Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Letter to Bru, the New Yorker's Malay Dilemma

A young friend sent me an e-mail yesterday, wondering if I'd read the article on Malaysia by the New Yorker magazine.
The article's headline is The Malay Dilemma, borrowed from Dr Mahathir's once-controversial and formerly-banned book.
I thought that Anwar's Malay Dilemma [or click here, courtesy of commenter Long Live Dr Mahathir] would have been a more apt title for the article. If you rely wholly on the New Yorker for your analysis on Malaysian politics, you'd think that Malaysia is a nation almost beyond redemption, where salvation lies with one man.

The following, in italic, is my young friend's email.
Dear Rocky, I have always wondered why that, as a young Malay, my morale has been very low since coming back in 2005. Why my non-Malay friends are publicly telling me that it is because 'your skin-color people' that Malaysia is going down the drain and to the dogs. After reading this article, I think I have finally understood why. This is the reality that Anwar has managed to paint of Malays and Malaysia. Through the blogs and American media, he has managed to paint this reality in the minds of all Malaysians and the world. This article was forwarded by a buddy of mine in the States, nasi lemak, with the following comment. You should read the comments after the article. Thought it'd be interesting read for you. Cheers.

The comment;

Anwar will never be the Aung San Suu Kyi of Malaysia. How can you be, when for the first 2/3 of your career, you were the strongest man in the Junta?

"So many angry posts about Anifah and his "big mouth," but no one wants to link it to Anwar's already-launched American-seduction PR campaign. Just read that pandering New Yorker article. The impression I get is Malaysia is a backward neo-theocracy, with UMNO warlords running it to the ground Islamic-fundamentalism style - and Anwar is the sincere, self-doubting "messenger of god" to save the nation. What a load of cock. Sounds just like Ahmed Chelabi when he was bullshitting the Americans into invading Iraq - paint the nation as an American enemy, and they will take notice. BN is suffering from corruption and apathy, yes; Malaysia has alot of socially outdated and ineffective policies, especially race-wise, yes; people are fedup - yes! But framing us as Baath-esque, blind-to-the-world, anti-semetic religious rice-monkeys? Come on. Anwar is a true-blue traitor for going around shitting on Malaysia with such fervor, but it seems so many people want him to do exactly that. Says alot about his supporters and what they sincerely think.

People will believe exactly what they want, to get whatever it they want;
that is life. Anwar is just providing himself as a receptacle for our
people's projection - using their grouses as his personal platform to be Big Boss of Malaysia. Maybe the people need some kind of figure like that, to embody and fight for their frustrations. But, for the love of God, please know what kind of receptacle you are using. You may not notice it is a toilet bowl.

Nothing Anifah said is new - anyone with a passing interest in Malaysia
would have heard the Altantuya accusations (even my American friends have read it in passing somewhere on international news sites, and they don't particularly give a damn about this part of the world).

With the New Yorker article, the American intellectual community may now finally have Malaysia as a dirty blip on the radar. What Anifah did, in the light of this, is in my opinion, appropriate. Good thing Secretary Clinton didn't seem to take too much interest in Anwar personally (while maintaining that America brought up rule of law and due process during discussions). I think she can smell a rat here, especially considering Anwar's escapades with neo-con war-peddlers like Paul Wolfowitz. For my money, she knows how Chelabi played Wolfowitz (perhaps also the other way round), and won't take the risk on another asshole with a personal agenda. And despite his best efforts, Anwar will never be the Aung San Suu Kyi of Malaysia. How can you be, when for the first 2/3 of your career, you were the strongest man in the Junta?

By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed. Right now, the popular thing to do is
rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it.
So will most of their fanboys."


  1. Anonymous11:39 pm

    hear hear rocky!

    beats me how stupid malaysian can be when they put faith on anwar the loudest TIN KOSONG.

    yeah sure he rallied half the rakyat against the other half other people. but to what end?

    until now, he never gave his own solutions to the economic woes we are in.


  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Its perfectly okay for Anwar to be Malaysia's negative spokesperson, because he is a firm believer in things opposite. But if anyone else does it, then it is doomsday.

    If he joins the Navy, he would take position as Rear Admiral, directing from behind.

    Jokes aside, it is easy to get attention by critisisms, because it is a no brainer spew, easily covered by 'It's my personal view'.

    I think this nation has had enough of this bull shitting critter trying to project himself as savior of the country.

    I was duped into thinking this dude was a saint, but after some soul searching, I have reason to believe he is applying the crude used car salesman syndrome.

    Hard to buy, my friend.


  3. Malaysians have lousy government.What is disturbing is the opposition are no better.All our politicians are only interested in enriching themselve and the country can go to the dog for all they care.

  4. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    You should post the story of Datuk Seri Khir Toyo and how he was suspended from the state assembly and please don't forget to include his story on traveling first class for himself and family to Paris Disneyland on taxpayers' money...This is another Dilemma Paris style.

  5. Anonymous11:58 pm

    While I disagree with Anwar's brand of politics, you gotta admire his efforts in branding his image abroad. Yes, what he has done, and is still doing, are mostly self glorifications. But the americans, they know nothing about us. And when someone goes there to kow-tow to them, well, who wouldn't get excited. The Turks like him because ... well...they are still the sickman of europe.

    What I don't understand is why BN fails to counter Anwar. Mahathir did - via his actions and results, which won admirations from the americans, europeans, africans, arabs, asians....semua lah. Why BN failed to do so under Pak Lah is understandable - he was a lousy PM. But why can't Najib do so? No ambassador in Washington for 8 months is inexcusable. The neo-con people almost got wiped out from Washington, yet where are the efforts from BN to foster new friendships in Washington? Anifah and Muhydin should travel more often to the US, Europe, and the Middle East. You gotta buy friendships abroad, be it politicians, editors, special interest groups, etc. That's the game you play at international level. Else, you lose.


  6. Anonymous12:13 am

    Good spin. Just claim from someone who e-mailed or smsed you.
    What B,,,s&*t letter to Bru or Bru made it himself. Keep trying.
    You should read Two Faces by SH Ali.

  7. anwar should be shot for treason.

