Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tsunami at NSTP?

with updates ...
Editorial Adviser. An Italian-backed online news portal has the story that everyone in the media has been talking about. Is Ahmad A. Talib going back to NSTP? He will be better than Kalimullah Hassan but will he be good enough for the paper? Why are they turning to him to bring back the New Straits Times, especially?

Read my piece in my new blog 84 Jalan Tangsi on journalism and other press-ing matters, h e r e.

updated 3/5 2am: Read seasoned journo Aziz Hassan's posting Umno unlikely to reign in its media.


  1. Pak Zubir.5:29 pm

    What Najib bengong sangat, sepatutnya NSTP bagi Rocky. R for Rocky, R for Raja Riong.

  2. Rock,

    kalau lu naik, saya harap lu kasi satu nasihat kat si Najib.

    Kalau KJ tidak dihalau dari UMNO, Najib akan dilihat sebagai orang yang menaungi dan menjaga KJ daripada terkena akhibat perbuatan RASUAH.



  3. Ali Tembam5:37 pm


    Kalau lu jadi Head Honcho kat NSTP, gua hari2 beli satu lori NST.

  4. Ahfuz5:38 pm

    Yo Rocky,

    Ini macam. Lu kontrol NSTP, Madey Control Putlajaya, Husin Kontrol Business Unta, Saya tarik tali di belakang tadbir...hehe..

  5. safasfd5:41 pm


    Dulu bila NST bikin tada baik, saya tableh mau komplen.

    Sekarang, lu bikin salah, saya kasi HANTAM sama LU KAW2.Ini macam, lu lebih dekat dengan Rakyat, NST akan membawa aspirasi rakyat.


    ps- kalau lu buka restoren, jangan lupa bagi voucher dalam NST>hehe.. itu Kali tada bagi..celako.

  6. Asam tko5:43 pm


    kalau lu resign, jangan bimbang, kita sama2 boleh lawan pakai blog. Itu budak rembau main kotor.

  7. I thought you were the hot favourite to be the chief Editor of NST.Recently,in one of your article you were saying that you were rumour to be the one to take over the editorial dept of NST after taking to NAjib. What happened Rocky when out of the blue you said that Pahit Manis is taking over?

  8. Anonymous7:11 pm

    yes - may the good Lord bless you all


  9. patriot jawa johor7:13 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    its rather amusing that former Singapore Straits Times operatives for many years now camping in Malaysian Insider such as Kalimullah, Brendan and Leslie Lau talked about our government under Najib muzzling the Press. In Singapore, Press very free meh? Ok la, these Kali, Brendan and Leslie were quite free those days. Thats because they are based in the ST KL bureau. Free to bash Malaysia la. U dont believe me, go to ST archive and check all stories with the bylines of these trio.

  10. NSTP is going down.

    I am not buying this crap anymore.

    I hope Pahit Manis can bring integrity back. It is not about window dressing.. it is about trust.

  11. Rocky my man...
    many people turn to NST since 2 days ago after converted to the Star since 2004 ( the year of Kali)..

  12. Rocky bro,

    That guy pun okay jugak lah. Tapi kalau you pegang jawatan tu, expectation orang akan tinggi sangat. Then kalau you tak perform dalam masa sebulan, you akan kena kutuk jugak beb.

    Be the way you are, it is more efficient that way.

  13. Unbelievable, the lot of you who think Ahiruddin Atan is suited for the job in NSTP.

    If the Sports desk is up for grabs, sure by all means but not editor lah.

    Have any of you wondered why this country is going to the dog ? Heaven's sake, look at the composition of the Cabinet !

    Demand better all out there. Strive for higher standards and to all kids in schools, never seek the easy way out ala Mahathir Kutty, Mr Tech Transfer.

    The world is increasingly competitive. Take for example recent outcry in California, in its enrollment policies.

    Asian American make up 1.8% of total population in the US, some 13% in the State of California but make up close to 40% of student population in state universities in California.

    In broad strokes, the many Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian's from sub-continent excel and have come to dominate the schools' system.

    U of California LA, Berkeley, Davis, Santa Barbara, San Fran etc all have Asian American taking up prime places(the percentage shoots up even more at graduate and post grad studies) causing a rethink for admin to enact policy to protect against "white discrimination".

    My point, the world is fast shaping up to be ultra competitive but our UMNO govt persist lowering the bar. Imagine the poser, Rocky for editor !

    Please people, I'm certain Rocky is a swell guy, putting aside him being the mouth piece of sinister people.

