Saturday, February 27, 2010

So you wanted a Malay Counter-Movement?

Majlis Perunding NGO Melayu (MPM). Just a fortnight ago, Lim Kit Siang promoted on his widely-read blog a commentary that first appeared in the anti-Najib Malaysian Insider news portal entitled Time for a Malay Counter-Movement?

The writer's idea is to push for the creation of a movement that opposes the so-called Ketuanan Melayu concept (Kit Siang would read it as "a movement that opposes Umno").

The problem with the writer and those who promote this idea is that they fail or simply do not wish to realize that Ketuanan Melayu as they've defined and as they so fear does not exist. Except in their minds.

And they blame Umno for Ketuanan Melayu when Umno, like Kit Siang and Guan Eng's DAP, is just a political party. The difference is Umno champions the Malays and DAP champions the Chinese.

But since these people dream of such a counter-movement, here we are, hot from the politcial oven, brought by YB Ibrahim Ali himself ... a counter-movement of 76 Malay NGOs, including the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services.

Happy now?

General February 27, 2010 20:44 PM
Malay NGOs Form Consultative Council To Defend Malay Rights, Islam

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 (Bernama) -- Seventy-six Malay non-governmental organisations Saturday joined forces to form a consultative council, Majlis Perundingan NGO Melayu (MPM), to defend Malays rights and Islam in the country.

Among them were Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Negara (Perkasa), Majlis Bekas Wakil Rakyat Malaysia (Mubarak), Federation of Malay Students Association of Peninsular Malaysia (GPMS), Malay Professional Thinkers Association of Malaysia and Cuepacs, the umbrella union for civil servants.

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, who acted as the council's spokesman, said the council's role was to act as a shield against those who tried to question Malay rights and privileges, the position of Islam and the institution of the Malay rulers.

"At the same time, we will also be a polite pressure group to the government not to shirk from its responsibility in upholding fundamental matters as enshrined in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution," he told reporters at the launching ceremony of MPM at the Sultan Sulaiman Club here.

He said MPM members would hold a roundtable on March 7 to discuss the economic direction of the Malays following Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's announcing of the new economic model for the nation.

"We also hope to meet the prime minister before the new economic model is announced because we do not want Malay NGOs to be "making noise" to voice their dissatisfaction over it...we want any policy made by the government to get support from all quarters.

"However, the government should also be proactive to Malay NGOs...meaning there should be give and take...if the government wants the support of NGOs, the government should also give due consideration to our views and feelings," said the Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas.

In MPM's statement circulated to media members present, the council asserted that its members must scrutinise each issue that had a bearing on the interest of the Malays, Islam, the Malay rulers and security and harmony in the country irrespective of who raised or questioned them and that they must also highlight matters that are dear to the Malays.

Besides this, MPM said it would also prepare and implement an action plan to counter any provocation on matters that touch on the interests of Malays and Islam if they were construed as efforts by irresponsible parties to spread hatred.



  1. Anonymous10:03 pm

    haha...good move Dato'! time to "perasap kemenyan" and "asah keris"now..and this country would turn into Zimbabwe very pretty soon..

    - Dicko

  2. Anonymous10:09 pm

    okay....YB Ibrahim Ali & The Cos.. let us go for the broke then. But one thing for sure majority young Malays out there dont buy at all about Perkasa and retired UMNO MPs. This idea comes out from coalition of sunset generation who should had better spend their time doing gardening works!


  3. Good one, Bru.

    These poliTIKUS are very good at spinning themselves esp. LKS, AI and of course TDM himself.

    Way to go, PERKASA and it is an honour to defend one's own kind.

  4. Anonymous10:28 pm


    Syabas Tok Ibrahim, kalau Umno dan Tok Najib tak larat nak bela bangsa Melayu, Tok dan kawan-kawan usahakanlah.

    Iyelah, diorang ni kadang-kadang takut bayang-bayang sendiri ...

  5. Anonymous10:34 pm

    only man with no ball who hide or do nothing while their opponent do something... pity ...pity ... pity..


  6. Anonymous10:37 pm

    I wonder if cuepecs is a malay NGO.are cuepecs only represent a malay civil servants?


  7. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Hidup Katak !!

    Hidup Ibrahim Ali !!

    Malaysia sudah Selamat !!

    Goh Wei Liang

  8. Dear Dicko,

    If racist supremacy is what you're talking about, try Australia instead of Zimbabwe. Remember White Australia Policy bro!

    Zimbabwe, Dicko, ialah negara yang tak bersalah. Unless you had a bad experience while there. Fyi, Zimbabwe's economy continued to be dominated by the ex-colonialists even after they gained Independence. Much of their land were NOT in the hands of the Zimbabweans bro.

    So what you wanted to say, actually, is "and this country would turn into Australia very pretty soon ..."

    p.s. I was in Zimbabwe three times in the 90s. There were many Mat Saleh landowners even then. The one I stayed with the last time I was there in 1998 was a Zimbawean German.

    Kat Malaysia ni, we have Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian landowners and building owners bro, bukan Germans or British. Tak sama ...

  9. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hey dicko, eat your heart out


    p.s. you don't speak for the young Malays at all, so don't perasan

  10. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Yeah the magic number 76, way to go ...

  11. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Heh heh

    they should have counted their blessings instead of pushing their DEMANDS too far

    it's all COVERED in the constitution


  12. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Great times are back, people are now put in their rightful place where they belong

    all this while abiding by the constitution

  13. Bro

    Simple question. What does this mean to PM Najib's 1 M'sia?

    You mean Ibrahim Ali, an independent MP has more clout than the might of UMNO which seems to be doing nothing to counter extremism within its own ranks, members and party?

    Anyway, let's not get spooked by hype. Some time ago on another issue, the Govt claimed a few hundred Malay NGO's supported them, so what % of Malay NGO's do these 76 represent? And how many in absolute numbers do they represent? Anyone have a ready answer

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  14. Anonymous11:01 pm


    Tanah Melayu, MALAYsia ... yes

  15. Dear Sir,

    I believe "Ketuanan Melayu" have been spun out of context by those who "hate" UMNO and those who fight for the so called "equal status", conveniently forgetting the history of this land.

    They have painted "Ketuanan Melayu" so bad that a chunk of the Malays themselves become very apologetic and try so much to project themselves as the so called "liberal" Malays. They condemn their own race in the effort to be seen as "liberal" by other races.

    Ketuanan Melayu just mean this before it was spun out of context so negatively by those who seems to have some agenda behind it.

  16. Anonymous11:06 pm

    suddenly you can sense disquiet in dpp comments

    worried huh??

    they want to work together with the govt, as a polite pressure group to SAFEGUARD their rights as stated in the constitution

    the % or the numbers SIMPLY don't matter, the real issue here is that the Malays are claiming loud and clear what is theirs constitutionally.

  17. DPP,

    Equally simple question: Why do some people continue to accuse (all) the Malays of demanding "Ketuanan Melayu"?

    Just because one of two politicians in Umno wanted it or one or two politicians in DAP accused the Malays of wanting it does not mean the Malays care about Ketuanan Melayu.

    The Constitution is there and it protects the interests of ALL of us, Malays or non-Malays. Most Malays in this country are like you bro, they are smart enough to know that.

    I believe that when politicians and their fanboys and fangirls start to take their own game too seriously, as in this "KEtuanan Melayu" case, this is what happens -- a third party comes in to play as well.

    As to how many percentage of Malays these NGOs represent, may I ask how many percentage of Malays subscribe to this so-called Ketuanan Melayu in the first place?

  18. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Ibrahim Ali is a racist!
    at least he is honest about it and not like the DAPs Chinamen or the religious flip flops ( i make ruling of god where it suits me) of PAS!

  19. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Stupid blog ... memang bOring. Like ppl said, give free M.Mail aLso not interested!


  20. Mazlan11:29 pm

    The only 'Malays' who subscribe to ketuanan Melayu are probably just UMNO Warlords - who by nature outsource anything they get to a non-Malay anyway.

    Every idiot wannabe politician these days seems to want to set up some race-based NGO or Lobby Group that its becoming a joke.

    Now we have Perkasa and its new grouping; then LKS will have his counter movement.
    I am now considering setting up a 'Counter-Counter Movement'. Just send me ten bucks subscription fee and I will collect as much as possible to become a lobbyist for myself.

    Don't these idiots realise that Malaysian of all ethnic background actually want the same thing:
    - stable economy
    - enough money to feed their families
    - safe secure neighbourhood free from crime
    - quality affordable education for their children
    - level playing field for economic advancement

    The rest is just noise......

  21. Anonymous11:36 pm

    The sad reality is that these so called NGOs are not really interested in protecting Malay interests, but seek to perpetuate the corruption in the bureaucratic system and civil service at the expense of our children's future in this country for their own short-term interests by exploiting the weak politcal leadership of today.

    In the words of a veteran sitting UMNO Supreme Council member, "KSU dan DG lah yang sekarang bermaharajalela".

    If you really want to redeem the your own journalistic integrity of that of your newspaper, please start doing some investigative reporting on who are really the villains in this saga.

    Saya Yang Menurut Perintah.

  22. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Haha, oi yumsup! Lu mau tipu siapa?! Hahaha. Lu kata Dato Bru punya blog boring tapi lu latang jugak. Free pun lu masuk jugak. Itu M. Mail dia pagi free gua pasti lu bayar itu vendor 30 sen!

    Haha! Mau tipu siapa?


  23. One thing I admire what this stout MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali is his relentless efforts to defend the nation constitutional rights.

    I'm for one putting hopes may be this is the one movement that we need to support so that our country would not be further torn apart because of the politics of hatred and lies.

  24. Bro

    So we agree.

    There are a few ultra right wing non-Malays who WRONGLY label all Malays as Ketuanan Melayu supporters and a few ultra right wing Malays who will label all "others" as Pendatangs for political mileage. All scumbags!!

    But why has Dr.M thrown his support behind Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  25. Simple, too, DPP:

    Because Ibrahim Ali is defending the Constitution.

  26. Anonymous1:13 am

    Datok Rocky,

    It looks like the Imperial Middle Kingdom Socialist DAPs, the Neo-liberal Malay PKR sotongs and the Neo-Fascist Pas are trying to stoke up malayphobia in this country. Just like the the Imperial Socilaist Euro and Neo-Con Americans had been successful in stoking islamicphobia globally. Thus making Muslims living in continental Europe and USA always feeling guilty for being a muslim. In some ways, the anti malays in this country have been succesful in turning the once radical PAS leader like Nik Aziz into having guilt feeling for being a Malay muslim.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  27. Hello ROCKY,

    I'm a CHINESE & I'm deeply embarrassed by these 2 father-son CHINAPEKS by the name of LIM KIT SIANG & LIM GUAN ENG.

