Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anwar says sorry for anti-Semitic remarks

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Hero Islam? This stinger is from Reme Ahmad's blog posting Anwar mintak maaf dengan Yahud:
Bagus si Anwar Ibrahim.
Tentu ada lebih baiknya anda meminta maaf kerana berkasar dengan Yahud daripada meminta maaf dengan sesama Melayu-Islam di negara sendiri.
Beliau baru pulang dari Washington -- rupa-rupanya nak jumpa rakan Yahud meminta maaf kerana 'garang' sangat dalam isu Apco dan demo anti-Israel.

Menurut columnist akhbar utama di ibunegara Amerika, The Washington Post:
He said he regretted using terms such as "Zionist aggression," which are common coin for demagogues like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "Why do I need to use it if it causes so much misunderstanding?" he said. "I need to be more careful."
Read the article and some interesting comments here. The Washington Post article Flirting with Zealotry in Malaysia, thanks AIDC.
updates ...
June 30, 2010 20:13 PM
Anwar Tells Washington Circles He Regrets Using Terms Such As Zionist Aggression
KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 (Bernama) -- Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has told his friends in the United States (US) that he regretted using terms such as "Zionist aggression", the Washington Post reported Monday.

In an article by its deputy editorial page editor Jackson Diehl, the paper said Anwar was in Washington for a couple of days last week.

"(He) spent a lot of time offering explanations to old friends, not to mention House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman and a Jewish leader or two," Diehl wrote in the article with the headline "Flirting with zealotry in Malaysia".

Anwar said he regretted using terms such as "Zionist aggression", which are "common coin demagogues like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad", Diehl added.

"Why do I need to use it if it causes so much misunderstanding? I need to be more careful," the writer quoted Anwar, who is also the advisor of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The daily noted Anwar recently joined a demonstration outside the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur where an Israeli flag was burned and had also made dark insinuations about the "Jewish-controlled" Washington public relations firm, Apco Worldwide, which is working for the Malaysian government.

Diehl said many of Anwar's friends, among them former diplomat and ex-World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz, were inclined to give him a break.

Diehl said Wolfowitz told him: "What Anwar did was wrong, but considering that he's literally fighting for his life -- physically as well as politically -- against a government that attacks him as being 'a puppet of the Jews', one should cut him some slack."

Diehl said Anwar was not getting the kind of support from the US for his current second sodomy trial unlike the first prosecution when the then vice-president, another of his friends, had spoken up for him.

President Barack Obama said nothing in public about Anwar during a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Washington in April, he added.

Anwar, he said, found his own way to fight back by trying to turn the tables on allegations that he was an Israeli agent and a "Wolfowitz-loving American lackey".

"..he tried to turn the tables, alleging that Apco was manipulating the government to support Israeli and US interests. He also said that Israeli agents had infiltrated Malaysia's security forces and were directly involved in the running of the government," Diehl wrote.



  1. Anonymous9:12 am


    Kata orang PAS dan PKR, UMNO=Melayu Laknatullah tak boleh di maafkan.

    Kalau Yahudi hancurkan bangsa lain tapi UMN0=Melayu hancurkan bangsa sendiri.


  2. Anonymous9:24 am

    bukalah mata wahai rakyat malaysia.... siapa sebenarnya yang jadi penyokong kuat yahudi...


  3. Full Stop

    Ni lagi satu bingai, yer ker UMNO hancurkan Melayu, bukan Melayu hancurkan bangsa sendiri ker dngan menyokong puak-puak kafir harbi ?

  4. Anonymous11:05 am

    Many of the Malaysian's friends are inclined to give him a break. "What Anwar did was wrong, but considering that he's literally fighting for his life -- physically as well as politically -- against a government that attacks him as being 'a puppet of the Jews,' one should cut him some slack," Wolfowitz told me.


    wolfowitz again?

  5. Kamal B11:09 am

    Anwar 'ass pumping' Ibrahim was under pressure by the chauvinists yellow chinks in DAP to withdraw his words. Nothing satisfies the chinkies more than having the malay race dominated by outside forces. After all, the chinkies are known as the jews of asia.

    Anwar 'ass pumping' ibrahim has no choice but to abide to DAPig's instruction to apologise because this is when you get when the coalition is led by the chinkies and tamilans.

    Just like how singapore is the jewish agents in SEA, the jews have put one foot into malaysia by their allies the Pakatan rakyat.

    Who do u think funds the sodomite and his chinky buddies?

  6. Anonymous11:16 am

    Well, when I mentioned Wahabbism the other day, someone accused me of making false linkages?

    Pray, what is wahabbism but an instrument to denigrate Islam as a cult of extremists. Hence, practices which even the Holy Prophet (pbuh & HF) would find abominable are valorised and passed off as "Islamic" practices while the true teachings of Addeen are suppressed. Wahhabism is the trojan horse of the Zionists and the American neo-cons.

    Heck, I will admit I am only Islam not even "beriman" as only Allah knows the hearts of men. I am not pretending to be a good Muslim here but warts and all, i dont stoop to the extent of denigrating my religion or my fellow brethren for their foibles. Wahabis do that! They affect a holier than thou mien, They pretend piety when they are munafiks out for power. Call their bluff, like I do and they will raise their cudgels.

