Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mystery Letter at Teoh Beng Hock's inquest

Or Surat Layang?. The TBH inquest has taken yet another twist, with the mysterious letter Gobing Singh claimed was passed to him. The letter had the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's insignia but was unsigned. Letter made some fantastic allegations that remind me of some of Raja Petra Kamaruddin's blog posts (my favourite being the one where he claims that the Prime Minister's wife was there at the scene of Altantuya's murder) and recent Statutory Declarations (Private investigator Balasubramaniam's claim that Altantuya was "susceptible to anal sex", as told to him by Razak Baginda, comes to mind).

Still, the Inquest must do a thorough job and investigate the mystery letter. It used to be called surat layang in those days. If you are OK with surat layang, you should be OK with the postings in t4tbh ...

Excerpts from the Malaysiakini story:

"The mystery letter which emerged at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest yesterday is believed to contain claims connecting a top ranking MACC officer to the interrogation of the political aide, which could have led to his death.

Believed to be written by a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission insider, the letter alleged how the top officer and an influential politician had worked together to start investigations into alleged corrupt practises by Selangor's Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

And it was on this understanding that Teoh was called up for questioning.

The unsigned letter, which carried the MACC official letterhead and written in Bahasa Malaysia, also stated the top officer's modus of interrogation - which involves pulling the suspects by the belt ...."


  1. Cukuplah rocky, u look like a fools with no balls.jadila jantan sahut cabaran haris....telok tadaq kaa.

    in what sense u can refer to Bala subramaniam statuary declaration and still say that RPK's revealation has no merit?the private investagator and his family gone awol after a day he made the pc...rite after he went into a police station.takda akal ka?tak bole pikiaq lagi ka rocky?

    rocky, u bring shame to stallone for wearing that name.if u dont heed to haris and mujahid's anak jantan challenge, i suggest u go do a david caradine in the closet.

  2. Anonymous5:18 pm

    The more I read this fake blog on Teoh, the more I want to gelak with the stupidity of the blogger spinning lies. But I am really amused. Please continue Rocky and the other fake blog blogger for spinning interesting stories.The blogger makes it sound as if BN is damn so bersih and Pakatan Rakyat so damn dirty..woooooooooo...please please throw us more of this. I want to see more, both of your lies.


  3. jonas5:19 pm


    very interesting that the court deems the letter to warrant investigation. now, if i were a BN supporter, i'd say that the court is biased to Pakatan.

    listen to this:

    Tan Hock Chuan, the lawyer representing the Attorney-General's Chambers, said the prosecution has no objection for further investigation to be carried out.

    "All of us are interested to know the truth. These are allegations that must be investigated by police. Let the police investigate to verify the truth or otherwise of the allegations."

    Now, can we apply this to T4TBH, as well?

    so, now tell me...why is it imperative that the letter be investigated and for T4TBH be dismissed as evil etc?

  4. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Rocky, why no link to the letter? Usually you love to provide links

    Letter is here

    Links Links Links

  5. Anonymous5:35 pm


    I received an envelop 5 days ago. It contained several statutory declaration (SD) made by several prominent members of the Islamic Party.

    The contents is so interesting and it is about reasons (100 altogether) as to why peoples who voted for PR candidates will go hell!!!

    If you are interested I could arrange for the copy of the SD to be posted to you.

    For chinglots, this SD make no different altogether as they would not go to the same hell!

    pious chinglot

  6. it is merely a question of perception, bro. do you still recall, that evening at the npc, a pointed question, which you did not or chose not to answer, about public faith and the institutions supposedly to represent and protect, as it were, the collective interests of the former?

  7. Since TBH's suicide hypothesis has now been thoroughly discredited, what other direction should we look for to explain his untimely and sad death?

    Not so long ago, there was much spin by pro-UMNO bloggers that TBH died somewhere else. Now it's clear it happened from the window of MACC's 14th floor office.

    What was the Sherlock Holmes principle? 'Once you have discounted the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the TRUTH!'

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Typical Pakatan. Who believes this kind of shit anyway?

    For heaven's sake, this is MALAYsia and not some Bollywood or Collywood country. This is becoming to be a kinda Tamil/Hindi snake stirrer plot.....Please lah the Rakyats have more brains than that!! Give us the benefits of the doubts too....

    Pakatan politicians, PLEASE do not play too much politics ...It is becoming too overbearing and boring ..There are other things to do in life than just to do FITNAH !! The poor people of your constituencies need your help more than anything...If you Pakatan (and BN) politicians are really sincere to help people who elected you, stop playing fuck***g politics !!! Let MACC do their job...

    YAWN YAWN YAWN ...btw, whose turn now to sing the next song ....??? and dancing round the trees, golek golek from the high mountains ??? same old plot same old story....YAWN YAWN YAWN!!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  9. Anonymous5:44 pm

    stand why this magistrate had to entertain this surat layang purportedly written by 'SPRM officers'.

    my bet is, it is written by DAP members trying to divert attention from the potential tell all session of the TBH's interrogation session which I suspect will reveal all the corruption practise of the DAP government in Selangor.

    they just buying sometime trying to divert attention la Rocky...

    tak mau pecah rahsia..

    Gobind must seriously search his soul for aggreing to play this game. His political masters really are making a mess with such letter.
    The fact is, TBH died. How did he died? The letter did not even specify.. in fact it launch itself into some rant about khir toyo.

    the experts had said that TBH committed suicide... i am surprise that the public chose to self appoint themselves as the better expert and chose not to believe the facts presented in the inquest.


    (not an expert.. but so are you all)

  10. At this stage, it is a surat layang.

    But if the allegations about the personal assets of the officer concerned are found to be true then everything else will fall in its place.

  11. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Man you r getting pathetehic with the link to t4tbh.


  12. Anonymous5:50 pm

    You still wanna pretend to cover up and not know the fucking inner dealing of corrupt BN so called leaders? No feelings for the family of a murdered person!

    Why dont you just use some common sense and stop propagating lies, you BN arse licker!

    Sold your morales and integrity just for wealth and position. May you rot in hell just like all the other corrupt BN so called leaders. You may enjoy thier company in hell as well.


  13. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Well Rocky, after reading the letter, it does seem to be relatively easy to verify most of the claims made ie. ownership of assets and DNA on the belt buckle. The DNA and assets either belong to the accused or not. If they do, how did he come into possession of such assets?

    You do seem to have to put alot of fires out for UMNO of late. I do feel for you. Must be tough when you know your political masters are mostly half past six.

  14. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Why not post link to the letter itself? Let see the letter content.

    Say NO to Mongolia

  15. Malaysiakini would legitimize all 'surat layang' as long as it serves PKR,DAP and Anwar Ibrahim's agenda to topple the BN government.
    Press freedom konon.. piiiiiirah!



  17. Anonymous6:11 pm

    hehe..why suddenly it comes out just before they played the recordings by MACC.just another delay?

    why cant the inquest and investigation runs at the same time?

    Delaying trials is the game of 1 Man.


  18. Anonymous6:14 pm

    hoi rocky, your permatang pasir candidate is a crook...


  19. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Funny lah you.
    How come you can provide the lick (oops ..its link) to the t4tbh webpage but not the one that has the letter from MACC officials?

    You do not know where to find it?

