Monday, December 28, 2009

Sleeping together now

Kalimullah and RPK? Kali the source of moolah for Raja Petra Kamaruddin to operate comfortably from a Bayswater apartment (pic, source Utusan/the Star*) London? I've heard whispers but didn't think that someone would blog about it. Stuff for fiction, mate.

But I'm humbly reminded that stranger stuff have been written in blogs and statutory declarations in Malaysia - eg Rosmah Mansor supervising the killing of Altantuya. Sometimes it's NOT about whether a claim is true or not, or whether or not anyone would believe that claim. It's about casting one aspersion after another to destroy someone's name.

Find out how much Kali would have to fork to in Big Dog's Dec 26 posting "Who is paying RPK's bills in London?" h e r e. If the rumor is true, that is.

Among Malaysian socio-political bloggers, Big Dog and RPK were known to be very close to each other as "insiders" in Dr Mahathir camp at a time when Kalimullah was busy using the media he controlled to demonize the former PM. Big Dog and RPK were united by a common desire to bring down the government of Pak Lah but after the March 08 general election, when RPK made it clear he was supporting Anwar Ibrahim and not Najib Razak as the next PM, the two friends drifted apart.

I don't know if Big Dog knows Kalimullah personally but I know that there's a sudden spike in blogosphere interest in the former NSTP boss. Jebat Must Die, in his Dec 26 posting "Malaysian Insider playing the fiddle" h e r e, attributed the latest attempt by "the Opposition-aligned Malaysian Insider" to Kalimullah.

More on the subject over the Xmas weekend:
The Unspinners' "Mystery: Siapa sponsor Raja Petra?" here
Malaysian Instinct's "Rumour has it Kalimullah may be one of those funding RPK's stay in London" here

*Pic/article by the Star here and Utusan here on Dec 27


  1. Since Pak Lah left office, Kali has been out of the radar almost competely but to surface with this story about being sugar daddy of RPK (of the lari kerana benar shame) Wow this would be a huge surprise. I hope its not true.

    Maybe Kali should defend himself from this accusations, call up a press conference or something to clear his name. To keep quiet at this juncture would do Kali's reputation more harm than good.

    Pakatan say what? No, no please no RCI on this matter, RPK is just a rumor monger/liar extraordinaire who cowardly runs away from the arms of the Law, no need to honour him so much.

  2. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    As a normal reader, this is too complicated for me to understand. But one thing for sure, journalism has never been "neutral". Journalist are supposed to be unbias, and the readers to deduce the conclusion themselves...All these stories just go to say how much bloggers, writers, journalist etc are just humans, and most have their own motives...


  3. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Both idiots. Idiots can live & eats together. They are coward no balls to stay afloat in M'sia. Dare for them to come back.


  4. Anonymous5:14 pm

    People do not know who is working for who. Take it for sure a fact that Pakatan Rakyat (meaning Anwar's Parti Keadilan) is fully penetrated by spys. Knowing it or not Raja Petra had a role in the Anwar Ibrahim latest Saiful sodomy case. Anwar and Raja Petra's common friend DAP Bala from Bangsar provided information on Anwar and Saiful always together. Wan Azizah should know this because Bala is close to her. Remember if you see an Indian and a snake, Indian more dangerous.

    Remember Raja Petra spent four days in Sungai Buloh prison and he is hunger strike there? Not true. He was exchanging information - higher than SB. No hunger strike. He also receive instruction inside jail. Raja Petra is bankrap. This is how he make money - by writing big stories and charge people money.

    The amount said by BigDog is small. It cost more RM500,000 for Raja Petra and wife and family to stay in London. How can a bankrap have so much money to pay? The M2Today website also cost RM35,000 a month, RM420,000 a year. Where all these money come from?

    Kalimullah maybe sponsor - but Raja Petra working for bigger Boss. Much bigger Boss. The Big Boss dont show his face. Everyone sucked in - Kalimullah, Anwar, Raja Petra, Rosmah, Najib, all sucked in.

    Now Raja Petra family pay the price. He ask big money sure there is big risk.

