Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mahathir's Bangsa Malaysia

Bahasa jiwa Bangsa? We've heard so much about Bangsa Malaysia. Tomorrow former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad delivers a keynote address at the Perdana Discourse Series on Bangsa Malaysia.

Venue: Perdana Leadership Foundation, Putrajaya
Time: 9.15 am
Date: 12 Nov 2008
Admission is free and for all.

And when you have the time, check out Demi Negara's ... The forging of Bangsa Malaysia. It's a posting of over 100 paras but it should be worth your while, especially if you think you believe in a Bangsa Malaysia.


  1. Anonymous12:16 am

    No point having this moron #1 to provide a vision on such issue. Anyway in those darkest 22 years under him I was one of those migrated and thanks God I have never regrated, I dump my IC down New York harbour.

  2. Interesting I wrote something on Bangsa Malaysia for some UITM conference yesterday.

  3. Anonymous1:52 am

    Bro, Kali has been told to fuck off but has been going around telling people that he is wanted.

  4. Anonymous2:18 am

    beberapa editor melayu di nst akan ditendang keluar atas arahan kalimullah. ahchai, lionel & chandra sedang sibuk buat lis untuk tendang editor dan reporter melayu.

  5. KijangMas gets special mention ...

  6. Anonymous2:48 am

    ' mahathir bangsa malaysia' ? u must be kidding.!!!!!!...i dare u rocky to post this!


  7. Anonymous3:34 am

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  8. Anonymous5:55 am

    This racist Mahathir whose father is an Mamak is not worth talking of Bangsa Malaysia. Is a shame for his extended family in India and Malays like us do not need such a fake hero.

    Why don't he simply tell everyone that he is indeed a Mamak? Why hide behind and pretend he is a Malay?

  9. Anonymous7:35 am

    Bangsa Malaysia?

    satu igauan ngeri!.

    kita RAKYAAT MALAYSIA dan berbagai BANGSA.



    kalau nak mimpi pun biarlah yg praktikal dan mudah difaham dan mudah diterima.inilah hakikat manusia.


  10. Declare yourself!
    Are you supported by Mahathir..through "ALL BLOG"....but personally support Anwar Ibrahim to be PM.
    Are you a pro political blogger...traveling two roads with no ends??
    You see...Malaysians like us...wanting a change of government are not that smart.
    We are simply...for or against...change..not if...buts..maybe..or why.
    Only politicians and few pro political bloggers...plus another few political bloggers...that have no backbones...just big mouth...talk alot..staying at the back...fan fan fan...making sure not caught...run like hell...doing all that..to get sponsorship...to cari makan. These are useless coward worms.
    So...who is Rocky?? Please declare yourself.
    You must declare you are a Muslim..before entering Mecca........and one can memorize certain Koranic verses..to declare so...which I suspect few are not Muslims...still enter Mecca...for the curious minds.
    Similarly...political bloggers are not honourable...if they keep twisting and turning.
    What are you..Attan?

  11. Mahathir talk??...WHO CARES!!
    He has been talking...writing for donkey years....twisting and turning...with a welknown sickening art...which Malaysians know..what a big.. hypocrite he is.
    Why not put out a post...tell us why some Malays think so highly of him..inspite of being a Dictator and so corrupted.
    To me..I agree with vast majority. Mahathir is devil reincarnated......like Judge Ian Chin said.
    And Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen said UMNO corruptions...right up to the core...started during Mahathir's regime.
    What say you??

  12. Anonymous8:33 am

    OMG bro Rocky, thanx for giving the link to Demi Negara's article. Now I understood the real meaning of your sentence "...if you have the time..". And yes indeed I got all the time. And it's a WORTH-reading article. I'm still reading the comments there while typing this very comment in your post. cheerio...


  13. Anonymous8:37 am

    oh you said "when", not "if". and hmm.... you did say it's a lengthy article. oh well. i guess didn't notice your sentences after the link. ;p


  14. Dang, Bro Rocky. Sure it's not Ketuanan UMNO? Bangsa UMNO? Yep. The ol' man's not only deluded; he's goin' loony. Goin' Ronnie's way...

    As for his so-called cockamamie Peace Foundation whatchamacallit, I want to remind him of his 'deafening silence' during the Vietnam War. More US troops, bombs, and chemical weapons were employed there then in Iraq, but perusing thru the pages of history, I strangely couldn't find a word on it from him, much less a voice of protest. Hypocrite or what, huh?

    Oh yeah, right, Doc. You were busy those days trying to oust Tunku then, right? And trying to climb up to power within UMNO, right? Sorry. Sorry. Silly me.

  15. aberamly.wordpress.com




  16. Anonymous10:02 am

    Sdr Rocky..

    ...And UiTM "forces" busloads of students to attend.

    And some of them are preparing for exams!!

    Tak ade kerja yang lebih baik lagi ke?!! victimise the Bumiputera students!

    Hope Dr M realises forced attendance is KIASU though no fault of him.

    Show some leadership and respect!

    And Rocky, don't censor this comment..No malice intended..

    Hj TT

  17. i must say this ....Demi Negara's bangsa malaysia is a MUST READ ...BRILLIANT WORK!

  18. BTW, had a chance to read 'The forging of Bangsa Malaysia'. I must say I concur with the author's opinion re: language, but say...

