Monday, March 16, 2009

Umno's show cause

Is there a letter for Ali Rustam? Everyone's talking about Ali Rustam getting a show-cause letter from the Umno disciplinary committee. I spoke to someone close to Ali last Friday who told me that there was no such letter. Khairy Jamaluddin is another one who's supposed to get a love letter from the committee, too, but an aide I checked with said over the weekend that there was no such thing, at least not yet. Mike Tyson and Khir Toyo were supposed to get show-cause letters. I haven't had the time to check with their people.

One thing shouldn't escape you: If the disciplinary committee goes after Ali and Mike Tyson, one candidate for the Deputy President's post, i.e. Muhyiddin Yasin, will stand to benefit. Similarly, if you go after KJ and Khir Toyo, that leaves Umno with only one candidate for the Umno Youth chief that will be contested next week.

In any case, I am a firm believer that you are innocent until proven guilty. And I'll believe that the disciplinary committee is walking its talk only when I've seen those letters.

p.s. And I was told that the MACC has shut the case against Azalina.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    lovely, lovely.... send the love letters out.

  2. 'I am a firm believer that you are innocent until proven guilty'-Rocky.

    Yup,me too.But in which courts are you talking about,mate?Boleh land kangaroo courts?Boleh land kangaroo courts infested with tainted judges are there only to mete out harsh and inhumane punishments to the ordinary rakyat but it will protect the BN elites lar.Esp UMNO elites.

    MACC,has shut the case against Azalina-I thought ,Umno is trying to show the people that they mean businnes with regards to the integrity of MACC,by sacrificing this lamb?Maybe being a muslim lass,and'cant walk alone'to meet the PM,therefore she went along with her daddy probably did the trick,kot?Good joke BTW,I am enjoying it.

  3. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Remember Mat Said of the MACC said that there is no corruption in UMNO ? Azalina is therefore cleared because the MACC Commission already cleared her before her investigation.

    No one in UMNO is going to be found guilty of corruption - not even Norza - because that would make Mat Said look like a real idiot.


  4. You cannot touch the President men just like the movie ' all the president man'....




  6. Anonymous5:51 pm

    And all it took was one meeting with her father to see pm all kow tim,only in BOLIHLAND.

  7. Trust me the letters will come out and not only that Ali will withdraw!
    BTW Rocky you had dinner with this man recently, so whats up with you two?!

  8. Wah, you can contact numbers of the UMNO big shots?

  9. This is a positive development,hopefully UMNO will get rid of all the corrupt individuals in UMNO so that UMNO can be stronger to lead BN to face the PR threat.In the end both coalition will have to work their but off for the rakyat so that the rakyat will choose them.In the end the power of the rakyat is restored and we will not be made a slave of these poloitical parties,instead they will be the slave of the rakyat as the rakyat have the power to choose who they want to lead this country.SAY NO TO POLITICAL MONOPOLY OR OLIGOPOLY.

  10. Anonymous7:16 pm

    The fact that Azalina went running to Badawi says it all. We'll just wait and see what MACC stands for..


  11. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Is UMNO finally serious in tackling the culture of corruption embedded in it, or is this merely window dressing to fool the public... and sabotage a couple of rivals?

    I will not be surprised if Toyo or Khairy wins, the party elections seems more like a Christie's auction nowadays...

  12. Anonymous9:01 pm


    Isn't MACC is Dollah's baby. Show us your integrity MR CLEAN before you retire this month.

    IF Dollah are really sincere to clean up money politic in UMNO, the love letter should be send thru DHL or FED EX IMMEDIATELY

    It doesn't matter if it involve his choice of candidates or SIL.

  13. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Spin and threat from Malaysia Insider

    Ali Rustam and others face polls shutout?

    Ali Rustam and others face polls shutout?
    UPDATED 10.30PM
    By Leslie Lau

    Consultant Editor

    "....But this evening threats were already flying with supporters of senior party officials promising reprisals if their benefactors are found guilty of money politics by the disciplinary committee...."

