Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anwar's letter to Dr Mahathir

Update 9pm: "So what?", Anwar asks, "What is the problem in making peace with anyone?"

Original post:
The letter that Ezam failed to deliver.
Malaysia-Instinct, a site run anonymously by a group of ex-journos, has the story. It was also published by Sinar Harian and The Star On-line has just picked it up.

Ezam, now with Umno, must have timed his revelation for the Kuala Terengganu by-election but I don't see how the or which way his expose will swing the votes.

The impression I get is of an incompetent aide (Ezam) who could not complete the simple task of delivering what could be an important letter from his desperate boss then (Anwar Ibrahim) to his boss' ex-boss (Dr Mahathir).

That letter could have changed history, too.

Read the Malaysia-Instinct's article, here. Ezam has also threatened to sue Anwar.


  1. Anonymous2:41 pm

    "That letter could have changed history, too."

    The above phrase was indeed interesting. The letter to a larger extent is indeed a choice made by Anwar then when the former PM fired him with two choices given. One of the choice offered to Anwar then is for him to keep himself out of local politics scene and he wouldnt be subjected to any prosecution whatsoever. Clearly this Ezam is really "useless" coffee boy who is more than willing to trade himself at whateva price deems fit.

    - Dicko

  2. 2 x 5 = 10

    Dua-dua washing dirty linen in public.

    Remember it used to be;

    Anwar = Ezam

  3. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Oh my goodness! Anwar just got to highlight the incomepetences of Ezam. That's it.

    You must be more jialak that Bernard Wooley

    Show you this movie clip! Good one from Yes Minister. No offence!

    Tata! The Moral Dimension






  4. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Saya simpulkan coffee boy yang 'Malas'

  5. Anonymous3:25 pm

    But we read that letter in 1999. It has also been published by Malaysia-Today. Let me tell you Rocky, as an Umno man, I'm totally opposed to this Ezam. Did you read a protest letter against him in The Malay Mail? The question is: what does the letter benefit us? How does it help? Everyone knows about it. We read it way back in 1999. It has been in the blogs long time ago. The question is: how does producing the letter now help Umno in it is campaign? Do you know some Umno people in KT refused Ezam to speak at their Ceremahas? Our problem as a party is perception. Once you bring desperados to our party while already we were having an image problem, you make us lose further. Look, PR brings Captain Zahar Hisham and Zaid Ibrahim. Though we may hate them as Umno people, you can't deny that they have some dignity. What dignity does Ezam has? You remember how he used to badmouth Tun Dr M? He used to call us unprintable names. Today he is doing the same. I don't see any benefits of having him and once Dollah goes, we will chase him out. We want ideas, not mad people. He also started tearing into Husam Musa. Does he think insulting people gets us some more votes? He is killing our image and we don't want him. I don't know why he was brought in by Dollah in the 1st place. What integrity does he have? Now he says the boxes are in foreign countries. For how long will we listen to this nonsense? He is promoting Anwar. Telling people that Anwar wrote a letter to mend fences with Mahathir is showing a noble side of humam beings. I don't see how that hurts Anwar or PR? I don't get it at all and all Umno pple that I know are amazed at the sheer stupidity of this man.

  6. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Are those journos some NST former men. That's the language I get. By the way, the Altantuya bomb has resurfaced. Yahoo. Can the ex-journos do something.

  7. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Firstly, this letter was meant to be private, between two people. So, it was none of the business of this two headed snake. He is not only incompetent, he is a scum! What he did, reflected on his low moral character....
    You score political points on principle and integrity...rubbish only ozes out from the mouth of an opportunist motherf##ker!

  8. Anonymous3:33 pm


    So what, just a letter.

    And a desperate Ezam went to town to create a self-serving issue.

    And you tumpang sekaki to ke"LABU" all and sundry. you need to do better la..

    KT bound observer.

