Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chin Peng dan Pokok Rakyat di Perak

[With updates]
Loyar Burok, a blog run by lawyers, says here that the Ipoh High Court decision to bar Tommy Thomas and others from acting for Speaker Sivakumar is WRONG!

I don't know what's right or wrong but I agree with Jebat Must Die that things in Perak are getting more and more absurd.

And then JMD draws a parallel between the meeting of Aduns under a tree in Perak and Chin Peng's continued Communist struggle against the Malaysian government and people. Read here.

Updates: Read also Zainul Arifin's Still Looking for Silver Lining in today's NST.


"The concept of loyalty must surely be rooted in more than just being loyal, but also respect

The constant challenge to the role and decisions of the royal houses is obviously a sign of disrespect, regardless of what the law says.

DAP and many assemblymen from Pakatan Rakyat would have realised that they were voted in partly, or largely, by Malay voters. Some of them voted PR because they subscribed to its ideology, or sympathised with its politics, or in some cases, to punish the incumbent Barisan Nasional.

There is a possibility this constant haranguing of the royals may not endear them to the Malays later

To read Zainul's entire article, click here.


  1. Anonymous3:30 am

    totally agree on that..things are getting absurd..but one thing for sure..utusan reported it was around 50 civillians watched the meeting. Although i'm bad at estimating a group of people, i sure can tell it's more than that!

  2. Anonymous6:20 am

    Alahai, sudahlah Rocky, cukuplah tu.

    Nampak terang-terang kau dan gerombolan kau tu dah terdesak giler. Ada ke buat perbandingan cam tu, kah kah kah.

    Rocky, orang dah tak ambik serius lagi dah blog kau. Ramai dah tak baca dah cerita merepek kau dan gerombolan kau. Ada blog-blog lain yang lagi berisi. Kau punya tu macam iklan propaganda Nazi jer.

    Boringlah Rocky.

    Takde cerita baru ke?

  3. Anonymous6:33 am

    I think we are living in a police state as what ever if it is against the ruling of the federal government,it is deem illegal.Rakyat have no say in anything whether it is democratically elected or not.Sooner or later it will be another Myamar in the making.

  4. Rocky

    This is my comment to JMD and still waiting moderation to publish.


    Everybody wants to have their own opinion. Everyone could write and comment thru lengthy pages… What good will it do?

    BN obviously is denying the rakyat’s right and this is the mother of all chaos in Perak. Let the Perak rakyat decide whom they want.

    You know, I know and everyone knows… BN is afraid to face the next failure… so afraid that they wouldn’t mind to drag His Highness Sultan Perak into this and Perak’s rakyat to doom!

  5. Anonymous7:09 am


    To link the Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives being prevented to enter the State Secretariat by the Police to conduct the meeting and having to do it under the tree with Chin Peng, is malicious and mischevious.

    JMD is a rabid UMNO supporter and for your blog to headline this in your post is really disappointing.

    You have use one of the old tricks of journalism called agenda-setting very well.

    Not a word from you of the use of police to prevent elected representatives to meet.

    What about the judiciary bias in this whole affair, which should deserve a comment from you:

    read this blog:

    Rocky, I do have a high respect for you but of late, your postings seem to show subtle and sublimal journalist bias.Vey sad.

  6. Anonymous7:17 am

    Adik Rocky dan yang lain

    Makcik rayu dan berdoa supaya adik adik membuka mata.

    Kalau sudah 28-28, benarkanlah sahaja rakyat Perak mengundi.

    Kami rakyat Perak bukan tak mahu dengan Datuk Nizar atau Datuk Zambry.

    Kami rakyat Perak mahu diberi peluang memilih secara demokrasi kerajaan yang mentadbir bagi pihak kami.

    Makcik berdoalah agar kepimpinan kerjaaan besar dilembutkan hati mereka sedikit olih Allah Subhanahu Wata'Ala

  7. Anonymous7:50 am

    I fully agree with u, the solution to this is so simple....just let the people solve the problems and let them decide ! Have fresh election ! This is a democratic country and the people has a say and let them decide. Do not supress them.

  8. Anonymous8:13 am

    What next for the sore losers?

    This will act as a reflection upon PR to study the implications should it succeed with plans to get BN guys to jump ship and form the Federal Government.

    Perhaps the next step is to get the Agong involved, because the Sultan reports to him?

    The silly defiance should stop, otherwise the very voters and supporters will eventually get fed up and that will cause a backfire.

    Calling for fresh elections may solve the issue but what if PR loses? Will they find another tree to bark at?

    And suddenly, the Speaker becomes the most powerful person around.

    So, who's the boss?


  9. Another movie from vanaavil channel Astro ....
    The Fed too weak to react , where is AG chamber's people , Ghani Patail or AAB too weak?

  10. Chin Peng led his struggle in the jungle.

  11. Anonymous8:43 am

    Yet another spin uh! Keep up the good work.


  12. Anonymous9:08 am

    It is better for PR to be humble and even be seen rediculous (only to some, ask the rakyat if they share their sentiment), than to behave dishonorably like a ugly beast.
    One would have thought after 52 years of Independence, Malaysia would have grown to be a more civilized society,respecting Democracy to its truest sense. Fark me dead, for me to believe so.

  13. Anonymous9:10 am

    Why are lawyers who are much more conversant of the law than the judicial commissioner who gives the judgment described as "loyar burok"? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Frankly, I find your post more absurd than the state assembly proceedings under the tree.

  14. need headache for everyone...

    just dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide who the want as their leaders...

    its the people's headache now.....not that of UMNO nor Pakatan...

    I shall not use BN anymore cos BN ONLY consists of UMNO.....others seem to be just parasitic observers

  15. Ada yang menyamakan situasi Sidang Tergempar Bawah Pokok DUN Perak semalam sama seperti Kerajaan Pasir Berdengung dalam cerita LAKSAMANA DO RE MI. Baguslah, kerana Kerajaan Pasir Berdengung itu adalah kerajaan yang sah dalam cerita itu, tetapi telah dirampas oleh Menteri FASOLA ZAMBRY.

    Saya cadangkan apabila berjumpa dengan DR. ZAmbry ini, sila tunjukkan pada beliau sebatang Buluh Runcing, kerana Dr. Zambry akan bukak kasut beliau secara automatik apabila melihat Buluh Runcing itu.

    Al-Fatihah juga kepada Sultan Melaka dahulu, Sultan Mahmud yang Mangkat dijulang.


  16. Anonymous9:30 am

    it is funny rocky. when speaker calls for the meeting, he has the right to do so!!! but BN used dirty tactic by denying the speaker right!!


  17. To JMD,

    Pls stop the project of fooling Malaysian!
    Don't try to find thousand kind of excuse to turn the wrong thing into right!
    Two wrong will never become a right!
    Stop fooling people around!
    Nowadays, Rakyat are smart enough on how to differentiate things!

  18. Anonymous10:03 am

    A democratic system is designed to ensure the distribution of power so that power is NOT VESTED IN ONLY ONE PERSON.. When only one dominant group control everything (e.g. BN), this distribution of power is not apparent. However, when the grip diminishes, democracy will rear its ugly head whereby the MULTIPLE SOURCE of power will no longer work in harmony which leads to stalemate or impasse. Therefore it is better for the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the DUN so that this crisis will not be dragged on and on whether inside court room or outside. Dissolve the DUN and the situation will be clearer in 60 days. Continue with current situations - then go 'naik turun tangga court' maybe for the next 6, 7, 8 or 10 years maybe???


  19. Problem with your hero is that he can only see issues with the other side. How about some of the same kind of medicine for Jebat to choke on?

    Now lets see! Err...starting up with...Now when the Sultan gave the audience for Najib to meet with him on the day of the coup, what locus standi did Najib have over State matters in Perak? I wonder!! As UMNO chief of Perak, that has no locus standi really.

    Now, the real problem is, Najib would have given the Sultan all the assurances that all will be alright. But it would seem like Najib has misled the Sultan into a very embarrassing situation. The Sultan now is confronted by some of his decisions and actions being questioned. Even if the Sultan was right, having left the speaker intact with all his powers, the Sultan finds his appointments being brought to naught. The sultan must be scratching his head by now. After all did he not get the assurance from Najib that all will be o.k.? Did Najib lie to him? Or was Najib just too hasty and recklessly careless in his machinations that he really did not care into what kind of mud he would be dragging the Sultan into?

    If UMNO thinks it has the upper hand, it should be pointed out that this is only made possible by the compromises made of people who are prepared to be compromised. By people who completely disregard what has been provided for in the various constitutions. And this includes the judiciary as well. Somehow somewhere in the twisted minds of the UMNO types, if it is possible to think that fairness can be achieved when master and servant both serve opposing forces, then they must surely believe that the people are all just infants with completely undeveloped minds that they can play bugger all with.

    The inconvenient truth is Jebat Must Die and this Rocky's blog can only write what is comfortable and profitable for UMNO. When was the last time either of your blogs wrote anything that might favour those opposed to UMNO? And I was under the impression blogs are supposed to be either on the side of truth and right or impartial!!

    And oh, if, by the way, I have not been able to find anything nice to right about UMNO, its only because that so happens to be the truth and is right too. :-)

  20. Anonymous10:11 am


    Dulu-dulu ramai Petition writer diseluroh mahkamah di Malaysia ni membantu rakyat akan perkara-perkara berhubung kait dengan procedure mahkamah.


    Adakah surat-surat yang ditulis oleh petition-petition writer yang tak bertauliah,hidup kais pagi makan pagi,kais petang makan petang membantu rakyat menyelesaikan masallah mahkamah itu
    'ultra vires'kerana surat-surat itu tidak ditulis petition writer yang tidak bertauliah?

