Sunday, September 27, 2009

Malaysian fugitive meets family in Singapore

update 9.30 am 28/9/09. Waytha and daughter after breakfast in Singapore yesterday, before they said goodbye - he for London and she for Malaysia. Check out the Malay Mail online for the full story in a while.

Original article:
From UK with love. One of the ringleaders of Malaysia's banned Hindraf movement, lawyer P. Waythamoorthy, 43, has been in Singapore for the last nearly two weeks to meet his family from Malaysia. He left for London today.

Waytha spoke to me in my capacity as The Editor of The Malay Mail just before he left.

In Singapore he also met up with P. Uthayakumar, the other ex-Hindraf ringleader who ended up under the Internal Security Act during Pak Lah's watch (released last May and recently set up a political party to champion the Indians in Malaysia).

My exclusive interview with Waytha should be out in The Malay Mail tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:55 am

    Apasal dia tak angkut semua ahli keluarga pi duk kat London saja? Takkan tak mampu sara makan minum mereka kat sana?

    No free schooling? No free books? No free medical? Room rentals too expensive to bring family members to stay in London ker?

    Playing for time? nak tunggu dapat PR and able to claim facilities baru nak bawak mereka ker? UK tak terima anak bini dia masuk sana ker.


  2. skilgannon106612:11 pm

    Hi, Rocky

    I am curious as to why PW met with you and gave you an interview. Doesn't he view you as part of the "establishment"?

    Or are you in the role of an unofficial channel between PW and the powers-that-be? Since the powers-that-be are not exactly happy with Samy V and the MIC just now, is PW part of some grand scheme to entice Malaysian Indian voters away from the embrace of the PR coalition and back into the waiting arms of the BN?

    If nothing else, PW being able to travel to and stay in Singapore proves that his Malaysian passport must be valid. Or is he using some other country's travel documents?

    Oh, yah - can the Malay Mail do an expose on Malaysian tax dodgers and how they stash their assets in offshore accounts in tax havens abroad? And which tax havens are most favoured by this lot?

  3. Anonymous12:20 pm


    Deat Toll: 2 (increase by 1)
    Kidnapped: 1
    To be jailed for murder : 9
    To be jailed for kidnapping : 9

    1. JOHOR BARU: Police have arrested nine men in connection with the abduction and murder of suspended police constable Selvaganesan Chandran.

    2. JOHOR BARU: Ten men broke down in tears at a magistrate’s court here after they were charged with kidnapping a businessman.

    Those charged were Vishal Govindan, 23, Sharvin Raj Selvan, 18, Aruniss Kumar Amarendran, 23, Harvinther Govindan, 21, Richard Roy Saviriar, 24, Kaviarasu Thiagarajah, 20, Jayakanthan Sakaran, 26, Puvendran Karunakeree, 24 and Vignesh Othia Kumar, 26

    If convicted, each accused could be sentenced to death or life imprisonment and whipping under Section 3 of the Kidnapping Act

    3. KAPAR: A security guard V. Rajagopal, 46 put up a fight against four masked men armed with parang but was overpowered and slashed to death.

    The motive for the murder is not yet known. Nothing was stolen.

    Police are probing into the personal life of the victim.


    S. Umadevan, 30, from Taman Alma claimed trial (for attempted theft of female undergarments) when charged before magistrate Chiang Kian Hong yesterday.

    He was accused of committing the offence in Taman Jernih, Bukit Tengah near here at about 9.30am on Tuesday.

  4. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Dey better fight for Bombay slum kids lah...culcatta slum kids...madras..bihar...delhi..darjeeling..

  5. Interesting.

    Did he explain to you what he did with the money? You know the money they collected to pay for their campaign for compensation from the british govt? And why he didn't actually file the suit? Was it so that he could get British travel papers?

    Yes, I'm looking forward to a good read tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous2:06 pm

    "My exclusive interview with Waytha should be out in The Malay Mail tomorrow-"- pandai kau rocky, esok grenti shoot-up jualan kau pun paper,.
    - mamat hindraf stand by awal dapatkan mm-
    pure shit

  7. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Let's hope that you manage give an unbiased report and act like a "real" journalist (and not a ball carrying whore) for a change Airudin.

    Doubt it.

  8. Wakakakaman4:17 pm

    Brader Anon 1220pm.

    India raja rompak.

