereka ingin terus ditipu dan diperbodohkan, tidak ada siapa yang dapat menolong. Hingga hari ini masih belum ditemui lagi satu suntikan yang mujarab untuk mencerdikan mereka yang suka dibodohkan dalam sekelip masa. Petikam HR oleh Wan Namad

  8. Anonymous12:41 pm


    As usual you never fail to point the expose' to another one of your compariots!

    -reynaud bouchard-

  9. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Haiyya Bladder Locky,

    Just say laah - the marder farker's name is Lobert. If de MACC advisor oso corrupted like dis oredi, then I oso donno what to say one. Really cibai one. I hope de Prick In The Wall will really screw this fler kow kow one.

    Bladder Locky I got one more kweschen - who is this "A Good Man Knows Nothing" fler? His komen always kow kow one.

    Hj Hoegarten

  10. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Wow! Now I see why dat fella Pang is always with Lamli and Losli and dat scum American din. these scumbags have been playing this game and I'm sure their motivation is money.
    Similar to the retired-bankrupt cop who started singing for the king of sodomcity recently.
    the sodomking bails him out with a million ringgit and he's now indebted till death.
    Losli is minting money via his conjob wt Mas. (Munir we are coming). Lamli is another crook who somehow got of the hook.
    shall sahre more info here soon.

    Kita ka Sabah ba, banyak rahsia scumbags tertanam di negeri dibawah bayu.


  11. Anonymous2:14 pm


  12. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Not only Robert Phang, but Lee Lam Thye is also a wolf in a sheeps skin. Head of 04, the guy is the boss of bosses. Both Phang and Lam Thye should FACE the music.

  13. Tan Sri Phang, chinese new year is just around the corner. Where is my t-shirt and angpow? I'm just an elderly person staying at the old folks home. Please send us some donation to make us happy and enjoy the festivity.

  14. luvworld5:12 pm

    Interesting, so is it going to be Robert Phang vs MACC soon? or KSU vs Robert Phang?

  15. Anonymous7:16 pm

    The last time you wrote about Rais
    being exposed by Wilileak as a rapist, it turned out to be totally false.

    That Another Brick on the Wall scoop will also turn out to be a lie. I believe what RPK writes than that idiot. At least everybody knows who RPK is.

  16. Anonymous7:31 pm

    A corrupt fella is a sub committee member of MACC commission. No wonder all cases are acquitted. He must have a hand in getting the judge to decide in favor of the accused. Maybe he also bought his Tan Sri through somebody. No wonder he wants to hold other positions such as in the Malaysian crime prevention foundation, so that he can be close to police officers and be a runner for any crime perpetrator so that they can carry on with their illegal activities. This is terrible.

  17. So after failing with Rais, you fellers go on to manufacture the next issue?

    I think you fellers better make sure your attack plan is well thought out and properly co ordinated this time.

    We know Mr. SH has a vendetta with some people for giving Tajuddin Ramli and his sifu Khir Toyo their just desserts.

  18. Anonymous11:33 pm

    rogue on macc?

    and crooks in the cabinet!

    just look at the fat bugger giving angpows away in labis.

    all fucking sendiwara, that fat bugger trying to paint everything white but...

    after the ge everything back to 'lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu' way.


  19. Yes expose all corruptions and lets all forget RM14.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone massive corruptions...still unsolved.
    After all..Ling Liong Sik is being charged....what more do we want..is that it?
    Yes expose all the small fishes and lets forget the big fishes.
    However...to expose big and small corruptions are do be encouraged...and see all pro UMNO B blog owners exposing small fishes...there is no doubt in my mind.. it must be a PR corrupted bastard...correct?
    Yes..go and prove corruptions are from both sides...why complaint..is that it?
    I wonder which PR politician dares to take RM500 million corruptions with a murder linked to it...yet MACC does not take any actions at all.
    Markom advised all teachers in Johore..to be loyal to UMNO B ...or else prepared for a hell life in teaching.
    Yes...MACC...Organizer of school heads...and employed personnels of UMNO B Govt...MUST ALWAYS support UMNO B..for they pay you your salaries. They are your boss.
    I wonder what will these balls carrying racists will do..if the Govt changed...with PR as the boss.
    Poor tax payers...all forgotten. They pay the salaries for all...and not UMNO B at all.
    But that is the mentalities and behaviors of racist calling
    others..."chinaman"..this and that.
    Anyway....the post is about a Sabah man...and in East Malaysia....there are plenty of frogs..jumping here and there...right now.

  20. Anonymous9:55 am

    Well even if there are cameras and a video is shown, this guy is going to do a Lingam. "looks like me, sound like me ..but not me.."
    And the worse thing..this time everybody will believe him.
    Maybe even a fatwa from the east coast to justify his actions.


  21. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Dato Rock,te
    Hari ahad lepas saya p pasar beli ikan. Penjual ikan pesan kalau nak ikan segar tengok kat matanya, kalau berkilat ikan baru. Dia bilang ikan akan rosak dari kepalanya..Rakyat..He3..
    -sender Rakyat Penang lo.