    ...those Indonesian Chinese were way above and beyond Malaysian Chinese in mastering the National Language (and not forgetting names, schools, newspapers etc). But strange, they seem to be the target of rioters and rapists everytime some of their desperado politicians get into a fix. Heran Bin Ajaib.

  19. Anonymous10:29 am

    Dear Rocky

    Enough of listening to Dr M. How can we continue to listen to somebody who has done untold damage to Bangsa Malaysia by his own nationalistic views and on going not so helpful comments. What new things is going to tell us. 22 years not much was done to progress the Bangsa Malaysia vision. it was just a ploy to get non malay votes.

    Enough is enough. Time for Dr M to take a break and rest.Pondering about how he brought about Bangsa Malaysia in 22years in power.

    Anak bangsa Malaysia

  20. ignore him let the old dog bark...the dog cather will come around somehow

  21. Tun used many " Perpaduan " projects to make his cronies rich during his time.

    Now he talks about " Ketuanan Melayu ".

    Mahathir mudah Lupa.
    Mahathir lupa dia Org India dari Kerala.

    Org yang sanggup lupa akar dan sejarah nenk moyang sendiri sanggup tukar sejarah negara

  22. Anonymous11:49 am

    Dear "the world my oyster said...." Good for you - youre no longer malaysian. We dont need people like you, judging from your ungrateful comments. I disagree that the 22 years were all darkness. No need to comment on Malaysian based blogs anymore lah, if you no longer mlaysian , why would you care ??

  23. to THE WORLD OF MY OYSTER.. im glad you migrated bcoz we dont need you.. to those who dont understand MALAY LANGUANGE please follow the footstep of OYSTER... if you want BANGSA MALAYSIA then please my CHINESE AND INDIAN FRIENDS the first steps if please asked your DAP and PKR and PAS friends,DO asked the GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA to abolished all Chinese and Tamil school only left the NASIONAL SCHOOL..then we can be a BANGSA MALAYSIA..

  24. The world my oyster should not even bother commenting on this topic if he/she had dumped his I/C.

    I regret all the name-calling and note that almost all involved have them have no guts by posting & remaining anonymous.

    Rocky, you should be your own person, nothing more and nothing less. need not get intimidated.


  25. Anonymous12:09 pm


    Sepengalaman saya, orang2 Cina spt teohjitkhiam ini yg org2 Melayu khuatirkan. sepertinya dia ini tidak mahu langsung bersyukur akan apa yang dia punya sekarang ini.

    mungkin kita di malaysia sudah kenal sgt perangai org2 cina spt teohjitkhiam ini, KIASU.

    KES 1
    saya juga punya pengalaman kecil semasa membeli kediaman dahulu. kediaman ini tentunya majoriti etnik cina. belum apa2, dengan dentuman soalan menyakitkan hati pada pemaju (org cina juga), mereka ini menuduh, mencaci, menekan pemaju. katanya lambat, lembap dan sebagainya.

    kemudian bila kediaman masing2 siap dgn baik, tidak didengari langsung ucapan terima kasih atau penghargaan pada pemaju kerana mengotakan janji.

    saya hanya mampu tersenyum melihat jiran2 saya ini. jelas tidak boleh dipercayai.

    KES 2
    kemudiannya, disebabkan bidang kerja saya ini melibatkan kerja2 design yg amat besar nilainya pd industri, sy perlu berjumpa dgn HOD, PM, engineers, designers dan apa entah lagi.

    sy berjumpa dgn beberapa org cina yg pd hemat saya adabnya, sopannya, menjaga kehormatan tetamu adalah pada tahap tertinggi.

    tahap tertinggi inilah yg hampir pupus dikalangan muda mudi cina.

    bg seorg melayu yg hanya inginkan 'kesamarataan', sy tidak nampak ianya berubah. sy berharap benar org2 cina spt teohjitkhiam ini boleh berubah.

    melayu juga kebanyakannya tidak beradab, perlu ditegur. tetapi biarlah munasabah cara tegurannya.

    bila difikirkan kembali, sy fikir hanya org2 cina singapura sahaja yg biadap. org2 cina malaysia semuanya bagus2 belaka.

    jadi, adakah patut org2 cina malaysia spt teohjitkhiam dan kawan2nya patut tinggal dimalaysia?


    silalah hentam komen saya ini.

    *dunia ini milik Allah

  26. Dear World my oyster,
    Now that you are young you can say anything.Wait till you are 65 yrs and above,then you know how lucky you are to be in your own birth country.
    Do not berate our ex PM.He has done a lot to this country,no doubt he is not free from mistake,but he has made malaysian to see beyond the shore line.

  27. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Be very careful about that demi negara (kijangmas). He is advocating malaysian nationalism based exclusively on malay characteristics and he wants that even at the expense of violence on those who do not subscribe to his bigoted views. He is also adept at skirting around the question of how to use the malay language today when almost all practical and advanced knowledge is moving at light speed in other languages, particularly the english language. And he is quick to blame the government for what he considers are misses in the process to make this whole country in his own mould.

    Read not only his post but also his comments in that post, as well as the posts he made earlier.

    Reading his rants disguised as queen's english, you can only wonder why he did not write it in bahasa malaysia in the first place.

    One is reminded of someone else in history who started talking vociferously about nationalism; in the end he had to put a luger to his own mouth, leaving behind a trail of destruction that had finally left over thirty million dead in one continent alone.

