Monday, February 22, 2010

"Why they should not lodge the police report against The Star"

"I hear that some folks want to make a Police Report over a Press article about this caning of the three women. I will not say which newspaper and who the people are. But my advise is dont take ownership of anything that is confusing and will only cause more confusion. Just leave it to the ‘confusionists’." - Syed Akbar Ali's The Case of Caning Women, 21 Feb 2010

A police report is expected to be lodged against The Star and its managing editor P. Gunasegaran in Kuala Lumpur this morning (Monday 22 Feb 2010) re the article Persuasion, not compulsion which is seen as insulting the way of Islam [read What are you talking, Guna?].

Read H E R E why Syed Akbar Ali has advised against the lodging of the police report.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allah,

We are ever grateful to you for giving us life and all the blessings that we enjoy.

We believe in the true path, your code of ethics, guidelines and prescriptions - personal, social and international.

We pray that we shall not be deceived by satan and people in various guises who are not thankful to you, their Creator and the Creator of the universe.

Please save us from transgressors and people who love creating mischief.

Save us from your wrath and do not let us astray. Please forgive all of us from our sins and strengthen our love for Islam no matter what the challenges are from within and without.


Rizwan said...

I am so appalled by the non-muslim, who would love to peek a hole in any issue concerning islam. they HAVE NO RIGHT to comment simply because the have no KNOWLEDGE about ISLAM, full stop. you don't comment on anything that you don't have any clue about it. this Guna guy, and so will other non-muslim anon who will comment on this issues, should heed the warning and stay away.

home builder said...

i thought caning is a form of persuasion too.

kluangman said...

Perlu ke rakyat buang masa dengan membuat laporan polis? Dan perlu ke polis menunggu laporan untuk bertindak jika kejadian berlaku di depan mata, umum dan terbukti jelas...

" Saya terkejut - itu luarbiasa - kita akan kaji kaedah dan mekanisme - Saya tidak teragak agak untuk mengambil tindakan dan jika terpaksa ISA akan digunakan - jika ada sesiapa yang tidak puashati, sila buat buat laporan polis atau terus ke pejabat Peguam Negara "

Lepas tu tunggu amaran saya lagi.

Hawaii five -O said...

salam tok

mintak maaf byk2... berita sgt sadis dari sdyney....

"Pemandu konsulat malaysia(sdyney), mati dibunuh dgn kejam semlm di sdyney australia"

"A road rage incident is believed to have led to a 43-year-old man being bashed with a hammer then stabbed to death outside his home in Sydney's inner west last night.

The Malaysian-born Australian citizen was bashed and stabbed by two men outside his home in Marion Street at Leichhardt just before midnight.

Local Area Commander Shane Woolbank said today that police believe the man - who was a driver for the Malaysian consulate - was involved in a car accident with the two men moments before the attack.

Mr Woolbank said the victim was set upon by the two men as soon as he got out of his car and was attacked with a number of items, including a hammer.

"It was a ferocious attack," he said.

"He was then chased across the road and further attacked."

Police said a woman passing by tried to intervene and stop the fight.

Witnesses said the two men then fled in a black sedan last seen travelling north on Cromwell Street.

Police do not believe the attackers wore balaclavas, as previously reported.

They confirmed that one of the attackers had curly hair.

Police were unable to revive the victim.

Dr Mohd Nasir Abu Hassan, at the Malaysian consulate, said staff were shocked by the attack.

"He is an extremely nice person, he doesn't talk too much. He is a very, very composed and generally very obedient," he said.

Dr Abu Hassan said preparations were now being made to send the man's body back to his family in Malaysia.

He said the victim had lived in Australia for the past 10 years and had worked for the consulate for the past three.

Marion Street at Leichhardt between Renwick and Cromwell streets remains closed to traffic this morning."

Anonymous said...

Dear Allah,

The Muslims do not appreciate the blessings you have given them. That is why even our shoes, stocking, underpants, food, medicine, various types of "Jelly" that we use all have to be made for us by the non Muslims. And then we say that the non Muslims will go to hell.

And we can only enjoy these blessings through the non Muslims because You have blessed us with some oil in the ground. We use the oil money to buy these products from the non Muslims. Thank you dear Allah.

And even the oil too too we depend on the non Muslims to drill for us, transport for us and market for us. Everything is done for us by the non Muslims, Dear Allah. Dear Allah, thank you so much, we are so grateful (to you).

