Friday, May 28, 2010

Reverse Psychology 101

Read Syed Akbar Ali's posting Nota Untuk PM dari Bloggers Pro-Umno

The pro-Umno bloggers who sent Najib this memo say Khairy Jamaluddin has been doing a great job in turning back Umno Youth into a pressure group, back to the pre-Anwar Ibrahim days when Umno Youth leaders were not Cabinet Ministers and held no government posts.

Mmmm .... Ikhlas ke ni?


  1. Anonymous1:05 pm

    You are one of them. Why you pretending not to know?

    At least they are proud of their status. I sense some shame from the fact you don't wish to admit the obvious.

  2. Kamaruzaman1:37 pm

    Dato RB,

    KJ is one of the top choice. Bloggers have a right to comment because they also shape opinion, but factoring in he has managed to progess as a centrist leader that appreciates PM's vision, why not take a chance?

    Plus he is smart and articulate.

  3. Anonymous1:45 pm


    Ini semua tak ikhlas, semua kerja Tun M punya bloggers. This is well coordinated and calculated. Jangan lah layan sangat, ini politic murahan.
    Rembau did well in last Parliment session. Kudos to him. plus he never asked for it. its these bloggers thats spin nonsense.


  4. KJ PROTEGE ANWAR2:08 pm

    Salam Dato Rocky!

    Kalau ikut hati aku, nak je aku terajanag keluar si agen asing khairy jamalkuddin ni terus ke Singapore, tapi apa nak buat, ada 304 anak luaqr nikah yang undi si lahanat ni, maka terpaksa la kena berlapik..

    Selagi ada Pengkhianat bernama Khairy jamaluddin dalam UMNO selagi itulah UMNO tak akan menjadi kuat punya! Kalau UMNO nak berubah, UMNO kena buang si syaitan yang kuat minum Jack Daniel's ini.

    Kempen ini kena teruskan dan Najib kena pastikan si Khairy ini akan menerima hukuman setimpalnya!

  5. Anonymous2:18 pm

    It's politics entirely....ikhlas itu sifat tuhan

  6. Anonymous2:18 pm

    that KJ is in the army camp, lobbying for the Defense Minister job... I think he's after the contracts.


  7. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Why pick Khairy? Why not extend it to MCA, MIC if unity is the issue. Why don't these pro-UMNO bloggers just name themselves as potential candidates in the Cabinet, since they seem to think that they know better than the Prime Minister.

    Laksa Penang

  8. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Its started by Parpukari yang amat membeci KP Umno Malaysia. Reverse psychology? Nope. This bloggers that lable himself as pro-umno angkat diri dia sendiri. Siapa bayar dia angkat sapa tak hentam habis. Bagi pandangan yang balance la bro. Don't become like parpukai... Buat orang benci UMNO tak tentu pasal.

    Not an UMNO members. (Reverse Psychology)

  9. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Bloggers patutnya tak pro sapa2 la. Awat nak buat pro-pro pulak ni. Bloggers patut bagi pandangan peribadi bukan mempolitikan dunia bloggers. Btw, Banggali Islam tu memang type yang suka cari publicity murahan. Cas DSN baca blog dia.

    Che Det 2

  10. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Those yg puji KJ di sini that ask that he be given the chance will be the one who will criticise Najib for selecting a known scoundrel and corrupt politician into the cabinet.

    that's the real reverse psychology.


    We Were All Anti KJ and Pak Lah long time ago. Remember that.

  11. Helo rocky bru , hang p bagi habis malay mail dulu la. Cerita bergegar-gegar tapi suratkabhar tak laku. Percuma pun orang tak nak baca. Kesian dia..... Jual ajelah permit pada The Star.

  12. Wah, khairy dah hantar anjing Kurap dia kat sini untuk tujuan menjilat! Kudos to Kj Protege Anwar!

    Memang betul apa yang dai cakapakan tu, yang anony ni semua penipu, dari dulu lagi aku tanya apa JASA KJ TERHADAP NEGARA?

    Jawapana mereka ialah...........takde apa pun...bijak ke si KJ ni? wahai anjing kurap belaan Khairy, aku tak benci Khairy cuma aku tak boleh nak terima pengkhianat macam Khairy ke dalam UMNO!

    Setakat yang aku tau bloggers si anak omak ni yang banyak puji diri sendiri, muahahahahaha


    Kepada pencacai KJ, pls read the latest article wrote by my brother Rocky on Pantai and Sime Darby and that will answer you all who is KJ actually!

    Pity Najib have to undo all the mistake done by the previous regime! I will be always with Najib as long as Khairy si Barua Anwar is away from the Cabinet!