    Shoot for the stars and demand better. Make sure your kids are given the opportunity to realise their potential. Those A's on the UMNO scale is of no use, tak boleh pakai in the international arena.

    The above was not meant to rub anybody the wrong way, not least Rocky. Ponder for yourself and more importantly, face reality and try guide your kids for better and not otherwise.

    Regards all.

  14. AminGL7:40 pm

    What happened? Najib rejected you as the chief group editor of NST?

  15. patriot jawa johor7:44 pm

    bagitau amir tak betul tu berenti la nyanyi lagu sekolah dia. ahmad talib ex-st gabrian, kl. bukan ex-sdarian la.

  16. Anonymous7:52 pm

    i love the NST

    Wong Lai ling

  17. The Sentinel8:00 pm


    I don't remember you ever confirming that you'd be taking over the NST. But, yes...there was talk and you have made it known that you aint keen because "NST is so damaged" (by Kali and his machais). People were speculating.

    anyway...let's hope Ahmad Talib can do magic to NST, already near-ruined by Kalimullah.

    To Casper C: Gee...i don't know what you're trying to say.

    Rocky can take on anyone, for crying out loud!

    Too bad he turned down the NST offer.

    ANyway,Rocky -- You rock!

  18. Patriot Jawa Johor said:

    bagitau amir tak betul tu berenti la nyanyi lagu sekolah dia. ahmad talib ex-st gabrian, kl. bukan ex-sdarian la.


    Eh, gua nyanyi untuk diri sendiri, beb.

    Gua hepi dan senang hati. Takde concern dengan (Datuk?) Ahmad Talib.

  19. Stopped buying NST for a lot of years already..but if pahit manis or Rocky takes over.. then perhaps I will change my mind..both of you are ok..

  20. Anonymous8:29 pm

    the nst rocks - it is amongst the best in asia

    peter tsang

  21. Adoi mak sakitnya!
    Adoi mak sakitnya!
    Adoi mak sakitnya!
    Adoi mak sakitnya!

  22. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Ahmad Talib ke, Rocky ke, Kalike, Kadir Jasin ke...what the differencelah. Whoever take over, their job will be to glorify Najib and UMNO. You guys are so naive, please grow uplah. Some more got the audacity want to shape public opinionlah, nak determine the future of the nationlah. Let's face it...all bosses of mainstream media are subservient to some political party/individual or other. You guys keeping hopinglah...maybe Santa Claus really exists and will come down your chiminy this Xmas with some goodies.

    Father Xmas

  23. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Plse advice AT that not only editorial but the circulation dept sucks. look whos heading the circulation dept today! Bring in ppl with new ideas and brave ones that implement these ideas, not balls carriers. every head of dept is a balls carrier, enough of this, we investors are fed up of these balls carriers, which I am sure will say yes to every thing JJ and AT suggests, without care to NSTP

  24. Anonymous10:15 pm

    NST rocks well.

  25. Mazlan11:30 pm

    Whoever is is charge won't make any difference to declining readers for the NST.
    The Malaysian public has wised up to what the agenda of the mainstream media is about.
    The online world is where the real news action is.
    Unless Malaysia aspires to have newspapers run by journalist in the same class as those in papers like the Washington Post, the NY Times, the Guardian and the Times then frankly the papers here are only good for the cartoons strips.

    Rocky - its the same everytime there is a political change of guard there will be an editorial change fo guard.

  26. BRO ROCKY,


  27. nstman12:53 am

    Please say the last rites for the NST. Bringing back This bastard by the name of Ahmad Talib is a big step backward . Ahmad, together with his master Kadir Jasin, was responsible for the deterioration and desecration of a once-sacred cow of Malaysian journalism. Both Ahmad and Kadir colluded with the powerful state machinery to subjugate and destroy Anwar Ibrahim. Both carried out Dr Mahathir's nefarious scheme, using the heavy artillery of the state to bludgeon the opposition into submission. Both used the very methods employed by Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany to silence opponents. The NST under Ahmad and Kadir became a cesspit of lies, deceit, treachery and cronyism which ultimately destroyed the paper's credibility. When Ahmad was removed four years ago, the NST celebrated. Little did we know that the devil has been resurrected by a regime which professes to change the political architecture. Is this what we call change under Najib? Santayana, the great American philosopher, once said 'those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it' Have we heeded this aphorism? Everybody was expecting Rocky to head the NST (at least there would still be some hope). Looks like the end of the road for Press freedom now.