  8. The Simple man12:24 am

    Sure anwar will be the negative spokeperson for the BN govt. He is he opposition leader. I remember 1 night at NPC Rocky you said to a few people there when Anwar was accused of sodomy the 2nd time that you didn't believe it the 1st time too. In fact you said that he was set up too. Losing 6 years of his life in lock up, what do you think will his reaction be? Plus all the bullshit that you read in MSM about the BN govt and stooges in the police and judiciary. What do you expect.
    You just running a spin for your paymaster. Ok he pays you but if the whole situation in the country is screwed up bcos of UMNO and he is the boss of UMNO. Where is your resposibility to draw the line? I am sure you have some principles in you.
    Come on la Rocky, get yourself framed and lose precious years of your life in jail then talk otherwise stop this bullshit spin for your master for the sake of our country. Don't just think of what big bike or big posting or some other selfish reasons that you have just to put another person down.

    Off the subject, why you choose a Malay over an Indian to manage the Press Club? Ketuanan Melayu is it? Base for UMNO bloggers is it? Is the Indian Manager doing a bad job?
    You are the same like all of them UMNO suck ups. Racist!!!

  9. That guy faults Anwar because he says it in an interview to a foreign journalist. I agree la. Anwar should not have shown whats under the carpet. That is for us only.

    Instead Anwar should follow the likes and the examples of fellas like one Khir Toyo who is tolerated as a leading member of UMNO despite all the revelations by the SELCAT.

    FAct is MACC does not have the gumption to do the right thing about Khir. Why? Just becaue all of UMNO leaders look at Khirs conduct and act as well as that of his wife as Kosher. AS long as it is tax payers money that is abused, it is o.k. It is only not o.k. when an infraction happens within the UMNO paying to get yourself nominated or voted to an UMNO position.

  10. Anonymous12:42 am

    Hahaha! 2 faces of Rocky Bru! Hahaha!

  11. Anwar himself has never claimed to be a saint nor do those who support him regards him as one.

    But when you have to make a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, which would you plunk for 9 times out of 10? Perhaps people are so fed up with BN and the status quo, they are willing to give some one else a chance to turn things around? Is that not a possibility, when you have nothing to lose?

    And typical of the rabid UMNO supporter is to link any negative news about M'sian in the foreign press as a Zionist/Satan USA/Bush conspiracy orchestrated by Anwar and his Jewish moneyed friends at the IMF.

    You'd think all these Westerners in Washington, London and Paris have no independent brains or sources of information, given they all have had Embassies in KL for some 50 years?

    In the end, unprompted, Anifah took the battle to Washington, so let him convince them as to the "real facts." Let's see if he has a lease on truth that he claims has been distorted by Anwar and his followers.

    Oh, and when Anifah goes overseas and talks to the Western Press, it's not "derhaka", but when Anwar does, it is? Ha, ha, ha!

  12. Tsk tsk tsk,
    You know for all the hoo haa and name calling they have for you rocky and especially the part where they ask to boycott you it is interesting to note.. They would always come back, and flame you in the comments.

    That Sir,
    I find rather impressive.
    It's like a sado masochism thing going on.

    From the anonymous to the same person who uses different nicknames. I particularly like the one who takes a higher moral ground because his nickname comes with the word Malaysian. Like "Concerned Malaysian" or "Bangsa Malaysia" that sort of thing.

    And by following the tradition of your predecessors which is Editors who dies a bloody death I guess this a some sort of male romanticism.

    True you shall be flamed as hell for this, probably not as bad as when you defended Utusan Malaysia against Theresa Kok.

    But hey, real Journalist write to their conscience, not popularity. If you write to what people want to hear than you are a gossip columnist.

    Bro they call you a BN paid Najib sponsored blogger. Yet at BUM 80% is filled with Speakers who are Pakatan Rakyat politicians. You must be the worst BN paid saboteur ever! Najib should cut your salary.

    And if someday, you decided to be critical of BN and I being the Dacing Fanboy are angry and pissed with you do remind me the above statement made by me.

    They may hate you,
    but they still read you.
    And that is what matters.

    So sit tight,
    be generous when reading the comments and let the flaming begin.

  13. I think this is where Anon McPapadum makes a good point.
    Our image abroad fails not because of Anwar - as I really think this idea he has great influence over US Policy is a myth. I think its more a case of us failing to get our story correct and the government continuously shooting itself in the foot.
    Our Foreign Ministers have a history of sounding like idiots and fail to present themselves well. Our ambassadors are not professional and also fail to have the right skills for the job.
    And how many times have I seen our government spokesman appear on AlJazeera, BBC and CNN sounding like idiots and can't speak half decent English.
    Thus we focus too much on Anwar and actually credit him when really the problem lies with the governement's failure to communicate well.

  14. nstman1:15 am

    The New Yorker article was first class, well-written, well-thought analytical piece. If only our stupid journalists can write half as well! Yes, everyone is right about Umno. Umno is run by corrupt warlords, it has no vision. Its only vision is to enable their warlords to accumulate as much as possible. My advice to the people is not to listen to the lies of Anifa and his Umno sycophants. Truth will set us free, and the whole country is realising the truth about Umno and its web of lies, deceit, chicanery.

  15. "By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed. Right now, the popular thing to do is
    rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it.
    So will most of their fanboys."


    Na-ah. Not THIS cool kid.

    One aspect of cool is staying ahead of the pack. Not being one with the herd.

    I don't buy Anwar's bullshit. Not then, not now.

    That's me.

    And I spit in the face, of people who don't want to be cool.

    Carlito! Carlito! Carlito!

  16. Anonymous1:43 am

    "By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed."

    Well, at least you are mature enough (kerismuddin`s words) to get what u deserve & expect.
    Sinatra Z finds it impressive - I sure don`t.


  17. Anonymous1:50 am

    BN`s TV and Govt owned media continuously portray the pakatan as evil.

    Worshippers of Najib are entitled to their dosage of spunk that they are dosed liberally with. Haha go to batu caves anor god sits there - since he lost the elections.

    Ooops is that ridicule?


  18. McDunhill1:55 am

    The New Yorker has written.

