Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tremors at Petronas twin towers

Appointment of former PRM vice president raises eyebrows. New Petronas president and CEO Shamsul Azhar may have made his first mistake since taking over from the legendary Hassan Merican with the appointment of Sheryl Stotthard as head of his Corp Comm based in the President's office. Or at least that's what some blogs are suggesting.

Ms Stotthard is portrayed by Apanama in PRM to Petronas as someone who has nothing good to say about the government of Malaysia. I do not know if that's true but I do know that she's a family friend of Shamsul and is someone the Petronas boss trusts. She was formerly with Maxis.

PRM or Parti Rakyat Malaysia is the precursor to Anwar Ibrahim's Parti Keadilan Rakyat, which has been very critical of the way Petronas and its billions are being run by the government (and Petronas advisor Dr Mahathir Mohamad). Not surprisingly, the appointment of a former VP of the party raises eyebrows from the twin towers to Putrajaya.

p.s. A former PKR big wig is made a Senator, also to rising tempers, h e r e.


  1. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Good lah, if she become the PR... atleast good looking and not a FUCKING Malay.

  2. Anonymous5:46 pm


    I want to put Shamsul Azhar on notice. This is his first big mistake. This Strothard girl was a beer guzzling s**t in Bangsar during the Reformasi days. Big mouth.

    The issue is this. She is a politician. Also has strong Opposition inclination. OK its a free country. Even Opposition people got to earn a living.

    But Petronas is now under attack from the Opposition over the Oil Royalty issues. Both sides (BN and the Opposition) have a political interest in Petronas.

    Is this then a good time for Shamsul Azhar to be appointing a confirmed Pakatan supporter (or a confirmed BN supporter) to a very sensitive position - General Manager of Communications?

    Petronas ads, news releases, Press liason and a thousand other PR and media issues will be handled by Strothard.

    Shamsul Azhar ini bodoh ke? Where is Shamsul's guarantee that this Strothard will not be pushing the Opposition agenda through this very influential and sensitive power position in Petronas?

    Shamsul Azhar cari maut. Tapi Najib yang silap. Dia ambil Shamsul dan Omar Ong.

    Hj Hoe.

  3. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Uncle Rocky (You don't have to publish this lah)

    She constantly claims that, she is a world class writer and the best writer in Malaysia..

    But within a month in Petronas, she has caused so much chaos. It's hell!! She doesn't understand protocol. Her approach is rude. I mean WTH!

    She takes cheap shots while constantly criticizing the previous management aka Tan Sri Hassan I mean, who the hell does she think she is.. Aiyo!

    Rumour has it.. she was actually ASKED to LEAVE Maxis with all the problemd she caused there. Please verify yourself if you don't believe me. ;p

    And she has on many accounts Claimed that Najib is GUILTY in the murder of Altantuya.. Haha. Ask your friends in the PRESS. :P


    Lots of Love,
    Sick and Tired

  4. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Anon 5:39 ...

    I too hate the Malays and am leaving for the great UK soon...

    and you must be very stupid to continue staying in this fucking country


  5. Anonymous5:58 pm


    Petronas is not UMNO's asset but the national asset, i.e. every citizen. Time UMNO bloggers understand that.

    She has excellent creds from what I read, having served as head of corp comm at Maxis (a RM30bn mkt cap co. excluding Indonesian and Indian operations) which each UMNO blogger will admit has excellent PR unlike govt run TM. Clearly one of the better grads to have come out of UM of late.

    So... sometimes it is nice to see people earn it on ability. Even if she is a family friend of Shamsul.

    Now, for the critics out there, if there is someone better, spell it out. Otherwise hold your peace.

  6. Anonymous6:01 pm

    When are you going to comment on the law suits flying about?

    It seems PR has downsized their claims to RM1. Surely you approve of that. Utusan, if on the wrong will be shown to be that but not face financial ruin.

    Now, Ibrahim Ali's claim is about as big as the number of time he has hopped parties.

  7. Anonymous6:02 pm

    so what if she is critical of the current govt? who ever said a govt is god tht they cannot be criticised? I am critical of the govt n also the opposition party. nobody is perfect la till they can do right all the time. maybe en.shamsul has a vision, his own. Merican has left the building. he made an impact n its shamsul's job now to keep tht n also move forward for Petronas and the country.

    M ekek

  8. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Anon 5.39,

    Better still, she is not a FUCKING chinese.

  9. Don Play Puks must be very happy to read the anon 5.39pm comment.

  10. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Good lah, if she become the PR... atleast good looking and not a FUCKING Malay.

    5:39 PM



  11. Anonymous6:17 pm

    ye la.. at least better than some FUCKING Chinese who only knows how to steal from the Malays.

  12. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Anonymous 5:39pm

    Is that another way of saying....Good lah if she become(s) the least the Malay bosses get to FUCK a good looking non-Malay?

    Some people...your prequisite to being good is that you have to be non-Malay and good looking? No mention of her intelligence anywhere in your posting...

    Typically be a success nowadays, you cannot be a Malay? All you need to be "right" is to be a non-Malay and good looking...Fuck off...

  13. Anonymous6:27 pm

    " Good lah, if she become the PR... atleast good looking and not a FUCKING Malay.

    - Anon 5:39 PM "

    Just when I thought all is quiet in the Western front and peace roars deafeningly, and there is so little ammunition Perkasa can use to forward our Ketuanan Melayu thing, out comes this one from nowhere, making our day by spewing something that serves as a reminder that after all, perjuangan perlu diteruskan.

