Friday, August 27, 2010

In GLC Malaysia, not all is Gloom

Shazalli's 17 quarters. A proof that a GLC can be more dynamic
than the competition, but you need a cool head that can drum up the right numbers.

Digits that caught my eye from Celcom's press statement today : 10.6 million Malaysians subscribing to Celcom alone, with robust growth observed in prepaid, especially in the Youth segment. Without doubt the mobile phone is going to become a very, very crucial means for reaching out to young voters in PRU13.


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    and it's headed by a Malay......

    MALAYsia pun boleh.

  2. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Check out Tun Daim wealth!
    U be the judge!


  3. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Woi Shahzali, koa ni daa gila kah, sampei urus Celcom untung belaka? Ape kato Azman Mokthar dan kuncu 2 depa? Shahzali, koa daa melampoulah. X paham ke, kalu dibwh Azman Mokthar, kompeni mesti rugi, CEO jadi kaya. Baik koa insaf, Shahzali, kalu x, raya nanti hang naik basikal sambel makan goreng pisang.

  4. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Salam guys,

    Saya bangga sebuah syarikat perkhidmatan telekomunikasi mudah alih yang pertama di Malaysia, di mana ekuiti majoritinya dimiliki oleh Bumiputera sudah mencapai banyak kejayaan walaupun masih ketinggalan beratus kilometer di belakang pesaing utamanya iaitu Maxis, yang memasuki pasaran terkemudian daripadanya.

    Walau bagaimanapun, saya berasa amat sedih dengan taraf perkhidmatan dan budi bahasa syarikat gergasi ini yang kian luntur taraf kesopanan, budi bicara serta sifat kemanusiaannya. Pertama, perkhidmatan kaunter bayarannya telah berkurangan selepas demerger dengan Telekom Malaysia (you can go separate ways but can't you maintain a working relationship in the name of customers' convenience?) Secondly, it has got no courtesy in making decisions to bar customers' connection. My past ecounters include: (1) No bill despatched, yet barring was efficiently executed without checking actual status (2) After settling the full outstanding amount demanded through SMS, within a week or so, another reminder appears requesting for another payment (there were no bills to cross check, and for heaven sake, I cannot understand why they couldnt send a final figure for full settlement instead of sending in batches (because of this I have lost trust in the way they bill customers). To augment my negative confidendence, I have another bad experience to put forward: (1) While travelling abroad, I was reminded to pay up my RM400 outstanding bill and because of the late payment, my line was barred (I could still accept this, though I had a credit line of RM500then). To resume my connection, I instructed my staff to settle the payment in cash and my line was subsequently reconnected. To my disbelief, about an hour or so after that, it was disconnected again (at a time when I got lost from my team mates before we boarded the flight home). A visit to Celcom's office at Jalan Ampang a couple of day after that unleashed the reason for the bar - my bill charge reached RM1,000 (though I didnt use as much, in comparison to the bill charged for higher usage of the telco's service in the same country, previously. When I requested for an itemised bill, they couldnt provide one for me. Nevertheless, I paid the full amount for not wanting to get my connection interrupted. (2) Recently I had another barring experience. In protest, I just went deaf with their reminders and wanted to prove to myself that I can still run things in the absence of Celcom. Finally, they issued a last call, demanding settlement or else they disconnect my service permanently. I paid the full amount eventually, but two weeks after settlement I received a bill with total charges amounting to RM134, where about RM20++ was the total amount of service utilisation, the rest I dont know for what ... line charges??? dunno what charges!!!! If it's so, why was it that during the 4 non-payment month, there were no such monthly charges incurred (for enabling incoming calls, minus outgoing). I demand an explanantion. Guys, I MADE MYSELF TO ENDURE ALL THESE TROUBLES JUST BECAUSE I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SUPPORT A BUMIPUTERA BASED GLC. Shazali, if you continue to take a deaf ears stance, trust me, it may lead your company to another downfall...history can repeat itself. And most importantly, this jewish like treatment will not bring in any barakah to the business. Have faith.


  5. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Wah, ini macam rambut panjang punya orang pun boleh kasi untung'ah? Itu rambut pendek Azman Mokthar hari hari ada lepak di Trader's inn sama COCKsultan puy tak boleh buat untung. Najib, u ada buta ka? Atau u memang takada mata'ah?

  6. Anonymous7:27 pm

    10m odd subscriber is abt half the nations population. Shahziman is running Celcom well, but why is he not CEO of Axiata? Shahziman should be shipped to Tenaga Nasional, where Che Khalib is milking the company. Only in Msia, good CEO such as Hassan Merican gets booted out and rotten apples get feted. Something in Msia is very WRONG.

  7. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Syabas Shahziman.

  8. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Shahziman, u goin 2 lose your job. U work 4 a GLC. GLC means Goberman Losing Cash. You are not supposed to make a profit. Didnt anyone tell you that at the Khazanah Nasional boot camp?

  9. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Good news at last. Congrats Shahziman.

  10. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Ya lah, he did a good job but how about the guy at Sime Darby who is on leave and eating gaji buta or Nazir Razak who is goin 10mth course in UK but resisted moves to appoint an acting CEO. Takut sgt org dedah tahi dia, dan majukan lagi CIMB. Lagipun kalo x ambek cuti bolelah makan pree gaji RM1.1 juta sebulan. Ni blm tambah elaun lagi. Suksesful Bumi tanpa DEB konon. Pigidaa.