    These 2 idiots are giving CHINESE a bad name. These 2 pieces of CHINA MADE JUNKS are plain IDIOTS. I simply CANNOT understand how can they be even CHINESE when their MENTALITY are better suit for PIGS or even COWS.

    So, from a CHINESE to these 2 CHINAPEKS......."HO LANG KAN, PEI YAN TIU, KEI REN TIAW"!!!!

  28. "..suddenly you can sense disquiet in dpp comments. Worried huh??" Anon 11.06.

    No, I'm not in the least worried, though the presence of CUEPACS in MPM is puzzling. It looks like its Ibrahim Ali and Dr.M who are worried.

    And if as Rocky says, Ibrahim Ali AND Dr.M are championing and defending the Constitution through MPM and Perkasa, one is moved to ask, defending which aspects of the Constitution against whom?

    Control of the Govt, Economy, Education, Health, Civil Service, Police, RELA, Judiciary, Joint Forces etc., etc., etc., has been since Independence in the hands of UMNO/BN.

    So, where's the threat to Govt and the Constitution?

    I suspect that Ibrahim Ali, Dr.M and their followers are more worried about self interest than the nation, national unity or the Malays in entirety. They also don't have the stomach to wipe out corruption and corrupt policies with transparent and accountable policies based on performance even after 40 years of the NEP!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  29. Anonymous1:50 am

    Islam is beautiful, some muslim are ugly and UMNO's muslim are the ugliest.

    Ketuanan Melayu lost big time internationally, just look at the sporting gold that the country claim in SEA games and other competition. Very soon Ketuanan Melayu will have to send their wife and daughter to foreign countries to be maid.

  30. Anonymous2:05 am

    Ibrahim Ali is worry that one day his grandson would have to send the wife and daughters to work as maid in foreign countries. So the concept of Ketuanan Melayu is just illusion to assume that Melayu are the master race but not achievable.

    You cannot be a master when you cannot compete in a free world, if you want to rank how far races has progress than the Europeans, Japanese and Chinese are far far ahead. So in actual fact the Ketua to average Malaysian are always the Chinese which is reality where as Ketuanan Melayu is just an illusion floating in the air.

    Rocky the pendatang running away from Singapore and now hoping to be a ketuanan in Malaysia. To a foreigner your Datuk title is not even worth a cup of Javanese coffee.

  31. Anonymous2:59 am


    Please tell us is this 1Malaysia or 1Melayu now? It seems that you are anti Najib. We can say bye-bye to PM's 1Malaysia since you are apparently promoting 1Melayu which champion ketuanan Melayu that is the "Tuan", then the rest of the races: chinese, indian, iban and dayak are "Hamaba"

  32. Anonymous3:42 am

    MPM is timely.

    It has my support.

    No longer I need to listen to Kit Siang's insults anymore.

    Let show him the true conviction of the majority people in Malaysia!

  33. Anonymous3:49 am


    They are defending the Constitution against you lah!

    Reading all your comments elsewhere, you have been eager to see the end of Malay's special position, the end of Islam as official religion, and the start of freedom of speech to lambast Malays and Islam at any cost possible.

    Don't bluff la woi. As if we don't know how racist you are..


  34. CommonerNinetyNine3:53 am

    dear datuk, "...dap champions the chinese..."! could you please pause and recall carefully?

    how many chinese schools were directly or indirectly helped build by dap? how many chinese welfare organisation are directly and indirectly supported by dap? how many of those dap leaders send their children to chinese schools or learn chinese before the booming of china economy? how many of those dap leaders can write and read chinese? how many of those dap leaders observe the chinese tradition? ... etc

    dap does not champion the chinese, they only champion themselves. and please be clear that they don't even represent the chinese. how many dap members? they are just manipulating the general chinese with hatred, fear, confusion, uncertainty, discredit and mostly evil tricks.

    there is only one way to fight dap: stand unite, be strong and keep cool no matter what.

    they want a divided malays society, don't let them!

    they want the malays to be weak, don't let them!

    they want the malays to lose cool, don't let them!

    never fall for their dirty traps. don't do dirty tricks on them, but expose their dirty tricks, not with saliva, but intelligence, strategies and facts.

    by now we should know who they are, they are just unscrupulous hypers whom can hype anything but without substance.

  35. Anonymous5:19 am

    Good job, well done, congratulation!

    Let's Malay NGOs champion for Malay and Islam. Umno is full of ass holes dreaming to be sodomized and get paid.

    i enjoy reading all these! Thanks and give me more!


  36. Anonymous8:25 am

    Elo,,,Mat Som,,,your comment sikalang macam Utusan Malaysial,,mau main sentiment PERKAUMAN,!!!!!!!

    Semangat ini macam manyak bagus ,,,can membawa Kehancuran kepada NEGARA,,,,SYABAS,,!!!!!

    MELAYU SUBSIDY,,,NOW DUIT BAITULMAL,,pon mau habis,,MELAYU juga kasi habis,,,MELAYU KL banyak duduk rumah PRT,,tapi ada aircon,,kereta besar,,,,siapa BODO,,??????


  37. teo siew chin8:32 am

    Mazlan @ 11.29

    You have hit bulls-eye! Sharp, simple, to-the-point!

    And the only way to achieve those 5 points you have rightly stated is as what DPP have suggested - "to wipe out corruption and corrupt policies with transparent and accountable policies based on performance."

    Mazlan - set up your counter-counter-movement with "STOP CORRUPTION OF ALL RACES" as your battle-cry lah! Saya memang sokong!!!

  38. Anonymous8:39 am

    Some Malays believes the weakness of the Malay race that can never be arrested, they felt having the inferior complex because it seem everything they does are not up to what some other race in their own country can. For example in education, their children never seem to catch up in the studies, in business they always failed.

    This group of Malays are basically lazy and thus they are the 1st to support the idea of Ketuanan Melayu and hoping that somehow they can continue to get a free lunch. They are indeed getting a free lunch for the last 53 years from UMNO. They are afraid that UMNO is not going to give them any more free lunch which they claim they are entitle in article 153 of the constitution.

    So if you think that you are a born loser than welcome to the theory of Ketuanan Melayu.

    Perkasa = Born loser club

  39. Anonymous9:03 am

    Pure rubbish from coalition of self interest Malays. The like of Ibrahim Ali and Omar Osman are not there to represent interest of Malays at large. Just another stepping stone for their political career.

    *Malay Dilemma

  40. UMNO BARU mungkin... or MEREKA MEREKA ni dulu pengkianat MALAYU..DAH hilang kuasa baru nak TUBUH MPM..



    TOK semuanya penyamun dulu.. dah lah...
    malu saya.. salam

  41. Ketuanan Melayu?

    This Mahathir fellow not even Melayu but became racist to his own DNA.

    He just make use Ibrahim and the NGO.
    Very clever fellow this self proclaim senile TUN.

    rajraman666.It's all about political survival,$$$ and Power for personal gain.Once you are into it,you are trap forever for this glory.

    We can be racial but can't be racist like "ketuanan Melayu" or whatever "TUAN"
    Thank u - Rocky Balboa.

  42. Anonymous9:46 am

    nak bela apa, apa yang hilang...?

    pi balik kerja ! bodoh!

  43. The DAP/PAP Chinese in this great country are trying to brainwash the Malays into thinking fighting for their Malay rights is racist and not right and that the Malay system or values in this country is just a myth and needede to be erased, and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is helping these DAP/PAP Chinese to do it. Well one must remember what Mahathir once told Neo Yee Pan that if your people want to have a demonstrator we can have a bigger one! So you moron Chinese DAP/PAP deal with this new Malay Counter Movement we are not going to take it lying down anymore! I am joining this new Malay movement and don't expect me to be a nice and gentle Malay anymore!

  44. Anonymous10:43 am

    The Star Cosy Relationship with Convicted Criminals
    I am one of the many victims of Ooi Boon Leong, the former director of MEMS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD who was convicted with his CFO, both who were convicted at the Sessions Court on 25th February.

    The funny thing is that there was a Star Online article on the conviction, the same article NEVER made in to the Star proper !

    There is a pattern here. In April 2009, the same 2 directors were reported be charged and reported
    in the Star Online and amazing enough, it also was not published in the Star proper.

    One wonders whether the editors at the Star were persuaded not to do so with an incentive. BTW, I had alerted Datuk Wong Chun Wai via his New Malaysia Blog but he chose
    not to publish this alert of mine. Hmm.. Wong Chun Wai is a Penang Lang and so is OBL... Is there a connection ?

    Please read the following Star Online article as follows :-
    Former directors fined RM300,000 each for overstating revenue (Updated)

    KUALA LUMPUR: Two former directors of a public-listed company were fined RM300,000 each by a Sessions Court here on Thursday after they admitted to overstating RM30mil in their investment holding company’s revenue.

    Ooi Boon Leong, 49, was a director and an audit committee member of MEMS Technology Bhd while Tan Yeow Teck, 49, was its chief financial officer and an executive director.

    In sentencing, Sessions Court judge Asmadi Hussin ordered each accused to pay his fine or serve two years in jail.

    The two were said to have knowingly authorised the furnishing of a misleading statement to Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd in Bukit Kewangan on Sept 27, 2007.

    The misleading statement is contained in the report “MEMS Technology Berhad Condensed Consolidated Income Statements for the 12-month period ended July 31, 2007.”

    Upon hearing their verdict, the two, who had resigned from their posts, were composed.

    Pleading for leniency, their lawyer Francis Ng Aik Guan asked the court to consider that his clients had already been publicly reprimanded and fined by Bursa Malaysia for overlapping breaches pertaining to the same unaudited accounts for that financial year.

    Ng said Ooi had been fined RM89,000 while Tan had been fined RM197,500 in October 2008.

    He said both would be disqualified from holding directors’ positions upon their conviction, which would also affect their livelihood.

    He said his clients were remorseful over their actions and had sincerely recorded their plea of guilt.

    He asked the court to consider that his clients had contributed for the growth of the nation and to transfer of technology through their roles in the company.

    In pressing for a deterrent sentence, prosecuting officer Shanti Geoffrey asked the court to consider public interest and the seriousness of the offence.

    “Investors were misled with a statement issued to Bursa Malaysia on Sept 27, 2007, which was approved by both accused.