  9. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Remember when ezam was a fixture at ACA threatening to reveal the doings of a corrupt minister. The minute he secured a place in Umno, he conveniently forgot bout his stupid "Gerak" agenda. Cant help wonder what the returns were for him. It's like this gy has a big briefcase and pulls out one issue after another ALL FOR HIS BLOODY PERSONAL GAIN!! He is the epitome of an opportunist. grab whichever offer is best. GOD! my skin just crawls whenever he is behind a mike. the way he enunciates makes me wanna puke really. At least be a bit more original in yr oratory skills la!
    To me this guy is just one big liability to Umno and BN. they just dont learn do they, keep using this idiot for the campaign.

  10. Anonymous3:37 pm

    The fact that Mahathir would spare Anwar if he laid low and "menurut perintah dengan akur" shows us what kind of notorious leader this former prime minister was.

    - Chacko

  11. Anonymous3:39 pm

    The story as quoted by the website belongs to The Star. So it is natural that you quote the Star and link to it. But since you wanted to promote the Najib blog, you said a blog reported...The blog didn't report anything. It simply copied and pasted The Star story.

    One advice though, to "polish" Najib is fine, but shouldn't be done in a cavelier man bcoz it tarnishes his image further. The hired journos need no "anon" mentality. Why not be brave like Pakatan Rakyat bloggers. Of course the bloggers are on their own and do their liking, but the hired journos will do a poor job if they hide while their sole work it to clean an image of a person. Argue it out and compare notes and be brave. That's what I would say. It is tried and tested.

  12. This is a useless low class Muslim that try so hard to be somebody with a to be a nobody.
    He can twist and tell half truths too.
    Anwar is riding high...and he has no time for small fut like Ezam...which I consider...a cracko.

  13. Depends though, that's not the only thing Ezam said. Check out Agendadaily, the pictures and the letters and other things that he said.

    Basically there are two main strategy when it comes to the Kuala Terengganu By-Election

    1)Local politics in which PAS which administered Terengganu years back did a very horrible and lousy job.

    2)National Politics in which Anwar says that a win in KT will help him become PM and realise sept 16 and now BN is saying that Anwar cannot be trusted and is not worthy in being PM. A vote for PAS is a vote for Anwar.

    He also did talk about Husam. Very interesting. Though one may not believe Ezam but with your experience of talking with other politicians (opposition) perhaps you won't find it surprising that Husam made that remark to Ezam.

    There's also the fact that these 2 men

    Nallakarupan and Ezam went to jail, fought and was there for Anwar when things were at the worst of times. They didn't crack at the worst of pressure. And they both left him when everything was okay and fine. Makes you wonder.... If he did it for Power or Money the timing and decision just doesn't make sense. In PKR he was the Youth Chief, in UMNO he's nothing.

  14. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    This was posted by one of the forumer.

    Surat Anwar bertulis tangan kepada Dr Mahathir.

    YAB Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir.

    Assalamualikum Warahmatullah.

    Perkembangan beberapa hari ini kebelakangan ini sungguh merimaskan. Berita-berita yang mengaibkan peribadi saya secara berterusan oleh media tempatan nampaknya tidak berkesudahan.

    Saya dan Azizah harus tabah. Anak-anak saya mulanya agak sugul dan gundah. Hati mereka luka dan pelajaran mungkin terjejas. Alhamdulillah, mereka kian teguh berkat sokongan keluarga besar kami, rakan-rakan rapat-khususnya Azizah yang sentiasa disamping mereka.

    Saya masih kebingungan, bertanyakan punca konspirasi untuk mengaib dan menjatuhkan saya. Harapan saya, ialah agar keadaan sedikit reda bagi membolehkan saya membela diri dan mengembalikan kepercayaan rakyat.

    Seperkara lainnya, ialah perihal keselamatan keluarga saya. Ibu bapa saya mengulangi pertimbangan Datuk Seri agar anak angkat mereka ( menurut Ezam, anak angkat dimaksukan adalah Sukma) tidak harus ditahan. Memadailah, penderaan yang kami alami sebagai keluarga dengan menghadapi tuduhan yang amat berat.

    Betapa getir dan cemas kedudukan kami, saya dan Azizah tidak pernah melupakan curahan kasih sayang, bimbingan dan peluang yang Datuk Seri berikan.