  5. Watchdog5:25 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    You wrote:-

    Malaysian Instinct's "Rumour has it Kalimullah may be one of those funding RPK's stay in London" here

    I think the piece was originally written by BigDog here

    I came across few complains by bloggers that Malaysia Instinct just "songlap" other people articles and republished them at Malaysia's Instinct news website WITHOUT giving or linking proper credit to the original article writer.

    This is unethical.

  6. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Kalimullah using the old adage -'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

    But he forgot that his enemy is not really Najib. It is himself. Kalimullah is the enemy of the rakyat.

    Anon 5:19

  7. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Si pondan-pondan tua (Kali & RPK) tak habis habis nak porak perandakan Malaysia.

    No value add at all depa dua orang ni. Nak lawan berdepan takut.. lawan blakang blakang stail anwar saja.

    Lepas tu bising bila org kutuk depa. Kecut perut, lari keluar negara. Perangai mengalahkan bohsia.

  8. mazlan6:46 pm

    Firstly decide where he is? Is it Melbourne, Sydney, Bangkok, and now London? Secondly is it Santa Claus or the Fairy Godmother paying for his exile?
    I take it Rocky is now going on the magical mystery tour as well?
    Maybe RPK used the RMAF to escape since they seem to know how to move large objects to the other side of the world without being caught.

  9. Politics may make strange bedfellows. But, I don't think Kali is willing to indulge in that kind of "burn money" for anyone.

    Since every dog and his barking uncle is speculating about it, my guess is that Queen E is underwriting RPK's "burn moola"!!

    Oooh, it hurts so good don't it, when the stakes are so high? Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  10. Anonymous8:01 pm

    I believe in RPK. I look forward to sponsoring him. All RPK's & PR supporters should do so.


  11. Jenggg X39:04 pm


    ka ka kah... ni Raja Petra memang macam Dunhill... ka ka kah...

    "London, Paris, New York"

    di sini sana
    di sana sini
    gerombolan keliru mana dia pegi... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... nampaknya Raja Petra masih banyak Mystique... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... lepas setahun masih tak dapat di-'Unravel' ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... menghantui gerombolan, bik mama dan isteri, macam Hantu Krismas Carol... ka ka kah...

    woit, apasal Anjing Besaq tuduh Raja Petra 'compulsive liar'?

    woit, mana bukti Mujahid Rawa tuduh orang songlap RM60,000?

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    cakap bohong lame2 mencuri... ka ka kah...

  12. Anonymous10:27 pm

    I have said before and I will say it again. RPK is with Ayah Pin happily smoking cigar in the Sky Kindom.


  13. Anonymous10:40 pm

    If I can, I will sponsor RPK too!

    Long live RPK!

    By the way, the Utusan piece is wrong. Trinity Court is not in Gloucester Bayswater!! There is no such place. Gloucester is in Gloucestershire, not in London.

    Man Alive

  14. Anonymous12:49 am

    No wonder Australia labeled Malaysia a 'Transit Point' for human smuggling.

    How can a bankrupt get a passport, and live like a duke in London. He even has a chauffeur with a Rolls Royce to take him away from ball chains!

    Surely it must be one of the 7 wonders of the world.


  15. Wat the cock are u writting????????

    Abu sayab.

  16. Bro,
    so confirmla MI is under Kalimuthu.That's y it is so stinky and so damned scared when Tun M want to drag Pak Lah also for RCI to investigate his 5 yrs administration with big money loses. MI is Kalimuthu n KJ mouthpiece which supported the Opposition and racism. I think is abt time now Najib should know abt this.

  17. Charles F Moreira6:51 am


    This makes me laugh at the naive idea among some that bloggers were somehow a united force against the BN which caused it to lose its two-thirds majority in the 2008 general elections.

    Heck! If you guys were trully united, no blogger would attack another blogger on a matter of principle - much like a lawyer's professional ethics forbid him or her to critise another lawyer's work. Ditto for doctors.

    What your post shows is that bloggers aren't a united lot but are in fact a fragmented lot, moving in opposing directions, despite the Bloggers Alliance and that high-profile campaign earlier to show unity amongs bloggers at the time of the lawsuit against you and Jeff Ooi by the NST.