    “In the false statement, out of RM73,416mil recorded for revenue, RM30,169mil worth of sales did not take place. The false sales comprised 41% of the overall revenue,” she said.

    Geoffrey said investors were misled and suffered losses due to the false information, while both accused enjoyed revenue from their wrongful actions.

    She said that Ooi was a substantial shareholder in MEMS Technology with over 38 million shares while Tan held 270,800 shares.

    She said it was a planned crime where both accused had took about a year to generate and insert false sales in the accounts of its subsidiary company.

    “Both are qualified accountants, they knew very well what they were doing,”she said, adding that elements of forgery and cheating were involved in committing the offence.

    She said both accused had also failed to carry out their duty to shareholders and that their actions had affected the confidence of investors in the company.

    See also

    HT Tan, Penang

  45. Anonymous10:52 am

    Does anyone here thinks that this is LESS related to the opposition but MORE towards BN (or UMNO, or PERKASA, or any of the government politician) attempt to bring down Najib?

    How many times have we heard of incidents and groups being formed that clearly go against the 1Malaysia concept? Spit it directly in the face with the choice of names for their movements?

    DS Najib have been REALLLY quiet recently, as if he dare not to comment on these movements (i.e. PERKASA and MPM)..

    What do you think, Datuk Rocky?

    ..and i don't think it is fair to blame Kit Siang for the formation of this new group; they'd formed it regardless, what with the things that have been going on around Malaysia lately....

    and about 'Ketuanan Melayu'.... while it is fair to not blame the whole UMNO for what some racist UMNO member said abt it, it is equally fair to not judge the whole opposition for what some of its leaders are saying, don't you think.... :)

    'Ketuanan Melayu' in my understanding refers to the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers. The rights of the Malays and the natives are protected by the Constitution. However, the term Ketuanan Melayu has been twisted and made into a rally call (in a sense) by the UMNO elites who cares more about THEIR wealth than the peoples wellbeing; Most of the Malays are still poor. And after 50 odd years of "championing" the Malays, it can be said without a doubt that UMNO has failed..

    50 odd years, and things are getting worse for the non-UMNO Malays. Their KPI must have a VERY VERY LOW passing mark...


  46. Anonymous11:01 am

    Seems like 1Mamakkutty & 1Mujahuddin is the order of the day.

    Fat boy 1Msia is just a myth and the millions ringgit simply down the drain promoting it.

  47. Anonymous11:02 am

    Rocky's Bru said...
    Dear Dicko,

    If racist supremacy is what you're talking about, try Australia instead of Zimbabwe. Remember White Australia Policy bro!

    Yeah which part of the policies are "white"? Pls state clearly.
    School system? Company ownership?
    scholarship distribution?

    White Aust Pliciy does not exist anymore post 1970.

    Try Polici Ketuanan UMN0.

    Kak yah.

  48. Anonymous11:05 am

    I think after this MAMAK will rule the country lah.. looks at most demo - 50% attendance from mammak not Mat mat.

    Rocky - pls check your ancestry tree - ada darah mamak or not?
    if got - also can.

    Pak Roti.

  49. Anonymous11:07 am


    Whether the defined and fear Ketuanan Melayu exist or no, it is up to the individual that live under the system to tell, and of course I will defend your right to have your said.

    What I find a little uncomfortable is that when you associate the LKS blog commentary with the 76 Malay NGOs counter-movement, and amplified it with term like “promoted” and “widely read”. As informed by you, the movement is simply an action to defend the constitution, hence it had nothing to do with what was written in LKS blog.

    I notice you have habit to conflate issues that have no relevancy.


  50. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    nak bela apa, apa yang hilang...?

    pi balik kerja ! bodoh!

    9:46 AM

    Nak bela pocket,$$$ dan tipu manusia yang tak tau fikir.

    rajraman666.i like your word - simple to the point. I tengah boring kacau Rocky Balboa.Kerja ada tapi pekerja tak ada.

    Thank you - Rocky Balboa.(are you moderating this blog personally,can you answer me please)
    We can be racial but can't be racist.

  51. I support Ibrahim Ali - there should be a strong far right coalition to keep others in toe. Govt must be made to compete to win the support of the ultras.

    But agree with Mazlan, economic issues will eventually dominate, and until I, Wenger J Khairy, can restructure this economy as Finance Minister, I feel, to put it mildly that the light at the end of the tunnel the PM talked about may actually be an oncoming train.

  52. Anonymous11:40 am

    Hallo Perkasa and anyone "sewaktu dengan nya" Let me put this into a very simple anology;
    If you really want to be genuine about Malay rights, then fight for Kelantan's right to oil royalty as Kelantan is the Malay heartland.
    As simple as that...ada paham????


  53. Anonymous11:58 am

    I used to dismiss Ibrahim Ali as a 'katak' who's only interest is himself. Now I salute you.

    Don't you ever join any political party.


  54. Anonymous11:58 am

    I used to dismiss Ibrahim Ali as a 'katak' who's only interest is himself. Now I salute you.

    Don't you ever join any political party.


  55. A long time ago, Philippines get their supply of maids from Taiwan. Today Philippines as a country is dependent on maid "exports" as a revenue. As a Malay I am saying Perkasa and all the malay NGOs, you are bringing this country towards that direction. We will be exporting malay maids not too long from now. Sebelum ini, Nak perkasakan Bahasa, sekarang orang melayu binasa.

  56. Anak Permatang Pauh12:52 pm

    CommonerNinetyNine said...

    "...hey are just manipulating the general chinese with hatred, fear, confusion, uncertainty, discredit and mostly evil tricks."

    That's a brilliant argument about DAP (and Dpp, they both sounded the same?)

    I hope hamPAS followers are are reading this. Most of them (esp. the kelantanese PAS) are narrow-minded (and jumud) with poor command or english (and standard BM too).

    That's way it so easy for the racist DAP to kencing PAS TOK GARU N.AJIS.

  57. Mazlan1:13 pm

    My counter-counter movement will be purely about highlighting the stupidities and hypocrisies of all politicians and mainstream media.
    Rocky, I honestly can't see Ibrahim Ali as a defender of the constitution. This moron has switched sides so often he would sell out his own mother for a buck. All these UMNO idiots rushing to support his Perkasa forget he stabbed them in the back at the last election. I'm sure he will do it again. Hell - all he's doing now is screwing up Najib's 1Malaysia.
    As for LKS, much as I admire his longevity - I think DAP must open their minds about the whole vernacular school issue. I find having schools based on different languages racist in nature too. When did mandarin become a mother tongue ? All my Chinese friends speak either Cantonese or Hokkien. If you wany a Malaysia Malaysia - then DAP should be promoting a single national school system.
    I don't see Indonesia, Australia, or any other country having 'vernacular' schools.
    Vernacular schools just encourage racial seperation at a young age which is a detriment to our society!

  58. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Ketuanan kepala butoh apa? pegi je kat pekan signboard bahasa asing yang tidak difahami oleh 80% (bumiputera + india) rakyat terpanpang luas dan akan terus membuat kita terfikir, ketuanan apa? Ketuanan Cina?

    Kesimpulan, mereka cuba main reverse pyscology, fokus pada Ketuanan Melayu, makan ketuanan Cina tidak menjadi masalah.

  59. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Apa juga org Melayu buat atau cakap depa kata racist...

    Depa dok melalak belasah kita - tu defend...

    Aku rasa selama ini kita aja yg terhegeh2 nak sembang pasal perpaduan!

    Kalau betui cerita perpaduan - abolish vernacular schools!!

  60. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Aku paling benci baca komen orang NON yang memberi teori orang Melayu/Bumiputera lemah pasal NEP-lah, tiada meritokrasi-lah, feudal lah, etc, etc. Dia orang ingat kita bodoh dan tak tahu yang dia cakap macam tu kerana dia nak juga apa yang Bumiputera dapat? Nak tahu apa nasib orang Melayu kalau berhijrah kat Cina? Tengok orang Xinjian dan Tibet dah tahu apa akan jadi pada orang Melayu/Bumiputera. Sebelum nak nasihat orang Bumiputera kat Malaysia ni, nasihat dulu saudara kau kat Cina nun!


  61. "DPP, They are defending the Constitution against you lah! Reading all your comments elsewhere, you have been eager to see the end of Malay's special position, the end of Islam as official religion, and the start of freedom of speech to lambast Malays and Islam at any cost possible." Anon 3.49.

    Defending the Constitution against Me, an unknown non-entity individual with no power to alter anything whatsoever?

    I don't know what you have been reading in the blogs. Nowhere have I questioned the special position of the Malays or promoted the idea of the end of Islam as the religion of the Federation. I accept our Constitution as it stands on these issues!!

    Questioned the abuse of the NEP and widesperead corruption and misuse of power (and so have some very prominent Malays themselves) in/by/of Govt in M'sia?

    YES, and I shall continue to do so!!

    Nor do I lambast anything Malay and Islam at any cost. That is a figment of your imagination, especially that comment about denigrating Islam. You are a scumbag for suggesting that because like so many, when you can't answer these criticisms, you will pull out the race and religious bigotry card!

    Criticising the excesses of Got can never be tantamount to me or anyone else being anti-Malay or anti-Islam. About 48% of Malaysians voted against the present Govt in GE 2008. And do remember that a sizeable proportion of the 48% were Malays and Muslims!! Does that make them all anti-Malay, anti-Islam and "derhaka?"

    Please carry on living in your dream world because in your case stupid is as stupid writes!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  62. Ampatuan Jr2:46 pm

    Aku akan sokong Ibrahim Ali & Co dlm Malay NGO ini 1000%!! Dulu aku pacifist,suka hidup bertoleransi dan hormat menghormati antara kaum.Tapi sejak 2008 aku rasa orang Cina dan orang India dah langsung tak hormat pada orang melayu..lihat saja perangai DAP dan HINDRAF.Mereka dah kurang ajar mcm nak halau Melayu dari negara ini.Melayu pulak kini di tuduh racist!.OK, I so be it.Now I am a true Malay racist,so what?? If my children or grandchildren ask me why I become a Malay racist, I just say DAP and HINDRAF make me a racist!!

  63. nstman2:55 pm

    Correction: Umno speaks for Malays. DAP speaks for ALL races. Pakatan doesnt need to form a pressure group to highlight the grouses of just one community. By the way, Umno bloggers speak for Malays. Pakatan bloggers speak for ALL Malaysians. Umno bloggers are paid princely sums to spread the gospel of hate. Pakatan bloggers work on a shoe-string budget to spread the brotherhood of love. Goodbye, and may god forgive the sinners who have yet to repent.

