Tuesday, November 03, 2009

We are not maid murderers

But we keep making the wrong headlines in the world press.
The murder of 36-year old Mautik Hani, from Surabaya, has placed us once again in the bad light. All of us. Only some of us abuse our maids, torture them, and kill them. But as a nation, all of us don't deserve to have maids in our homes.

Read the AFP story headlined Malaysian man faces death penalty for Indonesian maid murder here.


  1. If we tend to treat someone inappropriately, just let him/her free. We don't even own our soul so why should we think we could own others'?


  2. Anonymous1:42 am

    Hang the keling bastards!
    the sooner the better.

  3. Appropriate Sentence. One worry though, the hindraf fellas might take the death sentence as genocide and will run to mat salleh to seek protection.

  4. Anonymous5:50 am

    Heck, what kind of people these pundek animals are!! Basta**s!!

    Why aren't the wife and the mother be charged too? Wah, the gomen kesian ke on them? What about the maid's family, her husband and especially her childrens' loss? Can they make the maid wake up and play with her children again?

    Come on la gomen, be fair and square...an eye for an eye...this is the only way M'sia will be respected again. Don't be their apologists la.

    Also, please please let it be known also that these pundeks are INDIAN Malaysians. They and the CHINKIE Malaysians are the BIG TORTURERS OF Maids. Buat malu only you skunks!!! This is also the result of the SJKT education where MIC is championing so much. Same same with those from SJKC, sama stupid mentality. Torturers!!

  5. But sadly our Indonesian friends don't think it that way. The wrong doings of some idiots are tarnishing the good name of a whole nation after all.

  6. They should cite not only the one who murdered. They should also charge all the other adults and child in the house who prompted, promoted, issued and consented to the abuse. They should also charge all those who did nothing to stop the abuse. Doing nothing is as good as actually driving the knife in. I want to see this guy's wife and mother charged too for Murder 1!

  7. Yang dok pecah rumah kita & some got stabbed . And that doesn't count!

  8. Anonymous8:20 am

    Ini memang dari puak2 Pakatan Rakyat. Memang jenis samseng! Sebelum ini pun siapa yang dera? Yim Pek Ha. Dia ni ahli DAP. Skrg ni A Murugan. Mungkin ahli parti DAP atau PKR gak ni. Tak caya cuba siasat.


  9. Anonymous8:25 am

    Fakta orang jahat yang mendera:

    Yim Pek Ha
    A Murugan

    Apa persamaan mereka ini, donplaypuks?


  10. Anonymous8:41 am

    Cina babi saja yang dok hina dan seksa orang gaji. Sekarang Malaysia dapat nama buruk.

    Sial punya komunis!

  11. Anonymous8:43 am

    This stooopid Indian mencemarkan nama baik Malaysia! How come perangai mereka macam ni? Some kind of brain retarded? No wonder!


  12. Anonymous8:49 am

    Itulah faktanya Bro Rocky! Kita nafi tapi kes tetap ada. Dan faktanya kes dera maid dan bunuh maid ni hanya datang dari kaum Cina dan India. Itu fakta. Tiada siapa boleh sangkal. Untuk sangkal fakta itu kenalah buktikan bahawa tidak akan ada lagi kes seperti ini yang mencemarkan nama baik Malaysia.


  13. Anonymous8:53 am

    I hope Asia Sentinel will put a positive spin on this story or else they would have to give way to AFP for the nomination for the world best murder reporting.


  14. Bro, I think this case can be reduced if the Indon Maid (Muslim) is only allowed to work in the Malay or Muslim house. If they work in non-Muslim house, their life at a more higher risk compare to Malay becoz first less language barrier, second in halal environment and third same ethnicity. I am not saying all Malay Muslim are good but it will be majority. The most suitable maid for chinese is from china and Indian is from India or Sri Langka.

  15. Anonymous10:17 am

    What do you mean, 'As a nation we dont deserve to have maids in opur home"? Speak for your self bro!

  16. Anonymous1:57 pm

    The people are calling for full scale investigation on Kugan and TBH. Our veteran warriors need justice too! Let's see if Gobind and his DAP colleagues are willing to support our true warriors. Let's exposed who are these ex-commies, their collabrators and symphatisers!