    Never mind who's paying for RPK's upkeep. Who paid for the rent and upkeep of Blog House located in an exclusive neighbourhood in Damansara Heights?

    The National Union of Journalists owns a humble, rather delapidated shoplot in Brickfields, supported by members' dues and other income sources and members eat in the humble mamak coffee shop downstairs.

    While I don't trust much of what I read in the mainstream media, I certainly won't take bloggers seriously either.

  18. Anonymous9:21 am

    as RPK says........

    " I FEEL GOOD "

    people like u, big dog, jebat, unspinner etc.......

    u motherfucker get a life or go fuck urself.

    ha! ha! ha!

  19. Anonymous9:26 am





  20. Anonymous9:34 am

    "MACC wants PI Bala to write formally"


    kah! kah! kah!

  21. Anonymous9:38 am

    LOST of Jet engines..... " we leave on stone unturned "......... najib


  22. mustang10:09 am


    kalimulah is *** of S********.
    you know this. very talked about over teh tarik and serious discussions.

    kalimulah should be punished for causing the ruination of NSTP, lest we forget..
    being part of the team that ruined Abdullah's reputation, BN and the country.

    How big a sin is that?

    I am not at all surprised if he is what they say he is doing right now with RPK.

    Kalimulah, using the NST, worked to cut Dr mahathir to a size smaller than pak lah. Didn't quite actually work but that was real damage.
    He could not have done it without the NST.

    Kalimulah appointed dingbats and clowns when he was chief machai. but, well, we know how kalimulah works. He needs machais. And he got them.

    ROCKY... let's hope some people can get proof of all these allegations.

    and RPK -- so much for bravery and bravado.
    running away, scared shit ebcos he doesn't have proof of his allegations.

    takut? ya! TAKUT!

  23. Anonymous10:22 am

    Hey Rocky:

    I ran into RPK at Hong Kong Disneyland. He's taking a part time job donning the Minnie Mouse costume. He's waiting for the IGP to show up in the Mickey Mouse outfit.


  24. Anonymous10:54 am


    ka ka kah... ni Raja Petra memang macam Biskut... ka ka kah...

    "Keja ada, kejap tak de"

    di sini sana
    di sana sini
    gerombolan keliru mana dia pegi... ka ka kah...


    si penjual bontot saifool kan ada....

    ramai yang puas...kakakakaka

    ka ka kah... nampaknya Najibul Mongolia masih banyak taik... ka ka kah...

    sebab lubang taik adalah permainan kegemaran mereka...kah...kah...kah...

    ka ka kah... lepas setahun masih tak dapat bukti ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... menghantui gerombolan, bik mama dan isteri, macam Hantu Pocong jamban... ka ka kah...

    woit, ini Anjing Besaq kasi makan tulang besar..baru kenyang...kah...kah...kah..

    siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
    cakap bohong lame2 mencuri... ka ka kah...

  25. Tak paham camane korang boleh agungkan Si Raja Petra ni?

    Dia nia pecacai Anwar Ibrahim je?

    Mamat ni mana ada maruah?

    Mula-mula konon A Royal Who Loves The Rakyat... then bila kena maki dengan Tuanku terus mengaku non-Royalist.

    Orang bodoh dengan penuh hasad dengki je yang puja siKitol ni.

    He is a bloody bastard with no balls.


    Shield behind his wife panties; he created many drama scenes exactly like his 16 September Prime Minister boss

    Dua-dua tak de telur....pelacur upahan.

  26. Anonymous12:17 pm

    I wouldnt waste a single pixel on this duo for whatever its worth. One, a vengeful goddess with tons of moolah to expend wrecking vengeance on those who scuppered his grandiose dreams of forever helming a media organisation and calling the shots with the assistance of a "low caste" plagiarist and sundry washedup and fuckedup journos in tow.
    The other vermin, nothing more pithy than a cigar chomping, publicity addicted pot bellied commando wannabe of a baldie who spends his life scribbling scurrilious rants to satiate his paymasters while his offspring wander the alleys of existance as street urchins stuck in a skid row forever hounded by Mr.Law and Order.

    Failed journos and failed fathers make a cowardly pair with one common trait binding them together like a pair of Siamese twin ogres: the devil driven ability to run down others with calumny.Ah..i have wasted quite a many pixels already......