    Well if you disagree, why not write your own article on the state of Malaysia, from your own point of view, Rocky?

    I can promise i'll read it, but i cant promise i will finish it though. What is true about Malaysia.. i can rightly justified it with my own eyes and experiences.

  19. Anonymous1:56 am

    Zambry is very handsome…blue eyes too. The skin complexion can be altered with advice from Botox Man Toyo. Hair can be modified with replanting techniques from Samy Velu the Hair Planter. Jelapang Beauty Queen Hee Yit Foong wont be able to keep her hands away from Zambry anymore.


  20. Another action like LKY req here...

  21. Anonymous2:04 am

    UMNO Mat Botox aka a/l Toyol, says ISA is bad..when he is suspended…

    “By suspending the four and depriving them of their freedom of expression, the Selangor government has proven itself to be worse than the Internal Security Act,” he claimed.

    When UMNO does it is ok. The mess is created by UMNO and they must pay for it.....dying slowly is most gratifying as the cancer eats its way through them.
    I LOVE IT.


  22. I just can't believe it man! Why our malaysian still believe this al juburi wal liwati eh?

    Takkan la org malaysia tak leh nak pikir lagi kot? Anwar kencing merata tp masih ada bingai2 dan bahalol2 yg percaya kat agen yahudi tu!

    Wake up malaysian! Let's kick out anwar berahi to sg buloh!

  23. Anonymous2:30 am

    Whyfor BN is so worked over Anwar?
    Wait alh Pak Najis alredi sending Jamaludin Jarjis to rabba rabba the americans.


  24. Anonymous3:04 am

    To Sinatra_Z ..

    i think you are one of Anwar's boys hehehhehe gila babi mempertahankan Anwar Ibrahim walaupun dah terang-terang nampak Anwar Ibrahim ni gila kuasa dan akan memperKUDAkan semua orang termasuk Pak Sheik,LEbai,Tok Sami Hindu untuk kepentingan PERIBADI dia..

    Mana dia bukti yang Najib terlibat dengan PEMBUNUHAN ALTANTUYA? Kesian kat Azilah dan kawan dia MENGHARAPKAN ANWAR IBRAHIM dan RAJA MONYET ooppss tersilap RAJA PETRA (yg tak reti didik anak itu) kononnya BERUK berdua ni ada simpan bukti yang NAJIB terlibat.. mana bukti itu?? Kalau betul pun keluarkan lah sekarang kita tanam terus NAJIB!!

    Satu lagi hebat dan banyak sungguh duit Anwar Ibrahim pergi kesana sini keluar negara naik Kapal Terbang 1st Class,Tidur Hotel 5 Bintang,Makan Restaurant 1st Class.. siapa bayar?? siapa sponsor?? Aku tak tau.. siapa tau??

    Sembang cukup kuat kat luar negara konon nya kerajaan Malaysia tak betul,rasuah tapi ANWAR IBRAHIM juga yang rasuah dulu.. bukti?? cuba ANWAR IBRAHIM buktikan yang orang-orang yang dia tUDUH RASUAH?? Boleh?? Tengok sama kan perangai ZIONIST!!

    So to those who worship ANWAR tu bertaubat lah.. memang dia hebat bercakap berhujah berpidato tapi kenali lah ANWAR dengan sejarah nya.. sama seperti GENG-GENG HINDRAF JAHANAM itu (no disrespect to my HINDU's Friends) yang memburuk-burukkan MALAYSIA. kawan aku INDIA BERAGAMA HINDU,CHRISTIAN dan ISLAM pun tak pernah dengar dan tengok apa yang di WAR-WAR kan oleh GENG-GENG HINDRAF JAHANAM.

    Tetapikenapa MELAYU BODOH ni semua boleh pi sokong GENG-GENG HINDRAF JAHANAM ini?? Tak pakai otak ke yang GENG-GENG HINDRAF JAhANAM ni secara TOTAL nya mengatakan MELAYU menindas INDIA YG BERAGAMA HINDU.. Betul ke?? kalau betul mana?? Kes Kuil di SHAH ALAM pun sebenarnya adalah ISU TANAH saja BUKAN pasal AGAMA pun.. Puak GENG-GENG HINDRAF JAHANAM (ahli DAP),DAp dan PKR yg bertanggungjawab MEMANASKAN ISU ini.. sebenarnya tak ada masalah pun.. macam la bebarapa Tanah Perkuburan Islam yg terpaksa dipindahkan..tak ada masalah pun..

    Secara umumnya segala kekacauan yang berlaku di MALAYSIA adalah berpunca daripada manusia beruk yang bernama ANWAR IBRAHIM yang tamak dan gila kuasa..

    ehem apa la cerita dengan ADIK NURUL IZZAH yang comel itu ye..apa pembangunan dan perubahan yang dia dah buat kat LEMBAH PANTAI??
    Nak harap kan Wan Azizah dulu PERMATANG PAUH dok macam tu jugak dari dulu sampai sekarang sampai ANWAR ambil alih balik.. Hairan bin ajaib ini la yang penduduk PERMATANG PAUH banggakan dan sokong sepenuhnya KEBIJAKSANAAN dan KETOKOHAN ANWAR IBRAHIM..

  25. Bro Puks, the difference is Anifah was talking about Anwar! Whereby Anwar is always talking about the entire goverment and the nation bro!

    Can you see the differences my brother Puks!

    Peace bro!

    "Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat!"

  26. Salam Bro...

    I did wrote about this Ian Buruma's bullshit a few days ago...

    catch it out...

  27. Anonymous3:56 am

    Same old scripts Rocky.
    Real Hidustani movie.

  28. Abdul4:01 am

    I thought Umno politicians paint the Malays as weak who can't compete while Anwar says they can compete. No? I thought Mahathir has been telling us that they are weak for centuries? That they are genetically weak even?

  29. denial syndrome6:30 am

    "Why my non-Malay friends are publicly telling me that it is because 'your skin-color people' that Malaysia is going down the drain and to the dogs." ---clueless Young Malay.