    Let it be said here and now; he and such as him are hardly qualified to be the new heroes to define what is malaysian nationalism. He is even against the word 'multiracial'. It is hoped all sane minded malaysians, especially the malay community, will put careful thought into this, and not just jump to easy conclusion that here is a guy who makes sense. Some, but in the end, what will it finally mean for all?

    To show how complex is our situation, go here, select 'Malaysia' and 'peoples listing' and draw your own conclusions:


    and also:


    Special Branch and a psychiatrist specialising in xenophobia should pay him a visit.

  28. Well written piece, although a bit rambling. We can see what he is driving at quite easily.

    But I wouldn't take his word that it was "since the Pak Lah era". This race thing was worst during the Mahathir era. It seemed unbelievable that he could miss that. Maybe I'm being nitpicky but that just jumped off the screen and slapped me in the face....

    The practices put into place by the Mahathir administration amplified the racial lines and even Anwar was implicated in some of the unsavoury moves by the Mahathir administration.

    We have along way to go. But loved the retelling of Malaysia's glory days in soccer.

    Now they are also corrupt to the core. Empty stadiums are the best testament to how far we have fallen.

  29. Dear Rocky,

    I find your writings interesting and independent. Keep it up.

    I hope that you would not cave in by moronic requests to 'declare' yourself. You are Rocky and your words should be Rocky's words, not Mahathir, Anwar or Lim Kit Siang.

    There is a dearth of independent reporting nowadays where the so called 'independent' news portals are more like anti BN portals. Malaysiakini's faulty reporting on Najib was one example.

    And in your case, if your earlier postings were (independently) critical of the government's policies, you are branded as anti-BN. The moment you have anything (independently) nice to say about the government - they accuse you of being a traitor.

    Berani kerana benar bro

  30. Maybe deminegara should remove the keris first. There are some people in this country who are too scared with keris. hehehe

  31. What the "the world my oyster" talking about...is...he is a coward...dare not face the music..like a man.
    OK...but to blare it out....dumping his IC into river...then shut up...get lost!!
    Maybe he ran away...from some crime...had his real..FACE OFF..name off...balls off..Malaysian parents and off.....local lover off..jilted by him...washing dishes...now talk big.

  32. Anonymous2:02 pm

    To Saudara malaymuda (11:22 am),

    Just wondering, how did this topic of Bangsa Malaysia switch to Ketuanan Melayu? because you said:

    "Now he talks about Ketuanan Melayu ".

    Saudara Balan,

    I follow your lead by reiterating the same:

    "Rocky, you should be your own person, nothing more and nothing less. need not get intimidated. "

    Everyone has a right to an opinion and we should learn to agree to disagree.


  33. my oh my...now I am labeled....a moron!
    What a life....full of titles.!

  34. Salaam bro rocky,

    nadya here. it was a privilege to meet you, bro shamsul & kak nuraina at starbuck alamanda today.

    salam utk ayah dah disampaikan. he send his warmest regards to the 3 of you.

    have a good day sir,..

  35. To all the anti Mahathir type,

    I would like to request u all to migrate and choose other country that in your mind you think is very democratic and fair ok.....

    Stop condenming Tun Mahathir, you all are ungrateful person, yes there were mistake did by TUN but no one here did contribute to the country like what Mahathir did la...

    You all talk cock here blaming Tun is bad la, it was dark era la under his power....what the fuck u all are talking about? show me a proof ok......let me repeat again proof....not story....if u want story i can give thousand of stories....

    I hope whoever that condemn Tun will burn in HELLFIR because it is FITNAH...no proof maaa....

    To my Indian and Chinese braders, please la, dont be paria's la...you guys should be very garteful u know, because ur staying in this country...

    I dare you guys to go and migrate to you ancestors origin country...amacam ada berani ka...muahahaha...





  36. I will always support Tun Mahathir.

    I is always my hero...go to hell to opposition..talk kok no substance.

    But for Bangsa Malaysia it sounds like RPK, Harris Ibrahim, moron in MT and some moron in here.

    No to Bangsa Malaysia but yes to Rakyat Malaysia berbilang bangsa.

  37. Hi rocky's bru,

    To non-malaysia, go to hell, you have no right to interfere this Nation programme.

    To Malaysian, it is just time for us to strenghten the unity. For me i look forward for 'Bangsa Malaysia'. In Malaysia, we will only noticed by religion only. No more Malays, Chinese, Indians etc.
    Hope more prosper in the near future in Malaysia.

  38. Dr M forever!

    Degeneration M, yo!

  39. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Sure, lah - why not?

    "Bangsa Malaysia" built on a foundation of "Ketuanan Melayu" and the "Social Contract"?

    Talk about a house of cards. Or a shoreline facing relentless erosion from external forces.

    Americans have, maybe, a reason to feel proud of being American citizens - no matter if they are whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos or native Americans. Because everyone can stand up and say his or her piece, no matter how misguided or rabidly racist it may be.

    Dr Mahathir is a past master at raising these canards. I much doubt his sincerity in doing so.

    Let's see - he was in power (absolute power) for a good number of years. Did he ever, for example, take steps to

    - make a Malaysian Indian or Chinese the Deputy PM?
    - nominate a Malaysian Indian or Chinese for the top job in the Police, Army, Navy or Air Force?
    - nominate a Malaysian Chinese or Indian as the Chief Justice?
    - nominate non-Malays to be CEOs of the GLCs?

    And he has the chutzpah to talk about "Bangsa Malaysia"?

