Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Workshop in KJ

Kelana Jaya: About 900 "movers and shakers", from Ramon Navaratnam to Tricia Yeoh of the Selangor MB's office, are attending a National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) workshop in Kelana Jaya right now. Their recommendations will be presented to the Cabinet next week, which will finalize the key areas the Government would need to focus on in the next decade or so in order to achieve objectives under the New Economic Model and drive the nation towards developed status by 2020.

I was one of the "senior editors" invited to the workshop, which was inaugurated by the DPM, Muhyiddin Yasin. We did not take part in the workshop, though, as we took leave right after Idris Jala had laid down the ground rules on the workshop. The 900 or so people were to be divided into more than 20 clusters to complete their task by 7pm. Their recommendations will be submitted to the Cabinet next Wednesday.

There were some oohs & aahs when Ms Yeoh introduced herself and took the microphone (through an audio-conference as she was in another smaller hall in the same building) to ask Idris a question. I guess we are still in awe of anyone who can set aside their political differences to work together for a common good. But seated where I was, I realized there were more skeptics than we'd like to believe. The two guys seated in front were probably Perkasa members (they were muttering the need to discuss Malay rights) and when Nor Mohamed Yakcob went on stage to pose with the DPM, the chap on my right went: "Ah, the guy who lost our RM20 billion!"

If all these people agree to disagree, Idris Jala, fondly known as the Minister in charge of KPI,  should get some good results out of the workshop tonight.


  1. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Forget about this workshop, the country need real workshop... to re-aligned some assholes brain.

    "Razali, who is Marang Umno vice-chairman, said it was only a coincidence that the gathering was held on May 13."


  2. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Pak Lah was king of royal commissions and committees.

    We await to see if we can crown Najib as king of "idea labs", frameworks, KPIs and other consulting mumbo jumbo.

  3. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Workshop on NEM?

    Tak payah la! waste time only!

    The cabinet just want to make those participants shiok sendiri saja!

    Damn sure all those proposals will go into the putrajaya's paper shredders.

    Why want to buat all these kerja bodoh!

    Simply tell Najib to issue everyone a gambling license will do la... like the sports betting license he just give to Vincent Tan.

    Garenti sure make money, economy good or no good... chinese, malay, indians still gamble like hell.

    And funny how come that fat fler Ibrahim keep so quiet on this license given to Vincent huh?

    Proven la! the person that talked the most, always do the opposite.

  4. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Amazing why Tricia Yeoh is wasting her time with all this crappy workshop.

    NEM is still the same shit as the previous policy but with a botoxed packaging.

    With all the projects & concessions still given to their cronies... majority of the malays and all the pendatangs will still be getting bits & crumps.

    NEM, my foot!

  5. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Sorry to divert and post here. What is there to fight between ourselves as we are all malaysians. Just look at the 2 scratch double players (Thien How and Zakry)who work together to beat the Danes in the first set. Together we can conquer the world. Just forget about race!

  6. We malaysians have been conned again1! See below,

  7. nstman11:57 pm

    This is an Umno workshop, plain and simple. Only recommendations from Umno apparatchiks will be considered. So I advise Tricia Yeoh or her likes not to waste their time. This is another of Umno's 1Malaysia stunts.

  8. Mustapha Ong12:31 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    I am delighted that you were officially invited to the KREA Workshop last evening,in your capacity as one of the senior media editors (CEO-MM) to the event officiated by DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin. I was not invited but was among the crowd somewhere between the halls.

    My first reaction to the government's initiative is positive, as the public had their opportunity to brainstorm some of the important key elements, that will stimulate the economic process and delivery system of the New Economic Model on a broader spectrum.This workshop will accelerate the implementation of the KREA deliverable.

    As far as the 900 over participants were concerned,there were bound to be some economic and political agents, spying on the KREA process with the view to support or to sabotage the government's NEM initiative to be implemented in stages. So, no surprise if some of the Perkasa, PKR, PAS,DAP agents and other rightist NGOs were there to spy on the government sponsored workshop.

