Sunday, October 26, 2008


To all Malaysians wherever you are,
Happy Deepavali.


  1. Wherever there is light
    Darkness must take flight
    Evil can't stand anything bright
    Let's use light to remove all blight

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 261008
    Sun. 26th Oct. 2008.

  2. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Hey guys, whoever you are. But ofcourse you're Malaysian. I'm Benlah, Indonesian, currently living and working here in Malaysia. I appreciate of your good job, describting all over.

    By here i would thank to Malaysia for giving me a job which i can't get in my country. Better living style and again i get the money. I even didn't get a think where i should say it to before finally i found this blog by searching in google.

    Yesterday I couldn't say anything when i read your post about a year ago. You and your reader admired of Indonesians, maybe you have forgotten that post. But by now i represent all Indonesians would say very thank to you and all Malaysians of that post, a post that showed you and your readers admiration to Indonesian. Where i can't find in others.

    Do you still remember the disagreement between Indonesian and Malaysian blogger in the net? Oh, that's not good. I wish we could walk alongside eachother in blogging without any violent anymore.

    Now i appoligìze to you becouse without your permit i put a link to this blog in my blog. A link to your a year ago's post. I just wanna show to my reader that there are a Malaysian blogger who admire of Indonesian, even i have only a few reader couse my blog is a new one. You could visit my blog if you have time. Again please forgive me, i know you would.

    Sorry for my long words and selamat hari raya and deepavali. Good night

  3. may we all light up
    each other's path.

    and carry with us
    those left behind.

    selamat deevali.

  4. Anonymous8:57 am

    Happy Deepavali to all!

  5. Anonymous9:21 am

    "HAPPY DEEPAVALI" to All Malaysian,,

    Jom ramai-ramai kita halau BODOWI & GENG kalu di nak kunjung umah kita,,!!!


  6. Anonymous3:39 pm



    Phew... lost our way to your house, tooo dark, cannot see the address, let alone the the people inside.. GELAP!! Damn! our areas blackout/even the sun did not rise, WHAT DARK GLOOMY DAY...

    So light your candles BODO2, you are celebrating such an auspicious day, at least let your heart shine to brighten help this day...

  7. Anonymous5:04 pm


    May the good continue to triumph over evil all the time - whoever or whatever is evil.

    The evil that is plaguing the country are racism, relgious intolerance, blatant inequality, corruption, money politics, abuse of power and injustices.

    God Bless Malaysia

  8. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Happy Dewali, my dear friend Kali.

  9. Anonymous5:47 pm

    "Deepavali Everybody"

    Wa lan,,,,Nasib baik today Pblic Holiday,,kalu tidak KLSE jahanam,,,,Technically there's no support,,,mungkin 600pts at any time,!!!!!

    What else the Goverment gonna give excuse,,??? Nak kuar duit dari EPF,,Teller machine telan kad,,!!

    World Crude Oil is at USD61.98,,,ta'lama lagi US50 per barrel.!!

    Saya ni bodoh dalam Mathematic,,dulu Harga Minyak d Malaysia RM1.92,,,Govt naikkan sampai RM2.70,,,NOW Crude oilbelow USD62,ta'kan turun less than 50sen,,Anak saya di darjah 4,,,needs my explanation,,!!Apa nak jawab,,!!??

    Banyak Stesen Minyak d JB,,dah kehabisan minyak coz Goverment will announce harga turun 15sen, anytinme this week,,,Kereta nak pakai apa,,,!!!!

    -Chee Bai-

  10. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Loo Chi Bai,

    Kereta pakai lembu... Kereta Lembu.. takyah beli minyak. Tengah jalan traffic jam, dahaga, perah susu lembu. Kutip tahi lembu, balik rumah kasi baja sama sayur... NAH, ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED.

    Tell this to your Thn4 kid.. Environmental Friendly, malamine-free milk, biofriendly free manure. Why must depend on petrol??

    Science teacher - Wah Lan Chau

  11. in India Dewali will be celebrated tomorrow tuesday.
    happy dewali.

  12. Happy Diwali fellow Indians..jom makan maruku banyak2!
    Will Barisan Nasional Change?

  13. To Benlah,

    Of coz we malaysian really admire the Indonesian WOMEN such as in Bantam, Bandung, Bali, and bla2.....