  28. Django12:59 am

    Rocky, we backed you to take over nst. You are a letdown. Ahmad Talib has no brains. He has no ideas. He is a zombie. Just ask anyone who has worked under him. Why has thou forsaken us, Rocky.

  29. Actually its wrong to indicate NST went down during Kalimullah's time, it was because of the damage done prior to his time. He tried hard stop the drop in circulation which had a free fall. The real damage was done during Kadir jasin's time, thats when the readers lost hope in the paper.

    Going tabloid was a business decision, they followed one of the 2 newspaper trends. free paper and tabloid.

    But, Kalimullah didnt do enough for the paper. I used to work in NST and I am very passionate about the paper. Its a real pity that the paper has to be controlled by politicians who dont care about business. All they care is about their political masters without realising they are loosing readership everyday.

    Soon, NST's circulation will drop below 100k copies a day and they will begin loosing their grip on advertising market (ADEX) share. They need good and passionate people to run this paper, not Ahmad Talib, Kalimullah and Brendan.

    I hope they realise this is not just about their political masters but the livelihood of 3000 people.

  30. nstman1:37 am


  31. Ain't gonna make a difference. They all sing the song that their masters write... Kadir, Kalimullah, Ahmad Talib, etc. And I still won't buy the NST.

  32. Anonymous4:04 am

    It's as simple as ABC.

    A new leader needs a new team.


  33. Rocky, you definitely sound so jealous and envious that you aren't the chosen one!!! Every now and then you take a swipe at your former employer.

  34. NO... he won't replace Kalimullah... Rocky will be the one who will replace Kalimullah after this... memang berbaloi la Rocky's change or direction....

  35. Anonymous10:31 am

    Hi-5 Rocky! You are DA man. There's an interesting piece on NSTP and Mitch Albom's Brenden Plagiarist in JELAPANG -

    U ROCK

  36. Anonymous10:33 am

    Whoever is the editorial honcho at NSTP is irrelevant. It takes at least 5 years for any newspaper to have its dedicated and established readers (read circulation). Only then will the ad boys can have the readership figures to talk to the advertisers, which Najib is least concerned. Najib is only interested to see that his pix and positive stories to be in the front page, minus any negative items on corrupted UMNO goons ... Wali Kota

  37. patriot jawa johor10:40 am

    I think those who are unhappy that ahmad talib is coming back to NST are Kali's and Brendan's cronies as well as those who benefitted during their reign. They treated ahmad like pariah when he was forced to leave. I still remember that most reporters were even scared to go to Ahmad's room to bade him farewell when he packed up to leave on his last day. Such was Kali's and Brendan's reign of terror at that time that reporters were even careful whom they chose to go for lunch with least they be suspected of sympathising with people like ahmad. Even some of those who are close to him turned their back on him. Even his personal secretary did that. Some of the bureau chiefs and senior reporters whom Ahmad promoted and treated as friends were also guilty. Ahmad may have his flaws but the way they treated him at that time was simply shameful. Thats probably why there are those from NST here who runs him down, probably scared now that the man is coming back to be their big boss. But from what I know of him, I dont think Ahmad is a vengeful person. He love the paper and will not destroys it just for the sake of getting revenge. Despite what they said about him being very Malaycentric, a lot of non-Malays were made editors by him back then. True, he got some bad cronies whom he need to get rid off, but the man is essentially fair and a true journalist. I am confident NST will bounced back under ahmad. Maybe not to the height it used to be but definitely better than what it is now.

  38. Anonymous11:07 am

    Tahniah Dato Ahmad A Talib! Bagai Sireh Pulang ke Gagang…itulah ungkapan yang dapat dinukilkan untuk wartawan/blogger ini yang merupakan pejuang Umno tulen yang penghormatan beliau kepada pemimpin dan perjuangan parti tidak boleh dipertikaikan dulu, kini dan selamanya. Dari Tun Razak kepada anaknya Najib kini, dari Tun Hussein dan Tun Dr Mahathir kepada Paklah, Dato Ahmad sememangnya disenangi akan keikhlasannya namun juga dimusuhi kerana keterbukaannya. Pahit manis perjuangan beliau kini menjadi wasilah kepada pelantikan beliau di NSTP.