    I am not in the least surprised if such a liaision exists, for havent I, on numerous occasions, intimated here that a certain comatose Sleepwalker and his Silhoutte were nothing more than treachorous parasites gorging and bloating themselves fat on the corpse of this country - a once healthy body rendered a corpse by the misdeeds of both in favour of an arsewhore and for their own gains- and acolytes like the Goddess were just arseworms who have pawned their souls to do their bidding for a penny farthing. There are more in there - a foulmouthed, uncouth Mulutmurai of a Samurai from Upper Perak, an ex-running dog regained his fangs loitering the cococnut plantations of Bagan Datoh and Silhoutte himself- amongst them. They are the Trojans in the ramparts who are doing the bidding of the arsewhore, hollowing out the core from within whilst Big Chief blithely ignores the impending threat with his Chingkie wooing antics and his queer brand of voodonomics. Arsewhore and his arseworms and clitleeches, for their part have been soliciting and receiving support from beyond the Tebrau to accomplish their goals.

    Warrior 231

  27. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Part 2

    2.The above brings me to this joke, one I missed during my sojourn to the 4 corners of Mother Earth. Looks like someone was soooooo frostbitten by the chilly winds that he had to resort to suing the messenger for opening his cumswamped and arrackaddled brains to the touch of reality. And after nonchalantly averring this :

    Bagi saya, kalau PKR, PAS atau DAP yang mendakwa saya ini satu watak kartun dan seorang pengacau, maka saya perlu meneliti tuduhan tersebut. Tetapi kalau setakat penulis upahan UMNO yang membuat tuduhan, saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak. Lagi pun tak berapa syok nak melayan budak-budak upahan, terutamanya yang hati mereka dah terlalu busuk.

    he hums a different ditty!!

    So why the suit, equivocating fiend? especially after averering that you could sleep soundly amidst the cacophony of allegations and more so, especially after you had no time for hired kids with "blackened" souls.(+ you would have been more "teliti" if same allegations had come from within your godforsaken, evil compact)

    OIC... written by a lawyer..after all. That explains the sudden change in stance for the blood that courses in the veins can never be separated from the lies that mingle in its platelets.

    3. Which brings me to you, Bru. The reason you are the Best is because you report the facts as they are, no matter how bitter they may be to certain Donkeys, Dildoing Pundeks Pariahs (DPPs) , latterday selfproclaimed Parameswaras and constipated farty faggots etc. You write as you see fit and no one has any right to dictate as to what you should blog. Why is that so? Cos, you are Melayu berMARUAH and only MAFUCKING BASTARDS with NO MARUAH like the scum I have mentioned above and in (1) and (2) would have the temerity AND the idiocy to criticise you for what you do best.

    Happy Masehi New Year and May the new decade witnes the obliteration of needlesome imbecile scum from this beloved Tanah Melayu.

    P/S: Lest someone flies into a rage....

    GLOSSARY: PARIAH: a social outcast

    definition used here has nothing to do whatsoever with prevailing social caste systems prevalent amongst certain backward communities.

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous1:06 pm

    why waste time and energy on hush2 story my friend.. 1MALAYSIA got bigger and better thing to do laaa...

  29. both pakatan junkers be brave like Tun mahathir...dont hide ur head inside the sand, i mean ur top head, ppl. Still can see ur 'punggung'

  30. nstman5:27 pm

    Malaysians should rally round RPK in his hour of need. We owe it all to this iconic patriot who has sacrificed himself in the struggle against lies, treachery, idiocy, cronyism, bigotry, racism, so endemic in the Barisan government led by the most corrupt party east of Suez, Umno. RPK has been described as a polarising figure but as far as right-thinking Malaysians are concerned, he is a totemic tower of strength to the victims of injustice and lies. Of course, to racists and bigots, he is the enemy. If Kali wants to help RPK, then we welcome his generosity. To the liars and Umno bloggers who take every opportunity to denigrate Kali and RPK, I have one simple message for you: What goes around comes around ... and the chickens will come home to roost. Long live RPK. Long live our new convert Kali. Long live Zorro.

