Friday, October 02, 2009

Blog for FT

Blog and win a Peugeot 308! During a dinner with some of us bloggers on June 10, Raja Nong Chik spoke of doing an international or regional bloggers' do in KL. This Monday at 2.30pm (venue Pavilion, KL), the Federal Territories Minister will be launching that do. The organisers are calling it Blog4FT.

Essentially, it is an essay writing competition. You blog about KL, Labuan or Putrajaya and if the judges find yours to be the best entry, you win a prize. There will be categories for journalists and international travelers to Malaysia. The competition will be held over 3 monthly legs - Nov, Dec and Jan - which means there will be 3 monthly prize presentations (including laptops, I was told).

The overall winner will drive away with a Peugeot 308 (see pic below). You choose the color you want.

Get details HERE. I will update with more info this Monday.


  1. Anthony Vengadesan strikes back12:19 am

    Bro..enough of shit. You have ball-less assistants and your reporters are f&*king pissed with the paper. Have a good night's sleep knowing that you're no better than your good friend Tony Francis.

  2. I don't really know if there's anything positive about KL to blog about? So much negative things about the place every time I am there, wish I could be back home in penang or my hometown in Ipoh. Of course when in Putrajaya I feel an exceptionally sense of calmness due to the less hectic movement of man and machines and I think this is what makes it different from other parts of Malaysia. Maybe I'll just blog about Putrajaya alone and not compare it with KL, otherwise KL will look so negative!

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  4. Anonymous11:40 am

    Not bad. Nice idea from the Ministry. Beats banning blogs and arresting bloggers. Rais take note!


  5. Anonymous12:52 pm

    1. Who is sponsoring the prizes? Taxpayers' money?

    2. The main criteria is to "blog positively about FT". This means the FT minister wants to hear only good stuffs about FT, and he will give out prizes for that. What the hell is this?

    3. He should run a contest for people to tell him how lousy KL is, and also how lousy DBKL is, so that he can take action abd bring about improvement to the city.


  6. Anonymous3:29 pm

    how to contest....the star shit balls people have win viva...waste all my time applied there..

  7. more info please!where do i sign up!

  8. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Bro, you should also offer at least a Proton Saga to attach your followers back to your blog. Since you start rubbing the shoes for Najib your followers left you like you are Samy Vellu.

  9. We all know it is a waste of time writing in this umno's blog but what happened to all those umno's fake "patriotism".
    Why a French car?
    Peugeot giving it for free or are we paying for it.

  10. 4 September 2009

    Dear Rocky

    Your blog is one of the most popular in Malaysia and I admire your generosity in providing a leg-up to other lesser known bloggers by including them in your blogroll.

    I read the social-political stuff off and on and whenever there is a hot issue to get a feel of the public mood. Most of the time, I prefer to follow views about business. I find them serious, informative, educational and much more useful.

    You have quite a few business blogs and most of them have very well researched information.

    There are also two listings under CEO's Blogs – Tengku Zafrul and Tony Fernandes. Tengku Zafrul is an up-and-coming figure in the corporate world and a man worthy to watch.

    Tony Fernandes needs no introduction to most Malaysians. He is an iconic Malaysian brand who has made it big globally. What he has achieved in such a short time is remarkable and an inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere.

    I wonder whether you might have been unaware of another iconic Malaysian entrepreneur who recently began blogging. He is Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing ( I think Lim’s blog deserves to be included in your blogroll.

    Lim began his blog in early August this year and writes on subjects which those who know about him and his work would instantly recognise – creativity and innovation, branding and education. There is even an article advocating a more peaceful world in keeping with his involvement in the Malaysian World Peace Foundation and Perdana Global Peace Forum.

    Lim is one of the few corporate leaders who take part regularly in a great number of public causes.

    But the thrust of his blog is pretty clear – he is promoting creativity and innovation as a national platform to build and enhance Malaysia’s economic competitiveness.

    He doesn’t offer fancy or abstract concepts. His ideas and arguments are put across in language easily understood by the average Malaysian, supported by lots of facts and figures.

    Don’t think he is out there in blogosphere to do PR work for the government. There is plenty of bite in his observations to please even the PR (Pakatan Rakyat) people.

    Since the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is reported to be planning a national campaign to encourage creativity and innovation next year, I think it would be beneficial for more Malaysians to be made aware of Lim’s writings through his blog.

    Thank you and here’s wishing you a pleasant day.

    Tan Cheng Sing

  11. Anonymous5:46 pm


    My bestfriend's kids had never been on public transport (bus or train) so why not, we thought of giving them their exciting first experience.

    His daughter was going to UK for studies, so it should be good to expose/train her..

