Thursday, June 03, 2010

NO to non-Malays in KL's Kg Baru

"We are going to fight for our land. We will never accept the proposal to open 40 percent to non-Malays in Kampung Baru. Any native of Kampung Baru will not agree to the proposed lifting of restricted ownership.This land belongs to the Malays, hence the name Malay Agricultural Land. It was given by the then Sultan Selangor to the Malays." - Baki Husin, 72, a Kg Baru land owner

The above are excerpts from The Malay Mail's report No to non-Malays in Kg Baru. It's the Most Viewed article this week. To be fair to the government, it has said that the proposed 60:40 idea is just an idea and that it's out to gather feedback. Well, based on the feedback so far, the FT and Urban Well-being Minister Raja Nong Chik must realize now that it's not going to be a walk in the park at all. Previous administrations have tried. I think it would be wise to accept that he only way to develop Kg Baru is to ensure that Malay ownership remains intact. It ain't broke, why fix it? 


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    bila idris ckp pasal subsidi tak pernah jaga mulut. bila kene marah dgn melayu, najib cakap, belum buat lagi. proposed aje. survey dulu.
    bila ckp pasal MEB yg lebih kepada non-malay dan melayu marah, najib ckp, belum buat lagi, proposed aje, survey dulu.
    amacam kalau melayu cakap, kau boleh pegi mampus najib. nanti bila kau marah najib, aku cakap la, bukan aku nak buat, aku propsed aje, survey duluuuuu..

    lain kali kepada najib, raja nong dan seangkatan dengannya.
    pikir la masak masak sebelum buka mulut. tak kan nak jaid mcm pak lah yg BODOH tu.
    ada 'death wish' tak nak menang pilihanraya ke?
    eh.. aku survey aje, proposed dulu..

  2. glassman12:22 pm

    ask not when the sultan gave you(the malays) the land, but ask where else the sultan gave the chinese land, until there's a place name Kampung Lok Yew in Kg semarak,. or some other places where previous Sultans too gave land, ain't this not enuff?

  3. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Kat KL ni dah ada satu tempat tu dikenali sebagai "China Town".

    Dan ada dua tempat pulak dikenali sebagai "Little India".

    Dah tu kenapa nak kacau kawasan Melayu?????

    Tongong punya menteri - semua cina nak bagi. Semua india nak pun bagi. Tapi depa tak mau pun bagi hak depa sikit pun.

    Kenapa menteri-menteri sekarang ni bagi muka sangat kat cina dan india?

    Dah takda kote ke?

    -tukang perati

  4. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Dahlah 99% bangunan dan tanah dekat KL dimiliki oleh bukan Melayu. Tanah Melayu yang ada sekangkang kera ini pun nak dikongsi 60:40. Mana ada sama rata...

  5. Anonymous12:38 pm

    no to non-malays? well good luck trying to develop it without them then. do u think that u can live without the non-malays? when will you all ever learn. this is malaysia, not meant just for malays. say what you want but reality is that the non-malays have toiled to make malaysia a better country. you can keep your fking 'malay' land the non-malays have managed to survive despite having two hands tied behind our back and we will continue to do so.

  6. JohorMali12:51 pm

    Mr Rock,
    I would love to know whether our Pak Baki is a sole registered owner of the Kg Baru land. If it is so, I angkat topi and tabik him.
    And you added that if it ain't broke why fix it? So the status quo remains, the haphazard extension of houses to cater for the immigrants not only from overseas but from other states of Malaysia.

  7. Anonymous12:56 pm

    It ain't broke, why fix it? I agree. Why is the govt forcing this issue. Because the fat cats and cronies are eying the large piece of prime land.

    I support the residents of Kampung Baru.

  8. vinnan1:04 pm

    What the fu;' makes thes Malays think the non-Malays WANT the langd in Kg Baru. The non-Malays have never wanted the land and never will.

    Tak mahu dan Tak hairan.

  9. Anonymous1:07 pm

    It should be obvious to any fool. The reason why non-Malays are included is common sense. The demand will be higher. The value of the land will treble at least.

    With no "pendatangs" the value of the land will be lower. The "unlcocking" of the value will not occur.

    Some rich Malays will snap up all the land individually, through holding companies and proxies. Some time down the line they will petition the government to allow them to swap some pieces of land in Kajang or Ulu Selangor as reserve land in place of KBaru.

    Then they will lease or sell out to multinational corporations and retire happily to live in Sydney or Switzerland.

  10. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Rocky, unfortunately, unless and until the suggestion by the Government is considered by landowners in Kg Baru with a mind void of emotion and more with rationale, the real estate value of Kg Baru cannot be fully realised and will remain lethargic.

    Should and when Kg Baru be developed with its present landowners, will any big-name business house or professional-service firm (legal-architectural-accounting-engineering firm)rent premises at the redeveloped Kg Baru?

    I suspect 'no' as the address will not impart, unfortunately, class.

    However, I would to be proven wrong.

    Think Rationally

  11. Masalahnya bro, Melayu yang cerdik dan pandai di Kampung Baru tu dah selamanya gagal menyelesaikan masalah mereka sendiri.

    Mereka duduk diatas sekeping tanah bertaraf lebih 6 bintang tetapi mereka hanya meraih pulangan tak sampai 2 bintang.

    Kalau diberi kepada bangsa Cina contohnya dah lama kampung baru tu mendatangkan hasil yang lumayan kepada penduduknya.

    Tak payah pakai kerajaan...buat sendiri je.

    Tapi biasalah, bila orang nak tolong, terus minta juta-juta tapi hak sekelumit pun tak mahu terjejas.

    Bangun lah dari tidur. Dah lama sangat lena.

    Tak payah lah salahkan orang, cari je penyelesaian sendiri

  12. Biarkanlah Kg.Baru begitu sahaja. Ianya berwajah seakan Pulau Melayu ditengah2 ibu negara. Kg Baru simbolik kepada benteng pertahanan bangsa melayu. Sewaktu tragidi 13 Mei, Kg.Baru banyak menyelamatkan pelarian orang melayu dari menjadi mangsa keganasan dibandaraya. I am one of them. There is a place to run and hide.

    Kerajaan hanya perlu memberi perhatian terhadap premis2 yg tahap miskin dan perlu dibantu.
    Terlalu banyak kampong yg kenyap dari peta negara atas nama pembangunan. Lama kelamaan istilah balik kampong turut pupus.

    Bukan senang nak jumpa KAMPONG IN THE CITY. Maybe the only kind in the world.

  13. Rocky,
    Have you ever visited the various Mara owned commercial buildings that only Malay traders can own shop lots and do business?? They are in a pathetic state!

    The Malay traders are crying foul coz the Chinese and the Indians refuse to shop there .And why should they shop there?

    Is Kg baru gonna suffer the same fate?

  14. Anonymous2:26 pm

    (Free Malaysia Today) - The world’s oldest pro-Israeli organisation, B’nai B’rith International has declared Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim as 'a threat' to the Jews and urged the US cut ties with him.

    In a letter dated May 25 to US Foreign Relations Senate Committee president John F Kerry, B’nai B’rith blamed Anwar for inciting hatred towards the Israel and the Zionist-Jews.

    The organisation voiced its concern over Anwar’s statements in Parliament in April where he linked Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to global image consultants Apco Worldwide.

    They also took offence at Anwar’s speech when he exposed the infiltration of the Royal Malaysian Police's headquarters in Bukit Aman by agents linked to the Tel Aviv regime.

    "Anwar Ibrahim should not be accorded the honour and respect which he now receives as a result of his good relations with the US,” said B’nai B’rith president Dennis W Glick.