    As "the world my oyster" has posted, those who don't have to accept this have other options open to them.

  40. Just tell everyone that you want to come back as PM of Malaysia ! No point to create big word which nobody understands lah !

  41. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Luv you Tun..How I wish I could be there


  42. hamba....you go migrate and get lost!
    Why ask us to leave?
    You own Malaysia?
    Mahathir you say..you want proofs...why your eyes are blind ah?
    Everything controlled by a corrupted government...corrupted to the core...started by Mahathir.
    You know very well.....no matter how much proof given or told...no actions taken..by government....because everyone is corrupted.
    You are a sick and thick skinned pro UMNO Muslim...love race and religion politics..very low IQ..but have big mouth.
    Your days are numbered...not us. It's people like you...will be planning to migrate..not us.
    Did you not read Mahathir is planning to migrate too?
    And if Malaysia is so nice...why are all filthy rich UMNO people buying most expensive properties in Australia... England and Canada...elsewhere too?
    Migration la...you half past six blind Muslim.
    So..Mahathir is asking for proofs...in his blog....you copy like a fool..and talk like him.
    M knows UMNO will never expose him....or put him in jail...for corruptions. Lets see...coming court cases on him.
    Proofs you say??...Why...the 12th election result...is that not proof enough?
    Ofcourse not!! We did not do a good enough job. We will finish our half done job..by 13th election.
    By the way...ask Mahathir to swear by the Koran ....like Najib.
    It seems...this is the way to prove a person is innocent in Malaysia..even on murder case.
    I challenge you support this..and ask Najib to get people to swear by the Koran on corruptions by UMNO.
    He said he received 900 complaints on corruptions...easy to say..hard to proof.
    Has he not shown the prefect way..to proof....by swearing by the Koran??
    Soooo Tengku Ahmah Rithauddeen statement... also need proof?
    You can migrate. This is OUR country. We stay put... and we will proof it by our votes. Stop challenging our intelligence.

  43. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Dulu kondem Pak Lah. Sekarang ni trend kondem Dr M. Hati kau orang ni memang busuk!

  44. Anonymous6:09 pm

    halo anon 12.49pm

    kau ni cikgu tadika ka? atau kau dah keluh resah sekarang?

    kalau tidak/belum mampu berhujah dengan Kijangmas blog Demi Negara, silakan pergi ke perpustakaan. sekarang, perpustakaan online pun banyak.

    buat penyelidikan banyak-banyak, mudah-mudahan nanti kau tidak akan tergigit jari sendiri. tapi bila ramai orang sudah celik, nak menipu bukan senang, kan! kecuali menipu diri sendiri.

    bentuk nasihat yang kau bagi tu sudah lama luput tarikh. malah kau tahu, ia menghina orang lain yang ada kepala otak sendiri.

    * maklumat kalau teman2 kat sini sudi berkongsi: nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek... nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek... nenek kepada nenek kepada nenek..lagi lagi lagi berpesan kepada nenek saya dan nenek saya memaklumkannya pada saya sambil tangannya memegang rokok daun selepas Isyak, katanya :

    "bila nenek sudah tiada kau jaga betul-betul Tanah Melayu ni, ini lah tanahair kita, tempat asal-usul kita.

    kalau orang dahulu buat silap, jangan pulak nanti kau juga buat silap."

  45. Guys,

    Lets think for a while...

    What good or bad would a "Bangsa Malaysia do.."

    after which, there will still be a Melayu, Cina, India etc Bangsa Malaysia...It's not in the name, but in our heart.

    Lets debate for the better, not worse...

    But I also agree with some of you about the traitor "the world my oyster" I hope he get drafted to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  46. Mahathir is at his best again.....in twisting and turning....everything..to promote...himself.
    Go listen to the video or read the full text of his speech.
    They did not say..how many attended...but said mostly school children.
    He is blaming UMNO..Dollah.. Najib..everyone...for the downfall of UMNO..and even predicted UMNO will fail .next election..if those crooks are not replaced immediately.
    He is not purposely helping oppositions...but the way he talks..he is confirming UMNO is corrupted to the core..for past 30 years...he said. I repeat...for past 30 years.
    Now go and reason things out.
    If he knows UMNO is corrupted for past 30 years...what was he as PM then..not leader of the corrupted pack??
    I think this man..sense of proportions are logics are gone..as he keep on focusing others are corrupted....to take revenge.
    The rest....are nothing new...but he again twisted the race issue..into pointing out all parties are racialists..but never accuse UMNO is. Just go listen...and you will pity him.
    He is so sarcastic about DAP...keDAILan..PAS...that he forgot....UMNO under him.....plays race and relgion...to the maxcimum.
    What can you say about a man..behaving totally shameless..for personal vendetta..within his own law makers?? Blaming everyone...without realizing he is actually blaming himself!!!
    This man is a gone case.
    He wants to take revenge on everyone in UMNO that
    talk one thing do another thing differently...so said him.
    Is that not ac sign of his frustrations and disappointments??
    He knows UMNO cannot touch him...and is finished....so he talk and talk..like as if...he will bring UMNO down himself...since the UMNO is actually UMNO BARU...his own creation.
    It is a good sign...for UMNO fooling Malaysians...and ex PM...of their own...and here comes...the smartest of them all...putting all in his pocket...to bring all to hell with him.
    Mahathir does not care two hoots about Malaysians Malaysia.
    All he cares..is keep protecting his sons.till the day he dies..and is doing a good job ...right now.
    UMNO not only corrupted to the core...but are downright sickening characters.

