Friday, November 14, 2008

In Perak, MB says he did not seize camera

MB claims he only said: "Gimme your camera". Perak MB has come under fire from journo bodies for the incident. He deserves it. Read h e r e.

I voted in Perak during the March general election and am responsible in a tiny way for putting Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin where he is today in the Pakatan-ruled state. So I'm telling the MB that ordering the picman to hand over his camera is not the way to treat journalists. If he needs a crash course on how the Press works, I may give it to him for free.
At the rate he and his colleagues are treating the Press in the country, our Press freedom index will nosedive.

As for photographer Nazri, he should count his lucky stars if he MB does not sue you for millions, which seems to be the trend among some politicians these days.


  1. Hi Rocky,

    I'm a big fan of you and glad to know u r Perakian!

    Salam hormat

  2. Anonymous1:45 am

    i find most opposition politician leaders that just established pakatan rakyat to have PR crash course and how to overcome mental pressure. I can see some already cracked under pressure. And press and blogger can't keep continue give them a break, they have to learn how to behave otherwise, we all can agree one term stand for them all.

  3. Anonymous1:52 am

    Hai harap harap APEK bersongkok ni,
    hingga ketahap begini;

    ....But reporters who are ethnic Chinese or from other Asian nations can face much worse treatment.

    Ng Han Guan, an Associated Press photographer, was clubbed and his camera smashed by plainclothes security personnel when he took a picture of a colleague being manhandled by police after the 2004 Asian Cup final in Beijing.

    BBC producer Bessie Du and camera operator Al Go were strip-searched by police after they visited the scene of a riot in the village of Dingzhou in Hebei province last summer.

    Read more on this

    My Thn4 kid puzzled asked me, pa, why that huge banner across the road asking us to BOYCOT “UTUSAN MALAYSIA?”

    I told him “Because these people prefer to use moon cakes to send their utusan to the RAKYAT..”


  4. Anonymous2:07 am

    What about the conduct of our police seizing Malaysiakini reporter's video camera at the vigil? Maybe Rockybru needs to give them a crash course on how the Press works too.

  5. Anonymous4:11 am

    Jadi wartawan pun kekadang buat kerja bodoh...habis tak kan dilayan dengan baik...

  6. Anonymous5:52 am

    I support the Perak MB's action. When you deal with scum papers like Utusan Malaysia, you treat them like scum. Rocky, this is not about the Press, this is about the abuse of the Press. This is about scum organisations like Utusan using the press to achieve its nefarious ends.

  7. He must have seen too many "Godfather" movies and are inspired by how gangsters treat reporters.
    Or he has no sense of respect for others...thinking how great he is...forgetting how he got the first place.
    Sadly...a touch of arrogance and ungratefulness seems to be a common factor amongst politicians......after getting elected. Before that....very polite...humble and promise heaven and hell.

  8. Anonymous7:37 am

    rocky, you see if anything bad about opposition, it is in all newspaper even for a small matter!! But if you sexual harass a lady, well you can becone a candidate for the UMNO VP post

    zamri sunway

  9. Anonymous8:00 am

    Aiyah..please la.. get it right la. Admit it la.. The press has not been fair to all PKR states la. Since the election, most press especially NST and Utusan has been picking at these MBs from PKR states.

    There is a limit to what a normal human being can take especially in matters pertaining to being "abused and bullied" and this latest incident is a clear indication that Perak MB has reached his breaking point already.

    Please la.. get it right la. Instead of harping and telling Perak MB how to behave with the press, I should think, it is time the press are told how to do their job professionally and with integrity! Siding any party/group is just so yesterday!

  10. Anonymous8:13 am


    Politicians are still human being although they belong to the masses. If he is giving speecehes or officiating some functions, pictures could be taken but when one is about to be served some summons or legal noticiations, that is already something personal and snaping pictures are unwarranted.

    - Pengurus

  11. Dear Zamri Sunway,
    I must correct you, PR is not the Opposition in Perak.
    It is the Government.
    Mentality saja masih mentality Opposition.
    Di Selangor pun gitu. Dah jadi kerajaan tapi Khalid, Ronnie, Teresa semua berlagak macam Opposition lagi.
    Lagu tu, memang tak de pihak yang mentadbir negeri2 tu lah.

    Sexual harassment? I thought the "victim" has dropped all charges? Should we harass the girl for withdrawing her accusation?

    And AminGL,

    Yes, I'd give a crash course to the Police too, but not for free. The cops had a long running battle with Press people.
    They should have learnt by now, but many of of them "tak makan ajar".
    Now, our Perak MB is no ordinary policeman. He is head of the state government.
    His party has been championing Press freedom, freedom of information, and has also condemned the government for mistreating the Press.
    Now, he needs a crash course real fast.
    I just hope dia "makan ajar".

    Thank you.

  12. We accused UMNO... man handling innocent by standers...and made a hue and cry on arresting few of them.
    Opposition parties...on behalf of Malaysians.. cry for freedom of speeches and rights.
    So we gave them Perak.
    What is the differences between UMNO and Pakatan?
    Significant differences..but sadly..few idiots with no brain are always there to spoil the good reputations of Pakatan Rakyat party.
    Let Utusan Melayu reporter/ there.They represents a legitimate newspaper...and are simple employees..
    Want to pick a fight...pick it with the boss..or boycott the paper.
    Have some commonsense and feelings for others.