    Is true you know young man. I give you a good example, when the British left us in 1957 they left us with the best secondary school in the whole of south east asia and that is Penang Free School. Even Singapore's Raffles Institution could only claim just as good then. Young man if you make a tour to Penang Free School and Raffles Institution now you would understand unless you are born without eyes. Indeed many young man like you are born without "eyes" and they are joining as UMNO members, we call this as denial syndrome.

  30. “A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me.”Victor FrankensteinWell, we know what happens in the end now, don't we?

  31. Anonymous7:01 am

    y do people believe dsai and not mahathir or najib? y not bn politicians?


  32. Anonymous7:19 am


    i think Anwar sent their cybertroopers to punch you out...

  33. heyyy... what the HECK???!!! Let's blame Anwar for everything that is NOT right about Malaysia, right??!!!

    After all UMNO/BN politicians can do NO wrong while in Bolehland....

  34. Anonymous7:33 am

    Hello Rocky,

    There must be a hell of a lot of people who live off BN in this country I guess: anyone and everyone who disagrees with Anwar Ibrahim or PR is receiving payments from BN. Must be an easy life right? Just shout for BN and hey, presto, there's money in the kitty. The WOW factor?

    And another thing: anyone who is Malay is racist too. The others who call others racists are simply not racists; they are just OTHERS.

    Boy, have I got a lot of learning to do.


  35. I couldn't have put it better.

    "By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed. Right now, the popular thing to do is
    rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it.
    So will most of their fanboys."

  36. Anonymous8:58 am

    while i think anwar is the same rank as chin peng and should be sent to turkey rather than southern thailand, i am also awed and flabergasted by the fact that none of the government people did anything to counter anwar's antics.

    I guess UMNO warlords have a lot of "skeletons" in their closests especially when the UMNO SIL, KJ, even manage to give anwar's passport personally upon his released from prison.

    and i guess the malays must need an antagonist like anwar since it is part of the malays culture and heritage...

    syed mahmood

  37. Anonymous9:09 am

    Helo Penyokong Umno,

    U orang pakai otak dan tanya diri sendiri--pakar pakar undang undang ada di sebelah mana--pembangkang kan.Satu dunia sudah tahu,makhamah kita adalah korup--video linggam telah dedah betapa korup hakim hakim--yang paling ketara sekarang ialah kes Altantuya--tak payah panggil saksi saksi penting. Terang terang menunjukkan sifat makhamah kangaru.Jadi siapa lebih tahu tentang undang undang.Yang saya tahu Umno menggunakan polis dan Pemuda Umno celaka untuk ugut rakyat.Siapa yang terlibat dalam kerja kerja haram.Bekas ketua umno diktator Mahathir adalah ketua perompak kolar putih--mengikut kajian Morgan Stanley--beliau telah curi dan sia siakan duit RM300 bilion sepanjang diktaship beliau--21 tahun.Toyo pula telah curi duit rakyat Selangor beratus juta.Bekas MB Selangor Muhd telah ditangkap dengan 2.4 juta ringgit di Australia,Najib yang curi berbilion ringgit dalam pembelian kapal sukoi dan submarine mengarah Sirul dan Azilah membunuh Altantuya--boleh baca di Malaysia Today,Perompak AP Rafidah,Perogol kanak kanak Rahim Thamby,jutawan Khairy yang tak kerja--mana dapat juta juta untuk beli saham,ketua perompak polis Musa, yang beri kontrak sewa helikopter yang bernilai RM20 bilion kepada anaknya,perompak kayu balak Taib Mahmud,ketua anjing MACC-Ahmad yang mempunyai anak phidophile--yang telah kena tangkap di australia--jadi pakai otak dan tanya sendiri siapa yang terlibat dalam aktiviti Haram--u orang tak malu kah menyokong pemimpin haram ini--otak awak dekat mana ah--tak boleh fikir secara rasional.Kenapa Transparency International telah letak status Malaysia ke 47 banding dengan Singapore--no 4--sebab orang yang dipertanggungjawapkan untuk memerintah negara curi duit rakyat--just simple as that--no need to be a rocket scientist to figure out.Scandal terkini ialah PKFTZ--RM12 billion telah dicuri oleh perompak perompak Umno/BN.
    Pasal DSAI tak payah cerita--tanya budak pun tahu ada conspiracy untuk bunuh karier politiknya. Sukma dan Munawar tidak pun buat laporan polis bahawa mereka telah di liwat--tetapi polis telah tangkap mereka dibawah ISA dan seksa mereka untuk menuduh DSAI liwat mereka. Azizan pula tidak diperiksa oleh doktor tetapi masih boleh dihukum oleh makhamah yang korup itu. Saiful pula telah diperiksa oleh doktor tetapi tidak ada kesan liwat--tetapi berani sumpah atas Al-Quran kerana duit. Ikut bos dia yang sumpah tak kenal Altantuya--tetapi baru baru ini telah tersebar di seanataro dunia berita Altantuya. Kalau beliau tidak terlibat kenapa ADCnya Musa Safri arah Azila dan Sirul jumpa Razak Baginda. Kalau makhamah impartial--kenapa tidak panggil Musa Safri untuk beri keterangan. Apa motif Azila dan Sirul bunuh Altantuya--kalau bukan wang. Dan siapa yang janji wang itu. Jadi apa nilainya bersumpah atas Al-Quran.Dalam kes Saiful--mereka kata ada bukti kukuh--tetapi tak berani bicara di hadapan Hakim Komathi--seorang hakim yang impartial--takut kalah. Tetapi konspirator mati mati mahu dengar kes tersebut di makhamah tinggi--supaya mereka boleh lantik seorang hakim yang korup seperti Augustine Paul. Kehakiman yang korup telah dibongkar dalam video Lingam. Jadi apa lagi hendak di kata. Pakai otak dan fikir secara rasional. Tunggu lepas PRU13--PR akan bina lebih banyak penjara untuk masukkan semua perompak,pembunuh, penyangak,perogol UMNO/BN kedalam penjara.
    Pasal kedudukan MB Nizar, mahkamah tinggi telah putuskan, hanya "a vote of no confidence in the DUN" boleh singkirkan beliau dari jawatannya--sultan pun tidak ada kuasa untuk singkirkan beliau--penyokong No1 Umno--Mahathir pun telah bersetuju dengan keputusan itu--jadi tak payah cakap banyak--kalau anak jantan bubarkan DUN dan adakan pilihan raya--baru tahu rakyat mahu kerajaan dipimpin oleh siapa--jangan cakap buang duit saja--tapi perompak perompak Umno/BN boleh curi duit rakyat dalam scandal terkini--PKFTZ--RM12 billion

    Anti Umno

  38. RockyPru9:12 am

    Mr.KETAM ni memang penganut UMNO tegar betul la....pendek kata, kalau diizinkan Allah, UMNO kalah PRU nanti, aku bet dia ni sure mesti bunuh diri punya...


