Friday, March 12, 2010

Another lawsuit, Zaid?

The "new" Zaid Ibrahim. When he was in Umno, Zaid was the "maverick". He dared to speak out against the leadership, he was critical of his own colleagues, and he'd make mincemeat of the Opposition members whenever he had the chance. The Malay-Muslim Kelantanese became a big-time lawyer and headed one of the biggest legal firms in the region.

One of the first things I did when I became the president of the National Press Club was to invite him to address my members at Jalan Tangsi. Shamsul Akmar, now a columnist with NST, moderated the session. Then at the former Blog House, we got him to address the Bangsa Malaysia forum. He was frank and he didn't mince words. In short, he believed in the freedom of expression. He believed in the freedom of the press.

I prefer Zaid the outspoken ex-Umno politician. The new Zahid is somewhat "less". His skin isn't as thick as it used to be. The threshold, once great, is now not so. His patience with criticisms against him is wafer-thin. He has taken a lawsuit against A. Kadir Jasin, a veteran journalist and an outspoken blogger. Now he is suing another seasoned journalist, or that's what I heard.

If that's true, I think Zaid is sending a message that my fellow journalists should heed. Do exercise great caution when writing anything against Zaid. That goes to bloggers to. A Voice, it's not too late to take down your latest posting on Zaid!


Anonymous said...

Some self glorifying people said that SJKC have the best education, but why non of top ten SPM student come from SJKC? Such a blatant bull crap.


al-Deen-amin said...

Zaid's peak time is over and now going downhill. Out of UMNO for good he won't be making much headway in PKR for the party itself in shambles.

Knowing of his weakened position thus more vulnerable to attack by his opponents or enemies for tit-and-tat he has to wag the signal not to mince him. Who is going to support him now except his lawfirm money?

The sign of times is on him and let him be on his desperate political ways. He has done his favour to the retired judges.

kluangman said...

Adalah sukar membaca fikiran dan tindakan Zaid sebab kita tidak tahu masa bila dia 'waras' dan masa bila dia 'mabuk'.

Kebiasaannya, yang hanya satu kepala boleh memahami kepala yang sama. Kalau syaitan, dia pilih syaitan sebagai kawannya.

Unknown said...

Hi Bro,

why talk about Zaid for? Your good friend Ibrahim ali caught with his pants down. Sleeping with the enemy!!!

What kind of joint is PERKASA anyway?

zainal abidin awang kechik said...

THE KELANTAN... lose by nose..

Anonymous said...


Its all about money. Zaid bungled big time. Not UMNO, not PKR, not Pakatan or whatever.

Zaid invested heavily in a RM200 million steel mill or something. Now he is stuck with it. The mill is ultimately tied to Gomen projects. If he cannot sell his steel, he is in deep shit.

Now he has to use all his good money and throw it after bad money.

His 'largest lawfirm in the country' is now beginning to step down the ladder.

Zaid was not on Najib's favorites list. That meant his steel mill would soon be in deep shit. Cannot sell the steel. So he thought if he jumped ship to PKR and Anwar became PM, Zaid can become Deputy PM or something and also become the largest steel mill operator in the country. Or something like that lah.

Poor judgement. PKR is Anwar and Wan Azizah's personal fiefdom. DAP is Kit Siang and Guan Eng's personal fiefdom. Both will die with Anwar (in jail) and Kit Siang.

Now Zahid is left with nothing. But day by day, itu steel mill is becoming heavier around his neck. One day he will be declared a bankrupt. Wait and see. BTW bro, can he sue you for this?

Hj Hoegarten

Anonymous said...

Zaid is exercising his constituitional right in defending himself. Just as I would also receive a lawyer's letter from our Wee Wee boy if I accuse him of being a philanderer with kids born out of weblock.
It's all because Zaid is a man with great influence. Any political character assasination on Zaid would damage his reputation rendering him immobile in politics
This is rough & tumble of politics. One can damn people but that fella should be prepared to be damned.
Having said that I felt that Rocky, you are damn lucky for hiding behind UMNO while hitting out on people including those in down south.

