Sunday, January 18, 2009

After KT: Who's irrelevant now?

PAS - 32,883
BN - 30,252
Bebas - 193
Majority - 2,636
Spoilt - 665
A Political Monsoon. Nobody in the BN's camp should be terribly shocked (or upset) with the victory.

A pre-analysis ranting You are a born loser, Farid! on the by-election by Jailani Harun, who has been at KT since early this month to cover the by-election, which has placed Pakatan Rakyat's "ketua umum" Anwar Ibrahim one step closer to Putrajaya.

In my opinion, the BN's defear in KT complete's Abdullah Badawi's failure as chairman of the coalition and president of Umno.
What some others said:
YB Wee Choo Keong:
"A PAS win is a rejection of BN. It is also a rejection of Abdullah Badawi for Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh is Badawi’s man!"
A Voice
Sebab Kekalahan di KT: Calun, Calun, dan Calun
"The people of Terengganu have done the opposite of what Dato Najib wishes them to do. His pontificating about how to behave- humble, shake hands firmly, be folksy, wear a sarong, didn’t go down well. He has probably antagonised the Terengganu people, in sufficient number so as to cause them to go over the dark side."
Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah:
"Actually this was more than a referendum on the leadership. It was a test of the relevance of UMNO in its present form. If UMNO is no longer relevant to the Malays, the BN formula is dead".

p.s. I wonder if the PM, who has left the country for a tour of the Middle East, still thinks that Dr M was "irrelevant" to the KT by-election.


  1. Another one bites the dust. One EVIL less when Najib takes over from Badawi.

  2. Anonymous12:57 am

    pak lah have passed away the crown.najib too cocky to appear for the press.tomorrow paper will be in silent denial. ali ketam will be our next dpm.malaysia @laugh stock

    Takbir... Allahuakbar

  3. Anonymous1:02 am

    3 main reasons why BN lost

    1. Pak Lah stupidly chose Wan Farid
    2. Najib cowardly agreed with Pak Lah
    3. Wan Farid dumbly followed order and the rest is history.

    Do not place too much hope on PR esp. Anwar, because given a chance they will also squander the nation, eg. the Tennis fiasco and Toyota Camry and so far they have yet to impress me, a non partisan.
    Najib must wake up and act fast or his days are numbered just like Pak Lah.

    p.s: Hee, hee, as expected, I got voted down in MT and thus proves my suspicion that majority of MT readers are blinded by the blinds.

  4. Anonymous1:19 am

    still cant get into the head.. people r fed up with UMNO/BN, not so much of the Calun!
    Another denial syndrome.

  5. i tell ya who's irrelevant- Ezam! muahahahhaaa...

  6. Its time for Abdullah's Empire Strike back.

    Will see how many of the BN component party comes to Najib defense!

    Shiok Guy

  7. UMNO should have held the elections in December 2008 so that it can get rid of Abdullah and his ilks sooner then having to wait till next March.

    UMNO's hesitation in getting rid of Pak Lah has caused it to lose one seat to PAS as the UMNO candidate in the KT election were handpicked by Abdullah.

    I consider this lose equivalent to Abdullah being thrown a pair of shoes by the Kuala Terengganu constituency and a fitting present for his retirement in March 2009.

    Abdullah is irrelevant, Dr Mahathir is right.

  8. Nothing to do with the candidate.

    It has all to do with the elites from UMNO, MCA, MIC and all their thieving cronies!

    What happened to hard work, vision and simple common sense of the simple man? Oh I forgot, and moving with the times.

    Malaysians are not in a time warp but unfortunately those who lead us are! It is not about race and never was. It was about stupidity and the lack of common sense from the ruling elite of ALL races.

    It is simply their stupidity for thinking that most ordinary Malaysians are still stupid today and will fall for the racial divide crap.

    How wrong and arrogant they are!

  9. Anonymous2:38 am

    Dr. M is not irrelevant. Bring him back! Pak Lah is irrelevant, why can't he leave now! To UMNO bigwigs, this is your wake up call.....

  10. Pak Lah you should resign immidiately. PERIOD

  11. Anonymous3:06 am

    How much money is spent by BN on KT and propaganda on TV? So much time,effort and resources are wasted.But one thing good came out from this by-election is the business communities in KT.

    The defeated Wan Farid most probably be kicked upstairs as a Chairman for one of GLC's,courtesy by Pak Lah.

  12. Kalah Lagi...


    Kampung Terbakar nampak Asapnya,
    Hati terbakar siapa yang tahu.

  13. Anonymous5:14 am

    what if Pak Lah says to Najib..."you failed in two by elections..soorrryyyy..I can't let you be PM, and I cant't leave UMNO to you."
    Or Badawi followers will use the two losses to fight off Najib?

    There will be fireworks in UMNO. Can Cancel Astro and just watch UMNO.

  14. Anonymous6:12 am


  15. Anonymous7:32 am

    letak ladang babi kat tengah bandar terengganu pun people still pangkah PAS.
    How stupid Pak Lah can be or dumb or whatever! It's time Khairy monkey step down. your pas kluk klek motto and pade doh has bring worst result. And not to mention ezam box of shit!
    One thing for sure, LABU LCCT would be more difficult to build.


  16. Anonymous7:59 am

    "FIREWORKS" in UMNO-BN camp. Finger pointing begins. All the goons of the past and present leaders have contributed to the deterioration in this once mighty, evil and corrupted empire. One bird does not make a flock. "What goes up must come down!"
    Can this UMNO goons run a responsible administration? This by-election and many before, reflected they are bankrupt in policies to build a sound govt for the benefit of the rakyat. Throwing tax-payers money like a drunken sailor, in time of world financial crisis, is simply ridiculous and irresponsible...just to win a by- election. Time for change, time to rid these bunch of racist nut heads!