We do believe in the true path, but Dear Allah, there are so many 'paths' that we are all so confused. The Shiah have their path, the Sunni have their own paths. In Malaysia the PAS has one path, the ex Mufti of Perlis also has his own path, the Arqam has one path, the Tabligh has one path, the pro Government Muslims have one path. There are so many paths.

In Iraq and Pakistan, to settle the True Path, some Shiahs and some Sunnnis just kill each other. Whoever is not killed is on some path. Whoever is killed of course does not need any sort of path anymore.

So Allah we pray that satan will not deceive us though I really fear it is a little too late. Many (if not most) of us have been deceived. This means that many are now serving the Satan instead of you Dear Allah.

So Dear Allah, please save us from ourselves, the various sects and 'true paths' that we all claim to be on. Guide us to the ONE TRUE PATH.

And lastly Dear Allah, guide us so that we may be able to make our our own shoes, socks, underwear, "Jelly" and so on. Because without these useful products, life is so boring.

And lasly Dear Allah, please guide us not to label these products "Islamic".


Anonymous said...

Of course they should lodge a police report. Let the police investigate an MCA paper. This is a free country. If nothing comes out of the police report, then throw a wild boar head into the STAR office.


eddy said...

Guna's knowledge about Islam in Malaysia and the Syariah Law as practised here is about the size of a pin head.

A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Better for non muslims like Guna not to comment on matters concerning Islam and the Muslim here, let us Malaysian Muslims sort it out among ourselves. Jangan buat sibuk dan buat kacau mengenai perkara yang anda sendiri tidak faham pucuk pangkalnya.

Juanna Omar said...

Give the guy a break. He’s merely making his personal opinion official in a national newspaper which is inappropriate esp in a country sikit2 nak buat police report. As a journalist, he should know the pro & con & whatever he writes should be well-presented with facts.

borhan said...

How's about the canning and hanging imposed by civil law ? Are they not babaric and inhuman ? Or we should double standard and lie in certain cases that are dear to our heart. like what George Bush and Tony Blair did

Anonymous said...

Bru, anon 10.35am is being a tad too sarcastic aint he? Must be some smart aleck chingkie spoofing his working hours away.


Tepat sekali nukilan saudara. Bila kucing jadi bacul apalagi tikus pun bermaharajalela-lah. Itu adat manusia. Soalnya selama mana kucing nak terus bacul membisu sehingga digelar dayus? sebab itulah sokongan padu dahulu habis terkikis dek lihat cakap tak serupa bikin, berpeluk tubuh melihat penghinaan serta berdiamdiri apabila disergah. Lama-lama orang pun naik meluat dan bila terngantuk barulah terngadah dan terkontang kanting dan mengelabah mencari kiblat. Umpama nasi dah jadi kerak...bukan bubur kerana bubur boleh makan lagi. Bahtera memerlukan seorang nakhoda tegas macam Laksamana Tun Dr M bukan sibacul apatah lagi si pencinta dubur.

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

How come no one lodge a police report against all the gaming outlets, toto, magnum 1+3d, for selling betting tickets to the malay/muslim...

Guess amno/bn encouraged them to gamble...

Anonymous said...

Must be some marmak from p'nang, those freaks think they owned the balai.

Anonymous said...

Kelantan kutip cukai kastam paling rendah 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan menjadi negeri yang mencatat hasil kutipan cukai kastam paling rendah pada 2008, iaitu hanya RM34 juta berbanding negeri sekecil Perlis yang berjaya mengutip RM107 juta, kata Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein.

“Sesudah (Pas) memerintah selama 20 tahun, hasil kutipan cukai kastam hanya RM34 juta, jauh lebih kecil daripada Perlis sedangkan saiz Kelantan tiga kali ganda lebih besar.

“Jika betul-betul cintakan Kelantan, wajib mengangkat negeri ini ke tahap yang baik dan menukar kerajaan negeri yang tidak mampu membelanya,” katanya ketika berucap pada majlis pelancaran facebook Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri yang juga Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Kelantan, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, di sini, semalam.

Contoh paling jelas bahawa umngok punya pemimpin yang sangat bodoh, bebal, bangang, tolol, lembab dan berhati busuk.

KASTAM kutip cukai rendah pun salahkan kerajaan negeri. Bila masa kastam jadi agensi kerajaan negeri? Semua duit tu pergi ke Putrajaya, bukan saku kerajaan kelantan. Tu dah ada DR kat depan tu, kalau menteri yg takde DR taktau la berapa kali ganda bahlolnya. Pengikut, penyokong, ahli umngok tah berapa puluh kali bahlol dan bebal sebab ikut si bebal.

nstman said...