    “His attack on Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is tainted with lies and anti-Jewish and anti-Israel semantics,” the letter said.

    "We ask Washington to terminate all relations with Anwar."

    B’nai B’rith, established on Oct 13, 1843, has 200,000 members and supporters in 50 countries.


    hahah bnai brith now supports Najib . Maybe they can even invest in this project via APCO

    Tk Kok

  15. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Look, Chinese are opportunists. They will invest where there is money to make. If, the Malays are against non-bumi ownership of Kg Baru land and the title remains Malay Reserved Land... trust me, the Chinese or other races won't want to touch their land with a 10 ft pole. Nothing racist, it's just simple fact 'reserved' land cannot fetch premium price and has limited developing possibility.

    Even bumis don't want to buy reserved lots/condos if they can help it. Hard to sell mar... just pure economics.

  16. Anonymous3:02 pm

    perkasa would be all over this very very soon. racist bastards


  18. Kg Baru folks have the ultimate right to decide on their land, let their views prevail. Land is a very race sensitive matter especially in Malaysia, I think if its a new village the residents there will make the same demand as the kampung Baru folks.

    If huge funding is needed then maybe have a look at the millions collected by The Baitulmal, unlock the millions in Baitulmal to fund property development for low end and high end business which can then be leased to others for halal commercial purposes and ventures at lower price then other commercial areas in Kuala Lumpur then watch Kg Baru grow.

  19. Anonymous3:32 pm

    I think the govt wanted non malays to participate so that the venture would be more commercially viable. If only malays are allowed to participate, it might not be doable. The land there will remain under developed and under priced compared to the vicinity. You can kiss the RM1000 per sf apartments good bye. LV and Gucci will not rent the shops there too because the catchment area is not rich enough. Sentimental value or gross development value psf, you choose.

  20. Dear Rocky,

    A proposal such as this only serves to fire people up. I can assume it is just a way for politicians to gather support. You can achieve the same objective with a lot less agro.

    The first thing that needs to be done is to re-allign/re-organise land titles in Kg Baru. I believe it is a mess right now with competing rights of ownership galore. In one sense, the area really is a "kampung". After that abolish the "malay reserve" status. By doing these things, land value in that area will definitely skyrocket. After that leave it to the owners to decide whether to sell to non-malays. Then we will see how strong the "semangat melayu" is.

  21. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Haven't the Chinese and Indians had enough? Hand over Chow Kit if they want to get their grubby hands on Kampung Baru.
    If they want more land, restrict the size of their graveyards. Even the Chinese in Singapore and China do not have that privilege.
    Whatever bits the Malays have and own - do not allow the Corporate Pirates, both Malays and non-Malays to get at them!

    Malay Cats of Kampung Baru

  22. I would say that it is commendable that the Malays have leaders such as this Kampung Baru landowner and others like him who would sacrifice just about anything to maintain the Malay heritage of Kampung Baru. I have to admit that Kampung Baru is magical as it presently is. To walk into it or drive through it and immediately feel like you are walking into one of the old P. Ramlee's movies was something I found very captivating the first time I drove into Kampung Baru. Especially so when only seconds before you were driving through Jalan Sultan Ismail.

    That this leader would be willing to have his land valued at RM350 a sq ft instead of RM1,500 a sq ft speaks volumes for his patriotic stance. I think we should support him!

  23. Anonymous4:20 pm

    I'm sure so many Taukey Cina sudah kautim sama Najib. Otherwise, this 60:40 from Kg Baru folks will not surface at all.

    Cukup ler adik kau Nazir kicked out ramai orang melayu dari CIMB dan mengagung2kan bangsa lain konon2nya performance basis. Takkan kau pun dua kali lima juga Najib?

    Orang Melayu Kg Baru ex-CIMB

  24. The whole of KL already belong to non-malays - still not enough eh?

    Low Yat, Petaling Street & KLCC 50-50..can meh?

  25. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Whole KL already belong to non-malays, still not enough eh?

    Low Yat, KLCC, Petaling Street must 50-50 can meh?

  26. LuPikirSendiri4:29 pm

    "To be fair to the government, it has said that the proposed 60:40 idea is just an idea and that it's out to gather feedback. "

    if the proposed 60:40 idea is just an idea, why the hell govt already has the ratio of 60:40? why not "we are not sure about the ratio yet as we are just testing the water, it could be 90:10, or 80:20 or 50:50"

    Something is not right somewhere, obviously!

  27. Malaysian?4:44 pm

    Have anyone ever thought about how it is to know that one is a citizen of a country but will be treated different from the privilaged for eternity extending to great-grand children to great-great-grandchildren......

    If NEP is for a fixed period, many can accept, but forever?

  28. Malaysian?4:50 pm

    To pay the bulk of the taxes to the government and yet ......

  29. Politicians sold our balls5:35 pm

    What else will the Najib administration open to other races?

    After Petronas, now it's Kg Baru's time.

    I have a few questions.

    Najib is opening up and giving up Malay rights and power in the name of 1 Malaysia.

    Are the other races (Chinese particularly) opening up and giving away some of their power, rights and unspoken advantage to the Malays too?

    Have the Chinese bosses decided to pay the Malays the same salary as they pay the Chinese?

    Have there been newly appointed, capable Malays in Chinese controlled companies since Najib launched 1Malaysia?

    I have worked for 5 Chinese controlled companies. I know how Malays are being discriminated against in private sectors.

    p/s I don't expect Pakatan to be better. What's happening now is we Malays are losing our balls, and we're still smiling like idiots.

  30. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Dear UMNO,
    Nice "idea" to lose another election.
    Why don't you try another idea of "take Chinese citizenship away".
    This statement will surely make you lose the election.


  31. The malays in Kg.baru are enjoying everything.They are in the middle of a city. Why bother them when they are contended.Who is trying to make big money by wooing them into joint development ? The chinese have never proposed anything of such. The last time, Mahathir pulled in RHB to develop Kg. Baru , the project failed for sometime. RHB is not developer so it joint ventured with DAWOO to develop Bandar Wawasan. What is the WAWASAN ? I have no clue. Bank ISlam, UNIKL,Bandaraya are asked to occupy vacant buildings. That was Phase One.
    Now Najib is proposing Phase Two.He thinks it would be a failure without chinese participation. Yes, indeed. Once the chinese move in to Kg.Baru , you can't stop massage centres, fuck joints, video games, pubs and karaokes next door to mosque. The malay population is already spoilt. Look around Kg.Baru and Chow Kit. Plenty of pondans, prostitutes,drug addicts doing their daily routine as if tomorrow is today.Once you include the chinese, you can't exclude the Indons. Infact they will outnumber the malays soon in Kg.Baru. The chinese business would naturally employ Indon maids and menfolk as their cheap labour.
    Majulah Kg. Baru. Pak Yazid will fade away from our memories soon once you change the landscape of Kg.Baru !

  32. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Is a chicken and egg problem.
    Here an example, if 100% Malay control Pak Ali land only worth RM2 million because no Malay company can afford so land price stay low.
    If 40% participation by Towkay land price went up and Ali land worth RM10 million, 60% of RM10 million is RM6 million. So Pak Ali is happier if Towkay participate.

    So simple yet this group of people can't see it, no wonder even with Tongkat for 53 years also no help.

  33. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Well done, Sdr Baki Husin.

    Don't ever let them do the most stupid, uncaring and Pengkhianat Melayu act ever imagined. Do tell your waris also not to allow that if they continue to try to do it at a later time. Hope you'll get others there also to your stand.