  17. KT's results yes it's a report card on Pak Lah... sadly he got an 'F' but our DPM is doing another ala altantuya to declare his innocence and wash his hands from the defeat that it is not a report card on his leadership. Doesn't UMNO accept collective behavior? Gosh what is install for BolehLand for the chosen one to not share the responsibility and blame for the loss? see
    Praise God! Praise Allah for all good blessings. KT voters have showed they also think of the bigger issues... Now we like to see BN-UMNO fulfill the millions promised to KT fellow b4 the election. BN thought this buy-election...opps by-election can be won by their arrogance and money throwing about... well it turned out to be a bye-election for them.

  18. Anonymous8:07 am

    Rocky oh Rocky

    Kau ni asyik nak jilat jer kaki Mahathir.

    Sikit sikit Mahathir releven la, Badawi yg tak releven la.

    Kalau Barisan Nasional dah kena belasah cukup-cukup, sebabnya sebab formula Barisan Nasional dan UMNO (iaitu parti yang dikepalai dan ditubuhkan oleh Mahathir -- UMNO Baru) sudah tidak relevan dan tidak dimahukan rakyat. Ini diishytiharkan oleh bukan siapa lagi tapi Tengku Razaleigh.

    Maka Rocky, cukuplah kau nak lambung-lambungkan Mahathir ni.

    Ingat: Masyarakat Terengganu tak mengundi Pakatan Rakyat sebab Mahathir; rakyat mengundi sebab mereka mahukan perubahan daripada rejim korup ini yang korup sejak zaman Mahathir lagi.

  19. Anonymous8:52 am

    In your thread

    warren basket at 11.10am said...

    KT by-election is NOT about Pakatan Rakyat vs BN.

    KT by-elecion is the FINAL confirmatory test for the departure of Abdullah Badawi and that he is no longer needed to head BN.

    The first test was the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    As Wan Farid is the proxy for Badawi, this FINAL confirmatory test is even more credible.

    a) If Rakyat want Badawi to stay on, vote BN.

    b) If Rakyat confirm to reject Badawi, vote for PAS.

    11:10 AM

    So will Abdullah resign upon his return from the Midleeast tour?

  20. Anonymous8:54 am

    It's not a vote against Farid as it is against Najib and the BN. No matter who they put there, the result would have been the same. People of all races are sick of their corrupt and immoral lifestyle. If not for the money they spent to grease palms and vote rigging, PAS could have won by a landslide of more than 20,000 votes.


  21. Anonymous9:22 am

    another blow to UMNO...they had it coming anyway...
    one note though - before endorsing PR, all rakyat should close ur eyes and imagine the future with PR wont be a pretty picture in the meantime, keep on slapping UMNO until they wake up but do not give up on them yet until we have better alternative.

  22. the sponsored rm400k by the state government to buy utusan everyday must now be a waste of money..might as well they spend it on Toyota Camry.hehe

  23. Anonymous9:40 am

    Aisay ... how man. Umno must demand a refund of all the money they paid to Ezam Mohd Nor. Spent so much but defective product, cannot deliver. ;-)

  24. Anonymous9:42 am

    The people of Kuala Terengganu have swallowed the bait; hook,line and sinker, running a race like horses with blinkers.

    The PAS victory means a new supremacy for the Malays is brewing, sidelining UMNO.

    It also points to displeasure with the unrealistic campaign issues.

    Congratulations to PAS, as now you have a bigger mandate to further Islamic causes and suppress DAP with a little bit more bite.

    Now, we need to see how other 'bye elections' will fare, especially at Sabah and Sarawak.

    For UMNO and BN to return to glory, they need to reinvent the wheel and refrain from using history ho historical facts because the new voters consider the past irrelevant.

    The new voters want more money in their pockets to get food on the table. Simple as that.


  25. The whole of Bee Anne should go
    Enough of their nonsense
    Saying there are united
    Working like families

    It is only one party line
    Every partner must toe the light
    No saying other things
    The partner will be out of the loop

    The arrogance and the deceit
    Thinking they can recycle it
    Offering power, projects and prosperity
    The people become wiser a little bit more

    Creating fear telling it should be on continuity
    A lie Bee Anne keep telling it through out its history
    When superpower countries keep changing government
    The people there don’t feel inferior in their lives
    In fact they tell us we should decide the destiny of a country
    We mustn’t be afraid of change

    Bee Anne living in the past
    The leaders don’t learn even till today
    They still go saying about racial needs
    When are they going to wake up we are Malaysians?

    The gate has opened
    It will be a matter of time
    Bee Anne will be irrelevant
    The leaders just struggling to get by
    Come next GE history will be made

  26. Anonymous10:26 am

    Let's look at this angel of the KT by-election.

    2009 PAS obtained 32,883 votes
    2008 PAS obtained 31,934 votes

    Despite the euphoria created by Pakatan, it has only created additional 949 new votes only.

    Considering also the suppport by all kinds of smear campaign by pro Pakatan bloggers led by RPK, Harris, Zorro, Susan lone, etc

    Is this the sign of Pakatan limited and diminishing support to Pakatan led by Anwar?

    The Chinese voters remain with BN is interesting, is this confrim that they don't trust Anwar because all the recent issue he is involved or avoided to answer the Chinese?

    And despite the usual allegation of phantom voters, Pakatan wins, now what Pakatan got to say? Silence as usual?

  27. The result is expected... The BN candidate look at somebody who was not comfortable with people - his fake smile tells it all. The PAS candidate look more friendlier...

  28. Anonymous11:05 am

    All is not lost for Wan Farid. He will be made the chairman for East Cost Economic Region(ECER). But just wonder what happen to another former Deputy Minister, Dr. Awang Adek?? Just pray that Wan Farid not joining the like of Awang Adek Club.