  39. Halamak Bro,
    macamana tiba tiba aku boleh jadi Anwar Ibrahim punya Fanboy lah.

    Encik Ketam anda salah orang.

    Betul tak tipu.

    Aku memanglah Fanboy tapi bukan Anwar Ibrahim punya lah.


  40. Anonymous9:23 am


    Anifah in US to 'gangbang' Anwar only right?

    good selection of menteri luar negeri....


    continue to do the darndest things in your life...


  41. botak9:25 am


    RPK's dilemma now is his son's case.

    While the father busy hitting BN, his son also busy stealing bikes and stealing.

    what a fun living in Malaysia.

    cakap tak serupa bikin.

  42. Hai all,

    My view is that whatever your problem at home don't tell the worldlah. This Anwar is a real traitor. He just wants other poeple's sympathy.....bull. What a crap this guy is....

  43. Anonymous9:34 am


    It amuses me that you always use others to condemn Anwar...even after Anwar Vs Sultan..

    Grow up! The spin stops somewhere!

    Mat bin Mat

  44. Anonymous9:36 am

    macha bru...

    you tahu mana itu PI Bala sembunyi tak? bukan apa, kalau cerita PI bala you punya paper boleh laku sikit..

    aku dengar kau dah jadi CEO malay mail...wah....tahniah bru!

    tapi aku dan kenkawan aku dah lama tak baca la malay mail la...boring tahap gaban!

    aku tengok promoter kau tu kesian dok 'bertengek' kat depan pelita jln ampang...tak de sapa nak beli pon paper kau...

    sama jugak dengan cerita/email terbaru kau nie....
    tak de nak 'beli'! no one is going to but this story accept for ppl like parpukari.

    boleh tanya anifah 'tak' aman kot2 dia yang hantar story nie kat kau...

    jumbo mumbo

  45. Anonymous9:55 am

    rocky any truth that you are the adviser to these bpn bloggers.

    just wondering

  46. Well,

    Government haters will keep on booing Rocky for his so-called anti-Anwar posts, while cheering him for his anti-gov posts.

    Maybe Anwar really is the ONLY PERSON to save Malaysia from doomsday. [chuckles]

  47. Good one Rocky.
    Always enjoyed your writing.

  48. Anonymous10:34 am

    Hidup Khairy Jamaluddin! Pepatah berjuang sampai mati memang tepat buat sdr…Pantang Maut Sebelum Ajal! Nasib sdr KJ memang baik dan cita2 sdr untuk menjadi PM sebelum umur 40 kemungkinan besar adalah amat cerah kerana dibantu Datuk Najib Razak sendiri.
    Kalau Strategis Media sdr Rasyid Yusof gagal mendapat tempat dalam pentadbiran Tan Sr Mahyidin Yasin, Penasihat Media sdr Zainul Aripin telahpun diberikan peranan amat penting dan besar dalam NSTP – jaga BH, NST dan Harian Metro! Di tambah dengan jaringan media baru NSTLive! Sudah pasti sdr KJ akan berjaya dalam mengejar cita2nya.
    Sdr tidak perlu bersedih keatas apa yang terjadi kepada Mat Rasyid kerana dia kini boleh bergandingan dengan Zainul untuk rancang penampilan politik jangkapanjang sdr.
    Orang NSTP kata kombinasi Zainul dan Mat Rasyid akan ‘kencing Mat Talib’ yang dianggap tidak cerdik dan mudah dipermainkan oleh Zainul!
    Tanniah sekali lagi KJ! Kali dan Brendan memang cerdik dan yang rugi dan kena tipu ialah Najib kerana tidak siasat latarbelakang orang KJ dengan mendalam sehingga berjaya mendapat menembusi pentadbiran Najib dengan amat mudah. Sebagai ketua, Najib tidak boleh salahkan orang lain jika tersilap langkah!


  49. Anonymous10:45 am

    Bro, we want to read the full article. Can u provide the link? Thanks!


  50. actually running down the government is not the popular thing to is the only thing to do since the government is made up of people who are greedy and have no righteousness..especially politicians..personally i don't care which side they are..BN or PR..they're all the same..

    the rakyat own this country, we ARE this is bcos of us that these people are in power enjoying wealth and perks while we the rakyat suffer constantly with a meagre existence..the country and it's wealth that we entrusted to them is not being managed properly for our benefit but only for the benefit of a few people..

    so UMNO warlords running the country into the ground?..yep sounds just right..

  51. Anonymous10:58 am

    Hello, Rocky the dark knight:

    How can anyone be wrong about the den of thieves controlled by your paymaster ? RM12 billion for PKFZ down the drain. What do you think about that ? How many years of scholarships for all smart kids ? How many years of subsidy for the poor ?

    RM500 million for Razak Baginda. How come he gets it, and I don't ?

    And the never-ending AP story. 100 pct of the AP revenues go to Malays. Where are these Malays ? Have they ploughed the money back to help other Malays ? Who buys mansions in Perth, Toronto, Montreal, London, Sydney ?

    Billions and upon billions of taxpayers' money lost to the very people we voted to run the country.

    Just one message to your paymaster, Rocky: STOP THE STEALING, AND THE COUNTRY WILL RIGHT ITSELF. Can he do it ? Will he do it ?

    It's fast going down the drain....and the dark side of the force won't have anything to steal anymore.....


  52. Anonymous11:00 am

    Ah Mr. Rocky,
    You yourself has made a 360 degrees about turn. If you condemn Anwar as without principles and a turncoat, please look into the mirror and tell us what you see.