  64. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Macam macam warna kulit dan hati telah melabuh ke Tanah ini... hehehe

    Macam macam cara dan ragam mereka menyelit masuk ke Tanah ini... hehehe

    Terhimpit, terhegeh, melaung memekit kesana kemari... hehehe

    Biaq depa teruskan terlompat sana sini, yang Asal akan tetap kekal abadi.. hehehe

    Bangun kaum Bumiputra, Bangkit kita bersama demi BANGSA, AGAMA DAN TANAH IBUNDA KITA YANG TERCINTA INI...


  65. Meet Bapak Hussein3:27 pm

    Ketuan xxxxx & Perkasa is for whimps. Pls look down at your feet & if they are still there, try stand & walking on your own. This is year 2010, people might laugh at you if you still ask for handout or "protection".
    Only the weak need protection. A strong & able human can look after oneself!!
    DAP is not for chinese ONLY. It's a not called Malaysian Chinese Association (that's MCA if u haven't already known). Dato's, the rakyat is certainly smarter than you. Ha ha ha.. What an idiot!

  66. Anonymous4:03 pm

    hey dpp

    if you see a handicapped parking lot, would you scream "discrimination"???

    well for your much needed education - NEP in essence is very much like that

    terrorist to one is freedom fighter to another

    you're an accountant - you should check the statistics of the richest in Malaysia and ask yourself SINCERELY, are the Malays well represented among the wealthy??

    the trouble with the non-malays is that they are not only unaware of history, they have proven themselves self-centred to the core

    they go around asking "why should we work and they get the benefits" - that is why they keep barking that they pay taxes

    if the Malays/Bumis decide to rescind the social contract (NEP), the others would be rendered stateless

    therefore as foreign workers they must pay rental charges for XXXX number of years they spent using Tanah Melayu to make their fortune

    and that FORTUNE is taxable too

  67. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Anything that will stop the DAP CHingkies economic imbalance, I agree.

    Anything thing that will stop the erosion of the rights of the majority I agree.

    Anything that will piss off Malay Apologist I support.


  68. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Bagus ! Tuan Panglima Besar Ibrhim perkasa sekarang dah bermaharajalela rakyat semua takut dan ramai akan cuba cabut.Tapi peduli apa,kalau dia orang tak suka,keluarlah.Kita impot sje bangla,indon,arab .Apa yg ramai tak faham macam mana melayu yg berkuasa disemua tahap perpimpinan dlm kerajaan,polis,askar,raja dll berasa ditekan oleh kaum minoriti yg tak berkuasa langsung?Tapi tak apalah,kita ikut sje apa panglima cakap.Tahniah YAB Ibrhim dan semua panglima "menyelamatkan" melayu.

  69. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Anonymous @1:50 AM said...
    "Islam is beautiful, some muslim are ugly and UMNO's muslim are the ugliest.

    Ketuanan Melayu lost big time internationally, just look at the sporting gold that the country claim in SEA games and other competition. Very soon Ketuanan Melayu will have to send their wife and daughter to foreign countries to be maid."


    the chinese girls are coming here by the dozens to become prostitutes


  70. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Why is it when they have Makhal Sakti for indian, no problem.

    Why is it when they have Deng Zhong Justice Pao, its a chinese thing.

    So whats the fuss about a Malay Movement?

    You can have it but not the malays?


  71. Anonymous4:28 pm

    They took advantage of the benign Malay who generously shared their Tanah Melayu with the stateless pendatangs.

    They then waste no time to work fast and hard to accumulate wealth by exploiting Tanah Melayu's resources.

    But they forgot to tell their children about the social contract that gave them access to this wealth and citizenship of a beautiful land.

    So the children grew up thinking they OWN the land and start CALCULATING naturally - why this why that why why why ...

    and also naturally they start being the noisy selves that they are - scream, shout, shriek, holler, yell, bawl, screech at the unfairness of this, that, these, those ....

    and start demanding "equal rights" unaware of the social contract

    So now, jeng jeng jeng, MPM wants the CONSTITUTION known to ALL and put into PRACTICE in this land called Malaysia otherwise TANAH MELAYU, not china, not india ...

    May Allah bless MPM-76, insyallah ... Amin

  72. Anonymous4:41 pm

    I think this hooha about mamak descendant is actually a jealous craving for similar attention.

    They must have felt kinda betrayed that Rocky Bru is "no longer with them" against the govt.

    They must have craved for Tun Dr Mahathir to care for them as he cares for the Malay/Bumi.

  73. Anonymous4:46 pm

    raj raman says, "We can be racial but can't be racist."

    We wonder if the rr knows the difference. If you help you own kind you are racial right?? If you prevent others from progressing, then you are racist right??

    So NEP is racial, questioning the Malay Rulers, special position of the Malays are all RACIST.

    Is this too profound for you rr?

  74. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Dicko @ 11:40 AM says ...
    "then fight for Kelantan's right to oil royalty as Kelantan is the Malay heartland.
    As simple as that...ada paham"

    See this guy can only understand money only. He should have left the political power in the hands of the Malays coz he and others will have a free reign of the economic monopoly.

    But like most greedy people, he also noisily demands political power, thereby waking up the sleeping tiger.

    Now this year of the tiger, the Nusantara Tigers are demanding their rights to not only political power, they also now want economic power as well.

    Bagaikan anjing dengan bayang bayangnya, kesian ...

  75. Anonymous4:55 pm

    If pemerhati is a Malay, I am Imelda Marcos from the philippines

    shoes anyone??

  76. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Malay supremacy has never been any sort of problems to majority of Malaysians. The devil of all sins is currently beneath the present leadership of UMNO. If honest people like Tengku Razaleigh were given an opportunity to lead UMNO, even PAS and PKR dont even need to exist at the very first place.


  77. Anonymous4:57 pm

    mazlan says, "he would sell out his own mother for a buck" - was that from personal experience??

  78. Anonymous5:08 pm

    dpp screams, "We are all of 1 race, the Human Race"

    and yet he asks, "where have I questioned the special position of the Malays or promoted the idea of the end of Islam as the religion of the Federation. I accept our Constitution as it stands on these issues!!"

    double-forked tongue comes to mind

  79. Anonymous5:14 pm

    nstman 2:55 PM said...
    "Correction: Umno speaks for Malays. DAP speaks for ALL races. Pakatan doesnt need to form a pressure group to highlight the grouses of just one community. By the way, Umno bloggers speak for Malays. Pakatan bloggers speak for ALL Malaysians. Umno bloggers are paid princely sums to spread the gospel of hate. Pakatan bloggers work on a shoe-string budget to spread the brotherhood of love. Goodbye, and may god forgive the sinners who have yet to repent."

    This is a CLASSIC case of senile dementia, bipolar affliction and schizophrenia all rolled into one.

    Any vacancy at the IMH??

  80. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Meet Bapak Hussein, MCA is sincere but DAP is not.

    I remember ordering food from this chinapek. He scolded me and said "not selling today!!"

    Huh?? I can see the raw ingredients in the glass shelf but he claims he's not selling?

    Then I went to a dusty stationery shop that has dusty items on the dusty shelves. Took a dusty pen and wanted to pay ah moi at the dusty cashier counter. She asked, "Are you sure you want to buy the dusty pen?"

    Huh?? I left without buying. Wondered and wondered and wondered endlessly ...

    Oh oh this must be a form of money laundering, the 2 shops are mere FRONTS for something other BUSINESS.

    So DAP is just a front for Malaysian Malaysia which is another front for chinese dominance in Malaysia ...

    UREKA ... I see the light (not from wenger's tunnel) from the sky above ...

  81. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Meet Bapak Hussein,

    Kesian keturunan hangpa..

    Mungkin bila tersebar berita yang rakyat Asal Tanah Air ini hidup dengan tenang dan segala asas keperluan hidup mencukupi...

    toknenek pakmak hampa terhegeh2 bertongkang mai menyelit kat sini............... nak tompang SEKAKI? hehehehe

    ALAHAI, sedihnya, tapi takpa.. berkurun2 kat sini, tidak akan ada makluk yang akan hidup kebuluran, jemputla cari makan.. hehehehe

    Tapi ingat, jangan lebe' lebe' OK.. Adab sopan, jaga sikit nuuuu..


  82. Anonymous5:59 pm

    the award of PKR-cyber-trooper Joker of the Year 2010 (and, it's only February) goes to the lonely nstman with his remark, "...DAP speaks for ALL races. Pakatan doesnt need to form a pressure group to highlight the grouses of just one community... Pakatan bloggers speak for ALL Malaysians. Umno bloggers are paid princely sums to spread the gospel of hate. Pakatan bloggers work on a shoe-string budget to spread the brotherhood of love..."


    "Can I duck you today?"

  83. Anonymous6:35 pm

    I think most of us miss the real issue here. It is about Ketuaaanan Melayuuu or it is about a group of elite is trying to hold on to power?. After 53 years and with hundred of billion ringgit been spend and our oil reserve almost gone, what had we really achieved?. Why do we still have the questions like "majority of the Malayyya still need help" and there are still lots of poor malayyya around. If this is all valid question, then what happen to all those money we spend under the NEP?. Why only certain group of malaayyy can become rich or super rich overnight?. I think nobody in Malaysia is against the idea of helping Malayayy that need help. In any religion it is a responsibility to help the needy regardless of skin color. At the end of the day, what really make the different is the outcome of every policy or ideology that one's champion. You can talk about ketuaaanan melayuuu and NEP but at the end of the day you still need to show the people how it going to benefit them. ASk yourself why now all races in Malaysia(including our fellow malaaayys) are questioning the concept of ketuaaanan melayyyuu that had been tie to NEP. Previously it is almost a taboo to do so. The answer is simple; majority malaaays and malaysiaaan cannot seem how it going to benefit the individual race and country in the long run. Why many of us are in the opinion there judiary crisis, economy crisis, corruption and breakdown of law.Just take a look at lingaaam case, Port Klaanang scandal and kugannn death. The so called NEP had created a special class of super rich malaaaysss(the gap between have and have not among malaaaayu is getting wider), and they are usually called as the umnooooputra.
    When we talk about zimbabwe, we do not meant racism; we meant the breakdown of court system, economy and law and order. Lets be clear here, nobody in Malaysia is against helping the malaayys to excel in business. However, a ways must be devise to make sure only those need help will be help and in all cost avoid abuses. In this era of blobalization, we do not have choice but to be united in order to survive.We must break through the barrier of skin color.
    Most malaysia are religious people and all religious preach all men are equal in the eyes of God and we should not descrimate each other. If 1malaysia is about unity regardless of skin color then we should all support it.Time is running out for us as the the rest of the world would not wait for us. Indonesia and thailand is doing much more better than us as we slip behind. We need to unite and do the right thing for the sake of our children.