  13. Dear Brother Rocky, below is the letter that i sent to perak's MB few days ago thru his PA....still waiting for the reply....just wanna share with u guys here....

    FW: Selamatkanlah Perak‏
    From: Pejuang Malaysia (
    Sent: 11 November 2008 15:04PM

    Tolong panjangkan email ini kepada Menteri Besar Perak ya. Saya menegur ini ikhlas kerana Allah, saya juga org PERAK. JOM MEMBANGUN BERSAMA ISLAM

    Subject: FW: Selamatkanlah Perak
    Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 06:47:21 +0530

    Subject: Selamatkanlah Perak
    Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 14:00:41 +0530

    Assalamualaikum Dato Seri Haji Mohd Nizar,

    Nak minta jasa baik dari Dato Seri tentang permasalahan di negeri kita ni, baru2 ni selepas aidilfitri saya dan keluarga pergi Teluk Batik, alhamdulillah cantik Teluk Batik sekarang ni, saya bersama kelurga saya telah menginap di Teluk Batik Resort, yang saya nak beritahu DS sekarang ni ialah tentang hotel ni telah mendapat satu tapak yang sangat besar bersebelahan hotel tersebut. Yang lagi bestnya tempat ni dia buat tempat untuk snorkling (man made), itu pun takpa lah lagi lah..tapi yang menyayatkan hati ialah terdapat BAR terbuka (SNORKLING PARK CAFE) di sana yang di hiasi dengan lampu yang sangat cantik. Saya memerhatikan ramai orang minum 'open air' di sana. Saya pun bertanyakan lah dengan salah seorang pekerja di situ, berapa lama dah buka tempat ini, dia pun menjawab...baru dua bulan!!!! Aik....macamana ni DS? Senangnya diorang dapat liquir license? Negeri yang di perintah oleh sebuah parti yang amat saya sanjungi pun boleh jadi macam ni jugak...kalau dulu jangan cerita DS....depa tu memang parpu....tapi sekarang ni macamana tempat ni boleh jadi macam tu? Pastu saya pun berjalan jalan di persisiran Teluk Batik saya mendapati banyak sekali restoran SEAfood yang besar2dan cantik tapi dimiliki oleh orang Cina, restoran ini semua baru dalam dua bulan di buka operasinya. Jadi kalau tuan dalam situasi saya, apa perasaan tuan bila melihat habis perniagaan restoran kawasan melayu dimiliki oleh org2 Cina? bukan nak racist ya DS....tapi saya sempat bersembang dengan peniaga kecil org Melayu di sana tampak yang begitu kecewa dengan kerajaan negeri yang baru.....DS, peniaga punya la marah, tak sampai hati saya nak menulis kat sini la DS...katanya habis perniagaan mereka semua dah tak laku sekarang gara2 semua ke restoran besar dan tidak lagi ke gerai mereka ini..
    Tujuan saya cerita kat DS hal ini kerana saya menyayangi dan menyanjung tinggi parti PAS. Di mana saya telah melihat kehebatan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz memrintah Kelantan dengan begitu hebat sekali.....begitu juga dengan Haji Azizan di Kedah di mana beliau berani melakukan perubahan ke negeri Kedah....saya pun mengharapkan begitu juga di negeri kelahiran saya ini. Kalau DS nak tahu la, sayalah orang paling gembira sekali pada hari DS dilantik sebagai Menteri Besar Perak tempohari......tapi bila saya tengok macam ni nampak macam.....tah la DS....boleh tak DS tolong siasat apa yang berlaku kat situ, kalau boleh saya nak bantu DS untuk menjadikan Negeri Perak kita ini yang terbaik di Malaysia....
    DS, sesungguhnya tanggungjawab yang DS pikul ni adalah amat berat, saya faham.....selamatkanlah negeri Perak kita DS....Ini adalah amanah dan tanggungjawab DS....tolong lah jaga kebajikan orang Melayu dan bagsa lain sekali, janganlah nanti kita ni MENANG SORAK KAMPUNG TERGADAI, saya tahu MB yang dulu2 semua penyangak besar2, DS tunjukkanlah karisma DS dengan memimpin dengan cara yang adil dan saksama.....janganlah DS jadi samseng kampung ya DS, bukan apa kita kena ingat DS, LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE DS....I BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE CAN CHANGE....SO DO IT NOW DS OR........sekian buat kali ini.

    email saya :

  14. Anonymous8:37 am

    True colours .....Dealing with a fair and free press...not with some scum paper with the likes of a SOB who advocates killing a YB! Come on bro, expected some scortal gumption from you!

    Free n Fair Press Will be Treated as Press

  15. Anonymous8:38 am

    Pakatan Rakyat is just like BN - maybe a little worse in some aspects.

    If Najib can handle the economic problem and stay clear from those hanky panky, BN will win back those states they've lost.

    Except Penang and Kelantan.