  31. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Loved it if someone could come out with biography of RPK...

    Qualification, career dan semua... from here people will be able to judge..

    self made man, berangan made man or "atas angin dibawa angin made man".. hehe

    No wonder this one Indian fella was fighting for "no race" reflected in our birthcert etc..

    So many of them will turn be able to become "instant RAJA" and will be able to go round behaving to be someone like RPK!!

    Raja Gopal, Raja Nanda, Raja Subra, Raja Mano...and the wives.. Mrs Raja!


  32. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Rocky, with the big pay cheque you are now getting for Pro-UMNO very soon you can also afford the same apartment.

  33. Anonymous7:10 pm

    "Kalimullah maybe sponsor - but Raja Petra working for bigger Boss. Much bigger Boss. The Big Boss dont show his face. Everyone sucked in - Kalimullah, Anwar, Raja Petra, Rosmah, Najib, all sucked in."

    I also believe that this is the case,for sure RPK has friends in high places and if the truth did ever surface I am sure a lot of Malaysians are going to surprised.
    Can't help but notice that stories such as this one are being used as a tool to deflect the Jet Engine issue which to my mind, is far more important.

  34. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Yeah lah. RPK is like the rain in the weather forecast. Hujan di sana sini. But like all weather forecast, it rarely happens.

  35. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    I am willing to sponsor RPK and his family RM1000.00 every month because he is truly the hero of all Malaysians who want a "BETTER MALAYSIA".
    As for you Rocky, lima sen is too much for me to give away.

  36. Anonymous9:17 pm

    hey rocky u punya tiger just became a pussy,lies n more lies.

  37. Anonymous8:20 am


    NIK AZIZ DESAK UMNO KELUAR BN – harakah daily

    Mursyidul Am PAS Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat kelmarin meminta Umno keluar dari BN dan bersama-sama PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat sekiranya jujur dan benar-benar mahu memperjuangkan hak rakyat.

    Beliau yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan berkata demikian sebagai mengulas aksi sekumpulan pemuda mendesak PAS Selangor supaya keluar dari Pakatan Rakyat negeri Ahad lalu.

    Jelasnya, mereka yang terbabit dipercayai sebagai ahli atau penyokong Umno.

    "Kalau Umno boleh minta PAS keluar daripada Pakatan (Rakyat), maka saya minta daripada Umno (supaya) keluar dari BN untuk bersama dengan PAS," jelas Nik Aziz seperti yang dilaporkan suatu akhbar tempatan.

    Beliau berkta, teknik menjadi dalang mengganggu PAS tersebut merupakan amalan kebiasaan Umno sejak PAS mula memerintah Kelantan dua dekad lalu lagi.

    "Sebenarnya orang PAS ini dah masak dah (menjadi dalang Umno)...sejak tahun 1991 lagi, macam-macam perkara dibuat."

  38. kalimullah -- he who should not be mentioned!

    this guy's trouble.

  39. Anonymous10:42 am

    eddy 4:53 PM

    You are presuming Kali has a reputation.

    Ask Tun Dr Mahathir. The Tun has loads to tell about Kali. What reputation Kali might have had had gone south (the pun intended).

    He didn't even give TDM space in NST during Tun Dol's time. It led to TDM blogging. And so many others followed suit. Such that bloggers helped get rid of flip-flopping and sleepy-on-the job Tun Dol. And Kali eased out of his job.

  40. Anonymous11:45 am



    Saya fikir saudara ni banyak syok sendiri, bangga diri, masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

    SAUDARA sebenarnya tidak layak jadi MANUSIA, tiada ilmu, tiada modal insan dan ihsan yang tinggi, tiada roh taqwa, roh islam di dada.

    TAHUKAH.. Pemimpin UMNO juga yang bersikap apologetik kpd MCA,Gerakan,PPP dll sebenarnya kerana mereka ini semuanya laksana lembu yang dicucuk hidung, boleh ditarik kesana kemari. MCA,Gerakan bersama kroni bisness Cina yang besar telah cucuk hidung pemimpin UMNO hari ini, tu sebab tak da siapa dalam pemimpin UMNO yang berani hentam MCA,Gerakan.