    That's the clearest evidence of attempting to give away Hak Melayu. Where's UMNO in all this, why are they not speaking up against such stupendous stupidity by their leader. Get Perkasa, the 76 Malay NGOs and the Melayu Bangkit movement also to shout against this preposterous idea.

    Enough with Exco Kedah, goaded by the DAP, wanting to develop Malay Reserve land in that state and sell 40% to non-Malays. Surely Najib and the Minister whatever are not so bankrupt of ideas as to suggest this 60:40 stupidity. UMNO should call for his resignation for mooting out this concept.

    Why can't they get PNB or some wholly Malay-interest agency of that caliber to develop it, hold the unsold units until there are enough Malays to afford buying any unsold units.

    Well done also to Dato Rocky for highlighting this in the Malay Mail. The idea is a non-starter and must be shot down, nipped in the bud. Pursue it until they drop the idea or develop Kg Baru in acceptable ways, Dato. You will be remembered for your bit towards the Malays. Unlike Najib would, I don't think.

  34. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Istilah "KG BARU" di seluroh Malaysia adalah Penempatan kaum CINA,,,macammana bole timbul KG BARU di KL,,?????

    BOLE dikatakan KG MELAYU,,di NUSANTARA MALAYSIA mana ada 100% MALAY,,????

    SLAP-SILAP tanah di KG BARU sudah bertukar tangan kepada ABANG-ABANG ALONG CINA bertopeng MELAYU,,!!!!!

    Takkan lah MELAYU bole bagunkan kawasan KG BARU,,,,mana datang duit???? Of COURSE mesti ada CINA di BELAKANG PM,,macam SG BESI,,SG BULOH.,,!!!

    Kalu involvement of KHAZANAH,,,mesti ada CINA,,moreover duit pon DUIT ORANG CINA,,,,EPF,,,,main contributor is CHINESE.

    TAK BANKCRUPT ke NEGARA,,,kalu KG BARU diMAJUKAN before 2019,?????


  35. Dear All,

    Please read the news below by TheEdge on Khazanah/Temasek JV to develop 670 acres of land in S'pore in relation to Tg Pagar issue.

    The JV ratio is 60:40, yup, its 60:40. Sounds familiar right? Could Khazanah be the culprit behind Kg Baru's "idea" of 60:40? This is really sad!

    Resolved: KTM land issue in Singapore

    By Nadia S Hassan
    Tuesday, 25 May 2010 10:55
    KUALA LUMPUR: The 20-year-old hot-button topic between Malaysia and Singapore over parcels of railway land in Woodlands, Kranji and Bukit Timah in the city-state has been resolved.

    Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd’s (KTM) Tanjong Pagar station in Singapore will be relocated to the Woodlands checkpoint by July 1, 2011. The two countries will establish a company known as M-S Pte Ltd by December to jointly develop the land in Tanjong Pagar, Woodlands, Kranji and Bukit Timah, totalling 670 acres.

    According to a joint statement by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong yesterday, these tracts of land could be swapped for land of equivalent value in Singapore’s Marina South and Ophir/Rochor area.

    The joint-venture company will be owned 60:40 by Khazanah Nasional Bhd and Temasek Holdings, the statement said.

    In addition, Malaysia’s customs, immigration and quarantine facilities will also be based at the Woodlands checkpoint.

  36. Anonymous8:50 pm

    apo kono nyo gomen umno ni. tak rhoti2 kan ati melayu ni cam no. nak di test test lai. Asyik celop duit sampei dah lupa tontang melayu. po nak jadi nak ooooi

  37. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Anon 4:15 pm said "Haven't the Chinese and Indians had enough? Hand over Chow Kit if they want to get their grubby hands on Kampung Baru."

    Huh???? Did the non-Malays ask for this or was this just the Gomen's own stupid suggestion??? As a non-Malay I wouldn't and have never thought of wanting Malay Reserved Land - it is a given that this is for Malays. Stupid that's all I can say about this Anon and others who keep on blaming non-Malays for all their woes.

  38. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Salam Dato Rocky'

    Komen ini saya tujukan kepada Pemimpim-pemimpin Melayu yang duduk dalam atau luar kerajaan termasuk DS Najib dan lain2 dalam pembangkang.

    Terang-terang dari apa yang berlaku dan berlalu kamu Pemimpin Melayu semua bukan lah berjuang untuk bangsa , agama dan negara tapi lebih kepada memperkayakan diri dan kroni2 kamu semua. Tengoklah sebelum ini , apa Pak Lah dan kroni dia buat, apa Nor Mohd buat. Apa kah kerugian kerajaan termasuk syarikat GLC diatas kebohohan pemimpin Melayu kita dibiarkan berlalu macam itu sahaja. Apakah Idris jala begitu bijak pandai sangat menjangkakan negara akan muflis dalam tahun 2019 sekiranya sabsidi terus diberi kepada perkara tertentu. Saya minta Idris cuba banding kerugian demi kerugian yang dialami oleh Kerajaan dan skt GLC Kerajaan , berapakah sangat sabsidi yang diberi kepada raayat.

    Saya minta Najib cuba kaji dan beri penekanan kepada isu yang dibangkit oleh rakyat khususnya orang Melayu dan ambil tindakan menanganinya secara positif. Bukan laksanakan idea "pemikir' yang hanya tahu mengampu, hanya sesuai untuk bacaan tapi tak praktikal.

    Lihatlah kelantangan anak haram Cina , Hindu pariah dan sebilangan Melayu dan Mamak haram jadah Mereka tidak rasa gentar atau takut langsung kepada kerajaan. Apa sebab perkara ini boleh berlaku. Lain tak bukan pemimpim Melayu adalah lemah dan senantiasa terpaksa tunduk kepada desakan bangsa anak haram ini kerana pemimpin melayu sendiri penuh dengan najis dibelakang mereka. Sebab itu mereka (pembangkang) beria-ia sangat nakkan Anwar Ibrahim jadi pemimpim mereka supaya senang dikotak katit.

    Jadi wahai pemimpim melayu, sedar lah diri sikit. Kalau kamu hanya nak buat duit dan cari kekayaan , tengoklah apakan jadi dalam PRU 13 nanti.

    Ingat ini "TANAH MELAYU' dan bukan tanah Cina atau Tanah Hindu. Dia orang boleh berambus. Anak haram.


  39. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Just with the 40% participation, Kampung Baru will transform into a new tourist prostitution centre to compliment Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang...

    Najib.... jangan bawa masuk penyakit!!

    Open this 40% only to Muslim overseas Non-Bumis.. they will understand our culture better.


  40. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Hey Malays - keep that kampung melay to yourselves. i don't want it & i can't afford it.


    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King Jr

    "One of the annoying things about believing in free will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it's remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver's license." P.J. O'Rourke

  41. vinnan10:38 pm

    To all you racist ass;']s like Anon 4.15pm.


    Najib suggested the 60:40 split so as to stir up racial sentiments among the Malays. Now that the Malays have been made stupid, Najib and his UMNO bastards are going to buy the land dirt cheap from the Malays in Kg.Baru. How easy is it to screw the Malays and no one is better at it than UMNO.

    It is racist idiots like you peple who make is easy for UMNO to sodomize the Malays

  42. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    Cukuplah Nizar seorang je jadi Gus Dur, bila dia naikan leasehold Kg. Baru Cold Stream ke 999 tahun. Raja Nong Cik pun nak jadi Gus Dur juga..........

    Ibrahim Kati
    Padang Rengas

  43. Anonymous11:40 pm

    " Anonymous said...

    no to non-malays? well good luck trying to develop it without them then. do u think that u can live without the non-malays? when will you all ever learn. this is malaysia, not meant just for malays. say what you want but reality is that the non-malays have toiled to make malaysia a better country. you can keep your fking 'malay' land the non-malays have managed to survive despite having two hands tied behind our back and we will continue to do so.