    It serves to remind us all the need to establish, re-establish and re-affirm the establishment of whatever it is that Perkasa fights for, when right in the middle of our Tanah Melayu those whose grandfathers rowed in uninvited less than a century ago can spew such hatred, such disrespect to the original inhabitants of this country.

    Please Bro Rocky, or whoever you all are out there having blogs like these and these bastards come in with these kinds of racial slurs: DO NOT delete or reject them. Save them up and pool together all these statements in a database, and whenever an importune moment comes they serve as bullets and justifiable reasons as to why we all should support Perkasa in trying to enliven back the true spirit of the malay race, once and for all !!

    Now regarding Sheryll Strothard, I have had my say here.

    Read it or bust.



    Anon 5:39


    you'll see more of it....even in your sleep...

  15. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Hi Bro Rocky, Komen rasis dibenarkan?

  16. Anak Permatang Pauh6:58 pm

    We need to mount pressure on Najib to act on these issues. Reading the `lost' of two oil blocks and now the appointment of a confirmed PR politicians is certainly not good for this nation.

    Najib please explain.

  17. Anonymous7:05 pm

    PR is making in road to all gomen agencies..... ready to take over the country soon !!

  18. Anonymous7:21 pm

    SID,watch out yr mouth and walk your talk,now you can berambus.We dont even need people like u dapig.

  19. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Dato Rocky

    If you - still having a court case with NST, and once very anti-BN in your thoughts/blogs...can now be 'embraced' by the BN establishment...why not this girl lah?

    The rules must be different for you and her?

    Tell us something better...


  20. 1. Shamsul Azhar ini dah nyanyuk ke, his sudden call to duty as Petronas Boss after a few months of being retired must have short his brain somewhat if the Sheryll Strothard is the Sheryll Strothard who is ex VP of Parti Rakyat Malaysia which have merged with Anwar Ibrahim's PKR. Tells you a lot on the quality of the decision to replace a high performing CEO of Petronas with a retiree, tidak sensitive langsung.

    If found true maybe Shamshul having received information about Strothard's political background should transfer the girl immediately somewhere maybe head of KLCC Car park management where she could do no damage.

    Anyway, Petronas should give a statement on this to clarify before the issue gets out of hand and this is not an issue about race like some racists wants to put it, but rather it is about trust in performing a job for PETRONAS and at the end of the day political inclinations must be FOR the Government of the day as let's face it, PETRONAS is the Government's biggest ATM machine.

    2. Anon 5:39 you are a bloody fucking racist and do not deserve to be a citizen of MALAYsia


    Sid goodbye and good riddance one less Malay hater in this country the better is it for MALAYsia. Just don't get upset if the natives there call you a bloody fucking immigrant over there OK.

  21. Orang Cina ni makin hari makin biadap, orang PKR dan pencacai dari puak Erdogan PAS seperti Nizar terus jadi anjing orang Cina.

    Dulu Nabi SAW tidak pernah tunduk kat si orang kafir/yahudi dan munafik. Orang-orang PAS dan PKR, alahai, kata nak tawan Putrajaya tapi cara korang macam Abdullah Ubai, ketua munafik!

  22. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Hj Hoe

    After the humiliating rewards for Malay support in HS, any surprises anywhere anymore? Maybe Perkasa should transform itself into a political party and go it alone in GE 13.

    No point commenting on this appointment. Its a no-brainer as to who will benefit and who is behind it.

    5.39pm...any surpirises from uncircumcised celupar dickheads pendatang scum. Imagine the ruckus if I put up something against them bastard pendatangs. Maybe the Malays are tying their own noose as this guy in Kickdafella succintly puts it:

    3. Keputusan PRU 12 pada Tahun 2008 – ” Waktu Asar “. Kuasa BN tergugat teruk walau pun tak kalah. Dalam BN tinggal Umno saja yang menang banyak, sedangkan rakan2 Umno seperti MCA, MIC dan Gerakan bungkus teruk. Waktu itu Umno hanya ada Trengganu, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka dan Perlis. Kedah dan Kelantan boleh dekat Pas (masih OK lagi … nasi hanya bertukar pinggan). Penang jatuh kepada DAP. Perak dan Selangor nyaris2 nak jatuh kepada DAP, mujurlah kuasa raja melayu yang telah menyelamatkan keadaan, maka Perak dapat MB dari Pas dan Selangor dapat MB dari PKR (mereka berdua tu hanya boneka kepada DAP saja) tak ubah macam orang melayu diletak jadi pengerusi dalam syarikat milik bukan melayu. Jadi sekarang ni DAP dah nampak bahawa raja melayu merupakan batu penghadang nombor 1 yang menyekat laluan mereka ketampok kuasa. Dan DAP sedar jika mereka sahaja yang pulun nak robohkan tembok penghadang itu tanpa bantuan dari orang melayu maka laluan akan menjadi bertambah sukar. Tapi nampaknya orang melayu sendiri yang dalam Pas dan PKR turut sama menggoyang2 tembok itu supaya tumbang. Yang membimbangkan adalah DAP menggoyang tembok disebelah luar, sedangkan Pas dan PKR menggoyang dari sebelah dalam. Di pihak DAP terdapat tangan2 tersembunyi yang tak kelihatan dengan mata kasar yang turut sama menggoyang tembok itu (this will empower the DAP strength), sedangkan disebelah dalam Pas dan PKR terpaksa bergelut dengan Umno yang berusaha mempertahankan tembok itu daripada digoyang (resulting imbalance of thrust between the inside and the outside). Akhirnya kerana ketidak seimbangan tekanan menyebabkan tembok itu tumbang ke dalam dan menghempap Umno, Pas dan PKR. Akhirnya siapa yang mendapat laluan mudah ????