    Ini,persoalan 'legitamacy'dan'genuine expectation' rakyat yang dipertikaikan ni.
    Persoalan hak.Keputusan dibuat atas pokok pun 'sah' sekiranya ia dilakukan atas prodedure yang betul.

    Western Legal Philospher,memperlekahkan sistem perundang Islam kerana argument mereka mengatakan Undang-Undang Islam terlaksana dibawah pokok.

    Which is important either 'law' or the 'Principle of the law 'yang penting?
    Bacalah hasil kerja Dwokin wahai Tuan Penguasa!

  21. Anonymous10:27 am

    Who is chin peng in this case? and who is practising communism here? Is't it true communism practises "the end justify the means". A democratic system without a doctrine of power separation, in this case!, moving us to back to communism not chin peng.

  22. Anonymous10:31 am

    Ya, situation in Perak is getting absurd and it all started with BN doing the unspeakable... So, I suppose the fight will go on until either someone dies or everything is destroyed.

    No, I am not in the opinion of PR giving up the fight in the name of peace. Why not BN give up for the goodness of the people for once!

  23. Anonymous10:39 am

    Tomorrow BN will cut down all the trees in that there will be no more meetings under the tree

    Bloody f8cking idiots

  24. Anonymous10:41 am

    roki...i propose u stand under the umno banner in bukit gantang...then u can join those "celakas"...on prime time need to blog..!
    u n yr next generation will be taken care of while the rest sit under a "pokok" and ponder reality and justice..for all,not a select few.

  25. Anonymous10:42 am

    Drawing a parallel between the current PR struggle and Chin Peng is laughable at best and despicable at worst.

    How can democracy and communism be described on the same length?

    If a parallel has to be drawn, I would say BN is more likened to the communist than PR. Ambush, hijack and not seeking the people's mandate through democratic means --- going back to the polls.


  26. Anonymous10:49 am

    This shows you're real racist.You should just shut up if you're not a law expert.

  27. Anonymous10:50 am

    Rocky, you are running out of ideas in supporting yourself, you are merely posting other people articles. i believe you do know who is right and who is wrong, you are just like those in BN, always in denial, deceiving your own self and the Rakyat.


  28. Anonymous10:53 am

    A very simple request from rakyat,just disolve the DUN and go for fresh election.What is so difficult?No need to talk about Jebat and Chin Peng.

  29. Anonymous10:54 am

    I believe that it is more accurate to say that PR's struggle is more against the BN and for rights people of Perak to cast their votes again.

    Fair View

  30. Anonymous10:58 am

    I don't know about other people but when I heard about the DUN meeting under a tree, I had this vision of Ghandi and his men meeting under a tree on how to gain independence from the British.

  31. Anonymous10:59 am

    Even Jocelyn Tan is saying snap election is the only way to solve Perak's problem. Aiyah, why Umno so scared of election. With all the money and media at their disposal, still scared ah ....?

  32. Anonymous11:03 am

    Ha ha ha Bawah pokok, ha ha ha ha DAP dah berjaya mengkomuniskan orang melayu dan india hah ha ha ha bodoh betul! Ha ha ha ha sesiapa yang mengatakan ini bersejarah memang bersejarah tapi sejarah hitamla ha ha ha ha ha. Imagine this: kalaulah dah takde tempat lain lagi nak bersidang tapi cuma tandas awam je, tandas awam pun jadilah tempat bersidang. lepas tu imagine Speaker (olok-olok) V.Sivakumar dengan baju Robe tu duduk atas mangkuk tandas (throne) bersidang dengan ahli exco (olok-olok) yang lain dekat dalam cubicle. Ha ha ha psyco betul!. Ha ha ha ha warghhh hah ha ha ...... melingkup negara ni dengan politik longkang pakatan rakyat.

    Pokok Ajaib

  33. Anonymous11:08 am

    Hello you morons who are demanding for the Rakyat's Rights.

    Are you too stupid to understand that 31 ADUNs represents the majority of the rakyats in Perak?

    It is you, the stubborn and stupid PR represents the minority of the rakyats.Get this into your thick skull!

  34. Anonymous11:10 am

    Suddenly, i am so proud as a Malaysian because of V.Sivakurma and Nizar. They have earned the respect in the world and inspired me as Obama did to me.


  35. Anonymous11:14 am

    Hanya nak tau, species pokok apa yang digunakan untuk berteduh semasa bersidang tu? Bersejarah pokok tu. Patut disimpan

  36. Democracy is about governing according to the will of the people.

    When such a will is in doubt, such as what is happening in Perak, the sensible and logical way is to return that mandate to the people.
    Usurping the will of the people by dubious and cunning means is immoral.

  37. Hello PR & BN,

    Perak is not belong to yours!!!

    just dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide... OK!!!

  38. Anonymous11:27 am


    I voted for PKR and PAS in the last election not because I believed in their agenda or manifesto but because I wanted to make a statement to the incumbent BN. In the next general election, I would be hard pressed for which party I should be voting for. One thing for sure: None of the present parties deserve my vote.


  39. Anonymous11:30 am

    JMD attempt at linking the raintree assembly and chin peng's struggle in the past is malicious and irrelevant.

    In my observation, the PR in Perak have all the right to regain back the state which was kidnapped by Barisan.

    All action taken by Pakatan so far has been according to the law.

    It is the Barisan with the help of police who has broken the law and shown disrespect to the constitution.

    How this has gone unnoticed by you and bloggers alike is perplexing.

    I'm sure that you are aware that the only solution for the Perak mess is for the Sultan to dissolve the assembly and hold fresh elections. Somehow I expected you to support this and promote this in your blog as you do carry some influence in blogger world (maybe i expect too much) but you seem to show otherwise.

    I guess you are not all for civil society...its a pity really.

  40. Anonymous11:40 am

    How can you connect Chin Peng with what happened in Perak?
    The Police were preventing a lawful assembly by elected representatives.
    Thus where else could the reps go. It has no correlation at all with what Chin Peng did.
    The PR reps did not shoot anyone nor rebel against the state. They were just carrying out their duties as elected by the voters.

    Rocky you need to start being more objective. Sure PR has made some screw ups and personally they could have handled the situation a bit better; but to compare them to Chin Peng is nonsensical.

  41. Hi Rocky,
    The problem with the rakyat esp the netizen & urbanites are they judge the political scenario emotionally and by partisanship. No matter what PR did even is hell of a foolish or devil act is still correct. As a result the nation wld be tore apart. Be rational, PR reps are sore losers and great actors.

  42. Anonymous11:43 am

    dear fakatan riot,
    kalau ada problem, dia dulu yg buat report polis la, masuk mahkamah la, saman sana sini la, rule of law la kononny a, bila terkena, jadi org gila meeting bawah pokok. De facto head pun ada sodomy case pending. Lagi teruk drpd chin peng ka lu org. Buat malu aje

  43. Anonymous11:46 am

    All the so-called intellectual writers here are full of crap.
    Why is it that they don't respect the constitution. Where would we be without the monarchs today. Are we forgetting that 90% of the malay intellects today came from a humble kampong.
    The craps that they have learned from their short stint in some unknown western overseas university. They returned in drove in their proud ass to be turncoats to the malay. And they claim that they are now liberals? Wanting a republic, diminishing the role of the monarchs?
    Are we not seeing the role of the ultra Chinese DAP's thriving to drive wedges between malays.
    Have you not visit the DAP crap websites announcing in some shitty Chinese literature so foreign to our malay eyes? Are you so blind to see the sinister in their writing every time they touch on malay muslim? Go la... watch for self.
    I am proud to say that the real malays are now back in power in the Silver State of Perak.

  44. Anonymous11:46 am


    Dun write an article just for the sake of writing it..........

    If you have lost your heart in writing, you might as well stop writing. Other wise you will be laughing stock again.

    Again, please do not wake me up in an heaven......

    Chin Peng in the Heaven

  45. Anonymous11:48 am

    as usual. if you're on their side, you're labeled as racists, undemocratic, celaka and many more names. tell that to sivakumar who acted like a referee paid by a football team and give all the opposing players red cards, so that the team can score as many goals as possible. surely, it's within the referee's unquestionable legal power but you so-called democracy champions call that as democracy??? please look into the mirror la. both you and BN are the same animals....only different fur.


  46. Anonymous11:50 am

    salam bro,

    mereka kecewa dgn sikap bro yg kurang memberi kasih sayang kepada mereka dgn article2 menentang kerajaan.. bro kena pujuk mereka ni.. kalau susah sangat bro clashkan aje mereka.. tapi bila bro clash dengan mereka datang balik kat blog bro untuk menautkan kembalik kasih sayang mereka..

    anyway BN should accept to dissolve DUN.. kalau awal-awal dulu dissolve confirm BN menang punya.. kalau lambat dissolve peluang BN nak menang akan hancur..

  47. Anonymous11:55 am

    Sudahlah Rocky, kau ni betul2 dah jadi "Running Dog" kat UMNO.

    Ada apa2 berita pun, Rocky ada spinning punya cerita untuk disekat.

    Kau ni dah cukup layak untuk jadi Dr.Spin bolehlah jadi Najib punya press secreatay, gaji tinggi tahu !

    Woit Rocky, janganlah memperbodohkan rakyat, rakyat tidak sebodoh yang kau fikirkan.


  48. Anonymous11:56 am


    Keep your chin up. Most of these people who hentam you are hard core Saudara Anuar, PAS and DAP fans. Even if the truths are staring right into their eyes, they would still refuse to acknowledge them. BN will always be black, Anwar, PAS and DAP are always whiter than white. No grey areas for them. You can bet that they dodn't even bother to read and understand Jebat Must Die or the governing laws and Constitution. But heck, they say love is blind.