    Let me help you. Its in that fugitive's webpage.

    Click for details.

    By the way, I know you are hard pressed to spin and spin and spin, but try to be seen to be fair.

    You love to put up updates to your original articles?

    Then why not update this article with a link to that letter by MACC also?

    Then let everyone bash each other lah with which one is surat layang and which one is not?

    At least you will be seen allowing and proving that there is 'freeer media' under the current Federal administration.

  20. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Ya but the mutherfucker Tan Boon Hwa saw Teoh Beng Hock at 6:15. He actually said 6:30am. What time does the sun rise in Shah Alam? Surely the MACC officer did not come at right daylight at 7 am and suspend Teoh Beng Hock out the window by the belt? How stupid can these Pakatan mutherfuckers get?

    The last person to see Teoh alive at 6:30 am was Tan Boon Hwa. Get the mutherfucker, strip him naked, put him on an ice block and this Teoh Beng Hock death gets solved.

    These people are Chinese, so go ask the fiance if she was screwing with Ean Yong. Is the baby Teoh's or is it someone else's? Thats reason enough for Teoh to jump.

  21. Raja Bersiung!6:33 pm

    Rocky. Forever the UMNO supporter.

    I challenge you to reply to PAS's Mujahid Rawa who says YOU AND BIG DOG are lying about the RM600,000 scandal that you both cooked up!

    Kepada mereka yang tak tau pasal hal ni, sila baca di sini. Ketahuilah siapa sebenarnya Rocky dan Big Dog ni.

  22. Anonymous6:36 pm

    hey rocky, tiring weeks huh? keeping up with all your spinning.

    this is just the begining, in months ahead and with all the umno/mca/mic shits spilling all over...

    to cover them with you spining like crazy, gerenti you will loose many kilos... at least on the brighter side, you'll be more healthier... ha! ha!

  23. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Make very sure the investigation on the letter not done my any corrupted & amateur cops.Best to be investigate by independant commisioner. Afterall the letter trully & believably close the the truth. It seems able to patch up many undisclosed matter, such as selective persecution of only Pakatan leaders.
    Timely to defeated & humilated former Selangor governance cry for revenge.


  24. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Musim SD sudah berlalu
    Dah mula musim 'surat layang' pulak..

    Isshhhh tak habis habis!


  25. Aaiyaa including the video clip which shows Teoh Beng Hock being brutally being assaulted , posted in many subservient blogs !!hahaha wa police ! wa police ! one of the guy was shouting . Today its wa MACC ! wa MACC !

  26. Bro,

    When my friend gave me a link to MT, and i read this 'letter'. I laught like hell... MT? Please la give other sources...

  27. Grokker7:24 pm

    ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice...

    It may or may not be a surat layang. There could be something there. I hope they do a good job investigating the contents.

    The Coroner has ordered an investigation and we'll just have to wait till Monday afternoon although it may take longer if the police have to make an appointment with the 'influential politician and senior MACC officer,' go to their offices, arrange for lawyers to be in attendance during the interrogation, and stop the questioning at 6.00 pm sharp.

    At any rate I really hope they get to the bottom of this case. TBH's death is sad and his family deserve to know the truth.

  28. Anonymous7:28 pm

    just like those in t4tbh, we also ok with this layang...

    we also ok with a big shot mongolian big screwed up.

    and we also ok with some big shot wife orchestrated the big mongolia blowup...

  29. Anonymous7:42 pm

    dis guy lead a mainstream n/paper? hohoho. the other side of TBH inquest is also pushing for the investigation of da letter... why shud we so defensive? tak bertempat betul....! shame laa


  30. keng tiong hai7:45 pm

    Thank God, there is still MACC officers with consciousness and willing to risk their career and life to reveal what is going on in MACC. Khir Toyol and the officer concerned should be investigated and be made to answer all the allegation contained in that letter.
    I am a Selangor resident, staying in Shah Alam and i want justice and good government for selangor not corrupted on. God Bless selangor and her people.

  31. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Itu surat ada logo resmi kat petaling street, atau mumbai street atau kat penang road pun boleh dapat!

    Itulah cakap loyar buruk, marah tetapi sejak hari pertama perbicaraan tiada satu pun cadangan si bai ini yang mendatangkan hasil.

    Last, last: suruh RPK karang sumpah palsu (SD)!! Kah, kah, kah


  32. rocky,

    you are good joker hik hik hik. for bala case if najib really jantan why the police not bring him home and charge him.

    for tbh blog if they feel man enough why not give the proof to macc or police? at least the surat layang go to inquest.

    rocky if you want to be like that parpu you should write better than him.

  33. Anonymous7:59 pm

    You all guys realized or not, the dozen over statutory declaration that has been shown in MT are all fake! Reasons, they all looked the same and it could only be made by the same person!!! Lawaklah RPK: Raju Pereka Karangan!!! hu, hu, hu semua bebudak PR kena tipu. Bodoh.


  34. jgnjami,

    Bala, wife and child may be dead for all we know. Rocky and his bosses are capable of just about anything ie.remember the immigration record of the three Mongolian girls ?

    We know Altantuya died a gruesome death and it is apparent only individuals high up have access and the authority to execute such a task(to delete record of entry) ! Wouldn't this suggest these sinister people involved wanted dead ALL three girls !!!

    You tell us all Rocky Bru.

  35. MACC the best8:03 pm

    Dear all,
    The allegation is serious, let the police investigate and confirm the truth. The mainstream news try to play the "suicide" senario and nobodys buying it....I assume those BN polishers editors want to try another angle. Also we all want to findout what actually happen to Teoh. All these Mafia or underworld is play up by BN....really coconut if "Mafia" goes in MACC building to kill Teoh. The only Mafia I see is this Nazrin, asking MACC to use pistols to shoot and this drama about petrol bomb. What a lousy old school propaganda trick. Which Mafia idiot want to bomb SPRM since all the hot topics try play up with Mafia links......only stupid Mafia would go and bomb the car. Really idiot strategy and not sure who give the advice to BN to do this. They should hire high quality strategist to win this propaganda war. Maybe all strategist lost to God's plan, as God's surely knows the Truth and has its plan. Please MACC, stop the mafia drama...and explain what really happen to Teoh. Go and catch this Tiong in Sarawak....he just blatantly told you he give 10 million to MCA. So obvious and you still busy with Pakatan? I know, because currently BN is very weak in Peninsular support and BN has to depend on Sarawak party....that's why this Tiong from Sarawak so daring. I guess Najib must told MACC, don't touch the Sarawak party as we BN already in "nyawa nyawa ikan" here in corrupt also corrupt la...just close one eye to this Tiong there. MACC OH MACC....

    No to Mongolia

  36. Anonymous8:10 pm


    you surely must have suffered from sleep deprivation these few nights.
    Its not easy trying spin a web like a spider, and your cause, to protect and deflect any barrage of missiles aimed at your masters. You must have a hide thicker than an alligator, or must have been well rewarded for being on the frontline, taking everything on the chin, with a smile.NO? But then, rocky, there's a saying when one sold its soul, an earthworm is worth much more.


  37. Anonymous8:19 pm


    You finally went over to the dark side. It is extremely disappointed. Any one who read your blog for the last few years can see it so clearly. It is so disheartening.