    4. Apakah PRU 13 nanti bakal menjadi ” Waktu Maghrib ” buat kita orang melayu ? Kita lah yang menentukan. Tuhan pun tak dapat nak tolong. Sebab tuhan dah kata dalam quran ” aku tak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu melainkan kaum itu sendiri berusaha mengubahnya ” Apakah tembok yang sedang cuba digoyang2kan itu bakal menjadi tersangat lemah, tangan kitalah yang ada jawapannya. Cuma nak bagi tahu, kalau tembok itu sudah rebah maka kita kena sedar sebenarnya sudah masuk ” waktu maghrib ” buat kita orang melayu.

    5. Sesudah ” Maghrib ” kedatangan ” Waktu Isyak ” dengan malam yang gelap gelita pasti berlaku dan kita orang melayu tak ada upaya lagi untuk menahan maupun menghalangnya. Dalam kegelapan malam itu kita orang melayu akan teraba2 mahu mencari lampu untuk menyuluh jalan buat kita (membina perpaduan dan kesatuan). Tapi sayang lampu itu semuanya sudah dihancurkan oleh mereka secara halus dan perlahan2 tanpa kita sedari. Kita sudah terlambat ….

    6. ” Waktu Subuh ” menjelma semula diikuti pancaran sinaran mentari yang membawa seribu satu nikmat. Tapi sayang seribu kali sayang nikmat itu bukan untuk dikecapi oleh kita orang melayu. Kita mungkin sekadar melihat dan mencium baunya sahaja. Dan kalau berpeluang nak rasa nikmat itu pun, mungkin sisa2 yang ditinggalkan yang mereka sudah tak mahu lagi.

    Kepada anda yang prihatin dengan masa depan politik melayu di tanah melayu ini, saya hendak bertanya …….

    source: Kickdafella blogspot.

    Warrior 231

  23. Apa dah jadi10:16 pm

    Strange things are happening in our beloved country.
    1. Palanivel- the non-functioning three-term MP - is rewarded with a senatorship.
    2) Sheryll Stothard with a degree in English Lit from UM is given a plum job in Petronas. Her articles have never said anything good about our government.
    Are we so short of talents?

  24. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Sheryll Strothard is beautiful...I support her appointment...


  25. Anonymous10:47 pm

    whose land?

    orang asli.

  26. El-Duderino10:58 pm

    Hi Sheryll,

    Sibuk ke typing a terse Press statement on behalf of Petronas to denounce anyone who has recklessly questioned your appointment on this blog?


    Am sure your past experience of writing oh-so-critical masterpieces to run down the establishment will work in your favour now.

    Yang benar,

    Your future boss who is going to bust your cute little (half-Brit?) ass.

    PS: Selamat bertugas Sheryll.

  27. Rocky!

    It is not enough that this Sheryl be put aside (di ketepikan) and away from the sensitive position she was given to do, she should not be allowed to be employed anywhere at Petronas and just imagine all the info that she wail be passing to the opposition, I do know she is a good friend of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, and Najib also must keep tab of this Shamsul guy!

  28. "dpp must be very happy to read the anon 5.39pm comment." Hantu.

    No, I don't condone racist remarks, period.

    Hantu, you must be one of those blind rabid followers of warrior 231 who has started believing his and your own lies!!

    But it only shows up how stupid you are!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  29. Anonymous11:45 pm

    To Sid you not deserve to stay in this country ... the faster you go the better .... this land belong to the malays ..... i

  30. Anonymous12:40 am

    there are also these types of appointments at NSTP and MEDIA,POS, MRCB ETC.... FRIENDS, RELATIONS, GIRL FRIENDS ETC.

  31. Anonymous12:55 am


    Isn't Sheryll a sister to Debbie Stothard, who's an activist for Free Burma?

    Sheryll herself has written many articles voicing her disgust at Malaysia's position with regard to Myanmar.

    Petronas is very active in Myanmar. I wonder how does this sit with the two sisters?

  32. Dear Anon yang bertanya ...

    Hi Bro Rocky, Komen rasis dibenarkan?

    6:35 PM


    Saya tak galakkan komen rasis tap tak lalu nak edit/delete semuanya. Seelok2nya kita jangan layan komen sebegini. Buat bodoh aje. Yang penting kita tahu ada kaum2 yang memang rasis jua.

    Terima kasih.

  33. Anonymous5:14 am

    Anon 5.39 PM,

    I have something for you here racist pig.

    PGH, Pendatangs Go Home. End of story.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  34. bru998:31 am

    Well said sid

    Yes Anon 5.39 I too hate Malaysia and the people and will soon leaving for Timbaktu , you are an ass for still living in this country......SOM.