    12:38 PM"

    Fucking Anon 12:38PM,

    Kamu ni sourgrape la....

    Takpa la kalau kamu kata Melayu tak boleh dan tak pandai buat pembangunan negara.

    Tapi kalau bagi kat cina, tu PKFZ apa jadi? Cina kan yang membangunkan PKFZ? Segala peringkat menimbun putar belit dan penipuan. Cina ni kalau tak menipu tak sah la.

    Perwaja pun hancus bila cina pegang.

    Tapi KLCC, KLIA, Putrajaya, Lebuhraya, Jambatan Pulau Pinang, PETRONAS, PROTON, PNB dan banyak lagi tu apa cerita? Semua tu berjaya dibangunkan kerana cina ke? Tanpa cina tak boleh dibangunkan ke?

    Kamu ni tak faham-faham. Dah terang lagi bersuluh - Nama negara ni MALAYSIA, bukan CINASIA atau INDIASIA! Asal MALAYSIA ialah perkataan MALAY! Dan MALAY tu MELAYU!

    Nama asal negara ni ialah TANAH MELAYU, bukan TANAH CINA atau TANAH INDIA!

    -tukang perati

  44. Anonymous11:43 pm

    tak perlu gaduh gaduh ... biar lah kaum melayu jer yang bangunkan ... cina, india, mat salleh dan lain-lain boleh invest tempat lain ... at the end of the day, the result will show ... we are still a fucking racist country ... 52 years of independence ... and we still the rules of the jungle ... give me a break ...

  45. Menteri-menteri Melayu patut jaga orang Melayu dulu.Ini tidak - Menteri-menteri Melayu kelihatannya seperti hendak melaksanakan dasar Malayan Union British tahun 1946 dulu.Masing-masing berlumba-lumba nak tunjuk hebat kepada orang bukan Melayu bahawa dialah yang paling liberal dan paling hebat. Sehinggakan sembahyang hajat dan bacaan YaaSiin pun dibuat untuk orang bukan Islam supaya menang pilihanraya.
    Sekarang Kampung Melayu pun hendak difara'id kepada orang bukan Melayu. Mereka sanggup ke bagi Bukit Cina kepada Melayu jika dimajukan seperti itu.

  46. The Simple Man12:04 am

    I know that NAZA quite a large chunk of the Kg. Baru land. They've been wanting to develop it for some time. They are just looking for the right break through. I believe they got hold of the land through close door negotiations.( Corruption a norm with the BN Govt and the way they award contracts and stuff). Just like how they got the confirmation to develop Matrade for a big chunk of land surrounding it. All these through Najib's approval. 15 mins with Najib in Paris sealed the deal. So moral is if they develop Kg. Baru and don't open up at least 40% to non malay buyers how are they going to push up the price and sell off their development? If they just sell it the Malays they would have to sell it Govt. rate. Rugi lah!!!

  47. Hang Sebat12:10 am

    The 60:40 idea is a damn STUPID idea detrimental to Malay interests. Kg Baru NEED NOT have non-Bumi ownership to make it a vibrant and viable commercial/residential development. What is needed is a VERY GOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN with good infrastructure to tranform it into a high class development. A Bumiputra Real Estate Investment Trust Company can be set up as owners of the Kg Baru properties where existing Kg Baru owners would be offered shares in the Bumi REIT Company. The trust shall then raise the necessary funds to develop the development projects by issuing new shares to new Bumi investors and Bumi corporate institutions like Tabung Haji , LTAT ,and PNB.

    With a fantastic development plan , not only non-Bumi will lease the property units but also foreigners will make the area as the area of choice for their corporate offices and business premises.

    I am sure the lease income from the new Kg Baru development will contribute positively towards increasing the value of the Bumi REIT Company and its shareholders i.e. the Bumi investing public including the original Kg Baru landowners.

  48. kpg baru has to stay
    its makes KL unique
    i am all for development but, kpg baru is too important for most Malays and non-Malay KLites and Malaysians.
    I take my family there.
    I take my chinese friends there.
    I take my mat salleh friends there
    they all love it
    I will personally defend kg baru.

    without history, we are nothing.

  49. Fire Extimguisher :((((12:39 am

    Woman dies in fire as BHP staff refuse to loan fire extinguisher

  50. Anonymous2:20 am

    Knowing very well that we could get what we want for example traditional Malay handicrafts in Medan Mara but yet we prefer to get it in Petaling Street or Bukit Bintang.

    Let say we have a good chance of a life time seeing a world class shopping complexes in Kampung Baru, but then who going to purchase the shop lots? Malays?

    Knowing very well Malays only interested in buying roti canai and nasi lemak at Malay stalls, which Malay entrepreneurs might want to make investments because as expected responds would definitely be slow?

  51. This whole thing is rubbish... someone obviously think the blog world has nothing racial to discuss hence throw a spoiler to stir up the strife among races...

    You can see from the comments here, a lot of question asking if the non-malays still not satisfied after occupying KL etc…
    Loosing the melayu status to the non-malays
    Loosing the malay right
    Greedy Chinese kauteh etc...

    But these people basically missing the whole point – the intention of the controversy 'idea' is to increase the land value of these places...
    Why? Well u have to ask the UMNO warlords who after loosing Selangor to PR and now finding ways to make quick bucks
    if it is any chinese taukeh's idea... then it has to be someone who UMNO is happy to work with hands in hands... is it too hard to understand...

    Don’t take this opportunity to hantam the non-malays
    It only shows how shallow and simple you are.

    for those who complain and hate the the non-malays on everything... why can't they just stop supporting UMNO altogether?? since UMNO is working with so many chinese datuks and taukehs on so many projects and undertable deals...

    how can u, support the umno / bn and complain about the non-malays ... while they openning announce new project / deals working with the chinese

    a bit like the drama on the Jews working for the government projects, isn't it???

    OK, don't blame me being anti jews or anti chinese taking up government projects, but merely pointing out the obvious to some people.

    Failing to see your real enemy is your biggest problem.

  52. Mustapha Ong6:13 am

    Salam Rocky's Bru,

    The bottom line is the Malays in KL's Kg Baru do not want the non-Malays to be the part of the government's effort to develop the premium city land which had remained an eye sore to the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur.

    I am not a racist but a loyalist of second generation of Chinese in this land known as Malaysia, Tanah Melayu. My great grandfather Yap Ah Loy had helped to develop the tanah lumpur of this Tanah Melayu.

    Back then in the 15th century, the Chinese and the Malays were true brothers and sisters, and their loyalty to the Sultans were never questionable. However, it is extremely sad that after more than 53 years of the nation's independence, we are still faced with racial divide and so protective of our ethnic origins and Ketuanan Melayu.

    We should go beyond the landscape of Kuala Lumpur and look into the core developments of all our major cities and towns. Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kuching and some of the Federated Malay States were developed by the hardworking and laborious Chinese towkays. The Malays, Indians and others were part of the physical labour to develop the land infrastructure, etc.

    In modern Malaysia, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya would be non-existence today if we had disputed on the same argument as some of the Malay nationalists in Kg Baru. Thanks to former premier Tun Mahathir for being firm in his administration.

    What has the folks and land owners in Kg Baru have to lose, if the joint development is shared with the ratio of 60:40 equity between the Malays and non-Malays? Why are we being so racialist and condemn the non-Malays or deprived the existence of our fellow Malaysians who had for centuries contributed together to the socioeconomic developments of this country?