  39. Rocky, you know me and you know who I serve and how loyal I have been serving this man for the last 11 years!
    If I have all the power to influence him I would rather you be the NSTP head honcho.
    Personally I do not agree Ahmad Talib be given the post as Aziz Hassan wrote we know how excited he was when Anwar Ibrahim was there, and when Dr M was there. I do not believe he will have the interest of the paper at heart but only himself!
    By taking him in as NSTP adviser UMNO is on a real path of destruction, I just hope Najib has more wisdom than choosing "former Anwarista like JOhan Jaafar" to join helping Najib's career! In fact appointing Ahmad Talib and Johan Jaafar is a wrong move! I hope Najib will change his mind!

  40. Anonymous11:29 am

    PatriotJJ! Kali's cronies free to join him at Siangapore Straits Time, Malaysian Insider or Vincenzo. Can also ask for a free transfer to ECM Libra, Air Asia-X, Tune, Ekowood or Khairy Jamaluddin outfit ...
    On top of the list will be Lionel Morais n Chandra Segar.... PatriotJJ add on pls...


  41. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Pasquale, wat's your problem moron! Ku Li and Anwar were all in Umno once upon a time ... You were also excited about Ku Li (Semangat 46) and Musa Hitam (Team B)whacking Umno and Mahathir once upon a time!
    We are all excited about Rocky being part of NSTP. I believe Rocky is also excited about Ahmad Talib being part of NSTP too.
    Janganlah jadi macam Sakmongkol, Zakhir dan Voice. Siapa yang rugi sebab sikap moron kau tu.
    Aku cadang kau buat macam diorang, ajak semua geng blogger Melayu ni pergi mabuk teh tarik kat mana2 selesaikan masalah kau orang demi Umno bukan untuk perut kau orang udah! Ajak Aziz 'Leon' Hassan sekali. Rocky jadi moderator!
    Cuma jangan ajak Kali.. eh eh dia blogger Melayu ke!


  42. Please stop all these back-stabbing la friends. If AAT is indeed appointed then try to help him.
    As friends I think we should be helping him to bring NSTP back to the MAINSTREAM of Malaysian Media.
    We stood together and prevailed against the "evil Kali and his bunch of strays'.
    Please don't start stabbing each other after having won a long-drawn war.
    Put all personal interests aside and think about removing 'bad rubbish, lame ducks and foreign operatives' from the NSTP group.
    Don't let the enemy in thru the backdoor and become a traitor ...we have had one too many in the last 5 years.

    p/s Bro, u heard anything about Kali, Brenden and Leslie being appointed as Associate Editorial Advisors for Straits Times of Singapore?

  43. patriot jawa johor12:21 pm

    dear pasquale,
    i always respect u for yr opinions despite the manner u put them across in yr blog. the few times i met u in the press club and in pekan, i find u a most articulate and cultured gentleman. Some may laugh at this but they probably does not know who u really are. Well pasquale,
    everyone was fooled by anwar back then. and thats include the smartest of us all - Dr Mahathir. I was among those who wore the white ribbon during those reformasi days. Everything changed when i realised what a fake he is. I am not sure about johan jaafar as i never got to really know him, but ahmad talib, in my humble opinion is a good choice for NST. That is, if he works hard and practice good and fair journalism, which i know he can.

  44. patriot jawa johor12:48 pm

    dear BRENDEN P,
    sorry, i am not going to add to the list. kesian. now economic crunch. nak pegi singapore pun tak ada kerja kosong la bro. everyone got wife and kids to feed. all i hope is that for these people to insaf and from now on help ahmad talib to repair the damage done to NST. Work hard la. Ahmad is a good man. he had always fought for the journalists and encouraged them to push to the limits (including the limits put up by the powers that be). if u go back to the history of NST, u will find that ahmad was the one who initiated many good things for not only the journalists but also staff of the other departments. if u dont believe me, just go and check for yrself. Rocky should know, Ahmad fought along side him when the NSTP big gun tried to interfer with Business Times operations when he was the editor there. It was a tough fight but they won. Not many newspaper editorial bosses are willing to put their neck on the chopping block like that to defend the integrity of his journalists.

  45. nstman12:52 pm

    NST is in mourning at the moment following news of Ahmad Talib's resurrection. Some called it the greatest comeback since Lazarus. I call it the greatest chicanery via Umno. We laughed, we were overjoyed, we slapped each other's back when Ahmad was given the marching orders four years ago. How could fate be so cruel to NST. The paper has been raped, pillaged, bullied, buggered and made a laughing stock. The death knell has already been struck. It's the end. It's Deja Vu all over aGAIN.

  46. Anonymous1:20 pm

    What a bunch of mahadet's idolatries..Cant see anything beyond themselves.

    No wonder they dont understand why they are rejected by the Rakyat.