  16. Zamri Sunway,

    U want me to say something about SEX ITU SEDEKAH? It this what the PR people wants us the PERAK people to do? APA cerita ni brader sejahat2 UMNO pun tak pernah buat statement maut macam ni aih.....lagi satu aku tgk PAS kat Perak ni memang confirm mereka masih menganggap diri mereka sebagai pembangkang lagi...mana taknya, cuba korang pergi ke masjid SPPK kat Pasir Puteh Ipoh tu......dalam khutbah raya pun ada cerita politik gak.....masya'allah...raya la wei....tah la.....aku ni bab agama tak pandai macam depa ni...tapi....

  17. Anonymous8:44 am

    Once a report is made, it cannot be withdrawn. Even the so-called victim intend to withdraw by whatever method, the police still need to do the investigation. And if there is a case to answer (definitely will especially to non-BN or UMNO in particular), AG must prosecute.

    If the police or AG decide for NFA after the investigation since the victim would like to withdraw to settle out of court, I think it is still abusing the system.

  18. Anonymous8:50 am

    Good replies, Rocky.

    There they have it!

  19. Anonymous8:55 am


    Kalau nak tengok wartawan hari bekerja sila lihat blog Saniboey ini :

    Itu ialah Zubir, wartawan hiburan dari Berita Harian.

    ex BH

  20. Anonymous9:06 am

    Apa yg besar sangat tentang wartawan tersebut.Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yg menjadi pambangkang pernah menerima nasib yg lebih dasyat dari hanya dirampas kamera.

    Oh ya terlupa...di Malaysia ni double standard memang berlaku.Mengaku sajalah Rocky.


  21. Anonymous9:19 am

    Yo Rocky

    I am no fan of PKR. But I think sometimes reporters deseved it.
    In my dealings with them, some are uncouth, annoying and sorely lacking in finesse.
    Some don't know nuts about issues at hand. Don't do their homework.
    Sorely lacking in knowledge.
    So the interviewed person feels it's not worth his time.
    when I was a pressman, I had no problems getting good stories from the government or the opposition.
    It's how you go about doing things the right way.
    You asked stupid questions. you get stupid answers.
    P.S. So you regret voting for PKR. I assume you are also disillusioned by Anwar Ibrahim???

  22. Anonymous9:20 am

    PR government should come up a standard practise to have all the reporters to declare that they will counter-check with PR before they publish any news...failing to do so, reporters will be the one to responsible.

    Guess this is small matter? If Utusan do not like it, they can choose to absent from all PR matters...they are more press willing to come...

    Utusan just a UMNO paper...

  23. Anonymous9:21 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Anonymous9:25 am

    hmm.. smell like Kali.

    -buzz lightmoon-

  25. Anonymous9:26 am

    I can't really blame politicians for being paranoid lately. Just scan through the MSMs and you have daily doses of PR politicians being hauled up to police stations, courts, ISAed and what not. Anyway, many of us voted on the formula of check and balance; not so much for personalities. It is an added bonus when the newly elected MPs or Aduns can do a good job. Bloggers turn politicians are not doing as great as they promised prior to the election. Anyway, it is really about 'Check & Balance' and it will probably stay that way until UMNO learns. w9

  26. Anonymous9:27 am

    *blink* *blink*


    What a coincidence that you're championing 'press freedom' for for uhm.. Utusan Malaysia. YET AGAIN!

    It's also interesting that you linked a government news agency article Bernama which did not describe how exactly the camera was 'seized'.

    BTW common understanding of word 'seize'
    ::To grasp suddenly and forcibly; take or grab

    ::To take quick and forcible possession of; confiscate

    ::To lay sudden or forcible hold of.

    Also how about presenting some context to the story by presenting the circumstances of the story instead of just selective 'facts'?

    Oh, and where were you when Malaysiakini's videographer was arrested during last Sunday's 'Negara-Ku' incident?

    Selective reporting of selective sources and facts?


  27. Camera, rolling and action!
    In reality one has to know
    It runs both ways
    Respect of space

    Politicians know
    Publicity good and bad
    On what they do
    On how they behave

    When it is politely asked
    One shouldn’t take offense
    Responsibility comes to play
    Ignoring it action can be taken

    Camera, rolling and action!
    Grounded rules fair roles
    We all act on it everyday
    Yet there are hindrances

    The authority barricades
    In laws and actions fencing
    You are free only the eyes can see
    Within the space provides

  28. The victim withdrew the police report. But the police said investigation would continue on the sexual harrassment charge on the ex-minister and mp. Now it seems so quiet as if everything is alright. But not with Ronnie Liu. He is arrested for obstructing MPSJ officials for doing work on vice raiding in a hotel in Puchong in Nov 07. After a year police came to arrest him. Because of his role in last Sunday vigil at AmCorp. Currently Ronnie Liu is a state minister. I always feel the police shows lack of fairness in discharging responsibility. Like Ahmad Ismail racist remarks and police report.....any action? He was welcome as a Malay hero in his division. It is really sad for Malaysia to observe her citizens' antics eroding her good intentions

  29. Anonymous9:56 am

    i know its not "quite nice" to seize the photographer camera.. but the "host" has the right to do so if he think its might "harm" or "hurt" them .. especially fm THE ONE SIDED MEDIA an ammo based owned ..