  35. Racist or non racit, its time to you all malays muhasabah yourself, its not about UMNO or BN future, but its about Malay future..... its our duty .. I strongly beleive the non malays will not succeed in toppling the malays without the malays assistance ... LU PIKIRLAH SENDIRI , JANGAN SAMPAI NASI JADI BUBUR , TERLAJAK PERAHU BOLEH DI UNDUR TERLAJAK MENUMBANGKAN KERAJAAN MELAYU AKAN TERKUBUR ... HIDUP PERKASA

  36. Anonymous8:40 am

    Bro Anonymous, if you are saying a Fucking Malay, then you are a cibai bustard. I will get you you one, and you will know where you stay and lived, k. This is Tanah Malayu, so becareful when you want to saya something about Malay, Jada lidah you sebelum "sebab pulut santan binasa dan disebabkan mulat cibai anda itu badan anda yang merasa". Berhati-hati bila bercakap and kalau xsuka kata-kata saya ni you go out from this Tanah Melayu, you are not welcome here, seperti mana titah Tuanku Sultan Selangor, get out of Selangor if you are not adhered what has been stipulated there, k. You bustard get out from Tanah Melayu or I will find you one day!!!!

  37. bru998:46 am

    Well said sid

    Yes Anon 5.39 I too hate Malaysia and the people and will soon leaving for Timbaktu , you are an ass for still living in this country......SOM.

  38. Anonymous8:47 am

    Dildoed Parian Pantat

    "Hantu, you must be one of those blind rabid followers of warrior 231 who has started believing his and your own lies!!"

    Response:I suggest you take time of from your obsession at getting me at all costs and look up this issuewhich directly affects your pet "constituency".

    Observe how the New Dawn for Malaysia shines its first rays for folks here after the mauling at Hulu Selangor.

    Last year, a PR lawyer, Derek fernandes citing several Land Code provisions spoke about Penang being entitled to reject quit rent payment and thus aborting the deal effectively saving KBP. LGE pooh-poohed the idea as rubbish.Well..PKR's Khalid Ibrahim is using the same tactic to bully YBK here. So, Mr 1 Human Race, in keeping with your arseholian philosophy, care to explain how certain racial groups are less equal than others in the realm of the human race?

    And while at it please inform us as to the historical value of rows of illegally built hovels, once housing opium-joints, whorehouses, triad hideouts and smugglers cove fronting the Jelutong watrefront, now known as the Clan jetties being officially preserved as heritage sites in Georgetown.Is it because those jetty houses belong to a certain racial group or are they very much older than a reputedly "200 year old" village?
    Lets see who is believing his and others' lies.

    Warrior 231

  39. Mustapha Ong10:05 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    I can't imagine that some of the comments posted here are so racist and also expressing their unwarranted anger with four letter words. Such criticism on national issues are definitely very damaging to Rocky's bru blogsphere, which is one of the more exciting alternate media forums.There is no excuse that such postings could not be vetted or deleted as clarified by Rocky.

    Why is there an issue for Petronas to appoint Sheryll Strothard, ex VP PRM as the PR Consultant to our national oil company? We should go for her brain as a good public relations practitioner and not only based on her elegant look and also just because she is a non Malay.

    The government is the only stake holder in Petronas, and all senior appointments are being cleared by the Petronas Board of Directors.Why should the President & CEO being blamed for the appointment of Ms Strothard?

    I am sure that Petronas will issue a public statement soon to clarify the appointment in a more professional manner with absolute integrity and transparency. In the meantime, we should not preempt any adverse accusations and blame Petronas senior management of the Board of Directors.

  40. Anonymous10:07 am

    is this gal from penang?

  41. Anonymous10:12 am

    Stotthard is always fighting for human rights.Now she can fight for the Block L n M in Limbang!


  42. If the appointment was with PM Najib's consent, then it is a good move politically, provided she is qualified. BN will start getting back some support....not that I want it.

    The government should hire the best irrespective of our political differences.

  43. ExMaxis10:53 am

    Dear Rocky and fellow readers,

    Just because someone worked with Maxis, does not mean that person has "CREDENTIALS".

    For your info,Sheryll was,quite simply,a bitch.And that is the kindest word you'll hear from people who have worked with her.

    She could not get along with anyone,and she did not do much except cause trauma to intelligent people shocked to see such foul-mouthed,know-it-all imbecile appointed as their boss.

    Btw,don't over estimate the worth of Corp Comm in Maxis.Most of the communications you see overtly like ads etc comes from Consumer Marketing. Corp Comm just replies to complaints in the press about towers etc.

    Btw,I think we can all agree that anyone can hate anyone they want,but haters must be ready to be hated by others as well.


  44. Anonymous11:49 am

    hmm..chikaarooo.. i like...

    - parti jahat -

  45. Unspanners11:53 am


    The real problem is not so much her politics, although her closeness to RPK will be a problem each time RPK helps Anwar, Kit Siang and Tengku Razaleigh to attack Petronas, if you know what I mean. Where she is, there are many confidential files and national secrets placed at her disposal.

    The really real problem is her closeness to Shamsul's family. That automatically makes her a potential liability. Let me rephrase that - potentially very big liability. Once you think the CEO is trying to get family and friends into the picture, not good. Not good on morale of employees, not good on goodwill, not good on many other fronts.

    If this Sheryll is really talented, employ her by all means but don't assign her to highly sensitive departments or work. Let her train people, for example. Send her to marketing or sales (retail), for instance.

    If there's a second chance, Shamsul needs to protect her, something he has failed to do the first time.