  47. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Semua orang mau cakap pasal personalities.. masa musa hitam kena buang, Ku Li kena buang, masa Anwar kena buang, so and so kena buang.

    Never on real issues.. Sebab itu la orang berhenti baca NST.

    Apa sembah 'BATU' ke?

  48. patriot jawa johor said...

    I think those who are unhappy that ahmad talib is coming back to NST are Kali's and Brendan's cronies as well as those who benefitted during their reign.



    Animal like kangaaaaaarooOOOOooooOO! [sic]
    Never mind the weather,
    As long as we're together!
    We're gonna see a wild, wild shooowwww!

  49. Anonymous4:08 pm


    I would have preferred it if you had returned to helm NST's metamorphosis from being a caterpillar of a rag to a vibrant butterfly of a newspaper. Any newspaper worth its salt must be aware that meaty news garnished with facts, delicious opinion columns reeking with the aroma of critical maturity and insightful analysis, crunchy articles that are spiced with good research and exotic feature pieces laced with contemporary elegance served with the right spirits of humour, the wine of praise and the vodka of constructive criticism are all the hallmarks that make the newspaper a classy estaminet worthy to draw both the well-heeled enlightened clientele and the increasingly aware and discerning hoi polloi to savour the sumptuous feast.

    For so long, the paper has been helmed by a Kollywood C-grade movie star, part-time porn actor masquerading as a qualified journalist who has peddled soft-porn sensationalism that has dragged a once respected newspaper through the muck. His kitchen cabinet of plagiarist chefs, half-baked clueless assistants and a motley crew of amateur helpers have all conspired to serve up tasteless news, stale, limpid commentaries, insipid reports served with cheap wine, samsu and toddy while the Goddess lolling tongue and all went gallivanting astride “her” effeminate lion with hounds and hunted with clueless Silhouettes for wealth and self-glory. A once respected MSM tiger does not deserve that fate but fade did the colours of her once glorious pelt.and turned did she into a fawning pussy serenading a sleep addict as he lolled about his Dreamland exploring the peaks and valleys of his Wonderland..

    I am sure you would have put things right but Dato’ Ahmad is the best of the rest and I will give the benefit of the doubt to resurrect a listing ship that will once again proudly fly its flag as it sails majestically through the Straits of our Times. On one condition though, he cleans up the newsroom and infuse fresh blood, revamp the existing setup and getting off to a bang by appointing you the NSTP Group Editor with carte blanche powers to reinvigorate the dying thoroughbred. Only then, would I be truly convinced, for having followed you through you BT, MM etc days and through the portals of cybersphere, ONLY you are qualified to DO the job. Take my word for it , Bro despite you being a Stoke diehard (beats being a MU scum anytime for me).

    Warrior 231

  50. Mazlan4:11 pm

    Seriously - whoever is editor of NST - it won't matter at all.
    The paper is owned by UMNO - so of course the editor will follow the PM's tune.
    There will never be any sense of fair or balanced reporting and any form of investigative journalism is a joke.
    As long as we have the PPA and Newspapers are owned by Political parties then we will have sub-standard propaganda pieces with hacks like Zubaidah and Joceline Tan writing rubbish.

    More and more people will drift towards the online news.

  51. Anonymous4:26 pm

    The Sentinel

    Casper the ghost has flitted through the portals of ether like a tormented wraith from the ghoulish, shit strewn, urine stenched cyber Parliament 9helmed by a low-life wakil) to reach the classy, airy comfort of Bru's lair. So what else would you expect this cumguzzling arsewhore to mouth but inanities brainwashed into him in that sewer by you-know-who.

    Hence, in his thought zombified state, he begins to mouth the obvious like a mechanical parrot:

    "the many Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian's from sub-continent excel and have come to dominate the schools' system."

    With that dummy, he is trying to sell us the cheapest of trinkets: that a full-blooded Malay is not qualified cos the Chingkie and Hindulen have made their mark in a nation on the verge of bankruptcy after being run into the ground by supposedly wise men who have turned out to be nothing more than stupid charlatans (remember, Greenspan. Rubin, Bernanke,) who couldnt even see the obvious with all their sophisticated tools and models...Conclusion: to be smart in a nation of imbeciles is the benchmark for scum like Casper.

    This bastard ghost is trying to stir shit here while acting the innocent commenter. Probably he has dropped off by his master and skydived in here with specific instructions to create a tumult.

    A facetious and duplicitious cocksucking, arselicking, mafucking, mouth shafting, pa buggering arse-dicked moron of a scum who does not deserve the tuppence attention i have accorded him via this exposure.