  49. Wan Juliana
    Ni ada contradict sikit lah - Awak kata "orang dah tak ambik serius lagi" blog Rocky ni...

    Tapi awak sudi hantar comment

    Membuktikan bahawa... Heheh!

    "Ramai dah tak baca" ye? Heran jugak - Mungkin si Rocky ni, hari-hari dia sendiri kot yang dok click berapa ribu kali kat address blog dia... nak bagi naik page hits Haha!

    BTW you are talking to a VETERAN here (Rocky lah, not me). If you think words like these will get to him, think again. He's been there, done that.

  50. Anonymous11:58 am

    Zainul has a point when he said
    "There is a possibility this constant haranguing of the royals may not endear them to the Malays later."

    That is why it is very important to be objective and let us voters decide who we want.

  51. Anonymous12:00 pm

    So you UMNO bastards are back to their Communist/Chin Peng shit again to split those who are against them. Many malaysians are not so naive this time around.

  52. Anonymous12:00 pm

    "The concept of loyalty must surely be rooted in more than just being loyal, but also respect

    The constant challenge to the role and decisions of the royal houses is obviously a sign of disrespect, regardless of what the law says..."

    Please tell Zainul Ariffin that respect HAS TO BE EARNED!! It doesnt come with the household you are born into.. It is not about being older or higher position or cleverer or more cunning.

    Respect is about making a wise decision based on integrity and conscience! The Sultan of Perak and his son lost all their integrity and respect when they made that bias decision based on LAW! It wasnt a wise decision and for someone who has been some big time judge and god knows what, he should know better!! But yet, he still went ahead to make a decision that was not in the interest of his subjects. So, what have you gotta say about the Sultan's integrity and conscience!? I got nothing to say lor.

    So, loyalty can be lost if respect is lost. Simple! Every single one of us have to work at being respected and royal fatsoes are no exception! For those out there who are so into this royal family shit, please wake up!

  53. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Anon 8.13am said

    "Calling for fresh elections may solve the issue but what if PR loses? Will they find another tree to bark at?

    How sure are you they will lose?

    Buddha found enlightenment under a tree.

  54. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Good day Rocky.

    I was actually wondering why you were not blogging yesterday on this matter and providing updates like Anil Netto and Malaysiakini.

    If you had been able to do it, we would have seen the 'other side' of the situation.

    Of course you would not have mentioned:

    a. The 'neutral' stand taken by the police
    b. The 30 ablebodied men who were at the venue to intimidate the ADUNs and the public who came to witness the historic occassion

    And I am sure you can read and understand English as well as legal terms - after all you were in the mainstream media profession for a long time. The 'paymasters' would have trained you well to understand this aspect - and also trained you how to spin, despite obvious facts.

    Thus I am surprised that you now 'plead' that you do not know what's right or wrong. Just say that you refuse to enlighten yourself on the Constitution, law and natural justice - if it is not to the advantage of the 'desperate' ones who are trying to curb the rising tide of 'people's power'.

    At least we will know you are honest and the rakyat will still value you as one of us (Malaysian) and still respect your right to have alternate views.

    Is that not better than trying to pretend?

    Zainul Arifin could not to see the actual silver lining - that the DAP, PAS and PKR are more united and their support is not just made up of Chinese and Indian voters. The number of Malays who rally for the cause of these three PR partners is on the increase.

    These people are challenging the royalty? Not quite.

    They are up against the BN way of doing things.

    But you and Zainul and JMD author must spin it as though the folks are against the royalty.

    Do you dare opine the same way that the folks are against the Queen if some segments of the British population (of South Asian origin) stage a protest against the infamous 'Paki-bashing' in any part of U.K?

    Perhaps you should look back at historical records on who daringly went into confrontational mood many times with the royalty in the past.

    But then again - if you are in denial mood, how can we expect you to realise and cherish those moments and admit who set the lead for such behaviour?

    Easy to wake up a sleeping soul, but not so easy to do the same with one who is pretending to sleep - like you.

    Don't worry - I will still read your blogs, to at least remind myself on how not to do things like the way you do.


  55. Anonymous12:10 pm


    You know what - UMNO/BN may actually succeed in Perak. They will go to the court, get a decision that is on their side. MB (H) Zamri will be declared winner. All MB Nizar's government declared the loser. The HRH will not consent to dissolution. In short - all decisions will go to UMNO/BN way.

    DSAI may be found guily and jailed for 20 years. ISA may be coming out again in Operasi Lalang. Things will get much much worse than where it is today.

    But also you know what?

    It will harden the resolve of the rakyat that this present UMNO/BN government must be kicked out. They are now the parasite of the country - controlling all the government instruments to their advantage. Police, Judiciary, MACC, (and some would suspect the Royals) is a testament to this.

    3 years is still a long way, and the rakyat will remember - but this government is a gone case. Guys which are now 18 - much mor informed, will be voting next. People my age (late 30s) all watch these events with disgust. We will vote then - and for sure mine isnt going the BN way.

    The darkest hour is before the dawn, and evil gave his most vicious fight before it falls.

    Bye Bye, BN.

    Nickname : Melayu Baru

  56. Anonymous12:31 pm

    alahai..that is BR.They only live on issues only..otherwise it is as good as dead..already sick of politic


  57. Anonymous12:34 pm


    Are you eyeing for the position of Group Chief Editor of NST once Najib takes over as PM?

  58. Anonymous12:34 pm

    OK ... the question is who is the modern day Chin Peng ?

    a) Nizar ?
    b) Ngeh ?
    c) Nga ?
    d) Siva ?

    Nop ... can't be Nizar ... he's just following orders ... puppet mah!!!


    Necessity is the mother of creativity
    There's always more than one way to fill a cavity
    People must not be easily deterred by a locked gate
    When they remember that there are greater forces to determine their fate

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040309
    Wed. 4th Mar. 2009.

  60. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Yes, I agree.

    Chin Peng = Zambry, Najib Najis & UMNO

  61. Anonymous12:55 pm

    well spinned bro...bravo!!

  62. Anonymous1:13 pm

    sejak biler pulak Pakatan Rakyat bercakap untuk rakyat? aku x rase pon PR mewakili aku.. kuasa rakyat my foot!!!

    mase adun bota lopat pegi PKR xde pon PR ckp x adil.. menafikan hak rakyat ker.. siap nuaq kate bagus.. Nizar plak terime dgn hati terbuka.. siap peluk2 lagi dlm tv..

    tp biler BN buat tetibe BN zalim.. tetibe PR suruh wat by election!!!
    what the hell??

    pastuh nk bwk demokrasi pegi bwh pokok.. blah arr..
    PR make me sick!!!!

    pakatan chin peng

  63. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Rocky and the gang..

    jangan merepek.

    malam tadi tak 'dapat' ke??

  64. LOL...never will UMNO-BN allow to dissolve and go for fresh elections in Perak. They know they will loose BIG TIME. Truth is something UMNO and its goons MCA and MIC will never accept. They live in their own 'makeshift' world were only they are LORD and GOD. Sad..but true.

    I dont watch local news on tv cos its all about BN and only BN/UMNO is correct. Doesnt that sound absurd to anyone? How long are we going to take this **** from these goons?

    PKR/DAP/ have a good following and i truly hope that you guys get your act together and work towards a better country/nation. BN has failed in many ways to do JUST THAT. They have, with many thanks to TDM, just exploited the country and raped it of its worth.

  65. Anonymous1:37 pm


    Iya, betul. Maka dgn itu dihidupkan kembali semangat PKM, dan semangat Regimen 10 PKM, dan semangat mereka ini belum berkubur terus, dan dibuai supaya hidup bercambak seperti rumput yang terbit selepas hujan disebuah padang yang luas.

    Cita cita yang belum berakhir, cita cita yang keluar dari hati yang membenci kepada usaha yang belum pernah dibayar. Mereka berharap bayaran akan diterima sepenuhnya.Dan bumi ini adalah untuknya.

    Begitu lah dalam pemikiran batu gembala patik, wahai ya Arif.

    P/S: Baru baru baru dapat adavance sikit, baru 999 tahun ya Arif,nanti lah kut dapat full payment sikit sikit lagi.


    Necessity is the mother of creativity
    There's always more than one way to fill a cavity
    People must not be easily deterred by a locked gate
    When they remember that there are greater forces to determine their fate

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040309
    Wed. 4th Mar. 2009.

  67. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Old Fart!

    HAHAHAH bangang nya kau ni!

    ko cakap :

    """The inconvenient truth is Jebat Must Die and this Rocky's blog can only write what is comfortable and profitable for UMNO. When was the last time either of your blogs wrote anything that might favour those opposed to UMNO? And I was under the impression blogs are supposed to be either on the side of truth and right or impartial!!"""

    Abih tu, bila pulak pro Pakatan rakyat blog nak tulis benda yang FAVORING UMNO pulak???????

    bodoh tak boleh ajar! I also under the impression that blogs supposed to be either on the side of truth and right or impartial!


    old fish

  68. I think that the comparison made by JMD is a comparison made by those belonging in the mental institution,whose stupidity is unimaginable proportion,beyond the comprehension of any sound minded person.Someone better call the mental institution staff and asked them to pick up JMD blog writter as he is in dire need of help.His thought is misleading and simply idiotic.Why?Firstly the Pakatan Rakyat government is democraticly elected by the people,how can this be communism,I can't understand.Secondly communism use a authoratarian style of government isn't that just like UMNO with their ISA,Operasi Lalang,asking police to stop elected represntative from the state assembly.This is communism,UMNO is behaving like a communist not Pakatan Rakyat whose calling for state election,what,now an election where the people choose the government is communism.Is JMD DRUNK OR IS MENTALLY DISABLED OR BOTH,because the stupides human being can differentiate the act of BN and Pakatan Rakyat.Maybe his confuse with the concept of democracy,it is goverment of the people,elected by the people,for the people not by sinister mens like accepting frogs into the UMNO fold. The world is mad these days,Bro Rocky, I sincerly hope you are not mad and mentally retarded like the JMD guy,or else I be reading a mad man's blog making me mad even mad.