    You pulak raja rogol adik/anak.

    You menang.

    Incest-The Growing Scourge among the Malays
    Newsflash-Brothers raped sister after watching porn movies MUAR, March 8:

    Two brothers confessed in the Sessions Court yesterday to raping their 17-year-old younger sister after watching pornographic videotapes in their house in Parit Jawa here.

    Judge Mohamed Fauzi Mohamed Nasir sentenced one of the brothers, a 23-year-old factory worker, to 15 years in jail and eight strokes of the rotan on each of the two rape charges against him.

    The sentences are to run consecutively.He reserved judgment on the other, aged 19, to March 19, pending the outcome of a behavioural report on the accused.

    The brothers were arrested on Feb 24 after the victim ran away from home and lodged a police report. They pleaded guilty to two counts of raping their sister on different occasions in their house.

    The incest was committed on several occasions in the house when their mother was away at work and the victim was alone with her brothers. The siblings’ father died some years ago.

    The factory worker admitted to raping his sister in November 2004 and again on Jan 21 this year. The accused showed no remorse when judgment was delivered. Except for an older brother, no other family member was present in court.

    Prosecuting officer Assistant Superintendent Lim Ah Bah earlier told the court that the accused had often forced himself on his sister and had threatened to beat her if she refused.

    “He had warned that he would rape her if she did not consent to having sex with him,” Lim said.

    The other brother, who works as a production operator, also pleaded guilty to two charges of raping his sister in the same house, first in May last year and then on Feb 14. this year.

    He, too, had committed the offences after watching X-rated videotapes in the house, when the victim was alone in her bedroom. — NST


    Let's see kalau Rocky allow this comment since dia asyik syok dengan statistik tak habik habik anon 1220pm.

  9. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Just a couple of questions.
    1. Fugitive from what? If he is one how come his family is still safely ensconced in Malaysia - or are they hungry and in dire circumstances like the Gazans under the heels of the Zionists?
    2. Why meet in Singapore - why not Chennai? Or are they ashamed of the poverty and grime in their old motherland?
    3. Who paid for the man's airfare? Did he travel in style via SIA or BA? I'm a pensioner with some savings from years of hard work. I really have to hunt for the cheapest ticket to get back home from UK - and certainly I no can afford adeh SIA or BA or Qantas!!!
    4. Is it from UK with love or For Love Of UK. I mean United Kingdom, not Ulu Klang.

    'Pan' (as in sireh) Warrior

  10. Nawab of Avadh6:16 pm

    Waythamurthy and Hindraf are barking up the wrong tree. Genocide my foot!
    And where's the money? Did he say anything about the money Rocky?

    Apart from Samy Vellu, the problem the Indians have over here is the caste system. Yeh, yeh I know the castes, all 3 000 of them, are supposed to have been abolished in Mother India donkey years ago but there are still adherents of the system here. That would explain why some of my (high caste) Indian friends refuse to go to certain temples like the big one in PJ that's for the barber and related castes. yes, don't be surprised, caste discrimination extends even to temples.

    Indian Malaysians will deny it but that is the root of their problems. This internecine warfare is what's causing them to be laggards despite the assistance given to them by Umno and BN. Remember, there are not enough Indians to win even one parliamentary seat in any constituency. No Indian will be in parliament without the help of non-Indians.

    Don't believe me? Read what Dato T Murugiah (now sadly ex-PPP) said about caste-based organisations at the World Tamil Unity Conference.

  11. wishediwaswrong6:58 pm

    These Hindraf guys are fantastic. the rest of us should emulate them.

    The Malays should petition the British government to the tune of a few million British Pounds per head of Bumiputra population for their colonization of of our country, pillaging our national trasures. and for bringing in people foreign to our culture, thereby adversely affected our peaceful albeit simple lifestyle.

    Similarly the Chinese should take the British Government to court for bringing their forefathers to a culturally foreign environment and leaving them in Malaysia to be taken advantage of by less hardworking natives.

    Alternatively let's ask the Brits to come settle here and we, the Malays, Indians and Chinese go to live Britain for a change.

  12. Anonymous7:06 pm

    I thought our government already cancel his passport? Why he is still able to travel to Singapore? He should be brought back to Malaysia to face the music for tarnishing our country image oversea. Maybe he got paid alreasy by the UK government of RM1m each for the Indians here but dont want to distribute the money now as i was told by my Indian friend. It is true?

    bila AUTA cakap namanya ..