  30. Anonymous9:57 am

    People! I thought this people were promoting integrity, transparency and the whole good governance thing.If they are worse than the people they 'ousted', might as well we let the millitary run the country. You know what to expect.

  31. It was a Utusan Pressman. How much better a treatment should he deserve?

    Rocky you had nothing to say about Utusan's hounding of Teresa Kok till she got arrested under ISA?

    Utusan is all about negative reporting of Pakatan and Pakatan States. You call that a newspaper?

    Come on la, Rocky, just because this guy is a pixman or a pressman, the fact that his work is going to contribute to another distortion or a run down simply means you treat Utusan employess, whether you call them pressmen, journos, reporters or camera men, like you would treat dogs!

    After all that is how you would want to treat Joseph Goebels, right?

  32. Anonymous10:14 am


    How do you classify "berlagak macam Opposition"? You seem to ignore the fact that the press has not been very kind and fair with the current ruling government in PKR states.

    Teresa Kok incident is a very good example. Will you say that the press did not have a hand in putting her into ISA for 1 week? Are you saying that the press did give her a fair and just reporting? Did the press apologise when the mosque people came out openly to clarrify the matter?

    In such scenario, what sort of reaction do you expect Teresa Kok to have? Do you think if this would to happen to someone like Toyol when he was the MB, he wouldnt react the same or will he react far worse? Would you think Toyol will not resort to sueing if his house and pretty wifey got bombed with molokov cocktail? If so, than what is the difference betwen berlagak macam Opposition and berlagak macam gomen?

    You are or rather was from the press and if you qualify to give a lecture or talk or seminar on how th Press works, than I believe you should have the brains to think things thru before you start labelling people's attitude and actions.

    Shameful isn it??!!

  33. Such irony! If I'm not mistaken, The OPPOSITION always ACCUSED the BN government of not PRACTISING media freedom. Flip flop it seems, the ball has landed on the Oppostion's court. Honestly, the OPPOSITION doesn't seem to stand for what it truly is.

    Joining the PRESS seems to be a very bad choice for jobseekers nowadays....

  34. Anonymous10:35 am

    selective commentary by rocky too! showing his colours again!

    obviously set up and politically motivated.

    how come no other reporters/pixmen around???

  35. what if....Najib smacks RPK for all the lies that he told the people

    what if hadi kicks Karpal for swearing'over my dead body'..

    what if DSAI whacks TDM for sacking him...

    what if a Harakah reporter is barred from attending a govt function....

    I'm sure most of you will say that only TDM deserves it..

    talk of double standards..

  36. Anonymous10:48 am

    I am also a Perakian, however you seem to target Pakatan Raayat States only. What about the police who manhandle opposition parlimentarians, forcefully manhandle journalist. You are so blinded by Mahathirism that lately you are becoming one like Mahathir, a racist to the core.


  37. Anonymous11:04 am


    press also need a crash course on how not to twist their reports to earn respect from the public.

  38. Guys,

    Let me be Nizar's apologist.

    1. He's pretty much a greenhorn in PR matters.

    2. He's pretty new to the political scene and does not yet have the clout to say: "Tak payah lah ambik gambar", whereby many photographers would often accede.

    (You'd be surprised to find that all manner of the powerful, and not just from the BN government, would just this line and some photographers will slunk away.

    The power of being the mighty, eh?)

    3. Did he know the photographer was from Utusan? If he did, then you should also factor in the Pakatan Rakyat's running battle with Utusan Malaysia.

    Without fear or favor should be the press moto but unfortunately for most, it's still with fear and favor to the Barisan Nasional.

    For some, old habits die hard.

  39. Anonymous11:31 am


    Kesian. Saya turut sedih. Kesian. Kesian. Nak minta derma, ke? Kesian. Kesian bangsa Melayu. Kesian. Kena bully restoran besar. Kesian. Kesian MB tak jawab surat hamba. Kesian.

    Kesian. Tapi saya memang tak nak makan pun digerai-gerai Teluk Batik. Tempat tak bersih, kucing keliaran, makanan terlebih minyak dan tak sedap. Tak ada pun makanan special. Semua hidang nasi goreng, mee goreng yang berminyak. Kesian.

    Pengunjung Setia Teluk Batik

  40. Hi bro,

    What a disgrace leader, I thought PAS member had been taught to be the one that must be cool and patience either to a fren or to the enemy. I believe that Tok Guru Nik Aziz should preach this guy to be more Sabar and Ikhlas, this is the name of Islam, not just to be another goon of DAP n PKR, turn to be gengster tribe KOWLOON style.

    Freedom of speech...chittt...lying in the DAP n PKR newspaper for them is find, for example want to become the government in 16 Sept 2008 suppose the malaysian should sue the BR for lying.

    Although I hate corrupted UMNO, i become more disgusted with opposition especially to the gomen in Selangor n progress but 1000XXX of lies and bullshit. I think Ronnie Liu is a PIMP thats y he always protect the massage parlour, they intention to turn Selangor to become Bangkok or Hatyaii. DAP style..mau untung kasi makan anak dengan milamin...

    American also ban food from SUPERPOWER CHINA muppet MANDARIN is the second important languange in the world after English than Europe should speak MANDARIN

  41. Blogger Old Fart said...

    It was a Utusan Pressman. How much better a treatment should he deserve?