    Warrior 231

  52. patriot jawa johor6:15 pm

    Dear mazlan, (and others who are of the same thought as him)

    It actually does make a difference. At least under an editor like ahmad talib, he will not allow an operative, masquarading as an editor, write a spin story and then put a junior reporter's byline to cover his ass. When the junior reporter fidgeted, the operative turned to him and said, "What, u want to protest? U should be proud that yr name is on this commentary piece by me". I guess those who have never work in the Press line could never really understand how humiliating it is for a true journalist to be treated that way. Fyi, this does not happened even during the so-called dictatorship of kadir jasin in NST. Yes, journalists in Malaysia do have to abide by their paper's editorial policy - but then, who does not. Even the venerated foreign Press people have to write according to their editorial policies. What? U think Washington post, harald tribune, reuters, AP, AFP, CNN etc does not have an editorial policy which their journalist have to abide to? Its actually the ethics which every true journalists have to hold on to and making the effort to keep pushing the limits. Do u honestly think that everyone who use the cyberspace to tell their version of a story are always telling the truth? Do u seriously think that people like RPK, Harris Ibrahim, Sussan Loon and such have ethics and believe in fair and balanced reporting? Rags such as Harakah, Rocket and Suara keadilan are fair? Come on la, its up to us to decide who we want to believe. If u are intelligent enough, u can tell who is telling the truth and who is lying, who wrote based on facts and who is writing for pure personal gain and popularity. The same goes with the papers, there are editors who enriched themselves using their position while there are those decent one who tried their best for the betterment of this country.

  53. my bog >

  54. Anonymous7:59 pm

    wah..rocky jadi chief nstp...
    ada kerja kosong tak rocky....???

    tak ada kerja punya orang...

  55. Anonymous9:09 pm

    I think its REIN not REIGN...


  56. Anonymous10:14 pm


    "Seriously - whoever is editor of NST - it won't matter at all.
    The paper is owned by UMNO - so of course the editor will follow the PM's tune.
    There will never be any sense of fair or balanced reporting and any form of investigative journalism is a joke. "

    "Seriously - whoever is editor of DAP's Rocket or PAS's Harakhah - it won't matter at all.
    The papers are owned by the OPPOSITION - so of course the RESPECTIVE editors will follow the OPPOSITION'S tune.
    There will never be any sense of fair or balanced reporting and any form of investigative journalism is a BLOODY joke.

    Well, freedom of speech konon !

    Anti PR & Anti BN.



  58. Anonymous10:42 pm

    i think the best person to run NSTP is rocky himself. he has being waiting too long for this post!!!!


  59. Anonymous8:29 am

    Bro Batu Ganas, Kau memang minat Husam kan, tolong bagi pembaca kau baca ni.

    Kerja Bodoh Nik Abduh dan Kerja Jahat Pembantu Presiden

    Siapa dak baca tulisan sensasi anak Nik Aziz, tapi sayang tak lebih dari menepuk air di dulang, muka sendiri jugak yang kuyup.

    Dulu orang dak bercakap pasal kereta CRVnya, pasal dia makan gaji buta dok jadi ahli majlis MPKB dan komisyen balak, hari ini semua dah habis dicerita orang.

    Nik Abduh dah pusing lalat. Bukan kerana banyak bersembunyi kat Kedai Lalat (Tak jauh dah dengan rumahnya), tetapi pening lalat pasal bau busuk jadi banyak lalat dok mari.

    Nik Abduh buat pendedahan waktu Tuan Guru Nik Aziz mengerjakan umrah menunjukkan dia ada agenda busuk.

    Terus terang, orang dah tahu Nik Abduh nak tunjuk hero belasah Husam. Dulu Nik Abduh halau Husam dari Kijang dalam Pengkalan Chepa. Hari ini Nik Abduh dengan sokongan moral pembantu Presiden di Selangor dan Terengganu nak bunuh karier politik Husam lak.

    Kenapa ya?

    (Baca seterusnya di

  60. Anonymous9:53 am

    Why not Ahmad Talib? He is one of the best editors in the country.


  61. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Rocky can you confirm Brenden "Mitch Albom II" Pereira has sought PR status for his kids and wife Down under, but he continues to cari makan here? I heard he's spending two weeks here, two weeks there, don't know the details its your job to tell your readers

    Singapore operatives have nothing good to say about Malaysia and Malaysian politicians except Pak Lah and KJ but ask them whether they can make millions in Australia or Singapore...