  13. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Rocky, apa la hang kasi chan lagi to this loud-mouth hypocrite racist! Nak confirm what we know already ke.

  14. Asal tak jejak bumi Malaysia, lantak dia lah nak jumpa kat mana..

    Apa apapun, paria ni pandai berlakon, esok lusa nangis kononnya 'tak sedar apa yang dia lakukan' maka dengan semudah itu Najib ampunkan...demi undi kaum India..

    Sebenarnya Melayu lebih paria..

  15. Bro,

    You are the man.

    Live up the expectation of the original Malay Mail.

  16. Rocky
    Dari kejauhan I rasa bengang dengan pemimpin sekarang, walaupun at first we thought there will be light at the end of the tunnel. But, we are giving too much and we are becoming too weak.

    1) In US, muslims are praying in open air near Capitol Hill. Even in Indonesia, they pray openly by the roadside without feeling guilty of hurting the other members of the community or even afraid of being bomb. That is what freedom is all about.

    Try to that in Malaysia! Can we pray openly at Dataran Merdeka? nak jaga hati kaum lain!

    2) Pesta Tanglung is a religious event and to be celebrated openly nationwide. In the name of 1Malaysia, this has to be done, nak jaga hati kaum lain.

    3) Now, what happen to Islam? Cakap aja agama rasmi. The muslim has to give in and allow, the Hindu build their temple next to their house.

    I know Shah Alam. It was the only city that Malay and muslim were in control and free to do business. Look around you in Malaysia, is there any city in Malaysia that Malay has place? other than the Gerai Mara yang 'macam melukut tepi gantang'? Now, the beautiful and harmony city of Shah Alam is being dirtied, assimilated and converted like any other city in KL, e.g Jinjang or Sri Kembangan. Believe me there will be big migration of gangsterism into Shah Alam which come along with open selling of liquor, gambling, rumah urut and so on. So sad!

    I dont succumb to 1Malaysia but I believe in living in harmony among all races while respecting one another, without taking advantage of what belongs and giving pressure to the majority.

  17. Anonymous10:53 pm


    Singapore is a Fascist State. No wonder she gives paltform to Hindu Fascist Leader to bash her Malayland neighbour. Damn it ... may the dogs pee on L** Urn upon his demised.

    Salleh Telegu

  18. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Rocky under Najib instruction to get the fugitive on the BN side, game of divide and rule is making it present in 1Malaysia.

  19. Anonymous11:52 pm

    what make u think we want to read some grandma stories from a coward...

  20. Anonymous12:46 am

    The interview is no big deal, now that the government has gone soft and accommodating on ex-Hindraf leaders. All doen for the sake of sidelining MIC, especially Samy Velu.

    sri hartamas

  21. Anonymous1:14 am

    December 2007 dulu KATANYA dia pi “

    LOBBY kat INDIA, LONDON,U.N / GENEVA / EUROPE,Human Rights Watch and about 20 other NGOS’ in Washington, New York, Bar Associations in Madras, New Delhi, London, Geneva, Brussels, Washington and New York etc..

    Nak cakap kat Mat Salleh? They would rather trust the snakes!

    Negara India? Masaalah Dalits sendiri kat sana pun duk melelong!

    Mujuk dia tak pi Australia, silap2 dia pun depa humban dia masuk longkang!

    Pi seluruh dinia nak promosi Filem Tamil? Dia contact you nak give updates ker?


  22. Anonymous1:51 am

    Fugitive or not, ONCE the commie's cohort party take control OF Petrajaya, he will definitely be invited to return home! Many then will get annoyed to see these arseholes rolling out the red carpet not only for the GB-based fugitive but for the ex-commie's top brass as well.


  23. Anonymous2:05 am

    Have any one seen the harakah, keadilan, rocket or the chinese dailies in any of the house of the PR's supporter? The answer is no, right? Yes, the real reason is that it is totally used to wipe off the shit from their butt.