    What have you promised?? Once you are in, you will not be able to get out. You will not be able to serve two masters.

  38. Anonymous8:37 pm

    My theory. The letter is unofficially from MACC. So that it will not the seen as the one who pull the trigger. Using the coroner to get rid of a bad dude.

  39. Rocky, when NST sued you (and Jeff Ooi) I donated money and had a lot of respect for you. I am a follower of your blog. But now I realise you have sold your soul to UMNO and BN. This is the first time i have written on your blog, and also the only time. I have lost all my respect for people like you.

  40. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Being a lawyer, the more court appearances, THE LONGER THE CASES, the higher fees they can expect to claim from your client.

    Gobind kan kena sekat elaun bulanan, dari mana lagi nak dapat income, putar belit ler sana sini...


    Yang keluarga TEOH terkonteng2 sana sini kehulu kehilir bawa gambar TEOH. Bodoh!! Last2 kena pusing sana sini dengan lawyer, dia send legal fees, nanti ternganga baru faham bahasa.

    Depa peduli apa, anak kamu bunuh diri atau kena bunuh, dia balik rumah duk putar belit berapa Fees nak dapat dari kes awak.. Bodoh!!

    Hehehehe, aku dah selalu kena dengan PAKCIK MAKCIK LAWYER semua nih.. temberang lebih, mencekik darah!


  41. Anonymous9:01 pm

    haris ibrahim
    zaid ibrahim
    anwar ibrahim

  42. Anonymous9:10 pm

    must be the missing page of JK Rowling's manuscript

    harry potter we need your help ...

    pls send us TGNA magic carpet to guarantee us a place in heaven

  43. Anonymous9:16 pm

    rocky is the man...n this is the best blog,other blogger try harder abit instead of masturbating every single day..People will reach you blog IF it is good as ROCKY BRU blog..
    Be strong rocky my man...

  44. Anonymous9:23 pm

    hahahaha. what a big slap to rocky's face. but i guess it is worth it ya, rm40k per mth. just another prostitute with a pen.


  45. Rocky oh Rocky,

    You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.....

  46. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Rocky, its time some of these macc small guys who dared to reveal and dwell in the truth be made to disappear like bala and later case tutup kerana tak cukup evidence.

  47. Sherringhan9:36 pm

    what a timing?
    Letter comes at a time when gobind and team was clearly losing face, could not argue on scientific evidences, perhaps der Thai Forensic Duo too suggested what the malaysian Pathologist deduced, was most likely consistent with suicide..

    The Nasty Gobind Deo, goes back to what he is best at, conuring fake stuff, anonymous letters with dubious allegations and all..
    OK, so as the letter is going to be investigated he got a way to get off the heat, cool his shoes and buy a lotta time, as the ball is in MACC and Govt's court..

    If the letter proves to be fake after investigation, they will accuse a hell lotta other things...
    This is what Pakatan is all about..
    A load of bull shit..
    stinking bull shit..

    Just throw all these A-Holes into ISA, or best-- liquidate!!!

  48. Anonymous9:43 pm

    keh..keh..keh..wa sulah bacia itu sulat..itu sulat selupa china punya bahasa..aiya sepet..

    memang betul kata olang-olang tua


  49. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    A spaceship landed at the Putrajaya lawn yesterday, you didn't report this? You missed it? What?

    The aliens were from Planet Zug, and they wanted to talk to you, but you weren't really missed a huge scoop. Luckily I have photos, I was there covering real issues, and not spinning news. Do you want me to email you the pics, real close up of the aliens, the propulsion system was first class, anti-gravity stuff, even showed me around the craft inside. I think I saw ex-PM Badawi there also inside, chatting away with a few others, including PI Bala. Altantuya was there, she was actually taken away in this craft the night she was supposedly blown up, these clever aliens rescued her, and planted body parts at the scene to mislead the shambolic police. You want the photos, I have. Email me.

  50. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Bro. Dont make judgement just because you being one of the cronies. Protecting rice bowl or bodekking? huh..We are only asking an Independent Committee to investigate if there is any truth in the letter. Dont't just simply rubbished all things which are against your political inclination. Aku pun melayu juga. Tapi sampai mati pun aku tak akan jilat buntut melayu ke china ke untuk kepentingan dunia. You are really damaging your reputation IF there is any left.

  51. Timbalan Pengarah Pangkat Tinggi10:00 pm


    Who would believe the surat layang ? Majority will believe the surat layang better than your Malay mail.

    It sounds good. At least we know who is the Timbalan Pengarah Hishamuddin Bin Hashim and Khir Toyo are involved (speculation only ma). Ask them to sue if the allegations are not true.

    Bala subramaniam sampai sikarang pun tala nampak orang. Maca mana lu cakap itu statuary declaration tak benar ?

    Rocky mudah lupa. Rocky mudah lupa.

  52. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Its typical Pakatan's antics. Diversion. Belit.

  53. Anonymous10:22 pm


    Come on be fair ..when T4TBH blog come out u sing like a cock so loud ..
    Now got a the letter ... why u so takut ... wouldnt u want to know the fact? This is about a person life ..

    I wonder where is Rocky good heart soul that we used to respect .. the truth .. what happened to u my friend ..

    Dont u feel so hard to wear a mask everyday to spin for UMNO ..

    Watanna Merican

  54. Anonymous10:28 pm


    It looks like MOSSAD and Sing's MI6have penerated MACC.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  55. Salam Perjuangan,

    Kami dari Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) Cawangan Wangsa Maju, WP amat teruja dgn pengendalian blog anda..

    Artikel2 yang bernas dan rekabentuk blog anda yang menarik manaikkan semangat kami untuk berjuang melalui blog.

    Semoga kita dapat sama2 berjuang dalam mengembalikan semangat perjuangan anak2 muda agar menjadi insan yang berilmu dan bekerja keras demi mempertahankan kedaulatan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara di masa akan datang.

    Sama2 kita memberi galakan dan dorongan agar pelajar2 dan belia2 Melayu terus berjuang dalam memajukan diri di arena Pendidikan Negara.

    Kami juga berharap agar pihak anda dapat mempromosi blog kami ini buat tatapan umum khasnya dari kalangan pelajar dan belia.

    Yang Di Pertua GPMS Cawangan Wangsa Maju, En. Jais Abdul Karim menyampaikan Salam Kasih khas buat anda.

    Sila layari blog kami di

    Sekian, Salam Persahabatan ikhlas dari,

    Ketua Penerangan merangkap Ketua Editor Blog,
    GPMS Cawangan Wangsa Maju,
    Wilayah Persekutuan.

  56. Anonymous11:03 pm

    You guys wait a minute, let us be sensible, rational about this letter. Many of you write ANONYMOUSLY, yet we accept that as necessarry evil. Just because a letter has no name does not necessarily mean there is no truth. You got to be realitic in the real world. You could disappear overnight like our great P.I.Bala who thought he could produce S.D..Let us verify the contents, and the Deputy's wealth and pocessions can be verified. Hence the authoncity can be verified. Let the police do their investigation and independent corroboration can be done. Do not please politics into this. This is a very serious allegation hence the court has verify its truth. This is becoming a political drama, it must be judge on truth alone.

  57. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Nobody is saying that BN is sooo bersih. Be it pro Bn supporters and pro pembangkang supporters.