Guna, dont worry, be happy.

semua boleh said...

The fishy and foul smell of this deal still can't get away despite pouring tonnes of Dettol in attempt to "clean" it.

Despite all the breaches by the Singapore's (proud of its so-called corporate governance) Parkway in the acquisition of Pantai (Fomema & Pantai Medivest), the then administration of the bolehland Government did nothing to take any form of reprimand or punishment against Parkway.

But the most perplexing is, WHY Khazanah help Parkway to solve the issue and paid HIGH PRICE for it?

Can those in Khazanah/EPU/MOF involved in the deal please elaborate to us, the Rakyat!!!

Anonymous said...

Gunanogaram patut di-sebat

Anonymous said...

looks like this PG trying to be a have to baptize all the muslim in Malaysia to spread your private sermons...or we have to muslimnize you...or persuade you without compulsion..back off the line...Can't you stop intefering on religious matters,you can sex on the road if you want as it is a personal matter but don't drag religious matters according to your idealistic whim and fancy...whats your motive..go get whip some salads dressing and a cup of jelly beans as rattan whip ain't pleasurable but sure to bites..LOL

Serious Shepherd said...

So what if Guna's article is published in Roket and not The Star?

Pewaris, Pekida, Perkasa and the like will rally after solat Jumaat without tear gas being fired by the FRUs. The Menteri Dalam Negeri might even say 'we cannot stop the demonstration'.

Unsurprisingly, these NGOs are silent.

Geram said...

Bloody hell anonympous 10:35 AM...!!

Dont misuse the name Allah like that.. ever.

Who the FUCK are you to write about Allah like that????????????

U are not even a Muslim and yet you sign of as WE LUV ALLAH???

Bloody hell..

If you are not a Muslim and do not believe in Allah please do not write a joke like this..


skilgannon1066 said...

Well, Pak Rocky - while they are about it, why don't they lodge a police report against the Spore Biz Times for it's Malaysia Insight commentary "Time for the silent majority to speak up" (Feb 22)?

Fair enough, the paper is published in Singapore, but the guy who wrote the commentary is S Jayasankaran, the paper's KL Correspondent, who is resident in KL.

And the paper is a must-read for the sizeable foreign business community in Singapore. Including those with regional responsibilities who could, possibly, recommend to their corporate HQs whether or not to invest in Malaysia.

Excerpts from the commentary:

"...It is time for the federal government to make a stand. Malaysia is getting itself into the international media for all the wrong reasons....

"If this continues, Malaysia is in danger of being lumped together with countries that we have no wish to be associated with. But the unfortunate reality is that the outside world judges us not by word but by deed.

"Deep down, many Muslim-Malaysians fall in the centre with no wish or desire to embrace extremist positions. But more and more right-wing rhetoric is being espoused and the so-called "silent" majority keeps quiet for fear of appearing un-Islamic or non-nationalistic in the Malay sense of the word.....

"Mr Khairy warned that "radical edges" without a "radical centre" meant that society was in danger of being torn apart. We should be grateful there is no radical centre but Mr Khairy is quite right. It is time the silent majority spoke up without politics coming into it...."

Why would anyone, local or foreign, want to invest in a place where there is a danger of society "being torn apart"?

Anonymous said...


Biro Penerangan Umno akan menggunakan kaedah ‘4M’ iaitu Media Bersemuka, Media Cetak, Media Elektronik dan Media Maya dalam memberi penerangan kepada rakyat mengenai pelbagai projek pembangunan yang dijalankan di setiap daerah menerusi program Satu Penerangan Satu Bahagian (SPSB).

Ahmad Maslan, berkata penggunaan 4M itu dilihat lebih berkesan bagi menghebahkan pelbagai maklumat mengenai projek pembangunan yang dijalankan oleh kerajaan.


woit... INIBARU DIA...ADA STRATEGI BARU GANTI 4B .... kah kah kah..

kag kah kah... DULU BENGONG... BODOH.. BANGANG ...BAHLOL...kah kah kah

kah kah kah...SEKARANG 4M.... kah kah kah...

woit... INI ... MALAON ...MEROMPAK... MENYAMUN... MENIPU... kah kah kah..

woit... TAK CUKUP ...TAMBAH LAGI SATU M... kah kah kah..


Anonymous said...


Badan Perhubungan Umno Kelantan kini melipatgandakan usaha untuk menawan kembali negeri itu daripada Pas dengan menggunakan pendekatan 2B - bersaing (berkawan) dan berbakti, kata pengerusinya Mustapa Mohamad.