    Dulu Pas

  24. Salam aidil fitri Rock,

    1. Lama ambo tak datang blog mu nih.

    2. Slogan '1 MALAYSIA' memang indah dan hebat.

    3. Anyway jika sesiapa nak tahu '1 MALAYSIA LINGKUP'...kah kah kah kah kah...mai la pakat-pakat baca dalam blog kat bawah nih:

    So mana lebih hebat dan menarik antara konsep '1 MALAYSIA' oleh Najib dengan BLOG '1 MALAYSIA LINGKUP' oleh Sukj...kah kah kah kah kah..kah kah kah..kahkah

  25. Anonymous7:53 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The reason why that (whathisname now? Wayarmooty?) had to go back to London is because he still have to settle the lawsuits that he has with members of my government and me personally. He had sued us all for a trillion (or was it a billion) pounds, but efforts are underway to try to negotiate this price. Brown, my PM, had tried to settle the amount for a year's worth of cowdung for several million people but apparently he has his eyes set on other things.

    Yours Sincerely,

  26. Anonymous8:00 am

    Bravo Brew, Bravo MM,

    Hope you'll not be the TOOL of a coward like this Hindu figitive who is using alledeg prosecution of us Malaysian Hindus an an excuse to gain resident status in the UK.

    These types of cowards are a shame and a burden to Malaysian Hindus and Indians.

    What about us the poor and the loyal Indians and Hindus in Malaysia?

    We cannot join him in England. I don't think he wants us around him in London.

    Brew, don't get taken up.This the trick of educated Indians. Those days the uneducated Indians go back to India every now and then. A good deal because they have wives in Malaysia and India. One does not know of the other's existence.

    Now the modern educated Indians like this runaway lawyer who is causing alot of problem to his clients is doing the same...jangan2 sana ada bini atau girlfriend.

    Alagendra G.

  27. who, What! aiya..moo...tttt?.

    ksian itu endia puunyak olang.. simua kina tippu jugak.. tippu kanen ,,tippu kiiri..

  28. Anonymous9:02 am

    You used the word 'ring leader'!

    Looks like you are already implying that these guys in Hindraf are mere 'circus' men?

    I doubt your interview feature will be objective.

    You may go about 'interpreting' your own way and getting people to see 'your drift slant' instead of an objective perspective of how the Hindraf leader views things.

    Remember Rocky, there is no one politician nowadays in Malaysia, including the 'Godfathers' who gave you a new lease of life in the MSM as well as the Pakatan Rakyat reps, who is objective.

    But you have, like the rest, showcased BN guys as 'clean, objective and reasonable' despite their lapses.

    Can you apply the same for Hindraf and Pakatan folks?

    I doubt!


  29. Anonymous9:02 am


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  30. Russel Peters10:37 am

    Eh bro, make sure your website is UPDATED. Everyday pun sama lar...

  31. Rocky,

    Orang depa ni kira minority aje kat Malaysia, tapi depa punya kecoh mengalahkan politk kat India.

    Depa duk kat UK dapat ke layanan bagus sangat.... kalau bagus pindah aje lah.

  32. Anonymous2:27 pm

    This Wayward-murthy is a waste of time la Rocky. Who the hell cares about this trouble-maker except his family and a trickle of followers.


  33. Anonymous6:04 pm


    These mutherfuckers wont come back until the stoopid tambey and anney stop giving money to the "Hindraf".

    Did you know that ever since the Hindraf demo, these smart mutherfuckers have been continuously collecting money from the Indians? How do you think Waythamoorthy or was it Uthayakumar went for heart surgery in London?

    And here is something else :

    Slightly higher caste Waythamoorthy is closely associated with the Malaysian Hindu Sangam which is closely tied to the Hindu extremist RSS or Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh - the same monkys who killed Gandhi. These are Hindu extremists. That is why they call themselves 'Hind'raf and NOT Indraf (for Indians).

    And the master mind behind all of them is none other than the Brahmin caste Datuk Vythilingam the Malaysian Hindu Sangam boss who is a Brahmin Hindu extremist in disguise. Waythamoorthy works for Vythilingam. The Brahmins always shove it to the Sudras.

    The Malaysian Hindu Sangam has been collecting big bucks using the name of the low caste Hindraf detainees. They do it (correction : they did it) by organising "special prayers" in Hindu temples for the Hindraf brothers in detention. During the "special prayers" they collected tons of money.

    And guess what? Few of the Hindraf (except only heart surgery Waythamoorthy, his brother and Malaysian Hindu Sangam) got any of the money.

    This is one of the reasons why the other Hindraf fellows came to their senses and have set up the Makkal Sakthi Party.