    Rocky you had nothing to say about Utusan's hounding of Teresa Kok till she got arrested under ISA?

    Utusan is all about negative reporting of Pakatan and Pakatan States. You call that a newspaper?

    The dumbo comment from the opposition fan. I never heard any of harakah, suara keadilan, roket of anything agreed with any government policy and recommendation except condemn them with full of lie, hate, lie, hate, lie, hate until the sun rise from the west.

  42. Anonymous12:12 pm

    The MB should have kicked the Utusan pixman. Why? Because Utusan is a scumbag of a paper which pits one race against another. Julius Stretcher, the editor of the anti-semite paper which Hitler used as his inspiration for the final solution to the Jewish problem, would have been proud of Utusan. Utusan is a rogue press. Let no one forget it. So pse stop barking up the wrong tree again, Rocky. It is Utusan which is the villain of the piece, not the MB.

  43. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Why has Rocky thinks Journalist are above all matters, just in the name of its profession ?

    You take people's picture without consent, and basically invade into people's private space, all in the name of your profession ?

    Even though the Perak MB is a public figure, that does not meant you just snap away without permission, furthermore, print it in the paper with slanted captions intended to embarass ?

  44. Anonymous12:18 pm,

    Dah diberi lesen dan tapak gerai perniagaan yang cantik tak cukup? Nak kerajaan bawa pelanggan-pelanggan ke gerai, ke? Nak apa lagi?

    Berusaha,le Melayu oi! Gerai pun tak bersih, bagaimana nak harap orang datang?

    Mentality macam awaklah yang buat Melayu tak boleh bersaing. Masaalah sikit pergi mengadu kat gomen. Bangsa lain pulak berusaha lebih. Bila tengok bangsa lain lebih maju, awak jadi cemburu.

    Apa salah ornag minum open air? Apa salah diberi lesen? Mengapa tak persoal Kastam bagi lesen import arak? Mengapa tak persoal gomen bagi lesen mengilang kepada Guinness Anchor?

    Dan Saudara Rocky,

    Awak ada saksi sendiri ke MB Perak rampas kamera? Mengapa tak cerita apa yang sebenarnya berlaku? Sebagai juruakhbar, kenapa tak temuduga MB Perak untuk mendapat menjelasan? Masih terperangkap dalam Malay Mail?

    Anak Pangkor

  45. Anonymous12:55 pm


    Very shameful of you to equate the seizing of a camera with libel/defamation of a person's character and integrity.

    The more I read your blog, the more I think you are just a Mamakthir worm waiting impatiently for the old man to say "Go!".


  46. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Your opinion is bound to be biased as you are/were part of the local press scene.- giveoppositionachance

  47. Rampas merampas ni memang dah kerja Parti Pembangkang.

    Anwar nak rampas kerajaan. Jadi kalau Nizar rampas kamera, kira biasalah tu..small matter, kata orang jawa.

    Untuk mudah, mari kita masuk DAP, PKR atau PAS, kemudian buatlah apa apa jenayah yang patut, langgarlah undang undang..bila polis tangkap, rakyat akan sokong kita, polis kena hentam, kerajaan kena hentam, UMNo kena hentam..

    Jom ramai ramai masuk Pakatan.

  48. I don't understand why people have to kowtow to the press so much these days when the some of the people who represent the press these days don't even have commen sense, decency, honesty and even integrity!

    Now there are a lot of news reports that are biased, racially insensitive and some are downright false!

    What, are we still going to kowtow to them?

    And we're supposed to respect them?

    Cermin laa diri tu sikit bai.

  49. Anonymous2:37 pm,

    stop being envious, stop being a parasite and put in some decent work.


  50. Yes, I think he is wrong to have asked for the cameraman to hand over his camera. That is simply not done.

    Of course we know that the MSM are in cahoots with UMNO this is not new. But there are better ways of dealing with them than behaving like the Malaysian police. Nizar has blundered here.

  51. Hi rocky's bru.

    I don't know what actually happen between the cameraman and MB. You should explain the scene from A to Z.

    The only thing I understand very well is the head of state goverment or MP or ADUN or EXCO or minister from BN or PR must always show a very good attitude so this ordinary people will also show their very good attitude all the time.

    All this PR MP or Adun always blame Utusan because negative report written on paper. Do they realize that even Harakah or Roket also did the same to BN government? But I never heard or read on news this MP or Adun from BN seize camera. Yet this BN MP or Adun love posing in front of camera.

    So who is the real hero of 'kebebasan akhbar'????????

  52. you're right there rock..they are the govt but they act like the opposition in the states they can take the man out of the estate but you cant take the estate out of the man!and thanks to you and a couple of pakatan bozo bloggers ...they are where they are today.what have they acheived so far ? one fanatic motorcyclist in parliament..
    another trying to get super rich buy sueing gadzillions ...up in penang their main focus are bloody language on road signs ! geeezz..tak de benda lain nak buat ke ? yeah ..everybody wanted change ...and this crap is what we got !Go figure !