    Justice For Public

  17. big cat3:38 pm

    lately, the racists (from all sides) in this country seems to be coming out of their closet. some unashamedly being forthright about who they are. some hide behind the liberal tags by accusing others of racism to actually promote their own racist agenda. i just hope that there are enough decent malaysians to overwhelm these people. as for the maid issue (considering that a lot of malaysians are turning out to be racists), i have to agree with jonathan - preferably, maids for malay families should be indonesians, chinese nationals for chinese families and indian nationals for indian families. Those who can afford it may hire the more well-trained and expensive Filipino maids. Ever heard of Filipino maids being abused?

  18. skilgannon10663:41 pm

    Anon 5:50 AM

    For the record, let it be pointed out that a number of Singaporean Malays have been convicted and jailed in Singapore for abusing their Indonesian domestic helpers.

    Yet we have not seen any adverse reactions from Indonesians vis-a-vis Singapore.

    Are we saying that Singaporean Malays are a class apart from their Malay-Muslim brethren in Malaysia? And that the Indonesians understand this?

    Its funny the tangles you get into when you bring in the race angle into a case of abuse and torture, and, maybe, culpable homicide.

  19. Bunnies4:45 pm

    Plenty of bad employers stories la.. there are also plenty of bad maids stories la.. so how?

    And, it is not about race la.. not about keling or indians or chinese or ching chongs.. it is about being human la! Such racist people in here!

  20. they can't get their hands on malays, so they just godam indonesian maids to pulp.

    looks like malays, speak same language, and muslim.good candidate to vents their unjustified anger and frustration.
    damaged product of SJKC/T...what to do?look at this.beyond redemption.hahaha.SJKC totoks.buang dalam laut je.but I can sensed this in their words:"malaysia is a multi-national state, we want to remain chinaman,don't want to be malaysian, we want out right to torture our maids,they looks like malays,we hate malays,so we beat them to pulp."

    SJKC and SJKT, the mother of all racist and bigot, mass production line of torturers, a country inside our country, abominations,brains retardant,extinguisher of national unity.


  21. Bumiputera4:46 pm

    Bro, saya bersetuju dengan cadangan Jonathan supaya kerajaan membuat peraturan baru yang hanya warga Melayu sahaja dibenarkan mengambil pembantu rumah Indonesia. Warga yang lain dibenarkan mengambil pembantu rumah dari lain lain negara. Ini untuk mengelakkan Malaysia selalu dituduh oleh Indonesia yang kita mendera pembantu rumah warga Indonesia walhal perbuatan itu selalunya dilakukan oleh rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina dan India.

  22. F-U is Fed-Up4:54 pm

    Jonathan's suggestion is worth considering. Muslim maids for Muslim families only. We cannot afford to have more Yim Pek Has and A. Murugans torturing and killing Muslims from our neighbour. As Muslims, it is WAJIB for us to protect our fellow Muslims.

    I am not saying that all non-Muslims are cruel toward their Muslim maids, but let us not take any more risks.

    Thank you Jonathan for the excellent idea.

    Mr Rocky please let the relevant authorities know of this.

  23. Anonymous5:10 pm

    we are natural learners. Blame it on 1Malaysia, 1MACC, IMurderers....

  24. Anonymous5:52 pm

    I think this is one place where the phrase "We are all of one race: the human race" of the Instigatore Pundek is most appropriately and most loudly should be trumpeted: namely, when one particular race is physically and abhorrently abused by another, then it would be made to appear to the world that we are "all of one race, one bangsa, one nation" and therefore hoping to dilute the ethnic origins of these abusers.

    It is cases like these when all the pundeks and the chindeks would like to portray to the world that these abuses are done "by Malaysians" rather than people of a certain ethnic group: as though saying that we are sharing the burden-crimes of these ungrateful animals equally.

    But when it comes to One School system, nooooooo... we are all different races. When it comes to public advertisements in billboards no .... we are targeting only a certain ethnicity, so if you can't read mandarin, too bad. When we want to advertise job openings, noooo ... we require only those who can speak Hokkien.