  69. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Of course, everyone is blissfully unaware of the possible shipwreck facing the Malaysian economy in 2009 and 2010.

    > the ringgit could hit the 3.80 mark against the US dollar soon - which was the 1998 peg.

    > the forthcoming mini-budget could blow out the current budget deficit to as much as 8 per cent of Malaysia's GDP (assuming a RM25 billion "stimulus" package).

    > Malaysia's foreign reserves have gone down by US$34 billion (to US$92 billion as at mid-February) over a 8-month period.

    > Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz has said that the country's eoonomic conditions will remain "challenging" amidst the global recession.

    > Bank Negara has cut it's overnight policy rate 3 times to 2 per cent, the lowest since April 2004.

    > GDP growth in the 4th quarter of 2008 was 0.1 per cent, the slowest growth in 7 years.

    > Merrill Lynch has predicted that Malaysia's GDP will contract by 1.5 per cent this year. Credit Suisse expects GDP to decline by 3.1 per cent this year.

    The economic winds are signalling "doom and gloom" and this will impact the Malaysian economy in terms of lower exports, falling foreign direct and local domestic investments and job losses as businesses downsize.

    Yet the politicians in Perak, Selangor and in the Federal government are seemingly unconcerned as they are more enamoured of the trappings of power and the perks of office.

    Ask Khir Toyo, Khairy, Karpal or Kit Siang to intiate an intelligent discussion on what needs to be done to restructure the Malaysian economy in the light of the global recession and I would guarantee that they would all have nothing (at least nothing useful) to say.

    When did we last see an intelligent discussion on the Malaysian economy initiated by any of the State Chief Ministers, BN or PR?

    Has there ever been an intelligent and well-informed debate on the Malaysian economy in Parliament?

    Have the country's top business leaders ever gotten together to formulate suggestions for the government on how to restructure the economy and to improve the country's competitiveness?

    No, everyone seems to busy talking about "sedition" and "treason". Which, of course, conveniently avoids the question - is the global recession going to magically spare Malaysia because it is more concerned about "sedition" and "treason"?

    The politicians will have any number of excuses to justify their imitation of the Roman Emperor Nero (fiddling while Rome is burning). As too will the hangers-on and the rent-seekers.

    But the rakyat will have no alternative, but to grit their teeth and keep on slogging (even greener pastures overseas is a dismal prospect these days) to keep their jobs, pay their bills, send their kids to school and, hopefully, have something left over for their retirement years.

  70. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Seperti yang diceritakan oleh BUJARMAN...

    Lagak sebenar ADUN DAP di Perak

    Teman (org Perak ckp Teman = saya) dok follow ler isu dan situasi yang melanda negeri teman yang tercinta. Follow pun dari jauh jer… tapi bila sampai Tuanku tak perkenankan pembubaran dewan, tergerak rasanya teman nak balik ke Ipoh. Lebih lebih lagi bila dengar update tentang apa yang terjadi kat Kuala Kangsar… Ari Jumaat, lepas kerja terus cargasss… sepanjang jalan perasaan tu bercampur campur… sedih, marah , geram.. semua ada.. dipendekkan cerita, sampai di Ipoh, sempat juga teman ajak kawan2 di ipoh pekena teh tarik. Salah seorangnya kawan sekolah dulu. Dia ni Cina, bapanya bekas MP yang pernah bertanding atas tiket DAP. Tetapi kini hanya sekadar menjadi ahli sahaja.
    Si anak mengatakan dia menyokong penuh kepada pentadbiran PR. Namun, dia berkata tumbangnya PR di Perak adalah kerana perbezaan jumlah kerusi antara parti yang sangat ketara dan sikap Exco2 yang berlagak dan sombong. Si anak ini seperti ayahnya, merupakan penyokong tetap DAP, namun apa yang terjadi memang sudah dijangka jika dilihat akan keadaan dalaman peneraju negeri ini.
    Si anak bercerita lagi, isu ini sudah dapat dihidu oleh kebanyakkan penyokong DAP yang rapat dengan Exco2 negeri. Setiap kali mesyuarat Exco, kata-kata seperti :
    - Kita ada 18 kerusi… takkan 6 kerusi jadi bos kita ?
    - U apa tau ?U belajar tinggi mana ? baik jadik posmen saja. (2 saudara tu Lawyer)
    - Kita takkan ikut arahan dari kerusi sikit, kita ada 18 kerusi…
    - U better learn how to walk first ?
    Setiap keputusan MB dipertikai. “Kita ada 18 kerusi” di ulang –ulang kepada semua exco dan MB sendiri. Setiap keputusan yang bakal dibuat oleh MB, disyaratkan oleh mereka supaya ianya direview dahulu oleh mereka. Kalau raja dahulu kala memberi dikri (mcm tanda serah kuasa), si dia ini dikatakan sering membawa bulu burung (burung hapa ntah la) di mesyuarat exco dan mengatakan bulu burung ini simbolik kepada kuasa yang diberi oleh rakyat dikawasannya. Angkuh sungguh mereka ini. Bukan kata ada exco yang terasa, orang DAP sendiri pun dah mula menyampah. Ada satu exco ni, dari DAP dah menang 2 term, diorang kasik la jadik exco. Tapi 2 bersaudara ini kata apa kat dia; U better stay at home la (kebetulan dia mmg dah agak berumur) anything when we need u, we will call u…. Dia merungut, kalau ini mcm buat apa jadik exco… kulu kilir naik Camry dari umah ke ipoh jadi seperti passanger jer… driver yang tentukan nak pegi mana…
    Si anak bercerita lagi, dia sedih kerana MB sebenarnya tidak dapat mengawal 2 bersaudara ini. Apakan tidak, kalau dibantah, hey… kitorang ada 18 kerusi tau… Betapa angkuhnya mereka, sujurus selepas menakluki Perak, seorang dr mereka membuat remark yang mengatakan kakitangan kerajaan negeri Perak lembab, tidak efisien dan sebagainya. Lalu ditegur MB, kata MB…. “These people now is working for us, they are our staff, don’t simply scold them before we try to change whatever need to be change….”
    Si anak ini juga mengatakan bahawa, didalam exco, geng dari behrang dgn changkat jering tu la yang selalu diperlekehkan oleh 2 saudara ini…. setiap kali mesyuarat, suara mereka yang kerusi sikit ini, seperti tiada nilai. Walaupun begitu MB sentiasa cuba untuk mencapai keputusan yang paling baik untuk rakyat. Jenuh jugak la dia bertikam lidah dgn 2 saudara ini untuk capai sesuatu keputusan.
    Sememangnya pentadbiran Perak didominasi oleh DAP yang dikontrol 2 saudara ini, tetapi mcm mana nak halang mereka ini dari terus menjahanamkan Perak ?? Jadi, oleh disebabkan sukar bekerjasama dan sifat keangkuhan mereka serta asyik diperlekehkan, 2 geng dr behrang dan changkat jering ni tinggalkan PKR. Dari aku terus diperlekehkan dan dihina, ini jer cara untuk mengajar mereka-mereka yang tak sedar diri ini. 2 saudara ini tak sedar, mereka berkuasa disebabkan Pakatan Rakyat. Jadi setiap kerusi adalah penting. Rata-rata Cina di Ipoh merasakan PRU13 PKR akan kurang mendapat sambutan. PAS mungkin dapat mengambil kesempatan keatas keadaan ini.
    Lim Kit Siang dan anaknya tahu keadaan ini tetapi bertindak berdiam diri atau hanya menyatakan ini hal kerajaan negeri Perak, jadi tak perlu campur tangan mereka. Teman terpikir, kalau betul apa yg diceritakan, ADUN Behrang dan ADUN Changkat Jering tinggalkan PKR demi menghalang Perak dr dijahanamkan oleh 2 saudara ini. Itu jer cara yg ada kalau nak halang. ADUN Changkat Jering tu ex-army, asyik kene lekeh jer oleh Cina.. sure naik darah.. ADUN Behrang kalau tak silap, dia yang buka cawangan PKR di Behrang… dgr crita byk gak yang dia dah buat, tapi bila jadik Exco, kene ikut telunjuk 2 mangkuk ayun ni…
    Banyak persoalan timbul…. anda nilaikan sendiri, Teman cuma nyampaikan saja… Walla’ Hu’Allam

    yang benar

  71. The comparison could'nt be more stupid to say the least.Period.
    The legitimate Speaker was denied the right to hold a State Assembly which was called for very urgent reasons.He had no choice but to hold the meeting the way he did.The Constitutional Crisis in Perak in no way, repeat, in no way can be compared to the communist insurrection against the Colonial Government in 1948.Why should'nt the Rayaat be given the right to decide the Government they want? With two sickly frogs and a depressed frog, anything can happen anytime.With a hung State Assembly, the best solution is to return the power to choose a Government to the people!

  72. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Ini dikatakan PADAN MUKA, tapi pakai topeng tak padan mukanya.

    Ghairah semua sampai sanggup ketua PAS DAP Keadilan meraikan concert londeh seluar demi untuk merealisasikan 169!! Begitu bongkak siar muka kat Al Jazeera,BER IA BENAR NAK TOMBANGKAN Kerajaan dengan 30katak Celaka, Nah, sekarang, jilat tahi sampai licin...