    Makkal Sakthi represents the even lower caste Indians among the Hindraf. Maybe the Pariahs also.

    Malaysian Hindu Sangam and Wathamoorthy are very unhappy that Najib has released all the Hindraf detainees. How to collect money anymore?

    That is why Waythamoorthy will hang around in London. They can use his exile in London as an excuse to collect even more money from the lower caste tambis.

    This is another story of Hindus screwing the Hindus. In this case Malaysian Hindu Sangam and Vythilingam have their fingers in the Hindraf's b***side.

  34. Anonymous6:22 pm


    Death Toll : 1 (Kuppu)

    1. Great grandmother killed in gems grab

    PETALING JAYA: A 76 year old woman was murdered while trying to protect the family jewellery worth more than RM100,000 in a break-in

    A. Kuppu was believed to have been slashed several times in her bedroom

    Police did not discount the possibility that the suspect is known to the family.

  35. Anonymous6:40 pm

    why say 'ringleader'?
    Noun 1. ringleader - a person who leads (especially in illicit activities)

    inciter, instigant, instigator, provoker, firebrand - someone who deliberately foments trouble; "she was the instigator of their quarrel"


  36. skilgannon10666:57 pm

    Mas 10:24 PM

    You posted: "In the US, muslims (sic) are praying in open air....That is what freedom is all about".

    Yup, and in Malaysia, Roman Catholics cannot use a certain word to denote their God. Is that what freedom is all about?

    You neglected to mention that it has been reported that in the US a Jewish synagogue allows Muslims to hold their Friday prayers in the synagogue. That is what freedom is all about, right?

    Salleh Telegu 10:53 PM

    I must say, that for a "Fascist" state, Singapore is doing awfully well in international rankings (WEF International Competitiveness rankings; World Bank Doing Business rankings).

    And why are Malaysians commuting daily across the Causeway to work in such a "Fascist" state? A state where Malaysian royalty go to watch the Singapore F1 race, and, maybe also, to watch Beyonce shake her booty at the F1 Rocks concert there!

  37. Apasal lak nak balik bagi dia balik malaysia. Kan malaysia ni tak bagus. diskriminasi. UK lagi best per.. Dia boleh buat sekolah Tamil, jadi menteri kat sana. Boleh bina Kuil bersepah2 ikut suka kat UK. Nanti dia bawaklah anak2 dia dgn semua hindu2 Malaysia ni pindah sana.

  38. Anonymous11:10 pm

    It is clearly stated in our International Passport;

    “ …….Pasport ini adalah hak milik Kerajaan Malaysia dan boleh ditarik balik pada bila-bila masa juga”……
    Dia seorang Lawyer, tarak baca atau faham itu sentence hah?


    I thought he went through all the trouble to meet all those people to relocate his people to a new country, macam Jews and Israel
    Ceh, ini contact Rocky pasai nak balik sini?

    Anti climax betoi hang ni!


  39. Anonymous12:26 am

    Wishediwaswrong says,

    "Similarly the Chinese should take the British Government to court for bringing their forefathers to a culturally foreign environment and leaving them in Malaysia to be taken advantage of by less hardworking natives."

    If you do that, the Brit will wait no time to counter sue you and the EMIGRANT because the real fact was that your great grand father was the one who begged the Brit for a favor in that to free themselves from the chaos and ruins that occurred back home many decades ago! Got it?

    Even though the tongkang's journey is wind-powered, those who used it to migrate still have to be charged. Nothing is free; not before neither now. Of course your great greedy ancestor have to pay dearly. The only way to return the Brit's favor was by working like there was no tomorrow. No time for pleasure.

    Luckily the natives managed to chase the Brit out of the richest producer of tin and rubber and since then whatever debt between the emigrant and the colonialist was automatically settle! Were they a bunch of grateful lot?

    And now, if there are issues which still haunted them to the point seeking revenge on the Brit is unavoidable hence by all mean just do it but for god's sake don't channel the anger to the natives (Pasik talibanis and the softy AMKayu) will ya? Pitty them, bro.

    Dulu Pas

  40. wishediwaswrong1:15 am

    Coming Soon in most cineplexes:

    Title: The Behind's Rough

    Starring: Whiter N. More-tea

    Co-starring: Your Tyre Ku Mau

    Synopsis: One adopted child went in search for his uncle Brit complaining he and his brothers had been mistreated by their foster father M. Layu. They demanded from the uncle a hefty compensation for the pain and heartache they suffered and warned foster father, M. Layu, of dire consequenses should they be subjected to further maltreatment.