    Rise up, my people. We the Tuan Tanahs cannot afford to take these abuses anymore.


  25. Anonymous7:09 pm


    Right on the spot. I agree 100%

  26. Unfortunately and sadly some comments here have taken a racist tone. A murderer or a killer or a rapist is just that. The racists here are no different from this vile killer!!

  27. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Boss2 kafir bencikan orang2 melayu, agaknya to them this indon maids are somewhat 1/2 malay. Apa lagi bila lagi nak meneyeh. Orang2 indon ni pulak bila dah dapat boss melayu di buat seperti keluarga, dia pula nak tokchang. Bila dengan bos melayu maid indon duduk senang-lenang, dia pula bos. Dengan binatang pon tidak boleh diperlakukan sedemikian rupa, ini kan manusia. Pathetic!
    Harapkan polis jalankan tugas dengan sebaiknya, jangan pula si hindraf2 pula menjerit2 nanti racism pula.

  28. Anonymous7:46 pm

    This guy should get like the sudan man that killed that 3 year old girl. Yeahh,, don't let the wife go, she is in it too. Ini semua nanti buat cerita welfare.
    Orang macam ni tak layak berjalan diatas bumi ini.

  29. Ronnie Lui7:53 pm

    Ever wonder who are the culprits that evade the immigration authorities the United Kingdom. About 30000 of them. Cina Pukimak nilah. Tak pasal-pasal orang lain nak pegi holiday dah susah. Nak kena buat visa pulak. Wasting time and money.

    Pukimak betullah, menyusahkan orang.

  30. font futura8:57 pm

    indeed OF... I do strongly agree.

    as the self-proclaimed 'Tuan Tanahs' all fall over each other to condemn other Malaysians in-toto for this atrocity, they forget about inconvenient lil' facts such as this appearing just above the death of Mautik Hani in the star on the same page...

    but noooo. no such equivalance of racist generalization from these rabid accusers: about Meleis being a bunch of babykillers, daughter rapers, purse grabbers, syabu eaters, et cetera et cetera

    and coming to relations betwix Kuala Lumpur and D'jarkata these people are no angels either whenever the TKI or Wisata Indonesia is on the receiving end of Malaysian arrogance and patronism.

    Witness the assault of the Indonesian coach by the predominantly Melei police force, the rape of an Indonesian girl by the predominantly Melei RELA.

    Oh, for not even the diplomats and their families are spared from the *ah, you guessed it* predominantly Melei RELA!

    We could go on and on, for there are many such atrocities being committed as we speak. Of Indonesians in our lockups, some guilty, but also some just there because some Melei policeman must have a poor chap to please his Melei superior. Bashed up to death by the Melei policeman, and sent home to D'jogja in a box. But our readers have short-attention spans, more so in this sms-youtube-twitter age, so i will let thee do the research for yourself.

    Cease trying to tai-chee Indonesian anger to the other Malaysians. The harsh words and buluh runcing are for you too!

    "Malays in Malaysia always think of Javanese [Indonesians] as ethnically inferior compared with them," said Ade Armando, a communications lecturer at the University of Indonesia. "This is justified by the fact that the Indonesians they mostly see are laborers or maids."

  31. Bro

    What this Indian man, Murugan, and possibly other members of his family, did to Mautik Hani is beastly and unforgivable. All sensible Malaysians I'm sure agree that the courts must punish Murugan to the extent they can; and if the verdict is the death sentence, so be it!

    But, really, it takes a peculiar kind of demented racist brain to extrapolate and leap from this statistically rare incident of maid abuse, to a general conclusion that it signifies hatred by Indians of Malays or that it is a case of substitute hatred of local Malays.

    I don't think selecting maids by religious perference is the solution to the problem. I personally know of many Malay and non-Malay friends who have never had a problem with Indonesian (Muslim), Thai (Buddhist)or Filipina (Christian) maids.

    It has mostly to do with bigoted, possibly poorly educated individuals who have no respect for people of lower education or economic status. That can only be cured by continuous education and enforcement of strict laws by the authorities. Throw the book at this kind of criminal conduct.