    Talk about press freedom in Singapore, what about it? Its virtually non-existent...

    On Ahmad Talib going back to NSTP, good but he has to be objective in his decision-makings. Internally he cannot be seen promoting his friends only, notably those who have a poor track record or cases of indiscipline...

    Mat NewZealand

  62. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Like Kali, Brendan & Leslie, You're also Singaporean, aren't you Rocky?

  63. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Bro Batu Ganas, Tolong lepas yang ni sama, kesian TGNA sampai Husam pun tak boleh jumpa dia lagi.
    TGNA Kena Kepong!

    Turun kapalterbang, terus TG Nik Aziz kena kepong. Depan pintu kapal terbang doh dok tunggu. Sapa lagi, geng lapar balak lah campur geng Kerajaan Perpaduan la.

    TGNA dikawal rapi. Dak bagi ruang seorang diri. Takut Set Husam masuk dekat. Set Husam tak leh sambut TGNA lasung.

    Itulah kisah benar TGNA bila balik umrah.

    Kawal rapi TGNA sampailah dia naik kapalterbang kelik Kelantan. Kat Kota Bharu, Ketua Lapar Balak, Razak Abas dok tunggu dengan gangsternya. Reporter kena tohok ke tepi habis. Kena marah sampai mureh.

    (cerita lanjut di

  64. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Nur Jebat:

    Rocky turned down the post? Yeah right! He wanted the job, gave his conditions [this was quite openly disclosed to the Press Club patrons] and Najib's office just thought "screw him and his conditions" and went for ATalib.

    Maybe Najib's office turning Rocky down is to Rocky a sign that Najib isn't serious about media reform. Of course, to Rocky's mind and for some of his readers here, only Rocky can deliver reform.

    After all Rocky is very clever and powerful, isn't it? His blog has millions of readers. He also almost single-handedly turned the tide for March 8 last year. But he is modest with Mahathir, so will credit the old man for it how he credited Mahathir for the 500 Malay votes in Perak, in a single day too. That was all Mahathir of course, according to Rocky who knows all and knows what's best for the Rakyat. Nothing to do with Perakians genuinely getting put-off by the Perak nonsense.

    So ATalib or KJasin or anyone else at NSTP is not good enough. They are not the right has-been. So the defeated has-been must keep ATalib in check. Started a new blog for it too.

    People should check NST's circulation rates from 1995 onwards. You will see there that the decline of the paper started during Reformasi in the late 90s and that Elections when BN ran campaign ads in NST saying without them there will be riots in Malaysia.

    Who was the PM then? Pak Lah, of course. Hey, no was Mahathir. Yes, credit goes to Mahathir again. Sorry.

  65. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    jika Allah S.W.T ingin mengurniakan (hanya satu) diantara pahala dan keredhaan NYA yang mana satu pilihan saudara?

  66. Anonymous11:35 pm

    ni pasal nst you all dengar tak apa berlaku kat nst kuching. si pendek ah chai sudah gaduh sama biro punya boss firdaus. jadi ah cahi mau tunjuk dia kuat jadi dia tukar itu firdaus pergi kelnatan dan dia promote ornag lain jadi ketua biro kuching

    tapi tiu firdaus tak mau pergi dia appeal tapi appeal sudah ditolak, patut si firdaus start kat kelantan may 1 tapi dia masih amsuk office nst kuching

    lepas itu tarak tindakan diambil atas firdaus pasal ah chai takut loh kena tmapar sama firdaus. apa gua heran mana boleh ah ketua biro lawan sama ah cahai lepas tu tak dak tindakan. fuyoo apa jenis boss ini ah cvahi. namapk sanagt tak ada bola. penakut loh. itu macam ah mana mau respek loh. patut lu boss kan

    lagi satu gua heran ah apasal syed nadzari pun diam sajae. aiyoo takut jugak kah

  67. Anonymous9:02 am

    In 1999, Kadir Jasin gloated in his editorial over Anwar's beating by police. Gila punya editor dan newspaper. Kalau ya pun, pro-Mahathir, pretend la sikit tulis seperti "those responsible should be brought to justice ke" kemudian tambah "the public must not jump to any conclusion and must put their faith in the commission of inquiry". Ini bangga dan kutuk Anwar sebab kena hentam sampai pengsan. Bentuk bodek macam ini yang membunuh Umno! Saya rasa Kalimullah lebih bermaruah berbanding Kadir Jasin.

