Saturday, May 02, 2009

LCCT Part 2

Why RM2 billion and not RM1.6 billion? Jebat Must Die was part of a blog campaign against a proposal to build a low-cost carrier terminal in Labu, Negri Sembilan. That proposal by Tony Fernandes of Air Asia was shot down by Cabinet for various reasons. In its place, the Government said it would build an LCCT in KLIA as per the airport master plan.

Jebat Must Die is not opposed to the new LCCT but demands to know why it has suddenly become more expensive than Labu's RM1.6 b price tag.

The announcement was made by the PM, so he should explain.

Jebat's 9 questions on the new LCCT, here.


  1. 400juta harga beza commission untuk orang baru, Omar Ong. Dia pun mau jadi kaya.

    Rocky tak patut kacau periuk nasik dia. Khairy dapat, dia pun mau.

  2. Kalimullah ada saham dalam Air Asia, jadi Air Asia kepunyaan Singapura. Pembinaan LCCT dan pembukaan ruang udara untuk Air Asia ke Singapura telah menyebabkan KLIA dan rakyat Malaysia rugi.

    Changi untung, kerana Air Asia membawa pelancong KLIA ke Changi untuk terbang ke negara asal mereka. Singapore Airlines pun untung.

    Tony Kaya, KJ menang ketua pemuda, Rakyat jadi miskin, KLIA dipersendakan.

  3. Pro-Labu2:41 am

    Labu cancellation was just cosmetic, 4th attempt untuk mengabui mata rakyat.

    Tony si penyamun dapat lagi besar, sampai 2 billion.. kaya Tony, boleh beli Manchester United lepas ni.

  4. Pak Kadok2:56 am

    KLIA is under utilized. Some economists laugh at KLIA, saying the Malaysian taxpayers are subsidizing the airport for the rich locals and foreign travelers.

    Except of utilizing KLIA more, the government approved another 2 billion to expand KLIA. Do you know that each gate in KLIA receives on average only 1.09 flights a day? In KLIA, if the plane arrives 2 hours early, the gate will be ready, if the plane arrives 12 hours late, the gate will be ready, the plane can choose whenever to arrive and the gate will always be empty to welcome the plane.

    In Heathrow, the plane must arrive at the exact time to ensure it has a space to land. Sampai traffic jam Kapal Terbang pun ade.

    The consultant who approved this was definitely drinking on his job.

  5. Check the contractor!

  6. Anonymous3:37 am

    Wow! Another round of trying to smear KJ again? He is out of the picture lah.

  7. Anonymous3:42 am

    I do not understand why BN government is so desperate to help a private company like Air Asia when it is no paying the airport tax collected from the passengers. By the way I have read some where that Minister of Transport has informed YB Wee in Parliament that as at the end of February 2009, Air Asia is still owing MAHB RM65 million.

    Why is the Government not pushing MAHB to recover this airport tax debt from Air Asia?

    This BN government is not looking after the rakyat interest but the Air Asia. The Governmetn should be telling Air Asia that "pay up the airport tax first before talking about LCC2.

    Ah Loong


  9. Anonymous8:20 am

    Semua org mau kaya cepat sebelum BN kalah PRU13.Mesti kebas apa2 yang blh untung sebelum BN mati.Komision dikongsi olih Ahmad, Ah Chong dan Bala.Minta BOSS kami cari projek yg lumayan lagi selepas LCCT2 supaya untung lagi besar sebelum mati. Hahaha

  10. Anonymous8:57 am put some perspective on the issue.

    klia is built to last for at least 100 years. remember our kl airport moved three times from sg besi, subang and sepang. klia will be more than london in 100 years time. it will have four runaways running in full capacity by then.

    lcct is to be built only with basic facilities. so passengers pay less for their tickets.

    a lot of malaysians benefited from airasia's basic cheap flights not only networked to singapore but also to nearly whole of asia. foreigners can go back to their countries direct with or without going thru changi.
    prior to airasia, and still now, people with extra money, travel to spore and kl by the shuttle flights operated code-shared by mas and sia.

    only one thing i don't understand why airasia not paying the airport charges?

    if true, why the lcct building cost has bloated?

    train traveller

  11. Rocky Pru9:45 am

    rasanya, Labu tu hanyalah helah AirAsia je... Sebenarnya memang dia nak buat LCCT kat KLIA. Dia nak kacau domestic customer of MAS. skarang ni pulak dia byk buat international plak...lagi byk dia boleh kacau MAS.
    kena pulak airport dia ngan MAS duk sebelah menyebelah...hahaha...
    the damage already done during Pak Lah or KJ time. Najib nak cancel je new LCCT, kena bayar pampasan gila2 pulak...nak tak nak, kena la buat jugak....

    yg MAS tu pulak, tak reti2 nak kurangkan overhead cost. review balik la kos nak supply air botol mineral dalam flight tu..

    yg ruginye, rakyat....
    beginilah nasib rakyat yg tidak punya kuasa...

  12. Anonymous11:06 am

    Tak kan tak nampak....

    Only One Word


    Lion King

  13. Kadok Menjunjung11:54 am

    Siapa dia Omar Ong? Loyar, Majistrate, Pemain Muzik...???

  14. Anonymous1:02 pm

    bodohnya "Temasek"..... asyik dengan teori conspiracy !! kalau tak pandai...inilah akibatnya !!

    Sekarang ni dunia globalization, protectionism yang diamalkan of UMNO/BN dah ketinggalan zaman.