  53. i think a lot of people are missing the point. no one denies than anwar has a checkered past. However in today's climate Anwar & PR seem to be the lesser of 2 evils.

    BN has in the pass few years portrayed a very negative image of itself.

    - its leaders (umnoputras of all races, UMNO, MIC, MCA,Gerakan etc) are seemed to be very arrogant

    - its leaders all seem to have lavish houses & cars while the common folk toil about their daily lives. (why the UMNO/ BN grassroots do not question this i do not know)

    - that all institutions of power; police, EC, judiciary, mass media seem to be at BN's beg and call

    - no one questioned and no action taken when photographic evidence of the burning & shredding of official govt documents when the 5 BN states fell. it does not matter if they were "suppossedly copies" - even the copies are govt official govt documents.

    - blatant corruption in the siphoning of public funds in the name of "compensation/ commission"

    - blatant corruption in the use of public funds and govt machinery for election campaigns. even the PR state govts campaign on their own free will and funds from public donations.

    - blatant misuse of public funds especially the so called "fact finding missions". e.g. trying to convert TARRC grounds in UK into a sports training complex. from day 1 those in the UK alread know that the land is classified as heritage land. there was no way we could build a sports complex on it. yet so many "fact finding missions" with huge entourages made repeated trips to uk.

    - why the bumiputra 30% share of a newly public listed company be given to only a small number of "bank appointed" directors and not any other person or group of bumiputras

    - the ridiculous charges just to silent the opposition while there are many more serious crimes to worry about which seems to be getting worse with the on-going recession. why the 100 police officers to watch 11 malaysians lighting candles when those 100 officers can be a substantial force to tackle the mat rempit gangs.

    there are many more examples why the rakyat is so pissed off with BN. i admit anwar and PR do have some demons in their closet. if another clean charismatic leader were to lead PR or BN, i am sure many Malaysians will look up to him or her. but failing that, anwar and PR is our only small light in this dark tunnel.

    if tengku razaleigh were to be UMNO president today, i think things would have been much better for BN.

  54. Anonymous11:02 am

    What make you think that everybody believes what he/she reads? You mean we cannot think for ourselves?

    In the case of our beloved malaysia where corruption and abuse of power is so rampant do we need 'articles' in the new yorker or whatever, or anwar or whoever to convince us that there are indeed things that are very wrong but go uncorrected in this country?

    C'mon people, get real. As they say you can fool some people some time. You can even fool all the people some time. But you cannot fool ALL the people ALL the time. After 50 years we realise how true this saying is.

    mat taib

  55. Anonymous11:24 am

    Another piece of crab.

  56. Anifar Aman: "DPM is a lucrative post"

    This quote is a window into the mind of UMNO goons, getting a position is a way to riches, not to serve.

  57. Anonymous11:37 am

    Lately, you have taken yourself to damage the PKR and Anwar, by default image building for Najib and BN. i just wonder whether you are a mercenery for one group, since you are difinately partisan.Or are you a one man Brand promoter or Public Relation officer. Be a journalist first, the criteria being neutral and fair.


  58. Anonymous11:56 am

    The dilemma of the Malays, especially the UMNOputras, is this:

    After 30 years of NEP, they have come to rely on government sponsored crutches. Even the simple act of stealing by UMNO depends on other people to scheme, plan and execute. Of course if I am a smart Chinese, I will go to UMNO with scheme to make money, give 70 pct of the ill-gotten gains to UMNOputras, and I am still OK with the remaining 30 pct.

    Almost every scheme that has been hatched to defraud the public has the Ali-Baba connection: Bank Bumiputra (remember George Tan?), Perwaja, PKFZ....the list goes on.

    The message to my Malay brothers in UMNO is this: LEARN TO STEAL ON YOUR OWN. Then you can claim to be smart. Then you can write to the New Yorker and say "I did it my way."


  59. Anonymous11:59 am

    donplaypuki@ Anwar's arse licker. Emm.. please Anwar can i have some more? (quote Oliver).

  60. Anonymous said...

    What make you think that everybody believes what he/she reads? You mean we cannot think for ourselves?


    NO. Especially if Anwar is in heat.

    To me, this is treason. You don't go out there and bad-mouth your own country to one of its biggest trade partners.

    That destroys a lot of business opportunities for Malaysia.

    And like it or not, when Malaysia prospers, it's not just BN politicians that get the money. PR politicians and subsequently, THE RAKYAT also gets a piece.

    We can squabble about the size of the piece later.

    But to put the importance of yourself above the country, to sabotage Malaysia in the hopes that a foreign power will come and install you as a puppet king, is, in my book, stupid, selfish and cowardly.

    May God have mercy on man and machine.

  61. Anonymous12:49 pm

    We have spin. We are a nation of spinners.

  62. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Anwar may have his shortcomings. But the ruling party has until now could not find any evidence to charge him in court for corruptions. This is the type of person that I will support because I know the taxes that I paid are in good hands. Again I say to you Rocky, you are not young. Be thankful for the last few years on earth by doing good to others.

  63. Anonymous1:14 pm

    BN is suffering from corruption and apathy, yes; Malaysia has alot of socially outdated and ineffective policies, especially race-wise, yes; people are fedup - yes!

    What is being done to overcome these issues, both by BN & PR....NOTHING and thats why we are going down the drain

  64. When I was a child, I use to sleepwalk and for a while, reading anon 9.09AM Anti UMNO, I thought I had developed the innate ability where my sensory motor activate to 'sleep and type'.

    Well done anon 9.09AM, hats off. Obviously, you care deeply, even for detractors who are off the rocks.

    Soldier on my friend and through thick and thin, hold on to your conviction that you are doing right. And take satisfaction that your efforts will inevitably save children whose 'Mak Bapak' are hardcore UMNO members who don't know better.

    Personally, I don't expect the kaki curi bigots in UMNO to turnover a newleaf, got no regards for them BUT their children don't deserve the scorn.

    Warmest regards, salam and senyum selalu anon 9.09AM.