  68. Anonymous9:10 am

    Apa benda ni..??? Bincang pasal NST editorial shake-up? Kah kah kah.. kalau Wall Street Journal atau UK Sunday Times nampak jugak logik dia. NST is a government mouthpiece... saya guna NST dan Utusan hanya dalam tandas (kalau toilet roll habis!). Saya masih ingat tahun 1999, berita depan dalam suratkhabar, Dr M suka makan daging bakar cicah air asam! (tak ada laporan pasal berpuluh2 ribu orang demontrasi di KL). Kadir Jasin has single-handedly turned NST into an asswipe!

  69. Anonymous11:08 am




  70. Anonymous11:20 am

    You better watch out
    You better be good
    You know who is coming to town...


  71. Anonymous12:09 pm

    haiya, lu talak tau ka itu maChai lalam nst tido sama satu prostitute dari Salawak. itu pros aaah..wallllaaaaweeeiiii manyak cute oooorr, kecik kecik saja tapi sudah kautim sama machai. itu pompuan ada laki tapi laki lembik maaaaa, sik dapat polah pa pa. nanti tu pompuan jadi bilo cheap horrr. suda pande kasi warning sama lepoter lagi tua ooooo.. wah..machai punya keep manyak kaw2 ooooo. gua kesian sama laki lia lorrr... sidak pake bini nyaaa

  72. Anonymous12:56 pm

    there is this woman who travels from the bureau office to balai berita on a regular basis under the pretext of attending trainings. once here in jalan riong she sticks to the exec.newseditor like a leech and they move around like lovers in the park. was told she was assigned by the exec-editor to undermine the bureau chief in her state and two other senior staff there. a secretary friend said the woman would most likely be made the bureau chief. wait and see.

  73. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Dear One Pip,

    Daripada merepek pasal org lain kat dlm blog org lain, lebih baik lu siapkan lu punya blog Belut Pisang tu.. Apa yg lu tulis, lari tajuk la bang.

  74. Anonymous7:43 pm

    gua nak tanya betul ke firdaus nak kena sack pasal ah chai tak suka dia

  75. Anonymous7:49 pm

    betul ke dengar kata sajahan is resigning soon from nst, nak kerja dengan umno. katanya tak puas hati soal gaji atau ada muslihat lain jeng jeng jeng

  76. Anonymous9:51 pm

    mAcHai.. you better run while you have the opportunity.
    That mamak fella is waiting to break your face, a little bird told me he knows all about your conspiracy to fix him, the reports from your tiny lady-bird spy and your smear campaign against him. mAcHai, i know him well.
    He is a hot-headed bastard and if you have done wrong you better run la weiiiiiiiiii!!!
    Whyyyyy leh you conspire with kids who spill everything the moment they heard Ahmad Talib is coming in?
    BTW, NST got new Pakatan Rakyat biro chief meh? You very cunning hor?

    Harley Davidson ..Vvrrrrrrooooooom!

  77. Minah Rempit11:28 pm

    So you're going to be the NEW CEO of Malay Mail huh...what about the future of the current team?? You gonna keep em or throw em all out??

  78. Anonymous10:47 am

    saya nak pegi toilet kejap

  79. Richard Chua Lai Huat5:44 pm

    congragulation to Ahiruddin Atan for being appointed as the CEO of Malay Malay. Hope you could improve it, rocky. I use to like reading malay mail a lot then i stop liking it.

  80. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Patriot Jawa Johor said:

    "....I think those who are unhappy that ahmad talib is coming back to NST are Kali's and Brendan's cronies as well as those who benefitted during their reign. They treated ahmad like pariah when he was forced to leave. I still remember that most reporters were even scared to go to Ahmad's room to bade him farewell when he packed up to leave on his last day. Such was Kali's and Brendan's reign of terror at that time that reporters were even careful whom they chose to go for lunch with least they be suspected of sympathising with people like ahmad. Even some of those who are close to him turned their back on him. Even his personal secretary did that. Some of the bureau chiefs and senior reporters whom Ahmad promoted and treated as friends were also guilty. Ahmad may have his flaws but the way they treated him at that time was simply shameful. Thats probably why there are those from NST here who runs him down, probably scared now that the man is coming back to be their big boss..."

    Betul tu Jawa Johor... mesti panas bontot species2 yang u sebutkan tu.

    Note for DAAT, cari secretaries yang pernah berkhidmat kat sana as your new secretary... biar dia orang kasi ajar sikit sama itu budak "kacang lupa kulit". Bodek aje lebih...

    Pemerhati Lama