    At this point in time, we are not privileged to the final report of the KREA workshop result, which will be submitted to the cabinet next week.There is no use to speculate publicly,the essence of the final report through the media,the task for the Government Transformation Team to evaluate the report before it is presented to the cabinet.It is Idris Jalal's forte and KPI in his capacity as the implementation CEO to sieve and fine-tune the report.

    We shall wait for government's final announcement on the KREA Report and it's follow up actions by all relevant authority, including the selected private sectors.I am confident that some constructive economic ideas and implementation initiatives will be released upon deliberation by the cabinet within the coming weeks.

  9. Anonymous9:51 am

    Rocky, you wrote : I was one of the "senior editors" invited to the workshop, inaugurated by Muhyiddin Yasin. We did not take part in the workshop, though, as we took leave right after Idris Jala had laid down the ground rules on the workshop.

    Can, you PLEASE clarify what do you mean by WE?
    Are you part of dirty yasin's entrouge? Do you identify with him as one, there for the word WE?
    Or should you rephrase the word into I, since you started the sentence with I attended?

    Its me boss

  10. Anonymous10:22 am

    What? you left without participating? What la you...lepas makan saja can irresponsible! r a senior editor already now man!...Pls behave like one n contribute la!...Buat busuk nama reporters saja u ni...


  11. Anonymous10:25 am

    sorry Datuk.......lari topic...

    Anybody remember back in 92' theres 4 chinese lads carried a banner that read "The Wall Cracks" in support of our men Thomas Cup team during semis against China...i was hopping they can bring the banner again.....


  12. Hehe, thank you dear "It's me Boss".

    Yes, I need to clarify. Actually the "We" refers to Nuraina Samad and I and it came in coz I was borrowing her "oohs and aahs". See, she tweetered about the session from inside the hall, and I was encouraged or inspired to do the blog posting because of her tweet. Hence, the "We".

    Dirty Yasin? That's new bro. Actually, you refer to him as Muhyiddin or Din. Yasin is the dad la .. Aiya.


  13. i luv this! 900participants (captains and leaders of the bizz & politico-world) gathered for a (yes, ONE)daytime session to bandit & also propose an economic roadmap to enrich ALL Rakyaks for the next X yrs! Are Bolehlander so Good? Heck! Maybe we do have financial whizz afterall *shocking truth*? What a bunch of shioksendiri@work! hahahah!

  14. nstman2:52 pm

    One workshop to cure the social and economic ills of the country. Aint we a bit too ambitious? Just one dose of mediciine will do the trick. How typical Umno. How many thinkers were there at the workshop? I bet 110 per cent were sycophants from Barisan. Simply ridiculous. I bet a patriot like Monsterball will have something to say.

  15. How come Dato Sakmongkol was not invited. He has more brains and sounder understanding of economics than all the participants there. I regret that the so called officially recognized "blogger movement" is now hijacked by a select few who more or less say the same thing and who are beholden to the same man without input from others.

    Truly a sad scenario

  16. Anonymous7:04 pm

    who is tricia yeoh?

  17. Tricia Yeoh is your grandfather's daughter.


  18. Anonymous11:11 am

    Hi to readers and Ricky . . . first post here, no prizes for guessing who . . .

    To Anon no.2 who said :

    Pak Lah was king of royal commissions and committees.

    The IPCMC was from Pak Lah's time and has not materialized. You can't call him 'king' of commissions unless the commissions actually bear fruit and actually are seen through.

    Pak Lah has let democratic rights slip during his time and allowed Forced Military Conscriptions that killed a near score NS trainees.

    He has, like too many UMNO-putras accrued unaccountable and massive amounts of wealth in a short time and also creates conflict of interest via his SIL and the bloc of relatives stationed during his time as PM.

    The word 'king' and Pak Lah don't belong in the same sentence . . .

    If the workshop doesn't mention the below 3 items, then they might as well close shop. BN and it's lapdogs are finished.

    1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
    2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
    3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.