    Apek2 sebelah kedai aku, kuncu2 kuat DAP, tak menegur sapa aku sebulan, duk mengayan dengan penuh harapan 169 Kerajaan nak tukar tangan!!Podah, sore losers.

    Since 1998, is this all that you have to show us what your REFORMASI is all about... Otak kamu semua kena FORMAT, dah kotor sangat dengan VIRUS gila KUASA!!


  73. Rocky
    We all have our bias, me included. And we will use all means to paint the cause or people or party we support as the legal, good, holy, fair and what have you fellos. To equated CP and the pokok demokrasi is one of the oldest trick to smear your opponent. And to pull in the Rulers to legitimize the BN UMNOputra dominant state government is also another old trick. Worse to use what happened to polarize the race and think the Malays seem offended by the show of 'disrespect' to the Ruler is to assume that Malays who are not proBN are disrespectful to the Ruler. The disrespect issue has all been fanned by the BN UMNO side together with their pro MSMedia and broadcasting machinery. What is the fear to dissolve and have a new election? Pakatan is ready to face the follies of their action. What is NB's or is it UMNO's fear. see

  74. The old man suffers
    Through the ages of time
    Under the hot sun gardening his farm
    Believing there is hope yet
    Even when the sun goes down

    The big rattan hat
    Shading him against the sun
    He digs with his hoe
    Sometimes he stops to inspect
    The handiwork of his craft
    On the ground in the hot light

    He looks up to the sky
    The bright light blinks his eyes
    The crinkles on his rugged face
    He knows he suffers enough
    Yet the politicians never start to run

    The economy takes a nosedive
    Challenging times ahead
    He sees his energy increases
    He knows the country needs him

    Do the politicians see it that way?
    They argue, they sue, and they cheat
    Power grab through back doors
    Promising pot of gold and positions
    Arm twisting democracy
    The old man knows
    He heard it long ago

    He bends his head down
    Eyes steady he continues his energy sapping work
    Digging his farm land to feed the nation
    Only the politicians stop trading one way policy
    Only the rulers hear the people crying needs

    Leaders and rulers should know
    Don’t play games and palace intrigues
    Come out of the shells work on the land
    The nation needs come first
    Others will follow in line
    Trust the Lord He knows the best

  75. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Its good sign to see those idiot of Fuckatan Riot muggers comments that keep trashing ur writing. This muggers pretended to speak for democracy but in the end their hipocritic always prevail.

    To Wan Juliana : F***off!!!!

  76. Anonymous3:43 pm

    The way you're going - i am sure they will line you up for a job at Utusan or do you favour NST?

    Pak Janguut

  77. Anonymous4:02 pm

    hey all...
    i guess rocky can say what he wants and so can all of us.

    Indeed it seems that rocky has a slight bias in support of the coming najib's govt, but I guess that is fine too.

    What is perhaps more important to all of us is that we all stop assuming that he is a supporter of the opposition, just because he is a blogger and has highlighted previous issues with the current govt.

    He is friends with the opposition including Jeff Ooi but it doesn't mean he supports them all the way.

    Live with it and we all fight the fights that need to be fought.

  78. Guys, give rocky some room, he has every right to express himself. If he wanna be UMNO's lapdog, that is his choice. Just because what he said may not be agreeable to you does not mean everyone has the right to grill him.

    The choice is up to the readers, if you find his blog not to your taste, stop visiting his blog. We must agree to disagree.

    There I said my 2 sen piece.

  79. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Rocky,remember the song Malaysia Kita on radio and TV dahulu by RTM?

    1. We are a unique nation filled with beautiful and caring people.

    2. We loved and respected our past and present leaders then.

    3. We were proud of our football, hockey and badminton teams who brought us joy, pride and a Malaysia Bersatu!

    4. we waved excitedly and proudly when our Sultans and Agung drove past on the roads.

    5. We sang Negara Ku with pride and gusto at Stadiums more so when the team was winnning but 10 decibels louder when our Agong came in the rain and sat at Stadium Merdeka to cheer with the rakyat.

    6. We obeyed the law, respected the Police and was fiercely patriotic especially against our brothers in Singapore!

    7. Our children schooled together, games together, ate togethwe and kept friendship bonds thru many school reunions , hari raya's, Chinese new year, deepavali and Xmas... yummy food..

    8.We knew our friends mothers, family and ran away when we saw their fathers come home...

    9. We had a Malaysia Bersatu, where is it now...?

    10. we all know the answer, corruption, racial emotions, party politics, bad governance from all leaders and authorities, a lack of concern for the man on the street despite all the drama and hype on TV and papers but yet NO actual genuine concern. They called it photo opportunity or party gimmick to please the crowd.

    11. Wahai leaders, are you listening? Pray tell me then, do you knnow the price of a kilo of rice, of red chili, of ikan kembong or jenahak? When was the last time dear YAB/TB did you drive personally to fill up petrol or buy gardenia bread froma 7-11?

    12. Go back to rukun negara, barisan kita and you will find Malaysia Kita again.

    Juswan Justis

  80. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Selamat tinggal PKR. Ingatkan bagus. Tapi menggelabah aje memerintah. Buat malu kaum aje sokong PKR masa PRU12. To hardcore PKRs (e.g. Wan Juliana) - kesian you all. Inilah yg dikatakan, bodoh tak boleh diajar.

  81. Isaac Newton discovered the theory of Gravity while sitting under an apple tree.
    Human could do great stuff under a tree ...

    what ChinPeng got to do in this ...

    common... can't do that comparison to move away the malays support to the PR

  82. Anonymous5:30 pm

    aww rocky so many flamers again in response to articles that are not to their liking hahahahaa

    it shows their true colours actually. i'm loving every minute of it.

    and by the way i'm a perakian from ipoh and i do not want an election because Malaysia does not need to bleed money for these scumbags Penyusahhidup Rakyat.

    dah kalah dalam game sendiri lagi mau bising.. lu fikir la sendiri doh


  83. Anonymous5:32 pm

    sayadahbosan said:

    Kambing-kambing gua dah ready nak tanduk apa sahaja halangan yang ada.

    DEI komrad-komrad Chin Peng! ADA BERANI?

  84. Anonymous5:37 pm


    Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin terhadap sejarah ingin usulkan agar pokok tersebut dijadikan sebagai warisan sejarah negara dengan cara membina kuil hindu sementara di keliling pokok tersebut.

    Usul kedua pula agar kuil tersebut diberi nama KUIL SRI SIVAKUMAR THE SPEAKER BOY

  85. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Kerajaan bawah pokok. Nice.
    We have succeeded to spiral downwards to this level.

  86. Anonymous7:17 pm

    I am a voter, for coming By-election of P059 Bkt.Gantang..!!

    After what have happen in Perak . At this last couple-of days..!!!

    It does seem now PAS-PR gonna to lose 3 more votes, that used to be on their side on the last GE12..!!

    This vote is coming from my family and myself..!!

    It is not that we like UMNO/BN..but , those thing that happen in Perak ,the crisis etc...

    It look like this PR/PAS and the gang.... are getting 'things' over their head..!!

    Their humbleness is gone...they are more arrogant by the days it is seem now thou..!!

    We gonna to befriend the devil's we had have already known....for ages ago..!

    Any way this 3 votes..won't cause any dent to their prides...I guess..!!

    From Rumah Awam Bt2 1/2,Kawasan JKR..Oghang Ataih Pagor..

  87. Anonymous7:19 pm

    I wonder how
    I wonder Why
    Yesterday was a blue blue sky and all that i can see its just a meeting at the lemon tree

    When can i be proud malaysia ?

  88. Anonymous7:24 pm

    In a way, PR does look like Chin Peng, maybe worst... because Chin Peng team do not have Indian.

    - Koko

  89. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Hallo brader! Gua ucap tahniah dgn org NST khasnya Syed Nazri kerana berani belasah towkay diorang Umno di muka depan NST hari ini. ..its the economy STUPID! Gua seronok terkekek bukan selalu dapat cakap org politik STUPID @ BODOH. Karpal kata Umno CELAKA pun nak sampai bertumbuk ... ini BODOH lagi hebat.
    Syabas Syed! NST main kes Kugan besar-besar siap dgn grafik lu brader ... Lu Canggih NST! Alamat Bukit Gantang selamat jalanlah brader!


  90. Anonymous7:44 pm


    I'm flabbergasted with your parallel. Come on. Nobody likes to be compared to Chin Peng. What if I tell you that you remind me of a great leader?... Hitler.


  91. Anonymous8:11 pm

    you can really spin like a top ( gasing )

    but the fact is, when you spin too much, you seems to be topsy turvy with your logic.

    and just like the clown in the circus, you try to make people laugh, alas, you failed. you prostituted your self dignity; for what ? only you can answer.

    What other tricks you can pull ? After Chin Peng, there is really nothing much else that can stirr the people who days after days are getting very fed up with what is done.

    The people knows, one just cannot let the fat Musang to take charge of the chicken coop.

    Just let the perakians decide !

  92. AA!
    There are three factors to consider:
    A} Whatever the JC issued is in default - the Defendant was not Represented - ex debito justicae!
    B} There are various avenues to be representes in Court - Friend of The Court{Amicus Curie}, Mackienze Principle, Bertindak Senderi!
    I am suprised that Thommy Thomas & his Cotiere did not use the law.
    In the Kingdom of the Blind,
    The One Eyed Person is King.

  93. Anonymous8:59 pm

    by rights BN la yg memang patut memerintah bukan setakat Perak dengan Selangor pun sekali ...