  29. Anonymous11:16 am

    The whole BN and UMNO leaderships irrelevant.
    Malaysians all across the nation will send the same message to BN/UMNO come yet another bye election. Give it a go Pak Lah and Najib if you dare!!!
    Situation normal but all fuck up (SNAFU) in BN/UMNO. Well done Barisan Rakyat you all have done a great job in KT.

  30. Rakyat giving a signal and warning to Najib he cannot behave like PakLah and the old way of Umno/BN giving promises of development , try to be humbled yet not in control , allow feudalisma and Warlord to control the political system ,etc.
    Najin have to ask/advice PakLah to take sabbatical leave for 2 months in order for Najib to become acting PM and to give leadership in march Umno election .
    PakLah cannot be seen involve with Umno election Rakyat clearly rejected him ...and ofcourse Najib will fall into elegant silence..

  31. Anonymous11:26 am

    only one reason bn lost...

    KT voters : to the hell with najeeb & ong ti kiat

  32. Hari2 terakhir UMNO/BN cukup jelas kelihatan.

    Pengundi2 dah bijak memilih,kecuali the hard-core UMNO will vote even the tongkol kayu is put in contest.

    Tahniah kepada yang menang , dan berundurlah kepada yang kalah.

  33. Anonymous11:27 am

    The most useless BN chairman in history which still doesn't want to learn from mistakes he made on the previous PRU12

    The BN chairman is so self centered appointing his selected candidate rather than through MT & KT UMNO concensus

    The current BN chairman is very irrelevant to our country needs. Making him the worst PM Malaysia ever had.
    He is very short sighted and self centered when IJN issue and Labu air port appear before he leaving the office. People know very well who are behind the moves. He actually does not have the minimum criteria and quality for being the PM

    The former PM, TUN still very much relevant to the people and this country needs. GOD bless you.


  34. Anonymous11:36 am

    Rocky, I don't suppose u would find our DPM accountable for anything, would u?


  35. PAS dapat beberapa peluru last minutes:

    1. Pegawai SPR letak jawatan.
    2. Kes Altantunya dikaitkan semula dengan Najib di mahkamah.
    3. Bukti Najib tidak pegang janji pilihanraya kecil.

    Tahniah kepada petugas Pakatan Rakyat yang bertungkus lumus menewaskan jentera ala tentera Barisan Nasional.

    PAS dah menang. DSAI perlukan 28 lagi kerusi parlimen, kan?

    Tolong lah sesiapa sponsor badminton racket kepada semua ahli parlimen BN

  36. BN as a viable coalition is on its way out.It may be sooner than the 13th General Election!Fighting as the champion of the malays in a constituency that is predominantly malay ( more than 88%) with the full
    backing and resources of the Federal Government, BN has resorted to unbridled bribery and yet it lost humiliatingly.It is becoming more and more obvious that UMNO is becoming increasingly irrelevant!Pakatan , on the other hand, looks increasingly relevant!
    It is left to the people of Sarawak to do what must happen sooner than later

  37. (Salah Seorang Pengundi KT)

    You sound so stupid to be someone from Terengganu.
    4th floor...maybe!

  38. Wayang kulit stuffs by UMNO is out-dated.
    Najib swearing by the Koran is an insult to the Islamic religion.
    MuSlims are sick to be labeled as hypocrites...created by UMNO.
    UMNO showed they are above laws and stealing and putting innocent people...under ISA.
    The win by PAS...confirms Najib is UMNO's PM..not voted in by Malaysians.

  39. Anonymous11:47 am

    Permisi bung Roky. Asia Sentinel blogger Jed Yoon has the following observation about Chinese voters.

    Very interesting. Chinese in KT mostly businessmen and traders -- they look up to MCA and BN to see them through the economic crisis that will be coming out way. They remember 1997 and 1998 when Anwar Ibrahim almost killed their businesses before Mahadey stepped in with his miracles.

    MoF Najib take note: it's the Economy! The welfare of BN depends on how you deal with the economy. Efverything else is secondary because once there's enough food on the table, people see better and think more soberly.

    Here's Jade's take:

    18JanP36 Kuala Terengganu By-election: Chinese Votes With Barisan, SHOCK!

    It defies logic. But it is so according to Nobisha and The Star.

    With that type of DAP campaigning and they stayed with Barisan?

    This can mean a few things, in my humble opinion:

    1. Hadi Awang as MB really pissed them off like in the temple issue

    2. DAP has no presence, never work there.

    3. MCA has been hardworking….and berjasa…..

    Why did the Chinese votes swing back to Barisan when they voted PAS for parliament in March 8?

    Low voter turnout has anything to do with it?

    MCA shouldn’t be too smug…….

  40. Anonymous11:53 am

    People here still think that by just replacing Badawi and his cronies, it will restore UMNO to its former glory.

    Dudes... its more than just that. As long as the whole system of corruption, arrogance, and racial supremacism that has festered in UMNO since before Pak Lah isn't removed, changing leaders will just be like changing captains on a sinking Titanic.

    And expect BN to keep losing by-election after by-election.

  41. This is the only way the people can teach BN/UMNO and their dogs a lesson, to let them know what they have been doing is totally unacceptable.

    Please repeat this in each and every by-election and GE. The power is in your hand.

  42. Anonymous12:14 pm


    Dato Scribe has made a sincere and good analysis of the KT bye election result.

    Most people saw this coming especially after pematang pauh, the ways UMNO leaders conduct their campaign for the coming party election and the conduct of the government towards the suffering of the people after the fuel hike.

    "Dok rok cetong" - that the right word to describe UMNO and the government.

    UMNO need to do major overhaul if it wants to stay relevant. It may mean expired leaders, incapble leaders ( like ali rustam etc), tainted leaders need to be thrown out completely.If these leaders still rule....sorry lah, takde harapan lagi.