    We took the commuter - they were delighted! Walked to Masjid Negara for prayers.. Then our horror began.

    We decided to go for tea and do some shopping at Bukit Bintang area. Tried getting 15taxis.. none would take us there, so we walked through Petronas building to catch a bus (after asking for directions) someplace at Pasar Seni..(phew.. long walk, standing/sitting aimlessly, waiting, waiting)

    Had to strain our necks to read the bus numbers, finally, decided to get a taxi.. 10attempts, no taxi wanted to take us there. So no choice we waited for the bus.

    Got on the bus and had to squeeze and stand all the way!

    Time to go home.. tried the taxi.. failed, so went to the nearest bus stop. Gosh.. after the long wait, it started raining..

    SURRENDER.. Phoned our driver to fetch us back home..

    THE KIDS WERE SO EXHAUSTED and silent all the way home, they went straight to bed without even bothering to take their bath!


    For first timers by public transport, my advice is, study and get familiar with the bus and commuter routes first, and make sure you bring along your notes..

    TAXIs???? Useless.


  12. glassman7:31 pm

    can never please them all all the time. give a proton and they'll still be negative about it. Maybe these fellas never heard of sponsor? and when the winning blogs or those who wrote about KL in their blogs gets out there in the world, I'm sure there'll be more visitors and thats where the money will come from.. wake up people! and get out more,,,, take a deep breath and stop smelling the shit some of the other guys are dishing out

  13. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I dont understand some people , Malaysian typically . There is an offer for you to blog and same time make money from it . Clear cut for a layman like like .
    You want to write , write , too lazy to do it because all in ur mind is just to mock whatever others trying their best to do or promote.
    All I see is whin and whin whin over anything mostly politics shit do it with ur votes numbnuts, such a pussy most Malaysians I see ,old auntie pussy and the funny thing is most are male here.
    Get your balls reattached man !

  14. Anonymous11:37 pm

    EKSKLUSIF BERGAMBAR!.... Bukti Di Mana Rosmah Waktu Altantuya Dibunuh ...tolong sebarkan...hanya di bahagian bahasa Malaysia


  15. Anonymous11:17 am

    If you want to know about the New World Order, CFR and Sep. 11 and what is happening in the world, here and What Anwar Aljuburi is trying to do to this country. Pls have a look at this website

  16. Thanks Tan,

    Lim Kok Wing is one of my favorite people. In 84, when I was an intern at the Business Times, he offered me some tips for beginners in the media industry. He even signed a numbered copy of his Guli-Guli.

    Last I bumped into him was abt two weeks ago, he didn't say anything about this blog, which is now on my roll, thanks to you.

  17. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Bagi kereta french cakap tak patriotik , bagi kereta Malaysia cakap takde class la,tak kualiti.kat luar kereta sendiri toyota atau honda gak.
    Sudahlah bukan aku tak kenal korang ni,kat mamak,kat coffee house kat pub bersepah.kerja kutuk orang number 1 , sendiri mengular , kalau niaga pun service cam haram sama overcharge ,bayar gaji staff teruk lepas tu cakap malaysian worker tak bagusla.Kawan aku lagi best,niaga jual parts electrikal and electronics ambil kat china , tukar brand europe sticker copy jual kat sini.shenzen byk buat.menipu la tu kira.kalau berbual mesti cakap china the best country sama the best semualah.Bila tanya apasal ko beli merc,tak beli cherry ke alado,ohhh sendiri pakai kena europe.... Cam sial.

  18. big cat2:22 pm

    hi rocky,
    i know u r busy and everything, but i think u should write a bit about bagan pinang. yr friend syamsul seems to be doing a good job but i think he need some support - particularly on the perangai tak senonoh of the Pakatan supporters. These bastards r really getting away with murder. I had alerted syamsul about a posting by haris ibrahim which actually lauded the harassing of puteri umno members by kurang ajar Pas hoodlums on nomination day. really wish for others to be aware of it. ok, thanks for the space.

  19. Anonymous3:19 pm

    dear blogger,
    you were the ex-editor of malay mail so i would like to ask you a question about the newspaper. which code of ethics does the malay mail adhere to?

    does the malay mail have their own code of ethics? or do they subscribe to the Canons of Journalism?


  20. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Hello Glassman and Anon 8.28,

    I have travelled to many foreign countries. I always chit chat with foreign tourists in those countries, either at the airport, hotel lobby, cafes, etc. And that's how tourists exchange information, by chit chatting with strangers.