    Malaysia O.K.

  84. Well done dpp, defended your ground superbly !


    There are two reasons why vernacular schools exist : i) govt schools going to the dogs ie. the growing number of unemployed grads is testament.
    ii) only way to learn Mandarin is to attend vernacular school.

    Unfortunately for me and elder siblings, we attended "Sekolah Kebangsaan" back in the day when standards were on par or better than what was offered in vernacular schools. Inversely, if I were schooled in Mandarin, have good command of both English and Mandarin, "makan tak habis lah !"

    If you don't already know, due to the rise of China as a trading bloc, knowledge of Mandarin is essential if not advantageous. The rich in both US and UK realise the importance of learning Mandarin, so much so, places in the few Mandarin base curriculum schools in New York etc, are the purview of the privilege.

    Back home, vernacular schools are an option that even many Malay and Indian families take advantage of. Don't look at it from a racial point of view because if you do so, your bigotry effects the future of your children. Bapak punya silap, anak pula pikul beban ! Naya budak-budak.

    Lastly, the half arse idea to incorporate Mandarin into current syllabus WON"T WORK. Trust me on this, I had years of tuition trying to learn the language and embarrassingly, I recognise few choice characters and know how to write my name.

    Mandarin is not like Bahasa Malaysia whereby foreign immigrant can pick up orally in matter of months. For the teaching of Mandarin, it is a painstaking ordeal that is best immerse when young. A child's mind is very pliant and studies would show, from ages 7-12 being the best time for any youngster to pick up ANY language - they are able to absorb content better than say, you or me.

    Having said that, any half as effort as suggested by the monkeys in Ministry of Edu is poise to FAIL. Govt schools right up to tertiary level have been badly compromised by UMNO, so make it our duty to protect and fight for what is left. Failure to do so would result in a future generation losing out in an increasingly competitive world.

    Last word in, education has never been the forte of Malays, in general. Change that and you would soon see many within the community succeed beyond expectation.

    Let 'them' steal and indulge in their monkey business but never should we compromise the education of our children Mazlan.

  85. Anonymous7:13 pm

    LKS and LGE are very smart people, all they wanted is for the Malays to fall into a trap design by Ibrahim Ali the fool. When Malays are getting more protective and fighting for their imaginary rights they lost their sight to compete with the rest of the world.

    In time to come the Malays will be the one left behind like those poor Africans in Africa.

    LKS and LGE knows that if you have knowledge and able to compete than your race can survive in any corner of the world, Ibrahim Ali the fool will never think that far.

  86. Anonymous7:18 pm

    MPM to replace UMNO, 1Melayu to replace 1Malaysia.
    Time to kick out Najib and install Ibrahim Ali.

  87. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Firstly, We will haunt down ular like DPP yang tak lama lagi akan jadi penyokong ISA dan UMNO.

  88. Meet Bapak Hussein, you forgot UMNO opens membership to the non-Muslim Bumis in Sabah. Correct me if I’m wrong. DAP definitely doesn’t stand for Msian Chinese Association but it’s a racist political party which only fights for the Chinese. The non-Chinese members are only snares (also puppets) to gain support from the non-Chinese voters. That doesn't make DAP different from UMNO. That’s how I see it.

  89. Anonymous7:53 pm


    nice to see you still enjoying anwar's di.. in you butt.

    How flattering...

    Silent majority made what PKR now and the same majority will shut it off.

    You and your immigrant descendant can say any thing right now and please say it louder and make it hurtful.

    Don't blame us. You ask for it.

    We have got nothing to loose.

  90. Anonymous8:46 pm

    76 NGOs so what? all also UMNO members la. kaki bodek. These useless fellas get their money from where? Not from me, not from ah kow, not from mutu, not from ali.

    So who cares if there are 1000 of these NGOs. Useless la. Tell me something new like when the entire DAP or PAS cross over.

    Some useless nothing-to-do fellas. Hahahaha. Typical fellas waiting for hand-outs. Yea go do what you guys do best, lick it!

    So what is next? Other non-malay NGOs come out in full force?

    Just show results in next GE la, dumb fools!


  91. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I urge all Malaysians of no matter what race to embrace 1 MAlaysia,
    1 School, 1 Languange and 1 Religion.
    THe rest can go to hell.

    Throw away your culture crutches,
    throw away your language crutches,
    throw away separationist crutches.
    Assimilate or obliterate.

    Kita Akan Kesana Juga Nanti.

  92. Anonymous8:56 pm


    DAP speaks for all races??? Freaking idiot that's what you are. Where have been living for the past 50 years? Call yourself nstman some more. Sheesh.


  93. It is time to have a peaceful movement from the Non-Malays NGOs to declare that the Non-Malays are not challenging the positions of Sultans, Islam and Malay Language which are clearly protected by the constitution but merely having concerns about the fairness of implementing the NEP and the corrupting practices under name of Ketuanan Malayu.

    It is not to be a counter or confrontation movement, it should be meant to educate the Malays in general that Non-Malays are not a threat to the Malays but a trustworthy partner for the nation building that can bring benefits to all, especially the Malays as a majority. This can only work if the irresponsible Main Stream Media, bloggers and politicians are not spinning the well intention of this movement.

  94. Anonymous9:54 pm

    ketuanan melayu? siapa yg akan naikkan tarif elektrik kelak? makanan semua melambung2. ketuanan pernahkah menjanjikan ahli keluarga mu dpt makan makanan mewah seperti org2 umno?

    fikirlah sikit. ini semua ketuanan2 tipu punya. aku cuma mahukan keluarga aku dpt makan 3 kali sehari. tak kisah ketuanan apa pun. KETUANAN DIRI. Biarlah sendiri yang tentukan nasib sendiri. Tak usah bergantung kpd UMNO.

    niaseng, again!

  95. Isn't politics a piss and a half?

  96. Anonymous10:24 pm

    hey guys read this at
    very interesting


  97. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Those 76 ngo, won't be surprise 90% are malay wannabe aka mermaid.

    These mermaids & not the pure malay are making all the ketuanan noises these days in the pretense of upholding the malays rights... first in perak, then penang, then selangor and now this...?

    Wonder who is behind all these...? ta laaa... the one & only mermaid kutty.

    These mermaids, by stirring up all these shits and hoping the pure malay & the other races will goes for each other throats.

    And after they have done finishing each other off, all the mermaids need to do is simply stroll in & take over the reign and...

    woh la!

    amno will simply be known as UNITED MERMAIDS NATIONAL ORGANISATION and ...the making of the evil Third Reich in Malaysia...


    jeez, dreaming again...

  98. Anonymous11:31 pm


    You raise a few interesting points, which I summarise it into three questions:

    1. Is Mandarin a mother tongue?

    2. Why other countries have no vernacular schools?

    3. Is DAP Malaysian Malaysia have anything to do with single national school system?

    1. From the viewpoint of spoken language, the hundreds of dialects in China can be grouped into eight (Some say seven, nine, ten) main types, which are mutually unintelligible to various degree. But speakers of all these dialects share the same written tradition, and those who learned the system of Chinese characters are able to communicate with each other. Despite the spoken linguistic difference, therefore Chinese (language) is considered by it speakers to be a single language. Is Chinese (language) equal as Mandarin? As long as most Chinese (race) take the stand that Mandarin is our standard and most common used Chinese language, it is therefore not wrong to say Mandarin with it common writing system is mother tongue for many Chinese (race). However, I personally think the term “mother tongue” and “vernacular” apply in our present context is merely common among Malaysia and Singapore and it usage have everything to do with Chinese (race) state of apprehension toward future uncertainties in term of culture and mores .

    2. Vernacular schools that exist in Malaysia is unique due our exclusive historical aspect. It is not something we purposely create to adapt to the contemporary environment we are in. Therefore it continue existence have everything to do with what people want and people right to choose. If people in Australia and other country have no demand for “vernacular” school, it is their choice and I think what their governments did is to respect the wish of the people.

    3. I am in no position to speak for DAP, but to me, “single”, “one”, “nationalism” are actually very old fashion type of ideology in today globalised world. Do you think our new generation really cares about all this?

    As you already priorities the “wants” of Malaysian in your earlier comments, and if you don’t mind I add in further “a good governance with accountability to rule of law”, I would believe that most “racial” issue will resolve by itself in the long term if whoever that be the government known what is to be tackle first.


  99. The Malays must defend at all cost Tanah Melayu. Otherwise not worthwhile staying alive at Tanah Melayu. Allah swt create China for the chinese & India for the Indians. So the Malaysia is the country of origin of Malays. If anything happen to Tanah Melayu, where the Malays to migrate, of course not China nor India.

  100. Anonymous12:10 am

    Whats wrong with Ketuanan Melayu? It merely stated Malays were here first. Whats wrong with that? Just like a house, we have an agreement,tenant, owner etc. for our nation its constitution.

    Biggest chunk of Malaysia already owned by the Non-Malays, why all the fuss? DAP is nonsense ,let alone productive , very unMalaysian at best.

    I'm a sworn enemy of DAP and whoever ASSociated with them.


  101. Anonymous12:36 am

    Bullshit about vernacular school lah.. there is only one and one reason why vernacular school exist:


    Plain and simple and stop the bullshit about culture, language, etc, etc for all of that can be done in national school.


  102. Anonymous12:48 am

    Bila British membangunkan Penang (yang diambil dari Kedah), orang Kedah dalam peperangan dengan Siam, sambil orang Melayu Kedah jadi pelarian perang dan meminta sedekah nyawa, orang Cina Penang membina perniagaan dan megumpul modal, selama dekat 200 tahun nasib mereka seperti itu, sekarang bila merdeka, orang Cina Penang tak perlu meminta sedekah nyawa dengan orang Melayu, malah boleh jadi 9 dari 10 yang terkaya di negara ini. Itupun nak minta lebih lagi. Bangsat!!