I would love to see how the government down south react against you when you make speeches down south.
If such happen, just like Tang Liang Hong, nobody would pity you.
You dare? Najib can't protect you

PKMS there are so "cham" that there are 2 factions fighting over each other at the street not too long ago. PKMS stands for Singapore UMNO.
It seems UMNO folks are typical self centred greedy bastards even in overseas. It does not reflect well because those 2 factions are fighting over the UMNO building in Geylang Serai.
The building was inanugurated by none other than Tunku Abdul Rahman.
I envisage UMNO in Malaysia would become like UMNO in Singapore completely destroyed due to their incompetence.
Singapore has made the first step. Lets finish off UMNO in Malaysia

TOKZ said...

Hi ROCKY (Sorry...I mean Dato Rocky),

The reasons why ZAID IBRAHIM is pursuing LAWSUITS could be based on the following reasons:

1) ZAID knew Pakatan Rakyat days are numbered & thus he had now became DISORIENTATED & DISILLUSIONED. He can no longer think straight & that's why he thinks LAWSUIT will the best option out.

2) ZAID is regretting he left Barisan Nasional & he's regretting it BIG TIME. So much so, he just SUE whoever that offends him in speeches & writings. Expert call this 'REGRET SYNDROME'.

3) ZAID loves going to the Court becos' he's a lawyer. However due to his days being numbered when Pakatan Rakyat falls, he now grabs the opportunity to be in Court as soon & as frequent he could be.

4) ZAID has lost his words. Pakatan Rakyat is NOT doing anything CORRECT of which he could open his mouth to compliment. Neither can he open his mouth to speak about Barisan Nasional since it had been performing so well of late. Thus, bringing people to the Court with his lawsuits is one good way to vent his ANGER & FRUSTRATIONS.

5) ZAID hopes all his lawsuits will end himself up in jail. It's NOT becos' he love to be in jail (let alone enjoying Prison Cuisine). ZAID is simply FED-UP with Pakatan Rakyat until he choose the option to be in jail & NOT see what further damage Pakatan Rakyat is doing to themselves.

Pick 1 of the above.....or.....All of the above.

BINGO!!! You are CORRECT!!!

Anonymous said...

-Of course you idiot

Base on the similar bull and crap logic, can I says gal is smarter than guy, Chinese is smarter than other race, virgin is smarter than bitch, those from Gombak is smarter than those not from Gombak?

Can’t we comment something relevant to the blog subject?


Anonymous said...


Correction. Zaid already sold the steelmill. He sold 60% for something like RM50.0 million. Could not sell the steel. Loss.

Hj Hoe.

Anonymous said...

Politic is about number...or is it about figures.

PS Zaid got to learn a lot from his fellow Kelantanese -Ibrahim Ali and Ku Li - a true blue political survivor. No matter what people say.

sniper said...

It's tough being a politician, Zaid

Half your reputation is ruined by lies the other half is ruined by the truth!

eddy said...

Zaid is a man of great influence?? Just wondering what kind of great influence he has over who or what. Does any body even listen to him now in PKR let alone Malaysia.

I think Anwar Ibrahim figured that Zaid is no more of use to him, he is not getting much media attention. Maybe the lawsuits is a way of getting some publicity for himself and he is emulating Anwar in lawsuits at least anyway.

Wishful thinking on UMNO being destroyed here in Malaysia loess74, in Singapore the Malays are only what 15% of the population..big difference ma. Still, its good to have dreams it makes you sane and gives you hope.

Anok Kelate said...

Zaid's `peak'? He never peaks. He's the type that ejaculates prematurely, or most of the time never fully erected. Oghe kelate kato jenih bate tok de kerah...hangat-hangat tahik aye mone...tok panah mano,tapi busuk sebutir kapong...tu lah jeneh Zaid (Bakal Presiden PKR, and of course the next thing he's heading for Putrajaya). Can Malaysian imagine Zaid the next PM!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...the pot calling the kettle black, Dato' Rocky? Haven't you yourself changed your tune over the last year, from anti-Umno to Umno-buddy? Is it only your prerogative to change your mind?


nodurian said...