    Better still revive the old UMNO - tools to do it is still in place.

    As for TDM - he is still irrelevant. Perangai UMNO yang ada hari ini adalah hasil tangan dia sendiri. He is responsible for the predicament UMNO is in now. Even if he did not resign then and still lead the party, the same malaise of UMNO today will still happened.

    Remember Rocky, TDM is the one who choosed AAB to succed him. I didnt believe a bit he didnt know that AAB is ineffective leader.


  43. Anonymous12:21 pm

    rocky, mahathir has got nothing to do with Pakatan's victory...! .and not because Pak Lah either...

    rather, it is because the rakyat has had enough with BN, UMNO particularly..including the 22 years of Mahathir's rule!, they dont want Najib to become the PM..

    mahathir IS irrelevent!. this is the Rakyat's Victory!!!!

  44. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Tan Sri Dr Yusof Noor, your time as chairman of FELDA is up, another ganu by the name of Wan Farid is ready to take over.

    Y.B Hisham Gemuk

  45. Suka atau tidak, hanya Mahathir sahaja yang mampu menjadi tongkat untuk UMNO terus berjalan, tanpanya, UMNO akan rebah tersungkur.

    Suka atau tidak, Mahathir perlu dikembalikan dalam kedudukan teratas untuk menjadi penasihat dan pakar rujuk untuk UMNo masih relevan.

    Suka atau tidak, walaupun Mahathir kembali ke pangkuan UMNO, ia sudah terlewat walaupun belum terlambat.

    Suka atau tidak, Mahathir pun tidak sudi lagi kembali ke UMNO untuk 'mengotorkan' akhir hayat politiknya.

    Suka atau tidak, UMNO kini jadi warung teh tarik yang sepi.

  46. Dear Rocky,

    BN and UMNO are both irrelevant. I am deeply touched and saddened that there are still people who think BN can win. Pathetic!

  47. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Jump baby jump!

    On Jan 17, we observed another failure hitting right on the face of Najib, our DPM. This was the third political tsunami in a year. What can I say, the unwelcome Barisan National is sinking like Titanic into South China Sea.

    Last night, we heard the voices and saw the power of the Rakyat. We saw how majority of Kuala Terengganu voters joined the call for change from the rest of Malaysians. And yes, it is a change that happens from the bottom up, not from the top down.

    Last night, we saw again, how Najib refused to acknowledge the fact of his poor leadership and his poor popularity among the citizens. We saw how his monetary actions had again failed to fool the voters in the second by-election.

    Last night’s result showed that KT citizens do not want to inherent the old dirty politics of Barisan National. What the people want is a real party that not only can bring hope to the nation, but to carry out the changes for a better nation. And we know to make the change happen, BN has to be out of the system!

    We want a nation for all Malaysians. We want equal treatment like every body else. We want to live a “Malaysian dream” just like how people in another corner of the world enjoy the “American dream”.

    As for the other BN leaders, shame on you if you continue to ignore the wish of the citizens. You know nothing can stop the momentum now, people will continue to fight till the day comes.

    My last words for everyone who wants to survive from the coming disaster, “jump baby jump” before it’s too late. You do not know how skillful your pilot is, you might not be as lucky as the survivors of the plane crash into Hudson River. You know what I mean.

    And thank you, especially to everyone who voted for PAS!

  48. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I dont think one can blame Pak Lah for defeat. It is not an indication of rejection of pak is a rejection of najib as prime minister in waiting. There was a swing in the malay votes. That was critical. ..

  49. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Now, terengganu lost 2 deputy ministers post, and we have no leaders from Trg to fill the void. Argh..., why its always happened like this.. the ganu people lost everytime, oil royalties, deputy ministers post, etc...

  50. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Wake up BN!
    Some years ago Mahathir was shown the Shoes..
    Last year was Pak Lah
    This time Najib!

    Justice prevails

  51. Dr.M ...irrelevant ? ...some people just never learn ...

  52. Anonymous2:44 pm

    In 2008, UMNO won due to postal votes. In 2009, the result for postal votes, BN 1039, PAS 86, Ind 1. The real loser in this election is RPK.

  53. Rocky,
    You somehow downplayed the role of Najib. I don't think it's Abdullah's factor anymore as he would be out by March. The truth is Malaysians in general don't see Najib as good PM and also for the fact that BN is not a preferred party or government anymore in Malaysia.

    As far as Mahathir is concerned, his relevancy is insignificant.

  54. Anonymous3:24 pm


  55. Anonymous3:34 pm


    it is not pakatan rakyat/PAS whom have won

    it is the people whom deliver the vote and message through the ballot boxes ...

    if only the message can get through ...


  56. Dear Rocky,

    What shocked me most was the arrogance of UMNO in not truly accepting defeat. HELLO! The people has spoken time and time again. When will you listen. .....Oh yes when PKR wins the next election. From now on all UMNO/BN leaders must read he blogs. Lots of information from the rakyat. Get real get cracking!

  57. So what's new with the thick faced BN leaders?

    Mahathir over saw the 1999 debacle, and Badawi the 2008 GE. The loss of faith was the same, just a matter of degree. Mahathir leaving brought BN the 2004 GE, and still you think it is personalities, Mahathir in particular? Might as well call it for the weather.

    The corruption cases during Pak Lah's time cannot hold a candle to what transpired under Mahathir's watch. The likes of Pak Lah, Najib, Mukhriz, Toyo are loud, but they are simply irrelevance in motion. They are going the way of Mahathir. Fact is the corrupt ways of UMNO and BN is living out its final days especially inthese difficult economic situations. Malays call it menjolok mata. Even with the goodies and the shamelessly partisan SPR (what happened to the RO?) they lost big. I believe the Chinese votes if they had come back to KT would have resulted in PR extending their majority.