    But Pro Pembangkang supporters will definitely that PR is BERSIH!. 100% BERSIH. Are they being truly brainwashed or is there any hidden agenda behind it that requires them to believe and convincing everyone else to believe so?

    My opinion, if PR rules, there will be another blood bath (just like when the opposition came into power during 13 Mei) because this is a war that the opposition cant afford to win and nor do we. The political instability followed by the economy damages surely is too much for simple people who lives a simple life with work and bills to pay no matter which race you are.

    Unless, political stability and economic damages are what the opposition aiming for. For whatever reasons or hidden motives, we'll never know.

  58. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Ha, ha, ha... pakatan people will not trust anything unless it come from the mouth of their leader, they already lost their mind to think on their own. pity them. For one thing, anybody can write that letter, just a letter with letterhead of MACC (damn so easy to get of that) and a little bit of imagination.

    - koko

  59. Anonymous11:49 pm


    Lepas ini akan keluar pulak pengakuan dalam U-Tube iaitu RPK nampak hantu tolak TBoH dari tingkat 14 dan ia dirakamkan!!!
    *Dalam era ICT, apapun depa boleh reka, bro, kah, kah, kah.

    Sebenarnya semua itu adalah usaha licik dalam konteks: "matlamat menghalalkan cara" ala Pas, PKR dan DAP


  60. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Who is more credible ?
    Maybe need to retake the DNA sample of the implicated MACC Deputy Director and do the match again.

    Last man to see Teoh left building at 6.10am, court told

    UPDATED: Teoh Beng Hock’s Death: Fingers Pointing at MACC’s Selangor Deputy Director, Hishamuddin... Hashim


  61. Anonymous12:02 am

    Perhaps, all these morons are so used to be served with rubbish and craps information by the opposition blogs for many years .

    Even though rubbish still rubbish and craps still craps, but once they were forced to swallow rubbish and craps, in the end all these turn out to be their staples food!

    Good analogy is: pig & crap. For them (pigs), crap is the best. No point serving pigs with pizza or fried chicken as they would still take the craps but rejected the pizza and fried chicken.

    In the context of blogging, opposition see only rubbish and craps as the best source of information, partly because opposition blogs have never served reports which is considered as good and balance. This is where the problem start.

    So, when they came over to Rocky's Bru, their expectation is still lower compared to articles that is served here which is good and balance.

    Being piggy, good and balance reporting is too difficult for them to chew and digest. And because of that they yell and scream (like pigs), hoping this blog moderator will oblige!

    On The Fence

  62. Anonymous12:02 am

    When the blog came out for T4TBH , did you write that ?,,, sounded so excited if it is true.. This time you put it as surat layang , need to find out the truth first..

    Hey, what's going a nice song.

    senyum kambing

  63. Anonymous12:03 am

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe,NAEBSAYA,
    pious chinglot,



  64. artchan12:20 am

    I hope you will will use the holy month to do some thinking. Too much shit has come from your blog lately. May God guide you well.

  65. Anonymous12:51 am

    You have lost your common sense.

  66. The best comment ever pick-up from ANON 6.26

    "Ya but the mutherfucker Tan Boon Hwa saw Teoh Beng Hock at 6:15. He actually said 6:30am. What time does the sun rise in Shah Alam? Surely the MACC officer did not come at right daylight at 7 am and suspend Teoh Beng Hock out the window by the belt? How stupid can these Pakatan mutherfuckers get?

    The last person to see Teoh alive at 6:30 am was Tan Boon Hwa. Get the mutherfucker, strip him naked, put him on an ice block and this Teoh Beng Hock death gets solved.

    These people are Chinese, so go ask the fiance if she was screwing with Ean Yong. Is the baby Teoh's or is it someone else's? Thats reason enough for Teoh to jump."

  67. Anonymous1:01 am


    This Sat is the start of puasa.
    You have collected enough sin through your spins throughout the year.

    You better come clean and stop your evil spins.

    You are really an idiot, arse hole!!!!

    Anti - ROcky

  68. Anonymous1:11 am

    when the inquest seems to point to suicide it is astonishing how a letter can suddenly surface and what more points specifically to the fact that a certain officer's tactics involve pulling suspects by the what gobind had speculated to at the inquest.

    ada aje drama, especially when it doesnt seem to be going the way the opposition wants which is calling the death a murder. what ever happened to the 2 thai forensic experts they brought it? suddenly senyap aje.

  69. Info on the letter was also posted by an anonymous commentator to the latest post by Umno Reform 2 (refer to link below)

    In my reply, I did pose a few questions, including asking about his source(s) and whether he could display or provide a link to the letter. Curiously, the commentator's post had the following heading:

    "Surat: Kait pegawai tinggi SPRM, dakwa pakatan sulit ahli politik
    K Kabilan
    Ogos 20, 09

    Whether Kabilan is the source is not known. The commentator has still not replied.

    Tellingly, the letter is unsigned. If there's no signature, can it be considered legally valid? If we recall the recent Perak government takeover case, we know that an unsigned letter is legally invalid before the court of law, right? Also, it's not impossible for someone to obtain a blank SPRM letterhead if he/she has inside sources. And in this computer technology age, a computer savvy person can easily reproduce the blank letterhead, insignia and all.

    So the question is: Is the letter a fake? Is Gobind/DAP pulling another stunt to force the inquest to accept their theory?

  70. Anonymous1:31 am

    im so hoping wat is in the letter are true.

    at least, that explain Teoh's death! suicide? pls...

  71. Anonymous2:13 am

    reading the letter on malaysia today i came across a statement that said a senior officer had asked his subordinates to wipe window on the 14th floor. (something to this effect lah)

    then i was surfing and came across this interesting stament on the blog...

    4. However I disagree with him on the manner TBH exited the window. From earlier discussion and inquest findings, it is quite certain now that the exited point is the window on the 14th floor where the broken latch and a matching thread from his pants was found.

    5. Let us revisit what was said by CI Mazli Jusoh at the Inquest. Among others he said,” he found no visible signs of shoe prints on the window ledge or nearby walls” and “The window frame was dusted for fingerprints but the results were negative because the window was dirty and dusty,” The main crux of the police findings here is that there was dust at the window frames and it has not been disturbed. There were no markings on the window frames as if someone had touched it.


  72. Rocky,

    I do not understand this PR mentality..Please let me explain :

    1. PR accused Najib of killing - TRUE

    1. T4TBH accused DAP of killing - FALSE

    2. PR accused Najib of butt-loving - TRUE

    2. The Court declared and sent Anwar to prison for butt-loving - FALSE

    3. Memfitnah Rohaizad - OK

    3. Orang PAS sendiri tuduh Mohd Salleh Man - NOT OK

    4. Malaysian Malaysia DAP - OK

    4. 1Malaysia Najib - NOT OK

    5. Dr Mahathir tegur org Islam Malaysia - Mahathir Zalim, Mahathir "£$%*

    5. Nik Aziz kata DAP boleh caci Islam - OK, Nik Aziz hebat, Nk Aziz jamin masuk syurga maaa..LOL

    6. When BN bulldoze houses that were build on government land - BN Zalim, BN Jahat

    6. When DAP and Khalifah Guan Eng bulldoze the whole Kampung Buah Pala -
    Org India memang degil, Org India minum todi 24/7, Those ungrateful lot, Penduduk KBP hungry for money..etc..