    UMNO Penang nak jadi pengerusi BN, Najib arah tutup mulut, walaupun alasan UMNO Penang amat berasas.

    Mana ada pemimpin UMNO yang berani sentuh Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina?? Masa Mahathir cadang sekolah Wawasan, semua pemimpin Cina baik dari BN atau pembangkang bangun lawan, mana ada pemimpin UMNO berteriak lawan? Macammana nak lawan kalau dah dicucuk hidung oleh taukeh2 besar Cina!!!

    Saudara ni berada bawah tempurung, tak nampak dunia politik sebenar!

    Balik-balik cakap PASAL KHIANAT,LIWAT,..




    Janganlah ambil BONTOT SAIFOOL sebagai MODAL!!!

  41. Anonymous11:47 am

    Apa yang saya faham...Islam tidak membezakan penganutnya walaupun berlainan bangsa. Jadi PAS memang tak nampak racistnya. Cuma UMNO ni la masalahnya. Bila dah terancam....teringatkan bangsa, mengingatkan bangsa tentang nasib masa depan. Tapi bila senang lenang, terlentang kekenyangan harta!LUPA BANGSA....LUPA NEGARA!!!!

  42. Anonymous11:52 am

    Batu , yg kau suka jaga tepi kain org apa hal..kau baik sgt ke..apa dia nak buat biak p la..cermin diri dulu..

  43. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Program Juara Rakyat itu adalah untuk memutarbelitkan kes rasuah yang melibatkan BN, kes kehilangan jet, kes pembunuhan Teoh Beng Hock, kes Lingam, untuk mengelirukan rakyat supaya sentiasa menyokong BN.

  44. Maybe he is staying behind Rockys house and being sponsored by TDM himself?
    The realms of fantasy are amazing on this story.
    I am just waiting for someone to cart off one of the Twin Towers to Argentina. The Police won't discover its missing til 2011.........

  45. Charles F. Moreira,

    Blogs were united semasa Pak Lah was PM. Yep, you wonder why Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the unifying factor? Tu lah sejarah. Masa tu, RPK was "working" for Tun Dr Mahathir (it wasn't Dr M who was paying him though. I can reveal who did but what purpose would that serve now?). RPK and his dear wife Marina were at the Perdana Leadership Foundation all the time. Just before the general election, RPK rejoined Anwar Ibrahim but we (bloggers) remained united because we had a common "enemy', the unifying factor.

    As for Blog House in Damansara Heights, it is NO MORE. Haris Ibrahim has taken over the place now and turned it into the headquarters of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia movement. We had the place for two years but when I wanted to renew the lease, the landlord rejected my application. I did wonder if the landlord was nervous because we represented bloggers but I was told later the landlord would rather rent it to people who can pay their rent in time. We didn't have a sugar daddy, so kadang2 bayar sewa lambat ...


  46. Nik(1:36pm), hang kalau nak guna metaphor untuk menyindir tak payah lah guna Twin Towers tu, cerucuk-cerucuk(piling) untuk bina Twin Tower tu sahja dah sampai 60m - 115m dalam bumi tau, maknanya susah lah kalau nak di bawa pergi ke Argentina kamu itu tak kira lah pada waktu siang atau malam.

    Kalau nak tahu beb, orang Malaysia macam kamu juga, tak kira Polis ke, atau TUDM ke tak lah sebodoh atau secuai yang macam kamu nak sindir tu.

  47. alexander6:47 pm


    you must be bloody joking.

    sure, RPK gave us a lot of entertaining read.

    some interesting articles too.

    but making wild accusations?

    and running away?


  48. cerita makin menarik... boleh disirikan ..


  49. Anonymous2:30 pm

    1. RPK, like RB, don’t write anonymously using nick like pahlawan or lima enam empat.

    2. RPK, like RB, use simple language and straight to the point.

    3. RPK, like RB, state their position clearly who and what they support and advocate, not act like one bitch who are not here nor there.

    4. RPK, like RB, don’t write in derogatory and insulting way but still able to convey their message across, unlike you know who that make use of hate speech and profanity with some googling fact anticipating readers would kiss his arse.