    It is my perception and hope of the local political landscape that BN will be history come the next GE.

  58. Anonymous3:49 pm

    congragulation to Pakatan Rakyat for willing the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary seat. It show that the rakyat want to see DAP, PKR and PAS work together as one collective unit.

    Keng Tiong Hai,
    Shah Alam

  59. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Barisan Nasional's loss in the by-election is only a setback and has no impact on the national political landscape, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

    Nevermind, the big one will come in the next GE and during which Najib will lost his pants.

  60. 18 Januari 2008 , angka 2,631 pasti akan kekal di ingatan Wan'G Ahmad Farid paling tidak sehingga PRU akan datang,
    kemenangan Mohd. Abdul Wahid Endut sudah dijangka banyak pihak dari awal cuma BN melalui
    mesin propagandanya sahaja yang cuba meyakinkan rakyat kununnya mereka masih berpeluang ,
    meletakkan calon yang sangat terkenal dengan kaitan budak Tingkat 4 atau yang sangat "setia-kat-WANG" KJ bukan percaturan bijak
    BN tetapi siapa boleh halang jika menantu PM dah buat keputusan. Keputusan sudah diketahui , umum seperti biasanya sudah menjangka
    skrip Pilihanraya Kecil , mereka yang selalunya duduk di belakang kereta mewah yang selalu ditemani pemandu akan turun padang,
    ada yang sudah lama tidak berkain pelikat tetapi dek kerana P36 ini mereka berkain pelikat , yang sudah lama atau tidak pernah
    menunggang C70 boleh dilihat menunggang kenderaan yang tak mungkin ada di garaj rumah mereka kalau ada pun mungkin milik tukang kebun ,
    seperti biasa projek berJUTA dijanji, pengundi yang dirasa boleh menentukan keputusan di layan bagai raja ,
    rombongan rumah ke rumah untuk meminang undi dirakam dengan lensa kamera dengan penuh senyuman ketika bersalam dengan tuan punya rumah ,
    yang penting pada BN mereka memaparkan pemimpin mereka kununnya berjiwa rakyat , tetapi di sabalik gambar itu BN lupa mereka juga
    memaparkan kedaifan kebanyakan rakyat negeri Terengganu yang sangat sinonim dengan Royalti Minyaknya .
    Telemovie P36 sudah berakhir, BN seperti biasanya akan berbicara tentang menerima kekalahan , suara keramat rakyat ,
    post-mortem dan di masa yang sama masih mengatakan rakyat akan tetap menerima BN dengan cuba mengingatkan rakyat apa
    yang telah BN lakukan sehingga hari ini ,membuat perbandingan yang menunjukkan bahagian yang lebih baik dengan kerajaan yang diterajui PR ,
    tetapi maaf-apa keburukan yang mereka lakukan disebaliknya cukuplah disimpan
    didalam usus perut mereka . Buat rakyat yang merasakan BN akan cuba mendengar suara keramat akhirnya hanya mengharap ,
    dan seperti biasa selepas beberapa ketika mereka akan tetap dengan keangkuhan & kesombongan mereka melacurkan pembangunan
    untuk rakyat kununnya- demi isi perut keluarga , menantu , rakan & Assoc.
    Pakatan Rakyat memberi mesej sangat jelas kepada BN , pakatan mereka mungkin boleh dicuit dengan pelbagai isu- hudud misalnya
    yang dimula KJ ketika berdebat dgn Husam , tetapi dengan mudahnya dipatah oleh PR , DAP melalui Karpal jujur mengakui mereka memang
    tidak bersetuju dengan hudud , BN yang sudah mula tersenyum menjangka PR akan retak akhirnya tenggelam sendiri dengan isu itu,
    DAP menerusi Lim Guan Eng & pemimpin lainnya kental membantu PAS tanpa sebarang masalah nyatanya kejujuran DAP di dalam isu ini menutup
    mulut pengkritik PR , yang akan tetap bersuara org UMNO yang baragama Islam itu sendiri .
    P36 ini juga menunjukan mereka cukup matang berpolitik ,benar mereka punyai perbedaan pendapat kerna jika
    mereka punya pendapat semuanya sama tentu sahaja tidak wujud lagi PKR, DAP & PAS lagi. Mereka juga bijak menjaga hubungan
    BN juga melalui komponennya punya pendapat berbeda, apa jadi pada suara MCA yang mahukan konsesi lebuhraya disemak semula ,
    apa kata orang UMNO, apa kata Samy Vellu & Co. , ini kali kedua MCA bersuara tentang isu ini ,
    pertama kalinya mudah ditangani UMNO berdiam diri sahaja- kita tidak boleh berprsangka buruk dengan UMNO tentang ini kerana
    Kroni UMNO tidak terlibat di dalam konsesi UMNO ini - percayalah :), UMNO jika terus merasakan dialah tuan yang tidak boleh dicuit didalam BN,
    percayalah BN ini dalamannya yang kurang dipapar kan lebih rapuh dari PR yang dalamannya memang selalu dipaparkan.
    Pakatan Rakyat perlu bekerja bukan sahaja lebih kuat malah memberi cerminan apa visi mereka untuk menukar kerajaan semasa ,
    ketelusan dan kesamarataan yang konsisten tanpa ada perlu pegangan kerajaan sekarang
    "kalau orang lain di posisi ini mereka akan melakukan perkara yang sama" buang segala unsur di dalam kerajaan BN yang jijik disebut tetapi
    hanya menjadi bahan gurauan kalangan BN perkataan seperti korupsi , kronisme dan lain -lainnya yang sinonim dengan BN ini.
    Skrip pilihanraya akan lebih kurang sama pada piliharaya akan datang tetapi apa yang perlu ditakuti BN kala ini bukan pengundi muda sebenarnya ,
    tetapi pengundi yang selama ini memangkah mereka kerana "kerajaan sekarang dah ok , asal dapat makan cukup ,
    pemimpin buat apa itu peluang mereka kerana mereka disitu" pengundi yang di dalam kalangan ini sudah mula memahami salah
    laku pemimpin BN boleh ditegur malah mereka mengetahui negara ini boleh memiliki pemimpin yang
    lebih jujur dalam mentadbir negara yang tercinta ini.Untuk BN jika mahu terus mahu memerah hasil kekayaan Malaysia ,
    korbankan semua barisan yang ada kaitan dengan kebencian rakyat ini, tetapi jika di buang takutnya tiada langsung barisan
    kepimpinan yang ada sekarang - kalau masih mahu berkuasa lagi.