    Pakatan Rakyat mana bertanding dlm pilihanraya ... ada ka simbol pakatan rakyat ... yg ada PKR, DAP, PAS ... semua kalau ikut % masih kurang lagi drp BN ... kecuali kat kedah la kot PAS memang menang betui ..

  94. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Quoted "This shows you're real racist.You should just shut up if you're not a law expert." think lawyers are so clever aaaaa You all are into freedom of speech..everyone can say anything and entitled to it la. Evil triumphs when Good people do nothing.

  95. Anonymous9:36 pm

    I'm a PhD student in Mathematics at Scotland. My childhood was surrounded by the Chinese people.I know them well...I know. As a mathematician,after careful measurements of logic from various angles, I then agree with the Sultan Perak as well as your recent posting.
    That 'brother' is very good in giving a 'brainwashed'speech...his superb skill. Fortunately, being a mathematician, my skill is to look beyond the obvious. Without a doubt, I give my 100% support to the Sultan Perak.
    Takecare Bro.

  96. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Hai Rocky

    Kami risau akan keadaan ekonomi serta politik yang kucar kacir. Dan harap negara kami akan terus maju dan berjaya, tidak kira siapa parti yang memerintah.

    Sebagai suatu cadangan setelah berhijrah dan bekerja di luar negeri di negara Asia, boleh tak saya cadangkan idea saya untuk Rocky?

    1. Benarkan lebih permit berniaga pasar malam / gerai / macam kat masjid india di seluruh negara untuk rakyat Malaysia tak kira bangsa - kerana banyak orang takde kerja. Macam kat Thailand, Indonesia, Bali - masa kemelesetan ekonomi, banyak rakyat mereka berniaga, niaga secara kecilan pun baik juga, lebih baik dari merompak. Kerajaan tidak perlu ambik rakyat sebagai pekerja dalam hal ini dan akan tetapi boleh mengutip yuran permit sebagai menbiayai kos pembersihan.

    2. Adakan rombakan kat kementerian pelajaran agar penuntut diberikan latihan asas untuk berniaga, adakan khursus berniaga dan memberi prihatinan terhadap mencari pendapatan bukan saja dari pekerjaan dengan orang lain / atau syarikat. Ini lah yang tengah di pikir dan di laksanakan di Singapura, Australia dan Hong Kong.

    3. Boleh tak pihak Tun Mahathir membuat sesuatu untuk mengamankan keadaan politik di negara kita?

    Saya harap Tun akan berbuat sesuatu untuk negara tercinta kami, yang Tun telah memimpin buat sekian lama, harap negara kami aman sentosa dan rakyat terus muhibbah dan bersatu untuk kejayaan negara kami.

    Sekian Terima Kasih, Adam

  97. Anonymous10:20 pm


    I do not know how you can get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror? I do not think you honestly believe in what you are trying to spin. Do you not care about leaving a good legacy behind? Malaysians will remember you as a good person who sold his soul to the devil just for the extra bucks.

  98. Anonymous10:28 pm

    "Pok pok pok pok chicken here chicken"...just 1 court case and you are already intimidated by UMNO...and starting to side them...where is the Rocky that we all used to know...You are nothing like RPK and you will never be anything like RPK. Not in a million years! You should close down this blog and balik kampung tanam jagung la.


  99. Anonymous10:44 pm

    farK lah..

  100. Anonymous10:56 pm


    sense of your neutrality and credibility is disappearing fast.
    a real pity coz you are one of the bloggers that many of us look up to.
    sivakumar and chin peng? go on coz the biggest loser will be you.

  101. Anonymous11:18 pm

    UMNO is a sore loser .. Najib will do whatever it takes to be the next PM. Good luck to you Najib .. But the sad truth is that Pakatan Rakyat shall be the ruling political party, as definate as the sunrise, by the next general election .. Wali Kota

  102. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Yeah.... Rakyat are smart you say... but the problem with your logic is that, they are only smart when they support PR party (opps... its not even a party and the coalition still not register, I guess you dont know). Down the Fuckatan Riot!

    - Kuko

  103. Dear Rocky,

    Dont afraid form those anynomous comments who are hiding behind PR hypocrites lawmakers

    I agree with you, The Perak Fiasco has become so absurd, and PR lawmakers has become immature and so childish

    i'm a staunch pakatan supporters before but now no more and many of my neutral malay friends are also will do the same as me as they feel insulted, intimidated by action by PR lawmaker and supporters for their rudeness towards sultan Azlan Shah and some comments from DAP lawmakers also did not do any good

    remember i vote for ngar kor meng in Sg Remis, but sorry PR, no more vote for me,

    and damn, all the anynomous here are so confident that PR will recapture back Perak!!!

    Then lets try it, let see it!! Malay votes will definately swing to BN

  104. So funny all of you guys never comments on what so called experts Tommy Thomas 'flip flop' stand , before and after. Is he really experts or just based his own desired intrepertation

    When Pak Lah Flip- Flopping, you all hentam dia cukup cukup,

    now how about Tommy Thomas 'flip flop'?

  105. Anonymous1:35 am

    saya cuba letak diri saya sebagai penyokong BN dan dengan penuh perasaan saya cuba rasakan tindakan BN adalah betul seperti polis yang dengar arahan setiausaha instead of speaker, peguam yang tak layak wakili anak guam dan sebagainya membuatkan hati sangat-sangat sakit dan pasti saya semakin menyampah dengan BN...

  106. Anonymous2:42 am


    Peruntukan Perlembagaan, samada Persekutuan atau Perak, jelas termaktub bagaimana sesebuah kerajaan boleh dibentuk. Wakil Rakyat yang mendapat sokongan majoriti atau terbesar (sekiranya lebih dua pihak), boleh merafak sembah memohon DYMM Tuanku, untuk di lantik sebagai Perdana Menteri atau Menteri Besar, Setelah mendapat perkenan, Baginda Tuanku ada hak melantik wakil rakayat tersebut ke jawatan Eksekutif itu.

    Tiada pun peruntukan isu mengenai parti.

    Maka, tidak perlu dibubarkan Dewan Undangan negeri hanya semata semata untuk memenuhi kemahuan segelintir pihak yang berkeprntingan, yang sebenarnya tak tahu malu! (sour grapes).

    JMD memang tepat!

    Puak ini HANYA berminat u ntuk merampas kuasa saja. Mereka bukan untuk agenda majukan Perak. Perbuatan mereka, seolah mensabotaj sistem pemerintahan negeri Perak.

    Ini semua strategi dan modus operandi Ketua Pembangkang tidak-berparti Anwar Ibrahim.

  107. Anonymous5:49 am

    Zainul is right DAP and PKR came in because of Malay vote.
    And so do the 27 Malays Nationalist Organisation ADUN who were voted in due Chinese and Indian votes.
    Zainul should realise that these 27 Malay Nationalists will have their last ADUNship during this term.
    Forget about 13th general election.
    Else why cant they agree to dissolving the DUN?
    Why must by elections for Bukit Gantang and Bkt selambau have to wait after UMNO meeting?
    I thought UMNO is too eager to get back those lost seats?
    Now how come this time u need to wait after UMNO meeting?
    U cant swallow the fact you have no confidence?
    And u cant face the lost traume during your own annual meeting?

  108. Anonymous8:11 am

    Zainul's an idiot. Respect must be earned. Not blindly given.

    Zaki, PR supporter

  109. here are some facts that the PR and DAP do not stress out. The election idue after the UMNO general assembly is because of the minimum 60 day mourn period for the deAth of an ADUN. Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai is therefore scheduled to run on the same day as Bukit Gantang.

    2. I have read thru the article at "Loyar Buruk" and found out that the judges ruling to bar Thomas is right because Sivakumar is a "State Officer" and not a "Public Officer" Sections 24(1) (2) and (3).

    Read on fools!

  110. Anonymous10:39 am

    At the time of the his judgement, the Judicial Commissioner does not have any standing, as his contract expired on the 28th Feb 2009. The Ipoh-based judicial commissioner was first appointed on March 1, 2007 to a two year term which ended last Saturday. It is not known if his term of office has been extended as the newly-minted Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) has yet to meet. So, I guess his decisions are all invalid. Further, as he is no more a JC, the Legislative Assembly which is equally powerful as the Judiciary (Courts), the speaker Sivakumar can easily ignore Ridwan's (court) ruling and summon him before the assembly and cite him for contempt.

  111. Anonymous11:10 am

    Kelakar le komenter-komenter kat blog Rocky ni. Kalau komen yang pro diorang, dicakapnya fair/adil/saksama. Bila against diorang, mula cakap blog ni bias lah apa lah. Memang otak mereng laa diorang ni.

  112. Anonymous11:17 am

    to anon 7.17pm

    Sayapun pengundi bukit gantang dun chankat jering upu pekan bukit gantang.dulu kami satu keluarga bersama sedare mare undi BN.

    Tapi kali ini saya dan keluarga akan pangkah PAS dan semestinya saya akan balik kampung untuk mendesak dan memujuk seluruh sedare mare sy undi PAS.dah ready cd dan rislah yg download dr perakkini.
    dulu upu tu menang dalam seratuih saje, tgk la lepas ni camne.

    pinjam kata kata zahid hamidi menteri agama kata hanya org tak berakal akan iktiraf mb nizar, TAPI saya sebagai org berakal berfikiran sebalik nya

  113. Anonymous11:27 am

    Rocky. You are losing respect from your readers by being subtle and sublimal journalist bias as how one of your readers describe you and I think he is absolutely right.

    Just a reminder respect works both ways and you have to earn it.

    Please respect our intelligence and don't hide behind other people's comments...if you are pro this or pro that openly declare it, no balls to do that or what?

    People like you are dangerous.