Dia berkata dengan strategi itu, pasukan gerak kerja yang akan ditubuhkan akan berusaha mendekati dan berkomunikasi dengan rakyat dalam pelbagai cara termasuk menggunakan media baru manakala berbakti pula adalah konsep berkhidmat untuk rakyat.


woit... APA PULAK NI?.... kah kah kah..

kah kah kah... MULA MULA ADA 4M.... kah kah kah..

kah kah kah... SEKARANG ADA 2B.... kah kah kah..

kah kah kah... BENATANG BEWOK.... kah kah kah...

Anonymous said...


Noh Omar semalam membidas sikap pakatan pembangkang di negeri ini yang sengaja mencipta cerita bohong bagi menutup pergolakan yang berlaku dalam parti sekutu mereka.

Katanya, itu hanya helah mereka untuk mengalih perhatian rakyat sekali gus melupakan masalah dalaman parti mereka yang tidak lagi boleh disembunyikan.

“Inilah helah pembangkang, kalau mereka tidak boleh selesaikan masalah dalaman parti, mereka akan cipta masalah lain.’’







woit... TAK HABIS HABIS CERITA BALA HILANG.... kah kah kah..

yang peliknya semua cerita ini
amat suka didengari oleh rakyat
satu Malaysia kah kah kah

Anonymous said...


ANAK - sebuah NGO yang mewakili generasi kedua dan ketiga anak peneroka Felda - akan meneruskan rancangannya untuk mengadakan demonstrasi di ibupejabat Suhakam di Kuala Lumpur Rabu ini.

Presidennya, Mazlan Aliman merayu kepada kira-kira 1,000 peneroka Felda yang menghadiri konvensyen nasional anjuran PKR di Jerantut semalam, supaya turut hadir beramai-ramai menyertai demonstrasi pada 24 Februari ini.

Mazlan memberitahu demikian ketika ditemui Malaysiakini di konvensyen tersebut. Beliau turut membentangkan kertas kerja mengenai generasi baru Felda.

Di Konvensyen itu, Mazlan menggesa supaya dimansuhkan Akta Penempatan Berkelompok 1960 yang didakwanya menjadi instrumen utama bertentangan dengan matlamat asal Felda untuk mengurangkan kemiskinan di kalangan petani dengan menggalakkan mereka membersih, menanam dan akhirnya memiliki lebih 10 ekar tanah.

Katanya, kesannya dapat dilihat di mana 80 peratus tanah yang asalnya dibersih dan ditanam oleh peneroka, berakhir jatuh ke tangah Felda Plantations.

Felda yang ditubuhkan sebagai sebuah agensi pusat pada 1956, melancarkan tanah rancangan pertamanya dua tahun kemudiannya di Bentong. Dengan penggubalan Akta Penempatan Berkelompok 1960, agensi berkenaan telah beralih daripada pembasmian kemiskinan kepada mencatatkan keuntungan optima.

felda yang ditubuhkan untuk memberi tanah
kepada warga tidak bertanah kini telah diubah
peneroka felda kini menjadi kuli sama seperti
dizaman kebun getah british dulu.

felda yang di swastakn menjadikan sang peneroka
buruh pertanian bukan pemilik tanah.

inilah satu contoh penipuan yang amat ketara
hanya mereka yang buta hati
tidak faham pekara ini.

Anonymous said...


Muhyiddin Yassin mahu semua pemimpin Umno, termasuk di peringkat bahagian, membuang segala sengketa dan kembali mengukuhkan perpaduan bagi menghadapi pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Dia berkata tempoh pilihan raya akan datang yang dijangka dua tahun lebih lagi bukanlah tempoh yang panjang untuk mengembalikan semula kekuatan Umno yang mengalami “tsunami politik” pada pilihan raya umum lepas.

“Kenapa tempat yang kita menang dulu tapi kalah pada pilihan raya umum 2008. Kita kalah sebab kita tidak ada perpaduan, kita berbalah, sengketa sesama kita.

Kita kena balik semula, berjuang untuk pertahankan agama dan bangsa,” katanya ketika berucap menutup Konvensyen Umno Pahang di sini hari ini.

Muhyiddin berkata pemimpin dan anggota Umno juga perlu kembali menilai diri, kelemahan diri dan membuat perubahan bagi mengembalikan semula keyakinan rakyat kepada Umno.


woit.... UNTUK BANGSA DAN AGAMA.?... kah kah kah..

woit... TAK ADA PERPADUAN KERANA APA?.... kah kah kah...

kah kah kah... KERANA BEREBUT HARTA PERANG... kah kah kah...

woit... SEKARANG INI PUN SAMA... kah kah kah...


kah kah kah... SEMBAB KATA MELAYU...kah kah kah..

kah kah kah... MAT MONGOL KATA MALAYSIA... kah kah kah..

woit... INI TANDA TANDA NAK PERANG LAGI.... kah kah kah

Anonymous said...