    On the same tone, I have yet to hear the younger voice of the Kg Baru residents and come forward to protest against the non-Malays involvement of the remaining development of the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur.

    The development of Kg Baru is not a new issue. Previous administration had spent so much effort to plan the redevelopment of Kg Baru into another commercial and residential hub within the city, comparable to the old race course area of KLCC. Did the Malays question the development of KLCC or Bukit Bintang? It was a win-win situation and nobody complained based on feudal attitude and racialism outburst.

    In the end the non-Malays will not be interested to be part of the redevelopment of Kg Baru, if the government initiative is bogged down by selfish and unrealistic approach to the process of our national development, not only in Kuala Lumpur but also some other states. Just look at the different level of development between Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah, Perlis and those in Penang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Melaka, Kuching, Miri, Sibu and other major township where the Chinese are the majority population.If Singapore is 60:40 percent Malays and Chinese respectively, I think the present landscape will not be the same and perhaps remain 50 years backward in development.Will this rationale argument sink into the mind of some of the Kg Baru Malays that they are sabotaging the government's effort to further develop Kuala Lumpur, in order to enhance the value of their ancestral land?

  53. Anonymous6:16 am

    Watch out for more surprises when Najib does his walkabout. This Kg Baru thing came about after his walkabout. Lucky he walked about there much later than he did the Chinese newspaper Sin Chew. And after he walked about the Chinese schools. If not, we'd probably see Chinese signboards in Kg Bahru already.

    Najib, Najib. A far cry from your father who fought for and promoted the Malays. Such a shame. Not his father's son. UMNO should get him out. UMNO is supposed to protect and promote Malay interests. Najib has hardly done that so far. Instead he promoted Chinese interests. Look at his liberalisation and NEM. He does not seem to care much for the Malays who have only 18% corporate wealth (not yet counting other forms of wealth).

    And Mahathir made him Deputy Minister at 25, a Menteri Besar at 29, he said yesterday. Just because he carries Tun Razak's name. I'm not DAP, PAS or PKR or anything. But I feel a huge, utter shame for Najib.

  54. Anonymous6:52 am

    Anon 12.38 PM,

    Go on having your hands tied behind your back. The Malays never did it. You might have done it among yourselves. The Japanese might have done it during the war.

    Malays cannot develop it without the Chinese? Have you not seen Tabung Haji buildings. Or PNB buildings? Since you asked, I'll say that we can live without the non-Malays. The Papua New Guineans have done it. They are now 34 years after independence.

    We don't have to "ever learn", old boy. We knew it "since day one" as the British said but agreed to citizenship for you in the hope you become reasonable. True, this is malaysia, not meant just for malays. But it's meant only for the reasonable and decent non-malays.

    The Chinese can go on "toiling to make malaysia a better country" like everybody else. Don't use words like "fking 'malay' land" because that's what makes you unreasonable, indecent and unacceptable in this country. People like you should be shown the door to the highlands of Papua New Guinea where they still practise cannibalism. Look up the dictionary if you don't know the word, boy.

  55. Anonymous7:08 am

    Anon 1.07 PM

    It is not "common sense" to allow Malay reserve land to be given away 40% to non-Malays just because of going for the higher value. It may be common sense only to the fools. Because on that basis all Malay reserve land will be gone in no time.

    If developed by PNB or Tabung Haji, the developed lots will continue to be Malay owned forever. Unsold lots may be held in custody for Malays as and when they have the capacity to buy all. Rent them out. Force Malay GLCs and others to move there. After all, Sime Darby gave away billions to others in Kuwait, Bakun and elsewhere.

    Twist the arms of the GLCs to help. Instead of going to Parliament to get the power to develop Kg Bahru and possibly forcing or arm-twisting the un-coperative Malays to agree to the current stupid proposal. The proposal is simply unacceptable. It's plainly giving away Malay rights. The Malays will curse it. Present and future generations.

  56. Anonymous7:30 am

    "Are the other races (Chinese particularly) opening up and giving away some of their power, rights and unspoken advantage to the Malays too?"
    —Politician sold our ball

    Haha! I like the "unspoken advantage". No way will the Chinese give out to you, you have to earn it. Just like the tiger in the forest will not pass meat to the monkeys, by the ways monkeys eat bananas.

  57. Anonymous7:59 am

    Hanya Yang Bangang berkata Malay Resrve Land tak mendatangkan pulangan yg lumayan. Ini hanya pendapat yg salah dan hanya bermotif untuk melemahkan kaum melayu. Kalau tak laku, habis kanpa beriya-iya sgt nakkan tanah tu? Dicadangkan agar the BIG MALAY CORPORATIONS untuk develop tanah Kg Baru tu. Jangan sekali-kali bagi peluang pada bangsa lain untuk memiliki kepentingan di dalam tanah kampong melayu tu, walupun RM1.00. Konsep melayu tak boleh bangun tanpa cina is pure RUBBISH! Itu konsep karut yg telah diterapkan ke dalam minda kita dari dulu lagi. Secara saikologi kita percaya la.. Bangsa lain mmg sudah lama inginkan tanah kg baru tu, jadi macam macam hujah mereka keluarkan untuk melemahkan melayu dan melabelkan melayu sebagai kaum lemah. Pulak tu, ada jugak melayu yg percaya konsep ini!!! Bangang betul. Persetan dgn mereka ni. Yg tak jadinya sebab melayu sesama sendiri tak berpakat dan mempunyai hasad dengki. Kita ketepikan semua itu...kita berganding bahu sesama melayu untuk majukan tanah melayu. Melayu untuk Melayu kini dan selamanya.

  58. Anonymous8:30 am

    I fully support the call. The Kg Baru folk must be thoroughly alert and cautious toward any suggestion from a government that have intention in the past to demolish our Merdeka Stadium in the name of progress. They must reject such offer even if the proposal is base on ratio 100 : 0 or any talk on inflate of land value. We do not want to turn the entire historical heritage into another a land of white elephant and shopping complex.


  59. Anonymous8:42 am

    Formula apa R Nong Chik cakap tu. Tak hairan bandar K Lumpur sekarang ni kotor dan tak terurus tidak saperti dulu, datuk bandar tidur .. otak tak cerdik

  60. Anonymous8:48 am

    Hai raja nong Chik kepala bodoh tak ada wawasan. tengok apa bolih di banggakan bandaraya kuala lumpur jalan rosak, kotor, penjaja haram macam jakarta, nak cakap pasal pembaharuan orang melayu ???

  61. Anonymous9:04 am

    The more common argument is that "without non-malay intervention, the place will still be under-developed"

    Reminds me of that big towkay who once said to a malay coolee, "Without us the chinese you people still be sitting on the floors" to which he retorted, "I would gladly pay to sit on floors if it can ensure me that you people can get out of this country to where you originally belong".

    Racism? Ask the towkay. Not the coolie.

    Anak Kg Baru

  62. Anonymous9:12 am

    Sad lah! even in business the malays owning the land are not serious to improve for their kind! It's just land bro ! earth lah and when its RESERVED MALAY LAND no VALUE lah!
    No Malays would pay prime prices for it because its all talk when only malays can sell to malays only!
    It's high time for the malay to grow rich now when the iron is hot.Hey! with those millions you can have your flashy cars , and additional wives for company!Is it wrong to have such wealth when its a willing seller and buyer option?
    Dont stop others lah from being rich!
    Heritage thing dont bring wealth for you on the table!
    Why not let that super malay leader in PERKASA suggest a helping hand on the fate of KG.BAHRU land .Let see this smart ass suggest something helpful.
    Economics it is , simple as that!