    Were they successful in both their demands from Uncle Brit and foster father M. Layu? Don't miss this action-packed typical Tamil epic set in lazy tropical Bolehland, a land so soft and green that you could, with impunity, humiliate the very symbols of a country's soverignty and pride ' i.e. the national flag and national anthem; a land so accomodating that two out of ten persons you meet is a foreign worker, one of whom enters the country illegally.

  41. wishediwaswong2:22 am

    Anon. Dulu Pas 12.26 a.m. said,

    "If you do that, the Brit will wait no time to counter sue you and the EMIGRANT because the real fact was that your great grand father was the one who begged the Brit for a favor in that to free themselves from the chaos and ruins that occurred back home many decades ago! Got it?"

    No, they can't counter-sue us. We were not in chaos. We were gentle people, accomodating, simple-minded.

    Our past-time was cock-fighting. Our Sultans betted real estates the size of an administrative district on cock-fights. Another past-time was hand-to-hand fighting. It's a hobby. What's a few people being killed, here and there by the kris. It's all in good fun and to display our jantanness.

    Very few of us could read or write. The Brits deviously used a very literate Indian, Munshi Abdullah, to scribble something in Malay. Our people just signed them in duress of British pirates' threatening gunships. The Brit pirates bullied us into putting pen on paper. How could it be possible for that plunderous race to counter sue us?.

    Those days of gunship diplomacy are over. Those monuments and gilded marble arch at Oxford Street, the House of Parliament and No. 10 Downing Street, the Buckingham Palace in London and the network of railways and highways in UK belong partly to the nations whose wealth they plundered.

    It's high time we discard our naiavette, our inferiority complex and not buy into all those white lies, i.e. geretak Mat Salleh. Those whites are the same. The US, UK, etc.. They are enjoying themselves on borrowed money from fools like us Asians. We save. They borrow our savings. They spend the money we loaned them. And we pay our workers crumbs.

    They even left us a legacy which is now a bane and a national shame to us: the ISA. The whole world detest us for that bastard, thinking that we procreated it.

    Counter-sue us my foot.

  42. why is he called fugitive??
    after all the PM is going to attend the open ceremony of his x comrade 's new party ???
    and proven that they nolonger or never been a threat

    he should be free to travel in and out of malaysia

  43. I will definitely cast spoilt votes [Parliamentary and State seats] in the next General Election if the current Government allows the Hindraf extremist P. Waythamoorthy [Waytha] to return to Malaysia.

    This man claimed genocide of Indians in Malaysia and has been staying in the United Kingdom.

    Remarkably, his wife and daughter stay in Malaysia.

    If genocide is true, foremost on his mind would have been to bring his family over to the UK to join him.

    His wife and daughter have stayed in Malaysia all the while he has been in exile in London.

    An oppressive Malaysian regime that commits genocide would without hesitation, have gone for his wife, daughter and all his other family members.

    Waytha's wife, daughter and family members are safe and sound.

    Waytha is a liar. A venomous serpent who has shattered racial harmony, friendships and relationships.

    Waytha and Hindraf wants 20% of the top most level posts in our Government to be reserved for Indians for the next 15 years.

    Waytha and Hindraf wants a minimum of 20 Opposition members of Parliament that are elected exclusively by the Indian community.

    Waytha does not believe in democracy. Waytha is a racist and an Indian supremacist.

    Barisan Nasional did not get my votes in the March 2008 General Elections.

    Pakatan Rakyat politicians have turned out to be major disappointments.

    Different Tree but Same Wood.

    Hence the possibility of casting spoilt votes in the next General Elections.

    Perhaps, more independent candidates should contest the next General Elections.

    Warning for both Barisan and Pakatan.

    There are many Malaysians like me.

  44. Anonymous2:03 am

    wishediwaswong said...

    "Counter-sue us my foot".

    How the Brits going to counter suing you if you haven't yet start anything on them? On what basis are they going to act upon you if the intention towards them is nothing but a mere daydream!

    Yes, how are you going to confirm exactly the kind of reaction they would like to take if you have not yet start doing anything on them? This is typical Asians -- empty drum.