    As for those who want to rise up 'because the Tuan Tanah's cannot take it anymore, I can only say, speak for yourself. You do not represent the majority. You, as a bigoted, racist individual, are no more or better than Tuan Tong Sampah!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  32. Anonymous12:37 am

    This is what will happen to us malays if these rotten bastards evergot hold of this land. a lesson to be learnt

  33. maid abuse not exclusive only to one race and place. this happen because we allowed it to happen. we tend not to care things that not related to us. malaysia government show no interest over the complaint as most abuse cases has been cover up and settle by money. malaysian tend to spent more money on pets rather to the maid because they think the maid don't deserved the pay rise.

    malaysian too arrogant to think their indonesian maid as human and they need to be teach according to their will due to their uneducated background. the greedy maid agency make things worst by importing unqualified maid without proper training and this give negative images to the general public about the indonesian maid.

    yes, malaysian are not a murderers but malaysian just don't care and tend to blame others when things gone bad.

  34. nak tumpang tanya tok2 pandai dan bermoral disini siapa (bukan KAUM mana) yang paling ramai buat perangai ini -

    1) bapak merogol anak perempuan
    2) atuk merogol cucu perempuan
    3) abang merogol adik perempuan
    4) atuk dan abang bergilir2 merogol cucu/adik perempuan
    5) bapak dan anak lelaki sama2 merogol anak/adik perempuan

    cuba komen sikit tanpa mencaci dan memaki.

    2 wrongs don't make 1 right.

    saya bersetuju dengan donplaypuks bahawa kelakuan yang tidak senonoh ini bukan pasal KAUM tapi individu itu sendiri.

    i am thankful that i don't have young brother and young son that read all these uncalled for comments that resort to name calling and condemnation.

    my apology for asking those questions above.

  35. Anon 12.37 P.M. "This is what will happen to us malays if these rotten bastards evergot hold of this land. a lesson to be learnt."

    Another prime candidate for 'Tuan Tong Sampah of the Year' award!

    Kek, Kek Kek! Little wonder you have these recurring nightmares every night. Aspring to be a maid are you?

  36. Anonymous7:16 am

    Bunnies 4:45 PM said...

    "And, it is not about race la.. it is about being human la! Such racist people in here!"

    Mmm actually bunny boy, Theresa Kok would be very much in disagreement with you. She thought it was a chinese being abused so she went to China to report it to her communist masters.

    When it was found that it was a malay who was abused, she just went and said simply "Ooops!".
    Not even "Ooops, sorry!"

    Old Fart 7:41 PM said...

    "Unfortunately and sadly some comments here have taken a racist tone. A murderer or a killer or a rapist is just that. The racists here are no different from this vile killer!!"

    Webster-Pundek Definition of Racism:

    Racism (pronounced deee-ayyy-peee) is when one race POINTS OUT that a particular race is abusing another, in so far as enslaving and killing them.

    Racism is NOT the act of the abuse or the murder or the enslavement itself. Unless, of course the roles of the ethnicities of the abuser-abusee themselves are reversed.

    So yes, Old Fart. This is a very PURE indication of an inherent racism disease permeating some upper class mentalities.
    (By upper class I mean by their wealth, not by family nobility. Cos if you were to extrapolate where and in what situations
    their families were say, about 100 years ago, you'd have a different understanding of the word "merantau".)

    font futura (is this the guy that replies all this talk about racism by googling over the internet using the searchwords "malay" and "crime"? )said...

    "Malays in Malaysia always think of Javanese [Indonesians] as ethnically inferior compared with them,"

    Oh yes no doubt these feelings of superiority complex exists sometimes: that cannot be denied, or even prevented.

    The caucasians over the blacks. The aryans over the jews. The turks over the kurds. The Brahmins over DonPlayPundek's family. After all if you know what the SINGAPOREAN chinese thinks of their Malaysian counterparts, you'd have a deeper understanding what "Kiasu" means.

    Yes some malay families would think twice of even letting their daughters marry an indonesian, for example. But that is NOT universal,
    as evidenced by the ever-illustrious Marina Mahathir wink wink wink.