Kerajaan tidak akan terburu-buru dalam melaksanakan pelan pembangunan semula Kampung Baru di sini, dan akan memulakannya hanya selepas mendapat persetujuan daripada penduduk dan pemilik tanah kawasan berkenaan.

Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan dan Kesejahteraan Bandar, Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin berkata, penjelasan dan perbincangan mengenai projek itu kepada penduduk akan diteruskan walaupun ia mungkin mengambil masa yang agak lama.

"Proses perbincangan dengan penduduk mungkin mengambil masa tiga, enam bulan atau mungkin setahun, selepas itu barulah boleh teruskan dengan sebarang projek pembangunan,” katanya.


woit... FASAL APA MALAON CAKAP MACAM INI ?... kah kah kah..

woit... DULU BERI AMARAN.. kah kah kah...

kah kah kah....KALAU TAK NAK JUAL... ANAK GUNA AKTA TANAH.... kah kah kah...

kah kah kah... INI FLIP FLOP...INI SUDAH KANTOI... kah kah kah

kah kah kah... HARI ITU CAKAP LAIN.... HARI INI CAKAP LAIN....kah kah kah



Anonymous said...


Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) pada Sabtu berjaya mementaskan teater monolog selama enam jam tanpa henti yang hanya dilakonkan oleh seorang pelakon, sekaligus mencatat rekod sebagai teater monolog terpanjang di Malaysia.

Kejayaan itu akan direkodkan dalam Malaysia Book of Records.

Rekod terdahulu teater monolog terpanjang adalah selama 4.4 jam yang dicatat pada tahun 2003 di Johor.

Teater USM tersebut yang bertemakan "Pencegahan Rasuah Tanggungjawab Bersama" dipentaskan bermula pukul 9 pagi hingga 3 petang di Dewan Budaya USM.


woit... MACAM MACAM PEKARA KANG KONG DIBUAT... kah kah kah..


woit... APA KE JADAHYA BOOK OF RECORD INI... kah kah kah...

kah kah kah.... KALAU BETUL NAK BUAT REKOD... SENANG SAJE...kah kah kah..

woit... TAK PERLU MASA YANG SAMA... kah kah kah...

kah kah kah... TANGKAP MALAON BESAR PENGAMAL RASUH... kah kah kah..


izahamusa said...

He wrote: The offenders have not only been caned but also jailed, which is rather harsh punishment for something which did not harm anyone else and was done in privacy and behind closed doors.

Yeah right, the offenders did not 'harm' anyone, and may I add 'but themselves'.

You are very a clever Ustaz, Mr P. Gunasegaram. I believe you don't mind these 'offense' being done to your family members as long as it is behind closed doors.

Old Fart said...


I am not a Muslim. But I know more about Islam than you obviously do. Unless of course you can show me a fatwa that says that as non-Muslim I cannot possibly know more about Islam than you. If really such a fatwa does not exist, maybe then you can propose a new fatwa that concludes that no Muslim can claim greater knowledge of Islam than any Muslim. Until then can you accept that maybe, even an atheist, can possibly know more about Islam than you possibly ever will!!

Anonymous said...

Salam, saya harapkan jangan dibuat kepada orang2 perempuan saja dan orang2 lelaki dilepaskan atau di beri fine saja.
ml/kool muslim.

Anonymous said...

Guna should also touch on the caste system still in practice in India ...

or the SLAVERY of drug addicts by the pushers

or the perpetual foreign maid abuse by his countrymen

or the abuse of children in pornography

or the kidnapping of poor people for organ harvesting

or the SLAVERY of prostitutes in the name of needs by men

See when Tiger woods say he's entitled to his rights, where was guna huh??

one of the women was impregnated twice by tiger woods

most men would dismiss it as "men have needs"

So guna what say you - want to champion these issues, eh??

Ali said...

It is pathetic that so much hypocrisy is said and done in Allah's name - that it is more sinful than what these girls did.
If we are going to cane women for 'illicit' sex than every member of the cabinet should be caned!
And how many of you moralising self righteous people here had sex before marriage?
How many of these morons like Hishamuddin, Najib, Muhiyiddin and Bung Mokhtar cheated on their wives? How many are involved in corruption?
Are we saying illicit sex is more sinful than corruption? What about the men? Were they punished?
A moral society is one built on foundations of true righteous leadership.
None of these men are clean...
Whether we like it or not - this country aspires to Vision 2020 - which is to join the ranks of fully developed nations based on democratic principles. Instead we are going backwards into an Iranian style state? And look at what is happening to them...