    In 1980, a guy is on record of ostracising my brethren with his Amanat, soon we had kafir mengkafir, two imams and a whole plethora of mumbo-jumbo in the name of Islam. At the same time, a young man paid obeisance to Khomeini and got kicked out for reasons the Iranians know best. They probably saw through the facade. Fast forward, 3 decades later, Mr Fiery Turban and Mr Young Man are sitting and palavering over the same table. Kalimah "Allah" has become game for them, they are dismissive of unity amongst the Ummah. They raise hell if you try to dismantle their minions terror networks. They loath America publicly but embrace her between them sheets privately. They are the 21st century's violent version of the Ahmadiyats. The US can snoop out an Iranian facility from space but cannot smoke out Osama from some infernal cave. Why must they, he is their and the zionists' pet creation, a monster let loose to "terrorise" Islam like the young man and the turbans here. I speak in ellipsis here but the Power of a Nightmare is an infernally strong psychological potion as highlighted here. Scroll down to the photos of two men. Dont they look like long lost blood brothers in pursuit of the holy grail? And dont you think the Jew neo-con on the left is someone so very familiar!

    Warrior 231

  7. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Datuk, off topic. Macam Ramli Sarip laaa..

    Bangsar Boy

  8. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Tak perlu dan tak guna letak berita macam ni bro,
    org PAS bukan reti baca berita bahsa inggeris.
    org PAS hanya pandai baca bahasa Mandarin.
    org PKR pulak langsung tak pandai baca, tapi kalau bahagian ajak bergaduh ke bertumbuk ke, haaa.. tu dia org nombor satu!!

  9. mana link ke artikel di Washington Post to... kalau takat link ke bloogers UMNO ni macam mana orang nak pecaya....

  10. pakai pakcik guugel la bro. itu pun nak kena supa jugak ke?

  11. washington post link siap ada gambar dsai berceramah tepi us embassy lagi ..

  12. Anonymous2:31 pm

    DAP don't care about what happen in Gaza...Why should DAP care? Remember about case of "Chinese" lady in jail..So call police wrong doing .until sleeping Dollah Badawi send Minister to China to applogize....but when truth come out that the lady is a Malay lady....what happen???Than DAP quite like rate..No more demanding furter investigation coz that happen to Malay lady...remember DAP is racist party same like UMNO...but at least under UMNO many chinese including DAP family members become rich or richer...

    PKR is the hopeless of people of find opportunities to make money after UMNO plp make money....PKR not racist???? let appoint chinese as PKR president or Deputy president....same like Gerakan...racist party also...let see if Gerakan president is Malay...Hah...Hah...All parties is Malaysia is racial base party who will fight for the main race in their party...SO DAP...UR MOTHER OF ALL RACIST PARTY IN MALAYSIA..

  13. Anonymous3:12 pm

  14. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Anak Perelih.. buta it ka? rajin2 le surf.. heheh..
    dah link. yang lain takpe, saya tau udah jumpa..

    klik sini

    oh yi

  15. Anonymous4:35 pm

    It's just a slap on the wrist lah, but if it was some other person/s, the Wolf gang would probably launch a missile.


  16. Anonymous6:52 pm

    wah! anytime he can just go to washington abd have tea with obama?

    while your fat boy got to paid the jews tens of millions to arrange for a photo session with obama!

    babi says sorry but fat boy paid the jews? lol!

  17. Well, I would be very surprised if Anwar Ibrahim had not gone to Washington to Kow Tow and say sorry for his anti-semitic remarks.

    However he left it too long though and I do not think it will change the new perception of Anwar being another Chalabi. Not many in Washington will trust Anwar except of course for his very good friend Wolfowitz. Pity, as every body should be aware Wolfowitz is a has been, nobody listens to him anymore.

  18. Tu Dia9:39 am

    Itulah dia Anwar, saudara saudari.
    Tepuk kuat-kuat untuknya.
    Pelakon antarabangsa.
    Depan kita cakap lain, depan oang America cakap lain.
    You guys want a leader like him again??

  19. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Eddy, you are wrong for once as this all part of a big game between the zionists and the wahhabi side. Even the Chingkie partner of the local triumvirate are aware of the shenanigans but they are taking orders from the regional zionist post south of the Tebrau and are smugly assured about all that playacting.Rest assured to that Wolfy is still very much in the loop.

    Warrior 231

  20. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Seronok jugak baca kisah Anwar Ibrahim ni yg tak habis habis denga pelbagai cerita sensasi. Nak popular pun ada caranya, tp nampak gaya mcm tak boleh nak reserve kot patut turun ke Washington.

  21. Anwar agen yahudi sedangkan Tun Dr Mahathir pahlawan menentang yahudi, takbir, ALLAHUAKBAR! Jahanam ulama penipu (wahabi), dari mana pihak sekali pun, ALLAHUAKBAR! Semoga ulama sebenar akan muncul dan menyatukan umat Islam di Malaysia