I've read the blog post by A Voice and though critical, I failed to see why Zaid should be offended enough to sue. It is an opinion piece, and everyone should be entitled to their opinion as long as they do not make slanderous and untrue accusations.

In not so distant past, I viewed Zaid as one of the better, brainy and righteous Malay politicians. But now, it's hard for me to figure out where he stands. I do harbor the hope though that Zaid can one day return to his old outspoken self and fight relentlessly to make this country a better place. I believe he's among the few who can.

Anonymous said...

Danny/Rashdan, CEO of Maybank Investment has resigned from Maybank today. Actually he was asked to leave for his poor human skill in managing the staff. He thinks Maybank belongs to him. What a prick! perhaps he learnt it from his mentor, Azman Mokhtar, another bigger prick. Read the newspaper tomorrow for more detail.

Retrogina said...

Dear Rocky,

I am not prone to call people names but when i heard abt him suing, he is one pathetic Loser!

With all the problems in politics, he chose to waste time & energy on this? Sooo tak patut.

catchball said...

Zaid is now the dominant factor in the PKR and yea for a good reason, goodwill had to be retain without compromise.

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Hi D'Rocky,

I think one ought to be responsible in blogging, Jasin, rpk and others. Zaid has a right to sue; and bloggers should stand up and fight them in the legal system n via blogging...whatever side u support.

Well, if the legal system was effective...perhaps rpk would not be hiding.

Anonymous said...

No news from your good self latuk locky abt the acquital of Datuk Ramli Yusuf??

Isn't that news worthy?

hahahaha wht to expect?

Loyak Buruk

Anonymous said...

Is true, just like the old Rocky vs the new Datuk Rocky.
The old Rocky dare to speak out against UMNO but the new Rocky sold his spine to Najib.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should threaten to sue him for interfering with due processes of democracy.

Who pays for all these court time and use of government resources? Are those who abuse processes of law made to pay for it properly?

borhan said...

There's a tiger at the back...can u c

Pendekar Melayu Terakhir said...

Zaid Ibrahim telah menulis rencana yang di bawah. Apakah pendapat anda? Dia betul ke tidak?


Saya bersetuju dengan Ibrahim Ali yang mengatakan tak ada salahnya bagi beliau selaku Pengurusi Perkasa untuk berkerja dengan tauke Cina yang terkaya Vincent Tan, atau dengan mana-mana tauke lain yang membuat projek perumahan atau jambatan atau projek lain di Kelantan. Orang Melayu sepatutnya berkerja dengan siapa saja yang boleh memberi manfaat dan keuntungan kepada orang Melayu sendiri. Yang penting dia betul-betul berkerja atau berniaga secara aktif. Yang penting Melayu ini bukan “sleeping partner” atau bukan Ali kepada Baba. Yang penting Melayu yang tahu harga diri.

Malangnya ramai pemimpin Melayu/Bumiputera yang ada kabel dengan Perdana Menter atau orang atasan lain dapat peluang hanya untuk jadi Ali kepada Baba. Maka dilantiklah Ali ini sebagai pengarah syarikat yang tak buat apa-apa kerja. Ali ini juga diberi saham. Maklumlah, Ali ini kan orang Bumiputra yang ada kedudukan istimewa dan peruntukan khas, walaupun bapa atau datuk dia lahir di Kerala atau Madras, atau di Aceh dan sebagainya. Orang yang benar-benar putera bumi di negara kita seperti Senoi, Negrito dan Proto Melayu di samping kumpulan-kumpulan etnik Semelai, Jakun, Temuan, Temiar dan sebagainya, tak pernah pula kita lihat dapat jawatan pengerusi syarikat-syarikat besarMereka tak ada perlindungan dibawah Perkara 153 yang ajaib itu.

Jadi bila wira Perkasa dan pengikut-pengikut UMNO Baru ini mahu pertahankan “keistemewaan” mereka, apakah sebenarnya yang mereka mahu pertahankan. Tak ada siapa pun yang bercadang nak ambil balik hak Bumiputera di bawah Perlembagaan. Tak orang bukan Melayu dan tidak juga Pakatan Rakyat yang mahu buat begitu. Lagi pun mustahil ianya dapat dilakukan dengan jumlah kerusi yang dipegang di Parlimen oleh kaum Bumiputera. Kadang-kadang ada di antara kita yang lupa bahawa di Sabah dan Sarawak, kaum Bumiputera merupakan kaum majoriti. Jadi apakah yang dibisingkan oleh “pembela hak Bumiputera” ini.