  22. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Haiya Monsterball lau ren,

    Bawa siPolan enjoy "all paid for" Rose Chan Show evely weekend with side services pun, consider corruption. lagi merbahaya, kasi mayak penyakit!

    Itu kotor punya barang naik otak, sendili BALL tak renti2 offer strangers FOC, dah tua tua nyanyok mencarut kat semua olang tatak lenti2, ini lasuah juga mayak losak maruah Negara?

    Lu tatak karpal punya "KEMALUAN BESAQ" ker?



  23. Anonymous1:58 pm

    So far, nothing has come out of your and your blogging friends campaign's against Rais, Nor Mohd Yakpcop, Zarina Anwar, Khalimullah, Fox etc.

    Now you all are pointing your guns at Robert Phang. Yet I don't trust this 'Prick In The Wall' fellow. In his latest posting he accuses Teresa Kok about that mosque incident when it's been reported in all the MSM that the Imam and mosque committee have said TK had nothing to do with it. Why the lying by PITW?

    You sure you want to be associated with the likes of these scurrilous bloggers and quote them without proper investigations?

  24. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Hi monsterball,

    Even PR's politician are corrupted, they even create stories to make people believe them and even manipulate facts in court. They also protect criminals and hero worship them. Maybe you are also their ball carrier thats why you like them so much. Beware of your ass as they like to play people's back.

  25. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Round and round it goes,
    When it stops no one knows
    Evil against evil the devil in the midst
    When God strikes He does not miss.

  26. Anonymous7:02 pm

    monsterball ni budak suruhan AI.

    dapat duit semua benda dia buat tak kira halal ke haram. tapi Islam ke dia ni.

    dia selalu merayau kat rpk MT dan pro umno blog.

    biasa la bila di angkat jadi jambu.

  27. hi idiots....corruptions is found all over the world.
    It is the UMNO B band of robbers and thieves that stole billions from Malaysians non stop that we are focusing on.
    Go read Barry Wain's book that Mahathir stole RM100 billion.
    PKFZ RM14.5 billion...hundreds of closed tenders worth billions over priced...Berjaya Steel...MAS..Proton..all being bailed out by billions....and now Proton need few billions again.
    PutraJaya roof leaking...stadium roof top collapsed..bridge collapsed killing few school children....and list goes on and on....totaling billions upon billions.
    Even Najib dared to take RM500 million and call it commission.
    Why talk chicken feed corruptions...that PR guys are involved....although it is good to expose all corruptions..yet all idiots supporting BN keep quiet on all the big corruptions.
    Now Toyo is on the limelight....why not talk about him too?

  28. All the corruptions I listed out are not rumors....but published openly.
    Why MACC do not act ?
    You think Ling Liong Sik have power to steal billions without the approval of Mahathir?
    Ling is Mahathir's dog as far as Malaysian Chinese are concerned..and we are saying that on behalf of all Malaysians whose money are being stolen.
    Why do so many racists in BN thinks all corruptions done by UMNO B crooks are OK?
    What do you benefit from that...with crooks stealing from Malays too.
    Now...go read ex minister for 30 years.. Khir Johari son joined DAP.
    How many non Malays are members of UMNO B?...NONE..yet you say DAP is a Chinese party...just because most members are Chinese?
    After 12th GE...you racists guys still talk cock with the same insults on me.
    What a pathetic bunch of idiots you are..especially PERWIRA..same old comment...over and over again..and out come a NUT....kaisu..claimed he clobbered me..and shut my mouth...and tell me to migrate.
    How sickening low class you UMNO B racists are.

  29. Anonymous8:15 pm

    I am not surprised that Mr. Phang would be hunted down for speaking against Government official especially the MACC. The Government people are like that loh...this is Malaysia ma! whoever stepped on their foot whether accidiently or intentionally, shall be punished accordingly.Sorry lah, Mr.Phang, you are dead already ... like Mr. Teo!!!

  30. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Cakap pasal MACC, tahukah terdapat rasuah yang melibatkan Pengetua serta Pentadbir SMK Teluk Bahang di Pulau Pinang. Sime Darby rtelah memberi sumbangan hampir RM 100,000setahun untuk sekolah ini.

    Sebahagian dari sumbangan ini adalah untuk membayar Guru sekolah ini untuk mengajar kelas tuisyen kepada murid-murid sekolah ini selepas waktu sekolah atau semasa cuti hujung minggu atau semasa cuti sekolah. Malangnya, sumbangan ikhlas dari pihak Sime Darby tidak diagihkan kepada guru-guru yang dipaksa (wajib) mengajar kelas tuisyen ini.

    Selain itu, danar dari panitia-panitia juga dibaham oleh pihak Pengurusan sekolah ini sehingga bil elektrik pun tidak mampu dibayar oleh pihak sekolah sehingga terpaksa mengambil dari danar panitia.