Anonymous said...

Guess when we start looking or criticizing religion of others one need to look at practices of own religious beliefs first.

For instance,

Hindus voluntarily pierce lips,cheeks and other parts of their bodies, as a gesture to purify themselves, in their state of trance, dangerously waving knives and daggers as they dance and chant about IN PUBLIC.

IF we do not understand the practices of others.. THE BEST IS TO JUST SHUT UP..


Unknown said...

This is precisely the kind of comments made by non-Muslims in high places that raise the ire of the Muslims. Guna, I feel disgusted by reading your article! You have no idea what social damage can result by illicit sex and drunkeness. It is not about indulging in illicit sex by 'consenting adults behind closed doors and not causing harm to anyone'. It is about giving birth to bastards. It is about breaking down the institution of marriage and family. It is about committing acts that are considered sinful by all known religions.
Aping western behaviours and adopting current irreligious practices and values will lead to social disasters.
If by maintaining good values we regress in the eyes of the world, so be it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Perwira

It used to be that widows were burnt alive and even now brides are abused if their dowry is "too small".

They also see no harm marrying off children to old men. Wonder how those little children feel??

Anonymous said...

Caste System has been the bane of Hindu society for centuries. In terms of impact, it did much greater damage for a much longer period to a great many people than the slave system of the western world or the witch-hunting practices of medieval Europe. The Hindu caste system was a clever invention of the later Vedic society, justified by a few law makers. The upper castes found it convenient to retain and perpetuate their social and religious distinction and political and economic advantage. With the exception of Saivism and a few ascetic traditions, most of the ancient sects of Hinduism were caste biased.
The idea of staying away from unclean people is understandable in a society that was obsessed with the concept of physical and mental purity. There is nothing unusual with people who are selective in choosing their friends and relationships. It is normal behavior to stay away from people who are found to be socially deviant, untrustworthy or unfamiliar. It is an expression of our social intelligence and self-preservation instinct. Personal hygiene, family background and financial status do matter today in society as it was thousands of years ago. But what was wrong with the Vedic society was it recognized inequalities among men based on birth and family lineage and proclaimed it to be the will of God. This line of thought was perpetuated by vedic scholars for centuries through the authority of scriptures and fear of divine retribution. They wrongfully created human stereotypes to justify a social structure that favored a few at the expense of many, denying a vast majority of people opportunities to use their inborn talents and pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

Anonymous said...

India History

Sati - The burning of the widow

Sati is described as a Hindu custom in India in which the widow was burnt to ashes on her dead husband's pyre. Basically the custom of Sati was believed to be a voluntary Hindu act in which the woman voluntary decides to end her life with her husband after his death. But there were many incidences in which the women were forced to commit Sati, sometimes even dragged against her wish to the lighted pyre.

Anonymous said...

Living Dead: Hindu Widows Tradition beyond anything By Stefan Anitei, Science Editor

27th of October 2007, 13:34 GMT

They are "the outcast of the outcast": the Hindu widows. In the past, they used to end up in the pyre of their husband, but today the practice is forbidden by the Indian government. Upper-caste widows may not remarry, so many are abandoned by their families after the death of their husband in Vrindavan, "the City of the Widows", a pain ghetto on southern Delhi.

Even their abandonment and marginalization cost them money. In Vrindavan over 3,000 widows (out of 57,000 inhabitants) live, all wearing the white sari, the symbol of widowing in Hinduism. A Hindu widow must shave her head and wear the tika sign of the god Krishna on the forehead. (Delhi is the cradle of Krishna). Most of them have been rejected by their family; others were simply abandoned there.

Anonymous said...

A study of Tamil Nadu by the Community Service Guild of Madras similarly found that "female infanticide is rampant" in the state, though only among Hindu (rather than Moslem or Christian) families. "Of the 1,250 families covered by the study, 740 had only one girl child and 249 agreed directly that they had done away with the unwanted girl child. More than 213 of the families had more than one male child whereas half the respondents had only one daughter." (Malavika Karlekar, "The girl child in India: does she have any rights?," Canadian Woman Studies, March 1995.)

Erdogan said...