    “The disciplinary committee is set to make a few announcements tomorrow. If there is a sense that it is to clear the way for certain individuals then there will be problems.”

    "...If any of these leaders are blocked from contesting in the elections, it will send shockwaves through Malaysia’s biggest political party...."

  14. Within UMNO...there are clear signs...of power grabbing and no unity at all.
    Malaysians at not care two hoots..who will loose or win.
    13th GE is the D-Day...nothing else matters.

  15. Anonymous9:51 am

    Tidak susah memahami perkara ini. Bahasa adalah produk budaya. Setiap budaya ada sifatnya tertentu. Bahasa Inggeris adalah bahasa kolonial, kata Sasterawan Negara Muhammad Haji Salleh; di sesetengah negara ia dianggap sebagai bahasa pembunuh, ia bahasa pongah, ia datang dengan nilai kalau tidak mengetahui atau menutur bahasa Inggeris ertinya kita bangang dan ketinggalan. Begitulah Raffles dan Birch (juga Brooke) memandang orang Melayu sebelah mata. Seharusnya kita menguasai bahasa Inggeris itu, berkuasa bererti kita menundukkannya, bukan ia (sifat bahasa itu) yang menundukkan kita sehingga kita perasan moden, sofistikated dan pandai. Sedangkan kita tak mencipta apa pun.

    Kerana itulah mereka yang menyokong PPSMI melihat kita dengan pelik dan sebelah mata, dan argumen mereka selalunya: kenapa mereka ini ibarat katak bawah tempurung? Sebab mereka fikir keluarga mereka pandai berbahasa Inggeris, orang lain yang tidak bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris dianggap bengap. Itukan sifat kolonial yang terlekat pada bahasa kolonial (baca: Inggeris). Kerana itulah tidak rasa ada secalit pun bersalah buat pemimpin dalang pengkhianat budaya apabila pejuang bahasa diserang dengan meriam air dan lada saat berlindung dalam masjid. Kerana itulah dengan pongahnya pemimpin ini menepis dan memanipulasi isu dengan mengatakan mereka yang berarak di jalanan adalah bodoh. Kerana sudah terbiasa sifat kolonial (baca: bahasa kolonial) dalam kepala dan dada. Orang seperti ini mesti diajar dengan undi dan dijatuhkan. Biarlah dia terpekik dengan kerisnya seorang diri lain kali.

    Siapa katak bawah tempurung?

    Indonesia, jika mempunyai sumber yang banyak (kekayaan) akan meninggalkan Malaysia jauh jauh jauh ke depan kerana saya percaya mereka akan mencipta produk dengan semangat bahasa, dan semangat bahasa adalah semangat budaya dan semangat budaya adalah keunggulan tamadun dan peradaban.

    Meneruskan PPSMI akan melonggokkan kita dalam kumpulan negara kalah budaya dan terhempuk semangat seperti Filipina (satu contoh memadai). Tak banyak yang dapat Filipina jual ke luar, agaknya hanya sekumpulan penyanyi miang, beberapa pembantu rumah, penjual Tawas dan beberapa kerat ahli ekonomi yang tidak dapat mencapai aras, apatah lagi bersaing di luar.

    Itulah angan-angan penyokong PPSMI. Kerana itulah tak semua katak melompat di luar tempurung benar-benar hebat. Kerana untuk apa melompat di luar tempurung sekadar untuk menjadi hamba orang (baca: budaya asing).

    - Ricky Martin

  16. Anonymous11:22 am

    As I wrote this, it is about 1115am March 17,2009...about 4 hours away from the much awaited MACC announcement on Ali Rustam. Insider news from MElaka... His official residence in Melaka is so full of his strong supporters right now. I guess some came to give moral support and some came to seek clarification on what actaully happened. Some we clearly seen crying! The next 4 hours would definetely be the longest 4 hours in Ali's life. He is seen calmed according to sources, but they said his "air muka" tak berapa ceria as usual. Lets wait and see...

  17. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Rock. Macam tak puas hati je?