  47. Anonymous7:28 pm

    "the world my oyster" you are true..
    You are the biggest moron, the #1 commentor..
    Too sad the first commentor had to be a moron like you..

    Happy farting in NYC..
    dun get your smelly ass here ever..

    Those who wanna hail him..
    Please hand your IC to me soon.
    I will be happy to chip it off and kick you all the way to underground gutters of NYC where you can live with the Rats and Roaches..

  48. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Sorrylah kawan-kawan. Yang ada rakyat Malaysia bukan bangsa Malaysia. Bangsa Melayu India Cina dan lain-lain.

    Bodoh semua! Mana ada ketuanan Melayu. Yang ada ialah ketuanan wang dan ketuanan kuasa. Siapa ada wang dan kuasa dia kuat. Tolong terus terang yang you marah ketuanan segelintir masyarakat yang pegang kuasa dan wang. Bukan pasal Melayu.

    Cuma you mesti hormat orang Melayu macam orang Melayu hormat sama you. You marah salah tempat nanti orang lain marah balik, you juga susah.

  49. Anonymous10:44 pm

    There's no need to argue anymore, every Chinese malaysian i known has thought about migrating thanks to the good work of this guy, sure u can force people to adopt Malay language bla bla bla in the end it wouldn;t make much difference and Indonesia is a prove of that.Ugh for now....must study harder and succeeed......

  50. Anonymous11:04 pm

    So whats the big deal about the US again? God forbid you get sick there. Health service is not accessible to all.Dental service ?- see now you understand why Americanos in general have bad teeth. Oh yes, racism is alive and well there.Unless you're in a big city, you dont see black and white couples going around lovingly in the other parts of the country. Its not a common thing. The blacks live in a way different area and you could almost see the line that separates them. Even their schools are different. You live in a country where the KKK is still considered a legal organization! What a fucked up country and now its catching up on them.


  51. Anonymous11:59 pm

    I know i heard this some place before..

    - make a Malay the Deputy PM?
    - nominate a Malay for the top job in the Police, Army, Navy or Air Force?
    - nominate a Malay as the Chief Justice?
    - nominate Malays to be CEOs of the GLCs?

    And he has the chutzpah to talk about "Bangsa Singa purapura"/Singaparia? ..the place sounded something like that

  52. Anonymous12:04 am

    Sebagai orang Kelantan saya amat terasa apabila pengarang itu menyebut Pattani, ramai orang Melayu bahagian barat dan dan khususnya kepada orang Cina/India tidak tahu bahawa dari kurun 18-19 rakyat-rakyat Kelantan, Pattani, Kedah, Terengganu sebenarnya hidup dalam peperangan kerana menangkis perluasan dari Siam. Banyak nyawa terkorban. Kerana itulah saya amat terluka apabila ada orang Cina mengatakan orang Melayu datang dari Indonesia atau Sumatera, benar ada sebahagiannya berhijrah dari Riau dan Sumatera, tetapi banyak juga yang di mana disinilah tempat nenek moyang mereka bermandi darah mempertahankan tanah mereka. Tolong jangan serkap jarang, sungguh banyak nyawa datuk nenek kami mati dalam peperangan dengan orang Siam. Itu jugalah sebabnya, sebagai orang Kelantan jika ada orang Pattani datang meminta derma, derma akan diberi lebih sedikit dari biasa kerana dekatnya orang Pattani dengan orang pantai timur.


  53. Monsterball said:

    "He is so sarcastic about DAP...keDAILan..PAS...that he forgot....UMNO under him.....plays race and relgion...to the maxcimum."

    So Monsterball concedes that DAP, PKR and PIS-M plays race and religion. Only not to maxcimum (sic). Thanks!

    Dr M is the man. And any of you who think otherwise can go suck Anwar's dick.

    Man, I'm sick

    Of these people running their mouths. Sucking the opposition's cocks.

    You're all idiots.

    Thanks for making UMNO and BN look good.

  54. Anonymous2:34 am

    monsterball said...

    Mahathir talk??...WHO CARES!!
    He has been talking...writing for donkey years....twisting and turning...with a welknown sickening art...which Malaysians know..what a big.. hypocrite he is.
    Why not put out a post...tell us why some Malays think so highly of him..inspite of being a Dictator and so corrupted.
    To me..I agree with vast majority. Mahathir is devil reincarnated......like Judge Ian Chin said.
    And Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen said UMNO corruptions...right up to the core...started during Mahathir's regime.
    What say you??


    what...are....u....are.. trying ....to..try..to..try..try...twist? twister? why .... why...all....the.....crap? why so...sickening......why ....you chinese....so hi...hi...hypocrite. people say... monster... is the devil....like the donkey Ian Chin the dictatator!

    - Spider

  55. Anonymous9:58 am

    anonymous 11:59 PM

    Singapore has a Deputy PM who is an Indian (or Ceylonese Tamil, I forget which). He is also the co-ordinating minister for National Security (a sort of super-Syed Hamid Albar).

    Singapore also has a Finance Minister who is an Indian.

    The current Spore President, S R Nathan, who is an Indian, was at one time Director of the Security and Intelligence Division in Spore's Ministry of Defence, one of the top jobs in the country's intelligence apparatus.

    So, can we premise that an ethnic Indian or Malay is likely to get a better deal in Singapore than, say, the US or Australia?