  114. Anonymous11:33 am

    Hope your plan to rejoin NST won't be jeopardised should Najib failed to become PM. Best of luck to you.

  115. Anonymous11:51 am

    supadepo 12:58 AM

    What asinine logic are you using?

    Go re-read my post in this thread. Refute or rebut any of the points I raised (if you can). Most probably there will be a lengthy embarrassed silence from your side, or a calculated digression to other topics that are equally hallucinatory.

    Malay votes can swing back to the BN. What the h**k, BN can get back a 2/3 majority in Parliament. Do you think that is going to save the Malaysian economy from tanking? Or get companies to invest here to create more jobs for Malaysians?

    Get real. The Federal government has run up 11 straight years of budget deficits. With the forthcoming mini-budget, budget deficits look set to increase for the next several years. What has the country got to show for 11 years of living beyond it's means?

    So, it doesn't matter a rat's a**e in h**l how the political shenanigans turn out, because, at the end of the day, Malaysians are going to be left to deal with the aftermath of a contracting economy.

    Can I put it any simpler than that?

  116. Anonymous12:44 pm



    Ada apa persamaan kan.

    Apa nak buat dengan dia orang ni.

  117. Bro, if the Perak ADUNs from DAP, PKR and PAS are so adamant that they are the so called voice of the people and really want to dissove the DUN so much why not they all resign en bloc first and have byelections on all 27 seats controlled by them as a sign of the so called rakyat's support of the Pakatan.

    After we have the Byelections results maybe then we can really gauge if really the rakyat are behind them and then the BN Government may consider other alternatives to resolve this political imbroglio.

  118. Anonymous1:50 pm

    PDRM and MACC are the ANJING KURAP for CELAKA UMNO to kill off PR.You dont need rocket sciencetist to understand what happening in Malaysia political scence.
    Damm you UMNO bustards...

  119. Anonymous2:09 pm

    bro rocky,

    Blog lu dah jadi macam sampah laa.
    B4 election march last year ur blog ni neutral lagi but now dah mcm bro kena hantar masuk BTN ja...hehe..bro ada bau2 macang ke dgn bakal PM tu..moga2 bro dapat pikiaq secara neutral balik no..amin

  120. Why would they seek consent from the Perak Sultan again when they rejected his last decree?

    And happens if the Sultan Rejects it again?

    Because if I remember correctly...
    Just a few months back PKR was

    1)Planning to form a new governemnt by hopping MP's

    2)Reintroduce immunity to Royal Consent

    3)PAS was supporting Perak Mufti for his stand.

    4)People here were saying how the Perak Sultan was a good and just king.

    What's the point in seeking the King's consent if you are going to reject it when he fails to make decision which is not to your liking.

  121. Anonymous3:41 pm

    GDP is expected to trend into negative territory this year, that's my take unless the international market suddenly becomes hungry for our commodities and products. and to add to the gloom of crumbling reserves, lower GDP, increasing budget deficts etc, here are some more food for thought:

    1.The leading index (LI) ( that measures economic performance in advance) dropped by 0.2%- a click on the accompanying table will show that it has been trending downwards since October and somewhat anemic since August
    The coincident index (CI) has been charting negative territory since September.

    2.There has been an elegant silence over the performance of our svereign fund- Khazanah. When Spore's Temasik is bleeding doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening to Khazanah's investmenst.And what about EPF's foray into the local bourse?

    3.Three interest rate cuts already and yet total borrowing continues to shrivel. Business loan growth: -21.1% in January and more worryingly for the growth of private consumption, household loans growth declined by 20.8+ the confidence Index among malaysian businessmen has plummeted to unplumbed lows.

    4.While the lower ringgit may be a boon for exporters in better is a non-issue now for whom are we gonna export to? and the ignomity of more expensive imports!

    5. China and the US may have stimulus packages in place but i doubt they are in the mood to go on an import spree taking into the fact that protectionism is rearimg its head (the US government directive to buy only US goods is case in point)+ not all of china's stimulus package is having its desired effect:

    “Firms put much of the money they raised via the bills market into higher-yielding bank deposits, analysts believe; M2 money supply growth, which includes savings deposits, accelerated last month while M1 money supply growth, which excludes them, tumbled.”

    6. There is very little news about the condition of Malaysian banks which I am sure are somewhat exposed to the decline in asset and equity values convulsing the markets. Have provisions been made for defaults, dimunition in collateral value etc + how much were malaysian banks really involved in the sub-prime, derivatives binge as some of our neighbour's banks have been. Finally, BN says its has conducted stress tests but details are sketchy. Could toxic assets be hiding somehwhere between them financial pages? Whats the govt's game-plan for a bank it going to ala dana Modal and dana harta again?

    7. open the papers and you have many houses/apartments up for auction implying a creeping increase in default/non-payment.Analyse the stats from BN and note how credit card debt has tripled over the years + were the recent reductions in interest rates for cardholders a sign of altruism or otherwise and what good would 0/5-1% reduction do for chronic debtors + how are the peons and barbers who used to flash d card awhile back faring with their monthly repaymenst?

    Just like the US, i remember a few years back when offers like minimal downpayment of 500 or 1000 and dirt cheap interest rates were offered to would be property buyers.How many of those who signed up, are really paying them mortgages now? How much of the easy money sluiced by institutions like Bank rakyat to eager borrowers being repaid?..the list goes on....

    So with our export marts down and local private consumption declining,interest rate cuts either not titillatting enough or rather irrelevant anyway as consumers and businessmen cut back and sit tight, the government is banking on its final bullet: a stimulus package, that will bloat the budget deficit and the source for which is still nebolous... I have serious doubts as to the efficacy of stimulus packages in stabilising any economy. The American experience in the 30s do indicate that without the nation put on war footing (WW2), the New deal initaitives at best could not bring down unemployment below 18% + japan's Lost Decade is another example of how such packages have limited impact.Further, the misallocation of resources due to the pressures of pork-barrel politics and lobbying by vested interests could be detrimental in the long run.A better option would be to cut interst rates further, reduce personal and company taxes, freeze any impending increases in tolls, reduce electricity and water tariffs and apportion a chunk of the stimulus for food stamps, shopping vouchers etc targetted at the low-medium and the poor. The move to reduce mortgage repayments through longer repayment periods is one such initiative in the right direction.....

    So while everything burns and shrivels around us, we conveniently ignore the obvious and continue with our vicious game of one up-manship. Surely it is shaping up to be menang sorak, kampung tergadai or even better " menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu" thingy or was it the other way round??

    Warrior 231

  122. Anonymous4:07 pm

    assalamualaikum rocky...i strongly urge you to stop behaving like a statesman blogger i.e. macam lu kepala should really ponder about what constitute the truth... i believe you would have heard a verse from the quran that states that 'al-haqqu min rabbik'... it means the truth is from Allah. therefore do not try to be ..macam bagus sangat... remenber we will all be accountable for all that we do in the hereafter... yes ... all that we have blogged, all that we have said & done..yes all os, me, the king , the pm, the dpm, the sultan perak, zamri, nizar please stop behaving macam you ni bagus sangat.

  123. Rocky...

    Cuba tolong tanya kat DPM, kenapalah takut sangat to call for fresh election? If BN is good, they dont have to worry, rakyat will still choose them. Tak perlulah buat macam ni, gunakan polis dan kakitangan kerajaan kerana ianya membuat rakyat lebih meluat dan menyampah pada BN.

    To you and MSM, enough is enough..sebab rasa macam nak muntah looking at the spinning. Have some credibility lah!

  124. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Tahniah dah ada domain name sendiri. Nak tergelak bila baca komen yang kata blog anda ni sudah tak di baca orang. Agak-agaknya blog CheDet pun orang dah tak baca ka? Kadang-kadang bila buka Harakah, ternampak juga excerpt dari blog CheDet. Oh saya memang mudah lupa. CheDet bukan lagi ahli Umno.
    Apa-apa pun penuliasn anda memang menarik. Buktinya mampu menarik sehingga +100 untuk posting ini sahaja. Teruskan usaha.

  125. Bersidang di mana pun boleh. Dalam bangunan atau bawah pokok. Yang paling penting ialah pengisian persidangan itu. Itu yang kita mahu ambil tahu.

  126. "Rocky,

    I do not know how you can get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror? I do not think you honestly believe in what you are trying to spin. Do you not care about leaving a good legacy behind? Malaysians will remember you as a good person who sold his soul to the devil just for the extra bucks."

    Weh, Rocky makan sorang je? Aku pun BN lapdog gak. Mana duit tongkat aku?

  127. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Bro Rocky Bru,

    If u put up advertisement in this blog your income will still remain consistent..

    That very people that cursed , labeled, name calling , say goodbye etc. to you with thick faced will keep on coming polluting your blog trashing their verbal diarhoea comments....

    i really like your blog.. i can learn & apply a lot of new insulting phrases & terminologies e.g. verbal diarhoea, unorgasm housewife, retards brains, bastards, chingkies, monkeys, tongkangland etc.....

    really improve my english a lot..

    :D muhahahaha...

    keep it hot..rocking & rolling...

    tq bru for your global contribution,

    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  128. Hey Rocky,

    You got nothing to say about the Kugan second Autopsy Report ah? Or better still the new revelations on the Altantuya murer. Your man is getting whacked? Come on...get on with it...go defend him!!!

  129. Anonymous7:07 pm


    You said "Malaysians will remember you as a good person who sold his soul to the devil just for the extra bucks."

    You shouldn't used the word "Malaysian" as not all Malaysian think that way. To put it correctly only supporters of Pakatan Rakyat agree with you.

    I'm sure supporters of BN disagree with you. And you must remember BN is running the country so more than 50% of Malaysian disagree with you.