    7. When any blogger write an entry that criticize PR -Blogger BN, Blogger sold his soul to demon, etc...LOL

    7. When the same blogger write an entry that criticize BN - Good, Fair, Welcome back, X for Prime MInister!...LOL

    8. When BN person found guilty of corruption - itulah UMNO, UMNO jahat, UMNO tu dan ini (why UMNO?)

    8. When PR person found guilty of corruption - Konspirasi, Tuduhan liar, Lie, PR people are angels that was guranteed heaven by Saint Nik Aziz so they can do no wrong,etc..LOL

    Do you guys see how pathetic these monkeys are?

    To them EVERYONE who are againts them are their ENEMY.

    Sounds very much like Hitler Nazi / Mussolini party/Bush!

  73. Rocky, how to have a drink with you when you become more and more juvenile in the way you try to keep UMNO afloat? You can read the letter yourself at Malaysia-Today. But I guess, you will never do the brave thing and do a translation of it here before attempting to suggest that it is a surat layang. Juvenile and lame!!

  74. agreed rocky..

    i am sure those pro-umno who kutuk the PR after reading the postings in t4tbh will now believe in this letter too and cursing the top MACC officer and one of their kaki - Khir

    whatabout organize a big gathering outside their holiday villa???? and demand for blood from these 2 crooks...

    and by the way... if you compare, at least PR doesn't cause lost of live in their corruptions.. but the F UMNO did ...
    So which heaven are you guys going ??

  75. Ocki Locki poki hoki toki soki noki doki zoki koki pick one of thiese names instead you pussy face

  76. Those of you who doesn't like Rocky, jangan baca blog dia. I dont read the utusan or watch certain part of tv news when they statrt spining.
    You UMNO goons are like those people who took such a long time to be convinced that the world is round. Real blogg head.

  77. Dear All:

    A guide in deciding whether something is 'surat layang,' 'kopi shop talk,' or just wild rumors lies not in how or where but by the quality of the information relayed. After all 'cakap kosong' occurs not just as warong kopi but also in the loftiest board rooms and even cabinet meetings! Likewise 'surat layang' can be camouflaged as an elegantly (or not so elegantly) written editorial.

    This letter purportedly written by MACC officers contains sufficient specific details the veracity of which could be readily ascertained. For example, did the Deputy Diretor give his DNA sample in front of witnesses? Was he in fact apprehended for khalwat earlier? Was the woman officer he was allegedly involved with transferred?

    Because of these very specific leads the veracity of which could easily be ascertained, this letter cannot as yet be classifed as surat layang rather as a another potentially useful clue in this investigation.

    M. Bakri Musa

  78. Anonymous8:03 am

    1.another guy was interrogated at about the same time concerning the same issue and saw the deceased in the pantry pripor to his death. Strangely, the deceased behaved like a stranger to him.......

    2. now what if i put it to you folks that this other guy aka "the Survivor" tore MACC some stationery in the wee hours of the morning when the office was deserted and anyone there in Lalaland and proceeded r hired someone to write the short story that ended up in the fuckhead's Gobling-bling's lap who then proceeded to divulge he contents shah rukh khan style (though he is pigarse faced nightmarket imitation of SRK). and who better to villify and link then a certain polly given that he is pain in the arse. Why not we get real... and step back and read the contents of all the shit emanating from the shitheads after the body was first discovered. wasnt that polly a constatnt theme in the scheme of things?

    3.TBH was murdered elsewhere, dropped off struggling from another highrise. Crime scenes do not lie. No splatter, absence of rivers of blood, the positioning of body and time of death (4 to 5 hours before discovery) make it patently obvious. Then again no one ever bothered to find out whether 4th, 5th or sixth or seventh floors were unoccupied
    (as falling bodies create noise and someone flying against his will would be screaming) but then who is to say we are all mavens at solving crimes.Another thing, those who postulate theories alien to PR are not necessarily UMNO goons or cyberwarriors and the sooner everyone gets that into their fucked up brains, the better, or can they?

    Warrior 231

  79. Anonymous8:12 am

    Stupid people like to read and hear stupid things...

    After a blogger 'Obefiend' shows us how stupid RPK...


    no wonder you all vote PR and DAPigs...


  80. Anyone can write an anonymous letter thats annoying since the writter is not human but merely a mouse disguising as a human to write anoymouse letter to avoid the mouse trap set by MACC

  81. Anonymous9:51 am

    Hhhmm..after reading the letter..just wonder if the blogger idiot who seems to reaveal many not substantiated docs is the Senior MACC who luvs to pull victim by the belt. The idiot blogger can even reveal how TBH been thrown out of wondow by the belt.

    Guess he is the real murderer & an MACC senior.


  82. Mystery letter? aka surat layang? also can find the letter in MT run by the coward yang lari kerana benar?

    Surat Layang is only reserved for one place and that is the garbage bin.

  83. It is widely now believed that Raja Petra Kamaruddin co authored the letter with a prominent lawyer assisting him in an effort to divert attention to other matters and in an exercise of unmitigated contempt of court in the process.

    Teoh has become a mere prop in RPK and other opposition members political ambitions;

    read more about RPK's adventure here:

  84. Anonymous10:21 am

    Raja Petra Kamaruddin is believed to have co authored the letter submitted at the Teoh beng Hock inquiry. A prominent lawyer is believed to have assisted him in his efforts to divert attention at the inquiry to other matters he considers relvant and important to his inteests:

    There is more to his publication than meets the eye.


  85. Didn't they claim that the Toyol fella also involved in Eli Wong's famous photos and distribution ?
    What happen to the Hilmi Malek guy now ? Still in Jakarta ?

  86. Shariff10:49 am

    For a so called journalist not to even thoroughly investigate these claims makes a mockery of your claim to be a journalist.

    Thankfully we have people like Citizen Nades around - at least he makes the effort to uncover the corruption and stink in our politics.

    You seem to have sold your integrity to the highest bidder...

  87. Smelly Fart10:50 am

    Any movie makers out there? This will make it a good box office hit.

    There are flying letters, molotov cocktails, doors kicked, leg broken, death, wedlock and what else?

    The idea is to cause as much confusion as possible to throw the case into chaos.

    All because the Gang members have been sniffed out.

    Just wait, there will be more surprises in store.

  88. Anonymous11:50 am

    We know lah Rock, TBH death is full of mystery as it happened at time PR facing so much accusation of involvement in corrupt practices.

    Given above scenario, more reasonable to suspect PR instead of wasting time on the irrelevant connection (regardless of whether the connection true or false).

    Therefore, don't lose direction. Surat Layang only make the whole hearing shamble. Instead go back to basic that is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they GOT NO connection to TBH mysterious free fall.

    Story Teller

  89. Anonymous12:10 pm

    As always, anything siding the Pakatan Motherfuckers, MUST be true to them.

    Bloody hypocrites!

    This surat layang is actually written by.. whom else? Cock-up story extraordinaire... RPK of course. This serial liar can lie through his ass, but only the hard core Pakatan motherfuckers will believe.

    Do whatever, but Malaysians majority votes will always be for BN. Pakatan can go to hell with all the lies!