    Meskipun perhubungan diantara kita agak renggang, saya tidak mungkin melupakan jasa baik Datuk Seri.

    Semoga Allah S.W.T memberikan taufik dan hidayah, memelihara kesejateraan kita bersama.

    Salam saya dan Aizah kepada Datuk Seri dan kak Hasmah.

    Anwar Ibrahim.

    8 September 1998


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  16. Anonymous4:21 pm

    saya tak pernah baca surat yang kontroversi tu sebab tak pernah ambil tahu pun sebelum ini.tapi saya nak sentuh sikit tentang Anwar.

    Anwar baru-baru ini dia dah bukak mulut semula pasal hal "defection".pasal hal dah ada cukup MP untuk buat kerajaan baru.dah beberapa bulan dia tak sebut pasal ni.baru-baru ini dia kata ada lagi MP yang defect.tak taulah betol atau tidak.dia kata ada seorang MP dari Terengganu yang defect dan jumlah dah ada 93.

    sebelum ini dia kata jumlah meningkat dari semasa ke semasa tapi baru-baru ini dia kata mahu buat perlahan-lahan.

    hmm..certainly i dont understand that fella.

  17. Anonymous4:26 pm


    Till death, I can't never trust these 2 actors.

    And they have tons of script in their sleeves.

  18. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Ah, finally the sideshow has come to show his face.....The other Mr. Saiful still haven't reveal himself yet for the KT by elections....

    Or Mr N himself thinks that Saiful has already been a liability to UNNO


  19. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Do not read too much into someone who doesn't have an idea how our country can move forward. What can Ezam do for our country? He has no where to go and now hiding in a sinking ship called "UMNO". Malaysia is sick of UMNO who had taken us for a ride in the last 52 years, enough is enough. Anything to do with UMNO cannot be good, this is a fact. Something that is proven in the pass 52 years and we can say Ezam is hopeless.

  20. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Our local politicians are so bankrupt of ideas.

    Instead of offering ideas, visions and promises to improve the communities, they almost always resort to smear campaigns.

    It's so juvenile.

  21. Anonymous5:18 pm

    another coffee boy of the most popular homosexual politician (proved by court verdict in 2004 that the perverted act did happened by was overturned from technicalities aspect)

  22. so… apa salahnye ngan surat tu.. surat tuu tak cakap pun DSAI ngaku ada buat salah.. cuma cakap diberikan hak utk mempertahankan diri , pastu bagitau kat TDM , yg dia masih hormat TDM … ok apa…
    tak ngan yg tuu pun satu masalah ???? awat Ameno nii ngok betui… PR patut jadikan surat nii senjata , lawan balik…. ini maksudnya , DSAI tak pernah ngaku salah , tapi hormat TDM.. tu dia.. biaq senjata makan tuan… tuan ameno dajjal bin rasuah nak mampui a.k.a united mamak nahi organization

  23. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Just a letter to a crazy boss!!! No issue at all.
    Ezam sesumpah continues to fumble and ready to bring down UMNO.
    What a jerk moron!!!Tak dak idea ke?

  24. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Itu surat peribadi antara Anwar dan Mahathir. Kenapa Ezam mau bocorkannya? Itu bermakna yang Ezam adalah seorang yang tidak boleh dipercayai langsung. Mungkin masa dia jadi s/usaha Anwar, semua dokumen penting Anwar dia buat photocopy untuk jadi senjata kemudian hari. Sungguh tak bermaruah langsung.

  25. Wow, what a piece of revelation! Out of the 6 boxes, he picked up something that is not controversial at all. And since he admitted that he missed out in delivering the letter, i wonder if he ever confess to his boss that he screwed up? Maybe he bluff Anwar that he did deliver but Mahathir still angry with him

  26. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Personally the letter only shows Anwar humility. Apparently, either Ezam failed to deliver (not even a good office boy eh?) the letter or if he did, Mahathir didn't response. This also shows Mahathir's cruelty. Don't the clown Ezam have anything substantial better to show after all the hoo haas on his six or was it 60 boxes of so-called secrets?


