Tuesday, October 06, 2009

MIED's not walking away

Palani blogs. Before politics, the MIC deputy president, G. Palanivel, was a Bernama journalist. We worked quite closely together when he was the press secretary for S. Samy Vellu, who was the Works Minister back then.
If Palani's concerned or unhappy about the way the mainstream media are treating his boss with regards to issues affecting the party and the Indian community (the latest being Samy's purported intention to "hijack" the Maju Institute of Educational Development or MIED), he's handling it well. No table and chest thumping from this man. This morning, he merely sms-ed me to say that he has posted his views on the MIED issue on his blog h e r e and asked me to read it when I have the time.

Another blogger just added to my blogroll is Lim Kok Wing. His latest posting here warns Malaysia that it will continue to lose its best if the system continues to ignore its wealth of talent.


  1. Anonymous2:13 pm


    Death Toll : 5 Indians dead

    No. 1: JOHOR BARU - Two Indian odd-job workers were charged with the murder of an Indian policeman Konstabel C. Selva Ganesan near a Chi­nese cemetery in Taman Skudai Ba­­­­ru here.

    S. Velo, 30, and S. Thanasilan, 21, were charged at the magistrate’s court with murdering Selva between 3.40am on Sept 17 and 9.50am on Sept 20.

    No. 2: KULIM - Four armed robbers M. Jayasilan, 29, from Alor Setar, R. Rames, 20, from Sungai Petani, S. Sundrakanapathi, 26, from Batu Caves and S. Suresa, 27, from Kepala Batas were gunned down as they charged at the police with a pistol and parang after being cornered following a 30-minute car chase.

    They are believed to be involved in 41 robbery cases, and house and factory break-ins here and in nearby districts.

  2. Carnagee2:31 pm

    At least two Chinese-language dailies have been ordered not to report on Isa Samad's suspension from Umno, after he was found guilty of buying votes during the party polls in 2004.- Malaysiakini.

    What say u rocky? More freedom of the press huh..

  3. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Just to recap Lee Kwan Yew statement when Sinkapoh suffered mass exodus of its populace during the trying economic climate about a decade ago... "These people are traitors!".

    Why is it that its is always the Chinese Malaysian that keep on harping on migration of its population? Their Granddady should stayed home in China then!

    Take care yeat! Or else a lot of people want to go away! Bah Humbug!

  4. Salam rock,

    1. Ada gambar menarik dalam blog saya.

    2. Gambar 'Ahli UMNO bertaraf 5 bintang'

    3. T.kasih kerana bulan Oct adalah bulan bahasa kebangsaan.


  5. Kucing Kurap6:01 pm


    Ko dulu dulu jerit Daulat Tuanku ke kiri Daulat Tuanku ke kanan kan?

    Gi baca ni.


  6. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Lim Kok Wing's view on talent development missed out on a few things.

    We have a pool of talent in our legal circus. Lawyers are now gradually learning to be apolitical and creating new business dimensions.

    The younger generation are moving ahead in politics like a speeding train with faulty brakes.

    And our talented politicians have excelled in rebel culture, promoting the nation as a bad place to be at.

    Talking of branding countries, oh well, within the last three years, we have been rebranded as a politically unstable for investors.

    In the earlier years, one of the key selling points was 'political stability'.

    Nowadays, it is fashionable to go around saying all things negative.


  7. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Lim Kok Wing is a fraud! Ask all his previous business partners who had been involved with him at one time or another. None of them saw their profit share and they all got burned by this DaToad!


  8. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Palani who?
    Do we care?

  9. Anonymous4:22 pm

    aiyoh kito BUTOHKAN Lim Kok Weng