    Wonder what will RPK come up with next? Oh! More SHIT, food for Pakatan supporters.


  90. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Dear bru..,

    I also have a letter from former G.W Bush. He invite me to joint ramadan buffet on his hometown Texas...hehehe

    wath u not belive me, am I smile, I serious dude cakap masjid punyo


  91. I say man brader Rocky.

    How bloody convenient,

    An unsigned letter from little birds with no names.

    Now, why would 'PEGAWAI-PEGAWAI SPRM' who 'serve the SPRM/the beloved country' make such a controversial letter that could SEVERELY tarnish the reputation of SPRM and their beloved country BAFFLES me.

    These 'PEGAWAI-PEGAWAI SPRM' is sending a message that SPRM's internal structure is so screwed up that they need to pass the information to 'reliable' outsiders.

    'Reliable outsiders' like Gobind Deo!

    Wow, how bloody 'neutral'. How bloody 'patriotic'.

    Not to mention the letter 'conveniently' drags an UMNO/BN politician into the controversy.

    This scenario will probably usher in a new 'anonymity rules' era.

    Who knows, maybe Soon an unsigned letter that carries the 'Kerajaan Negeri Selangor' or 'Pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang' would appear implicating such and such a person of such and such a crime.

    Would then such a letter carry considerable weight to the allegation?

    A farce to the end...

  92. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    At least have the courage to post the link to the so called "surat layang" and let your readers decide for themselves.

    Please search your heart this coming Ramadhan for the courage to blog fairly.


  93. Penulis Surat Layang3:30 pm

    Ayoyo...surat layang pulak ke?Siap ada kepala surat pulak tu...Agak2nya kepala surat tu melayang dari atas meja pegawai SPRM mana ye?Knape tak tandatangan?Mcm nak main2 je...Tp takpe lah..siasat aje lah pak polis...Bagi semua pihak puas hati...kalu tak puas hati...cari lagi satu surat layang pulak lah...Macam-macam ada....

  94. Anonymous3:42 pm


    Selamat menyambut "PUASA"..

    See no evil,
    talk no evil and
    hear no evil



  95. akupendekar4:01 pm very the ebrani to hambat Rocky. let's see you say the same thing to him in person. you sure terkencing-kencing.

    if youa re so bodoh to believe everything RPK writes, that's your choice-lah. not everybody bodoh like you.

    sapa yang tak buleh piqiaq, oi. kalau dah marah sangat dengan rocky pasai rocky buat blogging yang hang tak berahi...pasai hang-lah.

    yang penting, hang adakan teloq hang mai jumpa rocky...poddaah lah. hang pengecut macam semua tu.

    rocky dok buat posting pasai ni, memang depa tau depa nak kena bantai.

    JGNJAMI, u bring shame to yourself..

  96. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Pembaca budiman,

    Elok sekiranya dibaca apa yang ditulis JMD berhubung Surat Misteri ini. Persoalan yang timbul dijawab denga logik.


  97. alexander4:15 pm


    my my my....just listen to the Pakatan sympathizers.

    can you beat that?
    my take on this -- it dont matter if it smells wrong as long as it is right for them and is favourbale to them.

    as simple as that.

    i don't know-lah bro. menyesal aku beri kepercayaan pada mereka.

    they're using Teoh's death to bring down the institutions and to blacken the government. i suppose, the means justify the ends.

    sama saja. ingat BN teruk. rupa2nya Pakatan lagi teruk.

  98. Bro,

    Looks like the PAS/PR campaign is becoming MORE EMBARASSING. The latest :

    1. PAS Cadidate for Permatang Pasir involved in RM60,000 DUIT HARAM.

    2. Anwar involved in a $92,200 USD DUIT HARAM.

    3. Husam Musa sacked his assistant because he was afraid his assistant will 'bocorkan' his secret of receiving RM 66,400 DUIT HARAM!

    So is receiving DUIT HARAM part of the PAS/PR culture now? Is it a deposit to paradise? Maybe Nik Aziz punya paradise la kot...LOL

  99. Anonymous4:58 pm

    For those who are well verse in Bahasa Malaysia, allow me to point out a few 'flaws' in the surat layang which someone has given us link to:

    1) ...untuk mendedahkan tentang..
    2) Beliau bertindak demikian adalah kerana...
    3) ..tentang macammana...
    4) ..walaupun kuasa tersebut sepatutnya dibuat oleh DPP..

    ++many others

    The writers have A BAD COMMAND OF BAHASA MALAYSIA, if you ask me. Sounds like a non-proficient-Bahasa-Malaysia-person(or group), unlikely the SPRM officers, plotting something real bad with this flawed official 'flying' letter.heh


  100. Anonymous7:20 pm

    surat layang is the twin brother of statutory declaration

    who are now united to kidnap the truth

  101. Anonymous7:34 pm

    To all RPK arse licker..
    this is another proof RPK blog is fake...

  102. Anonymous7:34 pm

    raja petra kamarudin blog is fake..

  103. Anonymous7:40 pm

    i have read in between the lines. the conclusion drives me up the wall. spinning the gasing or top shall we call.

    i have posted many times in this blog. i had serious admiration for this blogger. but today, i am totally sad. not only sad but also fed up. why is that so? because ahiruddin atan cannot see the light at the edge of the tunnel. news reporting seems very wrong, runs into shambles but nothing else. and also not to forget - SHAME!!!!

    ahiruddin, you were sued left right and centre when batang kali was the head of the nst group. you were kicked out. and now, you are back there. for a simple reason, brendan pereira and batang kali is no longer there that you are eyeing the ceo post. tell me ahiruddin, tell me or us honestly, what brings you to cyberspace sometimes? do you know that 85% of your commentators despise you after you have allowed them to place their faith in you, not to forget that includes mine as well.

    you can even spin the best gasing under the sun, i am going to whoopingly buy anymore stories from you. malay mail is off my rack, the new strait times is also off my rack and that leaves behind the star.

    let me just walk to my store room later and throw all these mmails and nst into the bin which is made somewhere.


  104. For those who have not read the full text of the letter online, please click below (or copy & paste on to your browser):

    The blogger who displayed the letter claimed to have obtained it from an unidentified friend.

  105. Anonymous7:47 pm

    story from an island, jeng jeng jeng ...

    a malay family's application to use the void deck for a wedding had been approved

    suddenly a death occured in a chinese family from the same block

    they proceeded to set up the funeral parlour without waiting for their application to be approved

    when the authorities found out, OF COURSE the chinese family was told to vacate based on FAIRPLAY

    but true to nature the chinese family refused as it involved some superstitious beliefs

    SSSOOOOO, to cut the story short, the Malay family had to GIVE WAY

    in order for harmony to be MAINTAINED

    Morale of the story? - go figure

  106. kakaka7:50 pm

    Anonymous 9:01 PM

    haris ibrahim
    zaid ibrahim
    anwar ibrahim

    please add ibullshithim

  107. bodoh betul7:53 pm

    GreenBug said...