  46. relax gentlemen,
    that looks like pic of sherryl 20 years ago.
    eh she used to edit/write for Ethos magazine too right?
    Tanya KJ.

  47. My name is Amir.

    (Hi, Amir)

    I am a 'FUCKING Malay'. In fact, I might go FUCKING in a bit.

    And no matter what the money or the power that comes with it, I am glad I am not Petronas GM of Corp Comm right now.

  48. Anonymous11:58 am

    There'll be another big announcement next week. A Dato' from Sarawak and another good friend of Mr President will be appointed as Petronas EVP.

    May God Save Petronas.

    Cucu Tun Sri Lanang

  49. Anonymous12:03 pm

    "ye la.. at least better than some FUCKING Chinese who only knows how to steal from the Malays."

    6:17 PM

    It should read as "at least better than some FUCKING Malays who connive with the Chinese to steal from the unsuspecting Malays."


  50. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Rocky you may want to check this. Just got an sms to say that the President's office has re-designated Sheryl!!

    Thank you. It's for the better.

  51. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Too late for Petronas' reputation already.

    Next time Petronas being attacked by Anwar Ibrahim or Syed Husin or Lim Kit Siang or RPK, with them saying they have proof or evidence, all eyes will be on this Sheryl. People will suspect her as the one who leaks sensitive information.

    It is ironic because she was employed to boost Petronas' reputation but came off as the one tarnishing it further.

    What a blunder from Petronas Chairman, their BOD and management.

    No brains ah?

  52. Nzain3:08 pm

    Sid ma man, good luck in UK. Please let all of us here know where your new chicken rice shop will be and we'll try to drop by once in a while...(not to eat tho). And if you need a good dish washer don't hesitate to call up on your good friend anon 5.39pm. Maybe Godfather too would like a job there as a cashier.
    Because what else can you guys do overseas but to bullshit people back home of that so called "great life" elsewhere. All lies.
    How do I know this? I meet up with a lot of chinese msians at the Hari Kebangsaan celebrations at various Msian embassies. Masa tu bukan main lagi bersungguh-sungguh nyanyi Negaraku.
    Piidah...pretentious bastards.

  53. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    I'm perplexed by this appointment. It looks as if there's no qualified Malay to be appointed to this important Petronas post.

    If Shamsul cared to look deeper, he would have surely noticed the talents available inside Petronas itself. If he can't find one, there are many other great Malay talents outside.

    Sime Darby's Head of External Communications, Encik Othman Abu Bakar, is one such fellow. He's doing a great job mending Sime Darby's image after the termination of Fox Communications which failed miserably with the IJN issue and Air Asia proposed terminal in Labu, NSembilan.

    Shamsul has made a BIG mistake by appointing a loud-mouthed and yet to be tested Sheryll. And she's a time-bomb to Petronas by her past association with PRM and now PR:

    Think again Shamsul. It's for your own, Petronas and Malaysia's good.

    Pak Nik

  54. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dato Rock,

    How come Omar Ong did not alert Shamsul on this? Was Omar in on this as well? As you are aware if she was the former VP of PRM, perhaps these guys such as Omar, KJ etc who are the so called Malay-Liberals are her buddies. You know nowadays there are many 30-40 something malays who thinks NEP should be abolished and think that Perkasa is a nuisance. These so called Malay Liberals adore people like Zaid Ibrahim who they think the world of.

    So my question now is if PM condone Omar as his adviser and put him in Petronas to be his eyes and ears, well Mr PM you're either naive or too simple a person just like slumberjack who sign off Limbang to Brunei without batting an eyelid(maybe he was sleeping when he signed it off). Again, this makes me think again whether the 4th floor boys still pulls the string through KJ buddies like Omar etc.

    Inquiry Mind

  55. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Warrior 231! Hahaha Way to go bro. Parian Pantat. Now tell me WHO could come up with such colourful description. Could you come up with some analogue for a fusion of the Male genitalia plus some far-eastern ethnicity?

    Woit Korang! Maybe Anon 5:39 had meant "at least goodlooking and NOT fucking a malay", laa. Cos otherwise, she'd be Dwarfed!

    Whatever it is, no. I am not agreeing with that Stotthard girl anywhere NEAR the Petronas Towers.

    Now I am not a betting man. But if I were, I'd wager half my half-year's earnings that someone could just dig in somewhere that during the construction and completion of the Twin Towers and when Anwar Ibrahim was busy instructing the SBs to tail Umi Hafilda late last century, one could find Sheryll Stotthard's proses somewhere in the malaysianet-malaysiakini-malaysia-anything news portals then condemning the building of the Petronas towers as was wont to be the favourite pastime of Pakcik Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi and their Motley Crew thence.

    And now she is right there amongst the top echelons? Yup. Delete her. Other than a Hollywood name that does not have Ngs or Kongs or Chyes at the end, I do not think being well-versed with Shakespearean slanga is proof enough that one merits the position of a corporate leader in High-Tech Petroleum company.

    Tumbalalaika, Shpiel balalaika!

    (ThePurelyPugilisticPandakAhmad's distant cousin).