    But then when dealing with maids, it seems to me that the trend is always between one to another. We do not murder them or sear
    their flesh with a hot iron.

    Jefferi 12:43 AM said...

    " maid abuse not exclusive only to one race and place. this happen because we allowed it to happen.
    we tend not to care things that not related to us.
    malaysia government show no interest over the complaint ..."

    Alamak! Now sudah shift kaaa... the sadistic and cruel nature of certain employers of certain ethnic background enslaving and murdering their maids, now sudah blame gomen kaa? My car wont start this morning: needs new battery, plus tire all gone botak maa. Ini mesti the bastard UMNO-BN punya pasal.

    "malaysian too arrogant to think their indonesian maid as human ...

    yes, malaysian are not a murderers but malaysian just don't care and tend to blame others when things gone bad."

    Well see now Jeffery, perhaps I haven't made the point across clear enough. Malaysians, Malaysians, Malaysians. As though there is this generic "Malaysian Race" that does all this equally. Crimewise, it is "Malaysians". But education wise, we insist that we be thought NOT in a Malaysian Language. Advertisements broadcasted or printed NOT FOR MALAYSIANS, but only for certain

    In short, if is bad and criminal, let us all call it Malaysian and dilute the ethnic content of this Malaysian race, and distribute the guilt and the blame equally for the world to see.

    But if it is good, well bye bye "Malaysian Race". I think I'd better stick to my Naidu or my Hokkien upbringing.

    Now this DontPlayPundek is a totally different animal together. Will write about that soon. Have I reached my 4096-word limit yet?


  37. Anonymous9:24 am

    Jefferi, care to elaborate and substantiate your claims on "...malaysia government show no interest over the complaint as most abuse cases has been cover up and settle by money?" If not be prepared for a BIG lawsuit!

    Government Guy

  38. Anonymous9:34 am


    If the killer is non-MALAY then he's just a " murderer or a killer or a rapist is just that."

    But if it's the Police or MACC it's MALAYS beating and killing Other RACES!

    If it's the MAKCIKS or PAKCIKS in public service, it's MALAYS don't want to attend to other RACES.

    The sooner ppl like you leave this country the better.

    Pile Of SHIT!!!


  39. Anonymous9:46 am

    Rocky, see the readers u now attract!


  40. Anonymous11:20 am

    People, can you see the difference with the Pakatan crowd when the victims are of their pundek race (s) ....they'll write all kinds of nice words with regards to the victims BUT when it comes to Malay/Indo victims, they'll turn it around and spin and insinuate that it is kinda ok to be victimised by them ....kinda okay to die, tortured like the maid ....see how bias and unfeeling they are. Don't believe? just check on that post about the tragedy involving the Hindu children....even someone with an IQ of 50 can get the drift easily...just analyse the way they comment over there, you all will understand what I am trying to point out.

    Then they'll say it is a Malaysian thing....not their own racial thing....Then, like that Big Mamak Pundek who said that it is more of an individual thing not racial thing....blah blah blah ...Then, some stupid PR idiots will bring up all those so called 'crimes' perpetrated by the Malays...just to say that it is still okay for them to kill maids....as if maids are not humans after all. Then these same idiots will come up with more reasons to justify the barbaric act.....really what a sick crowd and a sick mind they have if you ask me.

    Compare that with the BN crowd, they are really nowhere. I am not from BN but I observe that the BN crowd will sympathise if they have to sympathise, they don't politicise any shit that comes unlike the Pakatan side.

    Having said all that, I think the Pakatan Riots are desperadoes for anything !!! That makes them null and void !!!

    - Stealth

  41. Anonymous12:02 pm

    what a screwed up pariah..

    DontPlayPundekFoe.. spot on bro..that's the fucking price we have to bear as the results of our forefathers mistakes of over-tolerance and acceptance.. we have to live with these "socially non-soluble" decendants of bastards ultra chingkies & ultra- pariah disease..

    These bastards as usual trying to tarnish our image as Malays by sticking their shitty smeared ass with the so-called Malaysian Race flag when they end up themselves in deep shit..

    pukimak..sendiri makan taik busuk jangan bagi orang lain tak makan taik ikut sama busuk lah..lancau pundek!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  42. Anonymous1:10 pm

    What about the religious guru and bomohs who rape their clients and their own daughters?