  63. It should be completely up to the landowner who they sell to and at what price.
    No one in government should decide who they should sell to.


  64. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I agree that Kampong Milayu, should be kept for the Malays, as that is where i PICKED up most of my EXPERINCE.

    he he he he, if you know what I mean.

    Long Wong.

  65. pocong1:06 pm

    Tidak apa yang nak dikatakan lagi. Ku sudah puas merungut di gerai semalam.

    Najib memanglah Bapa Pemberi Malaysia. Beri muka kepada keling di Hulu Selangor. Beri wang kepada Cina dan kera hutan Sibu. Beri Petronas kepada bangsa asing. Beri tanah KTM kepada Zionis Singapura. Sekarang Kg. Baru hendak diberi pula.

    Syorkan Dato Seri Ibrahim Ali untuk PM seterusnya. Muhiyiddin terlalu bingai untuk menggantikan Najib.

  66. Anonymous1:17 pm

    At that convention, DS Najib said I was shouting. I didn't, I was speaking in a normal tone. It was PM Najib who was shrieking and shouting. Your president was clearly rattled. He had to abandon a prepared speech. I talked about NEP and you know lah, for dramatic purposes, I deliberately placed a picture of Tun Razak at the back. I asked- who was the architect of NEP and I turned around and pointed at Tun Razak's portrait and ended by saying- now we have the son of the originator of the NEP who is the 6th PM of Malaysia. What kind of son is he who betrays his father? You should see Najib's face- Ibrahim Ali on what a PONDAN Najib is.

  67. Anonymous1:21 pm

    In fact I told Chua Soi Lek, we can argue but don't go personal. I told him, come elections, if you go personal, I will instruct Perkasa members to distribute videotapes of his sex romps and tell ALL PERKASA members not to vote MCA. We have agreed not to get personal - Ibrahim Ali on he UGUT Soi Lek

  68. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Raja Nong Chik said the only way for Kampung Baru to develop in tandem with its surrounding areas was to open its doors to the non-Malays.

  69. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Permodalan Nasional Bhd which FUCKED up in Sime Darby has been selected to be the lead developer for Kampung Baru.


  70. Anonymous2:23 pm

    BRITISH administrators gazetted Kampung Baru as a MALAY Agricultural Settlement in 1900 to allow the Malays to retain their lifestyle within the city.

    BETUL KAH ?????

    And united MALAYS national org (UMNO) wants to give it (40 pct) to non Malays?

    Elok jadi tanah jajahan BRITHIS dari di JAJAHI oleh VINCENT Tan melalui NAJIB.

    Mariina M

  71. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Najib announced Kuala Lumpur would be turned into a 'police zone' under the new economic order.
    He did not give details and senior police officers said they were not aware of the plans.
    Isn't that just FKUCING typical of how Najib's administration works?
    Oh, and by the way, Najib dressed in a shirt and tie for a walkabout in SS2 Petaling Jaya.
    Proving once and for all that he is totally out of touch with reality

  72. cheem peng3:03 pm

    bagi sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. jangan jadi macam palestine.

  73. Astarguy3:09 pm

    Leave alone kg baru. Dont try to mess things when the owner there are happy the way things are today. Pls go find other land to develope. BN, dont mess with the malays.. This is a warning!

  74. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    You want the Kg Baru Malays to give away their 40% share of the land and accusing them of "sabotaging the government's effort to further develop Kuala Lumpur"?

    Who are you? Are you Omar Ong's father? Talking about rushing down to Johor Bahru where Najib was going and all? Aren't you the one claiming to be Charge d'Affairs in London etc? The only Chinese in Muslim in the London mission was Mustapha Ma. And he was an Education Attache, not a full-fledged member of the High Commission, although you could be a different Mustapha. But he was an original Muslim - the Ma family had been Muslim since in China. You said your great grand father was Yap Ah Loy. A recent convert are you? If so, no wonder you seem not to understand the sentiment of the Malays on Kg Bahru Malay Reserve land.

    If Omar Ong, one of the "4th Floor" boys with Khairy, is your son, no wonder still. Najib has smeared his own name by hammering the boy into Petronas BOD. He was even a Petronas loan delinquent. How could Najib had pushed him into Petronas. Utterly ridiculous. But he was and is the boss. I hope not for long. He got the wrong advice from Omar Ong since Tun Dol's time. Look at the debacle at PRU12 - Najib was No.2 and almost as much responsible as Tun Dol for the loss of 2/3 majority.

    You write long comments in here. But if your agenda's is Omar Ong's and Najib's agenda, it's a sad and indefensible one. Don't start telling the Kg Bahru land owners about "sabotaging the government's efforts" to develop THEIR land. Lest those infuriated with the idea, as you can see above, will turn to you as a saboteur of Malay rights. It's plainly Malay rights there, don't you see? It's Malay land and Malay Reserve land, man. Your great grand father and others have already got China Town and practically all other land in KL town. Let the Malays have Kg Bahru for ever. Be reasonable.

  75. Anonymous4:07 pm

    "Oh, and by the way, Najib dressed in a shirt and tie for a walkabout in SS2 Petaling Jaya.
    Proving once and for all that he is totally out of touch with reality

    2:28 PM"

    Should the PM have worn a torn singlet, bermudas and slipper jepun for his SS2 walkabout just to fit in with the community?

  76. skilgannon10665:00 pm

    Meanwhile, major international banks are rushing to take up office space in Singapore's new Marina Bay Financial Centre to expand their regional headquarters, the latest being Standard Chartered Bank.

    Just how many international banks have their regional HQs in KL?

    Or major ICT companies for that matter?

    It doesn't matter what happens in Kg Baru as far as foreign investors are concerned. Not when India and China are beckoning and Indonesia looks increasingly attractive.

    Sometimes these intellectually devoid need to be smacked in the face with a cold dose of reality before they come to senses and realise that they are not the only game in town. No matter how much Perkasa and their ilk may hope for the contrary to be true!

  77. Anonymous5:56 pm

    A long time back when I look at Kg Baru I could already see the need for some sort of control a guideline on the haphazard construction of the houses and lots. Sambong here, patch up there, houses with sometimes more than 3 floors, practically a fortress on its own, overshadowing the old quaint ones. And when members of the family inherit portions of the land - it gets to be more chaotic, each trying to be more creative , disfiguring the natural landscape with their doubtful *taste*. Sad to say, now, it doesnt look like a Kg anymore. More like that place nanti-cakap-marah. Mana town planning? Kg Baru tak ada heritage status ke? Kalo ada tak boleh sentoh kan.

  78. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Who said about malay land will not be valued if non-malay did not have a hand on it? I doubt the statement unless you could give 1 ample example. For those ignorant MARA shoplot in other states is not in the prime area except that in KL. Would u care to know how much does it worth to do business in Medan MARA? Let people of Kg Baru and malay dwelled in the issue and certainly we do not need the non-malay to say about this. The non malay need malay more than the malay need the non malay. That's why so many fake halal cert at kopitiams.

  79. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Now I konw..

    This whole idea come from Mustapha Ong proud of Yah Ah Loy, KL, Penang, JB, Ipoh....Mustapha Ong...get lost!!

    So you said that you so proud if chinese invest then the whole area will develop? eat you proud out..!!

    Let me say one story...

    Look at Puchong, Kepong, Cheras, Tmn Melody, Pelangi, Meldrum in JB!! these are the chinese compare it with Bandar Baru Bangi, Bandar Baru UDA, Kota Warisan, Shah Alam...see my point?

    Your chinese area are so dirty, so hard to find parking place, the food is so high, VDC haram, gangster etc....still proud??