    Dulu Pas

  45. skilgannon10666:41 pm

    Hey Mas & Salleh Telugu

    Why the silence over what I posted? Can't refute the points I made?

    Interesting how these wanna-be patriots are rendered dumb by the application of logic and reason! And by reported facts, as opposed to flights of verbosity!

  46. Khairi A Wahab10:53 pm

    Kaum india ini dah lupa daratan. Kaum Melayu telah terlalu banyak bertoleransi dan mereka ini semakin melampau dengan tindakan2 provokatif mereka. Demand itu ini. Komposisi mereka hanya 7% tetapi menyalak sakan sampai lupa asal usul. Mereka inilah sebenarnya yang racist.Kenapa mesti ada sekolah tamil? Sudahlah diberi muka utk buka sekolah tamil, sekarang ni demand beratus-ratus juta duit rakyat untuk sekolah tamil ni. Tunjukkan satu negara di dunia ini yang benarkan kaum minoriti (lebih2 lagi komposisinya hanya 7%) untuk membuka sekolah 'perkauman' sesuka hati dan boleh DEMAND funding dari negara.

    Lebih baik kaum india jenis ini migrate ke London (tempat favourite mereka) dan demand apa saja mereka suka dari kerajaan Britain. Do yourselves a favour, migrate to other countries.

    Kesalahan besar orang melayu ialah terlalu memberi muka kepada kaum minoriti ini. Malaysia is for malaysian and not for racist indian.

  47. wishediwaswrong12:31 am

    Anon Dulu Pas 2.03 AM said

    "How the Brits going to counter suing you if you haven't yet start anything on them? On what basis are they going to act upon you if the intention towards them is nothing but a mere daydream!

    "Yes, how are you going to confirm exactly the kind of reaction they would like to take if you have not yet start doing anything on them? This is typical Asians -- empty drum."

    I regret responding to Anon Dulu Pas' comment to my original posting. Maybe my English is too poor that I did not manage to make him discern the tinge of sarcasm (the Kedah Malay term is perli) against the Hindraf leaders in that posting.

    There are so many ways to skin the cat! Being direct is just one. But it is so very boring. By the way, I'm not Chinese or Indian.

  48. Anonymous12:24 pm

    The Brits did them a HUGE favour by bringing them to other COUNTRIES and help free them from the miseries back home.

    Si Anu ni, belum tentu dapat belajar sampai 15tahun should he be where they were supposed to be, go to the Dalits websites and even today, they are living in miseries..

    Mungkin inilah sebabnya mother nature gave them such extraordinary features/cop (warna kulit dan bentuk mata) supaya sampai mati, secara sendiri akan sedar dan tidak sekali kala akan lupa, bila bangun pagi2 suluh cermin, asal usul mereka sebenarnya.

    Pasai, mother nature dah tau, mereka ini akan meghayap seluruh dunia dan buat kacau bilau dimana saja mereka akan menetap!

    Tak caya, go look in the mirror and see for yourselves. Across the Pacific/Atlantic/Indian oceans or Lautan Cina, North or South Poles sekali pun.. boleh instantly pinpoint their ORIGINS.


  49. Anonymous3:04 am


    The reason why i mentioned this: "counter sue you and the EMIGRANT" is because i knew who you are.

    Even though you tried to throw a stone at the Hindraf, the expectation was to kill two 'birds' at the same time. How is it benefit you (by condemning the natives)?

    "Sambil menyelam minum air" ada masa dan ketikanya disifatkan sebagai berperangai buruk. Kalau di bulan puasa tentu batal puasa, beb!

    Dulu Pas

  50. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Stupid lazy malays..indian and chinese had to develop the country and only for you lazy malays to kaut all the kekayaan...We were brought in by the British because they knew the malays were hopeless, stupid, didnt know shit...i guess only in the last 20 years or so..finally we some some malays like dr mahathir..ohh forgot it must be his indian blood feeding his brains..sorry for being soo nasty but I just could stand reading some of the other nasty comments...we gotta live hard and play hard...

    frustrated blog reader

  51. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Perwira..stop using Microsoft Windows..its tainted with indians who wrote the codes...perwira you must be the most stupidest human being in this world..and it reflects upon your dumb race..perwira is actually a sanskrit word from you are not allowed to use that word...go use youw own...u dumb fuck