    Obama became a Christian, yet he never disavowed his African father or his Indonesian stepfather. Likewise Bobby Jindal, an Indian who converted to Catholicism and became Governor of Louisiana.

    If you want to go historical, then maybe you can draw parallels between the infamous KKK in the US and the current emotings in Malaysia on "Ketuanan Melayu". Because the KKK believed then, and believe now, in the superiority of the white Aryan race over all other "inferior" races such as the blacks, Asians and Latinos.

    The KKK based their philosophy, in part, on distorted interpretations of the Christian Bible. What is the "Ketuanan Melayu" philosophy based on?









  57. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Ah yes,the KKK actually go out and kill/torture the blacks. You want to go historical get your facts right. Or maybe you just pick and choose the parts you like when it comes to bashing the Malays.


  58. Anonymous3:36 pm

    J Seymour

    Yeah, right.

    Unsheathing a kris and igniting calls of bathing it in blood?

    Or statements that are in the public domain and that have never been explicitly disavowed or apologised for?

    Explicit racism a la the KKK and implicit racism a la "Ketuanan Melayu are the two sides of the same coin.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

    A Malaysian Martin Luther King would have long ago been locked up under the ISA.

  59. WOW! Tun only issued a factual statement and it aggravates so many readers. That just shows how intellectual he really is! I am so proud to have him as a leader. He did NOT even criticised the Chinese or Indians. He was just giving a solution and in return so many insults were thrown on him and the Malays. Stop insulting and give a solution instead.

    In reverse, the Chinese and Indians are the true culprits provoking the Malays. Why la you guys want to provoke us so much? Why insult us Malays every time? Keep insulting the Malays and I assure armageddon will befall you guys. Both parties should stop!

  60. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Armageddon? Methinks that some people have been over-studying their Biblical texts!

    In the Christian context, Armageddon is the site of the final battle between God and Satan, a battle that will mark the end of the world.

    Not a word to be used loosely. Not in any circumstances.

    The equivalent in Norse mythology, which may be more palatable and relevant, is Ragnarok.

    So, ihateracists, who are the "Odin", "Thor", "Freya" and "Loki" in the context of Malaysia?

    I would hazard a guess that there are "Lokis" a-plenty in Malaysia, but where are the "Thors" when you need them?

  61. Mosterball, you are not a moron. Obviously you are a person of significant intelligence who chose to make a moronic statement to dare Rocky to declare his alignment. Don't kill the messenger.

    I for one am thankful for all this huha!

    1. Without such anti-Mahathirsm displayed by Pak Lah, Tun Mahathir may not have been moved to lead the sentiment in ousting the inept PM. Objective one achieved.

    2. Without such loud and blatant attack on the NEP, many tolerant and able bodied bumiputeras who have remained asleep, letting the system remain as it is (which have benefited many non-bumiputeras in various ways - why do you think Chinese businessmen of this country remained silent on this matter). Now the Malays are awake and began to look back at the deal they had. Especially the fencesitters like myself.

    3. Without such huha about racial equality and Bangsa Malaysia, I would not have realized that the Bumiputeras have been overly accommodative in this matter. It made me realize what is superficial and what is real. Rhetorical talk about racial integration is superficial when you really have separate schools teaching separate cultures.

    Oh yeah, if race is so not an issue with the opposition, why have Anwar as the leader? Lim Kit Siang was there all the while, barking loudly in parliament. Keep him as the leader then, he did no wrong. He had more experience as an opposition leader than Anwar. At least he did not messed up by making false claims of taking over the government - which is a major liability for the government, believe me. The opposition wanna fight for first non-malay leader in a multiracial set-up? Then start in your own backyard first.


  62. Anonymous5:26 pm


    Why pick on the keris issue only? Its as if the Chinese are saints and angels. We know how you like to play the victim but the angmos arent that ingenuous anymore.

    Please also tell the angmos, since you're so concerned about history- why the govt needed to intervene with a law concerning the compulsory employment of Malays by Chinese commerce in the 1970s- Wham! its because you only employ your people. Everytime you were given a chance to prove yourselves you never fail to show your real intentions! How about apologizing for that first.

    So dont come calling in Martin Luther King bla..bla when you yourself are a Racist.

  63. Anonymous8:46 pm

    anon 5:26 PM

    The "kris" issue was well-documented and reported on. The statements made then were never retracted.

    By the same token, I have yet to see a weapon being waved around at other political party meetings (yes, even for PAS).

    I've news for you. It's the same disingenuous angmos who are pulling back on FDI into Malaysia. Who are setting up shop in India, Thailand, China, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

    Ask yourself why the big IT companies have set up shop in the MSC where the "30% rule" has been waived indefinitely.

    Or why Bursa Malaysia is languishing in the boondocks when neighbouring stock markets have not been affected as badly?

    You want to legislate "affirmative" action by mandating quotas? Well, then, be prepared to be relegated to the sidelines because not even Arab money is going to come here (the Arabs know how to play the globalisation game better than the pseudo-wannabe apparatchiks and rent-seekers here).

    No Arab money, no Chinese money, no Indian money, no Japanese money, no angmo money. Pretty soon, it will be time to bring out the begging bowl (aka "investment promotion missions" to those not in the know).

    Wanna debate me on these points? Go ahead and let's see how sound your grasp of economic logic and realities are.