  103. Mazlan1:31 am

    This is where I find so much hypocrisy.....
    As much as Ibrahim Ali is being a racist I believe any form of racial segregation is against the principles of a democratic society.
    Therefore the same principle applies to 'vernacular' schools.
    Many of us aspire for a non-racial Malaysia - but yet those who rightly scream racist at Ibrahim Ali are all too happy to see more sekolah jenis(C) or (T).
    Screw historical perspective we are now in 2010. I was educated at primary level in Perak and secondary at national (Anderson btw) - and frankly this hogwash of one better than the other is nonsense. My Chinese School was 90% Chinese and Anderson was quite mixed.
    The reality is both systems are completely irrelevant in todays society. Both teach by rote and both are no better than the other.
    If you believe in a Malaysia Malaysia - than forge a modern innovative national school system where all language skills can be provided.
    And racial segregation starts at the youngest of ages which is plain wrong.
    And imagine if schools in the US segregated between Hispanics, Anglo Saxons and say Koreans - would that be racist.
    Wake up folks and start throwing away your hypocrisies....

  104. Anonymous1:41 am

    rocky, saya sangat bersetuju dgn pendapat anon 1.50 am dan 2.05am.

    take a big mirror and look at yourself.

    bye-bye umno

  105. Anonymous1:42 am

    Kesian kesian kesian..

    Bertongkang dari barat dan timur, sampai keTanah air ini mulanya sekadar nak menumpang sekaki..

    Naik syiok, maka bawa pulak anak bini.
    Naik lagi syiok lepaih tu beranak pinak bercucu cicit,

    Lama kelamaan, terlupa daratan, SEKAKI nak SEKANGKANG pulak..

    Jangan tersilap KANGKANG, duk bokbaik kat sini jangan lebe' lebe' OK..


  106. Anonymous2:52 am





  107. The jews control all you guys through thought communication.

    They own satelites, they can access your mind and insert thoughts anytime.

    All ministers are controlled...... that's how they infiltrate the government.. it's been happening since 1945. Most pawns that has been brought in don't even realise they're placed there.

  108. Young Malays busy spend time at kopitiam and mamak shop watching football , they do not give a damn what happening around them.

  109. what i love about this blog is it have fair numbers of BN and PR comments (Rocky doesn't moderate it), and they freely type wutever they

    different from other pro BN or Pro PR blog that mostly is one sided comment...keep up the good work bro....

  110. Anonymous7:59 am

    Whether it is about Ketuanan Melayu, India, China, Iban, Sikh, Orang Asli or 'lain lain', it does not bother Malaysians one bit.

    What matters most is Ketuanan Wang.

    Take away Ketuanan Wang and let's see what happens.

    So, go ahead, bomb each other to pieces with petty communal issues, while the ones with a bit of brains
    opt for Ketuanan Wang.


  111. Anonymous9:05 am

    Malaysia O.K. @ 6:35 PM is so twisted he could not spell the key words properly.

    Must be an allergy caused by Ketuanan Melayu (see this is the correct spelling).

    He is a typical pro-pakatan fella coz he has no faculty left to discern between lies and truth.

    He has been fed with brainwash muck so much that he can NOW only regurgitate what has been told to him.

    Pity this fella coz he has been USED and ha has lost all of his birthrights to a reasoning acumen.

    Poor chap ...

  112. Anonymous9:16 am

    Casper Casper (holy ghost)

    The Chinese are fast learning English to access military prowess, economic enlargement etc.

    Now why else would Jackie Chan, Chow Yuen Fatt, Gong Li etc suffer humiliation to learn Hollywood language eh?

    What are the inherent super quality contained in Mandarin that it can replace English? You mention it yourself that it is a "painstaking ordeal" - why oh why must you wish to suffer?

    I can only state that learning Mandarin may teach you the shortcuts to big BUCKS - remember the melamine scare, the high lead content in children's toys, the mercury levels in foodstuff??

    Eeeikkkss ... scary man - I have stopped buying Made in China goods especially FOOD.

    Don't fool yourself that Mandarin will be an international language - English has cemented that spot.

    So my dear, your argument falls flat - no one intellectual is convinced.

  113. Anonymous9:19 am

    Anon @ 7:13 PM is so pathetic that he only has LKS and LGE as his heroes.

    Hey how about DAP's karpal singh and gobind??

    Or is DAP only for chinese?

  114. Anonymous9:26 am

    niaseng!@ 8:46 PM

    Why so angly one ha?

    Actually the opposition was caught off guard winning the 5 states. They were not prepared to run those states.

    So when they actually won, they were lost as to HOW to do it.

    But you know what, they should have really used this opportunity to consolidate their collective power to run Malaysia Inc and provide a real and viable alternative to BN/UMNO.

    They didn't - instead they totally depended on anwar to provide leadership.

    What can we say?? After he RAN to the Turkish embassy, the rest is history ...

  115. Anonymous9:34 am

    PickToTell @ 9:48 PM says

    "It is not to be a counter or confrontation movement, it should be meant to educate the Malays in general that Non-Malays are not a threat to the Malays but a trustworthy partner for the nation building that can bring benefits to all, especially the Malays as a majority."

    Whooaaaa ... reconciliation eh? a tad too late. The tiger has awaken from its benign slumber.

    "educate the Malays" eh? - sounds more like damage control

    No more pleas and no more take one step back and 3 steps forward.

    The realisation has set in and the Malays have seen the real psyche of the non-Malays, thanks to the bloggers in cyberspace.

    Thanks to Rocky Bru and company.

  116. Anonymous9:37 am

    niaseng, again!@ 9:54 PM says, "Tak usah bergantung kpd UMNO."

    Ayuh kawan kawan, jom makan free kat rumah ahli2 DAP

    yok yok jangan tak jadi, rempuh!!

  117. How many movements can we set up?
    Maybe a Malay Counter Chinese Counter Indian Counter Lain-Lain Counter Movement? Maybe that one can make everyone happy?

  118. Anonymous10:27 am

    DAP are chinese Champian?hah!did u know that even in the rasist party like that, also got kasta one!LGE got his own kasta.LGU is a baba-nyonya (hokkian) so as a hokkian they really dont like kek people and always look down on this kek (one of the chinese clan in malaysia)??. so this type of person will be died alone.because he hate everybody???

  119. Dato' it just means that Lim Kit Siang dan sewaktu dengan dia will have to be more careful what they wish for. I think the Ketuanan Melayu from the very start has been a very difficult concept to grasp even by the Malays themselves. Macam 1 Malaysialah Dato', say for instance some one say Salam 1 Malaysia, how do you reply in kind? but the slogan Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan is good and easier to understand and follow.

    Anyway Ketuanan Melayu means very different to different people and it gets totally confused when politicians tries to interpret it to suit their agenda, worse if non malay politicians like Lim Kit Siang who does not know enough Malay to understand the nuances of word "ketuanan". That is why we do really need a "1 Sekolah Sistem", forget about that Mandarin is useful when dealing with China theory thingy, it helps marginally but even the Mat Sallehs who works in China have translators working for them.

    There is a good explanation on ketuanan melayu from a commenter from NO HARD FEELING blog I produce whole:

    start quote" warisantmk said...

    Last few days, there have been INTENSE EXCHANGES among leaders of political parties with regards to the term KETUANAN MELAYU, starting from the Parliment, and then dragged on in major medias, including the alternative medias. The latest was by Dr Lim Keng Yeik, former President of Gerakan, one of the component parties of the ruling Barisan Nasional(BN) party.

    I wonder WHY the Chinese, and to less level of intensity the Indians, are so ALLERGIC with the term KETUANAN MELAYU…. Perhaps they are influenced by Lim Kit Siang’s WRONG INTERPRETATION of the term Ketuanan Melayu. LKS depicted the term Ketuanan Melayu to mean MALAY MASTER-CHINESE SLAVE relationship. The problem is, Bahasa Melayu is not LKS mother-tounge. So, he misunderstood the terms altogether.

    The term Ketuanan Melayu were also misinterpreted by others to imply having to address Malays as TUAN, meaning MASTER. This is another FALLACY. The British used to be called TUAN in the past, but the term TUAN then was used as replacement of the word SIR in English. The word SIR was used instead of MY LORD or MY MASTER.

    The term KETUANAN MELAYU truly only refers to the fact that Malays(Bangsa Melayu) were the ORIGINAL OWNERS and RULERS of Tanah Melayu, in the same way Chinese were the original owners/rulers of China, and Indians the original owners/rulers of India.

    This explained why only the Malays fought AGAINST the British-introduced MALAYAN UNION in 1946. The Malays were then the only recognised owners of the lands of Tanah Melayu. The Chinese and Indians were then still IMMIGRANTS, like the Bangladeshis of today.

    Only in 1953, two years after the formation of MCA, there were talks of granting citizenship to the Chinese and Indian IMMIGRANTS. Those were the talks that led to the Agreement among leaders of UMNO, MCA and MIC, which were later on known as the SOCIAL CONTRACT.

    The GIST of the Social Contract was that based on certain criteria, about 1.5 million immigrants(1.2 m Chinese, and 0.3 Indians) were granted citizenship, IN RETURN for recognising the SPECIAL POSITION OF MALAYS and other MALAY-CENTRED PROVISIONS in the Federal Constitution.

    Its high time that Chinese and Indian leaders begin to seriously teach their children and descendent to HONOUR the Social Contract agreed upon with their MALAY HOSTS." end quote,

    Pasquale(10:39am) says what many Malays are quietly saying and further MPM is not about taking the rights away from other communities but defending what little rights the Malays/Bumis have in the Perlembagaan. If any body calls this racist then so be it, what is worse is somebody who is racist denies he is racist and calling other people who are only defending their constitutional rights as racist instead.

  120. Anonymous11:11 am

    to the druggie 9.26am anon,

    dap no gv free food . only umno gv that as a form of drugs. can u kick that habit since u r a drug addict urself waiting for handouts?


  121. Shah 11.32

    Don't forget that MALAYSIA includes Sabah and Sarawak (with combined population of 5.5 million or appx. 21% of total population) and not just the old MALAYA before 1963! Sabahans and Sarawakians, the majority of whom are not Malays or Muslims, have rights too!!

    With regards to Art 153 of our Constitution on the special position of the Malays and elsewhere about Islam and Royalty, these can only ever be altered if more than 2/3 vote for it in Parliament AND the Council of Rulers and finally the King consents to it. That is never going to happen and so the Constitutional position of Malays etc., is unshakeable for all intents and purposes.

    So, when MPM says they are there to defend the Constitution, it is a hollow, meaningless, dishonest claim and a red herring. Defend the constitution against whom and what threat?

    MPM's real agenda I suspect is to cause unrest for political mileage where despite 50 years of NEP, they have not woken up to the realities of meritocracy and competition at local, regional and global markets.