    Cuba tengok statement Khairy terhadap T.Mohan, if u see his statement, you can see he is acting like a PM, fuck him! Pemuda kena berani, bukan pondan!

    House PK!

  13. Anonymous3:57 pm


    Ya ke org tak nak baca?

    Aku baca tiap tiap hari.

    Terima kasih Dato Rocky kerna hantar terus ke ofis kami di Menara Millenium.

    Kadangkala kalau tak cepat ambil, orang lain dah ambil.

    Laku macam pisang goreng panas.

    Nazari Alias.

  14. KJ PROTEGE ANWAR4:05 pm

    Asmarani aka penjilat tegar KJ, fuck you all, no matter what kind of ID u guys r using, we can always smell KJ...what is there if Parpu is been paid compare to the amount you guys are getting?

    We love Malay Mail and I personally always missed to have a copy because it is out! If you want to lick KJ go ahead la, but no need to patronise the others la you MORON!

  15. Anonymous4:55 pm

    No I did not say this : "Khairy Jamaluddin has been doing a great job in turning back Umno Youth into a pressure group".

    We wish UMNO Youth would revert to being a pressure group - sans the Chief having to be in Cabinet.

    Rocky san, izai-su hano? Wata-kushi ichi ichi bawa no?

    Syed Akbar Ali

  16. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Tak ikhlas to Datuk..I tengok KJ ok la...dah banyak berubah..kalau dulu bongkak sekarang kurang bongkak..

    kalau dulu flashy skarang low key..

    semua orang lalui perubahan dan pelajaran

  17. PusakaPujangga5:26 pm

    Aku sebenarnya tak kisah pun KJ ke JJ ke MJ ke AJ yg jadi Menteri.

    Janji dia layak dan mampu buat kerja mengikut portfolio..tu yg penting..tu yg rakyat mahu..bukan soal politik, menteri tu soal dasar..

    Kalau PM rasa si KJ ni boleh buat kerja di Kementerian A atau B atau C, lantik je lah. Lepas tu kalau dia fail, tendang dia keluar. Macam Rais, dah terbukti fail sbg Menteri Penerangan, buang. Khaled Nordin, buang.

    Itu ikut hati aku la...sbb rakyat nak menilai dasar dan implementasi dasar, bukannya kisah pun pasal politik dalaman Umno ni..kitorang dah bosan.

  18. Anonymous5:36 pm

    "Khairy Jamaluddin has been doing a great job in turning back Umno Youth into a pressure group"

    Pressure group ???....joking ke apa ni ???

    UMNO Youth mana ada teloq ... semua parti politik di Malaysia yang ada masaalah dalaman semua salahkan UMNO.

    Gerakan salahkan UMNO ... MCA salahkan UMNO ... baru dua tiga hari ni MIC pulak salahkan UMNO. Pakatan Rakyat jangan dok cerita la ... semua masaalah di Malaysia ni depa kata semua angkara UMNO.

    UMNO Youth dok buat apa ? Dok sengih macam kerang busuk !!!

    Asyik dok sebuk nak bela 'drug courier' yang kena tangkap di luak negeri ... asyik duk sebuk nak bawa balik anak dara yang lari ikut jantan Indon !!!

    Banyak lagi rakyat miskin di Malaysia yang tak terbela ... gajah depan mata tak nampak kuman diseberang laut nampak (mungkin pasai boleh pi makan angin sama kot)...

    Ni nak bagi satu cadangan pada UMNO Youth ... buat la service centre macam MCA tu. Tiru pun tak pa ...toksah dok malu ... MCA pun tiru dari DAP ... tak kan tak ingat service centre Lee Lam Thye kot ???

    Atas pagark

  19. Mustapha Ong6:29 pm

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    No thanks for you to impeach publicly KJ under your lead story entitled "Reverse Psychology 101".You think KJ is like burger 101 ke" lembik dan senang nak telang ke?

    Anyway, I think those who blogged negative comments are out of touch with the growth and various programs and changes initiated by KJ's leadership in UMNO Youth.It's not fair or reasonable to impeach KJ and presumed that whatever he did during the reign of his Father-In-Law was wrong and seemed to support and advise former premier Tun Abdullah Bardawi amidst severe pressure from his arch enemy No.1 Tun Mahathir.

    Even today, you hear from Tun's mouth piece that as long as Tun Mahathir is still around,he will ensure that KJ doesn't have a role in cabinet.Again, I think that those who are going after Kj's blood is not doing justice to KJ's exemplary example for UMNO/BN Youth leadership style.