  27. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Thank you for the sideshow Ezam. In the midst of rampaging corruption, misuse of public funds, economic problems, Kuala Terengganu and others, all you have is the letter. Rasa macam tengah jalan nak pi kerja, biawak pulak melintas.

    What is wrong with offering peace letter? If we go back through history, Rasulullah SAW did came up with peace offering with the Jews in a form of Madinah Charter (Piagam Madinah). Salahuddin Al Ayubi too made numerous peace offer with the Romans in the form of Cease-fire and treaty en route to reclaiming Al Quds. What’s the issue here Ezam?

    The letter dated on 8th September 1998, which Ezam fail to deliver, was a letter by Anwar to Tun before Anwar received the black eye, before Anwar was almost beaten to death, before Anwar was tried and humiliated in a one sided justice system. By revealing the letter now (after 11 years), only shows :
    1. Ezam is an angry man and has finally gone mad due to termakan sumpah.
    2. Ezam is hopeless (You can’t even deliver a letter, how can you free UMNO from corruption and money politics?)

    By the way, Ezam, yes, you used to be Anwar’s PA, but you are Anwar’s PA ranked no 24 and the most junior, Anwar just about to know you when he got arrested.

    Pity U

  28. Anonymous7:07 pm

    What wrong with the letter ANwar Ibrahim wrote to Tun Mahathir? I read it and find it nothing wrong or shameful.
    Ezam, have some self respect and honour.

  29. Anonymous7:11 pm

    what does the letter represent?.. nampak cam ezam macam nak makan both side..
    Promo anwar and still duduk dlm UMNO
    and shows that Dr.M is in a monster?


  30. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Salam, PM kita ni memang apa yang dia fikirkan, desperado apa ke. Dulu dia lepaskan AI, tengok apa jadi havoc yang sudah dilakukan oleh beliau. Lepas tu terima pulak mamat Ezam ni semula dalam UMNO. PM sendiri very 'fishy'. Dah dumb fool pulak, dumb foollll.

  31. hahhaahaahah what a stupid fellow Ezam is.........

    u sure he was not planted by DSAI to bring UMNO down once and for all ?

    what ever it is Ezam is doing a great job !

  32. Anonymous7:46 pm

    ezam mengkarung dah melalak,saiful aljuburi tak nak join ke?


  33. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Khas untuk penyokong taksub Anwar Ibrahim

    Allah SWT berfirman:

    "Kaum Luth telah mendustakan rasul-rasul. Ketika saudara mereka Luth, berkata kepada mereka: Mengapa kamu tidak bertakwa? Sesungguhnya aku adalah seorang rasul kepercayaan (yang diutus) kepadamu, maka bertakwalah kepada Allah dan taatlah kepadaku." (QS. asy-Syu'ara: 160-163)

    Tetapi mereka ingkar ini pula amaran selanjutnya

    Allah berfirman SWT:

    "Pergilah dengan membawa keluarga dan pengikut-pengikut kamu di akhir malam dan janganlah ada seorang pun di antara kalian yang tertinggal, kecuali isterimu Sesungguhnya dia akan ditimpa azab yang menimpa mereka kerana sesungguhnya saat jatuhnya azab kepada mereka adalah di waktu subuh; bukankah subuh itu sudah dekat?" (QS. Hud: 81)

    Mereka masih lagi ingkar malah mengejek pula seberti berikut :

    "Datangkanlah kepada kami azab Allah, jika kamu termasuk orang- orang yang benar." (QS. al-'Ankabut: 29)

    Ya Bang Nuar dalam masyarakat madani dan hadhari ni saya rasa terpanggil untuk kita saling nasihat menasihati.

    Lagi pun dalam PKR sekarang ni yang ramai geng Hindraf maka saya ingin menasihati Bang Nuar seperti berikut :

    TAUBAT bang TAUBAT, bukan TAU BUAT benda tu yyyyeeee.......

  34. Ezam is not only incompetent, he is an imbecile. What is he trying to achieve?To many he is an ingrate who deserves to be spitted at.What he is doing now is despicable !And to think that Datuk Seri Anwar trusted him!