    Then if I have a choice...I will live at the place that is so quiet, peace, harmony and the price is cheap rather than something like dirty place like Puchong!!!..

    just leave Kampung Baru as it is...

    If chinese can have ChinaTown like Petaling Street...why malay can't have Kampung Baru......?? it is not racist...malay never touch ChinaTown as racist so non-malay better keep your mouth shut for Kampung Baru also...

    we as a malay not so greedy and think money is everything in this is no god!! understand?
    nothing to be proud of if the land value become high.....unless you are A GREEDY PERSON like Mustapha Ong!!


  80. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Kg Baru is always a unique and strategic site in the heart of KL golden triangle. I always enjoy stayed/rented a home when I was working at KL few years ago. Even now I always bring my family for special bubur or malay food there, went for the mosque esp during ramadan and take away the bubur lambuk during fasting months.So easy and you can get to anywhere from there. Malay Kampung in the heart of KL is sth that we should preserve . The only thing its looked a bit messy and some home/building need improvement. Hope it should be developed in its own unqiue way, retained some of its Malay Kg style and more Islamic . Maybe we could get Zakat to play its role here, after all I,m one of the contributor . Somehow I dont fancy the idea if it become like Bukit Bintang or Bangsar . Hm..unless if someone want to go for clubbing. Respect Kg Baru wish
    From a visionary mother

  81. Anonymous12:08 am


    I've left a comment addressed to you in the earlier post where you quoted the Singapore Malay MP.

    Here again, what are you trying to say? Why the hell are you talking about office spaces in Singapore when people are talking about Kg Bahru? What is your drift? I know you are Singaporean but, heck, you can't be advertising Singapore real estate in here? Have some decency annd decorum, man.

    Then you talk about the attractiveness of India, China and Indonesia for foreign investments. What are you trying to do? Put Malaysia down? Shoo foreign investors away from Malaysia? If you are a Malaysian you should be given the sula ditepi pantai treatment for disloyalty in that respect.

    You talk like a goon by saying "Sometimes these intellectually devoid need to be smacked in the face". Are you a member of one of the Chinese secret societies, thugs and gangsters first brought into the tin mines in Perak and existing right to this day even in the corridors of the Selangor State Government as stated by one ADUN and one MP?

    You belong to the DAP propaganda team, don't you? No wonder you quote the propaganda put out by the Malay MP in Sigapore. Don't be disruptive, man. Be reasonable.

  82. Anonymous12:21 am

    Hoi skilgannon1066,

    He He, kamu ni takdak nak cerita lain ke? Balik-balik nak banding dgn Singapore. Apa-apa hal issu kat Malaysia ni semua nak dibanding dgn Singapore!

    Macam budak-budak. Kamu ni sebenarnya orang Singapore ye.

    Kamu ni baru lepas sekolah mana? Darjah berapa? Budak-budak sekolah aje yang suka banding-banding sianu tu ada Tv besar, si polan tu ada kereta lebih besar.........

    Apa yang kamu susah hati kalau bank-bank nak bukak Hq kat Singapore? Tak kan kamu ni tongong sangat tak tahu hal lokasi strategik dan negara tu pun memang dah membangun menjadi pusat kewangan? Tanyalah bank-bank tu kenapa tak pilih Jakarta? Manila? Bangkok? Hanoi?.. Bebal kamu ni.

    Bingai la kamu ni nak kaitkan hal foreign investor dengan isu Kampong Baru. Depa tak nampak pun isu ni. Banyak tempat lain di Malaysia ni yang dah siap sediakan prasarana untuk hal tu. Asal boleh untung tentu depa masuk.

    Kamu kata dia orang tu "intellectually devoid"?

    Dei, cermin muka paria kamu tu dulu. Kamu tu berintelek kebudak-budakan tolong pi sekolah balik! Pi sana sini sibuk nak komen pasai macam-macam hal tapi intelek kamu hanya pandai buat perbandingan dengan idola kamu Siangapore!

    -tukang perati

  83. charleskiwi8:51 am

    I don't think there is the need to ask that non Malays not be given the right to be in Kg Baru.
    Any right minded non Malay businessmen would not considered it to be a good business proposition to be doing business there to begin with. Having said that, no doubt, there would not be any shortage of Malay businessmen wanting to be doing business there.
    I lived in the vicinity for many years and I must say my family and I always did not feel very safe
    living so near one particular community.
    When May 13 took place my business cum dwelling were not only ransacked but was burnt as well. When we tried to lodge a police report at the Campell Road police station it was not only rejected plus I was also warned by the OCI that I could be charged for making a report against any one community. My family and I had to take our misfortune and start anew somewhere else in the city with a good mixed of different communities.
    I am sure any business man would consider that before investing there, I have no qualm doing business with any particular community but I would never ever put my eggs in one basket.

  84. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Hey hey stop:

    Pertama sekali; kehadiaran cina tidak semestinya mendatangkan kemajuan, cina pun orang jugak, bukannya malaikat yang boleh buat turun rezeki. Tanpa cina sesuatu tempat itu boleh maju juga, tengok di Kelantan, selepas 10 tahun meninggalkan Kelantan, aku dapati peniaga-peniaga melayu semakin ramai, walaupun tak sehebat KL, sekurangnya boleh tengok wisma-wisma dan banggunan milik Melayu.

    Sebenarnya apa yang peniaga-peniaga Melayu perlukan bukanlah bantuan kerajaan (aku bercakap dengan peniaga Melayu sendiri dan kebanyakkan mereka tiada masa pun nak buat urusan bantuan dengan kerajaan, lebih mudah buat pinjaman dengan Ah Long katanya).

    Dan satu lagi, peniaga-peniaga Melayu yang aku jumpa, kebanyakkannya tak kisah customer dia Cina ke India ke, asal boleh masuk poket, ok. Dan kita telah tahu orang Cina memang tak akan beli di kedai Melayu (itu telah diterima sebagai hakikat perniagaan di M'sia), tetapi yang peniaga Melayu kecewa bila pelanggan Melayu sendiri pergi cari kedai Cina bila nak beli barang.

    Tentulah pelanggan akan berkata mereka mahukan kualiti/harga yang rendah dan lain-lain, tapi kalau supplier cina macam mana nak dapat murah?

  85. Anonymous5:05 pm

    why rush to develop ala chinese greed

    Malaysia should just invest in eco-lifestyle

    the "developed" countries will soon have to PAY big money just to maintain their "developed" status

    carbon credits is here to stay - and Malaysia is the ICON of an eco-friendly environment

    don't let the chinese in cahoots with the indians TELL you otherwise

    their race is already suffering dwindling descendents - doomed to extinction and minority status forever

    Just charge high FEES for the clean air provided by the rural folks to those in the cities

    this way orang kampung will be rich without any effort

    the industrialised chinese and indians will pay to BREATHE

  86. skilgannon10662:27 pm

    Anon 12:08 AM, tukang perati 12:21 AM

    Wah lau eh - long on emotion, devoid of facts! No matter, that's par for the course for those intellectually challenged who believe that the world owes Malaysia a living and, when push comes to shove, there will always be a sucker willing to bail the country's backside out of the fire.

    It's no biggie in the overall scheme of things if Kg Baru is developed, ploughed under to become in-city farmland or just left to meander along in it's own particular time warp (a la the Tanjong Pagar railway station in Singapore up to not so long ago).

    But, then, u have no shame in rolling out the red carpet for foreign investors to put money into Iskandar Malaysia and the other corridors in the country, right?

    If u had been present at one of the investment promotion conferences that the Iskandar Malaysia people did in Singapore, u would have been swiftly disabused of the cherished idea that Malaysia is God's gift to desperate foreign investors who have a lack of qualified locations where to put their moolah.