    I congratulate KJ publicly on his recent graduation from the grueling Territorial Volunteer Training on his own initiative and won all the prizes as reported in media.Now there are those who implied that why only KJ was highlighted in the media? There was another volunteer who is an Indian recruit.Where are the Chinese interest in doing a small national service? None and being an ex Territorial Volunteer in the mid sixties.

    I have to say that the Chinese in the 60 era were so scare to be drafted in the uniform volunteer service to the nation.They turned to China and Taiwan as their escapee country, even had to give up their tertiary education.

    Today after 40 years, there is still a question of Chinese loyalty to Malaysia,whom they called their home?I would like someone out there to debate on this with some statistics in order to deny my accusation that the Chinese will always be treated with suspect by our government and Malay comrades.Just admit it and you will do justice to show your loyalty and love for Malaysia.

    I opined that KJ has been punished due to public perception that had caused him a cabinet position.We should now separate our perceptions between Tun Abdullah and KJ, otherwise KJ will never be able to redeem his capability to serve the nation in the Najib's administration.Why should we continue to deny KJ and make him a scapegoat just because of Pak Lah's cronies who were out to maximise their effort to make billions of ringgit and damaged Pak Lah's reputation?

    I urge prime minister Najib to reconsider his intention again to offer KJ a position in his next cabinet reshuffle on the basis that the other Youth leaders are in the government, with the exception of KJ.I believe Razali, the deputy UMNO youth will welcome KJ with open arms. Sir, the take is yours as there are many under qualified and under performed ministers and deputies in the current cabinet.

    Good luck to Khairy Jamaluddin though I do not have any personal interest to endorse KJ into the cabinet line-up, though he may a buddy with Omar and the likes currently in the news of future young Malaysian leaders in the government and corporate.

  20. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Sigh. this is why umno is falling and falling. When u hv someone who doesn't fit the mould like the rest, who can think, express his thoughts clearly, is innovative, creative, and energetic, they must bring him down.
    Is this the Malay PhD at work again?
    I am not an Umno member, just an observer,but I view KJ as the only bright star in a failing party. If you don't value good and able people in your midst, then it's your party's loss.

    Saya pemerhati

  21. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Kepada semua,

    Sebelum ni saya tidak begitu mengenali siapa KJ ni, yg saya tahu cuma lipur lara internet dan dari liputan media sahaja. Tapi pengalaman saya sebagai salah seoraang drpd 87 peserta kursus asas perajurit muda sessi 1/2010 yang dijalankan oleh Rejimen 508 Askar Wataniah benar-benar mendedahkan saya kepada insan bernama Khairy Jamaluddin ini. Beliau seorang yang amat friendly, suka menolong rakan, senantiasa di hadapan setiap masa, selalu tawarkan diri bila untuk sesiapa yang perlu volunteer bagi kerja seperti angkat barang, susun meja dsb. Beliau langsung tidak sombong dan boleh masuk pot dengan semua kelompok ahli baik dari kampung, bandar,yang menganggur, kerja kerajaan mahupun swasta. Saya sungguh tak sangka yang orang yang saya kawad bersama, tidur dalam hujan serta digigit nyamuk dan yang dok angkat radio set semboyan sama-sama itu adalah YB KJ, yang ramai dok kutuk itu ini. Sedarlah semua, belia aset kita.

    Perajurit Muda

  22. Anonymous7:43 pm

    What value-adding attributes that we can garner from the bloggers' action or, to me precipitated reaction that is a repeat of many series? Negative.


  23. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Adakah dunia ini mahu tunduk kepada politik hasad dengki dan budaya jatuh menjatuhkan orang? Apapun, kepada KJ teruskan usaha mulia dan murni saudara.

    Hj Kassim

  24. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Ikhlas kah mereka ini? Well that's a very good question as I myself doubt their keikhlasan.


  25. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Rome is not built in one day, likewise you can't simply blame a person for every faults you observed.

    Hush hush

  26. Anonymous8:13 pm

    These bloggers are not, and never can be, the exact proxy of the internet universe for they are only championing their "ponsored intent".


  27. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Way forward - fikirkanlah bersama. Apakah perkara macam ini yang nak kita layan?


  28. Anonymous8:21 pm

    KJ is doing a great job, indeed.


  29. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Hala tuju perjuangan Pemuda semakin jelas dan mantap, malah di bawah kepimpinan Saudara KJ ianya menjadi semakin inklusif dan diterima ramai. Syabas.

    Zakaria Sulong

  30. khairy ni memang orang paling durjana di malaysia selepas mentornya, brader anwar bin ibrahim

  31. Sapa suka KJ, one of the Illuminati sleepers tu memang bijak pandai dan amat patriotik terhadap negara.

    Tu reverse psycology tu.