    Neither DAP nor Pakatan has challenged the special rights and other Constitutional clauses mentioned above. So who is Ibrahim Ali and MPM kidding? This is surely another demagogue desperate to revive a failed career by appealing to some people's basest instincts!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  122. Anonymous12:47 pm

    wahhh, enjoying your time huh piglets?bashing malays while rolling in your cozy pigsty?

    minions, down to your knee!lick my boot, I have some more in my bunglow.hehe, thanks to imelda..
    now, now I am your master right?I thought you just said that!

    mandarin to take over english as lingua franca? ass!!well if you said we need to understand a little bit of mandarin, I can accept that.but to replace english?mandarin???hmmm, too complicated,too messy, hardest language to, no.menyusahkan.can mandarin caters scienctific terms?all those words?

    even the jembalang casper cina said....
    "For the teaching of Mandarin, it is a painstaking ordeal that is best immerse when young."

    hohoho...susah la macam ni mau ganti english.

    to all ulars and piglets, enjoy yourself while you can..

    The prancing horny pony

  123. Anonymous1:05 pm

    "My Chinese School was 90% Chinese and Anderson was quite mixed."

    Ultimately, the mafucking pig will reveal its true colours no matter how hard it tries to camouflage itself behind a malay nick. History will ALWAYS record that we Melayu BERMARUAH were, are and will ALWAYS be the true sons of soil nd no damn pendatang is gonna wrest that away from us, no matter what cheapskate trick they deploy.

    The chingkie bastards are getting jittery as they had calculated with ma fucking cocksuckling pseudomalays like the bastard Mazlan pondan above in their ranks, "conquest" and subjugation would be a cakewalk, something they failed to accomplish in 1947, 1969 and 1991. 22 year cycle right, yeah the next one reads 2013 and the chingkie pigcocksuckling arseworms and cuntlouses thought it was on a platter.

    No longer,the Malay tiger has awakened and is on the prowl. I WAS there as a proud son of soil. It was a long awaited REBIRTH of our dormant spirit, a sign I had predicted during my recent tours of the Malay heartland. Now it is just a matter of time we organise ourselves into effective paramilitaries and begin the hunt and mass culling, if the need arises, and this time disembowel the pseudo-malay bastards as well to rid this beloved TANAH MELAYU of unwelcome vermin and the pestilence they have brought in their wake.

    Warrior 231

  124. Anonymous2:03 pm

    God help us! This is the end of Malaysia.

  125. Bunnies2:12 pm

    The very fact that there is a need to defend one's race/religion means one is racist! What is there to defend?! We are all human and that is it.

    What is there to be malay/islam or chinese/buddhist/christians or indian/tamil/ceylonise/brahmins rights?? Why cant we all see beyond that? Why do we have to view others with such suspicious concept?

    What is the point of championing all sorts of racial rights and at the end, all of us have to beg for food or be at the mercy of some super power country or sell drugs to survive?

    The fact is that when one is weak, one is inferior and when one is inferior one tend to get all sensitive and sink into this horrible depressive "poor me" mode. The solution to such inferiority is not to molly coodle and nurture such nonsense or give special rights to pacify but administer a good dose of whallop/whip such sorry state people into SHAPE! Of course, if such sorry state people dont want to improve or get in Shape, what is there to say? What is there to blame others?

    Please la... if there is a rights to campaign about.. it is the rights of the orang asli la. Malays are also settlement here.. GET THAT CORRECT!

  126. Purple Haze2:30 pm

    Ibrahim Ali's current political career reminds me of Pauline Hanson's rise (and fall) of the far right One Nation party in Australia.

    One can search wikipedia for her bio and career but in summary, she used a controversial racist platform to win votes in Australia in the 90s, stumbled along towards the end of the 90s and was convicted of election fraud in 2003.

    Ibrahim Ali reminds me of her because he is also a far right politician and also, her career was always full of drama ... and little else.

    Very recently, she decided to pack up and abandon Australia as her political ideals were not in sync with the rest of Australia.

    While I am not expecting Ibrahim Ali to leave Tanah Melayu, the far right platorm does not seem to hold up well in most parts of the world.

  127. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Ni ketuanan melayu nie semua hype dari ahli politik. Tak kira la UMNO ke DAP, PKR, semuanya ada kepentingan masing-masing. Kalau tak main isu-isu macamni, camner diaorang nak carik makan beb. Kadang2 bosan gak baca isu2politik macamni..patutla orang kata keja ahli politik nie keja yang paling worse, orang tak percaya. Lantak la nak ketuanan melayu ke ketuanan cina ke apa ke, ada ku kesah. Apa-apa pun settle kat PRU-13. Melalak macam anjing kat blog rocky nie, bukan kasi duit pun, dia yang untung dpt duit dari sponsor. Tapi satu je aku sokong, Brahim Ali nie manusia talam dua muka. Korang sokong pembangkang ke kerajaan, jgn bagi muka kat dia.Tu je.


  128. I support both Ibrahim Ali and Lim Kit Siang!
    I want now to set up a Completely Racist Movement - which will blame all my woes on Cina Apek, Melayu Bodoh and Indian Gangsters..
    I will on different days moan how ketuanan Melayu is not giving me ant free money, how the Chinese are just keeping money to themselves and blaming Indians for all crime.
    This way everyone can be pissed off.
    Malaysia's new economic model: create more NGOs and Lobby Groups. It beats having to work for a living!

  129. Anonymous5:09 pm


    Instead of blaming the MI, LKS et al, why don't you get your master to specify what is his stand. He has been quiet on many important subjects. He seems no better than that ex PM you detest so much.

    Yes, this new ultra right wing group is putting pressure on your master - and that put him between a rock and a hard place.

    However, from an economic perspective, Ibrahim Ali's actions have created a separating equilibrium and all pretensions and asymetric information is lost.

    Essentially there are two camps. Ibrahim Ali and by extension, UMNO and their merry men. And then, there are the rest. The fact all the tainted PKR men are hopping over to UMNO also helps. At least we now know PKR is cleaner and the crap and failures have left the building.

    We now can see the two camps clearly and may the best team win the next election. Tak payah nak cakap banyak.

  130. Anonymous5:28 pm

    ramai anak muda Melayu sudah di belakang Perkasa, usah risau..

    seorang anak muda Melayu

  131. Anonymous6:01 pm

    To Omar Osman , Ceupac ni Melayu punyakah? Jangan lah gila publisity dan tipu members. Cukup cukuplah dengan sifat gila kuasa anda tu.

  132. Anonymous7:50 pm

    bunnies @ 2:12 PM says

    "Please la... if there is a rights to campaign about.. it is the rights of the orang asli la. Malays are also settlement here.. GET THAT CORRECT!"

    Inilah orang yg sudah KALAH, tak mahu mengaku, kemudian MENIPU cara menukar fakta sejarah.

    Ini penyakit yang dijangkiti keturunan pendatang - yg tak berpelajaran, tak bersopan, tak mengenal untung, tak mengenang jasa, tak bijaksana dll.

    Rakyat macam ni tak bawak keuntungan malah membawa bala pada negara.

    Apalagi, bangkit lah wahai orang orang Melayu, bela hak yg termaktub diperlembagaan.

    Mahluk saperti bunnies, dpp, niaseng, mazlan dan sewaktu dgn nya adalah SEBAB lahirnya MPM 76.

    Kita nak tengok dia faham tak, heh heh ...

  133. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Anon @ 5:09 PM
    "At least we now know PKR is cleaner and the crap and failures have left the building."

    You wanna bet?? wait till the SODOMY2 trial restarts lah ...

    then you'll know the meaning of crap and FAILURES ...

    huhuhuhuhu hohohohohoho

    akan datang drama sensasi ... hahahahaha

  134. Anonymous said...

    raj raman says, "We can be racial but can't be racist."

    We wonder if the rr knows the difference. If you help you own kind you are racial right?? If you prevent others from progressing, then you are racist right??

    So NEP is racial, questioning the Malay Rulers, special position of the Malays are all RACIST.

    Is this too profound for you rr?

    4:46 PM
    As far i am concern since i work i choose not to be racial when come to job.My architect is Malay,my supplier is Chinese and own race also my contractor.As long we perform i don't choose race.I just choose the brain.

    rajraman666.NEP - you had to ask the Gomen and the Ruler.
    ROCKY - can you please update me when someone asking me question? It's will be very rude for me if i didn't follow up and answer.

    Can you please update my friend up there please.
    We can be racial but can't be racist to HUMANKIND.

    Thank u

  135. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Sorry Bunnies,
    ..all of us have to beg for food or be at the mercy of some super power country or sell drugs to survive..

    Keturunan kami yg Asal dari Tanah bertuah ini, tidak pernah sekali hidup kebuluran, biar masa penjajah dulu ada saja makan dari hutan...

    Sorry chum we don't flee away in fear to other countries, our forefathers stay and fight to protect this blessed land.

    Kurang ajar mereka2 yang sekadar datang untuk menumpang dan cuba bikin kacau sini tempat.. Pthuih..

    Mau Kangkang jangan lebe' lebe' OK...


  136. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Q; Are the Malays good leaders?
    A; Yes, because even in the Opposition the CHingkies need him to lead.

    Q; Aren't the chinese good leaders?
    A; See Penang,where everyone leaves a hopeless Chingkie leader.

    The above are facts.
    No Double Penetrating Pigs can dispute this.

    So, let's say this again.
    Leave your vernacular school crutches,
    Embrace our language and drop the CHina and India national languages.
    Drop your chinese school business network crutches and prejudicial racist pricing of goods.
    Be 1 Malaysia.


  137. Good Morning everyone.
    Rocky - A bit more to add.

    Life is not easy for beggars like me ( a quote by some politician in UMNO about Indian).So i continuously begging for job and had to perform not frm the GOMEN but frm private sector and share it between my other races who are my friends.

    Had to work,search for job,implement the job and pay tax to my "TUAN" to enjoy it just because i am not born as BUMIPUTERA.

    rajraman666.Gomen kasi kerja pilih bulu.Bulu umno,mca,mic and i non member of this political suckers who divide and rule as i non member of any organized religion.

    Thank you.- We can be racial but can't be racist.Once this country leading to racist rule - BRAIN DRAIN.

    Please join -it's might work one day.

  138. Anonymous9:25 am

    See the majority is offering to EMBRACE the 'keturunan pendatang' into its nationalistic fold.

    Thru the 'Satu Sekolah untuk Semua', all races will learn to speak and act as ONE.

    The medium of communication as cemented in the constitution is of course Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia. But the choice to learn other languages is available too.

    The official religion is Islam but others are free to practise their own religion as long as poaching of Muslims is avoided (that includes confusing Muslims too).

    The Malay Rulers are here to stay as part of Nusantara heritage, no bargaining.