Sebenarnya, yang mereka mahu pertahankan ialah “sistem rentier” di mana nama Bumiputera UMNO itu ada harga untuk mendapat saham percuma atau elaun percuma atau jawatan pengarah dalam sesuatu syarikat. Mereka mahu Baba sentiasa perlukan servis dan nama mereka. Jadi Ali jenis ini sanggup terus mempertahankan elit Baba ini walaupun syarikat-syarikat Baba inilah yang menjadi persaingan dan mengurangkan peluang kepada peniaga Melayu yang tulin ikhlas yang mahu berniaga dengan erti kata yang sebenar. Inilah hakikatnya

Sepatutnya Ali ini perlu sedar diri dan benar-benar berjuang secara ikhlas. Apa yang perlu diperjuangkan oleh Ibrahim Ali dan Utusan Malaysia ialah supaya Model Ekonomi Baru yang dilaung-laungkan oleh Perdana Menteri Najib Razak itu dapat membanteras fenomena ekonomi pajakan nama Bumiputera Ali kepada Baba. Selagi Ali mendapat elaun murahan yang mudah dan percuma dari Baba, selagi itulah ekonomi orang Melayu akan dikawal oleh Ali yang ada kabel untuk kekayanan Baba. Baba ini pula bukan sebarangan Baba. Orang Cina pun tak suka mereka kerana bolot segala-galanya.

Tapi saya rasa adalah mustahil Najib akan membersihkan ekonomi “rentier” ini kerana para pemimpin UMNO akan marah, ketua Bahagian UMNO akan marah dan Ahli Parlimen UMNO akan marah. Mereka akan marah kalau Model Ekonomi Baru ini bersifat adil dan memberi peluang saksama kepada rakyat Malaysia. Mereka mahu kepentingan mereka dipertahankan. Mereka akan marah kerana akan hilang peluang mendapat elaun murahan’ peluang jual nama Jadi mungkin Model Ekonomi Baru ini sebenar tak ada apa yang baru kecuali tabiat lama yang akan terus mementingkan UMNOputra. Tetapi kita sedia teliti dan meneliti dasar baru ini dengan adil.

bila mama pakai celana said...

Kalau ada orang memfitnah dia, memburukkan nama dia dengan pembohongan, maka Zaid berhak mengheret dia ke mahkamah.

Sesiapa pun berhak dan bebas berbuat begitu.

Kalau ada orang buat gitu pada saya, saya berhak menyaman dia.

Ini hak asasi kita dan ini dijamin oleh undang-undang.

Kenapa kau membantah Rocky? Zaid tu bukan manusia ke?

Jawablah kalau berani.

Anonymous said...

And there he stood, arms clasped, his hair swept back, lips pursed in determination, eyes glazed over in steely determination as he surveyed his little kingdom of Arsepit with his Arseshit rabble gathered beneath his grandiose majesty…….

(soliloquy) “Verily, I am the King of Arsepit or verily am I a jester for Hester? (to the arseshit) my word thy turd, my breath thy wreath, my spittle thy victual, my cough thy quaff .... Perchance my fart is thy heart, wouldst thou maverick me with a limerick or am I a maudlin specter with a stolen scepter…..oh (rubbinghis crotch)…this puzzle is cutting my soul, knifing my spirit, slicing my will, dicing my hopes….to be or not to be,… a king or a jester?” (digs his arse before letting off a huge fart on his way out)

There I have wasted a bit of cyber-ptui on an undeserving shithead. Remember, how my comment raised the heckles here last year when the grasshopper hopped cross-field. I wouldn’t waste pixels on this clitleech or arsewhore for that matter, worthless scum not worth a line much less a post, but then its your blog, bru*.