Dear old fart,there is no point arguing about fatwas and trying to be a smart alex unless you can define what fatwa is..being an atheist you are either a non believer in true religion,a nasrani who is a deviated believers or a majusi who prays on statues or a yahudi who believe the to be a chosen lot by "sang pencipta" a go on rampage on this in this case Mr.P Guna i believe is a majusi,being a hindu who prays with many statues.I believe they have no fatwas..Allah believe that all communities irrespective of religion to live in harmony but if non muslim seek to undermine islam words with words,yes as a muslim we can debate if non muslim chose to belittle even in the name of aetheist minded...if needed we muslim need to counter kafirs by the sword in the name of "islam" not by fatwas but by intrepretation of true words of the Quran,tell me have you read all the words by words in the Quran?Do you still need fatwas?

We can fart away without fatwas but do we need any?Or lets duel it in your blog privately..

Anonymous said...

So all those ministers and you who are being all moralistic about caning these women were virgins before you got married?????

Sorry - but if we want to be a Taliban state - lets put it to the electorate first!


Anonymous said...

The nattering nabobs of negativity aside ;), one is awestruck at how good economic managemnet displayed by the Malay Bumiputera, sons of soils can reap dividends despite all the negative press emanating from a certain envious dot bent wracking her wrath on a prosperous neighbour. The Parkway fiasco is just another in a long list of economic mismanagement and failures that little red dot has amassed under Chingkie brainless stewardship...but then I digress.

The point here is that investors are more savvy and knowledgeable than to listen to gullible gullivers as money inevitably goes to where profits can be maximised and resources be well optimised, politics be damned. This is illustrative of the fact whilst at the same time is yet another feather in the cap for astute Malay business nous.

A week ago, I whispered about it elsewhere as in here at 8.15pm ,to be precise and today it is a reality. My sources also tell me that more is expected to pour into other sectors from Europe (Germany and Scandinavia), the Middle East and Japan as well as China looking not to miss out on the action. Good for you Johoreans and soon Sarawakians and Perakians led as you are by Melayu bermaruah as hard work and common sense will pay off eventually not some empty chingkie cocktalk as Penang and Selangor succintly illustrate.

Mmmm...and <A HREF="'>this</A> puts the icing on the cake. Wonder what dead cock the doomsayers will grasp onto next?

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Warrior 231, there's nothing more durable than natural intellect as compared to multiple paper qualifications.

Many are deluded into believing that certificates of attendance are equivalent to genuine intellect.

So therefore we thank you for your presence here.

Anonymous said...

bro 231..

Again bro, you had pigged down that pigbrain chingkie snouting down his own shit of chingkies supremacy..

At the rate like this, who need a Chingkapore presence in this region in a few decades time..Malaysia still have a lot of potential not yet explore compared to that saturated red dot struggling at their last breath..See this(JDA) and this (IMTGT)
also..but according to this pigbrain chingkie, everybody hates Malaysia..hahaha.. a fuck up brain this pig really much hatred towards this country.. he is probably an accidental product of his mom gang raped by group of sus-barbatus in the Malaysian rainforest..a cunt waste he is, contaminating this soil with his filthy chingkie blood..that explained his envy, depression & hatred.

When the time come, let us locate & toss down this chingkie pig into the sewerage pond to rot.

Anyway.. i really feel sorry for all those lost soul pariah similar to this Guna fella out there.. you people deserved to be marginalized for ignorance & stupidity. Unhelpable..

:D muhahahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...

Old Fart 4:28 PM said...

I am not a Muslim. But I know more about Islam than you obviously do...

Sorry chum, I think you are speaking with yr ehem ehem sticking from you mouth!

Knowing Islam and not practising.. then you know nuts! Definitely you do know more about kacang putih eh?

The late Professor Dr Hamka respected and a well known Islamic scholar, spent years to help translate our Holy Quran, based on his years of DEDICATED research and HIS own understanding of Islam.

However when he was dying, he expressed his humble regrets, for not being able to translate "in total" as his knowledge in so many areas of the "ILMU" was too shallow and limited to enable him to understand the true and full contents of the original Quran..

Old Fart, Hang ni jangan duk asyik kentut pasai Islam ALRIGHT?

Satni Karpal cakap you adalah KEMALUAN besar terhadap dunia Islam, you jangan pulak marah dengan dia!!


Mat Cendana said...

There are a few points that I agree with in that piece in the Star. Unfortunately, in the writer's attempt to argue his self-elevated position, these have been distorted. Far from presenting a sound argument, if you look closely, he had even managed to create a few contradictions.