    Do you know that many tourist have nothing good to say about KL, compared to other ASEAN cities? Major complains about KL are rubbish (especially in Brickfields, our international transport hub!), lousy buses and exhorbitant taxi fares, dirty toilets, and unhelpful Malaysians (actually, most mistaken foreign workers in our country as Malaysians). If you want tourists to come, especially high end tourists, then its better to clean up KL first. KL is never a major destination for high end Europeans. This also explains why there are not many direct flights between european cities and KLIA.

    I see more high end european and chinese tourists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh than KL. And those arab and indian tourists that are coming here are mostly the low income tourists. The richer ones go to Bangkok and Singapore. You should see how these arabs and indians bargain at our shops. They even bargain with departmental store staffs laaa!

    People don't complain for no reason.


  21. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Go ahead and win the French car.

    French cars are known for their expensive maintenence, spending more time in the workshop rather than on the road.


  22. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Dear readers,

    Khun Pana aka johanssm thinks he lives in an upside-down world (thus the upside-down flag).

    In his upside-down world everthing is... well, upside down. That is why he can't think rationally about anything. Because all the blood is jam packed into his brain, it oozes out through all orifices on his head, which in turn leaves his brain with almost no blood at all and makes him delusional and nonsensical.

    So please spare Khun Pana aka johanssm a little sympathy for his poor judgement on life.

    Thank you.

    Really, really close friend of Khun Pana aka johanssm. Really.

  23. Anonymous7:18 pm

    What a bunch of whiners n brats! In many places,on this planet,all you get is a certificate and perhaps dinner (for 2 only ya not whole family ok) as grand prize mah. That's what we're becoming so very good at complaining and bad -mouthing and cant shut the fuck up when we need to! Kuala Lumpur is what it is, warts and all!! French car - I like!

  24. Salam Abang Rocky.

    Idea yang menarik. Serampang dua mata. Di samping mendekati golongan blogger, dapat juga mempromosikan Wilayah Persekutuan. Mungkin boleh diperluaskan ke skop yang lebih besar iaitu Malaysia?

    Asyik2 dengar benda negatif je. Mana seronok. Bukannya semua benda tu buruk je kan. Ada juga yang positif.

    New York pun ada masalah dengan Trafik. London ada masalah dengan jenayah jalanan. Apatah lagi KL, Putrajaya dan Labuan.

    (oit, FT termasuk Labuan dan Putrajaya. Bukan KL je.hehe)

  25. Anonymous3:44 pm


    I am pissed over people whining about this Blog For KL competition,about french car as a gift not about KL itself be it good or bad in the eyes of anyone.I am lazy to create and compete for this blog but I dont bitch about it.And if you do and you won it too,and maybeee to show how patriotic you are , why dont you auction the car the same day and get yourself a Waja , the balance of the cash you can donate to the needy one.You gain my respect more than whining.

    To some extent I do agree with you over much improvement that can be made over our taxis , hotel etc.But on the other hand , minor inconvinience for some like eating at crampy,stuffy,oily venue like Jalan Alor makes KL .. KL . ( Even I personally dread calls from my out from KL visiting friend persuading me to company them for dinner there).Call me a snob,but I rather eat at home with good hygiene then Jalan Alor.But what I despise may be haven for others and I respect that. The smaller the back lane,you see more KLites flocks,dont believe me? Why most love eating hut beside a big drain or beside IWK STP draws large patrons ? I dont know why but thats how unique we are .The same people why whin about hygiene too are the one I see driving their merc and bmw ordering double plates.funny thing thats where the tourists too love to try to be 'local'.
    But cant agree with Perwira about our public transport.Something must really be done about it.Here wew got lazy and overcharging taxi , in Thailand I got taxi driver pestering me to bring to massage parlour.
    When travelling usually tourists takes it all good or bad.
    And about mistakenly asking foreign workers in our land , I dont see it as a big deal , even why first trip to Dubai I can tell who is local and who is not.Frequent travellers has the instinct , and as I mention , travellers do wants to feel the 'real' city not what the tour guide and pamplet told them so

  26. Anonymous7:03 pm

    KL is still ours ka? Puduraya, Petaling St.,CM, ChowKit etc etc ilek la. Prize to be won by immigrants. Illegal or not, boleh di aturkan Pak. Datuk, cuba naik LRT ka bas masa rush hour, tutup mata, mesti dengar semua bahasa melainkan BM.Bau pun lain! Fed up la.

  27. Anonymous5:45 pm

    I prefer a real French girl over that stupid Peugeot.

    Only then i'll start my own blog..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

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  29. wooowww remarkable, when yes I can afford it.? and surely I must be diligent saving

  30. wooowww remarkable, when yes I can afford it.? and surely I must be diligent saving

  31. Despite the pro and contra, I would still love to own a car like that.