Well, if charlatans and poseurs like these can get to be called maverick, then I better chance my arm and offer my leg. Folks, I am gonna run for public office and sprayclean all the chicken and arseshit littering the political landscape ever since our great Lear, the ace statesman Dr M himself quit the stage. Ah’ reckon’ ah’ can get a slate of highly educated Melayu bermaruah technocrats with the nous on board and we will yank this country with humour, style and panache allied to a healthy dose of discipline into the first world stratosphere after dealing with the cowdung and pigshit in our own inimitable way. What say you, my brethren?. Ah’ figure ah’ can tear apart Arsie, Hardy, Nikki and Hardy on the policy stage with mah hands bound anytime if a million or two of you hop onto mah bandwagon………

Chingkie and hindulen views are unwelcome…hahahahahaha LOL

Warrior 231

P/S: bru, it’s your blog but ah’ reckon arsewhore is leveraging on your readership to put his garbage into public view through the link you pasted strategically at the top. For sure we know saiful has been reticent ‘bout his case but arsie has latched on by first releasing some herrings on his case and then slowly shifting to other issues.

Anonymous said...

Kalau lah TDM perangai macam ni...

Rasanya he will be the richest man on earth for 10generations to come, habis semua orang dia sue!!

Thats the difference between TRUE GREAT leaders, criticize berdepan2 and berdepan2 tangkis criticism from others.

TDM is the BEST.



Anonymous said...

Dato Bru, any scoop on MAS.
Media spin kata MAS untung 400 juta tapi Mgmt beritau staff that operating loss is 600 juta.

Now, staff really pissed sebab ingat Mgmt tipu staff sebab tak nak bayar Bonus.
Either way, Mgmt is guilty for misleading media and staff.


Anonymous said...

Turn on the free TV, at any one moment, there are three channels showing Chinese show out of six channels, Indian shows, (or Kadazan shows for that matter), none, with 20% of population, they control 50% of TV air time.

What about business? 20% control 80% of country wealth, possibly.

What is this? I say this is the example of Ketuanan Cina.


Rockybru said...

An Anon wrote:

No news from your good self latuk locky abt the acquital of Datuk Ramli Yusuf??

Isn't that news worthy?

hahahaha wht to expect?

Loyak Buruk

3:47 AM

Well, Anon, I agree with you it's news worthy which is why it's in the newspapers today.

But what's your point?

That his acquittal is yet another proof that our courts are OK?

Speak up mate.

Rockybru said...

An Anon wrote:

No news from your good self latuk locky abt the acquital of Datuk Ramli Yusuf??

Isn't that news worthy?

hahahaha wht to expect?

Loyak Buruk

3:47 AM

Well, Anon, I agree with you it's news worthy which is why it's in the newspapers today.

But what's your point?

That his acquittal is yet another proof that our courts are OK?

Speak up mate.

Anonymous said...

Warrior 231, please count me in.

Will support you to be PM, President, anything ....I know that you're capable of cleaning up all the mess, shit stuff, pig stuff, whatever in our beloved Tanah Melayu.

- JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

Anonymous said...

All irresponsible writers with ill intent should be sued !

Do not assume you are above the law just because you are a pen pusher ! The writers nowadays lack integrity; for a mere few bucks they prostituted their soul to the devil !

Awek Nongkrong said...


No need to ask others about the acquittal of Datuk Ramli Yusuf.

Just read here, an account from the very court room where he was acquitted and a conversation with the very man himself.

The rest, you can judge for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Spinning Gasing,

MAS loss a huge chunk in operations. YES, they lost by flying people from one corner to the next.

They reported an after tax profit because they made money "gambling " in the derivatives market ! Go read their balance sheet and you will understand.

So, no bonus for the 99% of the workforce.

Anonymous said...

Well, Anon, I agree with you it's news worthy which is why it's in the newspapers today.

But what's your point?

That his acquittal is yet another proof that our courts are OK?

Speak up mate.

Wht the anon meant is that: ramli will still be burger eventhough he wins round1. Round2 he ll be koyak.

Loyar Koyak

Anonymous said...


Terasa ke? Kah kah kah ...


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33 PM

What about business? 20% control 80% of country wealth, possibly.

And out of these 20%, 80% declared their monthly gross income as RM800, Jenis pekerjaan - self employed!