  43. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Jue, ngomong,

    "saya bersetuju dengan donplaypuks bahawa kelakuan yang tidak senonoh ini bukan pasal KAUM tapi individu itu sendiri."

    Saya berpendapat sebaliknya. Kelakuan tidak senonoh seperti meliwat dsbnya ada kaitan rapat dengan sesuatu kaum. Sejarah telah menyaksikan bahawa meliwat adalah berkait rapat dengan kaum Sodom; ganas ada kaitan dengan keturunan Monggol; rogol dan inses ada kaitan dengan kaum jahilliyah.

    Persoalan kaum mana yang banyak terlibat sebagaimana pertanyaan anda adalah sukar ditentukan kalau setakat menggunakan statistik dan laporan media kerana tidak semua kaum suka membuat laporan berhubung kegiatan tidak bermoral. Bagi mereka tidak 'haram'.

    Contohnya, hubungan seks tanpa nikah antara donplaypunk dengan teman dia mungkin TIDAK dianggap satu jenayah (suka sama suka konon) sebaliknya bagi satu golongan yang lain ia dianggap satu jenayah. Nampak bezanya?

    Kalau masih belum jelas, lihat isu arak. Golongan yang sering masuk paper kerana ditanggap minum arak, bukan bererti mereka adalah golongan yang paling ramai ketagih arak. Semua tahu bahawa waris si Donplaypunk adalah golongan yang sering terjebak dengan gejala buruk berkenaan!

    Pious Chinglot

  44. Anonymous5:28 pm

    to everyone here who says that malay's & indian's abuse their maids:-

    Did you know 99% of fathers who rape their own children are Malays? And 100% grandfathers who rape their own grandchildren are malays. weird, but true.


  45. sad . . . . now i truly understand why after 52 years independence, malaysia is slowly regressing instead of progressing cos we are so engross with - what's the color represents? instead of confronting the issue, many choose to use this platform for race bashing.

    am so glad that i am with a group of running friends who only know 1RACE = HUMAN RACE.

  46. Anonymous10:59 pm

    "Kek, Kek Kek! Little wonder you have these recurring nightmares every night. Aspring to be a maid are you?"

    no dongayfuk, its the way you treat the malays in their own land. One dont have to be a maid to experience such abuse. Its the sheer condescending remarks thinking youre intellectually superior. I know youre just a hypocrite racist cunt

  47. "Did you know 99% of fathers who rape their own children are Malays? And 100% grandfathers who rape their own grandchildren are malays. weird, but true."

    and you got this facts from your moms diary after you fornicate with her?

  48. Anonymous2:17 am


    Ada puak yang bercakap menggunakan kepala lutut (bukan menggunakan akal pemberian Tuhan) tentang kepercayaan mereka bahawasanya hanya ada satu bangsa di dunia ini iaitu 1human race kononnya, tetapi dalam masa yang sama menolak sekolah satu aliran.

    Puak ini jugalah yang berkempen untuk 1human race konon, tetapi merekalah yang paling banyak menghina sesama manusia dalam blog mereka sendiri.

    Puak yang sama inilah juga yang menuduh orang lain sebagai rasis tetapi semua itu hanyalah untuk menyembunyikan sikap negatif mereka sendiri - rasis.

    Kalaulah komentar puak rasis yang bertopengkan 1human race, yang dilontarkan dengan sebebas-bebasnya dalam laman blog pembangkang dijadikan sandaran, ia hanya memperlihatkan sikap sebenar mereka - hipokrit.

    Ini bukan tohmahan kepada puak 1human race palsu tetapi adalah satu kebenaran berdasarkan pemerhatian bilamana setiap komentar mereka ini wajib menghentam satu bangsa ini - Melayu.

    Kesimpulannya: 1Human Race Palsu adalah puak yang sewel, senget, mengata dulang paku serpih, ultra-kiasu, anti-Melayu/Islam dan selebihnya adalah oxymoron.