  56. Is this Sheryll really in the opposition? What I heard is she left PRM because they wanted to join up with keadilan. That was like 10 years ago? The woman never even met Anwar Ibrahim lah. Checked with my pals in pkr, she ain't one of them"


  57. Is this Sheryll really in the opposition? What I heard is she left PRM because they wanted to join up with keadilan. That was 10 years ago? The woman never even met Anwar Ibrahim lah. Checked with my pals in pkr, she ain't one of them"


  58. Anonymous4:38 pm

    hehehe... baper umo awek tuh bro? hmm.. ker mak awek? carik la yang umo 17 ke 18 ke... sedap sket " FUCKING Malay" macam kata2 yang terlebeh rasis tu nak FUCKING... hehehe...
    Petronas.. petronas..
    no comment... diorang ada bosses yang boss yang bosses?


  59. Melayu sudah taro Cina maaa..Eli Wong sudah kena sama Melayu lor

  60. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Dato Rocky has been eying the post for a long time and suddenly he found the job offered to someone else. No wonder he is so angry

  61. Anonymous7:33 pm

    As of TODAY, all non-Malays are suspect until they prove otherwise.

  62. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Hurray for blogs, expose expose expose,

    ordinary rakyat can get to read the blogger's minds and then of course take pre-emptive action

    like claiming back the Malay shares in Malaysia

    and enrich the race which forms the majority

  63. sudinMelayu7:51 pm

    i hate fucking chinese.That's all i wanna say.Chinese is the asian jew.I rest my case.Thank you.

  64. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Now, this is truly the spirit of One Malaysia.

    Najib is making One Malaysia a reality.

    Perhaps Nik Aziz may be appointed Director for Kelantan Affairs? Or a new Damaging Director from DAP?

    So why go bashing the One Malaysia concept? Accept it and make it work in this Bolehland.

    Wise move!


  65. Anonymous7:54 pm

    disebabkan rakyat tiada hati,
    rosak negara yang gagah.

    stop the jibberish racing car (racist) remarks and not stand on the basis of tanah melayu. stand together to achieve peace and tranquility among races and religion.

    or is it u might wanna make anther great war to get malaysia as an one race only like other country?

    i think we might have to consider a new law here. whoever is not happy to be in malaysia or is not happy to be in a multi-racial country and the interaction should be deported immediately to another country to avoid chaos to the country as well for the good of future generations.

    to be living in a world filled with hate. i think you guys who are too racist in malaysia are fucked up.

    shame on you guys to be commented by a school kid.

    avoiding doomsday.

  66. Salam Datuk,

    For a start allow me just say a few words about our PM, Datuk Seri Najib. I may have apprehensions about DS Najib the person but then again I had the same for beloved Tun MM, when Tun assumed the premiership.

    My point, Tun MM went on to become a world renowned statesmen, propelling a proud Malaysia into the 21st century with a noble vision.

    The same will be said of DS Najib with HIS vision and sincerity of a 1Malaysia. He has also worked tirelessly and is continuing to do so, as Tun MM did, upon taking office.

    That being said, there is no shame if one makes a misstep, to acknowledge it and make amends. Even Tun MM has admitted having made mistakes.

    Petronas, the Crown Jewel of the country from its inception, has made tremendous leaps and bounds steadily becoming a Fortune 500 multinational company, ranking 80th globally in 2009, with little or no controversy.

    DS Najib's appointment of Omar Ong to the BOD of Petronas had invited much anxiety and trepidation, given the latter's connection with Ethos and various other reasons. Comments to your various posts of his appointment attests to this. Here too there is some mention of Ethos.

    DS Najib may have his reasons for sticking to his guns and I'll leave it at that.

    But this appointment by new CEO Shamsul Azhar, if comments are corroborated, proven and not mere hearsay, definitely would mean he is not fit to sit on the chair.

    It does not matter from which side of the political divide opinions come, it is decidedly an inappropriate appointment.

    It opens too many questions.

    It would reek of nepotism and cronyism, labels we detest to hear, creating schisms to avoid at all costs.

    Credibility of the BOD of Petronas would be put in doubt.

    It will generate wrong signals and suspicion.

    It is a decision dotted with question marks too much and too long to ignore.

    Petronas is the pride of all Malaysians in general and all Malays in particular.

    Petronas is a MALAY controlled company. Make no mistake about that. I will accept any challenge for my statement.

    That being said, it follows then that it is an insult to Malays qualified or even MORE qualified and suitable for the post, given the nature and specifics the position entails.

    To DS Najib,

    If the appointment is a fact and given that it is inappropriate, it becomes controversial.

    Therefore the appointment of Shamsul Azhar as CEO of Petronas is a misstep on your part.

    You can remedy the situation (or Shamsul Azhar can gracefully step down).

    In or as far as Petronas is concerned, the stakes are too high, for any indiscretion or error of judgement.

    More so in these times of global financial uncertainties.

    Thank you

  67. Anonymous9:25 am

    The problem is with Najib. Choice of some one who may not feel as nationalistic as Malaysians would like it to be. His appointee therefore appoints like-minded appointee. Like Najib hammering Omar Ong into Petronas BOD despite first time BOD rejection.

    Watch out, the new CEO will place the Ong fellow in charge of strategic committees at Petronas that would enable Najib get whatever he wants by hammering Ong into Petronas. Najib has not shown concern for Malay sensitivity. S0-called broad-mindedness. He hammered in someone who even reneged on Petronas study loan commitments. Imagine that.

  68. Hey Anon 5:39 PM, because of you and your stupid remarks now we have PERKASA. Thank you very much.

  69. There'll be another big announcement next week. A Dato' from Sarawak and another good friend of Mr President will be appointed as Petronas EVP.