  65. Anonymous1:47 pm


    But I have this to say, don't blame him, blame the BN Government for the negative perception people generally have on Malaysians, especially the Malays!!!

  66. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Rocky, you are now singing a different tune?

    What a man of "Principle"!!!

  67. Anonymous1:51 pm


    I think you know how the Barang Naik coalition does business. You were there at NSTP.

    Let's use the Bakun Dam as an example of how UMNOputras with the connivance of some Chinamen screw the rakyat.

    In 1996 Ting Pek Khiing asked his good friend Mamakthir (now your Emperor) for the rights to build Bakun and transport the power to Mersing via a submarine cable of 560km. Never mind that a cable of this length has never been done before. Never mind that the cable has to be embedded in coral reefs around the Natuna Islands, owned by Indonesia.

    Of course the real agenda wasn't about selling electricity; it was about the size of the contract for building the dam. Ting cleared an area the size of Singapore,and sold the timber - even before the EIA was approved. In 1998 with the financial crisis, Ting gave up the project - but the government still compensated him RM800 million for "work done". Work done referred to the clearing of pristine jungle.

    So after clearing the jungle, the gomen decided that they should proceed with the project, so they went ahead to resettle the people, the local tribes. Sime Darby took over the project, found it to be unviable, and they too returned the project to the gomen.

    Now the gomen has a RM8 billion hole in the ground, and the only way this hole is going to make money is to connect it via submarine cable to peninsular. How much is the cost of the submarine cable now ? US$4 billion for double circuits. Who pays for this money ? TNB - but they can't borrow this amount, so now the money can only be borrowed by JBIC of Japan with the federal government guarantee.

    So now the pristine jungle has become a hole in the ground, which has become a RM8 billion dam, and which needs US$4 billion to make it work.

    This is the BN gomen that the New Yorker is talking about - idiots that drive the country surely into the ground.



  68. When I was a child, I use to sleepwalk and for a while, reading anon 9.09AM Anti UMNO, I thought I had developed the innate ability where my sensory motor activate to 'sleep and type'.

    Well done anon 9.09AM, hats off. Obviously, you care deeply, even for detractors who are off the rocks.

    Soldier on my friend and through thick and thin, hold on to your conviction that you are doing right. And take satisfaction that your efforts will inevitably save children whose 'Mak Bapak' are hardcore UMNO members who don't know better.

    Personally, I don't expect the kaki curi bigots in UMNO to turnover a newleaf, got no regards for them BUT their children don't deserve the scorn.

    Warmest regards, salam and senyum selalu anon 9.09AM.

  69. Long Live Dr. Mahathir2:08 pm

    Bro Rocky

    The link to "The Malay Dilemma" article you put up has expired, dan rosak, document tak boleh dicari.

    Here is a more permanent link to that article. Please insert this to replace that expired link in your post, bro.


  70. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Ahhh....orang malaysia. Always missing the forest for the trees. It seems to really be a waste of time to sit and complain about some writing in US. The real question should be what are we going to do about it? Or are you saying that absolutely everything in that article is false? Hmmmm.

    How will the Government of the day answer these accusations. As they is cheap.


  71. Good one Bro, I really like this posting sure riled up the Anwar fan club, looks like they are sending the suicide bombers as well to negate postings by BN supporters or even neutrals.

    Like the imdomitable Khalsa warrior Karpal Singh said Anwar kena bertaubatlah and I say enough is enoughlah Anwar sudah banyak mencanang sana menipu sini tapi kalau Tuhan tak benarkan memang tak dapat punya jadi PM Malaysia no matter how hard you try like having an American to write good things about you and so what, that guy knows nothing of Malaysia its history or culture.

  72. rasupal2:43 pm

    Just like the young gentleman, you too fail to see the real picture/or maybe you pretend.
    Are you saying it's not the making of fellow Malay leaders for all the corruption and backwardness of Malaysia.
    Are you forgetting few months ago you too joined the Anwar and all others who fight against corruption and justice in Malaysia.

    You know something? Instead of journalism you should take up politics as your spinning is far superior than Najib,Anwar or even TDM

  73. Nzain2:56 pm

    "Right now, the popular thing to do is
    rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it."

    If it's cool to look down on your own country and tell the whole world that it's going to the dogs,
    if it's cool to ridicule and run down your own race (and by doing so, allowing other races as well to do the same thing) just for the sake of wanting to be the next PM,
    if it's cool to be a Pakatan supporter and say this is the man to follow, then I don't want to be cool at all. I can take not being cool anymore, i cannot accept betrayal.

    I'm handing in my coolness badge.

  74. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Rocky, cakap kat New Yorker tukar jer tajuk article tu pada 'Lelaki Melayu Terakhir' ha ha ha

  75. Anonymous4:44 pm

    lets not just talk about ai for whatever good or bad he has done. i think the men deserves to do whatever he wants just to be able to survive jail time, (esp when 99% of malaysians know the charges are all bullshit),but the more pressing issue is our foreign minister aa. to mention ai and aa in the same breath is like the malay proverb sejauh langit dan has accomplished so much and the other so little politically speaking. in my humble opinion anifah aman is the most crocked politician in malaysia.this man held pak lah by the balls(not that pak lah doesnt deserve it).this man threaten the whole existence of umno/bn by threating to switch sides if his not given what he wants, a disgusting blackmailer n rewarded by the najis's administration as full minister. u think for yourself lah whether u want tis kind of people to lead u...

  76. nimalan5:06 pm

    I don't faham Rocky sir and maybe you can elaborate more. I read the article twice, and it actually seems to be dealing with people's perceptions and facts. Yes, it potrays Malaysia in a bad light to the outside world, but it is the truth and its not the journalist fault but the government's fault for painting us in such a negative colour. So why exactly are you angry? It doesn't seem to be lies, but rather are you merely angry that the truth is out for the world to see as to the bad side of Malaysia? If that is so, work to rectify it not cover it up.

    I look gorward eagerly to your reply

  77. I have been a regular reader of the new yorker magazine for 16 yrs now, and i must say they are not prone to writing propaganda for nobody.


    "By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed. Right now, the popular thing to do is
    rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it.
    So will most of their fanboys."