  49. Anonymous2:52 am


  50. http://www.dailychilli.com/news/665-hair-pulling-act-sparks-furore

    "Chinese Police are super innocent"

  51. Anonymous12:34 pm

    I don't think that it's only Chinese and Indians who are maid abusers. Please see this report on a Malay family of abusers in the Daily Chilli:


    People who abuse their maids or anyone else are nothing but psychopaths and such people can be from any race.

    I know many good Chinese, Indian and Malay families who treat their maids and other workers with respect and dignity, so I cannot condone the racial bashing that is prevalent in this blog's comments.


  52. "Singapore woman gets three years in jail for torturing maid

    Singapore (Nov 4, 2009) - A Singapore court on Wednesday sentenced a woman to three years in jail for torturing her Indonesian maid, a media report said.

    Maselly Abdul Aziz, 39, scalded the genitals of her helper with boiling water, helped to pull out two of her teeth, hit her with a metal rod and threatened to kill her.

    Last year, Maselly's two children and her lesbian lover were jailed for their part in torturing 30-year-old Badingah, who like many Indonesians only uses one name, the online edition of the Straits Times newspaper reported.

    After the abuse, committed in June and July 2007, the maid escaped from the family flat by jumping from a window on the second floor.

    Badingah's body showed numerous injuries, including bruises, cuts, an infected scalp and scalding. -- dpa" Mkini

    So, what do you have to say now you racists who went to town with Indians? The fact that it happened in S'pore is irrelevant. It has alo happened here!

    I repeat. These attacks on maids have nothing to do with racism or racism or substitute racism against Malays.

    It could happen to any maid by ANYONE. The causes are social and poor education. Once in a while, we also have plain evil humans!

    We are all of 1 tace, the Human Race

  53. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Look, individuals like A Murugan and Yim Pek Ha are guilty as sin, but let’s not turn this into a race issue. The fact is that perpetrators come from all races. Look at the case of Maselly Abdul Aziz and her children Nur Rizan and Mohd Sazali. They pulled out the teeth of their maid, Badingah, and poured hot wax on her genitals and threatened to kill her. They were all convicted and jailed.
    The fact is that there are good and bad people in all races. The issue is how to identify such individuals before more tragedy occurs.


  54. skilgannon10666:48 pm

    In Singapore, the authorities investigate and prosecute all cases of maid abuse, where there is supporting evidence. And the Singapore courts almost always convict and jail these perpretators of maid abuse, regardless of the perpetrator's race.

    These cases are extensively reported in the Singapore media.

    Justice has seen to be both effective and transparent.

    Which may be why the Indonesians are not upset over reported cases of maid abuse in Singapore - because they know that the cases will be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted, if supported by evidence.

  55. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Maselly is not a typical name that could be linked to any race. As for Murugan or Pek Ha, the link is fairly obvious.


  56. Alex-Sweet1:27 am

    Dont associate S'pore with what happened in M'sia. You PR people are becoming to be desperate, desperate to say that you're good and others (ie malays) no good. The Chinks and Hindulens of M'sia are TORTURERS AND KILLERS OF MAIDS. Period.

  57. Anonymous10:24 am

    Why not we just deport those indon maid abusers & murderers to Indonesia....end of story.

    Let those indons have their hands on these bastards... i bet a buluh runcing will poke thru their diarhoea smeared asshole all d way to their fucking big mouth.. let them vomit their own diarhoea and lick their wtf delusion slogan like that 1 race human race hypocrite wtf..

    That will teach these bighead racist a lesson...

    Seekor dua lembu dan babi membawa lumpur.. habis terpalit kepada org melayu dan mencemar imej Malaysia..bukan cina & india kena pun..

    Why spin the world & divert this problem and bitch about Singapore when the fact is this problem in Malaysia are mainly caused by your own kind? Ular betul pariah dan babi ni..

    If your people think you're Singaporean.. wtf are you still standing here, moron? Is it a Singapore problem in the 1st place, hah fuckhead? Answer lah bodoh..

    Menyusahkan rakyat majoriti saja..baik pergi mampus saja pendatang bermasalah ini..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-