    To get back on topic, Tun Dr Mahathir is obviously not an unintelligent person. He has had significant global exposure and a degree of global reputation (though, maybe not as much as his arch-nemesis, a certain Lee Kuan Yew). So when he throws in his 5-sen worth of opinions on "Bangsa Malaysia", he has other agendas in mind.

  64. Anonymous10:53 pm

    good thing about Dr M, always defend your friend even your friend steal money from the government

    zamri sunway

  65. Anonymous1:12 am

    skilgannon1066 said...

    Or why Bursa Malaysia is languishing in the boondocks when neighbouring stock markets have not been affected as badly?...

    Which neighbours are you talking about skilgannon1066?

    52 weeks, I think today it is more like this;

    Shanghai composit
    Hang Seng
    Straits Times
    Nikkei 225
    All Ordinaries
    Dow Jones


  66. Anonymous5:06 pm

    And skilgannon1066 said...
    ....Pretty soon, it will be time to bring out the begging bowl (aka "investment promotion missions" to those not in the know)...

    Yeah man, begging bowl? Like what the young CM, I saw on TV trying to bring in Aerobus? (aka "investment promotion missions" to those not in the know)...

    The "INVENTOR" and designer (SWISS) personally was here in KUALA LUMPUR some 23years ago to introduce this system to the then Datuk Bandar "Elyias", forgot his name, and Guan is getting starry eyed about this end 2008!

    They even stationed a team of engineers stationed fulltime in Bandaraya to conduct feasibility studies on this system with DBKL...

    I am watching, I am watching..


  67. Anonymous6:44 pm

    My reply to Demi Negara's article

    To all readers: Whatever DemiNegara has written has to be taken with a handful of salt due to his racist tendencies to write nasty things about Chinese and Indians. In fact he sounds pretty much like Truth who used to post at MT and Da Real Deal who used to post at Rocky. Whether they are the one and the same is unclear but all three reveled and derived enjoyment in hurling insults at Chinese and Indians. He has also written how great Kelantanese are but funnily enough, many Malays find the Kelantanese to be very clique-ish and like to keep to themselves.

    Anyway. On to the language issue without any racial insults or sentiment.

    - Countries like Japan, France and Thailand have a single language due to the fact they were not colonized and other languages were not introduced into their borders and woven into the local fabric. English was brought in by the British and entrenched so much so it is no longer a foreign language but very much a local language. In fact, Nasi dah jadi bubur where language is concerned. Yes, Malay is a nice language and as a symbolic and ceremonial language I think it is the best choice for Malaysia. But when it comes to practical matters, whether administration, trade or education, English is a better option for us. It is acceptable to many of all races, including many Malays. Many former British colonies continue to have English as an official language: Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Kenya, Jamaica. This has not made them any less unified or any less Singaporean, Indian or Kenyan, Jamaican.

    - As a regional lingua franca, Malaysia does far more trade with the rest of the world than Indonesia and Brunei which is peanuts in comparison.

    - Chinese schools would have died a natural death by now if the government kept the excellent English medium schools and improved it like what Singapore did.

  68. Anonymous9:44 pm

    the world my oyster said...
    thanks God I have never regrated, I dump my IC down New York harbour...

    Then how come you are still poking your nose kat sini?

    Good choice. Phewww less pollution here after you left..

    New York porter?
    New York dishwasher?

  69. Anonymous12:57 am

    south peak,

    Orang macam you le dipanggil Mat Salleh Celup,

    Pokok yang tiada berakar, NO ROOTS, displaced, tidak menahu asal usul bangsa dan keturunan sendiri

    Burung Hantu rindukan matahari,

    This is Malaysia bro, MALAYSIA.


  70. Anonymous1:53 pm

    pemakai nama south peak.. halo,

    Kau tahu apa itu estetika hidup?

    Kau tahu tak kami, orang Melayu berkurun-kurun lamanya mempunyai estetika hidup kami sendiri (salah satunya bahasa) sehinggalah datangnya pendatang :

    i. penjajah

    ii. orang yang lapar, terancam, ketakutan, miskin dsb di tempat asal mereka.

    iii. tidak lagi diterima untuk balik ke tempat asal mereka.

    iv. dan lain-lain yang setara.

    Ya, salah satunya mungkin kerana kekurangan kami sendiri (jika kebaikan itu ditafsir sebagai kekurangan).

    Salah satu lagi kerana kerakusan, ketamakan, sifat tidak mengenang budi orang pendatang. Atau mereka sentiasa dalam kebimbangan, takut-takut tidak boleh meneruskan hidup akhirnya mati dalam kehinaan. Jadi segala aspek/ciri yang menjadi aturan hidup orang 'bertamadun' adalah perkara asing dalam diri mereka (si pendatang).

    Minta ambil perhatian:

    Kami tidak akan membiarkannya lagi. Kami mahu mengembalikan estetika hidup yang asli, yang tulen yang bermula dari alam ini - alam Melayu.

    Bahasa di luar sempadan alam Melayu, b Inggeris misalnya ialah untuk menguasai/mengambil ilmu yang tertulis dalam bahasa itu. Juga untuk berhubung, berkongsi falsafah hidup dengan mereka yang bukan lahir dari alam Melayu dan bukan menetap di dalamnya.

    Tidak ada apa yang perlu dibising-bising, di hu ha sangat tentang hal ini. Apalah susahnya (kecuali yang percaya tahyul) mahu bertutur, menulis dalam b Inggeris dalam kehidupam dunia yang sudah terbuka - dengan teknologi internet dan kepesatan bercampurnya manusia yang datang dari sempadan berbeza - hari ini?