    May God Save Petronas.

    Cucu Tun Sri Lanang

    11:58 AM

    Sdr Cucu Tun Sri Lanang,

    Is this Sarawak Dato' from Shell? what will happen to Ramlan Malek?

    care to share? :

  70. tardis3:02 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    I hope you are reading this. PISS OFF! What you said is exactly what the jews said when they kill people in Palestine. But of course, you will never understand the feeling..

  71. Petronas loyalist3:58 pm

    As at 09:30 am this morning, that "spy-cum-mole""  Shyrill Stothard is still in PETRONAS ....working on a Press Release at the Corp Comm office
    ( on the Limbang fiasco....).
    BUT what's alarming is that before the Press Release was even completely written, MALAYSIAN INSIDER had rung-up -  ahead , to ask  for the Release.  How the #!%£ did they know????
    If this is not clear evidence that Petronas is  COMPROMISING SECURITY AND OFFICIAL SECRETS WITH THE ENEMY , I dont what is .
    Pls alert our friends not to fall for the smoke screen that hen-pecked Shamsul has supposedly sacked Shyrill.
    It does not detract from the fact that he, the idiotic CEO,  is still allowing the enemy access to highly sensitive info.  What the ...!!!!

  72. Petronas loyalist4:00 pm

    Oh , btw, can somebody please update apanama...shyrill is still working for Shamsul...even as late as this morning, working on the Limbang shit issue.  Strange why Petonas shud confirm that the Limbang shit actually far as I'm concerned , a past disaster is a past disaster, what's more urgent is to ensure we avoid another!

  73. Petronas loyalist4:01 pm

    sorry it is me again .....
    By the way, Shyrill has a sister, Debbie Stothard, who is an activist with the "Free Myanmar" movement. Myanmar is one of the most vital sources of revenue for Petronas. Now, with this development, one can anticipate  Petronas's interests in Myanmar will soon be compromised.

  74. Dear All,
    I see a lot of character assassination going on of late. And perhaps a lot of people are getting too ahead of themselves. Any skilled analyst will have a very good knowledge of Petronas w/o needing to step foot in the edifice created to house one man's ego.

    Secondly a lot has been made about this RM 300 billion or so loss. Its absolute nonsense, as firstly it is confirmed that Malaysia will continue to participate in the project and secondly, the only person that should be screaming is Murphy Oil who is cut out of the deal.

    And once again we are in awe at the hypocrisy of a certain ex-leader who is so keen on fighting for the rights of Murphy Oil which for all means and purposes is a solid Red State and by that means its with W, and on the other breath condemns the Iraq war.

    This is not the 1st time that that man has made such big blunders. Remember the time he falsely claimed that MV Augusta was doing well only for "the worlds greatest analyst" to rubbish his claims with facts from Harley Davidson? His fascination to attack Pak Lah at any instance is the main reason that by and large a lot of people have a very poor opinion of him.

    People should for once learn to use their brains and cease and desist this nonsense. At once!

  75. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Sdr Mustapha Ong,

    Bit late coming here but hope you would read my message:

    On the nature of postings here - things have gotten so bad since Tun Dol's flip-flopping, auto-piloting that fellows like the SIL and the "Fourth Floor boys" had a field day. The latter includes Omar Ong and if he's any relative of yours, I have some comments to make on him as well.

    I have nothing personal against OO except that he was dragged to court for failing to honour his scholarship obligation and why the hell was he "hammered" (1st time rejected) into Petronas BOD? Some people think that it could be part of an Tun Dol's "Exit Agreement" with Najib but hasn't OO got any scruple as to withdraw his nomination? What kind of fellows are we getting into Petronas BOD these days?

    As regards Sheryll Strothard, it is worse still. It is a management post, usually filld up according to proper procedures of calling for applicants, short-listing, interviews. The point was made about she being the CEO's family friend but if she did not go thru the formalities stated above, then it's cronyism by the CEO right from the start of Sheryll's appointment.
    You also appear to be biased by stating the non-Malay line - you don't know her brain and how good a PR woman she is, do you?

    I look forward to that Petronas statement to clarify "the appointment in a more professional manner with absolute integrity and transparency". Hope Omar Ong as a hammered-in Director would use his influence to get that statement out but I'm seeing more and more of nonsense coming out from Petronas since the time of OO's hammering-in. Pity.

    Petronas is a GLC with the largest assets in the country. People are making light of that fact. Damn. And I don't apologise for using that word. But do have a nice evening for you now.

  76. She hasn't been in the opposition circle for a long time. She may have given up the politics when she joined Maxis. The corporate world pays better for sure.
    I hear she is very capable and a no-nonsense person. As terse as Petronas is. Fits the bill well.

  77. Anonymous2:58 am

    Sheryll's appointment did not go through proper protocols. I agree she is untested and most probably not qualified for the job.

    The Fact is, Sheryll once attended an interview for a job in Corp. Comm in Petronas awhile ago.

    She didn't get it. She failed the interview. Dato' Shamsul knows about this.

    Why was she still appointed.. and for the position of GM??

    ex-Maxis' too

  78. It's a good thing to see so many racists here.

    Not censoring these comments ain't too bad really.

    Makes you wonder sometimes about our depth and intelligence.

    We're definitely keeping up with the times with free speech and vulgarity. Stopping short of a little bit of wisdom though.