    Tengoklah sendiri, sendiri punya territory pun tak mampu dipertahankan.

    People!!Vote for Change !!No more UMNO/BN bullshit !!


  15. Anonymous1:12 pm

    What is happening???

    I thought things are going to change.

    How to support BN macam ni...


  16. You remember the Eurocockamie Helicopter deal when $2.3 billion was rounded down to $1.3 billion and then revised by AAB to $1.63 billion?

    So, politicians have a convenient way of rounding up and down when too many questions are asked by the Public.

    Notice too that the extra $400 million is EXACTLY 20% of the new LCCT construction cost of RM 2 billion !!

    The other questions we should ask are:

    1. Was there an open tender?

    2. Was the lowest tender accepted and if not, why not? The lowest tenderer need not automatically be awarded the contract, but we must still be told of the reasons for their disqualification.

    3. Who was the contract awarded to - 100% to a local party or the usual 'WIN-WIN' JV with foreigners where the local partner provides
    'admin and facilitation services' for a gaji buta RM 400 million, like that Aminah Baginda deal for RM500 million?

    4. If 100% to a local contractor, when was his company incorporated, what is the paid up capital of this company, who are the real shareholders and what is their track record?

  17. Found this comment in Jebatmustdie blog:

    Dear Jebat (Jebat is more heroic than Tuah!)

    I checked with a friend who knows about this.

    He said that this $2b allocation is off budget fund from MOF to MAB.

    Also, he said that check on size of the LCCT and the scope of work, as well as the capacity of handling. Then can make informed conclusion.



  18. When MAB's KLIA is strongly underutilized they want to build another airport. The cronies must be trying to get as much as they can before the so-called RAHMAN prophecy is fulfilled.

    Ironically self-fulfilled by those in BN...

  19. skilgannon106610:57 am

    Temasek has got the facts wrong.

    In fact, both the Malaysian and Singapore governments kicked off the latest round of air travel liberalisation between the 2 countries.

    Carriers in Malaysia and Singapore have been given rights to operate between Singapore Changi and 6 new destinations in Malaysia - Ipoh, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Malacca, Sandakan and Tawau.

    Additional flights will also be allowed between Changi and Penang, Langkawi, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

    Thus, as reported in the Singapore Straits Times on April 15, there will be 70 flights weekly between Changi and Penang, 27 flights weekly between Changi and Langkawi, 31 flights weekly between Changi and Kota Kinabalu and 30 flights weekly between Changi and Kuching.

    Carriers that are expected to benefit from this new regime, that will start from June, will be Singapore-based Tiger Airways, Jetstar Asia and SIA subsidiary SilkAir. On the Malaysian side, it will be AirAsia and MAS's Firefly.

    Firefly has already announced that it is seeking approval to operate flights between KL Subang Airport and Changi, also between Malacca and Changi. Flights between KL Subang and Changi, if approved by both governments, will be much more attractive to business travellers who dread flying to KLIA Sepang.

    So, what does Malaysia gain from more flights and more destinations? For one, more business and leisure travellers from Singapore can be expected to fly to Malaysian destinations, highlighting the importance of Singapore as a source of business and tourist traffic for Malaysia.

    In fact, the Singapore Straits Times has gone as far as to claim that "the move is also expected to further develop Singapore's reputation as a travel hub for the region".

    The big loser out of all this? KLIA Sepang!! Malaysians and foreigners living in Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Ipoh, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Malacca, Sandakan and Tawau now have the option of flying to Changi and then catching connecting flights to their overseas destinations. No need to fly to KLIA Sepang now or to use MAS when one has the option of so many international airlines operating out of Changi!

    Secondary losers will be MAS, AirAsia and all the international airlines operating out of KLIA. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    I think, that as far as the Malaysian Transport Ministry is concerned, it is "game over" for KLIA Sepang! KLIA will now be a permanent second-rank player in the regional air hub race behind Changi, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

    So much for Mahathir's vision of KLIA Sepang being a match or even overtaking Changi as a regional air hub! Bad planning and flawed execution from the likes of Malaysia Airports, MAS and the Transport Ministry have put paid to that dream!

    And now I read that former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been offered some key advisory positions, including that of becoming adviser to MAS (and also adviser to the Institute of Islamic Understanding and the 3 growth corridors - Iskandar, Northern and Eastern)! What can Pak Lah contribute to MAS? Is he an aviation expert? A business turnaround specialist?

    Another example of the Malaysian gravy train for former PMs, ministers, retired senior civil servants, and politicians?

  20. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Focky why playing dumb just ask your master najib whylah. Damn maybe you are as dumb as you look. :D

    Jebat must die is a hopeless loser. Just wish I will be there when he finds out his masters have (deservedly) sold him out too. :)

  21. Anonymous7:31 am

    Anyone want to bet that there is no open tender ? Anyone want to bet that it will ultimately cost more than 2 billion ?

    Under the Barang Naik coalition, the higher the cost of the project, the more support it will have internally because there is more to "share around". Under the Barang Naik coalition, the highest priced project wins !

    This will go on and on until we eliminate them at the next GE.


  22. LCCTPerak7:53 pm

    Bro you cannot close this entry. The latest the perak metalik mb has announced he want to take Sime Darby land to build the LCCT that tony fernandes want in Perak,

    As you know TF said he need bigger airport to park all his planes. They are not for flying but for parking..hehe.

    We will wait for MAMPU to come with some figures to justify LCCT in Perak.

    mmmm more billions here bro.