Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remembering our good cops

Latest: New incentives for police officers announced here
203rd anniversary of the PDRM. Journo-blogger Shahril Kadir reminds us of the numerous officers that went down on duty, including an Inspector-General of Police who was gunned down in bright daylight not that long ago. Not too different from what they've been doing to the current IGP.

Shahril's Hari Ulangtahun PDRM ke203: Antara Pengorbanan dan Kebencian
PDRM's website here.


  1. No back door into heaven12:12 pm

    Our police corp has been whacked left and right by Anwar and the Opposition Gang. The cops can do nothing right unless the IGP is sacked. Anwar's politics is one of revenge, vendetta, and self interests. Nation comes second.

    He will lead his followers to hell. Remember, there is no back door to heaven.

  2. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Can confirm igp diploma or degree holder dato rocky.

  3. Datuk,

    Saya menghormati pasukan polis dan pencapaian mereka dalam usaha menjaga keamanan negara. Namun Polis Di Raja wajib membersihkan pasukan dari anggota dan pegawai yg meragukan nama baik pasokan.

    Terlalu ramai anggotanya terlibat dgn segala macam jenayah hingga menyebabkan rakyat hilang kepercayaan. Suatu masa dahulu Bukit Aman ada memberi peringatan kepada Ketua Balai supaya bertanggung jawab terhadap pusat mesin judi di kawasan masing2. Hari ini kita lihat arahan tersebut hanya on paper sahaja. Mesin2 judi masih bertaburan. Mengapa keadaan ini boleh terjadi dan dibiarkan berterusan.

    Bukit Aman harus serius dengan aktiviti perjudian agas merfeka tidak dikaitkan sebagai memberi perlindungan kepada jenayah terancang.

    Kerajaan terus memberi perhatian dan hari ini Najib mengumumkan tambahan elaun untuk anggota dan pegawai pasokan polis. Bertugas Dengan Penuh Tanggung Jawab. Bersih Cekap Amanah.

  4. Anonymous1:18 pm

    talking about PDRM...first thing to our mind is corruption, corruption and corruption !!!

  5. Zebra tak berbelang2:46 pm


    Ketua Polis Negara didapati menipu Mahkamah Tinggi dan menipu semasa membuat akuan bersumpah!!!

    Polis paling atas pun boleh membohong dan mengkhianat amanat rakyat, tapi kerajaan UMNO-BN tetap menyokong dia!!!

  6. Anonymous2:56 pm

    To Tamingsari, mana boleh hapus mesin2 judi selagi ada bangsa yang memang sudah sejati judi dalam diri mereka. Perayaan berjudi kematian pun berjudi, ini adat mereka, mana boleh hapus nie... Mungkin boleh pertimbangan beri saja lesen judi, kerajaan boleh gak dapat cukai.

  7. Current IGP? You mean the guy who cannot tell a degree from a Diploma?

  8. Walau apa pun perception, PDRM telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab menjaga keamanan negara ini dengan baik. Yang penting Anu Ar dan Balachi-balachinya dapat dikawal dari buat huru hara. Terima kasih PDRM.

    Anon 1.18pm, talking about Anu Ar.. first thing to our mind is asshole,asshole and asshole!!! or in a nicer word... sodomy,sodomy and sodomy..hehehe


  9. Anonymous5:51 pm

    TO ANON 2.56 U said To Tamingsari, mana boleh hapus mesin2 judi selagi ada bangsa yang memang sudah sejati judi dalam diri mereka. Perayaan berjudi kematian pun berjudi, ini adat mereka, mana boleh hapus nie... Mungkin boleh pertimbangan beri saja lesen judi, kerajaan boleh gak dapat cukai.

    Judi is not confined to any one race, just like corruption. Anyways a big portion of the judi tax is used for the peoples' benefits, so it is also not confined to any race, hence are you using any of the benefits that is from the judi tax?


  10. Anonymous5:57 pm

    To the good & some not so good cops...

    Happy 203rd Anniversary.

  11. Pasal IGP ada diploma atau ijazah pun jadi isu besar. Takde benda lain ke nak dipolitikkan. Boring betul.

  12. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Yeah, remembering the good cops!!!!!!

    By getting a ticket for having a failed 3rd. brake light, just because refusal to negotiate!!!!!!
    Go figure, rocky!!!!!!