    coretan khalayak
    johor bahru

  61. Just a question bro, if Najib is in line to take the PM Post he surely needs the accent or approval of Yang DiPertuan Agong right?? Will Tuanku Mizan ever endorse his appointment as PM??? Can you do a write up on this? Would be interesting to get your point of view.

  62. Anonymous4:31 pm wonder DOLLAH flew to Qatar 1 day earlier.... shamed on you

  63. i think Umno did not do what it's supposed to do to ensure its victory in KT.

    many greedy warlords there.

    don't be too quick to blame Najib. He isn't the PM yet and Wan Farid as we all know, was Pak Lah's choice -- against much opposition.

    people, of course, would see it as a vote against Umno and the BN. not really. A total of 32,883 people voted for Pas and 30,252 for Umno. A 2,000 margin is close but not too close.

    i'd have to agree that the failure on Umno's part was putting the wrong candidate. In KT, it matters who you put there.

    well, Umno can help Anwar Ibrahim get to Parliament real fast. deny its own decline, and put the wrong people as canidates in future by-elections.

    Umno/BN has to pray hard that their remaining wakil rakyat are in great shape and the best of health.

  64. Dear bat8,

    You wrote:

    "Remember Rocky, TDM is the one who choosed AAB to succed him. I didnt believe a bit he didnt know that AAB is ineffective leader.


    12:14 PM"

    You need to remember one thing bat08: in 2004, AAB's first General Election, the BN won by an unprecendented margin. The coalition won over 90 per cent of the seats in Parliament. They had way more than the two-thirds majority in Parliament. The people believed in AAB, even those who supported the Opposition. "Work with me not for me". His promise to wipe out corruption.

    You remember?

    Dr Mahathir chose the right successor, bro. For the BN, AAB brought it the greatest GE victory. For Malaysians in general, he brought them hope that finally someone will unite the people. Those who hated Mahathir were happy; the tyrant was finally quietly retiring.

    But after the GE, AAB went over to the dark side. His people got greedy. They became very arrogant. They turned their backs against the people.

    And then Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan became so big-headed he thought he could take on Mahathir.

    The rest, bro, is history ...

  65. >>Dr Mahathir chose the right successor, bro. For the BN, AAB brought it the greatest GE victory. For Malaysians in general, he brought them hope that finally someone will unite the people. Those who hated Mahathir were happy; the tyrant was finally quietly retiring.

    But after the GE, AAB went over to the dark side. His people got greedy. They became very arrogant. They turned their backs against the people.

    And then Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan became so big-headed he thought he could take on Mahathir.

    The rest, bro, is history ...<<

    Tun chose Pak Lah because he was an ineffective leader. He had no real support base within the grassroots, and many thought in terms of support Najib would have been the choice given his level of support. But funnily enough, Tun chose Pak Lah as his successor and announced Najib as the TPM as well when it should have been Pak Lah's prerog. All three of them had baggage like you won't believe, nothing has changed.

    Tun had to step down or risk everything. Ah, yes he indulged in enough midnight deals to make your head spin (not yours Rocky?) before he stepped down. Some Melayu mudah lupa, and Tun knows them well it seems. Most Malays I know remember this period well; it was when Malays lost "face" to all our Chinese and Indian friends through Tun's shenanigans in the Anwar trials.

    Pak Lah won it because it was still his honeymoon period, and the Malaysians, being a forgiving lot, decided he deserved a chance. The 2008 put him in his place as he was judged on his own steam. Tun's choice was what I thought he was in 2004, a corrupt and weak non-leader. The only thing in common he shared with Tun was the corrupt part.

    I believe the 2008 GE result would have been replicated in 2004 if Mahathir had stayed on; simply because whatever Tun is accusing Pak lah now, he was indulging in it then. Maybe it's just me. Pak Lah just delayed the inevitable. UMNO has became no more relevant since then.

    But Tun is also an expert in practising double standards, isn't he? (See? no to Zonism but yes to his self-serving brand of Ketuanan Melayu/politik wang)

    No to royalty but yes to Wang Ehsan? It seems "oil royalty has returned" whatever that means because the UMNO lot has been calling it wang ehsan all this while.

    How he complained about not getting press coverage when he all but shut out dissenting views in the MSM through his cronies like Kadir Jasin?

    But surely we would do well to remember all this before taking any more prescriptions of our ills by him.

  66. Anonymous7:01 pm

    There you are folks .. The Pakatan Rakyat group shall be the ruling party by the next General Election .. I told you so ... Wali Kota

  67. Anonymous7:14 pm

    can't wait for the next GE man... way to PR ! KICK the UMNO/BN out for good. UMNO/BN the whole bunch of thieves should be put to jail !


  68. Anonymous7:51 pm


    …They became very arrogant. They turned their backs against the people….
    I concur to that RIGHT TO THE VERY DOT.