    Rocky, when NST sued you (and Jeff Ooi) I donated money and had a lot of respect for you.

    kekeke why lu so stupid !la give me money better , one riggit also can buy kopi o one cup

  108. Anonymous7:53 pm

    heh heh

    this is a classic case of the PLANTED evidence

  109. Here read it in VERY GOOD ANALYSIS

    Letter from good MACC officers accusing the bad MACC officer
    The mysterious letter which suddenly appeared and was given to Gobind Singh on Tuesday afternoon drew a lot of attention from the public.
    Gobind did not state who had given him the said letter. All he said was, and I quote from the opposition aligned The Malaysian Insider:
    So, who actually gave Gobind the letter when he was about to leave the court? If we know the person who sent this letter, surely it will direct us to the authors of the letter.
    So, if we follow the trail from the person who handed all the way to the writer, we can now establish who had actually written it. Surely Gobind is curious as to who had composed that letter. Everyone is.
    This is important when the issues described in the letter are discussed and cross-referenced in the court of law.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love it when this letter appeared. Thank God it did.
    If we throw away a pertinent point such as credibility (where we neglect the existence of real, actual persons representing the accusations in the letter), the writings in it had actually cleared up a few things with regards to the current inquest on the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

    First and foremost, I am happy to note the MACC as a whole is not a murdering pack of Malay officers bent on killing the chinese (as alluded by DAP leaders and also racist commentators in several opposition portals like Malaysian Insider and Malaysia Today and also some from this very own blog).

    I have written in my past article that it would be silly to accuse the MACC to murder Teoh Beng Hock, especially when there inquest had not even started yet. I wrote that there are a few scenarios that could have explained his death besides the usual ‘MACC the murderer’. I also wrote that the propaganda of the racist DAP had far too easily trying to divert attention by accusing the MACC as a mass murdering government machinery.

    But now the letter had proven otherwise.

    There are indeed many MACC officers doing their honest work in this government institution. Thank God they have clear conscience to tell the truth albeit through this anonymous letter.

    Therefore, the assertions that all government officers in all government institutions are no more than a bunch of murdering hooligans on a killing spree are not true at all. Kudos to the MACC as a whole.

  110. contd

    This letter in a way had pointed out who the bad apples are. As we all know, in any barrel of apples, there are bound to be a few.

    Secondly, the letter had in a way accused the MACC State Deputy Director, Hishamuddin Bin Hashim as the main officer in charge of interrogating Teoh Beng Hock a few hours before his death.

    It made great effort to tell us that Hishamuddin always hold the belt of anyone he is interrogating and lifting that person many times during the interrogation.

    This is new to all of us. The person writing this must be someone who had seen Hishamuddin doing this many times. But again, without knowing who the writer of this letter is, it is hard to see this as a real fact. Nevertheless, lets assume for now, it is true – that this is an insider information.

    Regardless, the logical thing to do now is to perform another DNA check on this officer so that we can now be extra certain that the DNA of Male 1 identified by the experts were indeed to be Hishamuddin’s (just like how the letter suggested to do). Perhaps now we will know that there were physical contact between one of the MACC officers and Teoh Beng Hock during the inerrogation.

    The letter however, did not tell us that it was Hishamuddin who caused the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Indeed, as suggested by The Malaysian Insider, the letter ‘does not say how Teoh actually died, which is the subject of the ongoing magistrate’s inquest’.

    Instead, it had inadvertently told the public that Hishamuddin has got nothing to do with Teoh’s death.


    Well, the letter said that this officer, Hishamuddin left the building at 6.10 in the morning. The letter specifically said that he left the building at 6.10am but without punching out his punch card (MACC office still using punch card? How retro is that?)

    rest in

  111. Grokker8:26 pm

    Having read the letter on MT that's puportedly the same as the letter handed to Gobind I can only conclude that the author/s have issues mainly with the TP.

    Khir Toyo and TBH are mentioned of course but the main grouse is with the TP. Most of the allegations, DNA collection, khalwat case, house, land, petrol station, etc are easily verifiable. Just a hint of the TP's involvement in TBH's death.

    Frankly the letter reads like a complaint letter with a bit of embellishment (details about property and girlfriend but slightly vague when it comes to circumstances surrounding TBH) -- written by a subordinate/passed over colleague who's genuinely disgruntled perhaps?

  112. rocky,

    how bout you doing some investigation for all your cik anon comments here.

    how bout you check the punch card of the said officer? did he not punched his card on that morning?

    by the way you can write surat layang to macc for them to investigate about anything. macc allowed this to protect the whistle blower.

  113. Enjoy Life Rocky9:58 pm


    Justice may be delayed, but it can never be denied.

    Let see. Enjoy your life Rocky!

  114. Rashid10:50 pm

    jgnjami even kopi jantan may not be able to help him because umno now holds it and owns it...

  115. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Berikut adalah 17 pengkhianatan Umno terhadap orang Melayu

    1. Melemahkan institusi raja-raja Melayu yang menjadi simbol ketuanan Melayu.

    2. Melemahkan sistem kehakiman negara.

    3. Menarik balik royalti rakyat petroleum rakyat Terengganu yang majoriti orang Melayu.

    4. Memperkenalkan PPSMI; menghapuskan bahasa Melayu.

    5. Menarik peruntukan geran kepada Sekolah Agama Rakyat, tempat belajar agama anak-anak Melayu.

    6. Memperkenalkan meritrokrasi; mengurangkan peluang belajar anak-anak Melayu.

    7. Memperkenalkan PTPTN dan mengurangkan biasiswa kepada anak-anak Melayu.

    8. Persempadanan semula pilihanraya pada 2002; mengurangkan kawasan majoriti orang Melayu.

    9. Menafikan hak royalti rakyat Kelantan yang majoriti Melayu.

    10. Memperkenalkan Islam Hadhari yang mengelirukan orang Melayu.

    11. Menyenaraiawamkan syarikat TH Plantation yang dahulunya dimiliki 100% oleh Tabung Haji dan dimiliki oleh orang Melayu. Tetapi sekarang orang bukan Melayu boleh memiliki saham TH Plantation.

    12. Menggabungkan syarikat-syarikat konglomerat orang Melayu iaitu; Sime Darby,Guthrie dan Golden Hope, dan sekaligus mengurangkan peluang orang Melayu daripada tiga syarikat kepada satu syarikat sahaja.

    13. Memetik kenyataan Mufti Perak, Datuk Harussani ? 250 ribu orang Melayu murtad. Semua ini adalah di bawah pemerintahan kerajaan Umno.

    14. Mewujudkan Wilayah Iskandar yang menjadi zon bebas, maka orang-orang Singapura boleh masuk secara bebas ke sana.

    15. Krisis Menteri Besar di Perlis dan Terengganu apabila Umno sendiri yang menentang keputusan Sultan di negeri berkenaan.

    16. Membubarkan Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan yang menjadi sumber bantuan usahawan-usahawan Melayu.

    17. Memperkenalkan liberalisasi ekonomi, maka sekaligus menghapuskan Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang tujuannya membantu ekonomi orang-orang Melayu Bumiputra.

  116. Anonymous12:19 am

    First: Determine whether the letter is truly written by an insider or just another poison-pen letter written by a third party who might have so much interest in the case.

    Second: Find out whether the author/s is been paid or just doing it for free; or just doing it for fun or cracking joke? Without the above measures taken into account, more likely than not this fiasco would end up as another series of a "surat layang" circus.

