Friday, September 03, 2010

"I guess not everyone's contribution to the nation is remembered"

Gone and Forgotten. This picture was emailed to me by a reader yesterday, taken on Merdeka Day, with the accompanying caption, "I guess not everyone's contribution to the nation is remembered".


Anonymous said...

Dato' Rocky,

If I were the soul of one of those fallen soldiers, I might have screamed.....

I'm the unwilling,
Asked by the unqualified,
To do the unnecessary,
For the ungrateful...

Requoted from the graffiti written on the side wall of one of the pub in Belfast by one of the British soldier serving in Belfast back in mid 1970s

Prof Awe Kecik

Anonymous said...

goverment no money to do maintance.

joke only. (don't sue me lah)

bujai said...


as the malay saying goes, 'hilang di mata, hilang di hati'...

who are we to blame. the fallen heroes or those responsible for its upkeep?

just three days after hari kebangsaan, this photo should make some people cry... and shame!

Ahirudin Bin Attan said...

Great words from the unknown soldier, thanks Prof Awe Kechik.

Was just reminiscing after buka about the time I was in Belfast back in 92 when a mighty bomb went off in the drunken wee hours of the morning near the hotel we were staying. A friend who went to Bangkok recently had the same experience, a bomb went off at a nearby building. He said it made him appreciate our country all the more.

Selamat bersahur

Anonymous said...

Eh Lato',

I did not forget them and I brought them back to live to give all Malaysians a message on this Merdeka Day.

In fact I was inspired by your choice of pic (I was going to just let the day pass just like any other because i am unhappy and angry with what's going on)and 'borrowed' (read stole) from your site.

Apa lah lu.

* I Am A Malaysian *

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the families of these fallen ones are coping today..I suggest Rocky get Malay Mail to check on their well-being.

Just hope they are not as forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Rok, if what you experience make you appreciate your country more than I guess staying in your country of birth would even make you more appreciative. In SG you never have a Kunga dying in police custody.

Anonymous said...

Not many people appreciate those who had fallen for us to stand ..

Lest we forget ...

mat nisfu said...

Uummmm, very embarassing .Gov have no money to maintain or appointed contractor cabut lari.

Anyway, i noticed amongst 28 miliion Malaysians, only 2 who is really patriotik. This 2 try to burn Indonesian flag , tapi dah kena tangkap. Ciannye.

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',

Sedih,dukacita,marah dan kecewa
Bukan kerana jasa sudah dilupa
Tapi kerana melihat sikap mereka yg ada
Apa yg terpapar mencerita segala
Lunturnya sudah budi dan usaha mulia
Betapa longgarnya ikatan kasih sayang
Kepada pejuang yg terkorban

Betapa malangnya negara kita
Bukan kerana tidak maju dan berjaya
Tapi kerana anak bangsa yg ada
Sudah hilang budi dan cinta kepada negara

Askar Tua

Anonymous said...

History is manmade,

crafted by the one in authority,

to suits one's agenda.

The monument of yester years

with time passing

fallen from grace,

is best forgotten,

in thy haste to create new version,

the history that man creates.

Anonymous said...


Who remembers who. Its all political.

Bagi orang Melayu ianya "Hangat-hangat Tahi Ayam". Yang berilmu , gunakan ilmu itu untuk kepentingan peribadi.Orang lain hampah. Tiada keikhlasan.

ALLAH dah bagi ilmu kepada orang Islam melalui Al-Quran,tapi apa jadi dengan ilmu tersebut. Haru hara dengan tafsiran mereka hanya untuk kepentingan mereka.

That's why the Malay saying goes "Hidup berakal , mati berantu".

Sebab itu cuba kita lihat disekeliling , mereka yang berilmu dan berkuasa , kecil atau pun yang besar , kalau boleh balun , mereka balun ,balun, balun , balun , balun semuanya ............. sebab apabila mati dia tahu dia akan jadi hantu , orang akan lupa kepada mereka. Mereka sendiri Tak boleh balun lagi.

Hari-hari kita tengok dan dengar contoh yang boleh diketengahkan.

Nak salahkan siapa???????????

Anonymous said...

Fault Finding??

It is just our mentality as you can also find other badly maintained signage by the roads, government buildings and important heritage sites.

Disinterested workers and government officials don't distinguish.

eddy said...

Sangat Sedih...kena tunggu RMK10 punya new budget agaknya tu.

Anonymous said...

Remembered bro.. only the way is bit different now.. more to islamic , we do now tahlil for all soul that had died defending our country.No more putting flowers that kinda thingy.