  69. Anonymous8:33 pm

    The issue is whether UMNO will learn from the KT byelection. UMNO is just waiting to be wiped out. This will happen if Khairy Jamaluddin is elected as Head of UMNO Youth or the moron Ali Rastam or most untrusted Muhammad Taib is elected as Deputy President. These 3 are toxic baggages to UMNO.


  70. Anonymous8:33 pm

    The issue is whether UMNO will learn from the KT byelection. UMNO is just waiting to be wiped out. This will happen if Khairy Jamaluddin is elected as Head of UMNO Youth or the moron Ali Rastam or most untrusted Muhammad Taib is elected as Deputy President. These 3 are toxic baggages to UMNO.


  71. Bullshit!!

    BN's defeat clearly reflects the peoples' vote of no confidence in Najib and BN, NOT Badawi.

    Don't, like Dr.M, put your silly spin on it. Badawai did not figure in the minds of voters. They knew he was on the way out and was not relevant.

    They have clearly shown there's no future with BN's and Najib's dishing out taxpayers' money as though its's going out of fashion. It;s wasy to give out money which is not yours!!

  72. Indeed, BN's day are numbered unless they change their strategy fast and start serving the rakyat, rather than the other way round.

  73. Anonymous10:01 pm

    "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them." All are welcome and see for yourself my blog on "Let's read the QURAN" under blogger name Samaritan.

  74. Anonymous10:10 pm

    I believe this is a vote against corruption and for a 2 party system. Why are we worried about UMNO ot any other's party's survival? Its about the people and whether this country can get back on track towards greatness. Don't be loyal to any party or person. Be loyal to the people and this country. That is the only thing that matters.

  75. Anonymous10:47 pm

    A big thank you to Ezam!!! From a 50-50 situation, he single-handedly managed to give PR a 2,631 majority.

    Najib, keep using Ezam. That worm's presence is a major liability BN. Please realise that fast or you will never become PM. He must have made big gifts by doing this for BN.

    Ezam unknowingly has picked up Anwar's style of oration. That too has helped PR.

    Kee p the worm and lose the next GE.


  76. Anonymous10:58 pm

    NAJIB AFTER BN'S LOSS. Read below the article what Najib would have said if PAS had lost:

    It’s only a minor setback, says Najib

    KUALA TERENGGANU: Barisan Nasional’s loss in the by-election is only a setback and has no impact on the national political landscape, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

    The Barisan number two said the coalition would not be disheartened and would embark immediately on measures to win back the confidence of the people.

    “We will seriously take note of the outcome of the result,” the Deputy Prime Minister told reporters after the result was announced yesterday.

    Najib said Barisan would enhance its image as part of its move to change its strategy.

    “We will nevertheless accept the decision of the people of Kuala Terengganu,” he said.

    He said the coalition was still relevant and was confident of regaining the support of the people very quickly.

    Najib felt the mood of the people would be different in the next general election.

    “I believe the people will return to Barisan’s fold. We will take immediate measures to ensure the support of the people for the coalition,” he added.

    Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, who was also at the press conference, said he would accept the people’s decision.

    If PAS had lost:


    KUALA TERENGGANU: pALATAN rAKYAT'S loss in the by-election is a major setback for the opposition allliance and has a major impact on the national political landscape, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

    The Barisan number two said the opposition alliance should take the loss as a clear rejection of the opposition tactics.

    "They should seriously take note of the outcome of the result and realise that they are not relevant anymore,” the Deputy Prime Minister told reporters after the result was announced yesterday.

    He said Pakatan was not relevant and was confident that it had lost the support of the people.

    Najib felt the mood of the people would be the same in the next general election.

    "I believe the people are returning to the Barisan’s fold,” he added.

  77. Anonymous11:26 pm

    BN is irrelevant.
    - future PM - bad choice
    - MCA president - KUKU BESI
    - MIC President - KUKU BESI
    - UMNO President - dah malas sebab dia bukan lagi president lepas March 2009
    - Ketua Bhg UMNO - semuanya kaya raya
    - saudara PM - kaya raya
    - rakyat jelata - sukar hidupnya


  78. Rocky, please take hammer an knocked on the UMNO Leaders heads. Then drown their head in water and yell at them 'WAKE UP!"
    Look at BN symbol, the dacing, it no more relevant in the metrics word anymore. Even Barisan Nasional doesnt sound good. UMNO should clean the party form the likes of KJ, Ezam, Nazri etc. Then BN leaders should sit and come out with a referendum for the next generations interest. At leas the young generation are aware what in store for them.Lastly change your symbol and get rid of the 'Barisan Nasional' name. look for other that is more meaningfull. Remmeber, the key to the next PRU13 are 'YOUNGSTERS' . Ooops I forgot.
    UMNO still sleeping!

  79. Anonymous12:12 am

    9-11 was an inside job. There's gonna be another false flag ops before the inauguration...false flags as in they do the dirty job, u get the blame.

    What game are they playing

  80. @Kerp
    The irrelevant one is... Ezam?
    You're right HAHAHA!

    "Letter"... I had thought it was on the lines of "a love letter to a married woman he had eyes on". Or, "to give a Zionist organization a foothold in Malaysia should he become PM"... things like these. But what Ezam `revealed' was... CHIH!!

    So, Ezam: What other `secrets' do you have in them "six boxes of secrets"? Lemme guess - one of the stunners is this one:
    1) In 1997, after parking near Pertama Complex, Anwar didn't pay the RM3 patrking charges... SCANDAL! OUTRAGEOUS!!

  81. Anonymous4:38 am

    Congrats to KT for making the right choice. The dawn of PR people governance & justice politics. The demise of umno evil governance & corruptive politics. KT, a big THANK YOU!

  82. Anonymous6:59 am

    Rocky, the new, covert, hidden pro-Najib spin doctor:

    As many others have said here, you langsung tak boleh terima bahawa rakyat tidak sokong pada Najib jugak ya?