  53. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Bro Rocky, i used to be an avid reader of your blog, particularly before the March 8 election.

    but things have been different since then; and i implore you to look back at what you've wrote since then. ANY reader of this blog could see:
    01. How you have shifted to championing Utusan journalists (there's no denying they are barely any supporting OTHER NON-UMNO related journalists).
    02. How you kow-tow to Mahathir, despite the fact that TDM have been spewing contradictory speeches recently.
    03. How you slam PRakyat state government as those who only know how to sue.

    with regards to the above, i'd like to say:
    01. Championing freedom of press is one thing; championing freedom of ONLY GOVERNMENT-owned press is another. that's being ridiculously-biased.
    02. I have great respect for Mahathir,and i think he can help rebuild UMNO/BN. But he has been very destructive lately. and never constructive. Whats up with that? sometimes, i pity Badawi who had to carry on a system TDM has forged during his 22 years as the PM.. Badawi,it seems, didnt have a choice, and his SIL took advantage of the system CREATED by TDM.
    03. Suing seems the only resort left to the PR politicians; what would YOU do if your police reports are ignored, if the BN-led government turned a deaf ear on PR and if the Police force themselves acted biasedly towards PR politicians. By all accounts, PR politicians DID try all the venues above BEFORE resorting to suing.

    Please Rocky, what's UP?


  54. Anonymous3:48 pm

    All politicians are the same. Before tasting power, they will promise the sky.

    Once in power, the head gets bigger than the body, with the exception of Nik Aziz.


  55. press freedom korok mung lar, mana ada yang jujur, so far you are the only yang jujur. Malaysiakini, rpk bla3 keje nak memperlekeh melayu ada lar.

    Betul...Hang sorang jer yang jujur, so far. So, tanya diri sendiri, hang jujur ker ader udang?

    Utusan tu kambus masuk kubur, tak yah layan lagi.

  56. Whatever it is, now that they are in power they know the pain handling the journalists haha

  57. Bro, you doing a Darth Vader transformation? or have you ever left the Dark side?







  59. Here's a crash course on how professional press and journalists work:

    Brian Krebs, a professional journalist with Washington Post 'Security Fix' blog, has managed to shut down McColo, a US-based Web hosting service provider which facilitated more than 75 percent of daily global spam.

    Like most great reporters & professional journalists who write big stories, Brian Krebs either got tips or analyzed data regarding spam and cyber-security. In this case, Security Fix gathered and analyzed data from the security industry about McColo Corp. for about 4 months.

    With evidence gathered, Security Fix contacted the Internet providers that manage more than 90 percent of the McColo's connection to the larger Internet. Today, McColo's connections have been shutdown. So Rocky, if you just experienced lesser spam, thank Brian Krebs.

    If he determined from his research, reporting and analysis that this data was coming from one place, he did not create a story by informing the spam host's business partners. Rather, he sought comment from them about this site, and they took action.

    What Krebs reported is not a big a story as Watergate, but what do you think Woodward & Bernstein did? Wait for a press release? A regulatory filing? No, they took one news event, worked backwards from it, and determined that something big was going on -- just like a spammer. Then they wrote about it, just like Krebs did.

    When Henry Blodget on Silicon Alley Insider wrote that The New York Times Co faces several possibilities for survival, he did not tap into a planned news event. He analyzed a balance sheet and made conclusions.

    Much of the news that comes out is because beat reporters see connections and draw conclusions that are not opinion (unlike Rocky's posts), but reasoned and accurate viewpoints based on evidence out there that resists coalescing into a larger news event because most of us don't get it.

    That's why we have journalists, and the work of journalist Brain Krebs is a great example of that.

    Excellent investigative journalism that just saved millions of people around the world, including ourselves from wasting untold hours dealing with the detritus of the internet. We'll never know how much misery Brian has saved us all. I can't thank Brian enough.

    I can only thank Rocky and MSM for their excellent spinning.

    Dr. Spin

  60. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Looks like all the PKR fans forgot your "contribution" before the elections.
    Now its either "selective reporting" or "Utusan deserves it".
    Let's face it Rock, PKR followers are a bunch of self righteous Gestapo type of people.
    And all this while you thought it was Freedom of Expression and Educating the Masses.


  61. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Ini wartawan Utusan. Beberapa penulis kat sini seperti Old Fart and nstman - memang menunjukkan mereka tidak sekolah. Buat apa nak marah kami - pekerja makan gaji terima arahan di Utusan ni? Kalau nak marah, marahkanlah bos kami. Atau boikot paper. Kenapa nak jadikan ia isu peribadi. Nak gaduh pula dengan pekerja macam kami ni?

    Tapi Old Fart dan nstman, jangan ingat kami ni bukan jantan. Kalau berani, bagitau tempat dan masa. Kita berentap macam anak jantan. Jangan pandai menulis mengutuk tapi pengecut.

    Boleh blah la lu. Bahagia dengan kerajaan sepenggal kat Perak tu. hahaha


  62. Dei Hamba

    PR: Sex itu Sedekah,

    UMNO: Sodomy itu wajib..hahahaha

  63. nama pun HAMBA,

    ko jadilah HAMBA selama mana BN memerintah!

  64. To Kluangman...

    Rasuah2 ni memang dah kerja Parti Pembangkang (di lima negeri campur satu).