Tak caya? Check rekod sekolah. Their Borang pengesahan pendapatan keluarga when their kids enter SMK.. hehehe

Kaki kelentong, kaki lari dari cukai...


Mat Cendana said...

There are a few things that I like and admire about Zaid Ibrahim. However, it wasn't always like this; especially when he was president of the Muslim Lawyers Association in the late 80's. In retrospect, I don't know what his positions really were regarding the controversial issues of this period - there was no internet (as we now know it) then, and there was distrust and scepticism in what the newspapers reported.

Then he came into the limelight when he brought a bold, new concept to football in Malaysia. He was one of the shareholders of Ringgit Kreatif, which took over the Kelantan semi-pro team for the league and Malaysia Cup in 1993. With M.Karathu and Irfan Bakti coaching the team, Kelantan reached the semi-final of the Malaysia Cup that year - something they had failed to do for no less than two decades, at least.

It was unfortunate that things later turned sour; with Ringgit being in control for only one season. Jealousy towards Zaid and Ringgit was one reason; not to mention intense politicking among the Kelantan FA officials. Zaid's fault, if you can call it that, was in his failure to appreciate the depth of the internal problems. He and the shareholders were genuine professionals who were focused on the main target - success on the field AND turning football into a viable business. And they had reasonably expected others, through their pride in the state of Kelantan, to have the same sentiments too, with everyone willing to sacrifice and work together towards a common objective.

Unfortunately, this wasn't so: many of the KFA officials placed their personal interests ahead of the state and team. There was only one way to bring about real changes, Zaid felt - by taking over the FA itself. So he decided to go for the president's post, which was held by a former Tanah Merah district officer who was then elevated to the super-powerful position of state secretary, Datuk Wan Hashim (a Rahim Razali lookalike). And the latter was also "the Istana's guy"...

With the top FA officials solidly behind the incumbent, and with Zaid made out to be "the KL-based Kelantanese", the meek affiliates decided to back the status quo. Zaid withdrew from contesting, if I'm not mistaken. The semi-pro football team was then managed by a company under the SEDC.

Zaid was also fighting on another front - to be the Kota Bharu Umno division chief. Now this was another tough fight for he was up against incumbent Datuk Ahmad Rastom Ahmad Maher, who was the Deputy Menteri Besar during the previous BN government. Zaid lost. He tried again, but ended with the same result. It was only on his third attempt that he won the post.

He was the BN candidate for the Kota Bharu parliamentary seat in 2004, which Semangat 46 and Keadilan had held since 1990. Zaid won - aided by the "feel good" sentiments when Dollah Badawi had taken over as Prime Minister. In a way, it might be quite fortunate that he was not selected to defend that seat in 2008 - most probably he would have lost to the PKR candidate too.

Anyway, despite having respect for the man, I'm certainly not supportive of him. In fact, we have gone in different directions at the same time; with me following KijangMas and Demi Negara.

And I can only express disappointment about his suit against Datuk A. Kadir Jasin. It's his right, of course - however, I had followed this particular post by AKJ, and I honestly couldn't see how and where Zaid could have been offended. Zaid is a bigger man than that, and I hope he'll just withdraw it... unless the real intention is to harass those who criticise him.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that with money and a big law firm he can get everything he wants? Cow down everybody into subservience to him? Where does he gget this big head from, I wonder.

TDM said in CheDet blog the Government gave him a lot of legal work during his time. He made a lot of money there. Then he hit at UMNO. TDM also pointed this out during the hu-ha of his resigning from Tun Dol's cabinet. How inconsiderate. What ingratitude.

asyMok_Aambo said...

bereh boss!

Anonymous said...

no locky, that its not ok. Reply pun mahu spin kah!!

u are a najis now

Infectious said...

wah piang eh! check out our Blarder Jahid..all fart and no shit one..he talk rot one...last time he sabo gormen and say must allow all Malaysian talk free free he tebalik 306 degree oreddi ah...TALK OSO NOW MUST PAY ONE AH!....why he so busok one..not say i say wat ah..if lai dat you talk ownself lor blarder Jahid..dont wayang wayang here okay!