  11. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Shahziman should replace Azman Mokthar as KN chief YESTERDAY.


  13. Anonymous11:15 pm

    So what is now in store 4 Shahzali? Btw, who the heck is the CEO of Axiata?

  14. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Axiata is very interesting. At their board meeting on Friday, the board have decided to list Celcom on the stock exchange, as well as pursue a plan to merge Celcom Transmission Sdn Bhd with Digi Trasmission Sdn Bhd and then list it. However, these arent the sole proposal on the table. There is another from Daim Zainudin and son Wira Dani to buy out the goverment's stake in Celcom. How do I know all this? Hey what can I say, the Axiata board members got a loud mouth.

  15. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Allah, x lama lage Daim akn beli Celcom, dan nama Shahziman akan tenggelam gitu aje. Mungkin jua, Najib akan cuma meletak Omar cina bangsat Ong. Skg ni, terpulang kat Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin menegak kebenaran. Hidup Tan Sri Muhyiddin, anda memang layak menjadi Presiden UMNO.

  16. Sdr Rocky'a Bru,

    1. Agree. Not all GLCs are non-performers. Many a high achievers;

    2. But some appear to perform because of Govt. subsidy (like Mas) and they employ magicians as accountants and auditors;

    3. GLCs were initially trust agencies (for Bumiputeras). They are no longer;

    4. They are profit-driven and are money-making machines for the government;

    5. Some have ignored altogether their original Bumiputera and capacity-building objectives;

    6. Because they are money-making machines and are no longer tied down to the Bumiputera objectives, some of them are fighting and, in some caces killing, Bumiputera businesses.

    7. I had a personal experience just months ago. My little company applied a property loan from three banks -- 2 GLC banks and one Chinese-owned bank - to buy office building (in a Chinese-dominated area).

    One GLC bank did not even bother to respond. The other offered only 65% per cent funding, but the Chinese bank gave 85% funding without much hassle. Alhamdulillah, a Bumi company is trusted by a Chinese bank.

    Then my company was invited to tender for a printing job by a GLC. Also bidding was an non-Bumi husband and wife oufit. We failed. When we wrote to the company to guide us as to why we failed, we did not get any response. I know sometimes you are invited to put in a bid just make up the number. Who should get had already been determined.

    8. Apa nak buat Bru, inilah cabaran perniagaan Bumiputera. Cakap pemerintah lebih indah khabar daripada rupa.

    9. Thursday Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia met DPM to hand over a 16-point memorandum on the role of Bumiputera businessmen under the New Economic Model. I was in the party.

    Thank you.

  17. Anonymous11:53 pm

    17q of positive growth.That's a world record.

  18. Anonymous12:02 am

    Celcom is doing well but Axiata is not. Shahziman should be made CEO of Axiata. The current Axiata CEO, please resign.

  19. Anonymous1:30 am

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  20. Yo mats, the Celcom ceo's name is Shazalli lah, not Shahziman.


  21. Credit should be given when it is due and Shazali Ramly who was my MRSM Kuantan school mate and of course a proud product of the NEP has done very well in his position. A great job well done.

  22. Anonymous3:27 am


    I thought his name is Pakia..

  23. Anonymous4:10 am

    See what I mean, Malays are TRULY talented and they are proving it and showing results.

    This is what the anti-Malays are afraid of, which is why a series of EVENTS have been lined up to HALT Malaysia's smooth progress towards vision 2020.

    There are subsersives who do not want to see 2020 happen.

  24. itu lah pasalnya. sekarang ni musim menuai dan nikmati kemerdekaan dah. jadi pengorbanan sape yang perlu buat ???

    maka rakyat hendak makan dan enjoy kemerdekaan. oleh itu tak payh la nak banding zaman menebang dan menanam dengan zaman sekarang iaitu zaman menuai.

    sekarang siapa yg buncit perut makn hasil kemerdekaan ??? siapa dulu yang menebang dan menebas serta menanam ??? hehehehe jawab dulu isu ni bro sabri

  25. Anonymous11:06 am

    wah making money!

    bet u come next year, all got sapu like they did with mas & sime.

  26. Anonymous11:38 am

    Shazali was also an ex-bizz grad from itm (ada gambar dia kat foyer tgh ketuk drum masa muda). Hebatlah mu yob, kome bangge kamu orang perak..

  27. Anonymous1:08 pm

    well done Malay!

  28. Anonymous11:51 am

    Aiyah. Axiata Group CEO is also Malay lah. His name is Jamaluudin. He is also NEP product.

  29. Bolehan12:50 pm

    Not sure about now, but if not mistaken, TM/Celcom used to be the only h/p service supplier for the govt, so this gave them lots of fixed biz that its competitors had no way to getting.

  30. Anonymous10:41 am

    Tahniah. Shazali telah membuktikan bahawa walaupun dia tak pernah masuk ofis pagi2 dan tak sembahyang jumaat, dia masih boleh berjaya. Bayangkanlah kalau dia pegi keje pagi2 setiap hari dan solat jumaat tiap minggu...

  31. Anonymous10:49 am

    Tak tau malu ka? Nak kutuk org, tapi nama pun salah. Shahzali la bukan Shahziman!