    Menteri nak rasuah duit. Jadi kalau Menteri nak raba dah rasuah, kira biasalah tu..
    'kau tim' kata orang cina.

    Untuk mudah, mari kita masuk BN, kemudian buatlah apa apa jenayah yang patut- rogol budak bawah umur, sodomi, raba buntut pompuan sambil hisap cigar, langgarlah undang undang.. polis tak kan tangkap, rakyat totok akan tetap sokong kita, polis leh kau tim, kerajaan leh terus tipu rakyat, PR terus kena hentam..

    Jom ramai ramai masuk BN...
    kempunan la sbb sejak MAC x de projek, so x de 'special' elaun..

  65. Nizar:

    "How was it possible that the cameraman was present when the notice was served? So I said, 'give me your camera'," he told a news conference at the Perak state legislative assembly building.

    Because that shafee guy already arrange for it lah...and utusan meloya already reserve the front page for you easy ma...


    Berani mati konon..

    Pergi join HAMAS dan AL QAEDA..

    berambus dari sini!

  67. Anonymous9:45 am

    gimme gimme gimme and don't forget the lyrics......

    ha ha,,,


  68. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Hai apala nasib,

    MB Perak ni dari PAS kan? Perak - BN (28), PAS (6), DAP (18), PKR (7) = 59

    Dia camera shy lor.. sedar dengan kedudukan sendiri lor.. Majoriti orang Melayu tak sokong dia. Ni dia nak tangkis Surat kabar orang kito pulak nu? Pak mentua aku, takder Utusan, tak senang hidup oooi, dulu semasa JAWI, aku kena cari merata PJ untuk mengubat hati supaya dia ziarah kami. Orang Bota, Layang.

    Hah Pak Menteri ni tak sedor diri, banyak pengundi PAS/PKR dah naik angin dengan kerenah dia ni.

    Hati hati cek ooooiiii, jawatan sekadar hujung rambut sahaja, jangan terlalu bongkak..

    Parit Perak

  69. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Serve you right Bro, this is the type of the leader you chose!!! I thought you have the six sense of choosing the right party and even the right person after reading all your writings. Hope that the current malay under new admin will be better than previous.. I guess it doesnt made any difference for you as you earn your living in KL but let the malays in Perak suffer for your action.. We boikot people like you at your place where you earn your living..

    Unhappy perakian malay!!!

  70. Knowing Utusan - the photograoher must have been instructed to behave threateningly towards the MB. Itusan has in recent times culticated tjis habit when dealing with the Pakatan Rakyat.

  71. Anonymous1:16 am

    Perak - BN (28), PAS (6), DAP (18),
    PKR (7) = 59

    PAS + DAP = 24
    PAS + PKR = 13
    DAP + PKR = 25
    DAP + PKR – PAS = 19

    Tak tau macam mana nak pusing pusing bagi genap angka 29. Pening melelong kepala MB.

    Cakap kuat kat DAP kena cerkah, Cakap kuat kat PKR kena jeling, Cakap banyak kat BN kena humban telok busuk.

    Pi lawat semejid 28kawasan, lenggang terpaksa kerap buat lawatan ke kuil tokong gereja sepetgereq untuk diberi sambutan. Tension benor, sabo je le …

    Tapi yang kesian sangat, Utusan yang jadi mangsa depression dia. Silap tak kena Berita Harian pula kena boycott! Rakyat Perak kena belajar Mandarin macam dia.

    Yang sedih pula tu, pengundi2 tua dikampung kebun tak pandai berbahasa Inggeris macam mana nak baca Star dan NST lebih lagi bahasa orangsepet.

    Hai nak promosi Harakah cara gini ker?

    Cheap skate.

  72. Anonymous4:43 am

    Anyone notice lately Rocky is more BN-Sapiens :) but is ok this is a freedom of speech.

    As for this camera incident .. how much you can trust on the papers , there must be a reason why the Perak MB do it ...

  73. Anonymous7:40 am


    eh salah tu... kat sebelah PKR tu yang kuat sodomi... xD


  74. Anonymous11:31 am

    Eric Peris the rare breed indeed said:
    Being a journo pls do a poll to find out about the quality of pixmen/crew we churn out. This industry ought to also better to keep up with times. You will be surprised at what outsiders, inluding PR consultants and reporters have to say.
    Briefly based on my EXPERIENCE with quite a number of them, I will list down.
    1. Some press conferences for sometime will draw to a close by this partiuclar group, with their "OK...TQ, not even terima kasih.
    2. At hotels, they would step on the cushion chairs with their shoes in the name of getting good shots!
    3. If anything goes wrong with their assignments, it is always the fault of the reporters! Don't take my word for it,go ask journos from certain organiations and they will tell you.
    4. In one makan-makan session I attended I did not want my pix taken as I had a a reason I don't need to let him know. He got the cue from me and guess what, he deliberately stood there to focus on me with his lens. If that is not being nasty, then I don't know what is. Or this is professonalism of a new kind.
    5. I have heard these countless times, kerja saya "klik (sic) aje. Therefore, when reporters are not there they panic. Why because the reporters although would have explained to them in the office about the type of pics, they don't want to be the ones dealing with the interviewers, talking or thinking (malas nak pikir). How often have we heard this".
    5. It would help if the school they come from include certain aspects in its module, as it appears they are only taught to "klik". Alternatively, they could ask media organisations and PR agencies on their comments and experiences so as to churn out more quality photographers with excellent communication skills, ethics etc.
    One boss of an organisation told me, they have no choice but to employ them as "others" are hard to find.
    Before I sum up, one of your posters said it well, in his organisation, the head behaves like a GEIC, I can only imagine.