Infectious said...

wah piang eh! check out our Blarder Jahid..all fart and no shit one..he talk rot one...last time he sabo gormen and say must allow all Malaysian talk free free he tebalik 306 degree oreddi oso must pay one ah....why he so busok one..not say i say wat ah..if lai dat you talk ownself lor blarder Jahid..dont wayang wayang here okay!

Semut Hitam said...

Mr. Rocky.

The opposition claimed that the MP's who jump ship are like frogs. Can we not say Zaid is the 1st frog of all time?
Atleast in my point of view, those MP's never did attend any function held by BN or UMNO leaders before they jump ship. Not like him. He taunt the leadership of UMNO before he do what he did.
Now his taking action againts those who taunt him? Pathetic.

anti-Rocky said...

I hope Zaid will sue left, right and centre! Sue everyone in sight, especially those UMNO journalists who are not able to see right from wrong, or fiction from non-fiction! If he sues Rocky Bru, even better! Brew the Rocky bugger alive! I have to warn Zaid though, not to drink the brew made from Rocky: it's poisonous and may kill you. If it doesn't kill you, it'll have a terrible effect on your brains: you'll start spewing nonsense such as that the Mamak Kutty is the greatest leader in the world since the Pharoahs ruled Egypt.

IES Agencies said...

Guys, KJ's top cybertrooper has 'revealed' to me KJ's latest achievement,

nak tau ape bacalah di SINI

I guarantee you will like this posting

If you don't laugh just tell me and I will come and give you 10 hits on your blog today

Anonymous said...

After the spectacular drop of 80% in FDI from 10.2 billion (4.7 billion came during BN rule) to 2.2B in 2009 which broke the back of a moribund economy, the Penang state government has found an arsesome source of revenue to mitigate the decline in FDI and create new jobs:

Police: Penang a gay sex services hub

what a Christian Chingkie masterstroke to leverage on the famed exploits of PR's top dog, Arsewhore himself. I am pretty sure Arsie must be chuffed to bits with Guano for consigning his fame for posterity.Nikki and Hardy must be falling heads over heels to get a buttfuck from the paralysed lion and while they are arsingh away, it would do the MACC some good to check out as to why only 4 guys hold the golden key to unlock the Penang property mart:

"Only four councillors make the major decisions on property development projects; just four! This makes it easier for developers to lobby and bargain with them."

check out the guy with the TKp acronym..seems he's been calling the shots thru his influence...
A lot of things are wrong up north, not least the economy, as the once Pearl of the Orient flows like a Shit of the Vagrant from Chingkie arseholes.

This brings me to the protest against the GST. A cursory scan of the stats reveal that 75% of local SMEs are chingkie owned...yeah the very same outfits who stand to pony up a tidy sum for GST compliance and who will see reduced profits with GST. So? It explains why the Dogs And Pigs have cunningly villified the GST as raising prices when no such thing is likely and when the reverse is more truer than Truth itself. But to save Chingkie arse, they use the Lembus of PKR and PAS to create a ruckus and snigger when the deed is done. The Chingkie is out to sabotage the economy....that the word on the street.

And a "Jack Neo" is hiding in Komtar in Penang? Who? wait and see!! hahahaha

P/S; Nik Aziz kapiak "gapo dengan anak pondokmu tu ..Lim Umar Abdul Aziz Guano....berahi sokmo nak berpantat...jange2 tok guru kapiak pun kaki l......hahahahahahahahaha

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

“Terasa ke? Kah kah kah ...”

Hmmm, nope. I am trying to present my thought to a wingnuts who is clueless on what he talked about. Btw, did your psychiatrist tell you that kah kah kah is your way to conceal your pale and weak contention?


monsterball said...

aiyah Rocky...Mahathir was complaining like a mad Pak Lah...and once Najib took more complaints...even though things were done against his wishes and desires. That's how dirty mamak is .in politics.
So Zaid is quiet and contented with PR and keDAILan.
Any problems with that Rocky??
Sure you an employee of UMNO.
No complaints...job very insured..hahahahaha
Politics aside...want to advertise in MM..can or cannot?