    Asyik nak tuduh Badawi lagi. Tak sedar ke, rakyat tak mau Najib mahupun BN?

    Rocky, aku tak respek lagi la blog kau. Nak cuba putar-belit cerita.

    Kenapa kau jadi begini Rocky?

  83. Anonymous10:15 am


    oh're getting so tiresome.

    adik rahman sulong.

    eeh... brother...

    kalau tidak boleh terima kenyataan, lu punya pasal lah.

    najib belum PM-lah. yang pilih Wan Farid tu siapa.


  84. Anonymous10:48 am

    what is wrong with you people?

    Did Dr Mahathir blame his deputy for poor election results when he was PM?

    You Anwaristas are ready to sing the same tune Anwar is singing -- blame Najib.

    Najib anytime, man...than Anwar.

    Anwar is willing to practice corruption just to get more support in Parliament..

    And you people are worse than BN machais.

    Rocky bro. U don't need my advice.
    You're one bloody brave bugger, man.
    Kali's machais come in yr blog, the Pakatan Rakyat bloggers bantai you, Khairy's baruahs come in....

    and you humour them...

    face-to-face with you -- HAH! semua kencing...

  85. Anonymous12:18 pm

    The number of votes 32883 won by PAS on Jan 17th is BIGGER than won by Dato' Razali in 2004 plus 2008.
    The majority won by PAS is also bigger!!
    Undi Majoriti
    PAS (2009) 32883 2631
    UMNO(2008) 32562 628
    UMNO(2004) 30994 1933

    Allahu Akbar!


  86. Anonymous12:47 pm

    wah iskandar, u must be pro najib and pro bn who like umno is living in denial.. u want to choose a PM who bomb the shit out of a mongolian lady to a guy who screws someone's ass! you must be the dumbest person i have ever known...

    when u are given the option to choose between the lesser evil, u decide on najib. oh that is so bloody pathetic of you..

    u only look at the trees but failing to look at the forest.. what if you got to choose a 3rd person and not Najib nor Anwar? fikir la sikit.. pakai otak la.

  87. Anonymous12:47 pm

    this has been a really good experience for Wan Ahmad Farid.yeah who knows that he might make it in the future.there's almost nothing certain in politics as we all knows it.just accept the defeat as just another phase in life.for sure there's must be someone who have to be this case Wan Ahmad Farid had to accept the fact that he's the defeated one.but i hope that's not for long.

    there's still hope as long as the light is still on.

  88. Anonymous6:05 pm

    yang tak releven lagi adalah UMNO dan BN!!!
    Come another by-election pun bn akan bungkus!
    Come PRU 13 confirmed UMNO BN BUNGKUS!!!


  89. Anonymous6:16 pm

    alirostam the ketam said bn lost coz ramai anak trengganu tak balik mengundi! Woi bodoh...nasib baik depa tak balik untuk mengundi,kalau tidak majoriti adalah lebih 20,000 undi!!!Barulah landslide victory,dr.mariah pun tak boleh lawan.!Apa punya bodohlah ali ketam ni!!!Tu lah,banyak sangat makan asam pedas hangit agaknya,utu yang dia merapu bukan bukan!


  90. Anonymous6:41 pm

    why blame just pak lah? umno is a party of losers so this result is expected. maybe it's pak lah's man that is running that's why the majority is 2000++ if it's najib's the majority will probably be 5000++. Go ahead blame pak lah, the chinese, the indians, the absence of phantom voters for the loss. Guess that's what you get when your party consists of brown-nosed idiots.

  91. Anonymous8:03 am

    Mahathir bukan saja irrelevant -- Mahathir adalah satu bahaya kepada kemakmuran negara. Dialah pemecah belah rakyat (pentadbirannya style pecah dan perintah). Dan korupsi berleluasa UMNO bermula bila lagi kalau bukan zaman Mahathir?

    Nah, baca ni kat

    Dr M cause of Umno's destruction, says Hindraf

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 19 - Attempting to give him a taste of his own medicine, the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has claimed former president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed to be the cause of Umno's current crisis.

    The former prime minister has spent much of the past few years criticising his self-appointed successor Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, culminating in acid attacks for causing the Umno-dominated Barisan Nasional's (BN) setback in last year's general election.

    Today, Hindraf chairman P Waytha Moorthy said that it was in fact Dr Mahathir who was the "architect" of "corruption, nepotism, prejudice and cronyism" to Umno.

    Welcoming Pakatan Rakyat (PR)'s by-election victory in Kuala Terengganu as a sign that the public is disgusted with Umno, he said that the public has lost any faith in finding honest politicians within BN.

    "With Mahathirism's tutelage, the whole Barisan National clan is out of touch with the reality and the needs of the public for governance that is based on equality and fairness for all Malaysians," Waytha said in a statement to the press.

    He added that Dr Mahathir's leadership of Umno and BN saw it fail to serve competently and the governing coalition now lives on "past glories" in "blatant arrogance and ignorance" of the will of the people.

    "The absence of these elements has prompted the will of change from the public to restore integrity in our basic institutions," he continued.

    Waytha said that unless BN faces the reality and listens to the people on issues like abolition of the Internal Security Act and equality in socio-development, "it will be digging its own grave."

    "Listening to Mahathir will only speed up the process."

  92. Anonymous4:54 pm

    (heha) : PAS could have won more IF the event could be held this hari ahad !!

  93. Anonymous6:56 pm

    I'm from KT, live and work here. PAS would have won by a much larger majority if it was held on a weekend.

    Also BN didn't lose because of Pak Lak or Wan Farid.. you guys are all off the mark... BN lost because the people are REJECTING the new leader in March! How shallow can you all be in your thinking?