    Jesus Christ is not the same as Allah.

  32. Anonymous12:58 am

    Sincere? No way, unseen hand to sabotage KJ. But that's standard UMNO politics. They don't give anyone but the chosen few whom kowtow to Mahathir. Even PM no balls to pick, it will be Mahathirs lineup, not Najibs. Malaysian's know who pulls the strings. It will be useless good for nothing politicians like Puad Zakarshi, Ismail Sabri, Jamaluddin Jarjis, Anifah Aman all over. KJ will never even sniff a deputy post, altho he is prob the smartest chap in UMNO.I also think that UMNO Youth is much more than the bloggers as an instituition. Bloggers shld join the UMNO mainstrean if they think they can decide who shld be minister, MP or candidate like Jeff Ooi. And then we can see how hampas it will be. Just imagine parpukari becoming an MP or Adun, that's where UMNO is headed! Maybe then Jeff Ooi and Eli Wong can just blog issues from starbucks v Pro UMNO blogger BN MP's!


  33. Anonymous3:38 pm

    the anon 8.04pm who said this-

    "Rome is not built in one day, likewise you can't simply blame a person for every faults you observed.

    Hush hush "


  34. KJ PROTEGE ANWAR1:29 am

    Dear Dato,

    If you see the pattern of anonymous commenting here and suckin up Kj, you should know that this is paid cybertrooper sent by KJ!

    Wow! I am amazed how their statement can make KJ look like an angel, please readers dont forget that Kj has done enough damage to the country!

    Sime Darby, ECM Libra, Pantai, Petronas Blok L & M and many more, the list is endless, this bugger really want to destroy the nation, if he is in UMNO then God save UMNO!

    Kj should join Pkr along with his GODFATHER BABI!

  35. Anon 3:38
    I think I am the No 1 Critic of Tun M and I had not bothered comment on this post because I am very skeptical of RB and had ignored it. So I felt quite hurt that you chose to credit that with some one else.

    However due to some excess caffine in my body I find myself smiling and proud of the many comments that support YB KJ. Indeed if the PM is interested in winning the elections, he should consider the opinion of the youth as this is the crucial block that swings the outcome. Even if KJ can help garner additional 5% of votes its sufficient to turn 50-50 seats to BN favour.

    Its clear that this anti KJ campaign is based on the sore loser status of a lot of people associated with Khir Toyo and Mukhriz. That much is so clear by the many comments received.

    However its up to the PM to decide really.

    The implications are perhaps most crucial now. The rakyat is scared after Idris Jala detonated a time bomb. They know the current SPM Grade III mentality permeating Govt policy is going to lead to disaster. Change is what is needed.

    This is the last chance saloon. If the PM choses wrongly he will get a Cabinet which is uninspiring and unable to capture the hearts and minds of the people especially the youth. Uninspiring leaders should not be retained, whether or not they are the sons of the "statesman".

    All what is said about Parpukari is accurate to the T. I am quite surprised he has yet to take interest in MIC politics as I feel that is more appropriate. After all GAS needs some of his gas, and judging from his girth, he should have 4 udders which can produce sufficient gas to gas even the mighty Dato S. Samy Velu

  36. wowww! Tahniah! Begitu ramai pencacai2 KJ di sini. Hello Khairy, tolong la...kalau taknak kalah di mata orang ramai pun, tak payah la nak lepaskan pencacai2 menang kt alam cyber. Mcm budak kecik la.

    Konon2 anonymous ni berlambak habis la penyokong KJ. Dato Rocky, I would suggest you have some kinda software to track this ONE pencacai. I am confident sekor aje yg dok jadi pencacai posting kat internet ni.

    Aku tau KJ upah sekor ni suruh sebarkan ampu dia dekat internet. To whom it may concern, tolongla berenti buat keje mcm ni. Obvious sangat la kebodohan kau tu! Masuk websites merata lepas tu ampu KJ, eh kau tak malu ke wey? Baik org UMNO, PKR, PAS, DAP semua gelakkan engkau!

    Khairy Jamaludin adalah manusia yang dibenci seluruh rakyat Malaysia, tak kira dari parti mana sekalipun! Itu pun lagi nak ampu!

    Tak payah la nak attack blog ni pulak wahai pencacai KJ woi, kau ingat Dato Rocky ni bengap sgt ke taktau postings dari anonymous ramai2 tu sebenarnya dari SEEKOR aje!

  37. Anak Jantan2:51 pm


    kalau korang baca comment2 yg pro KJ kat atas ni, diorang nie la yg di bayar KJ. Busuk kan cara KJ?

    Lu PK la sendiri.