    I mean, why (and how) would anyone "comment" on an article published in the new yorker as if he read it in a blog?

    Try harder, lah!

  78. Anonymous2:23 am

    Anwar is a rebel. Whether in good times or bad times. he is a rebel since his school days, against the school. And also against university. Some people are just born to rebel. Some neurotic mind they have for them to be able to feel the satisfaction of having followers. The gullible ones are the followers. PR supporters, stop the bullshit. No need to be popular just because you think being rebellious is cool!. Support BN. They have worked so hard in building Malaysia in just 50 years. Think again if you think that the Americans or any outsiders are meddling / interfering with Malaysian politics because of Malaysian interest. Malaysia is a prosperous country. $$$$$$ in their zionist mind!. No doubt.

  79. Anonymous2:54 am

    Aiyo.. I dont understand la why oh why the Pakatan Rakyat supporters they suffer suffer suffer. I have never been a supporter of BN but yet I have not suffered? Haiyo must be a BN supporter ka if you want to be successful?. Infact i think things around me are even better than they used to be now.

    All this ho ho ha ha about we the rakyat suffer rakyat this and rakyat pity pity remarks now are just a tool to gain the rakyat's support to Anwar Ibrahim's personal agenda. It wasnt obvious before. But its VERY OBVIOUS NOW. Tired already. Typical communist tactic. Typical Hitler's tactic.I know la you're talented Anwar with your charismatic speech, but get a grip!.

    That dude is full of grudge man. He spend 6 years in jail so what? GET OVER IT!. Unlucky you for being caught on bribery and not your other colleagues. So now you want to bark for what?. Sick la. Many people are corrupted in PR also. But the focus is always on BN. Uh, SICK!.

    The government is never perfect la but since I have no problem with them running this country, cause I can still cari makan .. get bonus and have a happy life.. cause I dont expect myself to be a billionaire or what. Just to be better than my previous generation thats all I am asking for. You PR supporters must be really jealous of BN people because they are rich is it?. But PR top people also are filthy rich. You don't believe me?. Just look at Anwar's siblings. These elite people who are supporting Anwar are his cronies. All rich people! Thats why they support Anwar because when Anwar goes down, they go down too. But yet they claim its the rakyat who are the victims. Actually, THEY are the victims and are using the RAKYAT as their PASSPORT. The rakyat were never the victims. These elite people who support Anwar are the same people who were with BN last time. I think if Anwar is in power, all his cronies will also be back to square like they were in BN before. Same people mah!. Same game but the difference is, the country will be more chaostic because PR is full of uncapable leaders who only know how to give flaming speech only. Add to that the extremist communist -associated party DAP and the extremist Islamic version of PAS. NOOOOOO WAY!

    So boring with ketuanan rakyat. Rakyat rakyat rakyat. As if the BN never think about the rakyat. Funny how you PR supporters can still buy it. Fooled once, ok. But after for so long you still dont realize. Must be something wrong man.

    Yo.. I think the next election I will definitely vote for BN lah. PR you suck man. I dont want to be a sucker anymore with your bull crap.

    Look at the reality and the real things that is happening within your surrounding. Not by the tabloids. I see me and my family evolves after the hardwork of our previous generations. I am happy.

    - EX PKR supporter -

  80. Anonymous9:27 am

    Anwar factor is an eye opener to the Malaysians.We have been fooled all the years by the pemimpin bn aka perompak harta rakyat.God send Anwar to save Malaysia.

    Rocky, mahathir juga selalu condemn pentadbiran paklah di media asing.mahathir juga telah memecahbelahkan org2 melayu sejak zaman tunku ke zaman paklah.mahathir menghina org melayu sejak azali mmg lemah.mempermainkan hadis dan sunah al-quran.menghapuskan kekebalan bahasa melayu dan jawi dgn dasar ppsmi.mahathir juga tidak mengaku diri sendiri india terpaksa jd melayu lebih dari org melayu utk kepentingan diri dan keluarga.dia adalah pengkhianat sebenarnya.Org umno ni maksum agaknya.apa yg dibuat semuanya boleh termasuk membunuh!Kalau org selain umno semuanya salah/pengkhianat bangsa.Bila agaknya mentaliti org umno ni nak berubah?tak tahu nak beza kebenaran dan kebatilan.Bila memberi pendapat simpanlah dulu taksub kepartian yg jumud selama 50tahun.Rakyat semakin bijak dan rasional skrg.

    rakyat tak bodoh.

  81. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Anwar is like pot calling the kettle black. He have split personnality use Islam to look like more Islmaic with PAS and desperate to be PM because to cover all his dirtiest wrong doing when was DPM, Finance Minister, it is really God blessing. Plus immoral bisexual acitivities with Wifes,Aide, Girlfriends (WAG).


  82. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Reality is.. my friends who are UMNO people are less racist then the people who support PAS. These are the one who go to lectures and only with each other like some kind of AL-Qaeda group. When the umno club here organize activities, they invite all of us to join. My friends who are so called racist people mingle with other races but these typical Malay PAS wannabe only mingle among themselves. When these PAS wannabe club organize activities, they only play among themselves. And then shouted that UMNO are racist. So hypocrite. Its obvious that PR components is full of racist hypocrites. PAS - calling UMNO racist. But in reality, they're the one who dont want to mingle with other races. DAP - who call BN is a racist party, never know how to speak Malay properly - too much hanging out with kampung Chinese only. All the UMNO, MCA and MIC tried so hard to compromise with each other. And they are the one who are being labelled racist. Its ironic.

  83. Anonymous11:50 pm


    You're just like the three Appeal stooges judges.


  84. Homophobic12:54 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Cool kids will never believe in a homo.

    Only retarded will.

    Oh, and Lim Kit Siang and his dynasty.

  85. Shotgun Kaki Sendiri..Adoi..7:22 pm

    U shot UMNO in the foot my man..
    Anwar spent 2/3 of his career in JUNTA!
    I say cheers to that too!!
    LoL (",)

  86. Anonymous7:56 pm

    anwar ibrahim should repent repent and repent. I am sure his wife is wondering if she is on the right track being with him 24/7..