    Until then, PERKASA, UMNO and DAP etc will still stay relevant.

    Half-way there.

  79. Anonymous7:48 am

    As this is a matter of giving personal opinion here and, as I've given my comment on the subject matter of the post, I now wish to comment on some of the comments:

    5.39 PM - Bloody racist bastard
    Hj Joe - I agree and support you
    sid - Good riddance
    Sigh - Maybe some truth to the Strothard rumours
    5.58 PM - Family friend = cronyism
    6.14 PM - I support your tirade against the racist bastard
    Pandak Ahmad - I support your views and Perkasa
    eddy - I support you fully

    Warrior 231 - You are m'man. Support you 100%. All the time. Against Play Pundek and all. Always look forward to reading your comments. Bring those fellows with their feet in thin air down to earth.

    Apa Dah Jadi - We are not short of talents, only that gullible fellows got into top leadership, appoint no-brainers to CEO positions in order to fit in with their grand design - remember Omar Ong hammered in as a Director, a chap who was dragged into court for failing to honour his Petronas study loan obligation, a "very clear unclear intent" on the part of the hammerer

    donplaypuks - Go play pundek. I support Hantu and Warrior 231

    bru99 - Have a good trip to Timbuktu and don't come back. We must not have disloyal fellows like you, sid and the Penang fellows who absconded to England tearing their passports then got stranded there. Good riddance.

    Mustapha Ong - I support fully the views given by the 6.52 PM commenter

    ExMaxis - Good of you to provide Sherryl's past at Maxis. We don't hate everybody. Only those who deserve hate. We are not even close to the Nazis and the Jews or the Zionists and the Palestinians.

    Pak Nik - It's not a question of she not being a Malay. It's a matter of not going thru the process of short-listing, interviews, etc. It's cronyism by a stupid CEO appointed by a PM with his own undeclared agenda on Pteronas.

    Wenger J Khairy - Some people say you are Khairy himself. Or Khairy himself writes or tells you to write the comments. If so, of course you say what you say. Getting closer to becoming PM by 40 years old, huh? Khairy and "the Fourth Floor boys" had done a lot of damage during sleepy, flip-flopping and auto-piloting Tun Dol's rule. Pls don't do any more damage, just abandon whatever Tun Dol "Exit Agreement" you people may have made with Najib.

  80. charleskiwi9:02 am

    Regardless of what everyone had said , no one has the vision to see what Najib is trying to do.
    He just wanted a Malay to replace an Indian or at best a half breed at Petronas. The Malays do not have surname like Merican, they are all of Indian origins, the Marican's forefathers were from India. Does it matter even the rest of the board members are non Malays ? The final decision is made by a Malay and most of all obedient to Najib !
    just like mamak Mahathir himself, it takes one to recognise another. no doubt the one person most upset about the change in the Petronas's leadership is racist Mahathir. He will be replaced as the Petronas's adviser soon too, that is if he does not resign himself. But he will just hold my words ! Very soon I might add.

  81. Anonymous9:28 pm

    The racist remarks here in this blog is quiet tame, when compare to Malaysia today(which pride itself to hold the higher ground).

  82. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Hey Rocky,
    Everyone is being very unfair to SS. I think she is a very smart girl. Big, dirty mouth maybe but so are all these blokes who have been bashing her in your blog. I heard her speak at a PKR ceramah during the 1999 election campaign. Told the crowd ala Oprah style that she used to date Mohkazani Mahathir (yes, your idola's son) and knew what these people were lie. Ran down Halim Saad whom she worked for as a PA. So interesting and different. maybe that's why she didn't last in politics.

    Poor Thing

  83. Anonymous10:52 am

    Rocky are you anon 5:39 PM?

    Its me boss

  84. Anonymous12:48 pm

    I thin after reading some comments here, I too am inclined to this statement and will make my decisions as per dat, of whatever I am incharge of,

    "As of TODAY, all non-Malays are suspect (of antiMalay hatred) until they prove otherwise."

  85. This is how the BN government thanks the opposition for their contribution to democracy in the country.

    Ms.Stotthard,go ahead and bite the hand that feeds you. No opposition to good money after all. A family friend huh!

  86. bru994:45 pm

    Cor Blimey....!You people just do not understand my statement.................oh well ! there goes the queen.....!

  87. skilgannon10665:46 pm

    Anon 8:40 AM

    If u wanna look me up, I have a permanent seat at the high stakes baccarat table #7 at the Marina Bay Sands casino.

    Which, in case u are woefully ignorant, is in little ole Singapore.

    Warrior xxx, perwira, antiwhatever etc - do u copy?


  88. If Najib can hand pick Omar Ong eventhough he was OPENLY REJECTED by PETRONAS Managemnt as a whole.. What's wrong with Datuk Shamsul handpicking Sheryl?


    If Sheryl is kicked out simply because of political pressure, then shouldn't Omar Ong receive the same treatment?

    Only businessmen & professionals should be in PETRONAS. Not POLITICIANS or ANY OF ITS AFFILIATIONS please, because it sickens me.

  89. Is the police investigation into Aminul Rashid's death hampered by tainted statements?

    read all about it at

  90. Anonymous1:29 pm

    To Freddie,
    you are truly matured Malaysian

    Dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit di junjung


  91. Anonymous12:34 am

    I think she's cute.

    - Ahmad