  75. Anonymous7:50 pm

    I don't believe the papers and I have faith in our MB of Perak.


  76. Isu sebenar MB Nizar rampas Kamera

    IPOH : Seperti yang dijangkakan, media akan memainkan isu ini. Peluang untuk memberi penjelasan tidak pula diberi. Saya, bersama Setiausaha Akhbar, Anuar Hashim, Ust. Nor Azli Musa dan seorang lagi kebetulan ada di tempat kejadian.

    Kami bersama MB sedang makan tengahari, bila seorang yang tidak dikenali menghampiri MB membawa surat meminta MB menandatangani. Beliau memperkenalkan dirinya dan MB membaca sepintas lalu dan seakan bersetuju menandatangani. Tetapi kami serentak mencelah, supaya tidak ditandatangani dulu dan meminta MB lihat keseluruhan isi surat tersebut terlebih dahulu

    Dalam masa yang sama kami terlihat seorang jurufoto yang tidak dikenali sedang mengambil gambar. Kami mengesyaki ini adalah suatu perangkap dimana nanti akan keluar gambar MB menandatangani sesuatu yang boleh di ambil kesempatan untuk memburuk imej MB yang menandatangani sekeping surat yang tidak diketahui latar belakangnya di kantin.

    Lantas MB panggil jurufoto tersebut lalu bertanya dari akhbar mana ; sama ada telah minta kebenaran atau tidak mengambil foto.Tetapi jurufoto tersebut semacam tidak ambil peduli .MB memanggilnya sekali lagi dengan nada yang agak kuat sikit, tetapi tidaklah sampai panggil 'Hoi' sebagaimana yang didakwa.

    MB minta rakaman foto tadi dibuang. Untuk mempastikan foto tersebut dibuang, MB minta kamera tersebut diserahkan kepada Anuar Hashim,Setiausaha Akbarnya yang duduk di sebelah saya, dan meminta Anuar pastikan gambar tersebut dibuang.

    Kamera itu diserah semula kepada jurufoto itu dengan baik. Kami beritahu pembawa surat tersebut supaya dalam urusan seumpama itu, supaya datanglah ke pejabat, kami akan rekodkan surat tersebut, satu salinan kami simpan dalam fail, soal MB nak sain tak nak sain itu soal lain.

    Pembawa surat tersebut faham, dan ternyata dia menyerahkan surat tersebut kepada Setiausaha Sulit MB di pejabat. Itu baru betul. Pagi esoknya, saya tengok surat tersebut sudah ada diatas meja MB.

    Telahan kami tepat, tidak sampai pun beberapa minit kemudian, suara seorang ADUN Pembangkang yang sangat dikenali dari Kubu Gajah, tidak semena-mena membangkitkan isu ini di dewan dengan membuat pencelahan sewaktu seorang ADUN lain sedang membahaskan Bajet 2009. Saya tidak kenal pasti siapa ADUN yang sedang berucap ketika itu. Kubu Gajah menghentam MB Perak kerana kononnya bertindak kasar kepada wartawan sedangkan Kubu Gajah tidak berada di tempat kejadian.

    Walaupun ada beberapa orang ADUN BN di kantin sewaktu kejadian tersebut berlaku; saya amat pasti Kubu Gajah tidak ada di situ. Saya sangat mengenalinya kerana ia memang popular dengan sikap kurang ajarnya di Parlimen dan dibawanya ke DUN.

    Saya akan semak dalam kertas minit dewan apa yang diucapkan oleh ADUN Kubu Gajah dan akan siarkan supaya para pembaca dapat menilai sendiri ucapannya ; bahawa inilah perangai UMNO BN, mengambil kesempatan apa sahaja yang boleh dijadikan isu untuk memburukkan MB dan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.

    sumber : Setpol MB

  77. Anonymous5:58 pm

    I find it funny that hardcore PKR supporters are willing to turn a blind eye to their leader's follies.

    As for MB Nizar, you are a chief minister, and rightfully so, you should held to a higher standard.

    Even if the Utusan reporter was intrusive, you should have calmly ask the reporter to step back and come back another time.

    As MB, you must remain calm and collected at all times. In that respect, you failed. Period.

    As for those who blindly support, you are no better the UMNO goons.
    How can you expect me to believe PKR is morally superior, when in recent months PKR councillors have been knee deep in scandals and corruption charges, as well as being in effective and in efficient in the states they govern.

    Lets be honest and truthful about their performance. I give it a C-.

    The opposition have not even announced Key Performance Indicators of the goals they would like to achieve. All they do is harp on the failures of the past administrations and yet do nothing to improve on the situation.

    In selangor, it is as if UMNO never left. I am disappointed and disheartened by their performance.

    It is as if I voted in another dud administration. Oh well, as if things cant get any worse.