    All this talk about Rocky is a disgrace is nonsense ... it depend on which side you are !!


  130. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Eh orang Ipoh dari Perak

    I am orang Ipoh dari Teluk Intan

    But I want an election!

    You cakap tak nak. Tapi i nak.

    Camana sekarang?

    Kita dah muak dgn BN, tau

  131. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Yo bratha rocky

    Najib story from the french press is out again.

    Let's leave the mess of perak and concentrate on najib again

    no more malaysian chinese

    call me proud malaysian

  132. Anonymous8:48 pm

    I believe you would have more "standard" than other spinners... but to link this whole incident to Chin Peng, what are you trying to do..? Create an image that PR is communist? That this is racial in nature i.e. a non-bumi is a threat to ketuanan melayu? what? what? just what are you trying to do...?? Maybe i am very simple-minded and just didnt appreciate your deep-meanings. You really are "different" from pre-0308 days... sad....

  133. Anonymous9:06 pm

    If Malaysians weren't slaves in having Lord Mat Salleh's system imposed upon them, then perhaps they wouldn't be in such an embarassing mess.

    Trouble is, LMS's system did rather nicely to a small clique in Malaysia, so it won the order of the day.

    LMS is Laughing is nuts off.

  134. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Eddy 1:38pm,


    Test your own territory dulu PR, why need to kacau2 kawasan orang lain? Takder kerja ke?

    Economy is are getting really bad, dont drag others to PLAY around too long eh! Buang masa buang duit.

    Lain ler kau orang, cucuk sana sini, bila orang react, SUE... that's not the way to earn a living.

    Dengar nih Teresa Kok! You are not a Hollywood celebrity, just plain Ah Moi who was elected to represent your area.. Taman SiPutih SAHAJA!!


  135. Anonymous11:04 pm


    1) Nobody can deny that PR has the advantage over BN in terms of the vocality of voices in the cyberspace.

    2) However just like the many attendees at PR 'ceramah', this does not translate to votes most of the times. The proof is very clear, BN was elected as the Fed Govt by the MAJORITY of Malaysian.

    3) The PR supporters/sympathizers should realize that the SILENT MAJORITY of Malaysian public are reasonable minded lot. Do you really think they would agree to what you guys are doing?

    4) Have we not seen this "drama" before? In 1997-1999 we had the same huha huha and the same "actors" are playing in it.

    5) Anwar's strategy to drag BN to play politics 24/7 until GE13 (and hoping that BN will forget to manage the economy) will fail. He tried it before in 1998 and it was a disaster for him.

    6) Like I said, Malaysian are reasonable bunch of people. No doubt just like in 1997-1999, most of the people supporting the opposition are "young" people. The only reason why these people seem to be supportive of PR is because they are the ones who suffer the most in the past few years under the mismanagement of Pak Lah...(nak lepas geram..darah muda)

    7) BN won the battle in Perak. The WAR will be won not in the political arena but economy. This has been proven by Tun M before. Najib knows this and this is what he is doing now (moving on from the Perak drama and focus on economy). Anwar ALSO knows this and that is why he is still playing the drama!

  136. Anonymous12:02 am

    The job of any govt. of the world is not about making it easy for any opposition parties to grab power by legal or illegal means.

    If the so-called Pakatan Rakyat were the govt.of the day they would also do the same.Wouldn't they?

    The police and ATM pledge their loyalty to whoever is in power.And whether people realise it or not,the Royalty will only accept UMNO to be the vehicle of malay power.Like it or not the situation will remain the same for a long time.

    The Raja Raja Melayu are not stupid.They know that silent effort
    are already moving to turn Malaysia into a republic.

    The so-called Pakatan Rakyat are not only up against UMNO but they are also facing PDRM,ATM and the Raja-Raja Melayu.

    But Malaysia being a democratically country the PR can try their very best to take over power.They are already in Parliament. But what have they achieved??....


  137. Anonymous1:02 am

    Almost every topic in this blog there is a mention of corruption.
    I am just thinking whether the newly born MACC will be able to solve this deep rooted disease.I hope its not just a name change.
    Structures can change but as long as the same mentality and ideology remain,one does not have to speculate....everybody knows that.

    GLCs (I stand corrected)are supposed to be the financial arms of the government for the benefit of the country and the rakyat. Sadly they are not performing like any other wholly private companies.

    Corruption is difficult to prove but for start,just look at one scenerio.As an example, If a person earns a salary of say
    RM 10,000 per month and he/she can afford a few bungalows and a fleet of cars,there must be a reason to investigate.

    On politics I would like to say this. I have attended a few ceramah
    just to listen to the crap and most of the time they say that our country has been mismanaged during the last 50 years. To me this is NOT right at all unless these speakers were born after the 90s.
    Blanket criticism/accusation is totally unfair because we have to
    give credit to those who have done so much for our country.

    (senior citizen)

  138. Anonymous1:59 am

    Waaaay off tangent there man... linking a state assembly seating with a violent militant.

    There's a term in the West for the similar phenomenon of trying to associate the other team with Nazis, no matter how much of a hyperbole it is. Or how off tangent & ridiculous it sounds. Its called Reductio-ad-Hitlerium, or Godwin's Law.

    But here in Malaysia, Communism has more a bad memory with the Rakyat than Nazism, since we never fought the Nazis or were attacked by Nazis. So its Reductio-ad-ChinPengium?

  139. I voted for the PR last GE, this time around if Perak(God Forbid) i'll vote for BN..

  140. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Warrior 231

    In a word - "Wow"!

    Can I take it then that you agree with what I have posted in this thread?

    Because the latest news is that the much-anticipated "mini budget" will amount to (drum roll and trumpet fanfare, please) a whopping RM10 billion.

    Which makes the total stimulus thus far (as worked by Najib, MOF2 and their top advisors) a great and glorious RM17 billion.

    RM17 billion will only amount to 2.6 per cent of Malaysia's GDP. By comparison, Singapore's stimulus package amounts to 8 per cent of it's GDP and China's stimulus package amounts to 16 per cent of it's GDP.

    I think that Najib & co chickened out when confronted with the expected size of the federal govt budget deficit and the fact that the international credit rating agencies were poised to downgrade Malaysia's credit ratings.

    Like I posted earlier, Malaysia has run up 11 straight years of budget deficits. Have these benefitted the country? Will more budget deficits down the road achieve anything more for the Malaysian economy?

    Who will benefit from this RM17 billion stimulus? I would hazard a guess that a major class of beneficiaries would be Malaysia's Class F contractors (who are a significant voice in Umno).

    What about stimulating domestic demand, tax reform, economic restructuring, jobs preservation and social welfare spending?

    What about reforming the national education system?

    What about getting truly professional management to run the government-linked companies (GLCs)?

    And the list goes on.

  141. Rocky,

    This article is as clueless as your support for Teresa's ISA. In bad taste. It is not about which kaum but about doing the right thing. you should join the UMNO club.

  142. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Isn't the Internet wonderful ? You can access quotes from years gone by from the NST such as in this article :

    Umno's 1993 blitzkrieg against the sultans
    K Pragalath | Mar 6, 09 10:05am /Malaysiakini

    Quotable quotes from Umno leaders:

    "The leaders have warned the rulers many times about ethics and told them that they could not continue doing certain things. It is not necessary to talk further.

    We have talked with the rulers many times before and it is now time for action." – Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Umno Youth deputy and senator in New Straits Times, Dec 29, 1992.

    "If rulers interfere in politics and it is proven, we want the Parliament to declare the election is illegal and cancelled.

    "In business, if rulers’ involvement is proven, we should assume the business is illegal." – Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Umno executive council member in Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990.

    "I would like to ask, how insulted do you feel when the Sultan of Kelantan does not invite our menteri besar to give a speech on behalf of the people each time His Majesty celebrates his coronation day whereas the people had chosen the menteri besar through their rights." - Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz, Umno Youth exco in Utusan Malaysia, Nov, 30, 1990.

    "A ruler will enjoy the respect of his people even without the immunity but with the conduct that is appropriate with his office.

    "Though the issue is a bitter pill to swallow, our rulers must accept the fact that immunity is not God given." – Muhyiddin Yassin, Johor Menteri Besar, New Straits Times, Dec 27, 1992.

    "A great idea or change cannot be stopped even by a battalion when its time has come. If he loves the throne he will make sacrifices to make the subjects happy." – Sanusi Junid, Agriculture Minister, New Straits Times, Dec 23, 1992.

    "As the country’s highest legislative body, any subject is allowed to be discussed and concluded in the Dewan Rakyat, including matters pertaining to the rulers." - Zahir Ismail, Dewan Rakyat speaker in New Straits Times, Dec 15, 1992.

    "If this race was not sovereign, don’t expect the sovereignty of rulers." – Saharudin Hashim, Negri Sembilan Umno delegate, Mingguan Malaysia, Dec 2, 1990.

    "We don’t want the palace to impose various conditions before appointing the menteri besars." – Mohd Satim, Selangor Umno delegate, Utusan Malaysia, Dec 3, 1990.


    So, please be aware that it is the UMNO bunch that first insinuated things about our beloved Rulers (and recorded in the Malaysian Press for good measure).

    And the DAP voted against the constitutional amendment that stripped some of the powers of the Rulers that was proposed by ... Tun Dr M ! (gasp)

  143. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Just to add what skillgannon 1066 said about getting truly professionals to manage GLCs.I think most of them if not all are professionals. My honest opinion is that they are not only supposed to be professional. They should be selected by the shareholders NOT appointed by the government in order to avoid any conflict of interest.If they don't perform,the shareholders can remove them. But then again,the major shareholders are the government. The name GLC itself is Government Linked what's next? Any better ideas?

    (jigsaw puzzle)