    Third, find out whether any of the politically motivated movements, cohorts, thugs or gangsters who lie behind what could be considered as a blatant attempts to discredit a public servant department.

    Currently, certain quarters are having so much space to put a negative spin and if this continues as it is, in the end any truth that surfaced would only be perceived as stranger than the fiction.

    Finally, it is fairly obvious that this letter frenzy is just another attempts by certain quarters to save their face for the upcoming GE13 contest. Nothing else.


  117. Just adding to my earlier comments. Because the inquest has not revealed the letter, we don't know yet whether the letter posted online and the one that surfaced during the inquest are one and the same. But there are a few things in the letter posted by Perisik Rakyat that are worth commenting.

    Who wrote the letter? The signatories to the letter say a group of SPRM officers. Judging from the content of the letter, it seems to have been written by persons

    (1) who have an axe to grind at the Deputy Director (DD) of SPRM; or

    (2) who are pro-PKR (the letter mentioned "mencari kesalahan PKR yang memerintah negeri Selangor sekarang" - only PKR was mentioned whereas Selangor is governed by the PR coalition), or

    (3) who actually have legitimate reasons/grievances.

    Some commentators in this and various blogs are pointing finger at RPK and even Azmin Ali. In any case, anybody can cook up stories if he/she has the ulterior motives and the desire. Remember those days of "surat layangs" during Tun Mahathir's time?!

    The format of the letter does not seem right because:

    (1) Normally in an official letter, only the first and last paragraphs are not numbered. But in this letter, paragraphs 1 AND 2 are not numbered.

    (2) The subject matter in an official letter normally do not end in full stop or period (noktah), but in this letter it ends in full stop.

    [ (1) and (2) could be typos or unintended mistakes, but government personnel usually don't make such mistakes.]

    (3) As for the slogan at the end of the letter, as far as I know, the standard phrase is "BERKHIDMAT UNTUK NEGARA". But in this letter SPRM is included together with "YANG DICINTAI". Is there any difference between "Negara" and "SPRM"? Shouldn't "Negara" supercede "SPRM"? Maybe SPRM has its own slogan, I don't know.

    Are there factual errors in the letter? Maybe one. The letter alleged that the DD was once arrested by only 2 police personnel for being in close proximity (khalwat) with his subordinate. But are not such arrests normally conducted by religious department officers (in this case JAIS) accompanied by police personnel?

    Then there are also the examples of bad command of BM as mentioned by Anon 4:58 pm.

    So there are flaws in the letter. The question of whether it is a fake or whether the allegations contained therein are true or slanderous, is best left to the authorities to determine.

  118. Anonymous10:05 am

    Adil of 12.03 fame,

    You deserve to be crucified upside down inside out for your 'unkind' remarks ....It takes another scum to know the other scum ...Just because I have a different opinion from you (and the Pakatan crowd), it does not mean that you can say anything you like on me (and the rest)...People, I wasn't wrong, was I? It is either you're with them or you're not ..if they don't like your answer, they ostracise you and say nasty things ....TYPICAL TYPICAL ...throwing tantrums all the immature in the head ...Brother Warrior, your thesis on these people fits them lah ...I give you 200/100 ....very very good marks ... LOL

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  119. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Well , the pakatan has to take desperate actions since the recent patalogists had confirmed the allegations were not pointing to MACC . It's always the works of pakatan 'surat layang' ? If it's true why they didn't expose it before ?

    That's all they are good . Like cretaed an issue of a Chinese lady being stiipped naked and asked to do the ketuk ketampi in the cell and later found out actually it was a Malay lady ? Has Theresa Berkokok ever seek apologise from the malay lady , the PDRM and the Malays for making this like a racial issue? For that's what pakatan is good spinning lies .

    I'm not saying that BN is bersih but only after over a year so many issues that pakatan can't solve and can't fulfill the promise , only create havoc. Basicaally , pakatan is worse than BN

    'Pengundi Atas Pagar'

  120. Anonymous9:57 pm

    well for pakatan supporters mt is their new bible

  121. Anonymous10:33 pm

    What else can you expect from thought vacuumed zombies. Since they are not allowed to have an opinion, the same principle must apply to all others, neutrals like us included.

    This systematic thought indoctrination conducted by the PR thought police allows for:

    1. easy manipulation of these morons. For instance, it allows them to program the Malay lovvas to road-roll and riot while keeping the chingkie and hindulen crowd sanitised from the fracas.

    2. unquestioning subservience and obesiance to the politically and morally corrupt upper echelons.

    Let me give an example, a simian like the one below can come up with high falutin platitudes,cut and paste mangled portions of the holy scripture and blaspheme in the name of Allah just to advance with impunity a certain psychotic and distorted schizoid view of Islam and elicit not a pipsqueak from the Mujahids, Mahoots.... oops Mahfouzes or the PAS crowd, whose manhood might have shriveled at the thought of reprimanding one of their own, a blithering nonentity at that):

    This allows for the selfsame baboon to equivocate like a fiend after stating this :

    “You shall invite to the path of God with wisdom and compassionate enlightenment, and debate with them in the best possible manner. Your Lord knows best who is deviating from His path, and He knows best who are guided.” – Surah 16 verse 125 of the Holy Qur’an.

    with vile and asinine gems like:

    1.Sham, you can stick your reforms way up where the sun don’t shine. Along with your damn keris.
    August 21, 2009

    2.Rocky, playing his familiar role as the conduit that carries the sewage..........,

    3.God have mercy on her and damn you self-righteous, pompous religionists!

    and come up with a classic from behind the skirt warning when some questions about the rights of gunny stuffed stone dead voiceless babes:

    warrior 231,
    If you’re reading this, I’m taking the cue from Lynn.No comments from you get approved unless your views can be expressed with a bit more civility and without so much vile.

    but then again when your thought faculties have been thoroughly raped by worthless garbage and programmed misinformation, you would be hardpressed to tell the difference between a bird and a plane closeup!

    P/S; Wonder why these civil society chumps raise no hue and cry over murdered babies. OIC, infants have no human rights and moreover they have been banished from god's (not Allah SWT)garden by decree, a revelation lately intimated via twitter to god's army:

    pinsysu Says:
    August 19, 2009 at 9:27 am
    dun bother with this Rocky that punches with dirty gloves. he made that choice of not standing on God’s side & so be it.

    much in the same way, the chief turban lollipop gets his epiphanies on who gets to heaven and who gets barbecued alive....LOL

    Warrior 231

  122. Anonymous10:35 pm


    oLDFART SAID " attempting to suggest that it is a surat layang. Juvenile and lame!!"

    Hi Oldfart


    You are such annoying senile oldF**k

    Wonder, y only pro PR got the copy and not brave enough to publish the letter head.

    Gorbind pilih timing yang baik untuk surat layang ni dikeluar, just apabila rakaman soalsiasat TBH dijadualkan untuk diperdengarkan.

    So waht is the best thing to do ?? DEVIATION. PR's game !! ~ as expected. DEVIATION by THE DEVIL

  123. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Is this SD true or not? Is our police force corrupted or not? Is UMNO corrupted or not? I'm certain some of you would notice that in order to succeed in Malaysia you need to bribe. Also, I think you would agree that our police force is very corrupted. Thus, even our police force is so corrupted it can be easily assumed MACC is corrupted too.