    Because Iskandar (and all the other corridors) will have to fight for every dollar, euro, yen or yuan of FDI against other desperate locations in the region and around the globe.

    And if u haven't grasped that simple fact of life by now, then u must have been living under the proverbial coconut shell!

    U might want to talk to a certain Rafidah Aziz about this. Incidentally she did a damn interesting interview in the Spore Biz Times not so long ago. And, obviously, u did not read this. Why bother, when Perkasa can break down it's views in bite-sized snippets for ease of digestion?

  87. Anonymous11:21 pm


    Apa yang kamu ni mengigau? Orang mai sini tumpu pada KL kg Baru, kamu duk melilau cerita pasai Singapork tak habis-habis. Memang kamu ni sah barua Singapore.

    Apa? Iskandar? He He itu ler idea punah LKY.
    Mula-mula dulu mau jadikan Iskandar macam Batam, sampai tak payah pakai pasport lagi.

    Lepaih tu siap ada wakil Singapore bertaraf menteri dalam jawatankuasa pembangunan Iskandar. Apa tu??? Siapa yg terkija-kija nak kan Iskandar tu dulu.

    Dan tambah pulak ingin nak buat jambatan ketiga nak sambung ke Changi. Siapa punya otak biawak kalau bukan idola kamu LKY tu.

    Intelek tongong kamu tu mana ingat hal macam ni? Otak taik kucing kamu mana mahu tahu hal macam ni?

    Dei, pi sekolah balik lah.

    -tukang perati

  88. Anonymous5:33 pm


    skewed moron, the little red dot will soon have to pay DOLLARS for their carbon prints - they have the highest number of aircon units per sq metre of land

    the island is also sinking 2INCHES every year - need DOLLARS to build a wall around the island to "imprison" the citizens

    recently the UN representative have VOICED concerns over several policies that disadvantaged the Malays - GRCs, hdb quota, no high ranking Malay in army,

    and the Malays are still lagging behind the others in education - the UN rep question this anomaly

    SO WHY SHOULD MALAYSIA look to the red dot for emulation ??

    it's going downhill - the imported chinese may also soon go back to mainland - the dot's brains are already westernised they really become the "bananas syndrome"

    you better start FACING other facts and not just look at percapita income or gdp

  89. skilgannon10663:55 pm

    Anon 5:33 PM

    Velly sori to burst your bubble, but if you had read the transcript of the UN Rep's statement in full, you would have known that he endorsed the principle of meritocracy as practised by Singapore.

    Note also that it was the Spore govt that invited the UN Rep to review it's policies. The report was made public, as was the Singapore govt's rebuttal of some of the points raised by the UN Rep.

    Will the Malaysian govt do likewise and take the initiative to subject it's policies to review by the UN Human Rights people?

    Don't hold your breath....

  90. skilgannon10664:00 pm

    tukang perati 11:21 PM

    Your point being what, precisely?


    - whose initiative led to the MSC?

    - whose initiative led to Iskandar Malaysia and the other economic corridors?

    - have you attended any of the investment promotion missions done by the Iskandar Malaysia people in Singapore or anywhere else?

    The subject of this thread is "NO to non-Malays in KL's Kg Baru". To which I posted that it's no biggie in the overall scheme of things, because whatever happens to Kg Baru will not make an iota of difference to Malaysia's competitiveness. I cannot put it anymore simply than that.

  91. Anonymous7:51 pm


    Dei, kalau kamu dah tahu topik tu pasal Kg Baru, pasai apa dok sebok nak bandingkan dgn Singapork?

    Kamu ni barua Singapork. Balik-balik cerita Singapork. Tak habis-habis. Mana-mana kamu masuk pun kamu sebut Singapork. Orang baca pun nak muntah!

    Oi, heran sangat ke nak dengar celoteh promo Iskandar tu. Kawan-kawan aku banyak kerja dalam Iskandar tu!

    Kamu tanya KJ balaci Singapork tu yang bukak jalan untuk Singapork masuk. Termasuklah pak mertua bekas PM yg suka tidor tu.

    Ni, apa cerita MSC? Kamu ni melilau atau mabuk lagi. Dah makin tongong!

    Dei, pi balik sekolah.

    -tukang perati

  92. Anonymous10:25 pm

    heh heh skewedmoron

    then why oh why is the staff appraisal STILL a closed one??

    and dear dear me why oh why is the staff performance BONUS a sacred SECRET??

    is this practising TRUE meritocracy?????

  93. Anonymous10:30 pm

    why should Malaysia compete with the heavily polluted industrialised nations, like what china is doing

    today china is so polluted it is already affecting the health of its citizens

    Malaysia CAN lead in being a MODEL eco-friendly nation

    the whole world should start charging the "advanced" countries for the global warming phenomenon especially the red dot for its VERY high per sq metre of carbon emissions

    it might end up bankrupt

  94. skilgannon10664:51 pm

    anon 5:33 PM and tukang perati have gone dumb.

    No doubt their modus operandi when faced with the hard questions!

  95. Anonymous6:47 pm


    FINALLY skewedmoron admits DEFEAT

    when he can't answer tough questions, he goes into a one-liner name-calling

    yahoo ... singapork is sinking into oblivion and non-entity together with skewedmoron

  96. Rocky, banyak komen kat sini kan? Dalam 96 komen ni tak ada satu pun yang datang dari orang Kg Baharu sendiri yang membincangkan isu ini secara rasional.

    Hakikatnya, KEBANYAKAN pemilik dan pewaris tanah Kg baharu mahu Kg Baharu dibangunkan, dan mahukan pulangan yang agak lumayan kerana nilai tanah di tengah-tengah bandaraya.

    Malangnya, sukar untuk mana-mana pihak sama ada individu atau berkumpulan membangunkan tanah secara bersendirian kerana banyak sekatan sama ada dari segi gunatanah, terlalu banyak nama dalam geran, saiz tanah yang kecil, infra yang tidak cukup (jalan terlalu kecil misalnya) dan banyak lagi.

    Oleh itu, hanya pembangunan bersama yang diketuai Kerajaan sahaja merupakan jalan terbaik. Tetapi oleh sebab masing-masing ada pendapat sendiri, dan masing-masing ada parti politik yang mereka suka dan benci, maka apa-apa cadangan dan rancangan pun ditembak dan dikritik.

    Cadangan pembangunan Kg Bharu ini dibuat denagn ikhlas. Tapi nampak gayanya belum apa-apa, perbincangan rasional diketepikan dan emosi dan sikap negatif yang terlampau menguasai semua pihak.

    Elok sebenarnya pihak yang tidak bersangkutan dengan kata lain yang tiada sangkut-paut dengan pemilik dan pewaris kurangkan sikit retorik dan emosi bersandar politik dan kaji apa yang orang Kg baharu sendiri mahu.

  97. Anonymous10:19 pm

    @tukang perati.

    Eh mestilah bandingkan dengan singapura. Singapura jiran terdekat M'sia malah sebahagian daripada M'sia dulu. Dia orang boleh takbir negara lebih cekap daripada Malaysia. Itulah manfaat kalau mengamal demokrasi sebenar, bukan nepotisme dan rasuah, racist dll. Umno yang bawa penyakit ini. Jadi fikir-fikirlah baik demi masa hadapan anak-anak kita dari semua bangsa. Berilah Pakatan peluang sekali saja. Kalau mereka tak cekap, TOLAK mereka dalam pilihan raya seterusnya. Undi Pakatan tak semestinya sokong Anwar. Jangan