    Tetapi sekali lagi, di sini di alam Melayu estetika hidupnya haruslah diwarnai oleh estetika yang muncul dari alam ini. Barulah seseorang itu (kita) dapat mengenal siapa dirinya, dapat berbangga dengan warisannya yang kaya-raya.

    Tidakkah ini perkara pokok untuk kita berdiri sama tinggi dan sama rendah dengan orang lain dari sempadan berbeza?

  71. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Very hollow mind you have up there huh.

    In times of WAR, people like you will be the first to crawl into the wormhole.

    See what your forefathers did?

    Dengan keturunan sendiri pun jadi pengecut, susah sikit kat negara asal, bertaburan merata dunia cabut lari. PENGECUT! Ini lor sebenarnya cucu cicit MAT REMPIT..


  72. Anonymous7:23 pm

    South peak said -

    ...Chinese schools would have died a natural death by now if the government kept the excellent English medium schools and improved it like what Singapore did...

    UPSR is out. Come to my place and see for yourself. Jiran2 Cina aku, anak2 mereka, sekuat pun 1A. BM/BI F A I L. Malu malu malu. Anak aku, SEMUA dari SK saja pasal apa dapat 5A? their cousins.. dapat 4A pun dah rasa malu nak keluar rumah.

    You send your kids to English Private Schools? Hah, work harder to pay their fees!! One teacher was complaining to me the headache your children give them tlyin to lipair and teach them Bahasa Malaisia and Bahasa ingelis, discipline pun, booliauu hamsab semua juga kena lipair..

    Saya kawan lapat jiran Cina, Gan namanya, semua 5 olang anak pompuan. Tanya apasal tak mau belanak satu jantan, lu lagi manyak muda? Dia cakap sama gua, lia manyak takut dapat anak laki lanti manyak jahat, olang cina pun takut belanak anak laki2 sekalang, TAKUT JAHAT!!!


  73. Anonymous8:31 pm

    South peak is suffering from Demi Negara-envy.

    Muahahahahaha...Muahahahahahahah !!!

    JERK !!!

  74. Anonymous6:19 am

    I'm just wondering... why Anon 12.46 pm and South Peak gave their precious thoughts here in Rocky's blog rather than in KijangMas' blog itself.

    Don't worry. he's a reasonable person. He'll answer your critics and comments. try it.


  75. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Just read Demi Negara aka kijangmas piece about Bangsa Malaysia...I think what we have here is a Msia equalvalent of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler. Why? Here's why : a) Advocating an extreme sense of nationalism / right wing, facist view - checked. b) Debating and pseudo-justifying the origin of a certain race and its superiority culturally over others - checked. c) Conveniently pointed out/pointing finger that major root causes of all social ills, economic imbalances, imperfections are due to the minority race - checked. d) Rallying support on his arguement and warped, insensitive, bigotry laced "theory" amongst the weaker minded (just look at the commentaries), thus sowing further dis-unity and mistrust amongst the citizens. Sieg Heil, Tuan!

  76. Anonymous5:52 am

    lol, anon 12.04 pm, the fact that you (and a couple of others) expressed your disapproval of kijangmas' ideas HERE instead of in his own blog, proved that you're coward. CHECKED-mate


  77. Anonymous5:26 pm

    South Peak,

    Brought to you specially from AMERICA,
    Enjoy and loosen up. Money ain’t everything in this WORLD!




  78. Anonymous2:44 am

    To Anon aka FMMZ posted at 5.52am,
    I am amused that you look at this as a "bravery" sort of thing but fyi, I did post a commentary in mad kijang's demi negara bigotry-laced, ultra ethnocentric blog. Maybe the fact that in my commentary to him (and his "acolytes") I called that twat and his gang of kodoks : a)Hitler and Nazis. b) His blog is equivalent to Mein Kampf. c) The fact that his proposition is equivalent to "The Final Solution".
    Ketuanan Melayu? Don't make me laugh...I will only "hormat" or "tabik" a "tuan" if a said individual, irregardless of his ethnic background, runs this country like a well-oiled machinery based on meritocracy and looked after the social welfare of the general populace tightly. I will not respect someone or some group who after more than five decades in power, the country is in a socio political mess, racial tension is simmering up everywhere, majority of the populace are suddenly afraid of a brave new world where they maybe losing their "lebensraum" and their fear turned to hatred, allowing the weak minded ones amongst them to be poisoned and led like mindless "lembus" by bigots like mad kijang into insensitively blaming and questioning the cultures of the minorities Chinese, Indians ( indirectly saying that they are "untermenschen"). Look, don't blame others for whats wrong in your own house when the "real" problem lies from within...
    Seig Heil, Tuan FMMZ?

  79. Anonymous2:10 pm

    There are many things I disagree with Tun Dr Mahathir but I think his concept of Bangsa Malaysia is not far off Demi Negara's.

    Do read Demi Negara's concept of Bangsa Malaysia, folks. It's bloody good.

    To "the world my oyster" fellow - what's the point in commenting when you have left the country and chucked your IC? We don't miss your kind. Nor do we need your views. Others like you may also leave any time.

    We want the loyal ones who are prepared to sink and swim with us, criticise with reason, substantiate it with cogent facts and figures, make it constructive for the progress of the country.