Monday, April 05, 2010

BUM 2010, Blog4TT, and 13 mil

Blogging Malaysia. We, Malaysian bloggers and blogging, have come a long way.

I had dinner with Desi, DPP, Helen, and A Voice last week at the NPC's clubhouse to discuss the Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2010. Desi, the organising chairman since the first BUM, told me it be in May, in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day, and the theme for this year shall be on or about religion, religious freedom, etc. Last year, you would recall, we had Dr Mahathir as our special guest. For this year's BUM, we are hoping to get several controversial journalists/editors to join the bloggers in a free-for-all. We'll save Prime Minister Najib Razak for next year's BUM, or the year after that.

We have come a long way, as I said. A week ago, the Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Ministry completed the inaugural Blog4FT competition. I was invited to the dinner and awards presentation as the chief judge. We received over 4000 entries. And the quality of the postings ... you wouldn't believe it. Like I said in my speech, it's hard to blog positively but based on the entries we were judging, I'd say there's more to blogging than - a lot more - than politics.

Yesterday, I read from Jalan Sudin that FTUW Minister Raja Nong Chik's has inspired a following here. Blog For Terengganu Tourism offers RM70k in cash prizes!

Still on blogging, I passed the 13 million (unique visitors) mark last week. Jutaan terima kasih. The thrill is not gone, I keep telling you. This blog will celebrate its 4th anniversary next month and hopes to be around for as long as you are interested in prolonging the conversation ...


  1. With blogs, we have a choice!
    thank YOU for the inspiration bro.

  2. Anonymous10:19 am

    who cares, i can blog wherever whenever..BUT i am not going to come under an umbrella, body or organisation.

    No sir. I don't aNswer to my masters and overlords. Unlike you.

    conggratualtions to your 40 million hits. more power to you.


  3. Congrats Dato'...and here's to many more years of blogging. Thank You.

  4. Waranungkoprachoochoothrongkorn10:55 am

    Rocky bin Daulat Tuanku,

    Happy 13 million hits.

    Important news, hope u can make a blog post about this ya:

    A Royal hospital project (done under the banner of satu lagi 'projek Barisan Nasional') has become an incredible disaster and a case of rent-seeking which wasted huge amount of public money -- 400 juta ringgit, all done thru negotiated tender, no open tender for ordinary Malays.

    Royal family was given this project. Royal family compete with ordinary Malay. Inilah masalah perniagaan Melayu.

    Why sultan-family company like Sunshine Fleet in da Selangor and Gamuda Bhd in da Perak getting this kind of rent-seeking contract?

    Rakyat biasa mo cari makan macam mana bro? Makan pasir ka?

    Ini tradisi turun temurun UMNO-BN bukan?

    You nak rakyat terus undi for UMNO-BN??

    Giler ke?! Mampuii la kiter.

    Wahai penduduk Hulu Selangor, tolaklah rejim zalim ini demi maruah bangsa dan negara.

  5. -Waranungkoprachoochoothrongkorn

    The rent seeking princess in the case you highlighted is one of Pakatan/ PKR's biggest funder in Selangor.
    Heard that she channels the funds through some KITCHEN CABINET in Pakatan-led Selongor Government. The Sultan is also close to dis-owning her for this scam of fleeing the federal government.
    Check it out Waranung, and give us more of your independent views.

  6. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Congrats Bro on the 13 million. Now you are the real 13million dollar man, the real deal. No offense to Big Dog.

    Anyway, Bru, if the DPP as mentioned is the same asinine character peppering blogsphere with his condescending racial taunts and pro-censorship calls, then Allah help blogospehere, the last frontier for freedom of expression, warts and all. Give that dog a sniff-in and be rest assured that he will lobby for a censorship board to keep peskies like me, whose viewpoints are inimical and intimidating to his, off blogwalls and you will be on the road to QinShihHuangdom just like those pseudo-libtards and chingkiescum want.

    You are at liberty to consort with whom you please, bro, DPP included, its your personal choice but I reckon u are streetwise enuff not to fall for that pariah mongrel's whines and tricks. Just that, to associate that scum with a credible organisation BUMmers is scraping the gutter and an abomination to all normal rationalminded individuals like me who aspire to enlighten my folks and cleanup MALAYsia of the boat vermins dumped on our shores circa 1920-1957 and their useless parasitic spawn.

    Dei Dildoed Pariah Pundek, fulamak you are mooching around with a X6 steering Datuk. No wonder, your newfound temerity and asudden infatuation for Bro. Fu yoh, you got big gun protection, i vely scared alleady ....hahahaha. poodah porikee pee.

    Do bear in mind that 2 people get what they want, 1. soldiers 2. terrorists and there is nothing that can stop a grizzled soldier like me to gatecrash BUMMers and create some havoc for shitwhores lik u if I find the mood and time...... get the drift, now scram up and hide in mummy's cunt for a warrior is out on the prowl...

    P/S : this one is for your gatekeeping antics, arseworm!

    Warrior 231

  7. OOh, Warrior 231, I'm so scared of you, I'm peeing in my pants. NOT. Empty vessels make the most noise and empty threats are a dime a dozen in this world.

    And the day Rocky needs advice from you on who to be seen or rub shoulders with or not is the day the world will end. So shut the fuck up with your unsolicited "advice" and thrusting yourself like a 2 cent flea bitten whore on others as a self-appointed gatekeeper.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Congratulations on your 13 million hits !!!
    80 percents of those hits are from people who come in to shot you for spinning...
    With all these huge hits, you are the Master of Spinner.

  9. "U get this straight, fuckhead, dont try to be a pussyfooting namby pamby trannie scum.."

    Well Warrior 231, that was posted by you on 22/08/09 at RB's blog. You want more proof of your having let slip you subconscious tranny fixation not to mention doing an Oedipus, yet another of you warped perverted thoughts? Pray tell!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  10. Mustapha Ong10:02 am

    Congrats bru on your 13 million hits.

    we will continue to support u all the way. stay focus and continue the good work and remain positive in your reporting.

    Thank you.

  11. We at SiPM (M) congratulate Dato' Rocky Bru on his blog achievements. Sustainability and consistency is hard to find and to deliver on. Well done, Dato' !

  12. Salam Datuk,

    Congrats again on another milestone!

    Yes, as W231 says, the blogosphere is the last frontier to air ones' views without fear.

    As for those Sinky sycophants and admirers of 'Ol Fart', here's an interesting link which will enlighten you on press freedom, blog freedom, independence of the judiciary, corruption, immigration, emigration etc etc. in the land 'down under' our foot.


  13. Hi Rocky,

    Blogging is a great tool to reach the masses, obviously.

    Keen to use blogs to help tigers?

    Would be great if you could participate in the Tiger Blogfest and get others roped in too!

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