  13. Musa Hassan is an "Unreliable and to be disregarded" witness according to Justice Supang Lian. Now according to YB Sivarasa, he is also a liar. He lied about his qualification at the witness stand. What more shame would Musa Hassan bring to PDRM? Why would any police officer have any respect for him? Musa himself has admitted that his subordinates are taking orders from "third party". So why is he still the IGP? Long live PDRM (for the good cops only)

  14. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Hats off to our policemen and women. Your services are valuable for peace loving Malaysians.


  15. Anonymous11:49 pm

    PDRM, one of the best law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the world

  16. Hidup Polis2:00 am

    Musa Hassan our IGP is a squeaky clean man. That's why a lot of crooks from RPK and that ex-cop Private Investigator to common criminals and VIP ones fear him and want him gone!

  17. Anonymous2:23 am

    Sejarahnya sepasukan tertubuh dek British bagi menjaga harta & kepentingan Pemerintah & ejen2nya sedari zaman Raffles la kan?

  18. Anonymous2:29 am


    ..harta2 'yg dikaut dari bumi Melayu'..

  19. Dear Habib Rak,

    PDRM is not taking orders from any third party. It is more of a hint to outsiders from interfering with police duties. Terlalu banyak kejadian dimana ada pihak luar cuba menghalang anggota polis dari melaksanakan tugas mereka.

    To Anon 2:56,

    Judi memang budaya negatif manusia hari ini. Ada yg diberi lesen ada yang tidak, berssesuaian dengan syarat2 tertentu. Namun judi boleh disekat dari merebak sehingga tidak terkawal. Disini PDRM dan pihak berkuasa kerajaan tempatan boleh bertindak menyekat perkembangannya. Bukan orang cina sahaja yang berjudi. Orang melayu apa kurangnya.

    Begitu juga dengan arak dan rokok.
    Walaupun dibenarkan penjualan akan tetapi dikawal supaya remaja mendapati kesukaran untuk membelinya. Perokok juga tidak sewenang-wenangnya merokok dimana sahaja sesuka hati mereka.

  20. Anonymous7:44 am

    ... polis, polisi dan politik... hehehe... sama saja... YES MAN..
    kalau NO SIR... terus masuk dalam...


  21. Anonymous8:11 am

    No good cops until we change the government. Fish always rot from the head.

    Lets kick BN out from the government in the coming G13

  22. The PDRM is a professional law enforcement force that we should all be proud of. Just because there are a few bad hats/black sheeps among them through out their history, it should not in any way diminish their vast contributions for our protection and security by their dedication to their duty for the country.

    Only reckless ungrateful people among us would pour scorn on our men and women in blue without considering the much good that the PDRM had done for this country.

    As rightly pointed out many of our policemen had made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation and for them I recite the Alfatihah.

  23. Bunnies12:05 pm

    Good cop and bad cop.. they are all cops... There isnt much to celebrate about when their reputation is tarnished beyond help. No amount of polishing is going to help.. they need to be rebuffed!!

    So, unless Polis Diraja Malaysia is willing to admit that they sucks big time and want to be disciplined about changing this fact, I dont see anything to celebrate about.

    The whole country is like a blady circus!!! and Najib is the ring master! GODDDDD!

  24. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Roda roda KL, guys are the best cops. Too bad its just a TV series. Then again IGP's bro is also an actor, so there still is hope for PDRM. Btw, is Fox Communication still handling the PDRM PR?

  25. Anonymous8:51 pm

    wah, this current IGP is the best of the PRDM??

    No mention of Ramli Yusuf at all kah?

    This musang is the most corrupted of the lot.

    you guys are living on mars.

    Royak Burok

  26. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Diploma Degree

    Theb est part is Edison Chen's


  27. Anonymous5:57 pm

    See all those tranny chingkies talking shit about our PDRM..

    When a group of drunk hindulen samseng whack their shops (the case in Puchong) not long time ago, where did they go begging for help?? their cursed PDRM..not to their samseng taiko or wtf patron saint..kah..kah..kah..this is just an example of a case..

    They think they're so great expecting this nation to be turned into the state of anarchy..
    "there should be no law until the current law & law enforcer are toppled".."No good cops until the govt is changed".. sound screwed up to me..

    Can we expect a chingkie to apply for a cop job risking his/her life for the good of the public as a 'good cop'?? They can't even handle a water spray..what else left to brag about?

    That must be one fucking hell joke of the century..hahahahahahahahaha...ROTFLMAO..

    Really? how are you lanciau brain gonna cari makan without the law & law enforcers waiting for your kingdom to come?

    That just tell us the state of those ultra chingkies level of intellectual..similar like the rotten fishhead case..cretin to their pig-head core..unhelpable..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-