  35. This ezam no show letter just proved that Pak Lah is an idiot for welcoming this mad loose cannon into UMNO. Saudara Karim is right, after Pak Lah finally retire, UMNO should just chase this Ezam away.

    Ezam is giving UMNO a bad name and giving Anwar free credibility publicity while Anwar's ambivalent stand in matters of principle are even being questioned by DAP's Karpal Singh. Najib should rein in him or ask him to shut the hell up immediately, he could be Anwar's trojan horse in UMNO for all we know.

  36. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I wonder how many more letters he still kept...???


  37. alahai mat Ezam , a very simple job you couldn't do it correctly ...patutlah your drive to clean up corruptions just a mere rhetoric

  38. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Ezam... you are so pathetic!!!!!!!I bet Saiful could have done a better job in delivering that letter on time.


  39. Anonymous10:29 pm

    What's the big deal Ezam ???
    You can't even deliver a simple letter on behalf of your boss. BTW, there's nothing xplosive about the letter ... Wali Kota

  40. Anonymous3:42 am

    lebih percaya ular,

    kau ni pandai betul dgn firman Allah tapi nak tanya sikit. ada bukti sahih ke Anuar ni buat benda yang kau iya-iyakan tu? kalau ada sila kemukakan, kalau takde, jgn buat fitnah. banyak surah yang nyatakan betapa laknatnya orang yang menabur fitnah. fikir la saudara, jgn gunakan nama Allah untuk kepentingan sendiri. bukakan minda dan hati kepada kebenaran, bukankah itu yang difitrahkan kepada kita oleh Allah?

    Bukan Taksubkan Anuar. Hanya Kebenaran yang dicari.

    Ihsan Kerdil

  41. Anonymous8:23 am

    Welcome to the world of politics!

    Be prepared to 'expect the unexpected, in expected or unexpected manners, unexpectedly or expectedly.

    And now, Karpal seems like a 'bad boy'. Some are saying that he is paid handsomely by UMNO to play up the Hudud issue. RPK and Zorro said that UMNO is playing the Hudud issue 'to the hilt'.
    Wee Choo Keong is scolding Karpal like a child. Lim Kit Siang is telling his son to 'leave it to daddy'. Anwar is sneaking away.

    Umno is laughing all the way to the unexpected turn of events.


  42. Anonymous8:59 am

    If that letter is a ' personal private & confidential ' ONE, then this foolish fler should be in BIG GREAT trouble man !!

  43. Anonymous9:32 am


    "So what? what's wrong with making peace with someone" - Anwar.

    So my guess all these while that TDM was right about Anwar is correct.

  44. Bangang punya opis boy!!!!!!!

    Lain kali Uncle Anwar send the letter by hand to Tun's secretary. Call Tun to confirm either he received a letter or send email with the scan letter as the attachment.

  45. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Mungkin sekarang ni Anwar malu dengan pendedahan ini kerana jelas terbukti bahawa beliau seolah-olah 'surrender' dan merayu un tuk berbaik dengan Mahathir mungkin keranan tak yakin beliau mampu bertahan dengan situasi ketika itu.

    Namun, Ezam juga bersalah dalam hal ini kerana beliau tidak jujur kerana tidak menjalankan amanah 'bos'nya ketika itu iaitu untuk hantar surat tersebut kepada Mahathir...

  46. Anonymous3:20 pm

    ada pengkomen dalam ni salahkah Pak Lah pulak bila lepaskan Anwar.aiya.lepas pun salah dan tak lepas pun salah.apa cerita pulak ni.

    tapi alasan Ezam "tak sempat dihantar" tu nampak macam tak masuk akal la pulak.takkanlah benda penting macam tu boleh ditangguh-tangguhkan.apapun,i still dont like Anwar.

  47. Anonymous4:53 pm

    ada 3 ekor ahli politik malaysia yang langsung kita tak boleh percaya kata2 diorang..anwar,ezam dan khairy

    errr anwar,ezam...mana dia 6 kotak yang korang kecoh2 dulu tu?

    - antikakijubur