Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What can you build on half an acre up on a rocky hill?

A 17-storey condo! Yes, that's what they are doing up on a hill in Bangsar where, 20 years ago, only the Syed Kechik Foundation existed. I drove down the hill again this afternoon and eyed the hillslope palaces, single-storey bungalows, multi-storey condominiums. There must be a total of over 100 swimming pools up that hill. So there's always money to be made by developers in this area.

The Datuk Bandar says the latest condo project can go on if Ikram's study says it's OK. I don't know. Just because modern knowhow has taught our developers how to build a skyscraper on a land big enough for a couple of bungalows doesn't mean we should build that skyscraper.

The Mayor needs to be more re-assuring here. Say "Highland Towers" before you utter another word on the matter.
Read the Malay Mail's article Countdown on Stormy Bangsar projects to learn about the latest controversy.


Anonymous said...

hey rocky wanna bet this projek gerenti lulus just from the words of the mayor.


Anonymous said...

while najib is trying to bring everyone back to BN, the warlords couldn't care less. If these sorts of nonsense continue, BN will bungkus. Khir Toyo bungkus at bukit antarabangsa, remember!


Anonymous said...


What we know is that another project most likely going to be approved; what we don't know is that who actually own the projects? Could it be arranged by the bangsar's mp for all their warlords?

You Will Never Know

barrelscraper said...

The law firm for the SDB developer is messrs shearn and co. Dulu shearn and delamore kan? isnt one johari razak senior partner?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Bangsar is already over developed!

Anonymous said...

the city is way backward when comes to cleanliness.

places somewhere ulu in some parts of the UEA/Oman is much better.

uh...the project - i don't really care.

datukkampung said...


Anonymous said...

The Malaysian public not mudah lupa. The people running the country maybe mudah lupa. Who can forget Highland towers? We never learn.



i'm sure engineers can build a 14-storey building on a tiny hill/hill slope.

the question always is whether they SHOULD...thus, whether the authorities SHOULD approve such a project.

i certainly believe that such a project should NOT be approved.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, politically correct matters..1st & top priority..

Technically correct only come 2nd..pity those engineers..waste of brain..

People in Bangsar..you're so doomed..


p/s: we already survived living in politic circus since GE12..so what the fuss now?

:D muhahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...

i barely recognize bangsar now. it usd to be a nice place. now, it's over-developed, and they still want to build so that there's no green lungs left.
one day, the erosion will be so bad that the whole of bukit bangsar/bandaraya will sink into a sinkhole. armageddon!


my sweetlady said...

These developers have learned nothing! All they see are dollar signs. Grab whatever opportunity if there’s money to be made.

Greed knows no bounds!