    Diharapkan tidakan diambil terhadap Pentadbir sekolah ini.

    Insan Anti Rasuah

  31. Anonymous10:30 pm

    i dont believe phang is bribing govt servant, a set up

  32. Anonymous1:39 am

    rocky! rumours saying>Che Khalib contract with TNB will continue after Jun just bcoz his new GodFather having big projects with TNB> http://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/edge/20110112/tbs-tenaga-signs-rm2-15b-contracts-for-u-56d1cf5.html

  33. Anonymous7:24 am

    ... sorry lah first -- I don't know who this guy is, but I have a funny question here. Is the t-shirt a souvenir? People give souvenir items away all the time, and how do you consider that as a bribe? Bribe or giveaway? ... :D ...

    ~ Tecboy ~

  34. Anonymous10:18 am

    Coruption by itself is not evil. But what is evil is that it encourages the accumulation of wealth without work which leads to prayer without sacrifice,and politics without morality.

  35. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Yawn....can't get Rais anak yatim, so now got to go after Lobert Pang. Are you trying to cultivate favours with the AG's Chambers, Latuk Locky ?

    And what if MACC says no case, and if the KSU in question denies everything ? Turn your guns on the next guy ?

    How about resurrecting the Altantuya case ?


  36. Anonymous3:59 pm

    hihihihi.. Khaleb contract with TNB was renewed ..Khazanah- Azman Mokhtar give assurance for Khaleb to be continued as TNB CEO after his 7 years contact expired in Jun 2011…is there something to do with the recent contract given by Khaleb to Royal Family ammounted billion of RM at Cameron Highland?
    According to TNB 2010 Financial Report…Che Khaleb salary & others benefits was increased 100%
    (i) Salary RM1,436,964.00
    Bonus(RM )302,500.00
    (i) Car Allowance RM67,200
    Total benefits (excluded others perth) RM1,806,664.00
    Director’s Fees subsidiary Company-?
    Entertaintment & leisure?

  37. Anonymous4:19 pm

    "I will not dignify these acts of cowardice seeking cheap publicity at my expense."

    So latuk locky, he called you a coward la... go sue him la!

  38. Anonymous7:29 pm

    This article in MT under weblink - http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/37559-let-truth-be-told is good reading material.

    I am sure you are not an UMNO blogger, so we do not worry much anyway.

    You only reproduce what others have written (or have been guideed to write by bloggers' advisors?)

    Lets see if your focus is on the MAS losses or to help put an MACC advisor in a sticky situation that distracts us from the main concern.


  39. Seolferwulf7:39 pm

    There's something rotten in the state of Denmark and it ain't the ikan bilis!

    Like that how to get the private sector to commit to invest RM1 trillion over the next 10 years?

    Might as well invest in other countries where they take issues of corruption and governance seriously.

  40. A new phrase - Can I pass you a t-shirt, datuk? - will join a host of others that are so, so Malaysian, like:

    1. Irrelevant! Irrelevant!
    2. Corretc! Corretc! Corretc!
    3. Can I F you while you brush your teeth?

    Equivalent foreign ones are:

    1. I smoked but I did not inhale (Clinton about smoking grass in his college days).
    2. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky (Clinton again).
    3. One swallow does not a summer make. Monica Lewinsky.
    4. Watch my lips. NO TAX INCREASES. (President Reagan).
    5. What the hell was that? (Mayor of Hiroshima just after the A-bomb dropped).


    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  41. Jokes aside, I do not believe what you are trying to spin Rocky ! I am disappointed that you have gone down so low, actually.Tan Sri Datuk Robert Phang is a man of integrity, unlike Ramon Navaratnam.I have read his statement and I believe he is credible

  42. At least RPK names names and produces documents and details.
    This blogger and story is so blur and lacks details.
    Also the racist tone really detracts from the story.
    I think you guys could do a little better than this....

  43. Hj Hoe,

    No idea who 'A Good Man Does Nothing" is. But he is a good man, he said so.

  44. Jolobak Jolobu said...

    KSU Rais lagi ko? Hehhehe

    10:11 AM


    Jolobak, yang ni KSU yang tak boleh ditumbuk rusuk ...

  45. Anonymous11:00 pm

    That is the problem with opposition supporters they are very blur they always support those who can act well in showing they are of high integrity which as a matter of fact this person has a shadowy background and of low moral. It is the same thing with anwar Ibrahim who can con people although he is involved with immoral activities and of low integrity.

  46. Anonymous12:58 am

    Monsterball lau ren,

    Apek tua, Setakat jual kopi mau cakap banyak, boleh belah la..

    Menyemak ajer...kopi aloso no good for health..



  47. Anonymous5:39 pm

    9 out of 10 politicians, from BN is corrupted.

    5 out of 10 politicians from PR is corrupted.

    But only BN politicians give lame excuses and coverup everytime they are caught. Only morons would believe or defend them. Lets wait for more juicy story from wikileaks, especially from the Swiss banker