    So welcome to Malaysia, truly Asia. Any takers?

    P.S. oh, MPM 76 is here to stay too

  139. Anonymous9:54 am

    To all the fuckheads this may concern..

    1) Leave alone Sabah & Sarawak from the racist game you fucking looser..if their pribumi got issues with the Malays over here, for long time ago they won't agree with the United Nation referendum to join Malaysia, they can opt to join Indonesia, Philipines or return back to Brunei or remain under British..the pribumi there for history, had long time embraced Malay's civilization under Sultanate of Brunei & Sulu, unlike you half century pendatang bastards troublemaker..(now you know the root of this racist problem) is you, the ultra chingkies & hindulens that instigate racism all the way with your presence in Tanah, don't be a sore looser trying to drag others in the way as your human shield when you fucking vermins already breathing at your defeat.. show some honour you fuckhead racist even thought we know 'honour' is a thing your forefathers had left behind when they abandon their motherland.

    2) To all the hallucinating hindulens happy-triggering preaching about humankind, human race, anti racist to us malays..snap out from your toddy & samsu hallucination..start fucking do your own backyard cleaning job with your own caste system discrimination.. it is far damn worst than racism in term of modern human civilization..look at yourselves in the & prove to us the Malays what make you think you are so damn better to preach us about racism when you have "internal apartheid" in your own society?

    3) To all the racist chingkies, bring on your Dong Zong and other fucking traits & racist NGOs in this racist the end, survivor win..loser shall extinct with shame..we shall see.

    4) Analogical to caste system.. pendatang craving for crutches are the worst pariah.. see how these racist wanted so hard to be a pariah..your ancestors came here as pendatang and that is a fact you fuckhead cannot dispute, so stop spinning...if you racist fuckhead decided to return to your abandoned motherland, you will be known with another terms in malay vocabulary i.e pelarian (refugees) - pendatang & pelarian - both sound like pariah to us..

    your days are numbered pendatang racist..siapa makan cili dia akan terasa pedas dan terkencing terberak dalam seluar..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  140. Anonymous12:23 pm

    hey bunnies,

    you got time to read a blog?I thought you just spend your time multiplying.

    what malay settlement??would you please repeat your words in the front of Sultan Abdul Halim, Sultan of Kedah, the oldest ruling house in Malaysia and in southeast asia?don't you dare to insult Malays of Kedah!!!you freaking jerk!!we always here at least, fighting the greedy chola, yellow bellied siamese, tick infested burmese and bitchy we are still with our ruling house against all odds for more than a thousand years. the same with our fellow malays from other states, still here and never run away.not like you, running away from your country with your tail between your legs and begging the brits for more opium. hahahaha.

    the prancing pony, no longer horny but angry.

  141. Anonymous12:59 pm

    stick with your own kind,u don't see a giraffe fuckin a zebra... organized ethnic cleansing or simply chase out whoever dislike,beside bla.. bla... bla.. apa ada? btw adakah darah kat hospital HALAL ??? HITLER

  142. Anonymous1:55 pm

    why must poison our minds with hatred? why not happy thoughts? how bout 'free parkin in Malaysia" lol.. just the mind kawan kawanku... tragedy/disaster happening around the world and our negara2 jiran.. Malaysia been blessed,of course unless u are politician,thats wat u do.. Scout

  143. Anonymous6:32 pm


    “This is where I find so much hypocrisy.....As much as Ibrahim Ali is being a racist I believe any form of racial segregation is against the principles of a democratic society…………”
    -- Your interpretation/understanding of democratic society principles is very “interesting”. Democracy allows the people to choose/elect a party/person that could represent them in a government, the major feature of democracy is that we shall abide by the wish of majority while not ignore the wants of minority, and the principles of democracy are equality and freedom. Ibrahim Ali opt a path he believe could protect the rights of Malay and Muslim, it is up to the people to agree or disagree, and to give opinion whether he is a racist. And some people choose to study in Sekolah Jenis. So how the rights to choose go against the principles of democratic society? And what is so hypocrisy while voicing up opinion?

    “Screw historical perspective we are now in 2010.”
    -- It is your right to screw anyone and anything, however you can’t ignore historical cause even if the year is 3010, unless God allow you to start fresh.

    “I was educated at primary level in Perak and secondary at national (Anderson btw) - and frankly this hogwash of one better than the other is nonsense.”
    -- I would agree. There is good national school and there is poorly managed Sekolah Jenis. The mission and priority should be making improvement towards poorly managed school, be it national or Sekolah Jenis.

    “My Chinese School was 90% Chinese and Anderson was quite mixed.”
    -- Not sure what is your point. Are you telling us you a racist when you were in Chinese school and become a non-racist when you were with Anderson? I personally think a better metric to assess racism is what you have done and not what school you attend.

    ”The reality is both systems are completely irrelevant in todays society. Both teach by rote and both are no better than the other.”
    -- Hence I believe the priority is to improve the education system and quality of teacher. By the way, there is no clear evidence to justify that teaching/learning by rote is comparatively inferior. Creativity and innovation have everything to do with culture, environment and funding.

    “If you believe in a Malaysia Malaysia - than forge a modern innovative national school system where all language skills can be provided.”
    -- I have little understanding of Malaysian Malaysia, however I do agree that any proposal of new schooling system shall at least provide the option with as many language as the parents/student choose to learn. Is this not the wish of most? Is that sensible to implement such excellent system only after we close down all none national school system?

    “And racial segregation starts at the youngest of ages which is plain wrong.”
    -- This is merely your opinion, is there any evidence to substantiate segregation at young age is wrong? Don’t forget there is not many school in Malaysia that uphold racial segregation, and Sekolah Jenis is definitely not one.

    “And imagine if schools in the US segregated between Hispanics, Anglo Saxons and say Koreans - would that be racist.”
    -- My understanding of racism is to discriminate base on race. Segregation criteria that are base on language, merits or religion have nothing to do with race, I think there is no rationality to draw conclusion that all kind of segregation are racist in nature. By the way, does USA have lesser racism as compare to many other country?

    Being idealistic is a very happy thing, I hope I could be one as well.


  144. Bunnies10:29 pm

    Pewira and friends...

    continue in your slumber... ya, you people are the prince of the land.. you people are so poor thing.. got robbed and cheated and tricked and bullied from the beginning of time till now. POOR THING!

    I cannot imagine why a human being or in your case, human race cannot evolve and improve. What is amazing is that even with help, you race still get robbed, cheated, tricked and bullied! WOW! That says something right?

    People like you should just go stay in an island and crown yourself king/queen with coconut husk!

  145. bluegreen faxmachine11:30 pm

    Biggest gathering of kontrektor tak dapat projek, failed division head, ex-politicians, 3 member NGOk NGOk. The fossil in the blackwhite batik shirt in middle of front row kept snoozing off. at least we're paid overtime to cover the donkey show.

    Ah yes warrior no need to tell. we SAW you there. More bark than bite. Some scrawny budak rempit or ah beng can beat the poo from you wit 1 punch. So stop big talking about your little pariahmilitary group and turning our Tanah Tercinta into another failed basketcase like Rwanda.

    now run along now, go thru the photos of your silly tea party and try guess which of the Melayu guys from the Press is us.. heheheheee

  146. Anonymous1:46 pm


    Segregating based on race is racist, please don't twist and turn when it comes to your racist segregating school. It so simple why can't you see?


  147. Anonymous1:51 pm

    bluegreen faxmachine is so pathetic, he just convinced ONLY himself that he is SO CLEVER.

    Dear faxie you are NO match for warrior 231, perwira, eddy and anti hindraf & ultra chingkies.

    Go hide in a cupboard until you grow some intellectual cells.

  148. Anonymous4:28 pm



    Lu olang mayak kelentong.
    Mana peligi pun lembek macam sotong
    Ngaku kaya bikin wang bertong tong
    Itu wang semua pinjam sama Along..


  149. Anonymous5:37 pm

    ...continue in your slumber... ya, you people are the prince of the land.. you people are so poor thing.. got robbed and cheated and tricked and bullied from the..bla..bla..blardy blah..

    to bunny & the similar pigbrainers..

    You know, this is the big problem with you chingkies.. you people keep on multiplying and amplifying your very own stupidity self-humiliate by exposing it to everyone without even realizing it..

    Refering to your statement..
    Do you mean to imply that for being such a more "superior race" you people are the worst piggified pariah in this land coz still end up being "robbed and cheated and tricked and bullied from the beginning of time till now"
    by the "inferior race"??

    For record, an ultra chingkie like yourself cannot even rule a state with high nose in the air, e.g. LGE in Penang - all loosing bastards had tried to rule Perak by proxy, yet WE get your fuckhead puppet tossed down to the sewer, shame...not so smart after all, eh? Why the malay racist are so ahead of you ultra chingkies in the move? Ever wonder why? Still perasan bagus?

    Unless you lick the malays boots or asses like what Gerakan/MCA did, then only you can showoff your "Chinese Supremacy".

    So, before thinking so high about your own kind, mind looking at yourself in the miror pls..stupid pigbrain tranny bunny boy....arrogant looser..can't even realized being sodomized for 52yrs by US..WE know and yet WE never brag about that..WE're so not like you, coz we know we are better & we keep it to ourselves, not arrogantly showing off like you people..

    Next time before arrogantly shouting Melayu bodoh, Perkasa bodoh, UMNO bodoh, anything Melayu things bodoh2 et. al., better use whatever grey matter left inside you pighead cavity and think twice.. Life is so cruel, isn't it? ..poor thing..

    We are the host..of course we know our home better than you pendatang..and result proven...crybaby pathetic looser!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  150. Anonymous7:12 pm


    Can you read? When did I say segregation base on race is not racist? And pray tell which part I did the twist and turn?

  151. Anonymous4:54 pm

    ^ ala rhan, ni pulak orang fail english. takkan harap mereka paham.

    "What is the because...?" ha ha ha!

  152. It seems like we are politicizing everything nowadays. I think it's only natural for the Malays, the Chinese, etc. to protect their own interests. I don't believe championing the interest of your race automatically mean that you are a racist.

    On the other hand, it's a thin line to thread between being a champion versus being an out-and-out racist. Which group does YB Ibrahim Ali & Co. fall under? Only time will tell. At the moment, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Due to them being politicians, unfortunately, I'm not holding out any hope though.

  153. Anonymous1:27 am

    hey nodurian

    care to share your intellectual take on Suqiu, Dong Zong and Hindraf leanings eh

    are they chamiopns of justice? do you have any hope for these 3 bodies

    let's have your learned opinion