I'm actually puzzled by this - it is so easy to shoot down. Like "There is no compulsion in religion" etc that I'm also suspecting perhaps... it is intentional; which would mean `there's actually something else behind this'(?)

I'll get back to this later, Insyaallah, if others had not refuted them already - have to `cari makan' first.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah dengaq dah ada laporan polis. Lapoq pada SKMM sama.

Islam takdaq campoq P Guna punya hai atau MCA punya affair. Korang tok sah belagak nak jadi hero dalam kita orang punya cerita.

Dahlah kalau tengok track record si Guna ni dah banyak kali hentam DEB/TunM dan undang-undang Islam.

Banyak lagi benda lain ko boleh tulis. Jangan nak provok kamilah. Bukan sama-sama cari makan ka?

Ada faham atau tak?

Tolong jaguh bangsa dan agama semua, rekodkan perbuatan melampau dia ni. Lain kali boleh refer lagi kalau tak insaf-insaf jugak.


skilgannon1066 said...

warrior xxx, anti whatever

With regard to the supposed "Parkway fiasco", you conveniently forgot to mention that a certain Malaysian VVIP has been hospitalised at a Parkway hospital (Mount Elizabeth Hospital) in Singapore since May 2009 and is still receiving treatment there.

(Oh, and by the way, you forgot to mention the international ranking of Temasek Holdings vis-a-vis Khazanah. You wanna go look it up on the Sovereign Wealth Institute website?)

Seems to me that in this instance, the medical standards of Parkway hospitals in the little red dot are not in dispute.

Now, what would have motivated this Malaysian VVIP and his family, as well as his support establishment, to seek medical treatment and hospitalisation in that little red dot down south that is allegedly the embodiment of Chinkiedom?

Or is that his absolute prerogative - to get the best medical attention possible, regardless of location or niceties?

Care to spin your way out of that? Or mumble yourself into a picayune silence?

Coming back to my post, are you denying that Khairy said what was quoted in the Spore Biz Times commentary - about "radical edges", "radical centre" and a society in danger of being torn apart? Or was something lost in translation?

Heck, why not ask Pak Rocky to contact S Jayasankaran, a fellow journalist, and find out why he wrote that particular commentary?

And lodge a police report against the Spore Biz Times while you are about it. Assuming that you have the bollocks to do so!

Anonymous said...


Lebih kurang macam hang jugak ler.. Asyik duk menyampah kat Malaysia, tapi wonder why you are still here and not there?

Kaki kelentong lah awak ni


Juanna Omar said...

Bagi sesetgh org termasuk Mr P. Gunasegaran (termasuk org2 Islam sendiri), pesalah zina adalah mangsa kpd hukuman Syariah tanpa memikirkan masadepan bayi dlm kandungan akibat perbuatan zina. Byk kes buang anak merata2 sampai ada yg mati tanpa belas kasihan. Kes buang anak luar nikah bukan saja jadi masalah di negara2 maju ttp di negara2 miskin di mana kadar anak luar nikah adalah tinggi akibat pelacuran & amalan seks bebas. Drp terlalu memikirkan pesalah zina adalah mangsa, baik kita fikirkan nasib anak2 luar nikah yg bakal dilahirkan. Adakah msykt mampu membela nasib bayi2 yg tak berdosa serta memberikan kehidupan yg baik spt bayi2 lain? Pelaksanaan hukum merotan harus adil & saksama kpd semua tak kira status kedudukan seseorg itu & gender. Bukan senang utk melaksanakan hukum mengikut Syariah. Kalau tak mampu berlaku adil maka akan jadi berdosa & dipersoalkan di akhirat nanti.

Unknown said...

''IF we do not understand the practices of others.. THE BEST IS TO JUST SHUT UP..


sure you would appreciate why some ppl should stop suggesting to Malay speaking Christians on the so called more appropriate name to address their GOD.

Anonymous said...


I dont understand why a Lion or Dragon heads are being used to wiggle around shaking their head and nganga2 the jaws to swallow the Angpow packets .. To the beat of deafening LOUD and noisy bangings of drums and fire crackers.. Phoooh...

But I watch anyway, amused and puzzled, Chinese religion or customs, it is not my business to comment..

What say if suddenly the Penang Chinese decide to change and use a crocodile or a python's head instead of the lion or dragon head? will this ALSO be OK to the Chinese religion or customs?

I wouldn't know, as I am a Muslim, so I will definitely SHUT UP, but to me;

a crocodile OR SNAKE is as frightening as a Lion or Dragon, would serve the same purpose of scaring or swallowing whatever anyway, so it will not make any difference right?...