    Tak sedar diri.

  50. skilgannon10666:02 pm

    Warrior XXX

    Please elaborate: who are the "paymasters" and the mysterious parties "south of the Tebrau"? And who, pray tell, is the "Big Chief"?

    Don't be shy, lah - name names! Or are you another "timorous wee beastie" who is brave in allusions, but restrained in specifics?

    Happy New Year!

  51. Charles F. Moreira6:18 am

    Rocky Bru

    You wrote:-

    "Blogs were united semasa Pak Lah was PM. Yep, you wonder why Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the unifying factor? Tu lah sejarah. Masa tu, RPK was "working" for Tun Dr Mahathir (it wasn't Dr M who was paying him though. I can reveal who did but what purpose would that serve now?). RPK and his dear wife Marina were at the Perdana Leadership Foundation all the time. Just before the general election, RPK rejoined Anwar Ibrahim but we (bloggers) remained united because we had a common "enemy', the unifying factor."

    Thanks for the explanation.

    That knocks on the head the popular impression that bloggers are somehow the force which will help dethrone the BN in the next general election - or even helped cause the BN a setback on 8 March, 2008.

    What you wrote above reveals a rather sordid world of changing loyalties and alignments among bloggers and apart from alignment with Anwar Ibrahim by RPK, this shows an even bigger degree of dissention among factions within UMNO expressed through bloggers or websites aligned with one or another faction.

    Thus with such antagonistic forces within the Malaysian blogosphere, it's pretty clear that bloggers do not speak with a unified voice anymore nor have a unified influence or effect on the population.

    Moreover, with yourself, BigDog and many more Malay language bloggers on the side of the BN, it certainly looks like the presence of even more bloggers as Internet access becomes available to even more citizens, especially in the rural areas, will result in fragmentation of readership who gravitate to different blogs which say what they want to hear.

    This will be like the UK in the 1970s, where there was a newspaper which addressed some segment of readers but otherwise they together little affected the outcome of the general elections, since each was preaching to their particular segment of the converted.

    I can already see that from the postings and comments on Rocky Bru and Big Dog.

    At the end of the day, my long held assertion that the blogosphere is no different from coffee shop politics and the rumour mill of yore or soapbox orators in London's Hyde Park, albeit now with a high-tech flavour.

    Remember my question in 2007 to David Sasaki of Global Voices Online as to what real affect all those blogs, websites and newspaper against the Iraq War, the TRUTH about who was responsible for the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers on 11 Sept., 2001 and so on actually had on political outcomes in the real world.

    I wasn't very popular for that I'm sure but then again, one of the tactics of oppression is to let the dog bark as loudly as it wants as long as it does not bite and to basically ignore its barking.

    Well over two years later the U.S. has Barack Obama in the driver's seat and he's leading the U.S. head on into further war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and probbaly Iran, while he also approved the bailouts of the banks and financial institutions against popular opinion of those who voted for him.

    That's "democracy" - ie. the people put an X on the ballot paper once every four or five years to elect their representatives who then do what they want, even if it goes against the wishes of those who voted for them.

    Also thanks for the explanation about Blog House. Apologies if I had not understood the issue earlier.

    Happy New Year, though Karl Schwartz thinks it will be a worse year than 2009.

  52. Anonymous2:23 am

    Anonymous 8:26 PM said...

    Dear Rocky,
    ....I am willing to sponsor RPK and his family RM1000.00 every month ....

    Well for a start, buy RPK's son a BMW motorbike, at least that will help stop his crave of stealing other people's vehicles...



  53. Anonymous12:31 pm

    You think it's so complicated?
    let me break it down for you.
    If Raja Petra was really residing in Trinity Court: IT IS A COINCIDENCE.

    This is unacceptable behaviour and you have used it to represent Malays.

    Malays have a reputation tainted by people like you.
    This is mere fitnah.
    You have no evidence against Kali.

    All the evidence you have is that he owns a place in Trinity Court.

    You are embarrassing the nation.

    And i'm ashamed to see so many people to actually buy your shit.

    God have mercy on your souls.

    Just know that your actions have consequences.
    And that there is a God.
    A fair God that will bring justice to light.